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   August 19, 2018
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[00:29:24] <jayhost> Tettinger lol ya
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[01:25:25] <SuckyNoob> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyLMgIR69G4&index=7&list=RDzOJHz6Przdw
[01:29:34] <SuckyNoob> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPubd-iofmc
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[03:59:42] <SuckyNoob> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CsD4TTYKdA
[04:02:23] <SuckyNoob> so what are we going to do my friends
[04:02:30] <SuckyNoob> our governments have lost their minds
[04:02:45] <SuckyNoob> the people in power obivously know nothing of technology
[04:03:45] <bomb> Video unavailable
[04:03:45] <bomb> The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
[04:04:09] <SuckyNoob> i know i hate immigration, but im sure everyone else where they are as well dislike it for their various reasons too. If we follow things to the logical conclusion it would seem to me programmers and the rest are being used to further the goals of some sort of modern aristorcracy
[04:04:15] <SuckyNoob> rather than somethinggood for us all
[04:04:22] <SuckyNoob> ah that sux
[04:04:38] <SuckyNoob> i probably shouldnt talk anyway
[04:04:58] <SuckyNoob> use thisUK site cant remember what its called. Unblock youtube or something
[04:05:10] <bomb> you Swede?
[04:05:13] <SuckyNoob> no
[04:05:21] <SuckyNoob> I like swedes tho haha
[04:05:54] <SuckyNoob> we live in the same climate im sure, you and I if you are swede
[04:06:05] <bomb> i like them too, but they occupy everywhere in Sweden. why can't they just leave the country to us?
[04:06:32] <SuckyNoob> I know right those damn founders of their country?
[04:06:37] <SuckyNoob> what were they thinking
[04:06:43] <SuckyNoob> :P
[04:06:52] <SuckyNoob> damn swedes
[04:06:58] <SuckyNoob> :P
[04:07:11] <bomb> heh
[04:07:35] <SuckyNoob> are there bands? female or male singers
[04:07:42] <SuckyNoob> that are like this chic
[04:07:43] <SuckyNoob> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_HlPboLRL8&list=PLJnNz4DD8XsCZOK60Aypa27w8nVNHYn_q
[04:08:00] <SuckyNoob> I dont even know what I am to tell u the truth
[04:08:19] <SuckyNoob> welsh, russian, french, german and south african
[04:08:26] <SuckyNoob> is my background! lol
[04:09:41] <SuckyNoob> I will live on a fjord within the next few years
[04:09:47] <bomb> when the musician is pale blond and you don't know his/her nationality: she's probably Swede
[04:10:12] <SuckyNoob> lol
[04:10:19] <SuckyNoob> I thought this girl was german
[04:10:34] <SuckyNoob> History of europe is pretty deep
[04:10:41] <SuckyNoob> is she not german?
[04:11:05] <SuckyNoob> is german and swiss, norweigen, dutch and finish similar languges?
[04:11:10] <SuckyNoob> are*
[04:11:30] <SuckyNoob> like can u all understand each other
[04:11:34] <bomb> basically Swedes == Germans, i guess. don't worry about that
[04:11:51] <bomb> finish is different
[04:12:28] <bomb> closer to Korean, Japanese, Turkish
[04:12:41] <TEttinger> switzerland speaks both French and German (a dialect I think), right?
[04:12:42] <SuckyNoob> you mean lexically?
[04:12:53] <TEttinger> finnish is a language isolate
[04:13:27] <TEttinger> not related to anything but maybe a little to hungarian, armenian, some other very old and distant languages
[04:13:43] <TEttinger> turkish, like bomb said
[04:14:23] *** jayhost <jayhost!~ian@c-174-60-11-126.hsd1.pa.comcast.net> has joined #libgdx
[04:14:29] <SuckyNoob> hmm my education goes as far as some latin and ancient greek
[04:14:47] <SuckyNoob> I know ther are many languages tho
[04:14:50] <TEttinger> there's way more languages than that!
[04:14:52] <SuckyNoob> here and after
[04:14:58] <SuckyNoob> err before and after
[04:15:16] <TEttinger> basque was contemporary to those two, I think, and it's still spoken in northern Spain
[04:15:19] <SuckyNoob> greek and latin influenced alot though
[04:15:24] <SuckyNoob> you know what I find interesting
[04:15:31] <TEttinger> basque is like Finnish, totally separate
[04:15:33] <SuckyNoob> like Mandarin Chinese I think it is
[04:15:39] <SuckyNoob> Ne Hau
[04:15:45] <TEttinger> ni hao
[04:15:50] <SuckyNoob> I think its translated as hello you
[04:16:00] <SuckyNoob> ooops
[04:16:09] <SuckyNoob> ne hau ma?
[04:16:17] <SuckyNoob> ah yes i dont know how to spell it in english
[04:16:17] <TEttinger> ni hao ma, is roughly how are you?
[04:16:25] <TEttinger> ma is "question mark"
[04:16:30] <SuckyNoob> but like hello
[04:16:33] <SuckyNoob> hel lo
[04:16:36] <SuckyNoob> ni hau
[04:16:56] <SuckyNoob> i think the key to learning languages, or at least a big part is the syllables
[04:17:12] <SuckyNoob> and if u look at them all they are similar
[04:17:15] <SuckyNoob> in that respect
[04:17:43] <SuckyNoob> i dunno what the ni hao means tho
[04:17:49] <SuckyNoob> in actual translation
[04:17:54] <SuckyNoob> so im proably wrog
[04:18:02] <SuckyNoob> shit, probably wrong
[04:18:10] <TEttinger> so "hey guys" and "hey guys?" in English are the same two words with different tones, and one is a question. tones mean different words in spoken Chinese, so "hey guys question" would be like "ni hao ma"
[04:18:41] <SuckyNoob> ni hao ma is "hello you"? right?
[04:18:49] <SuckyNoob> or hello "all of you"?
[04:18:51] <TEttinger> ma indicates question
[04:18:56] <SuckyNoob> oh
[04:19:07] <SuckyNoob> i see what u mean now
[04:19:12] <TEttinger> I don't know enough to say "howdy y'all" in Chinese
[04:19:14] <SuckyNoob> interesting
[04:19:37] <SuckyNoob> so ma is used to say i question you on what I --- just said?
[04:19:47] <SuckyNoob> like
[04:19:57] <SuckyNoob> enunciating the question
[04:19:59] <TEttinger> pretty much. since using a different tone changes what words you mean
[04:19:59] <SuckyNoob> mark
[04:20:15] <SuckyNoob> in english too
[04:20:16] <TEttinger> it's a very different way of speaking
[04:20:26] <TEttinger> it's hard to learn for sure
[04:20:31] <SuckyNoob> like we dont say anything to demark a question mark
[04:20:42] <SuckyNoob> we just say it a certain way
[04:20:58] <SuckyNoob> polyglot i learned that word the other day
[04:21:06] <SuckyNoob> always wanted to learn many languages
[04:21:46] <SuckyNoob> can u grow weed where u are
[04:21:56] <SuckyNoob> legally
[04:23:21] <SuckyNoob> ni hao is still "hello" tho right?
[04:24:01] <SuckyNoob> Maybe I should take some lessons on other languages. All I know besides english is french and latin
[04:25:16] <SuckyNoob> learned a bit of russian, arabic and japanese on the side too, but I cant say much in those
[04:27:57] <TEttinger> oh yeah, ni hao is some kind of greeting. I don't know if it's like "how's it going" or like "hello"
[04:28:27] <SuckyNoob> my buddy lived in south korea for a long time teaching english
[04:28:34] <SuckyNoob> then he went to china then taiwan
[04:28:57] <SuckyNoob> sounded like a good opportunity to make some money
[04:29:10] <SuckyNoob> I wouldnt want to go without learning their language first tho
[04:31:35] <bomb> why is "anata" rude in japan?
[04:31:47] <SuckyNoob> what is anata
[04:31:55] <bomb> means you in japanese
[04:32:02] <SuckyNoob> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcOnwLr9b50&index=6&list=PLJnNz4DD8XsCZOK60Aypa27w8nVNHYn_q
[04:32:06] <LiquidNitrogen> What does hello mean?
[04:32:22] <SuckyNoob> that really is a good question
[04:32:27] <SuckyNoob> where the fuck did it come from
[04:32:49] <TEttinger> probably hale, the same word meaning health
[04:32:49] <SuckyNoob> hello?
[04:32:54] <SuckyNoob> maybe hail
[04:32:58] <SuckyNoob> yah
[04:32:58] <TEttinger> that too
[04:33:05] <TEttinger> hail you
[04:33:14] <SuckyNoob> like with salutes
[04:33:17] <TEttinger> yep
[04:33:20] <SuckyNoob> and other such things
[04:33:49] <TEttinger> same word as heil in German, probably a bunch of other languages
[04:33:54] <LiquidNitrogen> Usually hail Satan is common
[04:34:01] <SuckyNoob> lol
[04:35:16] <SuckyNoob> i watched someone a while ago
[04:35:17] <LiquidNitrogen> This place is barely even libgdx anymore
[04:35:27] <TEttinger> haha
[04:35:32] <SuckyNoob> the supposedly recorded people ing many languages
[04:35:54] <TEttinger> yeah I'm writing some hashing code with GWT opts, not even sure it's necessary
[04:36:08] <TEttinger> https://bigdata.uni-saarland.de/publications/p249-richter.pdf
[04:36:17] <SuckyNoob> and when they followed the sounds back in a PC they found we all speak the same language, at the heart of it
[04:36:44] <SuckyNoob> ah libgdx I still havent used it in a while
[04:36:53] <SuckyNoob> when i make a game tha needs Spine I will
[04:37:32] <SuckyNoob> honestly if I wasnt using what im using now id use libgdx and second to that id use godot
[04:38:08] <SuckyNoob> think a bat just flew in here
[04:39:18] *** niloc132 <niloc132!~colin@> has joined #libgdx
[04:40:39] <LiquidNitrogen> Bite its head off
[04:41:04] <SuckyNoob> I want to make a game with "emergent story" like I saw on this GDC the other day
[04:41:12] <SuckyNoob> it flew out
[04:41:24] <SuckyNoob> and i closed the window real quicj haha
[04:43:42] <SuckyNoob> which is good,otherwise I would have had to get a racket or something
[04:43:54] <SuckyNoob> never know they might have rabies
[04:44:22] <LiquidNitrogen> Get some garlic
[04:44:26] <SuckyNoob> lol
[04:44:39] <SuckyNoob> a vampire game
[04:44:46] <SuckyNoob> has it been done well?
[04:45:00] <SuckyNoob> shit this girl has such an awesome voice
[04:45:15] <SuckyNoob> whoever that aurora is
[04:45:38] <LiquidNitrogen> Nobody has ever made a vampire game
[04:45:53] <SuckyNoob> isnt that cluthlu a vampire game?
[04:46:03] <SuckyNoob> or w.e its called
[04:46:08] <SuckyNoob> never played it
[04:47:39] <SuckyNoob> there are some xbox games that are action ttype games that have vampires too
[04:51:11] <SuckyNoob> interesting idea tho its on the list now
[04:52:53] <SuckyNoob> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27rkeXMMf1w
[04:53:15] <SuckyNoob> ah man, how can one not hope to marry a chic like that one day
[04:53:42] <SuckyNoob> a singer, good lookin, hopefully smart haha
[04:56:13] <SuckyNoob> and strong
[05:00:24] <SuckyNoob> highly doubtful however
[05:00:47] <SuckyNoob> i now have 12-16 games 1/3 finished
[05:00:59] <SuckyNoob> gotta do one fully
[05:06:07] <SuckyNoob> I'd love to talk about and learn more about libgdx especially how to do 3D stuff, eventually. I think it'll be best to learn with libgdx. I would talk about it more if others did. It;d seem to me most people in here don't talk at all tho
[05:06:16] <SuckyNoob> they're here but they dont talk haha
[05:06:29] <SuckyNoob> I should almst be paranoid :O
[05:06:30] <SuckyNoob> :p
[05:06:46] <SuckyNoob> ive said it before
[05:06:59] <SuckyNoob> if everyone in here got together on some sort of contracted project
[05:07:15] <SuckyNoob> we ccould make a game everyone at least have their years worth of shelter and food
[05:07:30] <SuckyNoob> for me I have found dirt cheap land tho
[05:07:57] <SuckyNoob> so I am going back to physical work, saving money for like a year and buying the land
[05:08:13] <SuckyNoob> then I only need to pay property taxes and can program games alllllll day long
[05:08:19] <TEttinger> "yo gamedevs you want to join The Cult of SuckyNoob?"
[05:08:29] <SuckyNoob> SYCJYBIDDDDDDB!
[05:08:30] <SuckyNoob> lol
[05:08:33] <TEttinger> "just move to this island in saskatchewan"
[05:08:43] <SuckyNoob> THEY TOOK OUR JERBS!
[05:08:54] <SuckyNoob> ah man saskatchewan is too flat
[05:09:01] <TEttinger> manitoba
[05:09:07] <SuckyNoob> too swampy
[05:09:25] <TEttinger> uh where is that arctic circle province...
[05:09:28] <SuckyNoob> Id like the west coast but its too volcanically active
[05:09:30] <TEttinger> next to alaska
[05:09:54] <SuckyNoob> Labrador/newfoundland, the maritimes or northern ontaro is what id like
[05:09:55] <TEttinger> if you aren't near a volcano you're probably fine
[05:10:08] <SuckyNoob> those damn frenchies, eh DB219 ;)
[05:10:16] <TEttinger> not near any mountain, definitely fine
[05:10:30] <SuckyNoob> i dunno the west is too active for me
[05:10:39] <SuckyNoob> labrador is like the oldest rock on earth
[05:10:44] <TEttinger> BC has the best weed farms apparently
[05:11:00] <TEttinger> I think it's legal to grow or is expected to be
[05:11:07] <SuckyNoob> it has arsenic in its water supply in many places tho so i gott choose my land wisel
[05:11:10] <TEttinger> (in british columbia)
[05:11:31] <SuckyNoob> ya BC is nice, not my kinda place tho
[05:11:35] <SuckyNoob> I like antiquity
[05:11:47] <SuckyNoob> what better place than the oldest rock on earth
[05:11:51] *** xLestat <xLestat!~Zoryth@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[05:11:52] <SuckyNoob> with fjords
[05:12:05] <SuckyNoob> every day I hope to wake up to see the sun rise over one
[05:12:05] *** xLestat <xLestat!~Zoryth@> has joined #libgdx
[05:12:09] <SuckyNoob> thatll be sweet
[05:12:15] <TEttinger> what better place than the cradle of the earliest civilization, central iraq
[05:12:25] <SuckyNoob> lol
[05:12:26] <SuckyNoob> well
[05:12:34] <TEttinger> antiquity and isis
[05:12:35] <SuckyNoob> I could do without that culture shock
[05:12:47] <SuckyNoob> natural antiquity ""
[05:12:48] <SuckyNoob> lol
[05:13:25] <TEttinger> but also if you want natural beautiful places and very very cheap land, australia
[05:13:36] <TEttinger> there's practically too much land to know what to do
[05:13:38] <SuckyNoob> too dry for me
[05:13:42] <TEttinger> parts are
[05:13:44] <SuckyNoob> and like everything can kill
[05:13:45] <SuckyNoob> u
[05:13:55] <SuckyNoob> I like the north
[05:14:01] <SuckyNoob> colder the better :O
[05:14:04] <TEttinger> they have every category of climate IIRC, somewhere on the country
[05:14:08] <TEttinger> tasmania
[05:14:15] <SuckyNoob> those venomous miscreants cn't survive here
[05:14:18] <TEttinger> still australia, but it snows
[05:14:18] <SuckyNoob> for now
[05:15:02] <TEttinger> I guess tasmania is also big. there's wine country in tasmania
[05:15:19] <TEttinger> a bunch of major wine labels come from australia now
[05:15:24] <SuckyNoob> That same buddy who taught in china lived in australia too forgot about that
[05:15:33] <SuckyNoob> rememeber I talked to him on the phone
[05:15:49] <SuckyNoob> he was outside of Canberra? I think told me he was smoking weed
[05:15:54] <SuckyNoob> and had just found opals
[05:16:00] <SuckyNoob> and emeralds and rubies
[05:16:03] <SuckyNoob> he wasnt kidding
[05:16:12] <SuckyNoob> brought a tupperware container full of them
[05:16:12] <TEttinger> holy crap, I know they have a ton of opal there
[05:16:22] <SuckyNoob> ya he said he got threatened
[05:16:30] <SuckyNoob> and told they better not see him there again
[05:16:30] <SuckyNoob> lol
[05:16:41] <SuckyNoob> "thunder ridge" or something
[05:16:44] <TEttinger> one of the few places you can find really excellent black opal IIRC
[05:16:55] <TEttinger> emerald I would think would be rare
[05:17:01] <SuckyNoob> they were tiny
[05:17:09] <SuckyNoob> like the size of pebbles or smaller
[05:17:17] <SuckyNoob> bt he had a whole thing full of them
[05:17:25] <SuckyNoob> they really were gems of all kinds
[05:17:29] <TEttinger> oh they found an opalized fossil, the whole dinosaur (relative) skeleton was partially turned to opal
[05:17:37] <TEttinger> plesiosaur I think
[05:18:09] <SuckyNoob> if only i could make a game about paleantology
[05:18:34] <SuckyNoob> when we were kids up here in the sno we would pretend we were digging up dino bones
[05:18:39] <SuckyNoob> or w.e
[05:18:48] *** bomb <bomb!bomb@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/bomb> has quit IRC (Quit: pff)
[05:19:18] <SuckyNoob> shit this music sucks
[05:19:40] <SuckyNoob> PFFFFFFFFF
[05:20:05] <SuckyNoob> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mptyRxjyh2U
[05:20:17] <SuckyNoob> truth is good
[05:20:22] <SuckyNoob> probably best
[05:20:46] <TEttinger> http://menzelphoto.photoshelter.com/image/I0000XMinXgDB2Vg
[05:22:05] <SuckyNoob> thats crazy
[05:22:23] <SuckyNoob> is it the creatures blood or its muscles or nerves
[05:22:30] <SuckyNoob> that crystalized like that
[05:22:36] <TEttinger> bones
[05:22:41] <SuckyNoob> cause its gotta be one of them
[05:22:49] <SuckyNoob> the bones are all the same colour tho
[05:22:49] <TEttinger> any stone can replace bone in a fossil
[05:22:56] <TEttinger> this happened to replace bone with opal
[05:23:00] <SuckyNoob> thats like where they would join
[05:23:15] <SuckyNoob> crazy
[05:23:19] <SuckyNoob> the minerals inside
[05:23:23] <TEttinger> there's so much opal in the ground in some areas
[05:23:25] <SuckyNoob> love that shit
[05:23:30] <SuckyNoob> beautiful
[05:23:38] <SuckyNoob> reminds me im not alone
[05:24:00] <TEttinger> sri lanka doesn't have much opal I think, but it has a TON of other kinds of valuable gems
[05:24:14] <TEttinger> mostly small, like your friend found
[05:24:23] <SuckyNoob> what do u think about the pyramids
[05:24:28] <SuckyNoob> across the planet
[05:24:36] <SuckyNoob> strange right?
[05:24:44] <TEttinger> the most effective way to stack something up and have it not fall down
[05:24:54] <SuckyNoob> true
[05:24:59] <TEttinger> every king worldwide has some kind of ego complex
[05:25:05] <SuckyNoob> just coincidence then?
[05:25:05] <TEttinger> and needs to be "the big guy"
[05:25:16] <TEttinger> nah, it's the nature of rulers
[05:25:43] <SuckyNoob> if i ruled shit stacking a pyramid would be the least of my worries tho
[05:25:48] <TEttinger> if you're the ruler, everyone wants to kill you, and by making big stone structures you seem strong
[05:25:50] <SuckyNoob> so for me i discount it
[05:26:00] <SuckyNoob> maybe
[05:26:02] <TEttinger> keeps the peasants bust
[05:26:04] <TEttinger> busy
[05:26:19] <TEttinger> which is a constant theme
[05:26:24] <SuckyNoob> what about all that math ive seen that supposedly is a part of them
[05:26:31] <SuckyNoob> like facing perfect north
[05:26:41] <SuckyNoob> and all the sides equalling pi etc
[05:26:53] <TEttinger> rich making the poor do weird things for no reason other than "they can't revolt if they're building and being watched"
[05:27:10] <SuckyNoob> i guess
[05:27:20] <SuckyNoob> soon enough for us all as well
[05:27:49] <SuckyNoob> back then theyd probably be more free from surveillence than what we're all about to experience haha
[05:28:34] <SuckyNoob> freedom will find a way
[05:29:00] <SuckyNoob> shit this weed is good
[05:29:08] <SuckyNoob> i think its legal?
[05:29:11] <SuckyNoob> now lol
[05:30:26] <SuckyNoob> wonder how many fellow canadians will try and start a weed business instead of something useful
[05:31:14] <SuckyNoob> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyLMgIR69G4
[05:34:04] <SuckyNoob> I used t o see at as rich and poor. Not anymore tho. There are plenty of rich that want to see the world and humanity be what it can be
[05:34:20] <SuckyNoob> peacefully etc
[05:34:38] <SuckyNoob> fairly
[05:36:09] <SuckyNoob> anyway i talk too much
[05:36:10] <TEttinger> and plenty of poor. but lots of people are pretty selfish, and unfortunately a small amount of people are absolute sociopaths
[05:36:40] <SuckyNoob> the problem is power concentrates
[05:36:45] <TEttinger> sociopathy, that is the lack of empathy for others, makes it easier to make ruthless decisions
[05:36:47] <SuckyNoob> I could be a sociopath
[05:37:04] <TEttinger> unlikely if you can ask that question
[05:37:13] <SuckyNoob> for me I thought that there could be peace etc the world over. As I got older, i realized its not so simple
[05:37:53] <TEttinger> sociopathy as a disease is pretty much "can't see why I should help anyone but myself"
[05:38:06] <TEttinger> like, not even family
[05:38:08] <SuckyNoob> ah well I could easily justify that
[05:38:14] <SuckyNoob> well ot with family :P
[05:38:19] <SuckyNoob> not
[05:38:20] <SuckyNoob> but
[05:38:52] <SuckyNoob> I could easily just think about myself now
[05:39:03] <SuckyNoob> when I was younger not so much, Now I have lost my patience
[05:39:08] <TEttinger> that's the disease part, it's very unusual behavior because practically all primates understand the concept of a family helping each other
[05:39:41] <TEttinger> since babies can't fend for themselves and such
[05:39:44] <SuckyNoob> family 100%. For sure to think past the primate is to realize we're all the same family
[05:40:08] <SuckyNoob> the problem is some have different ideas about how that family shoud be run
[05:40:16] <SuckyNoob> these days im not sure
[05:41:03] <SuckyNoob> all I know is I won't bow to anything especially islam. Its not like judaism or christianity dmeands by death I believe their creed. There are only so many that think that way. Irreligious cults too
[05:41:19] <SuckyNoob> I just want to be left alone to create things to tell u the truth
[05:41:43] <SuckyNoob> But like I said somoen could consider me a sociopath
[05:41:50] <SuckyNoob> Ive lost all patience with that sect of people
[05:41:56] <SuckyNoob> I used to defend them
[05:41:59] <SuckyNoob> no longer
[05:42:28] <SuckyNoob> + the anti white racism i see, promoted by national news broadcasters
[05:42:36] <SuckyNoob> I've 100% lost my patience haha
[05:43:49] <SuckyNoob> I wont apologize for what my ancestors did
[05:43:52] <SuckyNoob> anyone who wants me to
[05:43:56] <SuckyNoob> can suck my cock
[05:43:58] <SuckyNoob> haha
[05:44:06] <SuckyNoob> is how I feel now
[05:44:26] <SuckyNoob> Too bad all the minorities lost a good ally, probably losing them by the day actually
[05:45:09] <SuckyNoob> Anyway
[05:45:13] <SuckyNoob> i talk to much
[05:45:23] <SuckyNoob> have a good sheleeep man
[05:45:33] *** SuckyNoob <SuckyNoob!~SuckyNoob@2607:fea8:7d1f:fe08:792f:1bd9:722b:7cc5> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
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[06:41:30] *** jayhost <jayhost!~ian@c-174-60-11-126.hsd1.pa.comcast.net> has joined #libgdx
[07:01:10] <jayhost> Man gradle is a maze
[07:18:08] <LiquidNitrogen> Finally got an hour of code in
[07:21:08] <jayhost> Not getting to code recently?
[07:24:36] <LiquidNitrogen> No power
[08:55:18] <TEttinger> jayhost: yep, it is
[08:55:36] <TEttinger> I think configuring a project without any kind of dep management is more of a maze
[08:56:03] <TEttinger> I still like lein even though I haven't used it in a while. other than a tiny bit yesterday
[09:04:36] <TEttinger> jayhost: whatever build system you settle on, make sure it's reproducible across machines so open source projects can actually use it
[09:04:57] <TEttinger> if checking out a repo gives you an un-build-able project, that's no good
[09:05:21] <TEttinger> I think SquidLib might be like that now, but only because of an IntelliJ bug I think
[09:05:32] <TEttinger> not sure
[09:12:58] <jayhost> I like Scons although I havn't used it for java
[09:13:33] <jayhost> This is the full gradle error Could not GET 'https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/google/gwt/gwt-user/2.8.0/gwt-user-2.8.0.pom'.
[09:18:20] <TEttinger> huh, maybe Maven Central has a bad file or your Java certs aren't up-to-date (that's HTTPS)
[09:19:00] <TEttinger> that file exists and is fine, you can go there https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/google/gwt/gwt-user/2.8.0/gwt-user-2.8.0.pom
[09:19:33] <TEttinger> I can help if you post your work somewhere, like a repo
[09:20:12] <TEttinger> I'm guessing it's your OpenJDK install not having HTTPS certificates, since OpenJDK defaults to none
[09:22:35] *** jayhost <jayhost!~ian@c-174-60-11-126.hsd1.pa.comcast.net> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[09:25:34] *** jayhost <jayhost!~ian@c-174-60-11-126.hsd1.pa.comcast.net> has joined #libgdx
[09:25:46] <jayhost> Tettinger ya I couldn't figure out why it was broken
[09:26:05] <jayhost> but supplying your own dependency as a backup should be way easier
[09:26:29] <jayhost> You can put .jars in a lib folder but I havn't quite got it down
[09:41:51] <TEttinger> jayhost: what OS had that Gradle error? was it using an Oracle JDK or an OpenJDK?
[09:44:27] *** codi^r <codi^r!~CoDi@ip1f12fc53.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de> has joined #libgdx
[09:50:47] <jayhost> Open
[09:56:53] <TEttinger> openjdk doesn't come with some certificates files by default. it can download via http but not https I think unless you get the right certificates, which is usually a package on linux
[09:57:10] <TEttinger> Zulu I think adds certificates
[09:57:19] <TEttinger> it's some castore or cacerts file
[09:59:18] <jayhost> ugh
[09:59:25] <jayhost> I consider that broken haha
[10:01:18] <jayhost> On Windows atm
[10:01:35] <jayhost> That's good information to have, but that is wack
[10:03:26] <TEttinger> wait, how do you have openjdk on windows?
[10:03:42] <TEttinger> I know zulu does builds for it, but I don't know of any other up-to-date builds
[10:03:53] <TEttinger> adopt openjdk actually, right
[10:08:33] <TEttinger> yeah zulu ships with a valid lib/security/cacerts file
[10:15:37] <jayhost> We've talked about this before haha
[10:15:52] <jayhost> I'll try the Zulu version
[10:17:46] <jayhost> I get the openjdk from a github unofficial package
[10:20:07] <TEttinger> uh oh
[10:20:16] <TEttinger> is it an old one, java 6 or 7?
[10:20:39] <jayhost> I think I tried both 7 and 8, trying 8 now
[10:20:48] <TEttinger> adopt openjdk offers eclipse j9, which is... different
[10:22:41] <TEttinger> the cacerts file is half the size in adopt
[10:23:00] <TEttinger> the cacerts file is half the size in adopt's rather than in zulu's, 80-something kb vs. 160-something
[10:28:09] <TEttinger> openjdk should offer cacerts starting with Java 10
[10:28:22] <TEttinger> zulu I think has always offered it
[10:29:02] <TEttinger> yep, there's a cacerts in the jre of zulu 8
[10:41:01] *** segurb <segurb!~segurb@unaffiliated/segurb> has joined #libgdx
[10:43:17] <TEttinger> https://i.imgur.com/tULiCwg.jpg
[11:37:17] *** LiquidNitrogen <LiquidNitrogen!~AndChat30@115-189-129-244.mobile.spark.co.nz> has quit IRC (Quit: Bye)
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[11:41:45] <jayhost> nice
[11:41:56] *** xLestat <xLestat!~Zoryth@> has joined #libgdx
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[15:14:32] <wheelergames_> anyone out there ever used light4j?
[15:20:51] *** Parthanon <Parthanon!~IceChat9@vc-gp-n-105-246-5-136.umts.vodacom.co.za> has joined #libgdx
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[18:39:22] <jayhost> Tettinger Zulu didn't fix it, I'll figure it out tho
[19:20:51] *** mobidevelop <mobidevelop!~nexsoftwa@2607:fb90:7299:28be:c117:4d1a:d7dc:3d63> has joined #libgdx
[19:20:52] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o mobidevelop
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[20:00:50] <X-Ray-Jin> hey guys might be a little offtopic but google cant really help me anymore or i dont know what to search for...i have struggle with using play services and logging in the user in specific. i always get error sign_in_required. a solution to that mention in the android sample https://github.com/playgameservices/android-basic-samples/blob/master/CollectAllTheStars2/src/main/java/com/google/example/games/catt2/MainActivit

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