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   February 9, 2017  
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[00:26:54] <jmr_mp> so if I'm reading this right, our hypothetical travis config would simply need to... 'brew install macports'
[00:41:50] <raimue> jmr_mp: I wouldn't want to leave /usr/local in place...
[00:42:04] <raimue> and why weren't these mails automatically approved once again?
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[00:43:36] <jmr_mp> raimue: yeah we obviously wouldn't do it that way, it's just their docs basically say "if you need to install dependencies, just use homebrew"
[00:44:38] <jmr_mp> and yeah, those emails... :/
[00:45:39] <jmr_mp> you can actually run whatever shell commands you want to install stuff in travis
[00:46:07] <jmr_mp> it would work fine for base, but it's completely unsuited to something like the ports tree AFAICT
[00:46:34] <jmr_mp> 50-minute time limit and no way to find out which files changed
[00:47:13] <raimue> jmr_mp: I would just prepare a tarball of /opt/local and extract that
[00:47:53] <jmr_mp> yes, installing base wouldn't be a problem
[00:47:57] <jmr_mp> it's the other stuff
[00:48:04] <neverpanic> tbh. I was thinking of testing VMs on a machine somewhere
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[00:58:00] <raimue> jmr_mp: cloning the ports tree? or what else?
[00:58:34] <jmr_mp> raimue: you can't meaningfully test the entire ports tree in 50 minutes
[01:00:24] <raimue> just do best effort? when dependencies are available as binaries that should work
[01:00:43] <jmr_mp> yeah but you don't know which ports changed
[01:01:00] <neverpanic> Having port lint would already be an improvement and could be done in 50 minutes
[01:01:19] <jmr_mp> sure
[01:01:36] <jmr_mp> doing a test install of the changed port(s) would be better though
[01:01:52] <jmr_mp> and only linting the changed ports...
[01:09:40] <raimue> as far as I understand it, you get the webhook data
[01:10:14] <raimue> so you know the commit hash(es) and can map the changed files to ports just like we do on the buildbot
[01:13:08] <jmr_mp> oh there it is, they really buried that information
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[01:33:24] <raimue> ugh, the latest postsrsd update broke the exclude list and therefore broke the mailman approval. or indirectly, it was only broken when started via systemd...
[01:33:26] <raimue> https://github.com/roehling/postsrsd/issues/44#issuecomment-278507826
[01:33:43] <raimue> l2dy: sorry for the spam once again :-(
[01:39:22] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * abbf37b / audio/aacgain/Portfile: aacgain: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEyj
[01:39:23] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 8c919f6 / devel/agprocess/Portfile: agprocess: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESe
[01:39:24] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 0ff5334 / devel/aap/Portfile: aap: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESv
[01:39:25] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 88d5435 / security/aide/Portfile: aide: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESf
[01:39:27] <irker343> rla ports:master * b7b8bb8 / graphics/dvisvgm/Portfile: Correct the master site. https://git.io/vDESJ
[01:39:28] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * ec9474d / www/aolserver/Portfile: aolserver: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESk
[01:39:29] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 7c88438 / games/angband/Portfile: angband: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEST
[01:39:30] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 978a26b / mail/archmbox/Portfile: archmbox: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESI
[01:39:31] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 5793804 / aqua/arrsync/Portfile: arrsync: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESt
[01:39:33] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 1f5caf5 / sysutils/bacula/Portfile: bacula: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESm
[01:39:34] <irker343> rla ports:master * 7ed50f8 / graphics/dvisvgm/Portfile: Update dvisvgm port to 2.1.1. https://git.io/vDES3
[01:39:37] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 72d2969 / games/barrage/Portfile: barrage: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESZ
[01:39:38] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 21eb394 / java/android/Portfile: android: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESq
[01:39:39] <irker343> rla ports:master * 35a4594 / graphics/dvisvgm/Portfile: Update dvisvgm port to v. 2.1. https://git.io/vDESL
[01:39:40] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * f799fac / net/bittwist/Portfile: bittwist: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESc
[01:39:55] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 5f7b396 / lang/blassic/Portfile: blassic: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESu
[01:40:07] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * d540d53 / math/blitz-devel/Portfile: blitz-devel: disable livecheck https://git.io/vDESg
[01:41:08] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * a068759 / databases/cassandra/Portfile: cassandra: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESX
[01:41:22] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 40ea591 / sysutils/clamav-server/Portfile: clamav-server: disable livecheck https://git.io/vDESD
[01:41:24] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * ad7f665 / mail/claws-mail/Portfile: claws-mail: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESy
[01:41:26] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 9653c0a / net/clive/Portfile: clive: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESS
[01:41:28] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 7a6cbc2 / www/contao/Portfile: contao: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDES9
[01:41:29] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 8b2c21c / net/cryptcat/Portfile: cryptcat: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESH
[01:41:30] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * b272c47 / java/derby-server/Portfile java/derby/Portfile: derby, derby-server: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESQ
[01:41:32] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * a624499 / kde/digikam/Portfile: digikam: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDES7
[01:41:34] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 3602b4d / sysutils/dvdisaster/Portfile: dvdisaster: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESd
[01:41:36] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 8c0a8ac / graphics/dvi2bitmap/Portfile: dvi2bitmap: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESb
[01:41:37] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 7627c19 / archivers/dynamite/Portfile: dynamite: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESN
[01:41:39] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 9fed24f / graphics/exif/Portfile: exif: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESA
[01:41:45] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 6b819c1 / multimedia/VLC/Portfile: ffmpeg-VLC: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDESx
[01:42:30] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * d78c994 / games/freeciv/Portfile: freeciv: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9e
[01:42:50] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 77ba91f / science/geant4/Portfile: geant4: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9v
[01:42:51] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * ac2535b / lang/g-wrap/Portfile: g-wrap: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9f
[01:42:52] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 0ab6936 / databases/GeoLiteCity/Portfile: GeoLiteCity: disable livecheck https://git.io/vDE9J
[01:42:56] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * d4a1a25 / aqua/ihook/Portfile: ihook: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9U
[01:42:57] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 76d45e6 / java/itext/Portfile: itext: disable livecheck https://git.io/vDE9T
[01:43:03] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 1952355 / java/jdom/Portfile: jdom: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9k
[01:43:04] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 08c357b / devel/jemalloc/Portfile: jemalloc: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9I
[01:43:05] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * b86771e / games/jnethack/Portfile: jnethack: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9L
[01:43:07] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * b506457 / lang/jruby-devel/Portfile lang/jruby/Portfile: jruby, jruby-devel: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9t
[01:43:09] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 948ecc7 / archivers/libarxx/Portfile: libarxx: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9q
[01:43:11] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 61d7e47 / security/libressl-devel/Portfile: libressl-devel: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9m
[01:43:14] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * bb5ec6e / devel/libusb-compat/Portfile: libusb-compat: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9Y
[01:43:23] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 0a2a2b1 / www/lighttpd-devel/Portfile: lighttpd-devel: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9O
[01:43:24] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 4f77b74 / finance/litecoin/Portfile: litecoin: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE93
[01:43:26] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * aaa636e / aqua/LyX1/Portfile: LyX1: disable livecheck https://git.io/vDE9s
[01:43:28] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 9b14960 / aqua/macclipboard-gimp/Portfile: macclipboard-gimp: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9G
[01:43:29] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 7b753ea / aqua/macfile-gimp/Portfile: macfile-gimp: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9Z
[01:43:31] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * f3602ae / sysutils/memcachedb/Portfile: memcachedb: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9n
[01:43:33] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * c9d66ac / comms/minicom/Portfile: minicom: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9c
[01:43:53] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * af9270c / www/mod_gnutls/Portfile: mod_gnutls: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9l
[01:43:54] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 3fcecb6 / www/mod_jk/Portfile: mod_jk: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE98
[01:43:56] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 53919cc / www/mod_security2/Portfile: mod_security2: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE94
[01:43:58] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * e7a62d7 / www/moodle/Portfile: moodle: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9B
[01:44:01] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * d8d109f / audio/mp3wrap/Portfile: mp3wrap: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE90
[01:44:05] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 5732c54 / devel/msgpack/Portfile: msgpack: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9E
[01:44:07] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 78d834b / net/mudix/Portfile: mudix: disable livecheck https://git.io/vDE9u
[01:44:08] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * ed82e85 / math/muparser/Portfile: muparser: update homepage, fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9z
[01:44:14] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 9709436 / graphics/mupdf/Portfile: mupdf: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9g
[01:45:02] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 1c81faa / www/mybb/Portfile: mybb: update homepage, fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9r
[01:45:04] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 780590e / net/nedi/Portfile: nedi: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9o
[01:45:06] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 068b736 / fuse/ntfs-3g/Portfile: ntfs-3g: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9K
[01:45:17] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 0749e1d / devel/nu/Portfile: nu: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE96
[01:45:22] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * edd03dd / sysutils/nut/Portfile: nut: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9X
[01:45:27] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * a48bd28 / textproc/ocaml-xtmpl/Portfile: ocaml-xtmpl: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE91
[01:45:28] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 5cf5f39 / devel/ocaml-uuidm/Portfile: ocaml-uuidm: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9M
[01:45:29] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 009f323 / lang/ocaml3-camlp5/Portfile: ocaml3-camlp5: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9D
[01:45:34] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * d176bb9 / graphics/ogre/Portfile: ogre: improve livecheck https://git.io/vDE9S
[01:45:35] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * ab3ef9f / science/openmpi/Portfile: openmpi-devel: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE99
[01:45:36] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 1bd062f / graphics/pdfpc/Portfile: pdfpc: update repo location, fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9H
[01:45:37] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 0041593 / shells/osh/Portfile: osh: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9Q
[01:45:38] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 16fe001 / textproc/pdftohtml/Portfile: pdftohtml: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE97
[01:45:40] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * c3a7a25 / php/pear-AWSSDKforPHP/Portfile: pear-AWSSDKforPHP: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE95
[01:45:45] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 287d927 / databases/percona-toolkit/Portfile: percona-toolkit: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9F
[01:45:48] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 0441e15 / www/phantomjs/Portfile: phantomjs: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9b
[01:45:52] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 33fb3ec / www/phpicalendar/Portfile: phpicalendar: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9N
[01:45:54] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 5298a83 / kde/prison/Portfile: prison: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9A
[01:45:57] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 7625d9f / python/py-astrolibcoords/Portfile: py-astrolibcoords: disable livecheck https://git.io/vDE9x
[01:46:04] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 5b64e33 / python/py-cchardet/Portfile: py-cchardet: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDE9h
[01:46:05] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * b5e7261 / python/py-cx_Freeze/Portfile: py-cx_Freeze: update homepage, fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHe
[01:46:06] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 5a4e811 / python/py-formencode/Portfile: py-formencode: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHv
[01:46:09] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 99ea8e0 / lang/python24-doc/Portfile lang/python24/Portfile lang/python25/Portfile lang/python26/Portfile lang/python27/Portfile lang/python31/Portfile lang/python32/Portfile lang/python33/Portfile lang/python34/Portfile lang/python35/Portfile lang/python36/Portfile: python*: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHf
[01:46:12] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 97cc56a / net/radmind/Portfile: radmind: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHJ
[01:46:21] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 99662be / ruby/rb-rbot/Portfile: rb-rbot: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHI
[01:46:30] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * a229c34 / math/reduce/Portfile: reduce: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHq
[01:46:37] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * ace76b2 / science/root5/Portfile: root5: use default livecheck https://git.io/vDEHm
[01:46:39] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * a160524 / textproc/saxon/Portfile: saxon: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHY
[01:46:40] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 5309b75 / lang/see/Portfile: see: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHO
[01:46:41] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 4411b62 / irc/silc-server/Portfile: silc-server: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEH3
[01:46:43] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 118b497 / kde/skrooge/Portfile: skrooge: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHs
[01:46:44] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 8572293 / audio/sphinx3/Portfile audio/sphinxbase/Portfile audio/sphinxtrain/Portfile: sphinx3, sphinxbase, sphinxtrain: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHG
[01:46:45] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * b2b3c7b / lang/squirrel/Portfile: squirrel: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHZ
[01:46:51] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * b7746bc / databases/tcl-sqlite3/Portfile: tcl-sqlite3: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHn
[01:46:52] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * ca18f08 / lang/tclxml/Portfile: tclxml: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHc
[01:46:54] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * b188e8b / tex/tex-beamerposter/Portfile: tex-beamerposter: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHC
[01:46:55] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 925ee8d / www/tiki/Portfile: tiki: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHW
[01:46:56] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 977157f / office/topydo/Portfile: topydo: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHl
[01:46:57] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 72e6211 / devel/treecc/Portfile: treecc: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEH8
[01:46:58] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 4a8bc23 / devel/trio/Portfile: trio: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEH4
[01:46:59] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * d3b750b / science/udunits/Portfile: udunits: disable livecheck https://git.io/vDEHB
[01:47:00] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 8b163e4 / devel/uncrustify/Portfile: uncrustify: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHR
[01:47:01] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * d416ace / science/veriwell/Portfile: veriwell: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEH0
[01:47:02] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 698821b / sysutils/wait_on/Portfile: wait_on: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHE
[01:47:03] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * a1930b0 / science/wcalc/Portfile: wcalc: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHu
[01:47:04] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 4451b82 / editors/ecb/Portfile: ecb: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHz
[01:47:05] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 4e8fe75 / lang/eiffelstudio/Portfile: eiffelstudio: improve livecheck https://git.io/vDEHg
[01:47:06] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * f11456d / graphics/esdl/Portfile: esdl: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEH2
[01:47:07] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * a415427 / www/wordpress/Portfile: wordpress: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHa
[01:47:09] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 5f5ebbc / textproc/wv/Portfile: wv: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHV
[01:47:10] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * dd55efe / graphics/wxWidgets-python/Portfile: wxWidgets-python: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHw
[01:47:11] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * f8d97d2 / tex/xindy/Portfile: xindy: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHr
[01:47:12] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * bd7456d / lang/xmlgen/Portfile: xmlgen: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHo
[01:47:13] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 1ccbbfc / math/yacas/Portfile: yacas: update homepage, fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHK
[01:47:14] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 1a696ee / sysutils/zeroinstall-injector/Portfile: zeroinstall-injector: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEH6
[01:47:15] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 31bd1c8 / mail/etpan/Portfile: etpan: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHi
[01:47:16] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 393fa9c / x11/gtk-chtheme/Portfile: gtk-chtheme: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHP
[01:47:17] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * ce98699 / devel/haskell-platform/Portfile: haskell-platform: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHX
[01:47:18] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * c093f26 / net/hping3/Portfile: hping3: disable livecheck https://git.io/vDEH1
[01:47:20] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 1c98564 / net/http_ping/Portfile: http_ping: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHM
[01:47:21] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 50460f3 / lang/neko/Portfile: neko: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHD
[01:47:22] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 8db6d11 / python/py-demjson/Portfile: py-demjson: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHy
[01:47:26] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * e2404a0 / python/py-django-debug-toolbar/Portfile: py-django-debug-toolbar: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEH9
[01:47:28] <irker343> l2dy ports:master * 3805196 / x11/sawfish/Portfile: sawfish: fix livecheck https://git.io/vDEHQ
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[01:53:01] <irker343> jmr base:master * 7075bc3 / .travis.yml: Add Travis CI config https://git.io/vDEQ8
[01:54:02] *** shishanyu <shishanyu!~tony@> has joined #macports
[01:56:13] <irker343> jmr base:master * 89900ba / .travis.yml: Specify OS for Travis CI https://git.io/vDEQP
[01:58:35] <l2dy__> Buildbot 502?
[02:00:25] <l2dy__> OK now.
[02:04:39] *** shishanyu <shishanyu!~tony@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)
[02:10:52] *** shishanyu <shishanyu!~tony@fixed-188-42-187-188-42-233.iusacell.net> has joined #macports
[02:18:02] <irker343> akkornel ports:master * 46ac56e / python/py-boto3/Portfile: py-boto3 1.2.3->1.4.4; enable for py 35 & 36 https://git.io/vDE55
[02:18:03] <irker343> akkornel ports:master * 3400904 / python/py-awscli/Portfile: py-awscli 1.11.28->1.11.45; enable for 3.5 & 3.6 https://git.io/vDE5d
[02:18:07] <irker343> akkornel ports:master * f8c0e8a / python/py-botocore/Portfile: py-botocore 1.4.85->1.5.8; enable for py 3.5 & 3.6 https://git.io/vDE5b
[02:18:08] <irker343> akkornel ports:master * ab34fb3 / python/py-s3transfer/Portfile: py-s3transfer 0.1.9->0.1.10; enable for 3.5 & 3.6 https://git.io/vDE5N
[02:18:09] <irker343> akkornel ports:master * ebc4f61 / python/py-jmespath/Portfile: py-jmespath 0.9.0->0.9.1; enable for py 35 & 36 https://git.io/vDE5A
[02:18:11] <irker343> akkornel ports:master * 3a89e5e / python/py-rsa/Portfile: py-rsa: Add python36 support https://git.io/vDE5x
[02:25:28] *** pjb <pjb!~t@2a01cb04063cda004c72943db6b236fe.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[02:29:57] <jmr_mp> 30 minutes later the build hasn't even started...
[02:33:05] *** shishanyu <shishanyu!~tony@fixed-188-42-187-188-42-233.iusacell.net> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)
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[03:02:52] <l2dy__> What kind of regexp does port(1) supports?
[03:03:21] <irker343> ryandesign ports:master * ec6cbdc / audio/libebur128/Portfile: libebur128: Update to 1.2.2 https://git.io/vDEbM
[03:04:59] <l2dy__> ^ port-livecheck(1)
[03:06:05] <geekosaur> oh brother...
[03:06:49] <geekosaur> apparently tcl found it necessary to define yet another regex type, somewhere between POSIX EREs and the old PCRE http://www.tcl.tk/man/tcl8.6/TclCmd/re_syntax.htm
[03:07:24] <geekosaur> (pre-named matches)
[03:07:32] <l2dy__> Thanks.
[03:08:27] <irker343> ryandesign ports:master * 977d87a / net/tinyproxy/Portfile: tinyproxy: Fix startupitem.executable https://git.io/vDENv
[03:09:16] <l2dy__> Better have that in the guide, at least mentioning it follows Tcl's regex.
[03:09:27] <geekosaur> ...implemented about half of pcre on top of the spencer v8 regex package
[03:11:50] *** fab23 <fab23!fabian@flashback.wenks.ch> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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[03:13:45] *** tuxlovesyou <tuxlovesyou!~supremeov@andrewssh.com> has joined #macports
[03:20:03] <l2dy__> Why would gm[t]* and gm[^t]* return the same results? I'm so confused.
[03:22:42] <geekosaur> because they're both "0 or more" matches
[03:23:36] <l2dy__> Then the first one should only match gm, gmt, gmtt?
[03:23:46] <geekosaur> only if anchored at the end\
[03:24:02] <toby> both will match gmt
[03:24:16] <geekosaur> otherwise, gmb matches gm, 0 t-s, and b left over
[03:24:23] <toby> first one because there is 1 t, second one because there are 0 non-t's
[03:24:54] *** toby <toby!~toby@2620:149:4:302:39e1:174d:d2d1:dbd7> has quit IRC ()
[03:25:26] <geekosaur> basically a match ending with (something)* is pointless; it can only make sense if there is something else to match afterward
[03:25:59] <geekosaur> or if the match is implicitly anchored at the end, which won't be the case here
[03:27:39] <l2dy__> Both returns only gmt* ports. Shouldn't gm[^t]* match gmpc?
[03:28:38] <geekosaur> what exactly are you doing?
[03:29:02] <geekosaur> if I do `port echo name:'gm[t]*' it gives me every port with 'gm' somewhere in its name, as I expect because it's not anchored
[03:29:02] <l2dy__> I'm trying to filter out python subports when doing livecheck.
[03:29:55] <l2dy__> I was testing with `port list 'gm[t]*'`.
[03:30:30] <l2dy__> So echo and list works differently or I missed the name: prefix?
[03:30:40] <jmr_mp> yes and yes
[03:31:20] <geekosaur> list is anchored
[03:31:29] <geekosaur> but I;m not sure how exactly
[03:31:43] <jmr_mp> the name: selector takes a regex; with no selector you get globs not regexes
[03:31:44] <geekosaur> also I;m not sure it uses regex for that, but string match
[03:31:47] <geekosaur> which is a shell glob
[03:32:09] <geekosaur> in which case [t]* means t followed by anything
[03:32:47] <geekosaur> (also what is supposed to be the point of putting the t in brackets?)
[03:33:07] *** vichug <vichug!~vichug@> has quit IRC (Quit: vichug)
[03:34:27] <l2dy__> I need to filter out py[25-36]-*. That was just a demo that won't print too many ports.
[03:35:43] <jmr_mp> there's more than one way to do it
[03:38:17] <jmr_mp> boring approach: port echo <something> and not py\*
[03:40:52] <l2dy__> `port -v echo 'name:zsh\'` gives me "PortIndex may be corrupt". Is this expected behavior?
[03:41:43] *** l2dy__ is now known as l2dy_
[03:41:56] <geekosaur> with the trailing \ ? I expect it's failing to compile the regex and misreportinmg the error
[03:41:56] <jmr_mp> not really, but that's not really an expected pattern either
[03:42:31] <l2dy_> Then how to do "anchor at the end"?
[03:42:46] <geekosaur> also of it's passing the regex to sqlite then the page I pointed at earlier is wrong
[03:42:49] <geekosaur> end anchor is $
[03:42:57] *** jfcaron <jfcaron!~jfcaron@jfcaron-macbook.dhcp.fnal.gov> has joined #macports
[03:42:58] <geekosaur> \ is an escaper and has to be followed by something
[03:43:17] <l2dy_> I saw "anchored at the end\" and thoght "\" was it...
[03:44:04] <l2dy_> So for exact match I should use "^zsh$"?
[03:44:34] <l2dy_> Or "zsh$" would be enough?
[03:45:04] <geekosaur> sorry that was just me fatfingering the enter key (\ just above it)
[03:45:13] <jmr_mp> that would match foozsh
[03:45:20] <geekosaur> ^zsh$ if using name selector
[03:45:59] <jmr_mp> https://trac.macports.org/ticket/53521
[03:46:18] * jmr_mp wonders how much longer it took to file the ticket than it would have taken to fix the problem...
[03:48:14] <l2dy_> And where could I find the spec for shell glob?
[03:48:46] <jmr_mp> man n string
[03:50:45] *** rpg <rpg!~rpg@162-219-230-36.fttp.usinternet.com> has joined #macports
[03:54:17] *** mojca <mojca!~mojca@cpe-46-164-35-244.dynamic.amis.net> has joined #macports
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[04:01:26] <irker343> jmr ports:master * 71dce19 / python/py-certifi/Portfile: py-certifi: add py26 https://git.io/vDExa
[04:01:34] *** texasmynsted <texasmynsted!~texasmyns@c-76-122-222-203.hsd1.tn.comcast.net> has joined #macports
[04:03:02] <irker343> mojca ports:master * 61528a8 / graphics/dvisvgm/Portfile: dvisvgm: whitespace only https://git.io/vDExK
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[04:16:56] <irker343> jmr base:master * cda310a / .travis.yml: Add make install to travis config https://git.io/vDEpc
[04:17:16] <l2dy_> jmr_mp: Travis tests better be done on a seperate branch and have commits squashed afterwards.
[04:17:37] <jmr_mp> meh?
[04:18:39] <l2dy_> Tweaking Travis could take a lot of commits.
[04:19:39] <jmr_mp> doubt it in this case
[04:21:20] <jmr_mp> if I do one for ports I'll test it in my fork
[04:22:41] <jmr_mp> gotta say though, having to wait an hour for builds to start makes it considerably less useful
[04:22:43] *** rpg <rpg!~rpg@162-219-230-36.fttp.usinternet.com> has joined #macports
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[05:16:58] <mpbot> jeremyhu is maintainer of xorg-apps, xhost, xorg-fonts and xorg-dri2proto (of 292 total) and is in Berkeley, CA; local time is Wed 20:16 PST
[05:31:11] <irker343> mojca ports:master * b882abf / graphics/dvisvgm/Portfile tex/texlive-bin-extra/Portfile: dvisvgm: use the cxx11 PortGroup https://git.io/vDuvl
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[06:32:33] <l2dy_> I'm using the following command for `livecheck all`, any advice?
[06:32:36] <l2dy_> port -pv livecheck 'name:^py(?![0-9]{2}-)|^p5(?!\.[0-9]{2}-)|^php(?![0-9]{2}-)|^p[^y5h]|^ph[^p]|^[^p]'
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[12:27:59] <neverpanic> jmr_mp: would test travis in a PR and then merge once it's working correctly
[12:32:41] <neverpanic> jmr_mp: doesn't travis support a list of commands to be run? IIRC it folds commands that succeeded if you use one, so the failure is easier to spot in the tests
[12:32:44] <neverpanic> s/tests/log
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[13:16:01] *** aashay <aashay!itsme@nat/iiit/x-hkldfgfudclupchc> has joined #macports
[13:16:28] <aashay> hello, i am new to open source. i want to contribute to macports. Any guidance on where to start?
[13:16:31] *** irker420 <irker420!~irker@donkey.codingfarm.de> has joined #macports
[13:16:31] <irker420> mojca ports:master * aa6a8cc / graphics/dvisvgm/Portfile graphics/dvisvgm/files/patch-doc-Makefile.in.diff: dvisvgm: remove a command causing build failure https://git.io/vDuKX
[13:16:57] <neverpanic> aashay: see https://guide.macports.org/#project.contributing
[13:20:45] <aashay> okay. Also, is it necessary to have OS X on my system? I have linux right now. is there any way to run it in VM or something?
[13:21:41] <neverpanic> MacPorts doesn't make much sense without OS X. Running OS X in a VM is difficult, and running it in a VM on non-Apple-hardware may violate the license of OS X (but I'm not a lawyer)
[13:21:56] <neverpanic> Why do you want to contribute to a software you don't use?
[13:23:15] *** Miroboru <Miroboru!~myrvoll@> has joined #macports
[13:23:15] <aashay> because i m gonna buy a mac but it will take time. OS X seems interesting to me, so i thought i can start contributing now and later can continue on my mac.
[13:24:57] <neverpanic> Oh, that's a good reason then.
[13:25:11] *** aashay <aashay!itsme@nat/iiit/x-hkldfgfudclupchc> has left #macports ("Leaving")
[13:25:32] <neverpanic> There's a community that runs macOS on standard x86 (non-apple) hardware called hackintosh, but that's as much as I know about it.
[13:45:32] <irker420> mojca ports:master * dabbaa7 / graphics/wxWidgets-3.0/Portfile graphics/wxWidgets-3.0/files/patch-upstream-src-stc-scintilla-src-Editor.cxx.diff: wxWidgets-3.0: upstream patch for abs() https://git.io/vDuPg
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[14:33:34] <jmr_mp> neverpanic: the travis config is correct for base now BTW, the failure is due to a genuine issue withe test suite
[14:33:57] <jmr_mp> namely that it wants to 'port sync' without root
[14:39:20] *** rpg <rpg!~rpg@162-219-230-36.fttp.usinternet.com> has joined #macports
[14:40:27] *** Sosumi <Sosumi!~Leon@bl10-113-190.dsl.telepac.pt> has joined #macports
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[14:53:10] <neverpanic> Yes, I know. We should really refactor the tests to avoid port sync completely
[14:53:31] <neverpanic> The point I'm making is that while the failure is correct, it takes you quite a bit of time to scroll through output that didn't fail
[14:53:54] <neverpanic> If there were separate steps 'configure', 'build', 'install', 'test', Travis would collapse those that didn't fail
[14:58:36] <jmr_mp> ah, ok, the docs didn't make it clear how to do that
[14:59:04] <jmr_mp> to the point that their default script for C projects is "./configure && make && make test"
[15:04:13] <irker420> ryandesign ports:master * d624044 / sysutils/rainbarf/Portfile: rainbarf: Update to 1.4 https://git.io/vDuQ0
[15:11:17] <neverpanic> jmr_mp: right, read some docs, you could do script:\n - ./configure\n -make\n - make install, but that would run make if configure fails, so not an option for us
[15:11:24] <neverpanic> we may want to switch osx version, though, see https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/osx-ci-environment/#OS-X-Version
[15:11:55] <jmr_mp> yeah maybe
[15:13:05] <jmr_mp> we could either use this as just a quick smoke test, or have a full build matrix (which would still be incomplete compared to buildbot)
[15:25:06] *** khindenburg9 <khindenburg9!~khindenbu@c-73-146-172-126.hsd1.in.comcast.net> has joined #macports
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[15:53:24] <irker420> l2dy ports:master * 4aaf452 / sysutils/bash-completion/Portfile: bash-completion: Update to version 2.5 https://git.io/vDuAC
[15:56:19] <khindenburg9> it looks like lint needs fixed - Warning: Maintainer email address should be obfuscated as Schamschula:mps
[15:59:15] *** JacksonIsaac_ <JacksonIsaac_!uid13084@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-wwhxzailefehcwrd> has joined #macports
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[16:06:52] *** pvr4me <pvr4me!~craigtrel@d24-150-154-94.home.cgocable.net> has joined #macports
[16:07:23] <irker420> khindenburg ports:master * 8b21edc / devel/shc/Portfile: shc: new port shell script compiler https://git.io/vDupz
[16:10:56] *** khindenburg9_ <khindenburg9_!~khindenbu@c-73-146-172-126.hsd1.in.comcast.net> has joined #macports
[16:13:37] <neverpanic> jmr_mp: I'd see it as a quick smoke test, but we might still want to do this smoke test on a current version
[16:13:40] *** khindenburg9 <khindenburg9!~khindenbu@c-73-146-172-126.hsd1.in.comcast.net> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[16:14:13] <JacksonIsaac_> was there any year that macports applied for GSoC but was not selected
[16:14:47] <neverpanic> Yes, there was one
[16:15:24] <neverpanic> If you look at our participation history, it's the one in between where we didn't participate before the larger gap at the end now
[16:15:56] <JacksonIsaac_> 2012
[16:16:03] <JacksonIsaac_> 2016 we didn't apply so doesn't count
[16:16:23] <JacksonIsaac_> they have some new an interesting questions this time :)
[16:16:27] <JacksonIsaac_> s/an/and
[16:22:40] *** anddam_ is now known as anddam
[16:26:35] *** khindenburg9_ <khindenburg9_!~khindenbu@c-73-146-172-126.hsd1.in.comcast.net> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[16:38:26] <JacksonIsaac_> is there a MacPorts logo file available online ?
[16:39:15] <irker420> ryandesign ports:master * 1028d23 / devel/libbson/Portfile devel/libbson/files/yosemite-libtool.patch: libbson: Update to 1.6.0 https://git.io/vDzUQ
[16:39:16] <irker420> ryandesign ports:master * 94c0876 / devel/libgcrypt/Portfile devel/libgcrypt/files/yosemite-libtool.patch: libgcrypt: Don't create flat-namespace dylib on Yosemite and later https://git.io/vDzU7
[16:39:19] <irker420> ryandesign ports:master * af4f203 / devel/mongo-c-driver/Portfile devel/mongo-c-driver/files/yosemite-libtool.patch: mongo-c-driver: Update to 1.6.0 https://git.io/vDzUd
[16:39:24] <irker420> ryandesign ports:master * 26c634f / devel/libgdiplus/Portfile devel/libgdiplus/files/yosemite-libtool.patch: libgdiplus: Don't create flat-namespace dylib on Yosemite https://git.io/vDzUF
[16:39:25] <irker420> ryandesign ports:master * 6214c47 / multimedia/fluidsynth/Portfile multimedia/fluidsynth/files/yosemite-libtool.patch: fluidsynth: Don't create flat-namespace dylib on Yosemite https://git.io/vDzUb
[16:39:26] <irker420> ryandesign ports:master * e585888 / textproc/enca/Portfile textproc/enca/files/yosemite-libtool.patch: enca: Don't create flat-namespace dylib on Yosemite https://git.io/vDzUN
[16:39:29] <irker420> ryandesign ports:master * 3f8ec4f / devel/libev/Portfile devel/libev/files/yosemite-libtool.patch: libev: Don't create flat-namespace dylib on Yosemite https://git.io/vDzUx
[16:50:01] <neverpanic> we have https://www.macports.org/img/macports-logo-top.png
[16:50:08] <neverpanic> but I believe there's an SVG version somewhere, too
[16:51:00] *** Noldorin <Noldorin!~noldorin@unaffiliated/noldorin> has joined #macports
[16:51:48] <neverpanic> JacksonIsaac_: https://lists.macports.org/pipermail/macports-dev/2015-December/032039.html
[16:51:57] <neverpanic> We should probably put that into the repository somewhere
[16:52:01] <JacksonIsaac_> thanks neverpanic  :)
[17:06:36] *** halabund <halabund!~halabund@unaffiliated/halabund> has quit IRC (Quit: halabund)
[17:07:56] <JacksonIsaac_> neverpanic: should I give your macports id or gmail for backup admin ?
[17:08:25] <neverpanic> I've always had the gmail ID, iirc
[17:10:06] *** halabund <halabund!~halabund@unaffiliated/halabund> has joined #macports
[17:11:03] <JacksonIsaac_> okay, invite sent
[17:12:12] <JacksonIsaac_> maybe you could review the answers that I have entered in the application form, if any changes need to be done
[17:13:59] *** halabund <halabund!~halabund@unaffiliated/halabund> has quit IRC (Client Quit)
[17:16:16] *** halabund <halabund!~halabund@unaffiliated/halabund> has joined #macports
[17:25:57] <irker420> jmr ports:master * 286798b / : nomaintainer ports: replace eval with {*} https://git.io/vDzOD
[17:26:42] <irker420> mojca ports:master * c355516 / devel/boehmgc-devel/Portfile: boehmgc-devel: replaced by boehmgc https://git.io/vDzOx
[17:34:32] <JacksonIsaac_> neverpanic: only half an hour to go for application deadline :)
[17:35:08] <neverpanic> oh, wow.
[17:35:16] <neverpanic> did not expect it to be that close
[17:35:40] <JacksonIsaac_> I have completed the application forms and all
[17:35:51] <JacksonIsaac_> just need one admin confirmation
[17:36:20] *** csanchezdll <csanchezdll!~user@galileo.kdpof.com> has left #macports ("Killed buffer")
[17:40:43] <neverpanic> meh, I accidentially created a second application, and now I can't accept the invite with my account because it is associated with my incorrect application
[17:44:18] <JacksonIsaac_> go to my profile and try deleting the account (Withdraw from program) maybe
[17:44:21] <irker420> jmr ports:master * d311a69 / python/py-py2app/Portfile: py34-py2app: remove workaround for setuptools bug https://git.io/vDzZM
[17:44:27] <JacksonIsaac_> https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/dashboard/profile/
[17:45:11] <JacksonIsaac_> neverpanic: yup 100% done :)
[17:48:30] <jmr_mp> they said on the list to rename accidentally created applications to "IGNORE ME" rather than withdrawing
[17:49:16] <neverpanic> Good idea, unfortunately it doesn't allow me to withdraw because I'm the last org admin. I've renamed the org as adviced in #gsoc and have joined with a different account for now.
[17:49:22] <neverpanic> Apparently we can always sort this out later.
[18:20:40] <irker420> mojca ports:master * 9eb9d7b / devel/cmake/Portfile: cmake: blacklist clang < 3.4 for libc++ https://git.io/vDzR6
[18:29:05] *** halabund <halabund!~halabund@unaffiliated/halabund> has quit IRC (Quit: halabund)
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[20:29:35] <mojca> Who set up the logs of this irc channel and any clue why it has been broken for quite a long time?
[20:29:49] <neverpanic> It's not broken, the domain just changed
[20:29:55] <neverpanic> https://echelog.com/logs/browse/macports/1486594800
[20:30:13] <neverpanic> we might want to change the channel message. jmr_mp?
[20:35:42] <jmr_mp> don't know how
[20:36:54] <neverpanic> /msg ChanServ SET #macports ENTRYMSG Message, apparently.
[20:37:22] <geekosaur> ^
[20:37:42] <neverpanic> current one is "Welcome to #macports! This channel is being logged at http://echelog.matzon.dk/logs/browse/macports/"
[20:38:08] <neverpanic> should probably be "Welcome to #macports! This channel is being logged at https://echelog.com/logs/browse/macports/"
[20:38:27] *** mojca <mojca!~mojca@cpe-46-164-35-244.dynamic.amis.net> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)
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[21:02:14] *** neverpanic <neverpanic!~clemens@towel.neverpanic.de> has joined #macports
[21:02:14] <mpbot> neverpanic is cal and maintainer of hs-missingh, hs-byteable, hs-cabal-install and libsolv (of 182 total) and is in Ulm, Germany; local time is Thu 21:02 CET
[21:21:07] *** irker420 <irker420!~irker@donkey.codingfarm.de> has quit IRC (Quit: transmission timeout)
[21:24:05] *** mojca <mojca!~mojca@cpe-46-164-35-244.dynamic.amis.net> has joined #macports
[21:29:26] <mojca> neverpanic: thank you very much for the good news
[21:33:32] <neverpanic> mojca: what good news?
[21:34:33] <mojca> that the logs are up :)
[21:34:47] <mojca> I thought the logging was completely defunct
[21:34:59] <mojca> for about a month or so
[21:35:32] <mojca> Does anyone have a clue what these flags are supposed to do and whether they are supposed to work with clang 3.9? -fsanitize=address -fsanitize=leak -fsanitize=undefined
[21:35:57] <mojca> I'm experiencing some test failures and the developer asked me to use those flags for diagnoses
[21:36:11] <mojca> I get
[21:36:13] <mojca> ld: file not found: /opt/local/libexec/llvm-3.9/bin/../lib/clang/3.9.1/lib/darwin/libclang_rt.asan_osx_dynamic.dylib
[21:36:21] <mojca> but it's not clear whose fault that is
[21:37:02] <mojca> plus error: unsupported option '-fsanitize=leak'
[21:38:04] <neverpanic> mojca: do you know valgrind?
[21:38:17] <mojca> I know it exists, I never actually tried to use it
[21:38:32] <neverpanic> mojca: -fsanitize=address -fsanitize=leak -fsanitize=undefined are valgrind, just built into the code at compile time by the compiler
[21:38:40] <neverpanic> much faster than valgrind, too
[21:39:06] <mojca> does the following command work for you?
[21:39:24] <mojca> cmd: /opt/local/bin/clang++-mp-3.9 -pipe -Os -g -fsanitize=address -fsanitize=leak -fsanitize=undefined -stdlib=libc++ -arch x86_64 hello.cx
[21:39:49] <mojca> hello.cx -> hello.cxx, but anything, like hello world
[21:40:08] <mojca> or just int main() { return 0; }
[21:40:34] <mojca> I'm now reading the docs
[21:40:48] <neverpanic> mojca: Don't have clang from macports installed; system clang++ doesn't support -fsanitize=leak either, but the rest works
[21:40:52] <neverpanic> echo 'int main() {}' | clang++ -Wall -Werror -std=c++11 -x c++ - -Os -g -fsanitize=address -fsanitize=undefined -o /tmp/test
[21:40:55] <mojca> I just want to know if this is some "dead end road" or something worth persuing
[21:40:57] <neverpanic> /tmp/test; echo $?
[21:40:58] <neverpanic> 0
[21:41:19] <neverpanic> IMO worth persuing
[21:41:32] <neverpanic> No idea why your copy doesn't have libclang_rt.asan
[21:41:34] <neverpanic> it should
[21:41:39] <neverpanic> ask the llvm maintainer, I guess
[21:42:48] <mojca> thanks
[21:42:58] <mojca> if {${subport} eq "clang-${llvm_version}" && [vercmp $xcodeversion 5.0] < 0} { configure.args-append -DCOMPILER_RT_BUILD_SANITIZERS=OFF }
[21:43:09] <mojca> I'll switch the OS
[21:48:23] *** halabund <halabund!~halabund@unaffiliated/halabund> has quit IRC (Quit: halabund)
[21:58:21] <geekosaur> seems to me like that deserves to be in `port notes`
[22:01:02] <mojca> geekosaur, one option says error: unsupported option '-fsanitize=leak'
[22:01:11] <mojca> but the other one just complains about a missing library
[22:01:20] <mojca> I would say that the compiler should be more explicit
[22:01:31] <mojca> rather than port notes
[22:01:38] <geekosaur> both, ideally
[22:01:50] <geekosaur> port notes to let you check when you hit it and see why it did that
[22:02:00] <mojca> ok
[22:02:01] <geekosaur> (in this case because xcode too old)
[22:02:31] <geekosaur> but another distinction is that port notes are under our control; handling of sanitize options is more of an upstream thing
[22:02:35] <mojca> I don't know if it's really xcode
[22:02:37] <mojca> https://llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=27715
[22:02:43] <mojca> it says 10.9
[22:02:55] <geekosaur> right, there could be other causes, but if the portfile is auto-switching stuff on/off, it should note that in the port notes
[22:02:56] <mojca> but maybe one can build it on 10.8 against 10.9, not sure
[22:03:00] <geekosaur> and ideally why it does it
[22:03:43] <mojca> I would like to build one binary on as old OS as reasonably feasible
[22:04:12] <mojca> and I didn't expect the compiler to be the problem :)
[22:04:24] <mojca> I was expecting libc++-related problems :)
[22:07:08] *** pjb <pjb!~t@2a01cb04063cda0064a1032327f9a7bd.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[22:08:56] *** ma_ <ma_!~textual@> has quit IRC (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[22:08:58] <neverpanic> It seems -fsanitize=leak is a clang 5 feature
[22:08:59] <neverpanic> https://clang.llvm.org/docs/LeakSanitizer.html
[22:17:27] *** fab23 <fab23!fabian@flashback.wenks.ch> has joined #macports
[22:19:22] <mojca> well, older docs mention it too: http://releases.llvm.org/3.9.0/tools/clang/docs/LeakSanitizer.html
[22:19:26] <mojca> but only for linux
[22:19:44] <mojca> I admit that I had that page open though, but didn't realize that clang version was the problem
[22:21:31] <mojca> I'm currently studying some C++11/14 books, I need to add these sanitizers to my "TODO" list
[22:21:42] <mojca> I hope that's something that's supported on windows as well
[22:21:44] <mojca> :)
[22:22:52] <mojca> neverpanic: that page also says "LeakSanitizer is only supported on x86_64 Linux"
[22:23:30] <neverpanic> Well, for now. I don't see a reason why it couldn't work on OS X
[22:26:17] <mojca> it works with gcc6 in any case
[22:26:24] <mojca> but the error message was right
[22:26:54] <mojca> that the option is not supported on darwin11; I just wasn't sure whether the problem was darwin or 11 :)
[22:27:09] <mojca> the other two options were more confusing
[22:27:50] <mojca> I'm now testing the binary with GCC 6 just to see if I get the same tests failures
[22:30:54] <mojca> neverpanic & JacksonIsaac_: and thanks for applying
[22:31:03] <mojca> to the GSOC
[22:33:30] *** geekosaur <geekosaur!allbery@dreamshell.ttuttle.net> has quit IRC (Excess Flood)
[22:33:41] *** geekosaur <geekosaur!allbery@dreamshell.ttuttle.net> has joined #macports
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[22:56:41] *** irker576 <irker576!~irker@donkey.codingfarm.de> has joined #macports
[22:56:41] <irker576> dluke ports:master * b3f2cb9 / net/bind9/Portfile: bind9: version bump, update to 9.11.0-P3 https://git.io/vDgGE
[23:25:01] *** rpg <rpg!~rpg@162-219-230-36.fttp.usinternet.com> has joined #macports

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