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   February 23, 2017
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[00:00:14] *** irker374 <irker374!~irker@donkey.codingfarm.de> has joined #macports
[00:00:14] <irker374> mmoll ports:master * 6c32264 / python/py-pyqt5/Portfile: py-pyqt5: update to 5.8. Closes https://trac.macports.org/ticket/53628. https://git.io/vDjCt
[00:03:29] <jmr_mp> JacksonIsaac: yeah it specifically needs to be something in /usr/share/zoneinfo
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[02:00:53] <irker374> l2dy ports:master * a060554 / net/cjdns/Portfile: cjdns: update to 19.1 https://git.io/vDjw3
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[02:37:41] *** fixphantomjs <fixphantomjs!cb56c61e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #macports
[02:37:51] <fixphantomjs> Hello, I'm trying to fix the port file for PhantomJS
[02:38:17] <fixphantomjs> I've updated the port file to point to github, but I can't get it to install and perhaps I'm doing something wrong
[02:38:22] <fixphantomjs> anyone here to help me a bit?
[02:39:33] <fixphantomjs> Here is what I've got so far:
[02:39:34] <fixphantomjs> https://codeshare.io/GAdx3v
[02:39:45] <fixphantomjs> I've just been modifying the Portfile directly in /opt
[02:39:53] <fixphantomjs> but when I try to install it , it tries to fetch from the mirrors
[02:39:59] <fixphantomjs> it won't try to download from github
[02:40:00] <fixphantomjs> why is that?
[02:41:29] *** khindenburg9 <khindenburg9!~khindenbu@c-73-146-172-126.hsd1.in.comcast.net> has joined #macports
[02:45:06] <jmr_mp> fixphantomjs: it will try the mirrors as well as github
[02:50:10] <fixphantomjs> jmr_mp: for some reason it won't use github
[02:50:34] <jmr_mp> show the output of the command
[02:50:55] <fixphantomjs> I've appended the output to the codeshare
[02:50:58] <fixphantomjs> at the bottom
[02:51:26] <fixphantomjs> Oh, I see, it DID try to use github
[02:51:30] <fixphantomjs> Okay, so why didn't that work
[02:53:05] <fixphantomjs> Is it trying to download https://github.com/ariya/phantomjs/releases/download/2.1.1/phantomjs-2.1.1.tar.gz ?
[02:54:24] <fixphantomjs> Okay so the correct download link is https://github.com/ariya/phantomjs/archive/2.1.1.tar.gz
[02:55:25] <jmr_mp> since there is no uploaded file for the release you probably don't want github.tarball_from releases
[02:55:55] <fixphantomjs> github.tarball_from releases should be archives?
[02:55:56] <fixphantomjs> or something else?
[02:55:59] <fixphantomjs> or just remove the line?
[02:56:07] <jmr_mp> remove it, the default should be fine
[02:56:43] <fixphantomjs> Ah cool, it worked
[02:58:02] <fixphantomjs> is there an easy way to update the digests or do I have to manually edit the file
[02:59:03] <jmr_mp> you should be confirming that they are correct
[02:59:15] <jmr_mp> so no, it won't auto-update for you
[03:01:59] <jmr_mp> in verbose mode it will show the values of the hash computed for the file and what the portfile said it should be, if they don't match
[03:06:52] <fixphantomjs> Nice
[03:07:03] <fixphantomjs> Okay so I found the next problem.. the github archive doesn't include submodules which are required for buliding
[03:13:25] <irker374> michaelld ports:master * 15478f0 / devel/qscintilla/Portfile: qscintilla: whitespace. https://git.io/vDjPq
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[03:23:03] <fixphantomjs> jmr_mp: is there any reason why we should use the source package, what about just using the binary package?
[03:23:29] <jmr_mp> does it install to the right place?
[03:23:49] <fixphantomjs> there is no install, it's a single binary
[03:23:56] <fixphantomjs> rather than downloading the source package
[03:24:02] <jmr_mp> does it link against ancient system openssl?
[03:24:03] <fixphantomjs> you download a pre-built binary for machos
[03:24:10] <fixphantomjs> uh, maybe?
[03:24:14] <fixphantomjs> let me check
[03:26:43] <fixphantomjs> https://codeshare.io/2K8x18
[03:26:50] <fixphantomjs> jmr_pm: no it doesn't seem to
[03:26:57] <fixphantomjs> jmr_mp: no
[03:28:19] <jmr_mp> heh, just everything else
[03:28:41] <jmr_mp> the dependencies in the port are wrong then
[03:28:49] <fixphantomjs> what do you mean?
[03:29:05] <fixphantomjs> There is one other point to consider - by default, this port takes 30-1hr to build
[03:29:06] <fixphantomjs> it's very slow
[03:29:12] <fixphantomjs> so using the binary install is preferable in that sense too
[03:29:16] <jmr_mp> libxml2, libxslt, sqlite3, icu, zlib
[03:29:37] <fixphantomjs> building from source has some advantages too
[03:29:43] <fixphantomjs> okay so I should list those in the port file?
[03:29:48] <jmr_mp> but no openssl, which is the one thing it does declare a dependency on
[03:29:49] <fixphantomjs> if we are going to use the source build
[03:29:53] <jmr_mp> yes
[03:30:03] <fixphantomjs> okay so is your preference for a source build?
[03:30:09] <jmr_mp> generally yes
[03:30:13] <fixphantomjs> okay
[03:30:21] <fixphantomjs> this package is so slow to build though
[03:30:29] <fixphantomjs> Let me see what I can do
[03:30:30] <jmr_mp> why use macports if you can just download a binary and put it wherever?
[03:30:37] <fixphantomjs> because macports is consistent?
[03:30:43] <fixphantomjs> easy to do on multiple machines
[03:31:01] <jmr_mp> and because the dependencies are more up to date
[03:31:24] <fixphantomjs> so it looks like depends_lib         port:openssl port:libxml2 port:libxslt port:sqlite3 port:icu port:zlib
[03:31:25] <fixphantomjs> right ?
[03:31:30] <fixphantomjs> should I remove openssl?
[03:31:36] <fixphantomjs> I think it's probably required if we use source build
[03:31:38] <jmr_mp> if it doesn't actually use it yes
[03:31:50] <jmr_mp> if it only uses it at build time then it should be depends_build
[03:32:35] <jmr_mp> if you use fetch.type git then it should get the submodules
[03:32:48] <jmr_mp> this is a great reason for upstream to do proper releases BTW...
[03:33:25] <fixphantomjs> ah okay
[03:34:23] <irker374> michaelld ports:master * b9de20c / devel/qscintilla/Portfile: qscintilla: use qmake PortGroup instead of qt4, to "use the right compiler" and c++11 flags per ticket https://trac.macports.org/ticket/53625 . https://git.io/vDjXQ
[03:35:13] <fixphantomjs> okay here is what I've currently got
[03:35:13] <fixphantomjs> https://codeshare.io/GAdx3v
[03:39:30] <fixphantomjs> uh, lol, it's a lot of code to clone
[03:39:31] <fixphantomjs> it's taking forever
[03:39:51] <fixphantomjs> it would be nice if they just used external dependencies instead of pulling in everything to the local source tree
[03:52:03] <Ionic> I don't like that bundled-software-via-git-submodules thing
[03:54:26] <fixphantomjs> Ionic: Yeah I agree in this case it's not great
[03:54:28] <fixphantomjs> https://github.com/ariya/phantomjs/issues/14843
[03:54:31] <fixphantomjs> Filed a bug report
[03:54:36] <Ionic> not just "in this case"
[03:54:45] <fixphantomjs> There are cases where git submodules make sense
[03:55:20] <fixphantomjs> Honestly, I'm not interested in arguing, lets just agree we have different opinions, the issue here is fixing phantomjs
[03:57:53] <fixphantomjs> I could manually make a source release
[03:57:55] <fixphantomjs> would that be suitable?
[03:58:08] <fixphantomjs> like, just get the current source, pull in the dependencies, fix the issues and then tar it up
[03:58:19] <fixphantomjs> jmr_mp: what do you think?
[03:58:25] <fixphantomjs> or just try to wait until they fix it upstream?
[03:59:23] <Ionic> and put the source file where? meh
[03:59:59] <fixphantomjs> well, in the worst case can just make a fork on github and flatten the repo
[04:00:06] <fixphantomjs> is that a bad idea?
[04:00:07] <fixphantomjs> it would work.
[04:01:03] <Ionic> is build.py updating the submodules?
[04:01:38] <Ionic> or does base does that itself actually?
[04:02:17] <fixphantomjs> I don't even know, I think it does it
[04:02:22] <fixphantomjs> build.py is a huge clusterfuck
[04:02:30] <fixphantomjs> honestly, the whole project seems like a huge clusterfuck
[04:02:44] <Ionic> whatever does, --depth=1 might help if provided to the git-submodule-update command
[04:02:55] <fixphantomjs> maybe that's just what happens when you try to make something for windows, linux and macos
[04:03:10] <fixphantomjs> yeah I agree
[04:03:11] <Ionic> it's webkit with a javascript interface wrapper - WHAT do you expect?
[04:03:12] <fixphantomjs> that might help
[04:03:32] <fixphantomjs> I'm not sure what I expect - proper source release and a build system that doesn't suck?
[04:03:35] <fixphantomjs> cmake?
[04:03:50] <fixphantomjs> qmake?
[04:03:55] <fixphantomjs> it uses qt, it should probably use qmake
[04:04:24] <Ionic> you just described webkit-gtk and qt-webengine/qt-webkit, congrats
[04:05:00] <Ionic> although technically these do not work headlessly, which is phantomjs, well... only feature, really
[04:05:01] <fixphantomjs> I don't know what you mean. Phantomjs is a headless web browser for testing
[04:05:10] <fixphantomjs> That's like the most important feature
[04:05:24] <fixphantomjs> it means you can run tests on travis-ci or similar
[04:05:27] <fixphantomjs> integration tests
[04:06:19] <Ionic> yeah, I know
[04:06:33] <Ionic> anyway, first step is finding out what updates the submodules
[04:11:33] <l2dy_> 2/3
[04:11:44] <l2dy_> Sorry, typo.
[04:15:32] <fixphantomjs> Ionic: actually, right now, I'm leaving it as the issue on github
[04:15:39] <fixphantomjs> I can't really invest any more time into it right now
[04:15:59] <fixphantomjs> I've updated all the issues with what I did, perhaps the maintainer of the macport can sort it out once the github issue is updated/resolved
[04:16:06] <fixphantomjs> thanks everyone for your help
[04:16:12] *** fixphantomjs <fixphantomjs!cb56c61e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)
[04:16:47] <Ionic> hum *shrug*
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[06:01:59] <irker374> ryandesign ports:master * 596f418 / devel/ccache/Portfile: ccache: Update to 3.3.4 https://git.io/vDj76
[06:09:01] <irker374> ryandesign ports:master * 98db571 / science/magic-devel/Portfile: magic-devel: Update to 8.1.152 https://git.io/vDj7j
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[06:23:03] <irker374> l2dy ports:master * 20df449 / net/curl/Portfile: curl: update to 7.53.0 https://git.io/vDj5j
[06:30:56] <Ionic> oops, segfault in... probably pextlib, oh well...
[06:34:29] <irker374> ryandesign ports:master * e42d209 / x11/wine-devel/Portfile: wine-devel: Update homepage, master_sites, livecheck https://git.io/vDjdX
[06:34:55] <irker374> ryandesign ports:master * dade8a7 / x11/wine/Portfile: wine: Update homepage, master_sites, livecheck https://git.io/vDjdS
[06:55:58] <Ionic> as much as I like cmake's general idea, but it's a stress test for an automated build system and trace mode
[07:13:10] <irker374> ryandesign ports:master * 3169afa / x11/wine-crossover/Portfile x11/wine-crossover/files/MIN.patch x11/wine-crossover/files/cups_headers.patch x11/wine-crossover/files/tiger-shell.patch: wine-crossover: Update to 16.1.0 https://git.io/vDjbV
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[08:41:49] <irker374> mojca ports:master * 3fe9df6 / graphics/dvisvgm/Portfile: dvisvgm: update to 2.1.3 https://git.io/vDjhs
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[09:30:43] *** mojca <mojca!~mojca@mail.viviss.si> has joined #macports
[09:36:15] <mojca> Can someone explain this?
[09:36:17] <mojca> You haven't run 'sudo port reclaim' in two weeks. It's recommended you run this regularly to reclaim disk space. Would you like to run it now? [Y/n]: y
[09:36:17] <mojca> Error: reclaim failed: wrong # args: should be "macports::reclaim_main opts"
[09:37:01] <mojca> and this is now after each and every 'port' command
[09:48:18] *** TheInfinity <TheInfinity!~TheInfini@unaffiliated/theinfinity> has joined #macports
[09:50:19] <Ionic> what base version?
[09:57:14] <irker374> ionic ports:master * 5ef7d72 / aqua/x2goclient/Portfile aqua/x2goclient/files/patch-src_onmainwindow.cpp_pulsemanager.cpp-support-non-standard-prefix.diff aqua/x2goclient/files/patch-src_x2goutils.cpp-fix-startup-failure.diff: aqua/x2goclient: update to https://git.io/vyeJH
[09:58:51] <Ionic> mojca: yep, broken in 2.4.0, but fixed in master (and I figure also staged for 2.4.1)
[10:00:30] <Ionic> yes, staged alright
[10:05:21] <danchr> IMHO the two interval for suggesting 'port reclaim' is a bit short
[10:05:48] <mojca> I would agree here as well
[10:06:03] <mojca> two weeks is fine for suggesting to users to upgrade
[10:06:03] <danchr> users might only run 'port' a couple of times per month
[10:06:23] <mojca> but it's a bit of an overkill to ask them to clean up each time
[10:06:36] <mojca> the problem is that this command keeps popping up every single time a port is run
[10:06:51] <danchr> that's definitely a bug :)
[10:09:28] <Ionic> well... it's not, really
[10:09:46] <Ionic> nagging, but that's what it should do
[10:09:59] <Ionic> although the timeout is a little low, yes
[10:12:24] <danchr> Ionic: from my understanding mojca's issue is that he can't actually run reclaim, and hence not respond properly to the prompt
[10:12:42] <Ionic> yes, that is a bug, but as I said already fixed and in the staging area for 2.4.1
[10:13:04] <danchr> yeah, and that's what I was referring to ;)
[10:13:05] <Ionic> meanwhile, answering "n" will update the timer
[10:13:15] <danchr> indeed, good point
[10:13:16] <Ionic> so that it's not nagging again for two weeks
[10:13:34] <mojca> danchr: *she*
[10:13:36] <danchr> do you know what the justification for the two week interval was?
[10:13:38] <Ionic> "y" should also update the timer after the reclaim run, but since it cannot actually run the reclaim code...
[10:13:48] <danchr> mojca: oh, sorry!
[10:14:00] <Ionic> no, I figure the implementor thought it'd be a good value
[10:14:40] <Ionic> two weeks isn't so terrible, really, provided you should only see the message once
[10:15:26] <danchr> I ran trunk for a while, and it felt it bit too frequent to me
[10:16:00] <Ionic> the problem is that 2.4.0 already has that feature - broken as it is currently...
[10:16:55] <danchr> reclaim is really useful, though
[10:17:09] <Ionic> it was a gsoc project
[10:17:15] <danchr> cool
[10:17:17] <Ionic> don't ask me when exactly though...
[10:17:22] <danchr> now, all MacPorts needs is a single-step upgrade like FreeBSD's pkg :)
[10:17:24] <Ionic> might have been around 2014 or such
[10:18:31] <danchr> (and a tendency to ask more questions upfront rather than later, but that seems non-trivial to fix)
[10:18:46] <Ionic> huh? ah
[10:18:47] <danchr> apt gets that one right IMHO
[10:19:04] <danchr> tell the user what you're going to do, ask one question, and do it
[10:19:21] <Ionic> well the problem is that we don't know all dependencies beforehand
[10:19:22] <danchr> but that would probably require a package index of sorts
[10:19:53] <Ionic> enter... JacksonIsaac's GSOC project last year (or two years ago?)
[10:20:09] <danchr> well, 'port' seems to know them now, since it asks whether it can install dependancies
[10:20:20] <Ionic> before installing a port, yes
[10:20:37] <danchr> so in theory, you could just part everything requested, and determine it upfront, right?
[10:20:42] <danchr> s/part/parse/
[10:20:49] <mojca> does anyone receive emails from the buildbot? They reach the mailing list, but not my inbox
[10:21:23] <Ionic> that's the general plan
[10:21:37] <Ionic> parse portfiles, build a dependency graph and feed that into a constraints solver
[10:21:48] <danchr> sounds awesome
[10:21:52] <Ionic> it's way more difficult than it sounds, though
[10:22:23] <danchr> yeah, and there's loads of legacy to deal with, I suspect — especially variants and possibly missing packages
[10:22:26] <Ionic> mojca: sorry, haven't got a buildbot mail in ages...
[10:22:55] <Ionic> variants aren't legacy, but yes
[10:23:11] <Ionic> and generally the problem that portfiles are TCL scripts that can do whatever they want
[10:23:34] <danchr> with great power comes great responsibility ;)
[10:24:14] <danchr> perhaps one of the reason 'pkg' could get such a nice tool is that they could disregard options and the entire port system, to a large extent
[10:24:17] <Ionic> https://jacksonisaac.wordpress.com/2015/04/28/gsoc-2015-the-macports-project/
[10:33:54] *** MrWoohoo <MrWoohoo!~MrWoohoo@> has joined #macports
[10:37:50] <neverpanic> mojca: danchr: There's an option to disable the reclaim nagging completely, see port help reclaim
[10:38:49] <mojca> I know. I didn't want to disable it, but somehow this is the first time that I'm experiencing this problem
[10:42:52] <Ionic> yeah... because 2.4.0 was released about 4 weeks ago and you must have upgraded to it ~2 weeks ago
[10:42:57] <Ionic> 2.3.x didn't have it yet
[10:47:35] <mojca> I was actually using trunk, so I had that reclaim functionality for a long time already, but it worked
[10:47:50] <mojca> I upgraded to 2.4.0 without going back to trunk
[10:47:58] <mojca> (maybe I should anyway :)
[10:48:24] <Ionic> be careful with that
[10:48:48] <Ionic> I have to update the internal DB version, so when my work is merged into master, there's no going back
[10:49:15] <mojca> I understand that
[10:49:25] *** mpbot_ <mpbot_!~mpbot@> has quit IRC (Quit: no PONG from server in 30.112722 seconds)
[10:49:29] <mojca> but 2.3.99 -> 2.4.0 worked :)
[10:50:07] *** jmr_mp <jmr_mp!~jmr@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[10:50:39] <Ionic> yep
[10:51:10] <Ionic> just pointing out that switching between releases and master isn't always going to work
[10:51:39] <Ionic> well, unless you rebuild the database yourself, which most of the time isn't too difficult to do, but meh
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[10:56:47] <mpbot> jmr_mp is jmr and maintainer of sdlconsole, squid3, arch and py27-docutils (of 130 total) and is in Sydney, Australia; local time is Thu 20:56 AEDT
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[12:39:36] <irker374> mps ports:master * 717d659 / editors/nano/Portfile: nano: update to version 2.7.5 https://git.io/vyeCV
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[13:46:32] <l2dy> mojca: I did overwrite that merge commit. It was in the PR and I was worried that someone might click the button on GitHub and bring it into master.
[13:52:21] <l2dy> I'm on trip and only have access to IRC now.
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[14:26:08] <irker374> michaelld ports:master * b566db2 / science/hackrf/Portfile: hackrf: move current to devel & add release. https://git.io/vyegI
[14:26:38] <irker374> michaelld ports:master * 3cdff10 / science/gr-osmosdr/Portfile: gr-osmosdr: allow for hackrf release or devel; rev bump just in case. https://git.io/vyegZ
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[14:31:37] <irker374> michaelld ports:master * c77cc0c / science/hackrf/Portfile: hackrf: cleaner way to specify version. https://git.io/vye2s
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[15:08:56] <mpbot> JacksonIsaac is ijackson and maintainer of libsolv and is in Chennai, India; local time is Thu 19:38 IST
[15:10:22] <JacksonIsaac> well mpbot is unable to find my ports where it is just ijackson in maintainers
[15:10:31] <JacksonIsaac> in libsolv it is {ijackson @JacksonIsaac}
[15:10:42] <JacksonIsaac> that it is able to track
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[16:04:38] <irker374> khindenburg ports:master * 1e927ab / net/ASFRecorder/Portfile: ASFRecorder: disable livecheck; project doesn't use versions https://git.io/vyeDt
[16:10:25] <irker374> khindenburg ports:master * 77c9efc / aqua/AppHack/Portfile: apphack: fix livecheck https://git.io/vyeDx
[16:17:19] <irker374> khindenburg ports:master * 148d2e8 / gnustep/ArtResources/Portfile: ArtResources: disable livecheck; site is no longer valid https://git.io/vyeyp
[16:29:11] *** kchz <kchz!~dschulz@host-> has joined #macports
[16:30:05] <irker374> khindenburg ports:master * 122a50f / x11/AfterStep/Portfile: AfterStep: fix livecheck https://git.io/vyeHS
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