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   March 14, 2011  
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[20:02:52] <MiniMax> Are questions about Javadoc welcome here? Or at least accepted?
[20:03:09] <tjsnell> ~ask
[20:03:09] <javabot> The Ask To Ask protocol wastes more bandwidth than any version of the Ask protocol, so just ask your question.
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[20:04:58] <MiniMax> As a convention, I stick a "private final static String" containing the revision number, date, author and such info, in each of my Java classes. With an "@SuppressWarnings("unused")". Should this String be documented at all?
[20:05:02] <lahwran> how much over -Xmx is the VM likely to go?
[20:05:08] <lahwran> and what happens when it hits the max?
[20:05:18] <lahwran> because it doesn't appear to obey -Xmx at all
[20:05:47] <lahwran> I've had it use 2.5G with -Xmx1G
[20:06:13] <cheeser> MiniMax: that's what a VCS is for.
[20:07:50] <MiniMax> cheeser: VCS does me no good when I want to know for sure, 100 % sure, which class-file that is embedded in some ear.
[20:08:36] <cheeser> sure it does.
[20:08:46] <jink> What method do I use to find the greatest common divisor of two numbers?
[20:08:49] <cheeser> check what the ear shipped with. look at that tag in VCS
[20:08:52] <odinsbane> lahwran: Whenever I exceed -Xmx I get an out of heap space exception.
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[20:09:46] <MiniMax> cheeser: Now you are assuming that my cow-orkers are disciplined enough to tag, don't run around deploying strange stuff.
[20:09:55] <MiniMax> *and don't*
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[20:10:19] <cheeser> i'm assuming your shop has a modicum of professionalism yes.
[20:10:24] <jink> Oh, stupid. :P BigInteger.gcd(BigInteger) ... I overlooked that, the first gazillion times. -__-
[20:10:28] <MiniMax> Don't :)
[20:10:32] <cheeser> and if you don't have a controlled gate for your releases you're already fucked so why bother?
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[20:10:57] <MiniMax> Because I am usually one the tasked with figurering out why it doesn't work.
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[20:11:29] <MiniMax> I like to make my life easy, so I add this static string.
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[20:12:45] <cheeser> you'd be better off fixing the problem
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[20:13:09] <MiniMax> I have been waffling back and forth about documenting it with /** or just //.
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[20:14:16] <MiniMax> Maybe I should look into a method that will suppress it from the generated Javadoc?
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[20:18:50] <totic> How do I write the "ESC" character in java?
[20:19:17] <totic> in DEC is 27, in OCT is 0033, in hex is 0x1b, but in UTF-8?
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[20:19:36] <cheeser> i would guess 27
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[20:19:53] <cheeser> iirc, ASCII == UTF-8 for the first 127 chars
[20:19:55] <totic> @cheeser but how do I append it to a String?
[20:20:15] <cheeser> how would you "append" anything else to a String?
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[20:20:24] <totic> private String ESC = ""?
[20:20:25] *** Bombe has joined ##java
[20:20:35] <cheeser> that's an empty String
[20:20:46] <totic> yes I know :P I am just asking what do I put in there
[20:21:01] <cheeser> ever append a char toa string before?
[20:21:17] <totic> I guess i have
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[20:21:51] <totic> ok but what would be the char for escape?
[20:21:56] <cheeser> 27
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[20:22:01] <cheeser> probably
[20:22:01] <totic> char ESC = '27'?
[20:22:10] <cheeser> car ESC = 27;
[20:22:14] <cheeser> s/car/char/
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[20:23:05] <totic> thanks!
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[20:23:18] <cheeser> sure
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[20:30:03] <Alundra> how do you compile a java source file to a class file using the command prompt?
[20:30:10] <Alundra> in Windows 7.
[20:30:23] <cheeser> ~~ Alundra get started
[20:30:23] <javabot> Alundra, getstarted is http://download.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/getStarted/
[20:30:50] <Alundra> I tried javac but it says "javac is not an internal command, external command, a program or a command file"
[20:31:15] <sbalmos> ~~ Alundra path
[20:31:15] <javabot> Alundra, path is the series of directories an enviroment searches to find an executable, such as the 'java' or 'javac' programs. To use a JDK, the JDK's 'bin' directory needs to be on your operating system's PATH.
[20:31:29] <Alundra> I've checked and made sure the path is correct.
[20:31:44] <Alundra> I've also made sure that I have the latest version of the Java SDK.
[20:32:12] <cheeser> clearly the path is not correct
[20:32:46] <Alundra> I'll check again then.
[20:33:05] <sbalmos> I smell missing quotes around a path with spaces
[20:33:25] <Alundra> I don't.
[20:33:26] <MiniMax> Alundra: Try with an absolute path, C:\Programs\Java/jdk_xx.xx\bin\javac -version
[20:33:34] <Alundra> MiniMax: Will do.
[20:33:42] <cheeser> close, MiniMax
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[20:34:35] <Alundra> now, when you mention the path, you are referring to the javac's path, right?
[20:34:35] <under> Hi.
[20:34:38] <under> Is there any Python-like interactive console for Java ?
[20:34:59] <MiniMax> cheeser: I deserve some slack wrt to slashes. I am on Linux, Windows and mixing it all up with Cygwin.
[20:35:21] <sbalmos> under: Beanshell
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[20:35:52] <under> sbalmos: ty
[20:35:55] <cheeser> mixing slashes. missing psaces. etc.
[20:35:57] <cheeser> 8^)=
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[20:38:07] <Alundra> okay, let's go...
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[20:38:23] <Alundra> (wow this is so much easier on Mac OS X...)
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[20:38:41] <Patt> Hello
[20:38:47] <MiniMax> Hello.
[20:39:10] <Patt> I made an Extended M3U parsing script that I think should work, http://slexy.org/view/s21FToan0r
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[20:45:16] <Bombstone> sbalmos, beanshell rocks. never even thought about it.
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[20:46:05] <cheeser> Bombstone: then look at http://code.google.com/p/beanshell2/
[20:46:32] <sbalmos> crap! That's the one I was referring to
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[20:55:53] <under> Does http://goo.gl/aI1ZP
[20:55:54] <under> check the values of object or the address ?
[20:57:17] <cheeser> read the docs and see
[20:57:22] <cheeser> it says right there.
[20:57:54] <under> If I linked it, may I did it?
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[20:58:41] <cheeser> try that again in english
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[21:02:47] <xil> under: the equals method is defined in the Object class to check the address by default. However, many classes override this implementation because it isn't applicable to many object types, such as Integers
[21:03:52] <svm_invictvs> equals and hashcode can be tricky
[21:04:02] <svm_invictvs> Especially if the object is mutable.
[21:04:15] <xil> under: I agree with cheeser, however, in that you should follow doc links and read for youslef. That doc page has an equals() method itself, which describes how it works
[21:05:47] <xil> under: equality for Vectors is straightforward but contains a lot of info. It's on that page, read up
[21:06:19] <xil> under: http://download.oracle.com/javase/1.4.2/docs/api/java/util/Vector.html#equals(java.lang.Object)
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[21:07:22] <sbalmos> xil: You like giving out old links?
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[21:07:44] <sbalmos> And I'd rather not know why Vector is being used
[21:08:22] <xil> sbalmos: very good point. I was following his own link, which itself was old i see, didn't look for that though, haha
[21:09:28] <svm_invictvs> Vector sucks, btw
[21:09:30] <xil> under: http://download.oracle.com/javase/1.5.0/docs/api/java/util/Vector.html#equals(java.lang.Object) there's the current link, assuming Java 5+ if I'm not mistaken
[21:09:34] <xil> yes, they really do
[21:09:46] <svm_invictvs> It's one big, gitantic, suckfest.
[21:10:15] <under> thanks
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[21:10:41] <under> svm_invictvs: depends what you've to do
[21:11:27] <svm_invictvs> under: With a Vector?
[21:11:31] <svm_invictvs> under: No, Vector just sucks.
[21:11:59] <svm_invictvs> under: Unless you're maintaining old code or something and it's so unbelievably fragile you can't swap it out.
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[21:12:44] <under> Is more fast a search method in a List or in a Vector?
[21:12:46] <sbalmos> J2ME, or (more likely) a school using a book that hasn't been updated in a decade
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[21:13:06] <svm_invictvs> under: All calls to vector's methods acquire a lock.
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[21:13:43] <svm_invictvs> under: So best case you're redundantly acquiring locks to make thread-safe code and taking a performance hit. Worst case you're gonna have a deadlock and spend days wondering why the fuck it's happening.
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[21:16:11] <svm_invictvs> under: In an ST program you're just gonna be doing a bunch of needless locking.
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[21:29:47] <Somelauw> Are there some sick hacks to make java run really fast?
[21:29:56] <Somelauw> Like removing docstrings or something?
[21:30:04] <Somelauw> Or an optimize flag?
[21:30:17] <cheeser> really fast compared to what?
[21:30:22] <Somelauw> Or maybe some way to disable the system?
[21:30:30] <cheeser> you're not one of those "java is slow" morons are you?
[21:30:35] <xil> Java can already run almost as fast as c/c++
[21:30:47] <cheeser> faster in many cases.
[21:30:56] <Punko> better, faster, java!
[21:30:57] <Somelauw> @cheeser: compared to normal / readable java.
[21:31:09] <sbalmos> wtf
[21:31:09] <cheeser> that made no sense.
[21:31:15] <xil> cheeser: agreed
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[21:31:36] <xil> cheeser: in what cases is it faster? i don't know much about it, just that it is not the slow crap it used to be
[21:31:45] <Somelauw> Okay, I just want it to be as fast as possible.
[21:31:58] <Somelauw> And I have already optimized the algoritm.
[21:32:12] <Somelauw> But I just want to win a speed test.
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[21:32:31] <cheeser> xil: it varies by test/benchmark. and by which side is trying to prove what.
[21:32:41] <xil> cheeser: I see
[21:32:56] <cheeser> but especially for server tasks with long running jobs, it can outperform quite easily.
[21:33:05] <Somelauw> I want to win a benchmark from another guy.
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[21:34:00] <Somelauw> I know that java can already run fast (except that start up time takes ages).
[21:34:09] <Punko> hey guys, any suggestions for web sites for beginners in java, where I can find some stuff to practise, example of programs, read code etc
[21:34:54] <cheeser> javaranch.com ?
[21:35:01] <ernimril> Somelauw: also not true, the jvm starts in something like 0.3 seconds here (well compared to many other things it may be ages, perl, python etc take a lot less)
[21:35:13] <ernimril> Somelauw: a given application may be slow though
[21:35:18] <Somelauw> And java doesn't run as fast as C++ if you use a good c++ compiler.
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[21:35:52] <ernimril> Somelauw: sorry, that ought to be 0.03 seconds
[21:36:23] *** gelignite has quit IRC
[21:36:33] <ernimril> Somelauw: java may be faster, java may be slower. A modern jvm can do a lot of optimizations that a c++ compiler can not do
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[21:37:09] <Somelauw> Netbeans and eclipse run slow compared to other ides written in c++.
[21:37:25] *** fuzzygroove has quit IRC
[21:37:30] <ernimril> Somelauw: one easy case: a jvm can inline methods a lot more than a c++ compiler can. The jvm knows what classes are currently loaded and can un-inline if you load more classes that override a given method
[21:38:00] *** fuzzygroove has joined ##java
[21:38:10] <ernimril> Somelauw: ok, so you take two quite big and poor applications and then draw the conclusion that java is slow?
[21:39:01] <cbeust> Somelauw: First, you'll have to provide some data to back that up, besides the "I tried Eclipse and it was slow for me". Second, C++ stopped being faster than Java for most programming activities a very long time ago.
[21:39:10] <Somelauw> Nah, commandline script runs very fast.
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[21:40:30] <shiranpuri> 'd be nice if java felt fast, especially for gui
[21:40:46] <ernimril> shiranpuri: it feels fast enough if you do it correctly
[21:41:11] <ernimril> shiranpuri: http://www.digpro.com/Articles/Produkter/dp_com.html <== what I do for work, it feels fast enough
[21:41:23] *** xil has quit IRC
[21:42:23] <shiranpuri> well, I have yet to see any java program with a gui that doesn't feel sluggish
[21:42:43] *** lemonchickenftl has joined ##java
[21:42:50] <lemonchickenftl> http://i.imgur.com/NFmeQ.png
[21:42:56] <lemonchickenftl> i do not understand that error :(
[21:43:33] <lemonchickenftl> it says no args found but i clearly have the java.io.File there..
[21:43:45] <sbalmos> lemonchickenftl: Read again. It's talking about the *superclass's* constructor
[21:44:00] <under> http://ideone.com/6mcHI I've to print the color that has more balls ('palline').
[21:44:14] *** frangiz has joined ##java
[21:44:54] <lemonchickenftl> in that case i really dont understand what is wrong
[21:45:25] <kuber> does anyone know what the reasoning was behind making java's protected different than c++'s? in particular, having protected fields/methods subclassable AND package visible?
[21:45:35] <Somelauw> http://shootout.alioth.debian.org/u32/which-programming-languages-are-fastest.php?gpp=on&gcc=on&java=on&javaxin
[21:45:36] *** phantomcircuit is now known as SirGuismon
[21:46:02] <Somelauw> C++ is still faster.
[21:46:23] <surial> Somelauw: ... at that specific benchmark.
[21:46:28] *** SirGuismon is now known as phantomcircuit
[21:46:29] <surial> Somelauw: .... on that specific hardware.
[21:46:30] <Somelauw> And there are faster commercial compilers compard to gnu.
[21:47:26] <Somelauw> Multiple benchmarks are checked.
[21:47:44] <cbeust> Somelauw: Why don't you go tell that to #cplusplus, you will be saluted as a hero
[21:47:44] <surial> kuber: You'd have to ask gosling for the specifics, but, if java did something different than C, it wasn't done lightly. Most likely because 'protected' already implies public of a sort, at the very least granting access to friends is useful, and introducing a 5th level would have sucked.
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[21:50:01] <lemonchickenftl> http://pastie.org/1671736
[21:50:15] <Somelauw> cbeust: You asked me for data to back my claims up. I showed them you.
[21:51:08] <Somelauw> I don't care whether you like it and I am not a C++ fanboy either.
[21:51:25] <lemonchickenftl> can someone show me an example extend of that class
[21:51:29] <lemonchickenftl> because i can not figure it out
[21:51:41] <lemonchickenftl> it wont extend like other classes i have done for some reason
[21:51:45] *** devkhadka has quit IRC
[21:51:46] <lemonchickenftl> im overlooking something ..
[21:52:23] *** Olathe has quit IRC
[21:52:41] <LtHummus> class Foo extends Configuration ?
[21:53:22] <cbeust> Somelauw: You were talking about comparing IDE speeds. Besides, I can find micro benchmarks and macro benchmarks where Java is faster than C++. Bottom line, we're not interested in having a ten year old debate here, please either ask Java questions or go to another channel.
[21:54:24] *** gremmachook has quit IRC
[21:55:23] *** fisted has joined ##java
[21:55:23] <X-Scale> Somelauw: it boils down to "it pays my bills", even if it is totally bloated.
[21:55:24] *** FauxFaux has quit IRC
[21:56:06] <Somelauw> I asked a java question, about whether there are some tricks to make java fast by doing unsafe things like omitting boundary checks or something.
[21:56:31] *** FauxFaux has joined ##java
[21:56:43] <cbeust> Somelauw: Not sure what answers you got but mine would be: is a profiler telling you that bound checking is an issue?
[21:56:55] *** fuzzygroove has quit IRC
[21:57:07] *** BeholdMyGlory has joined ##java
[21:57:54] <tazle> Somelauw: the point is: do you have a specific problem, or do you just want to talk about "performance" in some abstract sense?
[21:58:08] *** ExtraSpice has quit IRC
[22:00:02] <Somelauw> I am just curious what tricks I can use to make a program fast. Those tricks can be used on a specific program that I am writing right now, but can also be used to make other programs fast.
[22:00:28] *** Behold has quit IRC
[22:00:46] <LtHummus> sounds like some premature optimization if you ask me
[22:00:47] *** fuzzygroove has joined ##java
[22:01:01] <tazle> Somelauw: the most important thing in making your program fast enough is to be able to find out why it's too slow
[22:01:12] <LtHummus> ~~ Somelauw optimization
[22:01:12] <javabot> Somelauw, Code for clarity and simplicity FIRST. Only optimize if you find a performance problem using a profiler. See http://is.gd/d9LX for more information.
[22:01:31] *** rjohnson19 has joined ##java
[22:02:22] <tazle> Somelauw: if you are having an actual performance problem in CPU-bound tight loop, you can e.g. read the assembly code generated by the JIT compiler, and try to tune your code so that it can generate more efficient code
[22:02:23] <ernimril> Somelauw: if your program is slow it is almost always caused by bad data structures / algorithms, find a good data structure for your problem and your program will be fast enogh
[22:02:59] <cbeust> Somelauw: The #1 rule of optimization is to measure. Until you have run a profiler and you have some concrete data to offer, we can't really help you. And you can be sure that wherever you think the slowdown is, you're most likely wrong.
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[22:03:10] <grosboulet> Hello
[22:03:15] *** KarlKFI|work has quit IRC
[22:03:16] *** robbyoconnor has joined ##java
[22:03:51] <grosboulet> I want to create a static class, but I don't know how to do this and how can I use it ?
[22:03:59] <cbeust> Somelauw: There are plenty of good profilers for Java, most of them free. Try one and report back, quite a few of us here love getting into the optimization business and we'll be happy to take a look.
[22:04:39] *** Olathe has joined ##java
[22:05:25] <cbeust> ~~ grosboulet static
[22:05:26] <javabot> grosboulet, static is a keyword which indicates that a member is scoped to a class rather than an object instance. Members of interfaces (except methods) are always static. Nested interfaces and enums are always static. See http://tinyurl.com/3q7oc and http://tinyurl.com/34vr3u for more information.
[22:06:03] *** horte has quit IRC
[22:06:12] <grosboulet> (I have create class with public constructor, and 2 static methods. When I try to use a static method I another class, javac says that I doesn't find the method in the caller class)
[22:06:20] *** Johannes13 has quit IRC
[22:06:27] <cbeust> ~~ grosboulet pastebin
[22:06:27] <javabot> grosboulet, http://eugeneciurana.com/pastebin - Paste the final url after you've pasted your stuff there.
[22:06:28] *** lunatik210 has quit IRC
[22:06:45] *** KarlKFI|work has joined ##java
[22:08:33] *** Fuco has quit IRC
[22:08:44] *** gcristian has quit IRC
[22:09:04] *** gcristian has joined ##java
[22:09:31] *** fuzzygroove has left ##java
[22:10:04] *** ventsislav has quit IRC
[22:10:14] <grosboulet> ok thanks, I'm reading and paste after ;)
[22:11:34] <cbeust> grosboulet: FYI, these are basic Java questions, you should spend some time reading a quick tutorial, this will save you tons of time down the line.
[22:12:53] *** MikeJansen has quit IRC
[22:13:03] *** phantomcircuit has quit IRC
[22:13:13] *** phantomcircuit has joined ##java
[22:13:21] *** frangiz has quit IRC
[22:13:32] *** riotz has joined ##java
[22:13:41] *** fisted has quit IRC
[22:13:47] <svm_invictvs> Heya
[22:14:14] <svm_invictvs> Is there a tool/program tha tlets you browse through your maven repository to figure out where exactly a class file is?
[22:14:28] *** frangiz has joined ##java
[22:14:52] *** Nikelandjelo has joined ##java
[22:14:53] <cbeust> svm_invictvs: I usually use ctrl-shift-t in Eclipse for that, much faster
[22:14:54] *** epalm has quit IRC
[22:15:01] <svm_invictvs> cbeust: oh yeah...good call.
[22:15:19] <cheeser> http://mavencentral.sonatype.com/
[22:15:59] *** glcrazy has quit IRC
[22:17:39] <grosboulet> http://nopaste.info/6624e8ba1c.html
[22:19:42] <cbeust> grosboulet: Ce lien ne marche pas, utilise pastebin.com
[22:21:56] *** Somelauw has left ##java
[22:22:41] *** Olathe has quit IRC
[22:23:19] *** gdoteof has joined ##java
[22:24:51] <grosboulet> http://pastebin.com/VsnQnMJW
[22:24:56] *** Olathe has joined ##java
[22:25:35] <cheeser> grosboulet: try #android-dev
[22:25:51] *** selckin has quit IRC
[22:27:49] <cbeust> grosboulet: What's the error exatly?
[22:28:00] <grosboulet> The java syntax is good ?
[22:28:12] <cheeser> try compiling it
[22:28:26] <cbeust> Looks okay after a cursory glance, but if you don't tell us what javac is telling you, we can't help you
[22:29:01] *** gtrak has quit IRC
[22:29:06] *** fuzzygroove has joined ##java
[22:29:27] *** fuzzygroove has left ##java
[22:29:44] *** sbalmos has quit IRC
[22:30:13] <grosboulet> [javac] symbol : method getInt(java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String)
[22:30:48] * shookees goodnight
[22:31:00] <grosboulet> [javac] location: class rs.player.Test.Pars
[22:31:00] <grosboulet> er
[22:31:43] <cbeust> grosboulet: Just copy paste the entire error message at the end of your pastebin
[22:32:08] *** cbrock has joined ##java
[22:32:38] *** alkos333 has joined ##java
[22:34:22] <grosboulet> so my problem is no a newbie problem ?
[22:34:34] *** saml has quit IRC
[22:34:50] <cheeser> no, it almost certainly is.
[22:35:00] *** jdolan has quit IRC
[22:35:45] *** [twisti] has joined ##java
[22:36:06] <grosboulet> the entire code is long...
[22:36:07] <cbeust> We still have no idea what the error message is nor what line it's at. More than a Java problem, you should learn to ask the question in a way we can answer it...
[22:36:16] <cheeser> just the error grosboulet
[22:39:05] *** dcope- has joined ##java
[22:39:05] *** Guyman has joined ##java
[22:40:18] *** VJTachyon has quit IRC
[22:40:29] <grosboulet> http://pastebin.com/bMaz5PQS
[22:40:33] *** aksn has joined ##java
[22:40:44] *** totic has quit IRC
[22:40:49] *** dcope- has left ##java
[22:40:50] <svm_invictvs> Hm
[22:40:50] <Guyman> i really need help. for the following problem im allowed to use only SimpleDateFormat and Date classes. i'm given a File object, im given a date in the format yyyy/MM/dd ("2011/03/14"). i want to check if the file has been modified AFTER the given date (not including the same day), in this example, meaning since 2011/03/15 (since midnght of the begining of this day). how?
[22:40:54] <[twisti]> i have an editable JComboBox (as in, you can enter text in addition to selecting entries), how do i 'highlight' or 'select' the text programmatically ? i want it because if the user starts typing, i want all the current text to be deleted
[22:41:14] <svm_invictvs> Pretty sure that de-compiling DRM code is probably some violation of....any number of laws.
[22:41:56] <ernimril> svm_invictvs: depends on what silly country you live in...
[22:42:01] *** jtrally has quit IRC
[22:42:15] <svm_invictvs> US
[22:42:20] *** jtrally has joined ##java
[22:42:23] <ernimril> svm_invictvs: if you live in the USA I think you only violate the DMCA, but note that I do not live there and to not really have to care
[22:42:31] <svm_invictvs> heh
[22:42:44] <svm_invictvs> Well, if their documentation was so shitty, I'd not be doing this.
[22:42:47] *** PelleTut has joined ##java
[22:42:50] <cbeust> grosboulet: Looks like there are two Parser classes, one in rs.player and one in rs.player.PlayerList. It's the latter that the compiler is trying to use.
[22:42:56] *** Matuku has joined ##java
[22:43:25] *** yoshx has quit IRC
[22:43:35] *** Rubarb has joined ##java
[22:43:35] <marens_> [twisti]: add a documentListener like shown here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1252698/how-can-i-know-when-the-text-of-an-editable-jcombobox-has-been-changed
[22:43:48] *** Rc43 has joined ##java
[22:43:54] <[twisti]> marens_: that is almost certainly not what i want
[22:44:08] *** MixolWork has quit IRC
[22:44:10] <[twisti]> it does what i want, but i cant believe thats the way to do it
[22:44:23] <[twisti]> i just want the default behaviour of this component in many many applications
[22:44:33] *** frangiz has quit IRC
[22:44:55] <cbeust> [twisti]: AFAICT, that's exactly how I would have done it: put the listener on the editor component inside the combo box.
[22:45:06] <[twisti]> i dont want to listen for anything
[22:45:11] <cbeust> [twisti]: As for the silly default behavior... well, that's Swing for you :)
[22:45:11] <[twisti]> i just want to select some text
[22:45:26] <cbeust> [twisti]: Same: once you have access to the editor, you can select all or part of it
[22:45:34] <cbeust> but yeah, no need for a DocumentListener then
[22:45:48] *** frangiz has joined ##java
[22:45:53] *** marens_ is now known as marens
[22:46:05] *** Pawnee has joined ##java
[22:46:15] <Rc43> Hi.
[22:46:27] <[twisti]> username.getEditor().selectAll();
[22:46:27] <Rc43> I have a little problem with mysql.
[22:46:28] <[twisti]> thanks
[22:46:29] <Rc43> http://pastebin.com/0r8CQfNd
[22:46:32] <[twisti]> thats what i was looking for ;0
[22:46:54] <Rc43> It is about prepared statements and keyHolder.
[22:47:52] *** Behold has joined ##java
[22:48:31] <Rc43> http://pastebin.com/BL3ed14r
[22:48:48] <Rc43> Exceptions are cutted in prev version.
[22:49:24] *** Pr0jectRec0n has quit IRC
[22:49:39] <Guyman> i really need help. for the following problem im allowed to use only SimpleDateFormat and Date classes. i'm given a File object, im given a date in the format yyyy/MM/dd ("2011/03/14"). i want to check if the file has been modified AFTER the given date (not including the same day), in this example, meaning since 2011/03/15 (since midnght of the begining of this day). how?
[22:49:57] <cbeust> ~~ guyman jodatime
[22:49:57] <javabot> The user guyman is not on ##java
[22:50:06] <Guyman> ?!
[22:50:07] <cbeust> ~~ Guyman jodatime
[22:50:07] <javabot> Guyman, jodatime is an excellent date/time implementation for Java, particularly useful if you need to do time arithmetic and work with time intervals. Open source. Available at http://joda-time.sourceforge.net/ - it is also the basis for the new date/time system that'll be in java 8. See: https://jsr-310.dev.java.net/
[22:50:33] <Guyman> "for the following problem im allowed to use only SimpleDateFormat and Date classes"
[22:50:43] *** kercyr has joined ##java
[22:50:44] <cbeust> Ah sorry
[22:50:52] <svm_invictvs> hm
[22:50:58] <cbeust> Convert the dates to long then compare them
[22:51:03] <svm_invictvs> There's an decompiler plugin for eclipse. Awesome.
[22:51:23] <cbeust> svm_invictvs: AFAIK, the decompiler comes standard and will be used whenever you try to edit a .class file
[22:51:23] <under> I have a class that its constructor has a integer like paramater. I've extented a class that has a construct with a String like paramater. But I get: constructor "SuperClass" not found.. Why?
[22:51:24] <LtHummus> svm_invictvs: what's the name of it?
[22:51:27] <kercyr> is it possible to cast an array, say String[] as an Iterable<String> ?
[22:51:31] *** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC
[22:51:33] <FauxFaux> Arrays.asList
[22:51:44] <svm_invictvs> cbeust: With eclipse? I'm not seeing one.
[22:51:50] <Guyman> i wish i knew how
[22:51:52] <svm_invictvs> LtHummus: JD-Eclipse
[22:52:04] <FauxFaux> svm_invictvs: It'll show you the bytecode but not with any helpful browser.
[22:52:04] <kercyr> FauxFaux, of course.
[22:52:05] <svm_invictvs> Guyman: getTimeInMillis() or smoething
[22:52:08] <Rc43> Guys, any thoughts about my problem?
[22:52:14] <svm_invictvs> FauxFaux: aw, snap
[22:52:21] <Guyman> svm_invictvs, and how would i check if its no including the day
[22:52:27] <svm_invictvs> FauxFaux: Doesnt' decompile to source code?
[22:52:28] <cbeust> svm_invictvs: mmh maybe I've always had jadclipse installed then
[22:52:48] <svm_invictvs> I see.
[22:53:04] <Guyman> ugh
[22:53:14] <svm_invictvs> FauxFaux: All I wanna see is the root cause of this exception I'm getting. The twats at the vendor didn't chain the exception to a more meaningful one.
[22:53:15] <FauxFaux> svm_invictvs: Oh, I read s/decompiler/disassembler/ in cbeust's line.
[22:53:28] <svm_invictvs> Ah
[22:53:46] <svm_invictvs> Theyr'e saying "Certificate Invalid or Revoked"
[22:53:59] <svm_invictvs> There's gotta be more to that.
[22:54:00] <FauxFaux> Rc43: I have problems believing that that exception is coming from that code.
[22:54:09] *** robbyoconnor has quit IRC
[22:54:15] <FauxFaux> svm_invictvs: Apparently you've never used a cryptographic or authentication api.
[22:54:24] <grosboulet> cbeust: thanks ! I want to know where do you read this information in compiler log ?
[22:54:24] <svm_invictvs> FauxFaux: hah
[22:54:28] <Rc43> FauxFaux: so, may be, my db is setted up incorrectly?
[22:54:51] <svm_invictvs> FauxFaux: Well...revoked is different than just invalid.
[22:54:52] <cbeust> grosboulet: I just read the pastebin you gave us
[22:54:52] <FauxFaux> ~~ Rc43 testcase
[22:54:52] <javabot> Rc43, sscce is a minimal independently runnable program, which demonstrates the problem; see http://www.pscode.org/sscce.html for details and a HOWTO
[22:55:09] <FauxFaux> svm_invictvs: Not from any sensible authentication api, which'll just return DENIED.
[22:55:30] *** Luc1fel has joined ##java
[22:55:31] <Rc43> FauxFaux: what are you talking about?
[22:55:40] <cbeust> grosboulet: [javac] location: class rs.player.Playlist.Parser Notice where it's getting the Parser class from?
[22:55:50] <svm_invictvs> FauxFaux: But the thing is the exact same certificate works on the local, development, and test environments, only in the staging environment does it fail.
[22:55:59] <Rc43> to create a mini-program?
[22:56:10] <FauxFaux> Rc43: It's the polite way of saying "I believe you're lying to me, show me.".
[22:57:49] <grosboulet> cbeust: yes... well I will learn more java before asking question in future
[22:58:08] <cbeust> grosboulet: Bon courage !
[22:58:29] <Seppoz> if i install glassfish from the oracle site do i still have to install java?
[22:58:34] <grosboulet> merci
[22:59:01] <svm_invictvs> Rc43: Yeah, if you distill your particular problem do a handfull of lines of code you'll probably figure it out yourself or at the very least be able to get help from somebody. Nobody's gonna try to analyze 300 lines of code you post.
[22:59:15] <svm_invictvs> Rc43: Unless you have a very specific question about a very isolated part....maybe
[23:00:23] <Rc43> hm.. there are just about 10 lines
[23:00:49] <Rc43> And exception is thrown from line 5
[23:02:37] *** bojo has quit IRC
[23:02:47] *** xeer has joined ##java
[23:02:54] *** aksn has quit IRC
[23:03:06] <under> I have a class that its constructor has a integer like paramater. I've extented a class that has a construct with a String like paramater. But I get: constructor "SuperClass" not found.. Why?
[23:03:24] *** aksn has joined ##java
[23:04:06] <svm_invictvs> I'm really surprised they didn't obfuscate this coe
[23:04:07] <svm_invictvs> **code
[23:05:04] *** kriko has joined ##java
[23:05:13] *** horte has joined ##java
[23:06:27] <xeer> http://codepad.org/9pOEDR8S How would one implement a constructor of this type?
[23:06:31] <_W_> ~~ under constructors
[23:06:31] <javabot> under, constructors is http://download.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/javaOO/constructors.html
[23:06:49] <_W_> xeer, you wouldn't
[23:07:09] <_W_> ~~ xeer anonymous class
[23:07:09] <javabot> xeer, anonymous class is essentially a local class without a name. See http://www.developer.com/java/other/article.php/3300881
[23:07:30] <cheeser> that's pointless anyway since it's empty
[23:07:32] <xeer> Ok.
[23:07:44] <under> _W_: you are very useless
[23:07:44] <xeer> Yes, I didn't think about that.
[23:07:59] *** FCTW has quit IRC
[23:08:21] <cheeser> under: you can be polite or you can find somewhere else to ask for help
[23:08:35] *** Rubarb has quit IRC
[23:08:54] <under> cheeser: and you have to stop link useless stuff
[23:09:04] <cheeser> it's not useless.
[23:09:18] <cheeser> perhaps you don't understand it, but that's a different issue.
[23:09:40] <cheeser> if it's not what you need, then explain why and we can take it from there.
[23:09:41] *** caverdude has quit IRC
[23:09:55] <cheeser> but if you're just gonna be a dick to people trying to help, you can try elsewhere.
[23:10:51] <_W_> hmm that link doesn't actually explain the specific error under is getting (but politeness would still help)
[23:12:05] <under> cheeser: linking noob stuff is not a help
[23:12:15] <_W_> under, we don't know your skill level
[23:12:16] <bobbytek2> How can I do an identity contains predicate on a collection?
[23:12:25] <bobbytek2> Must I iterate?
[23:12:30] <_W_> you didn't explain what your problem was, it's safer to start at the start
[23:12:42] <_W_> (nor did you explain how much you have or haven't figured out)
[23:12:47] *** whaley has quit IRC
[23:13:08] <_W_> bobbytek2, unless you have some map or tree or similar that uses the identity hash, yes
[23:13:10] <cheeser> giving noobs stuff to read isn't helpful? i disagree.
[23:13:23] <Rc43> svm_invictvs, now i has more significient exceptions: http://pastebin.com/1MQdK5nN
[23:13:31] <bobbytek2> _W_, cool thanks :)
[23:13:42] *** RobotCow has quit IRC
[23:13:42] <Rc43> >Generated keys not requested. You need to specify Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS to Statement.executeUpdate() or Connection.prepareStatement()
[23:14:09] <Rc43> But in exaples, i have seen, not described additional methods.
[23:14:12] *** horte has quit IRC
[23:14:14] <Rc43> *examples
[23:14:15] *** RobotCow has joined ##java
[23:14:16] <bobbytek2> I wonder if I can do this with Guava collections and Predicates some how...
[23:14:22] <_W_> under, but the issue is that you must always call a superclass constructor in a subclass - if you don't do it explicitly in the code, Java adds a call to a constructor with no arguments (or if no such constructor exists, gives you your error)
[23:14:44] *** horte has joined ##java
[23:14:46] <svm_invictvs> Just like in C++...
[23:14:49] <_W_> Rc43, it's new
[23:15:09] <_W_> it used to work without specifying, then it didn't
[23:15:33] *** lmatteis has joined ##java
[23:15:35] <Rc43> So now i should specify it, how can i do it?
[23:15:36] <_W_> (possibly it used to work on only some drivers, I don't remember the details)
[23:15:53] <_W_> Rc43, the error describes it pretty clearly
[23:16:07] <lmatteis> Hello, I know this may sound akward. Is there anybody from India? I'm about to visit your country and would like to ask some questions about vaccinations
[23:16:18] <Rc43> > prepareStatement(query,PreparedStatement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS);
[23:16:22] *** frangiz has quit IRC
[23:16:26] <Rc43> I should do like this?
[23:16:27] <_W_> Rc43, you are calling Connection.prepareStatement()
[23:16:34] <_W_> ~~ Rc43 tias
[23:16:34] <javabot> Rc43, Try it and see. You learn much more by experimentation than by asking without having even tried.
[23:17:02] <_W_> lmatteis, wrong channel
[23:17:04] *** frangiz has joined ##java
[23:17:21] <_W_> try #vaccinations or your local Indian consulate or embassy
[23:17:31] *** horte has quit IRC
[23:17:53] <[twisti]> just to make sure im not crazy - i actually have to write my own class for every swing component where i want to specify tab order ?
[23:17:58] <dreamreal> lmatteis: um. wrong channel, for real. For another: visiting India can be, um, interesting. Some people never do actually get away.
[23:18:19] <lmatteis> i know. where else can i ask :)
[23:18:27] <Rc43> it seems that now i will get working code, it was quit obvious with google and correct exceptions output
[23:18:29] <dreamreal> your ambassador. google.
[23:18:35] <cbeust> lmatteis: You really, really want to consult an authoritative source for vaccionation questions as opposed to a programming language channel.
[23:18:42] <lmatteis> why!
[23:18:51] <lmatteis> i would much rather talk to a person living there
[23:19:01] <kercyr> I'm keeping a set of in-memory relational tables with hsqldb. Is there an automatic way to export (and import) its state so that past states of the tables can be recalled? I'm trying to see how easy it'll be to write an undo feature.
[23:19:06] <lmatteis> rather than my local doctor that never left his office
[23:19:08] <Rc43> Yeah, it works.
[23:19:08] <under> _W_: that was useful, thanks
[23:19:13] <cbeust> lmatteis: No, you should be asking a doctor, not Java geeks.
[23:19:15] <cheeser> 1. becuse this isn't the place for it. and 2. asking for medical advice from random strangers is stupid.
[23:19:31] <_W_> under, glad you got your moneys worth
[23:19:45] <lemonchickenftl> new to java what method(s) should i use on a HashMap to print its keys and values to console?
[23:19:47] * cheeser waits for the apology to _W_
[23:20:04] <cheeser> lemonchickenftl: System.out.println()
[23:20:16] <lemonchickenftl> just pass the HashMap and the rest is done?
[23:20:28] <_W_> ~~ lemonchickenftl javadoc HashMap.toString()
[23:20:29] <javabot> lemonchickenftl, I don't know of any documentation for HashMap.toString()
[23:20:34] <lemonchickenftl> :D
[23:20:48] <[twisti]> with swing i never know if someone is making a joke post or if it really is that retarded
[23:20:50] * _W_ peers at javabot
[23:21:02] <_W_> ~javadoc Map.toString()
[23:21:02] <javabot> I don't know of any documentation for Map.toString()
[23:21:19] *** gcristian has quit IRC
[23:21:20] <lmatteis> cheeser: i have mixed feelings about that. asking people living there about their daily experiences can be positive.
[23:21:47] *** frangiz has quit IRC
[23:21:52] <cbeust> I have lived in the US and in France for extended periods of times and I have absolutely no idea what the immigratino vaccination requirements are.
[23:21:54] <_W_> lmatteis, when you go somewhere there's no special reason to think there's anyone relevant to your request, you're just wasting peoples time though
[23:21:55] *** Rc43 has quit IRC
[23:22:08] <cheeser> lmatteis: it doesn't change point 1
[23:22:17] <cheeser> so let's drop it and move on
[23:22:47] *** epalm has joined ##java
[23:24:04] <_W_> ~~ lemonchickenftl AbstractMap.toString()
[23:24:04] <javabot> lemonchickenftl, what does that even *mean*?
[23:24:11] <_W_> ~~ lemonchickenftl javadoc AbstractMap.toString()
[23:24:11] <javabot> lemonchickenftl: http://is.gd/2CDUzH [JDK: java.util.AbstractMap.toString()]
[23:26:02] * _W_ thinks it's not very helpful of javabot to tell the guy you are trying to tell a factoid to that the factoid doesn't exist
[23:27:22] <cheeser> _W_: yeah. that's on my list to clean up but i've been preoccupied the last few weeks
[23:28:16] <_W_> Ah. If I could ever get javabot to build I'd help out :p
[23:28:26] *** FrozenKnight has quit IRC
[23:28:40] <cheeser> why doesn't it now?
[23:28:44] <cheeser> java.home or some such?
[23:28:58] *** zatan has quit IRC
[23:29:24] <_W_> been a while since I last tried, and it might just be my expectations being wrong, but it seems every time I try maven balks on some dependency it can't find
[23:30:14] <_W_> (typically some -SNAPSHOT thing)
[23:30:22] <_W_> then again I'm no good with maven
[23:31:01] <_W_> ~source
[23:31:01] <javabot> you can download my source at http://github.com/evanchooly/javabot
[23:31:54] <cheeser> i'll try it on a linux VM sometime this week and see how it goes.
[23:32:02] <cheeser> although, it builds on my server fine, fwiw
[23:32:32] *** wanderingi has joined ##java
[23:32:46] *** pipeep has quit IRC
[23:33:31] <lmatteis> so vaccines?
[23:33:36] * lmatteis trolls
[23:33:38] <lmatteis> bye
[23:33:42] *** lmatteis has left ##java
[23:34:00] <dmlloyd> ?
[23:34:36] <dreamreal> yeah, he burned us
[23:34:52] *** PelleTut has quit IRC
[23:36:19] *** winux has joined ##java
[23:36:53] <winux> is there a way to make enums visible to classes outside of the one which they were made in?
[23:37:01] <dreamreal> sure. Make them public.
[23:37:08] *** echo_mirage has joined ##java
[23:37:15] <_W_> or just make them outer in the first place
[23:37:24] <winux> dreamreal: heh
[23:37:28] <dmlloyd> winux, enums are types just like classes are types. You can define them at the top level.
[23:37:51] <winux> ya thanks
[23:37:59] <winux> _W_: ill have to look into that
[23:38:11] *** pipeep has joined ##java
[23:38:11] <winux> but the public worked, doh :)
[23:38:25] *** Dragonai is now known as Dr[a]gonai
[23:38:58] *** cbrock has quit IRC
[23:42:33] *** eyesUnclouded has joined ##java
[23:43:34] <lemonchickenftl> http://pastie.org/1671736
[23:44:07] <lemonchickenftl> im trying to extend that but get a error i dont understand
[23:44:15] <dreamreal> what error would that be
[23:45:29] <lemonchickenftl> trying to type it out
[23:45:34] <lemonchickenftl> stupid ide wont let me copy it
[23:45:44] <dreamreal> REALLY stupid IDE then. Change IDEs.
[23:45:55] <dreamreal> Whatever IDE you're using is clearly not the IDE you should be using.
[23:46:17] *** Fanook has quit IRC
[23:46:24] <lemonchickenftl> i agree
[23:46:38] <dreamreal> so what IDE is this?
[23:47:14] <lemonchickenftl> public class Configuration2 extends Configuration {
[23:47:16] <lemonchickenftl> gives me
[23:47:32] <lemonchickenftl> : cannot find symbol : symbol : constructor Configuration() : location: class org.bukkit.util.config.Configuration :public class Configuration2 extends Configuration {
[23:47:42] <dreamreal> oh god, more bukkit crap
[23:48:13] <dreamreal> which IDE are you using?
[23:50:26] *** fisted has joined ##java
[23:50:32] *** mhahe has joined ##java
[23:51:03] *** fuzzygroove has joined ##java
[23:51:56] *** gartt has quit IRC
[23:53:40] *** EricInBNE has joined ##java
[23:55:07] *** sphenxes has quit IRC
[23:55:14] *** caverdude has joined ##java
[23:55:41] *** drindt has quit IRC
[23:57:29] *** fisted has quit IRC
[23:57:29] <lemonchickenftl> netbeans beta 2
[23:59:16] *** phantomcircuit has quit IRC
[23:59:46] *** andares has joined ##java

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