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   March 29, 2020  
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[00:16:46] <rzezeski> Can anyone tell me why the dtrace handler installs itself under T_ILLINST? Looking at fbt and pid, both seem to use BP (T_BPTFLT) to trap into dtrace. Are there providers that use UD? Just trying to understand why things are laid out this way.
[00:18:11] <rmustacc> Traditionally DTrace generated a #ud.
[00:20:10] <rzezeski> That might explain it the. Did it change because UD is two bytes versus one byte for INT3?
[00:20:25] <rmustacc> Well, if you look at fdt it uses an entirely different thing for i386.
[00:20:43] <rmustacc> It uses a lock prefix it looks like.
[00:20:58] <rzezeski> you referring to the PATCHVAL?
[00:21:06] <rmustacc> Yes, and sdt still uses that.
[00:21:06] <rmustacc> Yeah.
[00:21:09] <rzezeski> k
[00:21:17] <rzezeski> yea I was focusing on amd64 ATM
[00:21:24] <rmustacc> Sure, but sdt still does on amd64.
[00:21:29] <rzezeski> gotcha
[00:21:39] <rmustacc> It doesn't distinguish between the two.
[00:21:48] <rzezeski> sorry you said "fdt" above and I thought you typo'd "fbt", but you meant sdt :)
[00:21:56] <rmustacc> oops, sorry.
[00:22:11] <rzezeski> no worries, appreciate the pointers
[00:22:41] <rzezeski> yea, so fbt uses this same patchval for non-64
[00:23:42] <rmustacc> Yeah. Appears so.
[00:24:02] <neirac> is struct timespec not the same as Solaris?
[00:24:58] <rmustacc> neirac: I don't have Solaris available, but I'd be surprised if it was that different.
[00:27:03] <neirac> I'm sorry for the lack of context, I'm creating types_illumos.go to add support for flock syscall on go, so I copied types_solaris.go and that is giving an error with
[00:27:06] <neirac> undefined: _Ctype_struct_timespec
[00:28:13] <neirac> is more related to my changes anyways
[00:28:35] <rmustacc> Well, the struct timespec definitely exists. It's a standard posix type. But I don't know how the tool is searching for that.
[00:28:49] <neirac> rmustacc yeah, I'm looking into it now
[00:29:27] <neirac> rmustacc thanks for sharing your blog post, was a nice read and lead me to proc paper other excellent reading material
[00:30:48] <rmustacc> Oh, good. I'm glad.
[00:45:03] <Woodstock> how awesome, the behavior of that libschily stuff depends on the optimization flags...
[00:45:23] <andyf> There are many awesome things about libschily...
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[05:52:09] <LeftWing> Ha
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[07:02:51] <jbk> sarcasm like that might make you cough (and get dirty looks in the current circumstances)
[07:09:25] <neirac> Smithx10 I managed to get add illumos flock to golang, now trying to build nomad complains about some docker libraries for terminal
[07:14:07] <neirac> Smithx10 I'll do some more tests on that one, also this should take care of https://github.com/golang/go/issues/32817
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[10:14:08] <tsoome> LeftWing did you got device paths changed on pool too?
[10:15:49] <LeftWing> Hmm
[10:15:50] <LeftWing> ?
[10:19:19] <LeftWing> Sorry I don't quite follow
[10:37:01] <tsoome> with 7119
[10:37:15] <tsoome> the testing done you did update:)
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[11:19:25] <LeftWing> Oh, yes, I did a second update sorry
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[11:56:19] <richlowe> LeftWing: are we still hoping to move RTI's to gerrit IR?
[11:56:26] <richlowe> because that would be pleasing
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[13:39:24] <andyf> Anyone else getting "Error 403 (Forbidden): Invalid authentication method" from gerrit this morning?
[13:39:29] <andyf> (it was working 30 minutes ago)
[13:40:00] <andyf> richlowe - since I can't reply there - the other lint cleanups I've seen (and done myself) have ripped out everything relating to lint, including the target
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[13:51:27] <jlevon> andyf: I can sign in
[13:51:43] <andyf> Me too, I just can't add a comment or publish
[13:52:14] <andyf> I'll try again in case it was something transient (although it persisted for at least 15 minutes through cookie clear and browser restart)
[13:53:08] <jlevon> ah
[13:54:19] <richlowe> andyf: well, do you mind if I just do lint libs? because doing the lot thoroughly (even just in lib) is an even huger diff still.
[13:54:24] <jlevon> I can comment ok
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[13:55:04] <andyf> I don't mind at all. Any cleanup is welcome.
[13:55:19] <richlowe> I'll do the mechanical bit, and see how it swells.
[13:55:22] <andyf> I haven't seen anyone asking to preserve the lint target though (but I could have missed it)
[13:55:33] <andyf> and I've seen recent commits ripping that stuff out too
[13:56:15] <richlowe> I'd like to see everything we don't use gone, if nobody cares that's great
[13:56:30] <richlowe> whether I do it now depends on whether it seems more painful in this change (retitled), or in a separate also huge change.
[13:56:43] <andyf> I did the original work to stop generating and packaging the lint libraries - and that was tedious enough
[13:57:12] <jlevon> I feel a bit like if someone's going to read a giant patch, might as well only do so once?
[13:57:15] <richlowe> it's the compat link stuff I really wanted (though I don't actually _require_ it any longer)
[13:57:26] *** crgmrgn <crgmrgn!~craigm@> has joined #illumos
[13:57:33] <andyf> and I do have some branches where I started to clean up the rest using some scripts but I'll be happy to delete those
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[13:57:47] <richlowe> jlevon: yeah, you're not trying to convince me to go outside lib, too, are you?
[13:58:09] <andyf> Things like removing the C99LMODE lines are at least pretty simple
[13:58:11] <jlevon> well that can be separate. I'd just avoid two passes of lib if we could?
[13:58:15] <richlowe> 'cos there's only so much isolation makes palatable.
[13:58:20] <jlevon> heh
[13:58:21] <richlowe> Yeah, ok.
[13:58:38] <richlowe> andyf: yeah, I can do 99% of it or more mechanically.
[13:58:45] <richlowe> andyf: but reviewing the result of that, even, sucks
[13:58:52] <richlowe> because nobody reminded me/found me a way to 'grep -v' hunks out of a diff.
[13:59:21] <andyf> yes, it's going to be a long review, but I'll go through it
[13:59:46] <richlowe> if you wanted a merge of this + the compat links stuff, I could do that
[13:59:51] <richlowe> so you only had one massive diff to read
[13:59:57] <richlowe> (but still integrate separately)
[14:00:41] <andyf> I don't know if that would be better or not... I can always merge them together locally
[14:01:05] <andyf> (un?)fortunately I'm still having to go out for work during the week and am now on 12 hour shifts..
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[14:11:40] <andyf> Gerrit's working for me again..
[14:12:04] <richlowe> it behaved a bit weird when I replied to you, but not like you'd mentioned. And I'm still too new with gerrit to know what's wrong and what's just weird.
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[15:21:20] <sjorge> While procrastinating on some fo the FreeRADIUS stuff I did some cleaning and found a ' Broadcom® NetXtreme II® BCM57711'
[15:21:26] <sjorge> I think it came from my old dell
[15:21:34] <sjorge> Those have issues IIRC right?
[15:21:41] <sjorge> Something about offloading not functioning?
[15:36:28] <richlowe> all := TARGET += all
[15:37:34] <jollyd> tsoome: I will push gcc 8.4 and 9.3 soon. So far test results look good.
[15:37:35] <sjorge> jbk andyf Agnar can I restruct ldap logins to a certain group somehow?
[15:37:44] <sjorge> members of the admin group only?
[15:38:07] <tsoome> jollyd, nice:) 10 any time soon?:)
[15:38:52] <jollyd> I could push a rc of gcc 10 if you like
[15:40:18] <tsoome> not in hurry, still busy with 9 anyhow. just that people are already cleaning up with it:D
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[16:30:14] <jollyd> tsoome: after we have migrated userland to gcc-7 I wlll schedule builds with gcc-8, how is the state of illumos with gcc-8?
[16:31:23] <tsoome> 2 patches + Im not sure about the current state of XPG affairs
[16:34:38] <andyf> jollyd - is your gcc 9 based on the branch that I have up for review?
[16:35:03] <andyf> https://github.com/illumos/gcc/pull/35
[16:35:19] <andyf> That's 9.2 but once the testing is finished and it's approved I am going to move it along to 9.3
[16:35:52] <jollyd> andyf: the gcc-9 branch is the one I had + your patch for values
[16:36:11] <jollyd> andyf: I did not know you had this PR :S
[16:36:22] <andyf> That one has the XPG fixes etc. (which along with 12306 should sort it)
[16:37:28] <jollyd> andyf: I am only missing the last commit it seems (-G should imply the same spec as -shared)
[16:40:11] <jollyd> tsoome, andyf: do you intend to jump straight to gcc-9 as next illumos-gcc candidate or use gcc-8?
[16:40:48] <tsoome> I think so.
[16:41:17] <tsoome> unless there is very good reason not to do so.
[16:43:24] <andyf> I was not spending any time on gcc8
[16:47:21] *** Kruppt <Kruppt!~Kruppt@> has joined #illumos
[16:47:29] <andyf> jollyd - there's just the one test case left to explain or solve on that branch
[16:47:39] <andyf> I'll try and have a look later today
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[17:26:22] <rmustacc> sjorge: I don't believe we know of any issues with BCM57711.
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[18:51:48] <Mokou> ok, so i've added basic support for SO_REUSEPORT
[18:52:21] <Mokou> and some basic testing shows expected behavior
[18:53:30] <Mokou> currently i'm running a clean build by nightly, but i don't think anything significant will come up (all changes since last clean built are styling/ws fix)
[18:53:53] <Mokou> but i haven't test under high load since i don't currently have the resource to do so yet
[18:54:22] <Mokou> what should be my next setup? do you think i'm ready for a reviewing?
[18:54:30] <Mokou> my next step*
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[19:53:30] <andyf> Mokou - I'd suggest going for a review at that point. It's worth adding some tests to the testsuite for things like this too
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[21:40:37] <LeftWing> richlowe: Yes I think we're about ready to investigate integration through Gerrit
[21:48:02] <richlowe> wohoo
[21:50:39] <rmustacc> LeftWing: One of us should probably put together better instructions for how to actually use it then.
[21:51:48] *** amrfrsh <amrfrsh!~Thunderbi@> has joined #illumos
[22:11:02] <LeftWing> Yessss
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[22:11:37] <LeftWing> I think the problem is that I am fundamentally slack
[22:16:02] <rmustacc> Well, we should just spread that load.
[22:24:00] <LeftWing> I reckon we should look at putting the blank line between the first and subsequent commit message lines, while we're making peace with Change-Id:, also
[22:24:09] <LeftWing> I suspect it would make Gordon happy, at least
[22:35:28] <jlevon> please do
[23:12:31] <richlowe> it is ugly as sin when there's multiple bugs in a change
[23:12:51] <richlowe> (a good reason not to do that...)
[23:12:54] <Mokou> what's the correct way to upload webrev to cr.illumos.org?
[23:13:14] <Mokou> i've created an account at redmine, and set the ssh key
[23:13:27] <Mokou> when i run webrev it fails with upload_webrev[817]: rsync_upload[552]: -r: not found [No such file or directory]
[23:13:40] <LeftWing> Do you have `rsync` installed?
[23:13:47] <Mokou> oops
[23:13:54] <Mokou> forgot to check the obvious
[23:14:12] <richlowe> did you think about using gerrit instead? :D
[23:14:13] <LeftWing> The error message should certainly be clearer than it is
[23:14:27] <LeftWing> Yeah, it's probably best not to get too attached to webrev at this point
[23:15:57] <Mokou> i was just following the dev guide
[23:16:05] <Mokou> so its better to just use gerrit?
[23:16:24] <richlowe> LeftWing: is updating the guide a thing we should do now, or?
[23:16:30] <richlowe> it's probably very confusing when things are in flux like this
[23:16:55] <LeftWing> Yes I daresay we should
[23:17:38] <LeftWing> It's possible we should work to integrate "/books/dev" into "/docs/developers" too?
[23:18:10] <richlowe> > We couldn’t find any code matching 'webrev' in illumos/docs
[23:18:36] <LeftWing> I imagine it's in illumos/dev-guide
[23:19:01] <LeftWing> e.g., https://illumos.org/books/dev/workflow.html#webrev
[23:19:24] <LeftWing> Also, e.g., https://illumos.org/books/dev/integrating.html#review
[23:19:38] <Mokou> yeah workflow.html that's what i was looking at _(:з」∠)_
[23:19:48] <LeftWing> Well, first can I say: thank you so much for reading what we've written
[23:19:57] <LeftWing> And then sorry for it being a bit confusing as we're in flux between different workflows
[23:20:08] <richlowe> I can throw together a rough diff
[23:20:58] <Mokou> don't mind, i understand there's a lot to care about when change happens
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[23:24:33] *** clapont <clapont!~clapont@unaffiliated/clapont> has joined #illumos
[23:26:27] <richlowe> shit, my keys aren't here
[23:27:21] <richlowe> http://richlowe.net/0001-bogus-initial-attempt-at-describing-gerrit.patch
[23:27:30] <richlowe> thrown together in minutes and probably bad,

   March 29, 2020  
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