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   February 10, 2017  
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[03:51:16] <irker444> khindenburg ports:master * 13c27e2 / devel/viewvc/Portfile: viewvc: update to 1.1.26 https://git.io/vDgN8
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[04:43:25] <l2dy_> l2dy: py-gdbm livecheck no regex.
[05:04:52] <Ionic> scratchpad? :)
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[05:37:13] <l2dy_> That broke my `livecheck all` :( https://github.com/macports/macports-base/commit/d33a8a0
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[05:39:16] <geekosaur> that would imply your regex was wrong to start with, I think (that was how that bug was found; it also does cute things like cause incorrect regexes to backtrack forever, or at least for many minutes)
[05:51:15] <l2dy> I discovered that bug and that commit fixed it. I'm just wondering when will it be released.
[05:51:27] <l2dy> I discovered that bug and that commit fixed it. I'm just wondering when will it be released.
[05:53:16] <geekosaur> if it didn't make the release then it'll probably be a while
[05:53:30] <geekosaur> base doesn't get updated very often
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[08:01:36] <Ionic> geekosaur: bugfix releases are happening quite periodically, though
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[11:25:05] <irker181> raimue ports:master * 99640a2 / emulators/qemu-usermode/Portfile emulators/qemu-usermode/files/patch-configure emulators/qemu-usermode/files/patch-q-i386: qemu-usermode: Remove outdated port https://git.io/vD2BW
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[13:14:17] <irker181> mps ports:master * 5cde9e7 / sysutils/grep/Portfile: grep: update to version 3.0 https://git.io/vD2ri
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[14:35:11] <irker181> mps ports:master * de9b087 / net/fping/Portfile: fping: update to version 3.16 https://git.io/vD2Dc
[14:51:50] <irker181> mps ports:master * 7b2c21a / perl/p5-libwww-perl/Portfile: p5.24-libwww-perl: update to version 6.18 https://git.io/vD2yj
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[15:19:57] <mpbot> mf2k_mp is Frank (mf2k) and is in Boulder, CO; local time is Fri 07:19 MST
[15:53:56] <irker181> khindenburg ports:master * 381524f / python/py-scrapy/Portfile: py-scrapy: upgrade to 1.3.1 https://git.io/vD2bg
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[16:27:52] <irker181> ryandesign ports:master * 060bdcd / databases/db60/Portfile databases/db60/files/yosemite-libtool.patch: db60: Don't create flat-namespace dylib on Yosemite https://git.io/vD2hI
[16:27:53] <irker181> ryandesign ports:master * 5a31781 / science/magic-devel/Portfile: magic-devel: Update to 8.1.147 https://git.io/vD2hL
[16:27:58] <irker181> ryandesign ports:master * 2a28adc / audio/libao/Portfile audio/libao/files/yosemite-libtool.patch: libao: Don't create flat-namespace dylib on Yosemite https://git.io/vD2ht
[16:27:59] <irker181> ryandesign ports:master * 8fa280d / devel/libassuan/Portfile devel/libassuan/files/yosemite-libtool.patch: libassuan: Don't create flat-namespace dylib on Yosemite https://git.io/vD2hq
[16:28:00] <irker181> ryandesign ports:master * d466952 / science/irsim/Portfile science/irsim/files/patch-remove_sw.diff: irsim: Update to 9.7.95 https://git.io/vD2hm
[16:28:02] <irker181> ryandesign ports:master * 51091f6 / net/avahi/Portfile net/avahi/files/patch-avahi-daemon-Makefile.in.diff net/avahi/files/patch-avahi-dnsconfd-Makefile.in.diff net/avahi/files/patch-avahi-utils-Makefile.in.diff net/avahi/files/patch-configure.diff net/avahi/files/patch-initscript-darwin-org.freedesktop.avahi-daemon.plist.in.diff net/avahi/files/patch-initscript-darwin-org.freedesktop.avahi-dnsconfd.plist.in.diff: avahi: Update to 0.6.32
[16:28:08] <irker181> ryandesign ports:master * b23d8fc / net/youtube-dl/Portfile: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.02.10 https://git.io/vD2hG
[16:28:09] <irker181> ryandesign ports:master * 0d5a17f / audio/libcanberra/Portfile audio/libcanberra/files/yosemite-libtool.patch: libcanberra: Don't create flat-namespace dylib on Yosemite https://git.io/vD2hZ
[16:28:10] <irker181> ryandesign ports:master * 86fc50b / x11/fox/Portfile: fox: Update to 1.6.53 https://git.io/vD2hn
[16:28:11] <irker181> ryandesign ports:master * c94a953 / security/cracklib/Portfile security/cracklib/files/yosemite-libtool.patch: cracklib: Don't create flat-namespace dylib on Yosemite https://git.io/vD2hc
[16:28:21] <irker181> ryandesign ports:master * 1419aab / textproc/libcue/Portfile: libcue: Use github portgroup https://git.io/vD2hl
[16:28:22] <irker181> ryandesign ports:master * 28b8e08 / devel/libdaemon/Portfile devel/libdaemon/files/yosemite-libtool.patch: libdaemon: Don't create flat-namespace dylib on Yosemite https://git.io/vD2h8
[16:28:23] <irker181> ryandesign ports:master * c9d1f45 / lang/swi-prolog-devel/Portfile: swi-prolog-devel: Update to 7.5.1 https://git.io/vD2h4
[16:28:27] <irker181> ryandesign ports:master * c094d04 / sysutils/gearmand/Portfile: gearmand: Update to 1.1.14 https://git.io/vD2hR
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[16:40:53] <mf2k_mp> Sorry about all the wiki page update emails.
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[16:43:03] <raimue> mf2k_mp: no worries, had to be done. often good to keep edits logically separated.
[16:43:21] <mf2k_mp> Yes, that was my thinking.
[16:43:39] <mf2k_mp> I put a little note on each one.
[16:45:39] <mf2k_mp> raimue: You might think about closing the macports accounts for all people in the retired section.
[16:46:39] <raimue> mf2k_mp: now that the authentication is provided by GitHub, there are no more real accounts.
[16:47:15] <mf2k_mp> So maybe rmaybe remove them from the macports project then?
[16:47:19] <mf2k_mp> in Github
[16:48:44] <Ionic> chances are people have not even logged in yet
[16:48:50] <irker181> ryandesign base:master * 17c3d2a / LICENSE portmgr/dmg/License.html: Update copyright year https://git.io/vDafm
[16:48:50] <Ionic> at least inactive/retired ones
[16:49:22] <raimue> mf2k_mp: we only invited developers after they asked us via macports-infra@, so most probably those old accounts were never added to the GitHub team and they never logged in to Trac
[16:49:38] <mf2k_mp> ok good
[16:49:55] <Ionic> it's essentially driftwood now
[16:54:21] <mf2k_mp> Wow 2003!
[16:56:47] <mf2k_mp> So this one is weird: danchr at gmail dot com has a macports account called danchr
[16:57:13] <mf2k_mp> But the activity on the macports account stops in 2006. The gmail activity is recent - 9/2016.
[16:57:24] <mf2k_mp> He probably forgot he had an account
[16:57:59] <Ionic> asking other developers to apply changes?
[16:58:25] <Ionic> either forgot, lost his password and never bothered to reset it, or... hum...
[16:58:33] <mf2k_mp> Yes, he just opens tickets like a regular non-macports user
[16:59:05] <Ionic> I'd give him a ping
[16:59:21] <mf2k_mp> Yea, I was thinking of doing that.
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[17:20:40] <irker181> michaelld ports:master * bae3ab5 / graphics/qwt/files/patch-designer_designer.pro.610rc3.diff graphics/qwt/files/patch-qwtbuild.pri.610rc3.diff graphics/qwt/files/patch-qwtconfig.pri.610rc3.diff graphics/qwt/files/patch-qwtfunctions.pri.610rc3.diff: qwt: remove unused patches. https://git.io/vDaI2
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[17:33:25] <mf2k_mp> Ionic raimue: The email danchr at macports dot org bounces.
[17:33:36] <mf2k_mp> I will it to reitred.
[17:33:39] <mf2k_mp> retired
[17:50:37] <Ionic> hum
[17:50:47] <Ionic> but his gmail account still works, right?
[17:50:57] <Ionic> or do you think that's a different guy?
[17:51:31] <mf2k_mp> Ionic: I’m nort positive. But the macports handle is certainly stale
[17:51:36] <mf2k_mp> nort->not
[17:51:41] <mf2k_mp> Sorry for my typing skills.
[17:54:35] <Ionic> I think ryan might be able to check what it's redirecting to
[17:54:53] <Ionic> actually, you should see it as well in the bounce message, maybe?
[17:54:54] <neverpanic> So would I, if I had a key here. Ask me in 2 hours.
[17:55:06] <irker181> mojca ports:master * 2a839a5 / perl/p5-graveyard/Portfile: p5-graveyard: remove subports for perl 5.16-5.20 https://git.io/vDa3c
[17:56:08] <mf2k_mp> Here is the actual bounce error:
[17:56:09] <mf2k_mp> Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table
[17:56:30] <mf2k_mp> Maybe he got added to the developers table by mistake???
[17:56:35] <neverpanic> Which mailserver sent the bounce?
[17:56:46] <mf2k_mp> neverpanic: braeburn.macports.org
[17:56:54] <neverpanic> Then he never had a handle
[17:57:02] <mf2k_mp> ok
[17:58:24] <Ionic> hum
[17:58:33] <Ionic> I wish there was a "blame" feature...
[17:59:00] <neverpanic> Well, it's only a couple of hundred versions, should be quick to bisect
[17:59:09] <Ionic> yeah
[18:00:17] <Ionic> he was already in the retired section 7 years ago
[18:00:38] <Ionic> ah
[18:00:41] <Ionic> "back from the dead"
[18:00:51] <Ionic> https://trac.macports.org/wiki/MacPortsDevelopers?action=diff&version=185
[18:00:54] <mf2k_mp> Weird - well I just put him back there today
[18:01:20] <mf2k_mp> Notice it was made by danchr at gmail dot com
[18:01:23] <Ionic> well that was 7 years ago
[18:01:24] <Ionic> yeah
[18:01:28] <mf2k_mp> I think he mistakenly added himself
[18:01:29] <Ionic> err 6 years ago
[18:01:52] <Ionic> version 50 has him listed as retired...
[18:02:05] <Ionic> 1 doesn't
[18:02:16] <Ionic> 25 lists him
[18:02:28] <Ionic> 12 lists him
[18:02:40] <Ionic> 6 doesn't...
[18:02:58] <mf2k_mp> trisecting is faster…
[18:03:17] <Ionic> https://trac.macports.org/wiki/MacPortsDevelopers?action=diff&version=7
[18:03:33] <mf2k_mp> interesting
[18:03:35] <Ionic> which is the first occurence in the wiki
[18:03:44] <mf2k_mp> probably just a mistake by jmpp then
[18:03:45] <neverpanic> Does he have any commits?
[18:03:45] <Ionic> but - no idea where the list came from
[18:04:20] <mf2k_mp> https://trac.macports.org/search?q=danchr%40macports.org&noquickjump=1&changeset=on&milestone=on&portsummarysearch=on&ticket=on&wiki=on
[18:04:23] <mf2k_mp> Yes in 2006
[18:05:01] <Ionic> hmm
[18:05:11] <Ionic> commit ff0a04b84e00485173e43f06a4feb4e10c4297f5 | Author: Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen <danchr at macports dot org>
[18:05:39] <mf2k_mp> Yep
[18:05:43] <mf2k_mp> Well he’s gone now!
[18:05:45] <Ionic> wait, that's just
[18:05:47] <neverpanic> Well, then I guess he had a valid account at some point and asked to get his handle removed.
[18:06:26] <Ionic> probably, yeah
[18:06:41] <Ionic> although svn hadn't been using email addresses but usernames
[18:06:42] <mf2k_mp> The commits are all git-svn-id
[18:06:58] * Ionic nods
[18:07:02] <neverpanic> We rewrote all usernames by appending @macports.org, so he had a username
[18:07:27] <Ionic> yeah
[18:07:51] <mf2k_mp> Also, he is laisted as danchr at opendarwin dot org
[18:07:54] <mf2k_mp> listed
[18:08:00] <mf2k_mp> https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/commit/5ee3d4537e026be97ae7be70782ba70eb0449275
[18:08:18] <Ionic> are the handles and mail aliases linked?
[18:08:24] <Ionic> i.e., can one exist without the other?
[18:08:42] <Ionic> well, probably, it's just virtual users to postfix...
[18:08:53] <irker181> michaelld ports:master * 29219aa / : qwt: patch cleanup. https://git.io/vDaZo
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[18:13:00] <Ionic> *shrug*
[18:16:25] <irker181> michaelld ports:master * 6ba5940 / graphics/qwt/files/patch-qwtconfig.pri.61.diff: qwt61: fix examples to work like those for the other qwt* ports. https://git.io/vDanQ
[18:18:46] <jmr_mp> mf2k_mp: I believe the transition from opendarwin also dropped users unless they asked to continue
[18:21:21] <Ionic> it's interesting that we had a commit template at some point, though
[18:21:23] <Ionic> like, 10 years ago
[18:27:25] <mf2k_mp> things that go around, come around
[18:28:17] <Ionic> no doubt it was dropped because it's just too cumbersome
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[18:54:44] <neverpanic> Ionic: an alias can exist without a handle; we've previously done this for people who asked to be renamed.
[18:55:49] *** DomiX <DomiX!~mod@nly93-h03-87-88-87-168.dsl.sta.abo.bbox.fr> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)
[18:58:06] *** TheInfinity <TheInfinity!~TheInfini@unaffiliated/theinfinity> has joined #macports
[19:04:33] <Ionic> okay, yeah
[19:10:49] *** rpg <rpg!~rpg@162-219-230-36.fttp.usinternet.com> has quit IRC (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[19:11:02] <irker181> cal ports:master * 7d4db77 / perl/p5-gd/Portfile: p5-gd: Revbump for webm update https://git.io/vDaEb
[19:12:26] *** rpg <rpg!~rpg@162-219-230-36.fttp.usinternet.com> has joined #macports
[19:26:26] <rpg> sorry to bother -- anyone had a chance to look at my port bug https://trac.macports.org/attachment/ticket/53537 -- just wondering if I've gotten in all the information that's needed.
[19:29:14] *** TheInfinity <TheInfinity!~TheInfini@unaffiliated/theinfinity> has quit IRC (Quit: TheInfinity)
[19:36:49] *** TheInfinity <TheInfinity!~TheInfini@unaffiliated/theinfinity> has joined #macports
[19:40:10] <Ionic> hmm... did anyone have weird problems with tmux before?
[19:40:33] <Ionic> I have a session that can be managed, but the terminal sessions inside seem "dead"
[19:40:57] <Ionic> I noticed that switching between panes does make stuff that I typed in show up, though, so it's not really dead
[19:41:13] <JacksonIsaac> I was thinking are we going to have versioned ports (or just latest ports) instead of having something like foo1 foo1.1 foo2 foo3 and so
[19:42:04] <Ionic> currently there's nothing like that, short of subports (which really are being expanded to proper "full" ports)
[19:44:45] <Ionic> rpg: not immediately, but remember that the port has no maintainer
[19:45:25] <rpg> Ionic: thanks.  Just wanted to make sure i didn't leave out something obvious.
[19:46:05] <Ionic> apart from the maintainer, no... and given that there's no maintainer, you've even done that correctly
[19:46:33] *** vichug <vichug!~vichug@abo-1-239-68.guy.modulonet.fr> has joined #macports
[19:47:09] <Ionic> ha, I'm NOT crazy, even though all the other people always say so! https://github.com/tmux/tmux/issues/298
[19:52:09] *** pjb <pjb!~t@2a01cb04063cda009502bf8a3866c148.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #macports
[19:53:20] <rpg> maybe I should try to find an alternative way of getting ocaml ....
[19:55:49] <Ionic> well, the ocaml-core-kernel port has seen the last (real) change on 30.12.2013(!)
[19:56:33] <vichug> hey, how to switch the default between python2.x and python3.x when they are installed thorugh Macports ?
[19:56:42] <Ionic> I'll just assume that there's not so huge interest (but of course, if you'd be up to it, please help out on that)
[19:57:05] <vichug> i jsut heard about pyenv, but is hta ta good idea to use pyenv if your versions of pythons are installed thourhg macports ,
[19:57:06] <vichug> ?
[19:57:06] <Ionic> vichug: there's a port select mechanism that will establish symlinks
[19:57:30] <vichug> Ionic: afaik, these are specific to python 2.X or 3.X
[19:57:46] <Ionic> yes, so?
[19:58:02] <vichug> well when you type 'python' in shell it's still 2.x
[19:58:08] <Ionic> port select --list python
[19:58:08] <vichug> how to make it 3;x ?
[19:58:24] <Ionic> and then --set python python3x
[19:58:29] <vichug> oh ok
[19:58:45] <Ionic> there's 3 groups for python: python, python2 and python3
[19:58:48] <vichug> u mean port select --set python python3x ?
[19:58:52] <Ionic> which change the like-named symlinks
[19:59:07] <Ionic> yes, but x is a placeholder
[19:59:15] <vichug> okok
[19:59:45] <vichug> port select needs sudo ?
[19:59:51] <Ionic> naturally
[19:59:57] <vichug> :>
[19:59:59] <neverpanic> Does github have a black header now, or is my CSS caching broken?
[20:00:05] <vichug> :>
[20:00:08] <Ionic> unless you installed macports in a user prefix
[20:00:21] <Ionic> same here neverpanic
[20:00:29] <neverpanic> Ionic: Thanks for confirming.
[20:00:45] <Ionic> this must be totally new, I only opened a GH page 10 minutes ago and it was still silver
[20:00:54] <neverpanic> vichug: I can recommend virtualenv if you're doing python development and want to keep your packages separated
[20:01:00] <neverpanic> never had the need for pyenv, though
[20:01:06] <neverpanic> Ionic: Yeah, ditto.
[20:01:12] <Ionic> although I'd like a dark theme...
[20:01:39] <vichug> neverpanic: is virtualenv differetn from pyenv-virtualenv ?
[20:03:06] <irker181> l2dy ports:master * 5586d72 / devel/git/Portfile: git: update to 2.11.1 https://git.io/vDaKM
[20:10:22] <neverpanic> vichug: pyenv switches python versions, virtualenv switches the available python packages for one python version, pyenv-virtualenv combines both
[20:10:51] <neverpanic> Since multiple versions of python co-exist just fine on the same machine, I don't see why you'd need pyenv, but I guess it solves somebody's problen
[20:14:26] <vichug> neverpanic:
[20:14:50] <vichug> ok. i'd need to just use python 3 sometimes and keep it 2 by default, i guess
[20:15:28] <vichug> port select is probably enough, idk
[20:17:53] <neverpanic> Or even just having both python27 and python35 installed and calling the one you need directly
[20:17:58] <jmr_mp> I think even the PSF recognises that linking 'python' to python 3.x is not the best idea yet
[20:18:54] <neverpanic> (or ever, really)
[20:19:07] <jmr_mp> didn't stop a few distros of course
[20:19:09] <Ionic> are you sure? I'd think they want to get rid of 2
[20:19:35] <Ionic> not so some users, but then again users *love* legacy cruft
[20:19:37] <jmr_mp> oh they do, but reality asserted itself once again
[20:20:17] <neverpanic> well, them getting rid of Python 2.x doesn't necessarily mean that /usr/bin/python shell be Python 3.x
[20:20:22] <neverpanic> There could just be no /usr/bin/python
[20:20:40] <neverpanic> s/shell/shall/
[20:20:41] <jmr_mp> https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0394/
[20:21:13] <jmr_mp> yes exactly, anything that needs python 3.x should be using
[20:21:19] <jmr_mp> 'python3'
[20:23:08] <Ionic> well... okay, they want a clean separation, which does make sense
[20:56:12] <irker181> mojca ports:master * 8cc7b62 / : perl5: avoid opportunistic linking with cryptlib https://git.io/vDayx
[21:01:34] *** toby <toby!~toby@2620:149:4:302:d070:4232:6cd1:ceb3> has joined #macports
[21:26:06] <toby> goddamn seriously, l2dy needs push access.
[21:26:30] <irker181> l2dy ports:master * 38f49d8 / security/libressl-devel/Portfile security/libressl-devel/files/CVE-2016-7056.patch: libressl-devel: update to 2.5.1, use https https://git.io/vDa7E
[21:26:51] *** mf2k_mp <mf2k_mp!~mf2k_mp@> has quit IRC (Quit: mf2k_mp)
[21:37:06] <irker181> mojca ports:master * c3765f0 / net/liboping/Portfile: liboping: update homepage https://git.io/vDaFh
[21:39:56] <Ionic> toby: I think the master_sites change isn't good...
[21:40:29] <toby> hmm?
[21:40:47] <Ionic> given older systems regularily fail to fetch stuff via HTTPS, because CA certificates are not updated anymore or their system-OpenSSL is too old to do anything but SSLv3 or the like
[21:41:17] <toby> mirrors should still work?
[21:41:37] <Ionic> I think the mirroring job isn't working since the migration
[21:42:11] <irker181> toby ports:master * 510d1f1 / devel/byacc/Portfile: byacc 20170201 https://git.io/vDab5
[21:42:54] * toby shrugs
[21:42:56] <Ionic> *shrug* people will complain if it breaks
[21:43:05] <toby> i don't have a whole lot of sympathy for people who don't update
[21:43:09] <Ionic> until then we can have one or two cups of tea
[21:43:24] <neverpanic> toby: have you asked portmgr@ about l2dy_'s commit bit?
[21:43:46] <toby> nope. heh
[21:43:49] <Ionic> weeeeeeell.. it's not like all hardware is capable of running all newer OS X version
[21:43:58] <Ionic> s/$/s/
[21:44:06] <toby> yeah yeah
[21:44:50] <Ionic> truth be told I'm also still on 10.9, but that's just because I'm too lazy to spend a month on upgrading
[21:45:30] <Ionic> and because I'd lose the benefit of compiling on a 10.9 box, but that's going to happen sooner or later anyway
[21:48:56] <mojca> toby: yes, I fully agree, l2dy should get commit right (and yes, I dropped an email a while ago)
[21:49:15] <toby> a month to upgrade?!
[21:49:58] <mojca> I bought a new SSD + DVD replacement kit and then realized that apples loves glue
[21:50:06] <mojca> apples => Apple
[21:50:11] <toby> heh indeed
[21:50:17] <mojca> and that I'm unable to install windows on SSD in the DVD
[21:50:32] <mojca> or at least it didn't seem trivial to do so
[21:51:07] <mojca> so I've been walking around with 10.11 on my SSD only (which I can only connect via USB 2 until I figure out what to do)
[21:51:35] <mojca> I could try with 10.12, but that's bound to hacks again, even though the hardware is non-officially fully supported
[21:52:04] *** TheInfinity <TheInfinity!~TheInfini@unaffiliated/theinfinity> has quit IRC (Quit: TheInfinity)
[21:52:18] <mojca> it's been roughly 1,5 years after I defended my thesis (I didn't want to upgrade earlier)
[21:52:31] <mojca> so yes, sometimes you need 2 years to upgrade :) :) :)
[21:52:41] <Ionic> pretty much.. with all the rebuilds, I'd figure
[21:53:12] <Ionic> and of course unforeseen failures
[21:54:17] <Ionic> mojca: a PCIe SSD (do they use M.2 yet?) or connected via the normal SATA interface?
[21:54:35] <mojca> connected to the normal SATA interface
[21:54:47] <mojca> of the DVD unit
[21:54:51] <Ionic> hum, but a disk drive
[21:55:15] <Ionic> wait, what?
[21:55:28] <mojca> what what?
[21:55:54] <Ionic> swapping out the old for the new SSD should be a breeze, normally... unless they are soldered to the connector or something along these lines
[21:56:13] <Ionic> (with memory soldered upon motherbords, nothing can surprise me)
[21:56:27] <mojca> I'm lucky enough to have the model that's not soldered yet
[21:56:39] <mojca> I wanted to put the DVD unit out and replace it with SSD
[21:56:57] <mojca> the problem is that I already had to replace the SATA cable three times
[21:57:04] <Ionic> ah
[21:57:22] <mojca> and they put extra glue on top of the cable to avoid damaging it again
[21:57:24] <Ionic> yeah, it's a (very) flat band cable
[21:57:50] <mojca> it probably breaks at those 90 degree edges and I keep my laptop in a backpack and carry it every day
[21:58:02] <mojca> where it probably squeezes a bit
[21:58:18] <mojca> so I was afraid of breaking yet another cable
[21:58:32] <mojca> I need a few hours and some piece of mind and try to do it carefully
[21:59:08] <Ionic> makes sense
[21:59:09] <mojca> but then I'll have troubles experimenting with windows if it won't work properly the first time
[21:59:29] <mojca> I didn't know that installing windows on the secondary drive was soooo horibly tricky
[21:59:49] <Ionic> via USB? I've given up on that
[22:00:09] <Ionic> the CSM emulation doesn't seem to work with anything attached to external ports
[22:00:22] <mojca> I initually hoped that it would be as easy as running another macOS from USB
[22:00:39] <mojca> but I don't know if it's any better if it's on the sata drive
[22:00:41] <Ionic> yeah... no... because that's using EFI to start up
[22:01:27] <Ionic> I wonder why no one actually installed Windows 7 or higher in EFI mode yet, all people seem to be using "bootcamp"
[22:05:46] <Ionic> oh well, someone did that...
[22:06:07] <Ionic> and of course, one has to disconnect all disk drives but the one where Windows is to be installed prior doing so...
[22:06:26] <Ionic> and Windows will not accept booting from a disk with a hybrid MBR in EFI mode
[22:23:48] <irker181> mojca ports:master * e99f1f6 / math/gnuplot/Portfile math/gnuplot/files/patch-upstream-linewidth.diff math/gnuplot/files/patch-upstream-src-hidden3d.c.diff: gnuplot: bugfix in splot, lw in aquaterm/qt/wxt https://git.io/vDVvp
[22:25:15] <mojca> Ionic: bootcamp is not an option for exotic installations anyway
[22:26:08] <mojca> I tried following some instructions, but from what I understand I need to somehow format the disk from windows and it's not yet clear to me how to make multiple partitions
[22:26:22] <Ionic> right, but it's pretty much the only way to get the olden "BIOS" compatibility
[22:27:06] <mojca> do you have any good suggestion (link to instructions) how to do it properly?
[22:27:39] <mojca> I now noticed http://fgimian.github.io/blog/2016/03/12/installing-windows-10-on-a-mac-without-bootcamp/
[22:27:41] <Ionic> well, I found this: http://fgimian.github.io/blog/2016/03/12/installing-windows-10-on-a-mac-without-bootcamp/
[22:28:00] <Ionic> not that I'd ever tested that
[22:28:19] <Ionic> ... or would even remotely be interested in running anything newer than Windows 7
[22:29:04] <Ionic> the takeaway is that partitioning can be done on OS X prior to loading all up
[22:29:24] <Ionic> and there mustn't be a hybrid MBR, or Windows will fail booting in EFI mode
[22:29:47] <mojca> this link sounds interesting
[22:29:51] <mojca> perhaps worth trying
[22:30:12] <Ionic> and for some stupid reason during installation only one disk my be available in the system
[22:30:25] <mojca> based on some apple sites version 10 is not even supported on my hardware
[22:30:28] <Ionic> it's worth a shot with a new disk device, I guess
[22:30:44] <mojca> I have a new disk (I only have 10.11 installed, but it's empty)
[22:31:15] <Ionic> unplugging your normal disk has the added benefit that you can't accidentially bork it...
[22:31:56] <Ionic> well, the problem here is "drivers"
[22:32:42] <mojca> it's not clear from instructions if they work for windows 7, but I hope they do (I wouldn't want windows 8)
[22:32:46] <mojca> windows 8
[22:32:54] <mojca> thanks a lot for the hint
[22:32:58] <Ionic> these instructions are for Windows 10
[22:33:19] <Ionic> who knows what pecularities Windows 7 have regarding EFI boot
[22:33:27] <Ionic> s/have/has/
[22:34:13] <Ionic> the drivers that bootcamp downloads on 10.11 might be only working on Windows 8 or higher
[22:35:08] <mojca> that's not so much of a problem
[22:35:16] <mojca> I could run bootcamp from an older OS X
[22:35:30] *** TheInfinity <TheInfinity!~TheInfini@unaffiliated/theinfinity> has joined #macports
[22:37:11] <Ionic> the immediately most important thing would be to get Windows 7 booting up via EFI
[22:40:01] <neverpanic> Ionic: I actually have a Windows running from a USB stick
[22:40:51] <neverpanic> Ionic: I bootstrapped it in place from within a windows vm rather than via the installer and use https://github.com/pbatard/uefi-ntfs to get it to boot
[22:41:34] <neverpanic> But believe me, that was hell to get working right
[22:42:27] <Ionic> I totally do
[22:51:36] *** DomiX <DomiX!~mod@nly93-h03-87-88-87-168.dsl.sta.abo.bbox.fr> has joined #macports
[23:02:06] *** l2dy_ <l2dy_!~l2dy@unaffiliated/l2dy> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[23:05:06] *** l2dy_ <l2dy_!~l2dy@unaffiliated/l2dy> has joined #macports
[23:20:09] *** Noldorin <Noldorin!~noldorin@unaffiliated/noldorin> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[23:26:08] <mojca> neverpanic: is there any substantial difference between installing on USB and installing on a secondary drive?
[23:26:34] <mojca> I just don't want to figure out that if I install it on a hard drive once, it won't stop working when I put the second drive back in
[23:27:44] <mojca> maybe one of you knows if it's better to connect the hard drive to USB and then put the drive to computer or simply put the drive inside computer
[23:28:27] <mojca> I mean: if you would install windows to a drive connected via USB and put it inside afterward; or put it to computer first and install there
[23:32:26] <neverpanic> Installing to a USB drive is definitely harder than putting it on an internal disk, so I'd recommend the latter
[23:32:47] <neverpanic> Why would it not boot off a secondary drive? You can just choose which drive to boot while holding alt
[23:33:27] <neverpanic> Problem is that Mac's EFI doesn't recognize NTFS, but that can be fixed by having a small FAT12 Partition with UEFI-NTFS at the end of the disk
[23:44:16] *** springermac_ <springermac_!~quassel@> has joined #macports
[23:44:16] *** springermac is now known as Guest13039
[23:44:37] *** springermac_ is now known as springermac
[23:45:38] <mojca> neverpanic: thanks; did you really mean FAT12 or FAT32?
[23:46:21] *** Guest13039 <Guest13039!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[23:46:23] <neverpanic> I meant FAT12; FAT32 has a minimum size much larger than what you need for UEFI-NTFS
[23:46:29] <neverpanic> I was skeptical at first, too
[23:47:33] <mojca> thanks; I never heard of FAT12 before, but I googled it and it mentioned floppies, I just wanted to make sure
[23:47:43] <mojca> in any case I'll have a closer look at that github project
[23:48:49] <mojca> as if this was not enough of an overkill: if one goes through all this pain anyway, is it any more difficult to add another partition with linux?
[23:49:06] <mojca> I'm not going to try, I would only like to know
[23:49:34] <mojca> I was surprized at first that no linux live DVDs would work on a mac
[23:50:01] <mojca> and was initially thinking of creating tripple-boot which is something normal for PCs
[23:50:18] <mojca> VMs work fine though
[23:50:25] <mojca> Back to macports
[23:50:35] <neverpanic> I'm not sure if Linux can resize HFS+
[23:50:43] <mojca> I'm currently playing with a port that gets fetch from github
[23:50:48] <neverpanic> Or are you saying adding another ext4 partition for Linux
[23:51:02] <mojca> I was thinking of adding something bootable
[23:51:08] <mojca> not just ext4 with data
[23:51:30] <mojca> so, I have a port that is fetched from github, but then I need another file from elsewhere
[23:51:43] <neverpanic> I would assume you'd have the same problem of getting the EFI recognize the filesystem, so you'd probably need a FAT with grub to chainload into, or maybe chameleon (is that its name?) from the hackintosh people to boot the ext
[23:52:05] <mojca> thanks, so more problems apparently
[23:52:09] <mojca> let's try with windows first :)
[23:52:24] <mojca> So … if I just add distfiles-append, then that file gets fetched from github as well
[23:52:53] <mojca> I remember something like "master_sites http://www.example.com/:foo http://example2.com/:bar"
[23:52:59] <mojca> but I don't find documentation for it
[23:53:19] <mojca> what's the proper way to specify that the other file needs to come from another source?
[23:53:45] <mojca> the github portgroup just gets me two copies with the same content and arbitrary distnames

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