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   September 16, 2019  
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[00:40:04] <jbk> heh.. i rewrote a tcl weather script for someone's eggdrop more recently than i'd care to admit :)
[00:41:07] <jbk> (the original was parsing html with regex)
[00:41:09] <richlowe> If you're ever bored, go read the scheme v. TCL war archives
[00:41:17] <jbk> i'd rather not :)
[00:41:18] <richlowe> (Sun employing oosterhout and firmly on the TCL side, as I recall)
[00:41:36] <AmyMalik> jbk: the application is written in c
[00:42:00] <richlowe> jbk: it's an excitingly flamely argument where nobody in the modern world would really take _either_ side.
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[00:43:07] <jbk> AmyMalik: is it crashing, or just not working right?
[00:46:55] <AmyMalik> jbk: both. crashing on start, because on start it loads some modules
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[01:16:48] <jbk> if it's on illumos, you can try running pstack on the core file if you just want a back trace
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[02:15:18] <AmyMalik> jbk: wasn't enough information
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[03:01:40] <richlowe> what was missing?
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[09:02:58] <tsoome> eh, my work laptop will get keyboard+display replaced for free:)
[09:03:25] <tsoome> which also means new battery.
[09:03:28] <andyf> Win :)
[09:03:39] <tsoome> yep
[09:03:54] <tsoome> my personal one got the same treat:)
[09:19:40] <wilbury> i suspect my work mbp to also be a keyboard replacement candidate :-( (early 2018), early 2016 personal one is ok
[09:22:59] <andyf> I'm still on an old macbook air.. great keyboard (and ESC key!)
[09:24:44] <wilbury> early 2016 without touchbar ftw. but yes, i got used to touchbar...
[09:25:44] <andyf> I'm still envious of a colleague that grew up using ^[ by habit instead of reaching for escape.. (I have no idea why he did, but he certainly doesn't miss the physical escape key!)
[09:26:13] <sensille> good idea
[09:26:54] <sensille> and much easier. need to make a habit out of it :))
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[12:56:21] <andy_js> Can somebody recommend some nightly options for short build times?
[12:56:47] <andy_js> I’m really only running nightly to generate the IPS packages.
[12:57:24] <andyf> The biggest win is to stick with DEBUG or non-DEBUG
[12:57:45] <andyf> I use -nmpt in my .env file
[12:57:51] <andyf> then run `nightly -i`
[12:58:32] <andyf> and an incremental, including package generation, takes around 5 minutes
[12:59:06] <andyf> (oh, mine disables the shadow compilers too)
[13:07:22] <andy_js> I just noticed that my builds are failing. It appears to be something to do with glib.
[13:07:34] <andy_js> I guess I updated glib without realising.
[13:07:38] <andyf> You need https://www.illumos.org/rb/r/2301/
[13:08:06] <andyf> it should only be the shadow compilers that are complaining, so if you disable them you will be fine
[13:08:44] <andy_js> OK I’ll try that.
[13:14:10] <andy_js> Maybe we shouldn’t be using deprecated APIs.
[13:14:31] <andyf> Indeed... I was going to open an issue for that.
[13:15:23] <andyf> The problems you are seeing would appear even if we stopped using deprecated APIs though, they're issues parsing the declarations in the header files
[13:15:45] <andyf> I am not volunteering to freshen up our hal or policykit code just now..
[13:16:01] <andy_js> That only affects smash though as far as I can see. It doesn’t look like GCC is having any trouble.
[13:16:07] <andy_js> *smatch.
[13:16:15] <andyf> gcc4 does
[13:16:36] <andyf> The glib headers use pragmas that don't appear until gcc 4.6
[13:17:36] <andyf> and yes, smatch.. my proposed change just disables smatch for those couple of problem areas for now. jlevon may have ideas on how to make it understand what is going on.
[13:17:50] <andy_js> Which pragmas?
[13:18:16] <andyf> _Pragma ("GCC diagnostic ignored \"-Wdeprecated-declarations\"")
[13:18:24] <andyf> well, that's the line in the glib2 header file
[13:18:51] <andyf> bracketed by "Gcc diagnostic push" and "Gcc diagnostic pop"
[13:19:44] <andyf> so my change just adds an explicit -Wno-deprecated-declarations for gcc4 in those areas.
[13:22:16] <andy_js> Oh right. It’s declaring stuff as deprecated and using those pragmas to allow the internal API to use them without any warnings.
[13:22:28] <andy_js> Kind of do as I say and not as I do.
[13:22:44] <andyf> yeah..
[13:23:05] <andyf> or it's trying to stop compilers complaining just because you include the header file
[13:23:34] <andyf> they should complain if you try and use them, not just because the prototypes are defined.
[13:24:03] <andyf> On the plus side, gcc 7 was fine with it all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[13:24:13] <andy_js> There used to be a define you could set to turn the deprecation warnings off globally for glib.
[13:24:35] <andyf> Meeting, bbl
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[14:44:25] <andy_js> What’s the difference between D and F nightly options?
[14:44:42] <andy_js> As far as I can tell they both enable debugging.
[14:45:57] <jlevon> D = enable DEBUG build
[14:46:04] <jlevon> F = don't build a non-DEBUG build
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[17:50:23] <KungFuJesus> illumos-gate's gone a bit quiet the past couple of days - Nexenta and Joyent in company-wide meetings or something?
[17:50:34] <andyf> Weekend?
[17:50:46] <_mjg> that's no excuse
[17:50:58] <KungFuJesus> well obviously, but I've seen fixes get pushed over the weekend before. Usually I see some activity by Monday
[17:51:26] <KungFuJesus> But maybe that was from Peter Tribble et al - the community contributors
[17:52:03] <_mjg> anythig interesting cooking?
[17:52:25] <KungFuJesus> There are a couple of ZoL feature ports that looked kind of exciting
[17:53:38] <KungFuJesus> The Log Spacemap - helps a bit for preventing fragmentation as the pool fills - and helps reduce latency when there's a lot of free space fragmentation
[17:53:47] <jlevon> I'm busy on https://www.illumos.org/issues/11692 and friends
[17:54:25] <KungFuJesus> ah yeah, I've been bit on that one and had to use pargs instead
[17:54:49] <KungFuJesus> pargs might have had a length limitation, I'm not sure I remember
[17:55:14] <KungFuJesus> I do like that the ptools also work with core dumps
[18:00:01] <andyf> jlevon - nice :) I was looking at the change that went into Joyent and the restructuring is definitely an improvement
[18:00:55] <_mjg> do you guys have profiling data from a workload like package (pkgsrc?) or gate build?
[18:01:10] <_mjg> by that i mean flamegraphs and/or lockstat
[18:03:52] <_mjg> i'm mostly curious about the former
[18:04:06] <andyf> Not me, but it would be an interesting exercise
[18:04:47] <_mjg> i'm mostly asking because of this https://www.perkin.org.uk/posts/building-packages-at-scale.html
[18:05:08] <_mjg> i know it's old and perhaps things changed, but %sys is quite high suggesting things are not optimal
[18:05:16] <_mjg> note this predates meltdown et al
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[18:21:27] <jperkin> I didn't do any system profiling as part of that work (not because it isn't interesting or that I wouldn't want to at some point, but I was focussing on improving pkgsrc performance)
[18:25:02] <_mjg> sure
[18:25:11] <_mjg> is it an option to such data for the next run?
[18:26:24] <rmustacc> Probably would want to do it on up to date bits so we're not chasing things we've already fixed (pkgsrc builds often are on older bits for increased compat of packages)
[18:27:32] <jperkin> I'm happy to run stuff, and we build every day, but yeh what Robert said.
[18:27:47] <jperkin> illumos builds are probably more appropriate for this
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[18:35:35] <gitomat> [illumos-gate] 11680 want reallocf(3C) -- Andy Fiddaman <omnios at citrus-it dot co.uk>
[18:36:17] <rmustacc> By the way anyone want to poke at a de-kshification of sleep (maybe others coming soon).
[18:38:19] *** man_u <man_u!~manu@manu2.gandi.net> has quit IRC (Quit: man_u)
[18:40:50] <yuripv> meaning resurrecting the standalone executables?
[18:41:23] <rmustacc> yuripv: Well, for this one I did something that honored the existing features/other common ones.
[18:41:51] <rmustacc> So it's maintaining documented functionality (which the old ones didn't)
[18:41:51] <LeftWing> A new sleep(1) from whole cloth? :D
[18:41:59] <rmustacc> Probably not quite whole cloth.
[18:42:01] <LeftWing> ha
[18:42:02] <andyf> fractional time?
[18:42:04] <rmustacc> Yes.
[18:42:12] <rmustacc> fractional time, the suffixes, etc.
[18:42:16] <LeftWing> Nice
[18:42:35] <rmustacc> It's probably buggy in ways I don't know yet.
[18:42:53] <LeftWing> Well I suppose we can write some tests at least!
[18:43:08] <rmustacc> Haha, I was thinking about how best to do that, tbh.
[18:43:43] <rmustacc> You can time that sleep goes longer than you expect. Or maybe DTrace the sleep time.
[18:43:53] <rmustacc> I dunno.
[18:43:56] <LeftWing> Maybe a simple C program that uses gethrtime() and system() ?
[18:44:15] <rmustacc> It's not as obvious how to make nice parallel tests that don't just take up time.
[18:44:16] <LeftWing> And makes sure the sleep is as long as we expect, but not _much_ longer?
[18:44:29] <rmustacc> That seems like it'll fall apart on a heavily loaded system.
[18:45:13] <rmustacc> I dunno.
[18:45:24] <LeftWing> I think it will depend on the tolerance you select -- but it's probably not unreasonable to expect the test system to be relatively unloaded except for the tests?
[18:46:53] <LeftWing> We should write that down in the instructions though -- there are already too many undocumented expectations in, say, the ZFS test bits.
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[19:00:57] <richlowe> happily, someone filed a bug against tee a while ago too. so rmustacc has his next target as well.
[19:03:04] <danmcd> Nanosecond arguments for sleep(1)? :D
[19:03:08] <jbk> heh
[19:03:20] <jbk> i still love that ksh93's cat seems to have problems
[19:03:48] <jbk> at least the version in illumos
[19:03:59] <jbk> (that one was a bit of a head scratcher)
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[19:05:39] <jbk> IIRC, it'd lose a few bytes of data here and there
[19:06:02] <jbk> (which if the tee problems also stem from the ksh93 version, makes me wonder if it's an sfio problem)
[19:06:24] <yuripv> rmustacc: in any case, de-kshification sounds like worthy goal
[19:15:20] * LeftWing awaits the Robert Mustacchi personal Copyright on our new suite of UNIX tools
[19:17:32] <richlowe> I'm waiting for rmtar/rmfind myself
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[19:28:05] <rmustacc> Honestly, it's probably better to use existing tools as a base.
[19:32:50] <yuripv> rmrm?
[19:33:25] <rmustacc> The only thing I really want is DTrace aggregating actions in awk.
[19:34:11] <richlowe> I just pipe to datamash.
[19:34:22] <richlowe> well, that's the less shameful thing I do, anyway.
[19:34:22] <rmustacc> Not familiar with that.
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[19:43:17] <yuripv> will ~1.5MB patch get it through to advocates@?
[19:43:41] <yuripv> or better a branch in my fork on github?
[19:51:44] *** despair86 <despair86!~despair@exit.i2p.rocks> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:52:08] *** despair86 <despair86!~despair@exit.i2p.rocks> has joined #illumos
[20:06:25] <KungFuJesus> anyone know if the krb5p is AES-NI accelerated?
[20:06:52] <tsoome> yuripv: as attachment it may be problem
[20:07:51] *** Riastradh <Riastradh!~riastradh@netbsd/developer/riastradh> has joined #illumos
[20:11:30] <yuripv> got it
[20:15:53] *** Riastradh <Riastradh!~riastradh@netbsd/developer/riastradh> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[20:20:32] <yuripv> /devlnull: psecflags: failed setting security-flags: Invalid argument
[20:20:42] <yuripv> looks like a typo somewhere in test suite :)
[20:38:31] <despair86> anyone know why oracle curses does weird things on non-black terminals
[20:38:41] <despair86> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/619960081961844746/623222210072543232/unknown.png
[20:41:44] <despair86> i mean, i'd rather not depend on ncurses if at all possible, simply because i limit myself to a set of common APIs shared across multiple implementations of curses
[20:49:14] *** despair86 <despair86!~despair@exit.i2p.rocks> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:49:38] *** despair86 <despair86!~despair@exit.i2p.rocks> has joined #illumos
[20:54:28] *** wonko <wonko!~quassel@2600:1700:5ee7:1c80:5ce0:c3ff:fe1e:104e> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[20:57:07] *** wonko <wonko!~quassel@> has joined #illumos
[20:58:53] <richlowe> which oracle curses?
[20:58:59] <richlowe> also actually on oracle solaris, or us too?
[20:59:18] <richlowe> also, I don't know the answer either way, but it seems like it'd be important to someone who might.
[20:59:21] <richlowe> (probably LeftWing or tsoome)
[20:59:57] <despair86> same
[21:00:10] <despair86> still the same sys5 curses
[21:00:11] <despair86> i mean
[21:00:31] * despair86 looks at oracle copyright notice in dmesg
[21:02:39] *** Riastradh <Riastradh!~riastradh@netbsd/developer/riastradh> has joined #illumos
[21:02:47] <richlowe> I mean, we don't know if oracle changed anything since, so it matters.
[21:02:52] <despair86> oh
[21:02:53] <richlowe> also, there's a handful of curses libs.
[21:03:24] <despair86> i just link to whatever -lcurses is on the target machine, which just happens to be sys5 curses here.
[21:03:55] <richlowe> I think that's usr/src/lib/libcurses
[21:03:59] <despair86> most of the others have already picked ncursesw as their libcurses, but i'm not a linux guy
[21:04:41] <richlowe> the xpg4 curses (each of them), are entirely distinct source bases :\
[21:04:43] <tsoome> to be really honest, I really fail to see why not switch to ncurses.
[21:05:03] <richlowe> tsoome: us? or despair86?
[21:05:05] <tsoome> except it is some pile of work:D
[21:05:12] <tsoome> gate
[21:05:18] <richlowe> tsoome: us, because it's going to blow away the ABI compat of everyone involved.
[21:05:28] <richlowe> unless you just add a 4th libcurses to the mix
[21:05:51] * despair86 winces slightly
[21:06:35] *** sjorge <sjorge!~sjorge@unaffiliated/sjorge> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[21:06:36] <richlowe> despair86: it's got every chance of being curses, or the terminal definition. which is why you'd want tsoome or LeftWing who care about such things.
[21:06:43] <despair86> i *think* /usr/xpg4/lib/$ARCH/libcurses.so also has the same weird colour problem
[21:06:43] <tsoome> well, anyone insisting on those old versions should start donating the fixes. otherwise it is all just warm air.
[21:06:45] <yuripv> richlowe: why not? install them without compilation symlinks, and forget about them
[21:07:02] <richlowe> yuripv: what I meant about "add a 4th libcurses"
[21:07:22] <richlowe> yuripv: and honestly, that seems reasonable to me
[21:07:48] <despair86> how far along is xpg7 on illumos
[21:08:04] <richlowe> bits are there, bits are not.
[21:08:06] <despair86> if anything ncurses as libcurses could probably go there
[21:08:12] <richlowe> which bits do you need?
[21:08:28] <despair86> *shrugs* was just curious
[21:08:54] <richlowe> oh, well it's usually easy enough to add anything you're specifically missing, if there is anything.
[21:09:03] *** Riastradh <Riastradh!~riastradh@netbsd/developer/riastradh> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[21:09:08] <despair86> o
[21:09:43] <tsoome> terminfo itself should not be too bac to update because unless I am very wrong, the current terminfo in gate is anyhow imported from ncurses:D
[21:09:51] <tsoome> just some years ago
[21:09:53] <yuripv> yes, it is
[21:10:05] <tsoome> s/I bac/bad/
[21:10:07] <yuripv> and I really want to update it (want tmux*)
[21:10:25] <despair86> ?
[21:10:49] <tsoome> ok, back to hunt this damn bug
[21:10:49] <despair86> ohh
[21:11:14] <richlowe> tsoome: right, but we're not sure it's what's wrong with the colouring there. Just that it's entirely possible.
[21:11:40] <tsoome> of course we need to rebase our local updates.)
[21:12:07] <tsoome> but those are quite easy
[21:12:21] <richlowe> and whatever rmustacc decided to do about urxvt
[21:12:47] <yuripv> tsoome: which local updates?
[21:12:55] *** sjorge <sjorge!~sjorge@unaffiliated/sjorge> has joined #illumos
[21:13:01] <tsoome> number of colors and underline attribute
[21:13:08] *** sjorge <sjorge!~sjorge@unaffiliated/sjorge> has quit IRC (Client Quit)
[21:13:12] <yuripv> the only update I did (sun-color underlines) I submitted upstream, and it was integrated
[21:13:32] <yuripv> so.. you didn't! :D
[21:13:41] <richlowe> and rmustacc can't.
[21:13:46] *** sjorge <sjorge!~sjorge@unaffiliated/sjorge> has joined #illumos
[21:14:03] <tsoome> well, upstreams is ncurses?
[21:14:20] <yuripv> there's a link in terminfo.src
[21:14:55] <tsoome> yea, I specifically have not gone that path because oracle has sun and sun-color too
[21:15:24] <tsoome> and sorry to say but our console is already better there:D
[21:15:28] <yuripv> should we rename ours?
[21:15:34] <tsoome> eventually
[21:15:42] <richlowe> because unix terminal handling is crap, that's unfortunately a pain.
[21:15:45] <tsoome> but it should get better still
[21:16:00] <richlowe> passing the capabilities by reference was always fucking terrible
[21:17:00] <tsoome> the problem with those updates is that they really take time and we need to have decent set before we create new entry in terminfo
[21:19:18] *** aszeszo <aszeszo!~aszeszo@unaffiliated/aszeszo> has joined #illumos
[21:21:51] <Agnar> erm, the consolidations are basically also "just" packages like "entire" containing only dependencies, right?
[21:22:02] <tsoome> yes
[21:22:34] <Agnar> ok,
[21:22:41] <Agnar> going to get rid of that junk
[21:23:25] *** aszeszo <aszeszo!~aszeszo@unaffiliated/aszeszo> has quit IRC (Client Quit)
[21:27:09] <richlowe> not a good idea
[21:29:13] <AmyMalik> the illumos sunterm should be called illumos/illumos-color
[21:29:14] <despair86> i build gcc from userland so i can use fbe/oracle as, because gnu as sometimes breaks with certain assembler sequences in LTO compilation
[21:29:41] <despair86> this also breaks entire because my package versions don't quite line up
[21:30:27] <AmyMalik> does llvm have their own assembler on community sol2.11 (not to be confused with oracle sol2.11)
[21:30:34] <richlowe> despair86: version unlock that one package?
[21:31:04] <despair86> ohh
[21:31:28] <Agnar> richlowe: talking to me?
[21:32:23] <richlowe> Agnar: yeah, keeping (a large subset) of packages in sync is important.
[21:32:26] <richlowe> that's what the incorporations do
[21:32:26] <despair86> https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbedtls/blob/master/library/padlock.c#L49 this function fails to assemble in LTO mode with gnu as and apple as across several platforms ('symbol unsupported redefined')
[21:33:31] <despair86> where was that sun blog entry on how to unlock package versions
[21:33:42] <yuripv> tsoome: or we could use stripped down version of terminfo.src, explicitly defining which definitions we want from there, and which are local for us
[21:33:42] <Agnar> richlowe: yes, generally of course. sorry, I had to mention that I'm going to get rid of them on my (sparc) build host where all consolidations block me from updating stuff
[21:34:03] <despair86> oh found it
[21:34:05] <yuripv> tsoome: like current sun(-color) with your updates should be local, as well as urxvt from rm
[21:34:07] <richlowe> despair86: pkg change-facet version-lock.<package name>=false
[21:34:07] <despair86> https://blogs.oracle.com/solaris/trapped-by-older-software
[21:34:43] <richlowe> Agnar: right, but that usually means the update you want to do is bad
[21:35:32] <richlowe> It'll make your life easier short term, possibly. But I suspect that long term it's going to get you into a bigger hole
[21:36:13] <Agnar> richlowe: might be, otoh I can always recreate a sfw-incorporation
[21:37:00] <richlowe> where in the world do you still have an SFW from? :)
[21:37:26] <Agnar> richlowe: oi151a
[21:37:29] <yuripv> they still have sparc
[21:37:34] <andyf> despair86 - the consolidations from gate don't have version-lock facets as far as I remember
[21:37:35] <Agnar> it's vintage
[21:38:57] <despair86> openindiana adds them i think? had to remove entire and userland-incorporation to install my patched gcc
[21:39:13] <despair86> >snv_151a
[21:39:15] <richlowe> andyf: they don't, but we should add them where it's safe to
[21:39:16] <despair86> ah yes
[21:39:19] <andyf> I think openindiana userland has them (and omnios userland too) -
[21:39:21] <richlowe> andyf: as I said in that one code review.
[21:39:35] <despair86> wait, all the sparc bits are gone from HEAD?
[21:39:42] <richlowe> no
[21:40:08] <despair86> why would one still need the snv_151a tag for
[21:40:47] <richlowe> andyf: the data stuff it seems like we could disincorporate in general, though I'm not quite sure of all the implications.
[21:40:54] <richlowe> andyf: providing a version-lock on them is certainly safe, though.
[21:43:02] <andyf> Sounds like a plan - then we could set the version for hwdata to something meaningful
[21:43:19] *** AmyMalik is now known as Reinhilde
[21:44:26] <andyf> I'll have a look at how easy it is.. I seem to remember the incorporations being auto-generated in some way
[21:44:32] <richlowe> They are
[21:44:40] <richlowe> adding the lock _globally_ is trivial, but wrong.
[21:44:48] <andyf> yes, I understand
[21:44:53] <richlowe> adding it selectively you'd do in the same manner as .noincorp
[21:45:37] <richlowe> so transforms/extract_metadata would learn to print VERSIONLOCK=true for org.illumos.version-unlockable (or whatever)
[21:45:53] <richlowe> (or maybe just set PKGSTAT to a different value?)
[21:50:17] <richlowe> I really regret remembering how this is done :\
[21:50:30] <andyf> It's certainly interesting..
[21:51:45] <andyf> use a .mog to spit out shell files which are eval-d.. what's not to like?
[21:52:56] <richlowe> people decided that the package manifests should be the absolute golden source of all package information, which is not a _bad_ idea
[21:53:02] <richlowe> but the implementation is ... exciting.
[21:53:56] <andyf> At least it doesn't look too hard to add something to selectively add facets. Were you wanting to do it or happy for me to play around?
[21:54:13] <richlowe> if you're up for doing it, I certainly would prefer that :)
[21:55:46] <andyf> I'll have a look, thanks for the pointers
[22:06:18] *** ENOMAD <ENOMAD!~nospam@lopsa/chartermember/ENOMAD> has joined #illumos
[22:06:28] <ENOMAD> Greetings. Quick question about device files.
[22:06:31] <ENOMAD> I had to shuffle some drives around. Now iostat -En is reporting them as sd## instead of c#t#.... Even after running devfsadm -C -c disk -v && devfsadm -c disk
[22:06:59] <ENOMAD> any other commands I can issue to get it back to c#t#? (this is on OmniOSce, latest stable version.)
[22:07:54] <despair86> aren't all the storage drivers these days implemented in terms of the SCSI miniport driver? this seems true on pretty much anything but windows
[22:08:39] <richlowe> ENOMAD: can't think of anything except being less specific and letting devfsadm rebuild everything.
[22:09:08] <ENOMAD> richlowe, so just devfsadm with no args?
[22:09:41] <richlowe> That's all I could think of, yes.
[22:09:50] <ENOMAD> darn, no change.
[22:10:04] <richlowe> that, soconfig, and devfsadm -I are all a reconfigure boot does
[22:10:58] <ENOMAD> what arg does it pass to soconfig?
[22:11:06] <richlowe> soconfig won't affect your disks :)
[22:11:13] <ENOMAD> never mind then :)
[22:11:20] <ENOMAD> devfsadm -I didn't change anything.
[22:13:51] *** stevenw99 <stevenw99!~stevenw99@node-1w7jr9y6ihy88j2e4hqrsgizq.ipv6.telus.net> has joined #illumos
[22:14:00] <rmustacc> ENOMAD: Do you see the correct names in diskinfo?
[22:14:50] <ENOMAD> rmustacc, they aren't showing up in diskinfo at all.
[22:15:00] <ENOMAD> I have 4 SSDs, diskinfo only lists 1.
[22:15:14] <ENOMAD> the other three coincide with the bad labels in iostat.
[22:17:01] <rmustacc> That's odd. Hmm.
[22:19:50] <stevenw99> Hey guys, Linux user here looking at SmartOS and OmniOS. So SmartOS live boots of a USB vs Omni which runs off the disk. I'm looking at using it for virtualization which is why I was looking at SmartOS, is OmniOS comparable with its virtualization features and is there anything missing from it? Is it possible to do upgrades without having to reboot on SmartOS/OmniOS/illumos-based systems?
[22:20:00] *** ed209 <ed209!~ed209@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:20:08] *** ed209 <ed209!~ed209@> has joined #illumos
[22:20:11] <ENOMAD> It's interesting iostat reports the disks but they don't seem to be seen anywhere else.
[22:21:13] <rmustacc> stevenw99: The underlying virtualization is similar between the two. The main difference is in some of the tooling and SmartOS being a bit more opionated, so there's slightly less flexibility.
[22:21:25] <rmustacc> stevenw99: In terms of upgrades. The SmartOS model requires that it's always a reboot.
[22:21:49] <ENOMAD> omnios requires reboots for kernel updates and certain other patches but not for package replacement.
[22:21:52] <rmustacc> In terms of OmniOS and others, it's much like Linux. If you only are updating userland, you generally shouldn't need a reboot. But if updating the kernel, there'll be a reboot.
[22:21:57] <ENOMAD> (e.g. this week's updates did not require a reboot.)
[22:23:22] <ENOMAD> I'm going to try pulling the two drives, running devfsadm, then putting them back in and running it again to see if it sees them
[22:23:27] <stevenw99> how often are kernel updates?
[22:23:40] <rmustacc> Depends on what's going on. ;)
[22:23:44] <ENOMAD> but I'm going to wait a few hours to do that, as I have a dr's appt shortly and don't want to risk crippling a critical file server.
[22:24:10] <richlowe> if it's _critical_ I'd probably not worry about it
[22:24:17] <richlowe> and schedule some downtime to reboot it
[22:24:33] <richlowe> if it's still confused then, though...
[22:24:36] <ENOMAD> richlowe, right now pool0 is running without log drives.
[22:24:41] <andyf> ENOMAD - what does `cfgadm -al` show?
[22:25:21] <ENOMAD> andyf, it lists all 4 drives. one is configured the rest are unconfigured.
[22:25:29] <richlowe> the nvme hotswap is recent, right?
[22:25:34] <richlowe> andyf: ooh, good thought!
[22:25:53] <ENOMAD> all 4 are disk-path, connected.
[22:26:05] * HotSwap your nvme drives
[22:26:14] <ENOMAD> richlowe, the SSDs were just swapped around, yes.
[22:26:24] <richlowe> ENOMAD: no, I meant our support for it :)
[22:26:40] <andyf> You could try configuring... is it `cfgadm -c configure <path>`? It's been a while
[22:27:13] <ENOMAD> these are SSDs on a SATA bus.
[22:27:33] *** slx86 <slx86!~Thunderbi@92-110-137-173.cable.dynamic.v4.ziggo.nl> has joined #illumos
[22:27:50] <ENOMAD> I need to run for the bus to Dr's. I'll check back when I return.
[22:27:55] <richlowe> I wish we all did what smartos did and just did that by default :\
[22:28:08] <richlowe> and/or that I remembered why that's not the default.
[22:29:25] <richlowe> andyf: that sounds right, but I'm hesitant to guess when the system's impotant.
[22:30:00] <andyf> I used use it all the time when replacing disks that were part of a disksuite mirror... but it's been a few years
[22:30:05] <andyf> *used to
[22:30:36] <richlowe> yeah, all I remember is that there's an /etc/system toggle to just do what you'd expect.
[22:30:40] <richlowe> and it defaults "off" except on smartos
[22:30:57] <andyf> set sata:sata_auto_online=1
[22:31:09] <andyf> omnios has that too actually, from r151030 onwards
[22:32:42] *** slx86 <slx86!~Thunderbi@92-110-137-173.cable.dynamic.v4.ziggo.nl> has quit IRC (Quit: slx86)
[22:33:13] <richlowe> someday, I'll understand your version numbering
[22:33:18] <richlowe> or you'll change it to one that makes sense anyway :)
[22:33:50] <andyf> There is at least a nice diagram at https://omniosce.org/schedule.html
[22:34:00] <despair86> wut, seems simple enough: all illumos systems descend from oracle snv_151a, and omnios itself is at r30
[22:34:07] <despair86> at least, that what i think that stands for
[22:34:15] <andyf> I remember a BSD Now episode where they were discussing whether it was a subversion revision :D
[22:36:43] <andyf> despair86 - I assume it's that too - I should look at Theo's presentation again..
[22:36:53] <richlowe> illumos itself descends from snv_147
[22:36:55] <andyf> it's v11 r1510XX
[22:37:43] <richlowe> so that'd leave them keeping 151 in the version number despite it representing absolutely nothing that's actually the case anymore.
[22:38:20] <despair86> so all of 148-151 was imported piecemeal or something? was wondering how oracle screwed up the SXCE 2.11 release
[22:39:03] <richlowe> they closed the ON source just prior to the zfs crypto integration into what became onnv_148
[22:39:12] *** Riastradh <Riastradh!~riastradh@netbsd/developer/riastradh> has joined #illumos
[22:39:22] <despair86> ew
[22:39:43] <richlowe> the open things referring to build 151 are referring to the bits that remained open
[22:39:47] <richlowe> and all of them have long since moved on
[22:39:50] <despair86> yet they tried to pass off SXCE 2.11 as "the last version of opensolaris"
[22:39:55] <despair86> ah
[22:39:55] <richlowe> and omnios never actually used them in the first place
[22:39:58] <despair86> ok
[22:40:06] <richlowe> which is why it never occured to me that's what the 151 was :)
[22:40:49] <despair86> without a corresponding source drop
[22:41:19] <richlowe> the last actual binary opensolaris was snv_134
[22:41:42] <jperkin> I always assumed it was like a 15.10 LTS release with minor updates
[22:41:50] <despair86> i'd forgive them for not releasing code for sol2.11 gold, but for SXCE 2.11, they should have released the final open code tarball or soemthing
[22:42:27] <despair86> also, does anyone have medialib around here? nothing exists in the internet archive for it
[22:43:11] <despair86> there was a code drop ages ago, it's long gone
[22:47:57] <tsoome> bug 0 me 1 :)
[22:48:41] <rmustacc> I think most bugs have a higher score against me.
[22:48:49] <tsoome> :D
[22:48:56] <jbk> heh
[22:49:10] <jbk> the cbc-pad bug certainly kicked my butt
[22:49:12] <jbk> :)
[22:50:15] <despair86> lul
[22:50:44] <despair86> i still have no idea how i was able to use procompiler 12.[56] on my pc's network card driver
[22:51:14] *** ZOP_ <ZOP_!~ZOP@phobos.wgops.com> has joined #illumos
[22:51:42] *** ZOP <ZOP!~ZOP@phobos.wgops.com> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[22:52:58] <Reinhilde> whew
[22:53:46] *** amrfrsh <amrfrsh!~Thunderbi@> has joined #illumos
[22:54:10] <Reinhilde> would anyone here react weird if oracle tried to backport their zfs onto open zfs
[22:54:28] <despair86> no? idk why that would be a problem
[22:54:31] <despair86> at least to me
[22:55:29] <yuripv> a weird question indeed
[22:59:35] *** merzo <merzo!~merzo@59-10-132-95.pool.ukrtel.net> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:59:41] *** Riastradh <Riastradh!~riastradh@netbsd/developer/riastradh> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[22:59:55] <Reinhilde> i am a weird person
[23:06:57] <tomww> oracle usually doesn't hand over authority over code to an outside party
[23:07:07] *** gh34 <gh34!~textual@cpe-184-58-181-106.wi.res.rr.com> has quit IRC (Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com)
[23:08:19] *** merzo <merzo!~merzo@59-10-132-95.pool.ukrtel.net> has joined #illumos
[23:13:11] <Reinhilde> tomww: that's true
[23:15:41] <despair86> someone should inject the libC*.so from sol2.11.4, precompiled JDKs from various vendors are going to move to newer workshop compilers soon
[23:16:23] <despair86> i had some java servers that fell over with a gcc-built jdk
[23:17:30] <despair86> also wondering if oracle might contribute their new python-based nightly script
[23:19:20] <yuripv> please no
[23:20:16] <despair86> w-why?
[23:20:37] <despair86> i mean gate already uses python for other stuff in onbld
[23:20:48] <despair86> and logging improvements
[23:20:54] <yuripv> and it isn't a good thing
[23:21:11] <despair86> just reading off of some twits in the sun part of twatter
[23:22:19] * Reinhilde falls into the sun
[23:22:28] <despair86> rip reinhilde
[23:31:48] <richlowe> the new build stuff would be a horrific thing to merge
[23:32:11] * despair86 winces
[23:32:44] <jbk> for java, or do you mean for illumos?
[23:32:47] *** andy_js <andy_js!~andy@> has quit IRC (Quit: andy_js)
[23:32:51] <despair86> for illumos
[23:33:42] <despair86> we still have the apache stdcxx/libCstd v2 from workshop ~12.1, there's some new bits in the recent releases
[23:34:35] <despair86> think _right now_ the openjdk ISVs are on 12.4, which is still ok
[23:35:17] <despair86> like _Crun::ex_dealloc() and some other stuff
[23:35:42] <rmustacc> I think it's probably better to spend energy on working with the folks maintaining the gcc based openjdk's on what's going wrong and fixing it.
[23:35:57] <despair86> crud, my onion tunnel sent those messages out of order
[23:36:00] <rmustacc> Relying on studio, will, before long (if isn't already) a dead end.
[23:36:03] <despair86> fair enough
[23:37:21] <rmustacc> If there is useful compat stuff for us to add and someone wants to do it, I don't think folks'll complain.
[23:38:11] <despair86> ?
[23:39:04] <rmustacc> You're talking about adding compat for symbol versions found in Oracle Solaris.
[23:39:08] <rmustacc> If someone wants to do that, great.
[23:39:26] <despair86> ohh
[23:39:31] <despair86> SUNWpublic and friends
[23:40:04] <despair86> i don't even have an oracle solaris box on me to begin with, impossible to patch
[23:40:16] <rmustacc> I think it's not really worth it personally, but if someone really cared.
[23:40:29] <rmustacc> But really, attempting anything past Solaris 10 is just not worthwhile.
[23:40:44] <rmustacc> And even then questionable.
[23:40:46] * despair86 shrugs
[23:40:55] <despair86> most people can live with source compat
[23:41:17] <despair86> besides we're open source, so focus should be on source compat
[23:43:54] <despair86> ok so going back to sunos 4.x and earlier for a moment.
[23:44:10] <Reinhilde> whta
[23:44:33] <despair86> under what kind of terms did sun sell source licences for sunos? re: distribution/dissemination of assets
[23:45:46] <despair86> i've come across some sunos source tapes from a preservation site, was wondering what i could do with them, if anything
[23:56:45] *** despair86 <despair86!~despair@exit.i2p.rocks> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
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[23:57:51] *** jcea <jcea!~Thunderbi@2001:41d0:1:8a82:7670:6e00:7670:6e00> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[23:59:35] *** jcea <jcea!~Thunderbi@2001:41d0:1:8a82:7670:6e00:7670:6e00> has joined #illumos

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