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   July 17, 2019
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[00:51:07] <dogspace> Anyone using ryzen cpu + nvidia gpu + multiple monitors? I'm about to wipe mint cinnamon and try manjaro kde but I'm seeing some slightly worrying posts related to hardware compatability
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[01:31:48] <jonathon> I was going to say yes, but you've already gone...
[01:35:30] *** perchy22 <perchy22!~perchy22@c-67-169-146-140.hsd1.ca.comcast.net> has joined #manjaro
[01:38:04] <perchy22> Hello, world! I'm trying to do an install on a friends computer, and both the gui and tui installers have failed at various points. I am hoping that I could get some help here. I'm coming from an Arch background, so even a pointer to doing it "The Arch Way" would be helpful. (BTW, only non-default things are UEFI/GPT and using LVM for root, home, and swap)
[01:38:17] *** Krennic <Krennic!~Krennic@unaffiliated/krennic> has joined #manjaro
[01:42:37] <jonathon> The forum is much better suited for for long-form issues, but the key thing to do is check the installer validity (e.g. checksum) and that it wrote correctly to the installation medium (e.g. USB flash drive)
[01:43:26] *** thefallenrat <thefallenrat!~thefallen@unaffiliated/thefallenrat> has joined #manjaro
[01:46:07] <perchy22> I am also looking through the forum, haven't seen anything beyond migrating from Arch (which is not what I'm trying to do).
[01:47:21] <jonathon> I kind of meant you should post something. ;) e.g. you can post information about the system without much effort, and the forum is much more active than the IRC channel
[01:47:23] <perchy22> Perhaps a shorter question: can Manjaro be installed full manually?
[01:47:47] <perchy22> Okay; thank you regardless
[01:48:15] <jonathon> There's the Architect installer which is pretty manual, or you can use pacstrap if you want
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[01:49:09] <perchy22> Ahh, didn't think to use pacstrap. I meant the Architect installer when I said TUI installer
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[01:50:19] <perchy22> I'll see if there is a list of packages for the Gnome install in the architect source, or a uri I can follow
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[01:51:44] <perchy22> At any rate, thanks again
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[01:52:06] <jonathon> np :)
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[01:54:18] <thefallenrat> perchy22 just do a chroot bro
[01:54:40] <jonathon> they went already :(
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[01:54:55] <thefallenrat> aw :(
[01:55:08] <jonathon> are you still with Artix?
[01:55:15] <thefallenrat> yup
[01:55:33] <jonathon> how's it going over there? i've lost track of a lot of things
[01:55:41] *** Ceber <Ceber!~cerberus@dslb-088-068-119-007.088.068.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has joined #manjaro
[01:56:01] <thefallenrat> we have proper build system that follows closely to arch
[01:56:06] <jonathon> ooo
[01:56:38] <thefallenrat> now we just need more packagers to update these PKGBUILDs
[01:57:11] <jonathon> can't you pull them from Arch?
[01:57:19] <thefallenrat> yea
[01:57:34] *** noraj <noraj!~quassel@per18-h03-89-89-230-177.dsl.sta.abo.bbox.fr> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[01:58:01] <thefallenrat> but since a lot of them are systemd related, we have to manualy edit these before pushing them back to repo
[01:58:08] <jonathon> ah
[01:58:46] <jonathon> i'm just looking at https://gitea.artixlinux.org/artixlinux/packages too, looks like a lot more effort than just grabbing and building the PKGBUILDs
[01:59:13] <thefallenrat> the tool that artoo built automates those
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[01:59:36] <jonathon> that's pretty cool
[01:59:54] <thefallenrat> life's good with artix :)
[01:59:55] <jonathon> how does it handle rebuilds of dependency chains ?
[02:00:52] <thefallenrat> we have tool that looks for packages that use specific library
[02:01:02] <jonathon> nice
[02:01:04] <thefallenrat> so we can easily rebuild those packages
[02:01:20] <thefallenrat> that features comes form arch
[02:01:32] *** kpk <kpk!~kpk@mail.swsu.de> has joined #manjaro
[02:02:09] <thefallenrat> they have db that list libraries of packages
[02:02:22] <thefallenrat> and they have tool that queries them
[02:02:27] <thefallenrat> like pactree
[02:02:42] <jonathon> ah
[02:03:06] *** shadow98 <shadow98!uid236862@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-kkaluyyiasnpwiwl> has joined #manjaro
[02:07:36] <jonathon> I'm starting to look into a build server and process myself, e.g. for reproducible builds, so this is all very interesting
[02:08:29] <thefallenrat> here's the tool https://gitea.artixlinux.org/artix/artools
[02:09:58] <jonathon> +1
[02:15:37] *** akko <akko!~gentoo@gateway/tor-sasl/akko> has joined #manjaro
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[03:16:56] <wylel> Is there an LTS of Manjaro?
[03:19:24] *** day|flip <day|flip!~Days@> has joined #manjaro
[03:25:05] <jonathon> Nope, "LTS" is the opposite of a rolling-release approach
[03:25:17] <mparillo> No, Manjaro is a rolling distro. However, you can (and I argue you should) install an LTS kernel.
[03:26:00] <mparillo> In my case, the latest LTS kernel is 4.19.x
[03:26:30] <wylel> I noticed that when I tested it out
[03:26:39] <wylel> so, in a sense, that is the LTS of Manjaro
[03:26:42] <wylel> options
[03:26:51] *** Vayu_Vata <Vayu_Vata!~vayuvata@> has joined #manjaro
[03:27:16] <jonathon> No, in no sense is the LTS kernel an LTS of Manjaro, it's a different concept entirely
[03:27:38] <jonathon> Like LibreOffice Still isn't the LTS of Manjaro
[03:27:53] <jonathon> it's just a different version of the upstream software
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[03:29:01] <wylel> okay, technical
[03:29:02] <wylel> got it
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[03:29:16] <jonathon> If you want an LTS distro then Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS
[03:29:30] <wylel> was just asking a question friend
[03:29:36] <wylel> new to Manjaro, not Linux
[03:29:41] *** lagagnon <lagagnon!~larry@S0106a84e3f677ee3.gv.shawcable.net> has quit IRC (Quit: Lost terminal)
[03:29:48] <jonathon> If you want a distro which you never have to reinstall or perform a "dist upgrade", then manjaro
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[03:30:10] <jonathon> ok
[03:30:38] <wylel> what are the versions for, or just updating brings you to the latest "version"?
[03:30:55] <jonathon> Essentially labels for the installer images
[03:31:38] <jonathon> Once you install and update the OS is the same "latest" version
[03:32:02] <wylel> gotcha, so no "im running Manjaro 18x", its always just "I run Manjaro"
[03:32:26] <wylel> easy enough
[03:32:28] <jonathon> Yup; "I installed with the 18.0.4 image, and now I run Manjaro"
[03:33:03] <jonathon> Essentially the same as Arch, though they use a date-based version for the installer image
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[03:37:13] <wylel> mparillo: maybe you can help with (what I think is) my one last question, when installing to the entire disk, just like most distros, you can setup encryption, but when you go to setup partitions/choose one to use, you dont see that option unless you choose ext4. I noticed Manjaro uses LUKS for its full disk setup and I can set encryption there, why can I not do that when I go to partition myself?
[03:37:39] <mparillo> However if you install the 18.0.4 image, and simply sudo pacman -Syyu for months that is not the same as somebody who installs a different image and does the same. For each of you, your installed packages will be current, however, different ISOs have different starting points. So, for example, Plymouth was dropped a year or two ago. Or on KDE, Calligra replaced LibreOffice recently (at least on testing). And of course .config files
[03:37:40] <mparillo> can build up little differences over time. So in short, rolling means your packages are up-to-date, but it does not mean everybody's versions are identical.
[03:37:49] <wylel> And I guess a piggyback question on that, why would I want to use LUKS over ext4, in your opinion
[03:38:12] *** Barones <Barones!~Barones@2804:7f3:898c:454d:966d:67be:e8f4:e558> has joined #manjaro
[03:38:38] <wylel> Well, I can remove Calligra and install LibreOffice, which not sure which is better tbh as I have never used Calligra
[03:39:01] <wylel> I also noticed my installer installed HP software, is that from CUPS?
[03:39:30] <mparillo> I am too much of a newbie to trust encryption. First, my laptops almost never leave home, so I am less worried about losing them. Second, search the forums and you will see many user errors related to encryption, especially in root partitiions.
[03:40:22] <wylel> I see, right now I have it setup on my old MacBookPro with Kubuntu, but it does leave the house. On my Desktop I did not set it up however (running PopOS atm)
[03:40:57] <wylel> in the event I do decide to dive into Arch world (which I did use briefly back in like 2010 iirc, could have been later) but have mostly used Debian based derivatives
[03:41:21] <mparillo> Calligra is a KDE project, similar to Libre Office, but it plays nicer with Plasma. Yes, you can of course remove it, but the point I was making was that experienced users say a rolling release is always up to date, and newbies think that means the all updated systems are essentially identical, but they are not because the starting point matters.
[03:42:04] <mparillo> I am a big fan of Kubuntu, and I always recommend it as the first choice for windows refugees.
[03:42:14] <wylel> I see. Does that also count in terms of proprietary drivers? eg Nvidia. I know Manjaro is (iirc) a week behind Arch to make sure things work
[03:43:41] <mparillo> I have one Nvidia laptop and it is almost unusable with free drivers, so I use the Manjaro Hardware software to install it. For a newbie that is one of the three huge advantages over Arch. The other two are the graphical installers and the community (mostly in the forums instead of IRC).
[03:44:49] <wylel> Yes I was speaking of non-free
[03:45:02] <wylel> looking at the forums now as well, but its nice to speak to someone in real time
[03:45:18] <wylel> mostly about their experiences, especially if they come from a Debian background like myself
[03:45:58] <mparillo> In the KDE edition, the Manjaro Hardware Configuration can be selected from krunner or from System Settings and it is a nice, easy, way to install Nvidia drivers.
[03:46:18] <wylel> in no means will I ever say *Ubuntu is bad, or you should choose one over the other, because they all have their strengths and weaknesses, and maybe I dont want a rolling release, but from everything I have heard Manjaro just works especially when it comes to gaming
[03:47:57] <mparillo> I am not a gamer, so I am sorry, I cannot help you there.
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[05:50:59] <mvanorder> Is there anyone online that's familiar with manjaro's config of git?
[05:52:51] <mvanorder> Apperently the default for pushing from a branch that isn't in the remote is not the default that's on other systems. It does nothing when I normally expect it to tell me the command(cause I'm too lazy to commit it to memory) to set upstream.
[05:53:41] <mvanorder> I'm having a hard time formulating a google search that get's me the results I want and not results about pushing commits with empty messages
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   July 17, 2019
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