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   October 2, 2019  
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[07:40:33] <tsoome> LeftWing: thanks!:)
[07:42:22] <gitomat> [illumos-gate] 11757 installboot: install vbr only when stage2 is installed -- Toomas Soome <tsoome at me dot com>
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[10:07:16] <tsoome> andyf: there you go:)
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[10:50:35] <andyf> tsoome, :)
[11:19:48] <jimklimov> oh, experts online! :)
[11:21:15] <jimklimov> I'm trying to convert my primary VMs (OI and a debian) into partition-backed ones on a dedicated NVMe on the laptop, and mostly this was a successful copy-paste operation, except for getting them to actually boot ;)
[11:22:41] <tsoome> boot from nvme usually is possible only with UEFI
[11:22:56] <jimklimov> Somehow, linux's grub2 disliked the idea for booting right away from MBR into an LVM2 partition, claims a license mismatch (though all its modules are GPLv2+/3+/3 as it requires) so probably just consideres that it read uninterpretable garbage.
[11:23:15] <jimklimov> So indeed I went to add a partition for EFI as its loader at least sees the disk
[11:23:57] <jimklimov> Since these are VMs, switching the contrller is possiblie... NVMe as SATA also worked (for MBR seeing the disk - but exploding the grub)
[11:25:04] <jimklimov> at least now the disk is GPT-partitioned with an EFI (FAT32) partition and contents of linux and omnios /boot locations in separate directories, and VirtualBox UEFI actually picks those *.efi files up
[11:25:11] <jimklimov> loader64.efi and vmlinuz.efi
[11:25:43] <tsoome> but?:)
[11:25:59] <jimklimov> but I'm not sure where to go from there - how should they learn where to find their respective menus (with lists of OSes, kernel args, modules and other settings)
[11:26:27] <jimklimov> in fact, at the moment UEFI boots linux rigth away, bypassing grub
[11:26:39] <jimklimov> but it offers a limited-length argument string
[11:26:48] <tsoome> loader64.efi is searching for illumos “usr” partition
[11:27:06] <jimklimov> and does not seem to find the initrd by path I gave it
[11:27:18] <tsoome> or, if you use installboot to install it, installboot will record the partition start LBA into loader64.efi
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[11:28:06] <jimklimov> and for loader64.efi (copied from OmniOS that was installed from scratch and had it... my OI VM comes from GRUB times and still had that) - the loader sees the nvpool, but does not go further
[11:28:17] <jimklimov> must it be named an "rpool"?
[11:28:24] <tsoome> no, name does not matetr
[11:28:27] <tsoome> matter*
[11:28:32] <tsoome> can it read it?
[11:28:43] <jimklimov> how can I check? :)
[11:28:52] <jimklimov> sees the name...
[11:28:56] <tsoome> do you get ok prompt?
[11:29:09] <jimklimov> I think this is my first foray to EFI, at least on PCs
[11:29:18] <tsoome> then lsdev -v
[11:29:44] <tsoome> and you can also use lszfs nvpool to browse datasets
[11:30:00] <tsoome> or ls zfs:nvpool/dataset…:/
[11:30:07] <tsoome> note the colons
[11:30:49] <jimklimov> hm, seems VM poweroff forgot the custom settings for EFI :\
[11:31:06] <tsoome> yea, and loader, once it is able to read the pool, it does use bootfs property to get root dataset
[11:32:14] <jimklimov> `lsdev -v` gave lots of half-strings, bottoms of the letters look like e.g. c2t0d0p1 ONLINE
[11:33:16] <jimklimov> so initial boot messages were full-height letters, "ok" is, but the quickly scrolled output is not
[11:33:38] <jimklimov> and it seems I get a dozen lines for one "ENTER"
[11:34:02] <jimklimov> is that known? maybe fixed and just what I had copied is old? :)
[11:34:16] <jimklimov> I think you did something with framebuffer months ago
[11:34:51] <tsoome> it may be old, but, we may need to use memory barriers
[11:35:11] <tsoome> I do not exclude the possibility there:)
[11:36:30] <jimklimov> so lszfs nvpool seems to show the top-level datasets, and a leaf dataset does show dirs at least
[11:36:35] <jimklimov> the rest scrolled away fast :)
[11:36:44] <jimklimov> seems files also
[11:39:14] <jimklimov> is DEL supposed to do a backspace action?
[11:39:41] <jimklimov> Ctrl+D does a "DEL" action (kills next char) as expected, however
[11:40:32] <tsoome> it may, yes.
[11:41:10] <tsoome> which vbox is it? windows?
[11:41:16] <jimklimov> yes
[11:42:14] <tsoome> I have not seen this scroll issue myself, could you check iso from http://148-52-235-80.sta.estpak.ee
[11:42:29] <andyf> I wonder if loading a different font or changing the resolution would help?
[11:42:34] <tsoome> just to see if it does make any difference (it should be relatively new)
[11:42:48] <Reinhilde> if writing a manpage for a portable application whose manpage would likely belong in volume 8 on other Unixoids, should the application's install procedure install the page as 1M on solaroid and 8 on other systems, or as 8 regardless?
[11:44:40] <jimklimov> Reinhilde: are you making the app itself, or packaging it?
[11:44:47] <tsoome> the thing is, we do copy memory, but uefi version is usong UEFI Blt() for that, and I assume it does all what is needed there…. but, I have deliberately not used memory barriers to find out if those are really needed.
[11:45:34] <jimklimov> I'd guess the practical approach for original authoring would be to write volume 8 per some standard, and e.g. OI packagers can add rewrite rules if needed, or keep it as is
[11:45:49] <tsoome> Reinhilde: oracle solaris did rename manual sections to behave like the rest of the world, we have not (yet). to make it happen, someone must just start doing it.
[11:46:17] <Reinhilde> hence solarOID, tsoome
[11:46:28] <jimklimov> Solarish is the term ;)
[11:46:38] <tsoome> as this is open source project, things only do happen if someone will start doing.
[11:46:58] <jimklimov> OIDs are or people, cf. "red-eyed linuxoids" :)
[11:47:05] <Reinhilde> lol
[11:47:08] <tsoome> :D
[11:47:12] <Reinhilde> jimklimov: veganoids...
[11:47:32] <jimklimov> (andr)oids
[11:47:50] <jimklimov> "andr" standing for "man"
[11:47:50] <Reinhilde> tsoome: i say stay different. nobody likes everything the same
[11:48:33] <Reinhilde> jimklimov: no. i am modifying an existing program that is self-make and want to add a manual page to it
[11:48:40] *** Asgaroth <Asgaroth!~Asgaroth@> has joined #illumos
[11:48:49] <tsoome> yes, solaris did attempt to do that, it does not work.
[11:49:15] <andyf> tsoome, which bit?
[11:49:38] <Reinhilde> it does not work if people do not start putting preprocessing in their manpages.
[11:49:44] <tsoome> manuals
[11:49:46] <jimklimov> tsoome: or with some other shifts in marketing, conumers, etc. the other approaches might have not worked
[11:50:13] <jimklimov> the good thing about standards, there are a lotto choose from to adhere to :)
[11:51:17] <tsoome> if you have virtually all freeware packages delivering manual into man8, it makes little sense to tell them to ship it into man1m
[11:52:28] <Reinhilde> Lots of #ifdef _however_you_detect_solaris_and_clones_; .Xr zfs 1M; #else;. Xr zfs 8; #endif, then run blazfar.1m.8 through gcc^Wclang -E to get schrodinger's blazfar.1m or blazfar.8
[11:53:01] <tsoome> it is not just about make install, but also about references in manual text
[11:53:25] <tsoome> it is jus way too painful.
[11:53:43] <Reinhilde> well, that is true to a degree
[11:54:39] <Reinhilde> tsoome: what do you think of my idea of abusing the C preprocessor?
[11:55:14] <Reinhilde> ugly hack, i assume
[11:55:41] <tsoome> indeed.
[11:56:18] <tsoome> a little quiz. do you know what are: serpa, seville, solana and jumilla?:)
[11:56:41] <Reinhilde> i know at least 1 of them is a city in spain.
[11:56:47] <Reinhilde> the other 3, no.
[11:57:03] <tsoome> T3-1, T3-4, T3-2 and T3-1B :D
[11:57:22] <Reinhilde> tsoome: huh?
[11:57:24] <tsoome> did not get any better?:)
[11:57:41] <Reinhilde> made worse.
[11:57:48] <tsoome> SPARC.
[11:58:19] <Reinhilde> truth be told, I've never used a Sun Workstation
[11:59:46] <jimklimov> could do automake .in templates :)
[11:59:53] <jimklimov> or same by hand with a bit of sed
[12:00:04] <Reinhilde> jimklimov: preprocessor is probably better.
[12:01:16] <jimklimov> tsoome: got the ISO, will try soon
[12:01:30] <jimklimov> so far playing in that OK prompt of the VM
[12:01:47] <jimklimov> how do I pass "kernel" and "module" to boot? :)
[12:02:00] <jimklimov> can I expand the set ${bootfs} there? works for ls...
[12:02:24] <tsoome> you can just: set currdev=zfs:….:
[12:02:27] <tsoome> and then boot
[12:02:59] <tsoome> currdev is default device name to use with file operations
[12:03:13] <jimklimov> no bootable kernel :\
[12:03:40] <tsoome> kernel is usually in /platform/i86pc/kernel/amd64/unix
[12:03:57] <tsoome> you can check with ls:D
[12:04:02] <jimklimov> ls finds it
[12:04:15] <jimklimov> should I "set" something for it too?
[12:04:16] <tsoome> with that path?
[12:04:37] <jimklimov> yes...
[12:04:51] <tsoome> ou, wait, you had just plain loader from your ESP, right?
[12:05:00] <jimklimov> yes, no args
[12:05:16] <tsoome> in that case, once you did set currdev and ls is working, enter: include /boot/loader.rc
[12:05:39] <tsoome> this will read in the boot scripts and stuff
[12:05:43] <jimklimov> oh, nice, a menu :)
[12:05:51] <tsoome> now it showuld boot
[12:05:58] <tsoome> should*
[12:06:33] <tsoome> plain loader can load kernel and BA with load command, but it is easier to read in /boot/loader.rc and let it do the work
[12:07:33] <jimklimov> booting...
[12:07:35] <jimklimov> and reset
[12:07:43] <tsoome> btw, you should be able to record the vbox console as video .
[12:08:02] <tsoome> reset is likely panic from rootfs device not found.
[12:08:03] <jimklimov> probably need to import-export the pool for nwe device names
[12:08:23] <tsoome> yes. boot -k will let you see the panic message
[12:08:55] <tsoome> but you can use the iso boot to fix device paths in pool:D
[12:08:57] <jimklimov> so now I understand more of what I see in loader's first screen :)
[12:09:19] <jimklimov> setting currdev to zfs:nvpool:
[12:09:28] <jimklimov> this is probably not as helpful as I thought :)
[12:10:32] <tsoome> ya thats your pool root and usually has nothein else than boot/menu.lst :)
[12:10:45] <tsoome> or boot/grub/menu.lst and few more.
[12:11:16] <jimklimov> TAB-completion for paths is sorely lacking ;p
[12:11:17] <wilbury> like eepromrc
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[12:12:41] <tsoome> I need to find a bit of time to replace linenoise with better solution, then we will also have tab completion
[12:13:01] <tsoome> linenoise is the cli editor we have atm
[12:13:31] <tsoome> it is rather dumb but better than none (its virtue is being very small)
[12:14:34] <wilbury> emacs binding would be of a great help
[12:14:40] <wilbury> tab completion, too
[12:14:44] <wilbury> and history!
[12:14:45] <jimklimov> and an OS
[12:14:50] <wilbury> :-P
[12:14:55] <tsoome> history is there for arrow keys:D
[12:15:35] <wilbury> hm, maybe even scrollbck for 2-3 80x24 pages... but about that i'm not sure if it's easy to implement
[12:15:36] <jimklimov> tsoome: so the ISO boots and looks promising
[12:15:48] <jimklimov> but its OK prompt is similarly broken
[12:16:07] <tsoome> wilbury: it is but does need … time:D
[12:16:24] <wilbury> tsoome: precious? fscking? :-D
[12:16:27] <tsoome> jimklimov: like half drawn?
[12:16:29] <jimklimov> gotta run off, will be back in 2 hours or so
[12:16:31] <jimklimov> yes
[12:16:38] <jimklimov> and random amounts of lines
[12:16:50] <jimklimov> 3 to 10 per original single line I suppose
[12:16:54] <tsoome> check it you have uptodate vbox:D
[12:17:04] <jimklimov> almost
[12:17:16] *** vila <vila!~vila@lstlambert-658-1-248-94.w80-15.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #illumos
[12:17:16] <jimklimov> mebbe
[12:17:19] <jimklimov> 5.1.36
[12:17:24] <jimklimov> not stellar
[12:17:30] <jimklimov> but not ancient
[12:17:33] <jimklimov> =D
[12:17:46] <jimklimov> so 2 hrs and thanks a lot for the progress so far
[12:17:47] <tsoome> just to be sure. I have 6.0:D
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[12:19:25] <tsoome> https://paste.ec/paste/Vsa3K0Z4#IvPY3aazNZ49vqe2i8ltC90hlI2nULg2Vg9biezabKC
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[15:15:00] <jimklimov> tsoome : https://paste.ec/paste/NRUhrYLu#
[15:15:02] *** Kurlon <Kurlon!~Kurlon@cpe-67-253-141-249.rochester.res.rr.com> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[15:39:04] *** tsoome <tsoome!~tsoome@148-52-235-80.sta.estpak.ee> has joined #illumos
[15:39:15] <KungFuJesus> tsoome: is that the EFI loader?
[15:39:28] <tsoome> yes
[15:39:31] <tsoome> in vbox
[15:39:34] <KungFuJesus> it's quite a bit prettier than MBR
[15:39:41] <jimklimov> tsoome : https://paste.ec/paste/NRUhrYLu#
[15:39:47] <jimklimov> not sure you were on when I posted
[15:41:17] <tsoome> it does show the encrypted text for some reason
[15:42:17] <jimklimov> ok will retry
[15:43:07] <jimklimov> does this work https://paste.ec/paste/QM-8hgNM#NP47sPAjRHbj4zJieUTZPz2cENZ4Grjdn2MZsT4iPTV ?
[15:43:18] <jimklimov> or https://paste.ec/raw/QM-8hgNM#NP47sPAjRHbj4zJieUTZPz2cENZ4Grjdn2MZsT4iPTV
[15:43:59] <tsoome> yes
[15:44:37] <tsoome> that is indeed weird
[15:45:17] <jimklimov> should I try to update my vbox or do you want to experiment something there ? :)
[15:45:31] <tsoome> I’d go for update first
[15:46:33] <tsoome> I mean, we do draw with GOP Blt(), if it is broken, there is nothing we can do except to blacklist GOP Blt on that system
[15:47:06] <tsoome> but if more recent version does fix it, there is no reason we need to do anything:)
[15:48:36] <jimklimov> :)
[15:49:05] <tsoome> you can compare the screen with BIOS version anyhow
[15:49:09] *** Kurlon <Kurlon!~Kurlon@bidd-pub-03.gwi.net> has joined #illumos
[15:49:30] <andyf> That happens on OmniOS when you load a new font and switch resolution
[15:49:39] <andyf> (well, in loader in omnios)
[15:49:43] <jimklimov> hm, didn't try to bios-boot this setup again
[15:49:54] <tsoome> hm.
[15:50:05] <jimklimov> I mean the disk as on nvm controller is not seen by even vbox load selector
[15:50:17] <jimklimov> and did not get it back to sas/sata/... yet
[15:50:29] <tsoome> ok, I can certainly test over the font load
[15:50:34] <jimklimov> andyf : also on hardware?
[15:50:47] <andyf> jimklimov, no idea :)
[15:50:55] <tsoome> yes, vbox can not boot from nvme with bios mode
[15:51:22] <andyf> tsoome, loadfont 10x18 will cause this for me in some resolutions
[15:53:27] <tsoome> hm, do you have some more specific case?:)
[15:53:37] *** Kurlon <Kurlon!~Kurlon@bidd-pub-03.gwi.net> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[15:53:45] <andyf> I will try and find a good reproduce procedure..
[15:54:31] <tsoome> it certainly does smell like terminal resolution is not updated properly and wrong glyph size is used for scroll
[15:55:19] <jimklimov> FWIW my VM had a <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/LastGuestSizeHint" value="1280,720"/> and the menu is grayed out Resize to 1024x768 :\
[15:55:20] <andyf> framebuffer set 800x600; loadfont /boot/fonts/10x18.fnt; framebuffer off
[15:55:58] <andyf> https://paste.ec/paste/exANl14i#f5fwyL1gvUK7nKLS5afvDJJA25eRviyuQeGlJZ13UFF
[15:56:09] <andyf> not quite the same..
[15:56:33] <tsoome> that uefi?
[15:56:38] <andyf> yes
[15:56:53] <andyf> oh, no.. it's KVM
[15:56:57] <andyf> so it won't be UEFI
[15:58:00] <jimklimov> I've had a lot of phoenix-chips when booting from that ISO : https://paste.ec/paste/wS7Ihpg6#IHwfl6GxUugOWY5Yn6epb6BD9xKMi3DHlSHioc8AZwU
[15:58:08] <tsoome> ou, I think there we did not switch to 8x16 font then, and we did load 10x18 to vga font memory
[15:58:13] <jimklimov> can only see the last couple, but was a screenful
[15:58:15] <tsoome> that another bug:D
[15:58:50] <jimklimov> after SunOS kernel, the fonts are ok however
[15:59:04] <jimklimov> so the language/kbd selector and shell work
[15:59:49] <tsoome> ok
[16:02:45] *** Kurlon <Kurlon!~Kurlon@bidd-pub-03.gwi.net> has joined #illumos
[16:03:44] <tsoome> jimklimov: tr '\0' '\n' < /system/boot/environment | grep screen-font
[16:04:49] <jimklimov> 12x24
[16:04:52] <jimklimov> at the moment
[16:05:24] <tsoome> ok, so it did happen switching from 8x16 to 12x24
[16:06:04] <jimklimov> visually I don't think the font changed... I can reboot to check closely
[16:06:11] <tsoome> and I have the same font and therefore the same sequence and it is all ok:D
[16:07:25] <jimklimov> so early console is indeed notably smaller, then the loader menu is larger and looks ok, the "booting..." is bad, the SunOS and later is ok,
[16:07:41] <jimklimov> and the size/font seems to not change after the menu kicks in
[16:07:58] <jimklimov> so I think the fast scrolling is what causes the visible issue
[16:08:09] <jimklimov> or correlates at least :)
[16:08:21] *** man_u <man_u!~manu@manu2.gandi.net> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[16:10:25] <jimklimov> so far, with the ISO I imported the nvpool and got it a bootfs (was not set) and upon reboot have a loader menu :)
[16:10:43] <jimklimov> but it resets when choosing the boot, so debugging...
[16:13:35] <jimklimov> https://paste.ec/paste/FUsSXlln#ngq7rOj2pPi90EgACgjnxaUTv7sTi2hb75Uhw3mEZ3b
[16:13:40] <jimklimov> so indeed vfsroot
[16:14:13] <jimklimov> curiously, when the old VM ran and I was attaching the nvm disk to it to make the copy, it was only seen as sata
[16:14:32] <jimklimov> but loader and the test ISO now did not have a problem seeing it on nvm controller
[16:15:09] <KungFuJesus> is the motivation for the bhyve port for Joyent to move away from KVM for Windows VMs?
[16:27:05] *** catalinbostan <catalinbostan!~textual@mail.prosys.ro> has joined #illumos
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[16:38:45] *** tomww <tomww!~tom@unaffiliated/tomww> has joined #illumos
[16:53:27] <tsoome> jimklimov: loader is only using what firmware is offering:) the on disk installation, however, may also missing nvme driver itself.
[16:54:09] <jimklimov> interesting point; is there one? :-)
[16:54:20] <LeftWing> KungFuJesus: I'm no longer with Joyent, but the plan was for bhyve to eventually be the hypervisor for all workloads
[16:54:28] <LeftWing> KVM was kind of a dead end for us
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[17:30:28] <KungFuJesus> Oh yeah? What were the main arguments for replacing it? I know Joyent spent a fair amount of time doing the port from Linux to Illumos
[17:33:19] <KungFuJesus> Man, SMF is a good thing, but if there were one thing I could replace about it, it'd be replacing the XML based manifests. The schema validation is downright confusing sometimes
[17:34:20] <jimklimov> well it is tedious, but I see it as a benefit - too hard to make stupid mistakes
[17:34:36] <jimklimov> and schema is something you can read, understand and comply to
[17:34:49] <jimklimov> like the ordering of things
[17:35:14] <jimklimov> for schemaless, there is a lot of "svccfg -s ... addprop ..." scripted commands possible
[17:35:38] <jimklimov> effectively look at "svccfg ... editprop" and prefix "svccfg ..." to every line :)
[17:40:04] *** man_u <man_u!~manu@> has joined #illumos
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[18:22:10] *** KungFuJesus <KungFuJesus!~adamstyli@> has joined #illumos
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[18:28:22] *** Kurlon <Kurlon!~Kurlon@bidd-pub-03.gwi.net> has joined #illumos
[18:53:51] <KungFuJesus> So I'm not sure if this is a bug or an implementation detail - but my Domain Admin user can browse things over smb that they do not have effective permissions over
[18:54:27] <KungFuJesus> Can someone who works on the smbd tell me if this is expected behavior? I don't think it should be
[18:55:56] <KungFuJesus> I noticed this when I couldn't access a directory over nfsv4 but somehow could with my DA user on windows
[19:07:54] *** nbhauke <nbhauke!~hauke@p5DEEFD09.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #illumos
[19:09:53] <jimklimov> Isn't a DA quite close to root?
[19:10:56] <KungFuJesus> well, yes, but I don't know of any storage appliance or service that just assumes DA will have full permission
[19:11:14] <KungFuJesus> this certainly isn't the behavior for windows' smb implementation
[19:12:11] <KungFuJesus> I would think, at worst, DA would be allowed to modify the ACLs, but in doing so it would trigger an entry in an audit log if auditing were enabled for a share
[19:12:55] *** catalinbostan <catalinbostan!~textual@mail.prosys.ro> has quit IRC (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[19:13:04] <KungFuJesus> if this is intentional, perhaps it isn't a bug, but maybe that behavior should be re-evaluated
[19:13:18] <jimklimov> speaking of which - maybe the permission for DA is not an smbd bug (allegedly)but a defaultACL bug?
[19:13:54] <jimklimov> also, is this about directory listing or also file access?
[19:14:06] <KungFuJesus> my aclmode and aclinherit are passthrough, and seemingly, whatever wrote the top level directory applied permissions (perhaps cp with -a)
[19:14:28] <jimklimov> as for Windows, I managed those until Win 2003 or so, and don't remember being denied access, except for open files.
[19:14:40] <KungFuJesus> both, I can violate these permissions using my DA account from within windows. I used the file permissions dialog to get effective permissions, said I was denied everything, yet I could do whatever I wanted
[19:15:24] <KungFuJesus> the ACLs were written in a way that owner had full permission, but basically nothing else (except for System)
[19:15:48] <jimklimov> beside file permissions (that should hold for all protocols, as they are an FS thing and so a matter between ZFS and the ephemeral or not user mapping for cifs), there are also share permissions
[19:15:54] <KungFuJesus> the DA user in Linux couldn't even stat the directory with the restricted permission, but DA within windows could do whatever they wanted
[19:16:07] <jimklimov> I'd assume they can't allow more (in access practice) than what FS says though
[19:16:26] <KungFuJesus> share permissions were permissive, I've accidentally messed with the .zfs directory and made this mistake before - this isn't that
[19:16:59] <KungFuJesus> also share permissions only apply for mounting/browsing at the top level, the lower level file permissions still apply
[19:17:46] <KungFuJesus> my user mapping is also functioning properly, it could identify the owner/creator of the file in both Linux over NFS and Windows over SMB
[19:19:48] <jimklimov> does `idmap list` glean anything?
[19:19:59] <jimklimov> and/or `idmap dump -v`
[19:21:03] <jimklimov> in the notes for setup I had, I see lines like
[19:21:03] <jimklimov> add winuser:jim at domain dot com unixuser:jim
[19:21:03] <jimklimov> add winuser:* at domain dot com unixuser:*
[19:21:03] <LeftWing> KungFuJesus: It'd be interesting to look at the ACL for a file that you can read, but which you feel you should not be able to
[19:21:20] <LeftWing> e.g., with /usr/bin/ls -V
[19:22:02] <jimklimov> and more notably the roots
[19:22:02] <jimklimov> add winname:Guest@thumper unixuser:nobody
[19:22:02] <jimklimov> add winuser:Administrator@thumper unixuser:root
[19:22:02] <jimklimov> add "wingroup:Domain Users at domain dot com" unixgroup:staff
[19:22:02] <jimklimov> add "wingroup:Domain Admins at domain dot com" unixgroup:sysadmin
[19:22:22] <jimklimov> I do not over the years remember if I wrote those by hand or they were baked in by setup routines, though
[19:22:57] <jimklimov> since this came from OpenSolaris SXCE way into OpenIndiana, it could be done a decade before today's routines, if any, appeared ;)
[19:22:58] <KungFuJesus> jimklimov: I do not have any manual id mappings configured
[19:23:33] <KungFuJesus> LeftWing: I've since wiped these, but I can probably reproduce it, one second
[19:25:55] <KungFuJesus> https://pastebin.com/TZq7wS10
[19:26:10] <KungFuJesus> DA user can write to that
[19:26:18] <KungFuJesus> only through smbd
[19:27:29] <jimklimov> and the DA user is not astylinski (just sanity-checking, sorry)
[19:27:33] <jimklimov> right?
[19:28:57] *** mnowak_ <mnowak_!~mnowak_@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[19:29:26] *** mnowak_ <mnowak_!~mnowak_@> has joined #illumos
[19:34:00] <KungFuJesus> right, _admin is
[19:38:16] <KungFuJesus> strangely, notepad through windows also took ownership during the save. I'm not sure if that's default behavior for applications or not, though
[19:40:50] <KungFuJesus> that confused me immensely when I tried to, after the fact, mess with the ACLs in a way that resticted access to only the owner
[19:43:42] <jimklimov> KungFuJesus: I'd guess this depends on implementation of "save" : it could write into same file, or delete old + create new
[19:44:52] <jimklimov> tsoome: is there a mode for loader to offer which BE I want (or god forbid, tweak the settings for that)? Like I can in GRUB? ;)
[19:45:24] <jimklimov> I think I saw it do so in OmniOS, so it should be there
[19:45:38] <tsoome> if you switch the BE you will get its settings
[19:45:53] <jimklimov> but probably it does not iterate the existing FSes right?
[19:46:22] <tsoome> um, what you mean?
[19:46:25] <jimklimov> "its" meaning one at a time?
[19:46:39] <tsoome> yes
[19:47:21] <jimklimov> on my old setup, I have actually two entries per BE (to use boot_archive, or to recover same rootfs with firefly).... and for history, a dozen of those duplets
[19:48:17] <jimklimov> with experiments now to recover with loader bolted from the side, I have a hard time getting e.g. firefly to load... module... what is the keyword to get its miniroot?
[19:48:33] <jimklimov> and surely no entry to quickly choose that "I want this BE"
[19:48:46] <tsoome> um
[19:50:13] <jimklimov> and where would I see or set other things, like the serial vs physical console, if there is no predefined menu toggle for some option? :)
[19:50:35] <tsoome> options menu?
[19:51:57] <jimklimov> that seems to offer only predefined stuff, 7 toggles or so
[19:52:09] <jimklimov> where do I spell it which of my miniroots to use? )
[19:53:17] *** BH23 <BH23!~BH23@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[19:53:22] <tsoome> thats a bit more complicated… are you sure you want to have them in menu?:)
[19:54:09] <jimklimov> for repairs like this, and my setup like it is - it would suffice to have two
[19:54:11] <jimklimov> per BE :)
[19:54:32] <jimklimov> and with just one BE shown at a time, how does one roll back from botched update?
[19:54:42] <jimklimov> type the currdev?
[19:54:47] <tsoome> one be?
[19:55:01] *** alanc <alanc!~alanc@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:55:11] <tsoome> if you have one BE, you do not have rollback, do you?
[19:55:28] *** alanc <alanc!~alanc@> has joined #illumos
[19:55:32] <tsoome> if you have more than one be, the be list will be longer:D
[19:55:44] <jimklimov> for me yes... I have the loader, I have its menu (as copied from another system... maybe that's the issue)
[19:55:54] <tsoome> ah,
[19:56:02] <jimklimov> I am offered a similar list like on the CD
[19:56:11] <tsoome> your menu and be list are not in sync?
[19:56:13] <KungFuJesus> so have we confirmed I'm looking at an SMB bug?
[19:56:21] <jimklimov> so single/multiuser, loader shell and options
[19:56:55] <tsoome> boot, then beadm activate currentbe, and it should create menu.lst
[19:58:12] <tsoome> how often do you need the resque BA?
[19:58:23] <tsoome> rescue*
[20:03:00] <tsoome> with current setup, i can think of 2 ways to handle rescue stuff, one is to have “good” BE, another is a bit of manual work (can be turned into menu later)
[20:04:04] <jimklimov> well, I have an "original" firefly BE (just unpacked ISO contents there, and it is bootable)
[20:05:03] <jimklimov> and for each updated "real" BE it takes the firefly boot archive and replaces its kernel/driver files with what is applicable for the new OS, and saves it as an additional miniroot in this new BE
[20:05:15] <jimklimov> effectively the Failsafe solaris10 style
[20:05:29] <tsoome> the thing is, we load kernel and list of pre-defined modules, the normal setup has boot archive and its hash
[20:05:48] <tsoome> see /etc/default/loader.conf for module definition
[20:05:54] <jimklimov> helps a lot in cases like this, to rearrange boot device path by import/export
[20:06:27] <jimklimov> doing so via CDs or USBs proved tricky to me, tends to shuffle device order compared to what the system sees when it is booting alone
[20:06:41] <tsoome> now, because modules are pre-defined, you can define one for your rescue, but in disabled state, so you wont end up with 2 of them
[20:07:15] <tsoome> so, to activate it, you can use enable-module and disable-module commands from ok prompt
[20:08:54] <jimklimov> isn't that really at /boot/defaults/loader.conf ?
[20:08:55] <tsoome> show+module+options will list the currently defined modules
[20:09:05] <jimklimov> saw nothing in etc :)
[20:09:08] <tsoome> oops, s/+/-/g
[20:10:00] <tsoome> yes, /boot/defaults/loader.conf and local mods can go to /boot/loader.conf or better /boot/conf.d
[20:10:51] <tsoome> so, if you have 2 boot archives defined, you disable one and enable another (do not forget the hash)
[20:11:14] <jimklimov> I wonder if grub terminology also confused our discussion
[20:11:32] <jimklimov> because here I see somewhat different meanings of "kernel" and "module"
[20:11:39] <jimklimov> and newly a few other words :)
[20:12:42] <jimklimov> so by this conf, what I want to replace is the boot_archive_name I think
[20:13:02] <tsoome> create new one:)
[20:13:02] <jimklimov> and no hash ATM
[20:13:52] <jimklimov> so just manually edit this file (or move around a conf.d snippet adding the firefly)?
[20:13:53] <tsoome> and do not forget to set its _load=NO
[20:14:08] <jimklimov> can the same value be defined twice, to overwrite?
[20:14:20] <tsoome> you better create new file
[20:16:10] <tsoome> you can have something like this: https://paste.ec/paste/MtITSrRP#95JRYZ34-tOd/Cm3YY/m3xHy1j7DmGVbIumFkP8nRA/
[20:20:05] <tsoome> and you could get something like this: https://paste.ec/paste/us8Kfr9-#-cT4UGYceeEu+5ctdJPTS5iLO5Oet+benKyqspLgfSv
[20:22:38] <tsoome> to switch BA’s, you will now need disable-module boot_archive.hash, disable-module boot_archive and enable-module altboot_archive
[20:24:41] <tsoome> of course this can be scripted to one command:)
[20:26:13] <jimklimov> some good news : got the BE selector :)
[20:26:27] <tsoome> :D
[20:26:58] <jimklimov> strange news: don't see a way out of this menu =D
[20:27:20] <tsoome> 1 or backspace
[20:27:50] <tsoome> or just enter to boot
[20:28:09] <jimklimov> hm, so that's the use of "active" and "bootfs"? :)
[20:28:43] <tsoome> informative purpose only
[20:29:15] <tsoome> so you see what you got, because we can have titles…
[20:29:34] <jimklimov> yeah... show-module-options played well with the font bug ;)
[20:29:53] <jimklimov> got several screenlongs of debris
[20:29:57] <tsoome> that one is still weird..
[20:30:44] <tsoome> wait, the menu itself is good?
[20:30:52] <jimklimov> yes
[20:31:21] <KungFuJesus> alright, well I filed a bug: https://www.illumos.org/issues/11773
[20:31:31] <tsoome> try: 0x1b emit char c emit
[20:32:22] <jimklimov> magic pill!
[20:32:26] <jimklimov> helped
[20:32:37] <tsoome> and scroll is ok too?
[20:33:01] <tsoome> esc c is sequence to reset terminal emulator
[20:33:37] <jimklimov> scroll beyond end of screen broke ;(
[20:33:42] <jimklimov> still like that
[20:33:56] <jimklimov> hopping AFK a bit
[20:34:35] <tsoome> ok, but I can check over the scroll code…
[20:50:21] *** lordnkon is now known as niknn33
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[21:01:46] <KungFuJesus> https://www.illumos.org/issues/11772 hah, difficult: expert
[21:04:14] <tsoome> that is not to be underestimated. people have had serious fights about CoC
[21:04:36] <KungFuJesus> yeah, and all of which have been pretty silly to be honest
[21:04:56] <KungFuJesus> setting a precedent for being professional seems like something that ought to be simple
[21:05:15] <tsoome> people love to have fight about silly things:)
[21:05:26] <tsoome> serious stull is … too serious:)
[21:06:02] <tsoome> stuff*
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[21:51:53] <LeftWing> KungFuJesus: :P
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