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   January 3, 2020
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[00:21:13] <jbk> i don't suppose anyone knows offhand of some easy mdb-magic to go from a fd in a proc to a vnode_t ?
[00:22:02] <jbk> (e.g. I want the address of the vnode for fd X in proc Y -- assume file is kept open for a long time)
[00:25:11] <jbk> it looks like i might be able to wander through struct proc->p_user->u_finfo->fi_list... but not sure if there was an easier way i've overlooked
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[00:42:48] <gitomat> [illumos-gate] 12135 ECRC PCIe errors shouldn't be fatal -- Robert Mustacchi <rm at fingolfin dot org>
[00:44:38] <rmustacc> jbk: Try '<pid>::pfiles'
[00:54:12] <jbk> aha! (it wants the proc struct, but much nicer)
[00:54:14] <jbk> thanks
[00:55:43] <jbk> hopefully it'll work :) (going to try to flip the read only flag on a zvol after it's opened to see if that'll induce a zpool failure)
[00:56:02] <jbk> unfortunately, 'zfs set readonly=on' only works before a zvol is first opened
[00:56:37] <jbk> but the zvol strategy routine still checks the flag, so... fingers crossed
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[10:48:12] <sjorge> jbk you don't happen to have notes?
[10:48:37] <sjorge> I haven't gotten vanilla LDAP auth to work yet, but I noticed ldapclient (will be tricker to setup using salt than some configs) has support for the RBAC files
[10:48:46] <sjorge> So there must be some schema extension I am missing
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[11:03:49] <v_a_b> sjorge I am running an OpenLDAP server in a Solaris 11.3 zone. Clients are S10, S11.3/11.4 and OmniOS CE. So vanilla LDAP auth works.
[11:04:30] <v_a_b> Or did you mean "auto provision with salt doesn't work yet"?
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[12:36:38] <andyf> jbk - thanks, I will take a look!
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[13:09:41] <andyf> jbk I'm not sure what you mean about zfd and zlogin -I - is it related to the HUP error, and is this something that needs fixing in gate too?
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[14:10:23] <neirac> rmustacc hi, I have a Intel(r) Xeon(r) CPU E3-1225 v5 @ 3.30GHz, but according to kstat only supports 1 cstate and 1 frequency https://pastebin.com/tF8HwRaP ; but according to this doc it should support more than 1 c-state. I'm running SmartOS on KVM with host-passthrough configuration.
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[14:45:08] <tomww> you might not see the SmartOS host entering power save states. the cpu might switch off unused parts, but keept the clock high.
[14:47:19] <tomww> it is just not practical on a host with multiple VMs to reduce the clock speed.
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[14:57:59] <neirac> tomww thanks, that's right. but I was checking the output of kstat -m cpu_info I think that should report more than one c-states that are available for the cpu right?.
[14:59:14] <dsockwell> have you tried these measurements on bare metal?
[14:59:49] <dsockwell> smartos is a live USB distribution, just don't let it make a zpool with your hard drives
[15:08:23] <rmustacc> neirac: I believe this is a side effect of SmartOS's setting to disable deep c states.
[15:08:31] <rmustacc> via /etc/system.
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[15:08:51] <rmustacc> Which does have unfortunate consequences with turbo boost as well.
[15:33:19] <neirac> rmustacc: oh, ok is fine then, thank you.
[15:36:56] <rmustacc> Well, maybe you'll want to file an issue to have folks at Joyent re-evaluate it. Given the lack of turbo-boost that can create a confusing thing, especially with the modern reliance on turbo for perf for folks.
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[15:41:41] <neirac> rmustacc I was working on tickless so that's what I was checking c-states and processor groups, I'll report the issue for turbo boost, thanks again.
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[15:47:12] <rmustacc> OK.
[15:48:42] <sensille> oh, c-states again? i had to issues, had to set it in bios to 'os controlled', after that more than one c-state showed up. also had to re-enable deep-c states, so that turbo boost actually gets used
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[15:53:21] <neirac> sensille thanks a lot
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[16:12:32] <jbk> andyf: I guess the zfd and zlogin -I stuff were things added for lx, so they're not (yet) in illumos-gate, but appear to be in illumos-omnios (as part of the lx side pull)
[16:13:12] <jbk> unfortunately, the info I have at the moment (people still out, etc) is sparse, and the man pages don't really go into the 'why'
[16:13:46] <jbk> other than on triton at least, they're used with the docker stuff (at least)
[16:14:30] <jbk> (and that when the zone would shut down, zlogin wasn't exiting like it shuold have -- though checking for POLLHUP on the zone's stdout/stderr fds appears to have fixed that)
[16:14:42] <andyf> You originally said 'not in illumos-joyent' - which confused me
[16:15:02] <andyf> but it was around NYE :D
[16:16:12] <jbk> oh.. i mean illumos-gate :P sorry
[16:16:16] <jbk> err meant
[16:16:38] <andyf> I thought for a minute that we had side pulled something, and then that was improved/removed/reverted in smartos
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[16:16:58] <andyf> The HUP thing looks sane
[16:17:54] <jbk> there's an unrelated bug (i.e. it's present even before your zlogin fix) where after zlogin -I exits, the pty is horribly messed up, but that at least doesn't appear to be a regression
[16:18:56] <jbk> not sure what's going on with that.. (basically all writes to the terminal stop happening.. though I can't tell if they're being discarded, being queued, or what)
[16:19:23] <jbk> input from the terminal still works -- you can run commands, etc. just never see any output in the shell that invoked zlogin -I
[16:21:39] <andyf> but only with -(capital i)?
[16:21:46] <jbk> yeah
[16:21:57] <andyf> ok, so probably not necessary for gate at least
[16:21:57] <jbk> which makes me wonder if maybe it's a zfd bug
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[18:22:18] <sjorge> v_a_b, I got it to work... I had a type in pam.conf which was causing issues
[18:22:37] <sjorge> v_a_b are you also storing rbac and sudo info in LDAP?
[18:22:55] <sjorge> I have found the schema for sudo so I want to get that working next, but I still have not found info on Solaris RBAC
[18:24:54] <sjorge> Will also need to look into pam and homedir creation
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[18:43:49] <v_a_b> sjorge Not yet... I am planning to put ssh keys into LDAP. RBAC will be more of a test, in case customers might want it. But I am planning so many things :-(
[18:46:23] <v_a_b> Solaris 11.4 comes with a nice OpenLDAP server setup script that creates a running slapd configuration, complete with all schema extensions needed for Solaris.
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[18:58:08] <jbk> you can get them out of the idsconfig script
[19:04:59] <v_a_b> Yep. The nice thing about the S11.4 ldap server config script is that it not only replaces idsconfig, but works for either DSEE or OpenLDAP (which needs slightly different tweaks IIRC).
[19:07:10] <jbk> unfortunately, the way the RBAC data is mapped to ldap seems to repeat the mistakes of the past (even at the time it was done)
[19:07:15] <jbk> i mean it works
[19:07:42] <jbk> but basically treats ldap as a 'dumb store'
[19:29:16] <sjorge> jbk you mean ldap, the global text file ?
[19:29:41] <sjorge> Looks like pam_mkhomedir can't be compiled against our pam
[19:29:50] <sjorge> linux seems to have diverged :/
[19:29:50] <jbk> it used to
[19:30:06] <sjorge> Going to look into autofs, as a solution
[19:30:08] <jbk> well the linux pam modules had a number of problems
[19:30:19] <jbk> like for years, they were never thread safe
[19:31:00] <sjorge> Ooh nice, someone did it before https://ops.faithlife.com/?p=179
[19:31:04] <sjorge> Going to try that after dinner
[19:33:39] <LeftWing> You could certainly make it work
[19:34:00] <LeftWing> Our PAM is fundamentally capable
[19:35:01] <jbk> IIRC, one of the biggest things is linux made some functions parameters const, we still don't
[19:35:10] <LeftWing> We could! :D
[19:36:44] <jbk> yes, but ISTR I think that ends up altering the pam_sm backend too, whic technically would be breaking the interface
[19:37:20] <jbk> though probably only to the point that anything that wouldn't be fixed by just updating the function signatures is probably doing something they shouldn't
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[23:04:46] <jbk> LeftWing: how usable is your vioscsi driver? :P
[23:04:53] <LeftWing> lol
[23:04:58] <LeftWing> Why do you ask
[23:05:53] <jbk> it would be incredibly useful to be able to have a disk device in a VM I can offline (as in cause ndi_devi_offline() to be called)
[23:06:40] <jbk> trying to recreate illumos#4454 -- mgerdts was trying to use iscsi w/ it, but the number of iscsi bugs he kept hitting kept growing
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[23:07:25] <jbk> so i'm wondering if there's something that while perhaps not entirely polished, might be good enough to recreate + tet fix
[23:07:55] <LeftWing> Ahh
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[23:08:03] <LeftWing> I mean, I have made disks come and go
[23:08:05] <LeftWing> on GCE
[23:08:09] <LeftWing> You could give it a whirl!
[23:08:56] <LeftWing> jbk: I think my latest work is in https://github.com/jclulow/illumos-gate/commits/gce
[23:09:10] <jbk> virtualbox appears to support it (as a hypervisor), so my hope was I could spin up an illumos guest under it, chill w/ dtrace, and get my panic
[23:10:21] <jbk> ahh cool.. thanks i'll give it a whirl
[23:10:29] <rmustacc> May be worth checking of nvemadm detach with a virtual nvme disk can trigger it.
[23:10:53] <rmustacc> I'm not sure if that path will technically cause an nvme_devi_offline() though.
[23:11:23] <jbk> do any hypervisors emulate nvme? or just pass-thru?
[23:12:57] <dsockwell> I've thought it was progress when they started emulating SATA instead of just SCSI and IDE
[23:13:41] <dsockwell> Not that I know anything specific but I wouldn't hold my breath
[23:16:02] <rmustacc> jbk: qemu, vmware, etc.
[23:18:15] <andyf> jbk even bhyve...
[23:20:41] <jbk> oh wow.. so it does.. and it looks like it uses blockif for the backend..
[23:21:26] <andyf> and can be memory backed too.
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[23:51:08] <jbk> hrm..
[23:52:02] <jbk> nvmeadm detach fails w/ device busy once i add the device to a zpool.. though i wonder if I can work around that..
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   January 3, 2020
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