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   June 20, 2020  
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[00:21:15] <B2IT> (shaka) for meeeee....
[00:22:20] <B2IT> (shaka) mmu_man I have a great collection of cotton squares and Baron Arnold tunes on BeShare
[00:25:00] <mmu_man> I have a few already
[00:25:06] <mmu_man> even used on in my radio show :)
[00:25:52] <B2IT> (shaka) nice!
[00:26:02] <B2IT> (shaka) whats your show?
[00:26:34] <B2IT> (shaka) I used to be on Sirius XM
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[00:29:23] <mmu_man> damn, irssi hung
[00:29:28] <mmu_man> https://www.triplea.fr/blog/category/underscore/
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[00:34:09] <B2IT> (shaka) No hablo mucho español pero canté en el Hard Rock Cafe en Cancún durante 6 meses en los 90
[00:36:10] <_Dario_> where are you from?
[00:36:16] <_Dario_> your spanish is very good
[00:36:56] <B2IT> (shaka) I had to learn quickly when I was dropped off in Mexico :-)
[00:37:06] <B2IT> (shaka) I'm New York
[00:37:50] <_Dario_> lol
[00:37:55] <_Dario_> it's not an easy language
[00:38:54] <B2IT> (shaka) I knew 2 things to say in spanish when i sent there- 1. Where's the bathroom and 2. Do you have a boyfriend :-D
[00:39:17] <bjorkintosh> donde esta el bano ... tienes novio?
[00:39:27] <bjorkintosh> tengo grande <censored>
[00:39:43] <B2IT> (shaka) Ahhh to be young and dumb...
[00:39:49] <bjorkintosh> also, 'ay dios mios!'
[00:39:56] <bjorkintosh> when you get the slap in the face...
[00:40:04] <_Dario_> :D
[00:40:10] <B2IT> (shaka) lol
[00:40:17] <mmu_man> it's not spanish ubt French
[00:40:21] <mmu_man> :D
[00:41:31] <bjorkintosh> this is an excellent way to learn espanol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwElLjOyXw4&list=PLzuBp-sbd6UDfxpVnv8zPiQd0BzX2AAUT
[00:41:40] <bjorkintosh> it's explora dora the grown up!
[00:42:17] <B2IT> (shaka) atrus catsup
[00:51:50] <B2IT> (shaka) can someone test if they can download from my BeShare?
[00:53:27] <mmu_man> I'll test if I can sleep :D
[00:53:44] <B2IT> (shaka) ;-)
[00:55:24] <_Dario_> I can test if you want
[00:55:56] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) hello shaka
[00:56:06] <B2IT> (shaka) Hi Dario_(un_spacyar)
[00:56:49] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) I'm trying to download from you, but stuck at "Connecting..""
[00:57:12] <B2IT> (shaka) ok gotta check something..
[00:57:25] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) no problem
[00:57:36] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) done!
[00:57:46] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) worked now!
[00:57:48] <B2IT> (shaka) worked?
[00:57:53] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) yes
[01:08:14] <B2IT> (shaka) atrus catsup
[01:08:30] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) what version of BeShare are you using, shaka?
[01:08:50] <B2IT> (shaka) 3.04
[01:09:09] <B2IT> (shaka) 2.35 has sharing issues
[01:09:16] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) I'm using 2.35
[01:09:25] *** bitigchi <bitigchi!~bitigchi@> has quit IRC (Quit: Lost terminal)
[01:10:09] <B2IT> (shaka) you can get 3.04 from me or AGMS (#haiku) here
[01:10:23] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) oh, thanks!
[01:10:57] <B2IT> (shaka) BeShare_3.04.zip
[01:12:01] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) can you test if you can download a file from me now?
[01:12:15] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) I shared a file named mp3asm
[01:12:34] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) (it's the same file I download from you)
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[01:15:05] <B2IT> (shaka) You have to open ports 7000-7009 in your router for sharing to work
[01:16:16] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) thanks for the information, shaka :-)
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[01:19:31] <B2IT> (shaka) forward the port to your ip address. thats why you couldn't download before from me, I had the ports poing to a different ip than this machine. I had to set this one to a static ip
[01:20:58] <B2IT> (shaka) BeShare is alot of fun, and great for developers bc you can chat and share files right from your computer without having to upload anythind
[01:21:26] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) that configuration is independent of the version of BeShare that I'm using, isn't?
[01:21:48] <B2IT> (shaka) yes
[01:22:05] <B2IT> (shaka) Thats how BeShare has always been
[01:22:16] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) great
[01:23:51] <B2IT> (shaka) and AGMS made a nice bridge between BeShare and the haiku IRC so you see those chats here too (and vice versa)
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[01:27:36] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) do you know the option "I'm firewalled" what is for?
[01:28:12] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) I mean.... understand the option name, but technically, what it do?
[01:29:08] <B2IT> (shaka) AGMS could answer that better- all I know is it sometimes gets in the way of sharing :-)
[01:29:18] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) :-D
[01:30:04] <B2IT> (shaka) there is good documentation in the file I shared with you (I think..)
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[01:45:27] <jjpx> is beshare similar to the ares sharing software?
[01:48:56] *** Maylay <Maylay!~gren@108-198-59-230.lightspeed.miamfl.sbcglobal.net> has joined #haiku
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[02:04:57] <B2IT> (shaka) I don't know that software. BeShare is not a BitTorrent client if thats what you're thinking.. it's it's own thing
[02:07:51] *** deavmi <deavmi!~tbk@> has joined #haiku
[02:15:19] <B2IT> (shaka) https://everything2.com/title/BeShare
[02:17:06] *** HaikuUser <HaikuUser!~vision@adsl196-239-93-206-196.adsl196-3.iam.net.ma> has joined #haiku
[02:17:28] <HaikuUser> hey
[02:17:40] <HaikuUser> is anybody here ?
[02:17:54] <B2IT> (shaka) yep
[02:17:56] <HaikuUser> i cant get
[02:18:01] <HaikuUser> sound to wrk
[02:18:04] <HaikuUser> in haiku
[02:18:19] <HaikuUser> what can i do ?
[02:18:40] <B2IT> (shaka) what version of Haiku are you using?
[02:18:43] <HaikuUser> last
[02:18:49] <HaikuUser> 64
[02:18:59] <HaikuUser> the one on the website
[02:19:01] <HaikuUser> torrent
[02:19:07] <HaikuUser> 64 bit
[02:19:23] <B2IT> (shaka) did you look at the Media preferences panel?
[02:19:29] <HaikuUser> lemme see
[02:19:56] <HaikuUser> yes
[02:20:06] <HaikuUser> it shows my hd audio
[02:20:12] <HaikuUser> but it doesnt work
[02:21:02] <B2IT> (shaka) look at the Output tab and see if the output is muted
[02:21:08] <HaikuUser> no
[02:21:50] <HaikuUser> noy mutrf
[02:21:54] <HaikuUser> not muted
[02:22:29] <B2IT> (shaka) I know On my machine I only get the sound output thru my front headphone jack.. the rear ones dont work for me..
[02:22:40] <HaikuUser> look
[02:22:45] <HaikuUser> i have a stereo
[02:22:47] <HaikuUser> laptop
[02:22:55] <HaikuUser> none of them work
[02:23:03] <HaikuUser> left or right
[02:23:36] <B2IT> (shaka) do you have an hdmi monitor plugged into it?
[02:23:44] <HaikuUser> its a laptop
[02:23:54] <B2IT> (shaka) understood
[02:24:02] <HaikuUser> ok
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[02:25:13] <HaikuUser> hey
[02:25:23] <B2IT> (shaka) maximize the Media Preferences window and look again maybe you missed something
[02:25:36] <HaikuUser> ill see bro
[02:25:52] <B2IT> (shaka) I have HD Audio in x64 and it works
[02:26:41] *** rennj <rennj!~rennj@host-184-166-206-129.chy-wy.client.bresnan.net> has joined #haiku
[02:27:08] <HaikuUser> i tried
[02:27:13] <HaikuUser> everything there
[02:28:07] <HaikuUser> i gave up
[02:28:19] <B2IT> (shaka) also in the deskbar is a volume slider- check volume there, then right click on it and try control physical output
[02:29:04] <HaikuUser> nope
[02:30:03] <B2IT> (shaka) hey AGMS
[02:30:08] <B2IT> (AGMS) Hi shaka.
[02:30:10] <HaikuUser> ?
[02:30:21] <HaikuUser> what can i do ?
[02:30:25] <B2IT> (shaka) not for you
[02:30:29] <HaikuUser> what can i do ?
[02:30:29] <B2IT> (AGMS) Just trying to download from Dario_(un_spacyar), but it doesn't work (he's using BeShare 2.35).
[02:30:32] <HaikuUser> what can i do ?
[02:30:43] <HaikuUser> what can i do ? to get sound to work
[02:31:15] <B2IT> (AGMS) Try booting up some other operating system with sound working, then warm restart (don't turn off), and get back to Haiku. Maybe it would leave the audio hardware in a working state.
[02:31:19] <B2IT> (shaka) I'm thinking..
[02:31:27] <HaikuUser> haha
[02:31:29] <HaikuUser> funny
[02:31:34] <HaikuUser> xp ?
[02:31:40] <HaikuUser> it will not
[02:31:44] <B2IT> (AGMS) Sure, if XP can make sounds.
[02:31:51] <HaikuUser> i only have xp available now
[02:31:58] <HaikuUser> but setup yakes long
[02:32:16] <HaikuUser> and u ned to install drivres manually
[02:32:25] <B2IT> (AGMS) One other thing, in Media Preferences, try the Restart button.
[02:32:34] <B2IT> (shaka) then download a puppy linux and boot off USB
[02:32:53] <B2IT> (shaka) Ahh yes AGMS
[02:33:07] <HaikuUser> it sucks
[02:33:10] <HaikuUser> it sucks
[02:33:35] <B2IT> (AGMS) Select the top level Settings object in the list in Media Server Preferences, it has a bunch of things including a restart button.
[02:34:09] <HaikuUser> it shows that hd audio
[02:34:23] <HaikuUser> there is no other option
[02:34:29] <HaikuUser> than intel hd
[02:34:36] <HaikuUser> the problem is
[02:34:45] <HaikuUser> it cannot access output
[02:35:00] <B2IT> (AGMS) Audio settings item - Audio Input, Audio Ouptut, Channel, show volume control, Restart media services button.
[02:35:42] <HaikuUser> yeah
[02:35:43] <B2IT> (shaka) its the button all the way on the right
[02:35:52] <HaikuUser> i tried them
[02:35:54] <B2IT> (AGMS) The other brute force way is to run Haiku in a virtual machine like VirtualBox, and use that audio emulation to make the sounds in the host OS.
[02:35:57] <HaikuUser> is there
[02:36:00] <HaikuUser> like
[02:36:04] <HaikuUser> a driver ?
[02:36:09] <HaikuUser> i can install ?
[02:36:16] <HaikuUser> like i can in xp ?
[02:36:49] <HaikuUser> is there a drivers in haiku?
[02:36:50] <B2IT> (shaka) do you know what kind of sould card you have?
[02:36:57] <B2IT> (AGMS) No, Haiku comes with almost all the drivers already there. So it's usually a source code fix to get things working. Post a bug report if you wish, listing your audio hardware.
[02:36:58] <HaikuUser> yep
[02:37:22] <HaikuUser> i have an intel hih definition device
[02:37:34] <HaikuUser> it shows this name "Intel HD" in haijy
[02:37:39] <B2IT> (AGMS) The programmers if they have time will look around at other operating systems to see how they handle it, and try to add it.
[02:37:43] <HaikuUser> haikyu , but it doesnt work
[02:37:57] <HaikuUser> xp isnt open source??
[02:38:12] <B2IT> (shaka) nope
[02:38:14] <HaikuUser> ok close this up
[02:38:31] <HaikuUser> can i dual boot haiku with xp installed first ?
[02:38:45] <HaikuUser> i have WinGRUB installed
[02:38:46] <B2IT> (AGMS) Maybe there's a BIOS setting for your laptop audio hardware that changes the way it works?
[02:38:57] *** leszek3 <leszek3!~leszek@2a01:c22:bc56:a100:9e5c:8eff:fe01:98ee> has joined #haiku
[02:39:02] <HaikuUser> close this up ,
[02:39:05] <HaikuUser> tell me
[02:39:19] <HaikuUser> if i install haiku on second partition
[02:39:25] <HaikuUser> and update grub
[02:39:30] <B2IT> (shaka) do you know how to access the BIOS?
[02:39:33] <HaikuUser> will it show up in grub
[02:39:35] *** jadedctrl <jadedctrl!~jadedctrl@47-186-116-162.dlls.tx.frontiernet.net> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.10.3]: i've been blurred!)
[02:39:49] <HaikuUser> there is nothing in bios about sound , close this up
[02:39:55] <HaikuUser> tell me
[02:40:00] <B2IT> (AGMS) I usually start with Windows installed first, then add other operating systems. Linux GRUB then detects Windows, and can be set up for Haiku too.
[02:40:10] <HaikuUser> look
[02:40:15] <B2IT> (shaka) you can add it to grub. the instructions are on the haiku website
[02:40:18] <HaikuUser> i use WINGRUB on my xp pc
[02:40:37] <HaikuUser> if i nstall haiku to another partition and boot to xp and refresh grub
[02:40:46] <HaikuUser> will haiu appear in list?
[02:40:57] <B2IT> (AGMS) GRUB may not detect the most recent Haiku. The disk naming changed slightly for "packge manager" Haiku, and GRUB may not have caught up with that.
[02:41:09] <HaikuUser> so
[02:41:21] <HaikuUser> i can use haiku installation media
[02:41:22] <B2IT> (AGMS) So maybe.
[02:41:24] <HaikuUser> to boot up
[02:41:39] <HaikuUser> because the haiku medium has a bootloader
[02:41:43] <HaikuUser> ok bye
[02:41:48] <B2IT> (AGMS) Probably. Easiest to test with Haiku on USB memory stick or DVD.
[02:41:50] <HaikuUser> any tips before i go
[02:42:06] <HaikuUser> bye
[02:42:07] <B2IT> (AGMS) Check the help on the main Haiku web site, has lots of bootup tips.
[02:42:08] *** HaikuUser <HaikuUser!~vision@adsl196-239-93-206-196.adsl196-3.iam.net.ma> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.10.3]: i've been blurred!)
[02:42:20] <B2IT> (AGMS) Bye.
[02:43:10] <jayvee> cool, someone from Morocco
[02:43:16] <B2IT> (shaka) AGMS I told Dario about the ports etc.. I don't think he did that yet..
[02:43:52] <B2IT> (AGMS) By the way, shaka, the I'm Firewalled just lets us people with ports see their shared files. But firewall to firewall never works.
[02:44:55] <B2IT> (shaka) ok so we can see, but not DL
[02:45:33] <B2IT> (AGMS) I think we people with ports set can also download from them if they've got I'm Firewalled turned on.
[02:45:42] *** AGMS <AGMS!~agmsmith@www.agmsmith.ca> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[02:45:57] <B2IT> (AGMS) Anyway, bedtime. TTYL.
[02:46:07] <B2IT> (shaka) ok I'll try that ttyl
[02:49:22] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) Hi!
[02:49:44] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) sorry, I still didn't update my ports settings! :-)
[02:50:03] <B2IT> (shaka) hi Dario_(un_spacyar) did you see my message I sent you?
[02:50:22] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) the about "I'm Firewalled" option_
[02:50:24] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) ?
[02:50:25] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) yes
[02:50:28] <B2IT> (shaka) yes
[02:51:13] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) but I don't understand very well
[02:51:31] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) I had to forward the port in the router
[02:51:49] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) AND active the "I'm firewalled" ?
[02:52:17] <B2IT> (shaka) do you have that set now?
[02:52:22] <B2IT> (shaka) filwalled?
[02:52:31] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) no
[02:52:35] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) let me active it
[02:52:46] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) try now
[02:53:25] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) I saw a brief pink bar
[02:53:40] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) some kind of "upload bar"?
[02:53:51] <B2IT> (shaka) it tried to DL but got an error. did you forward ports to your ip?
[02:54:10] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) No, not the ports
[02:54:17] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) let me do that
[02:54:47] <B2IT> (shaka) and set your network prefs to static with that IP so you don't lose it on reboot
[02:56:58] *** reganrussell <reganrussell!~reganruss@c122-106-238-199.belrs3.nsw.optusnet.com.au> has quit IRC ()
[03:01:23] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) done!
[03:01:54] <B2IT> (shaka) turn the firewalled off
[03:02:12] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) done!
[03:02:36] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) maybe is the BeShare version?
[03:02:53] <B2IT> (shaka) what version?
[03:03:11] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) mine: 2.35
[03:03:27] <B2IT> (shaka) yes that is a problem
[03:03:51] <B2IT> (Dario_(un_spacyar)) Ok, I will try with the one that you shared
[03:03:57] <B2IT> (shaka) BeShare_3.04.zip
[03:04:35] <B2IT> (Dario) hello
[03:04:38] <B2IT> (shaka) hi
[03:04:46] <B2IT> (Dario) I'm on 3.04 now
[03:05:16] <B2IT> (shaka) ok it has a different path so drop a file in the shared folder again
[03:06:07] <B2IT> (Dario) ready
[03:06:11] <B2IT> (Dario) Hello.txt
[03:06:26] <B2IT> (shaka) boom! Worked!
[03:06:30] <B2IT> (Dario) great
[03:06:36] <B2IT> (Dario) let me change something
[03:06:38] <B2IT> (shaka) nice work!
[03:06:52] <B2IT> (Dario) Hello2.txt
[03:07:02] <B2IT> (shaka) that worked too
[03:07:33] *** swift110-phone__ <swift110-phone__!uid50036@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-jzvakrxtcducacyp> has joined #haiku
[03:07:35] <B2IT> (Dario) well, the "I'm Firewalled" option appears no have efect in the sharing then
[03:08:01] <B2IT> (shaka) not when we both have ports set
[03:08:27] <B2IT> (Dario) ah, ok
[03:08:40] <B2IT> (Dario) I start to understand
[03:08:41] <bjorkintosh> what's B2IT?
[03:09:02] <B2IT> (Dario) sorry, I had a long week of work... my head is a little burned :D
[03:09:18] <B2IT> (shaka) bjorkintosh that is a Bridge between IRC and BeShare chat
[03:09:40] <bjorkintosh> ah beshare is a thing.
[03:10:22] <B2IT> (shaka) https://everything2.com/title/BeShare
[03:12:11] <B2IT> (Dario) I see some development tutorials... but in Mp3?
[03:12:17] <B2IT> (shaka) now if we bridge Telegram we'll Be one big happy family :-)
[03:12:32] <nephele> Eh.
[03:12:43] <B2IT> (shaka) Dario from me? yes I turn them into TTS
[03:13:29] <B2IT> (shaka) some are very old and the vioces are cruddy
[03:14:13] <B2IT> (Dario) nice... it's just that never heard of an programming audio-book :D
[03:15:23] <B2IT> (shaka) good to listen to as you sleep too:-)
[03:15:28] <B2IT> (Dario) lol
[03:18:38] *** nephele_ <nephele_!~nephele@200116b864ad6a0071d45cd5d15332aa.dip.versatel-1u1.de> has joined #haiku
[03:19:06] <B2IT> (shaka) I also have a script that turns the Chat into speech in Haiku- very fun! and it assigns random voices to people
[03:20:14] <nephele_> ne at : )
[03:20:20] <bjorkintosh> I see so many overlaps between smalltalk and beos.
[03:21:19] <B2IT> (shaka) bjorkintosh yes! me too- the "liveness" of the system, the window tabs..
[03:21:19] * CompanionCube once found an old port of the squeak vm and tried it on Haiku....it mostly worked, i think.
[03:21:38] <B2IT> (shaka) I have it shared here
[03:21:44] <CompanionCube> http://www.csarsfield.com/besqueak/ for anyone else
[03:21:54] *** nephele <nephele!~nephele@i577B6154.versanet.de> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[03:21:54] *** nephele_ is now known as nephele
[03:22:00] <bjorkintosh> and also Self https://selflanguage.org/
[03:22:29] <bjorkintosh> Oh nice!
[03:24:10] <CompanionCube> i don't think it worked *perfectly* but i don't have a reference point to compare to since it's from 2001 and all
[03:25:06] <bjorkintosh> well ... you can compare it with the current squeak, no?
[03:25:34] <CompanionCube> not really, current squeak doesn't have a haiku port does it?
[03:25:45] <bjorkintosh> oh I see what you mean. well.
[03:26:05] <bjorkintosh> smalltalk has always been a wall garden. which is great and its biggest fault.
[03:27:37] <B2IT> (shaka) atrus catsup
[03:30:25] <bjorkintosh> ah. it doesn't work.
[03:30:27] <bjorkintosh> hmm.
[03:30:58] <CompanionCube> ?
[03:31:07] <bjorkintosh> it didn't run.
[03:31:14] <CompanionCube> odd
[03:31:51] <B2IT> (shaka) bjorkintosh are you x32 or x64?
[03:33:02] <bjorkintosh> x64
[03:33:08] <bjorkintosh> x32 on another device.
[03:33:15] <B2IT> (shaka) there's yer problem
[03:33:20] <bjorkintosh> ls
[03:33:22] <B2IT> (shaka) oh
[03:33:24] <bjorkintosh> oops
[03:33:41] <CompanionCube> yeah, for x64 you'd need a modern port
[03:36:58] <B2IT> (shaka) Alan Kay was a huge fan of BeOS.
[03:37:18] <bjorkintosh> was he? what did he have to say about it?
[03:37:24] <bjorkintosh> there's also this: https://web.archive.org/web/20020808101207/http://www.visualnewt.com:80/BeOS/Squeak.html
[03:38:21] <B2IT> (shaka) It might have been youtube videos or an article I read- He was a superfan from like R3
[03:38:40] <B2IT> (shaka) If I look I'll find it
[03:38:41] <bjorkintosh> if you do find it, I'm interested in seeing it.
[03:39:06] <B2IT> (shaka) sure!
[03:49:23] *** Psud0nym <Psud0nym!~Psud0nym@c-71-199-152-13.hsd1.ga.comcast.net> has joined #haiku
[03:58:13] <B2IT> (shaka) atrus catsup
[03:58:26] <bjorkintosh> what's atrus catsup?
[03:58:32] <bjorkintosh> it keeps popping up
[03:59:08] <B2IT> (shaka) Oh I didn't know yo could see that- in BeShare it means "catch up" with the conversation
[03:59:56] <B2IT> (shaka) I'm looking for that Alan Kay stuff
[04:02:52] <bjorkintosh> I'm curious as well. as soon as I tried it and started reading about beos, his 'messaging' as the essence of OOP popped into mind. http://wiki.c2.com/?AlanKayOnMessaging
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[04:03:02] <HAIKU-irker552> haiku.master: waddlesplash * hrev54334 [1 commit] https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/log/?qt=range&q=d345666ea851+%5E9bfdc55864e9
[04:03:02] <HAIKU-irker552> d345666ea851: libnetapi/HttpResult: improve Length() algorithm
[04:03:02] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v HAIKU-irker552
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[07:10:46] <Begasus> g'morning peeps
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[08:02:34] <Begasus> moin humdinger
[08:03:03] <humdinger> morning!
[08:05:24] <Begasus> any reason why apr_util-1.6.1.recipe is disabled for secondary architecture?
[08:08:47] *** humdinger <humdinger!~humdinger@> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.10.3]: Oi, with the poodles already!)
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[08:35:38] <brobostigon> morning
[08:38:16] <humdinger> ...boys and girls
[08:38:19] <humdinger> hi brobostigon
[08:38:27] <brobostigon> hi
[08:38:49] <Begasus> hi brobostigon
[08:38:55] <brobostigon> hi
[08:43:49] <humdinger> hi Begasus
[08:47:52] <Begasus> hi again humdinger :)
[08:54:09] *** sIRC_ <sIRC_!~sIRC_@> has joined #haiku
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[09:34:07] * humdinger waves
[09:34:07] *** humdinger <humdinger!~humdinger@> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.10.3]: Oi, with the poodles already!)
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[09:54:39] <Forza> https://www.google.se/logos/doodles/2020/swedish-midsummer-2020-6753651837108745-lac.gif
[09:54:45] <Forza> Happy Midsummer
[09:55:33] <Forza> Små grodorna, små grodorna är lustiga att se... Lalaallaaa
[09:57:43] <Begasus> Happy Midsupper Forza :)
[09:58:04] <Forza> Supper huh ;)
[09:58:09] <Forza> Thanks!
[09:58:44] <Begasus> We got a message on our app from work about it too :) (our firm has main officie in Sweden) :)
[09:59:18] <Forza> Cool. Is it just here we celebrate this pagan day?
[10:00:00] <Begasus> We had our "Mei feesten" in the past too, think they got forgotten somewhere
[10:01:08] <Begasus> Although I think some citys still do "May queen contests" (our of covid19 time) :)
[10:01:13] <Begasus> our/out*
[10:02:39] <Forza> Yea they may think we do too. We call it Walpurgis Night
[10:05:28] *** HaikuUser <HaikuUser!~vision@c-73-146-93-39.hsd1.in.comcast.net> has joined #haiku
[10:09:06] <Forza> Gosh, searching for the Swedish Midsommar word on Google gives the terror movie :D
[10:09:15] *** MrWhite <MrWhite!~MrWhite@> has quit IRC (Quit: Lost terminal)
[10:10:01] *** MrWhite <MrWhite!~MrWhite@> has joined #haiku
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[10:13:08] <HAIKU-irker246> haiku.master: autocommitter * hrev54335 [1 commit] https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/log/?qt=range&q=cc7b6b587071+%5Ed345666ea851
[10:13:08] <HAIKU-irker246> cc7b6b587071: Update translations from Pootle
[10:13:08] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v HAIKU-irker246
[10:13:37] <Begasus> lol Forza
[10:14:26] <Forza> I guess it's just how everyone really feels ;) Seen it?
[10:14:48] <Forza> https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BMzQxNzQzOTQwM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDQ2NTcwODM@._V1_.jpg
[10:15:21] <Begasus> not that one :)
[10:19:08] *** HaikuUser <HaikuUser!~vision@d51524889.access.telenet.be> has joined #haiku
[10:21:04] *** HaikuUser is now known as p13
[10:21:15] <p13> greetings
[10:21:52] <p13> Is there any news currently about hardware assisted virtualization in haiku?
[10:21:52] <PulkoMandy> hi :)
[10:22:04] <p13> I heard some talk about bhyve earlier ...
[10:22:10] <p13> hi PulkoMandy :)
[10:22:12] <p13> how are things?
[10:22:31] <PulkoMandy> not much, I'm afraid. Probably considering NVMM as it looks somewhat easier to port (not too much code is on kernel side)
[10:23:10] <p13> cool, but still quite a task i imagine
[10:23:14] <PulkoMandy> well, mostly fine. Still working from home, I'd like to get the work computer out of the way and use the desktop space for other things, but that's the main thing I am annoyed about so I guess it's fine overall :)
[10:23:37] <PulkoMandy> yes, probably there are changes needed in our mmu code and other things like that
[10:23:38] <p13> ah ... yes ... first world problems ... that means you are doing well haha :)
[10:24:14] <p13> i finally got around disassembling my old laptop for "desktop" use for haiku
[10:24:23] <p13> which will now be my permanent haiku desktop machine
[10:24:46] <p13> has quite good specs still, 4770HQ, 16G ram, NVME, etc
[10:24:49] <PulkoMandy> great, more permanent haiku users is always good :)
[10:24:51] <p13> it really flies with haiku
[10:25:24] <p13> and it might just be my imagination, but ... it seems webpositive is actually becoming quite good now
[10:25:33] *** MrWhite <MrWhite!~MrWhite@> has quit IRC (Quit: Lost terminal)
[10:25:42] <p13> no crashes yet (knock on wood), speed is okay, etc
[10:26:11] <PulkoMandy> we merged about two years of changes from upstream webkit a few days before the beta2 release, and some other people than me are finally looking into it and fixing the bugs
[10:26:16] <PulkoMandy> so, yes, progress is being made
[10:26:23] <p13> cool
[10:26:27] <p13> i'm on beta2 now
[10:26:40] <p13> quite a solid release
[10:27:18] <p13> i'm looking at maybe using this machine for SDR duty
[10:27:44] <p13> the hackrf tools seem to compile
[10:29:17] <p13> another quick question ... there is chroot in haiku ...
[10:29:35] <p13> is there a quick way to build like a minimal env to deploy in a chroot ?
[10:31:39] <PulkoMandy> I don't know. I think we added chroot for use in haikuports and it never was deployed anywhere else. That being said, haikuports does it, so it could be extracted from there I guess?
[10:31:50] <p13> hmm
[10:31:54] <p13> i should have a look at that
[10:32:08] <p13> might be nice to have "sort of" containers that way
[10:37:14] <PulkoMandy> yes. Be aware that the chroot isn't secure, there are known ways to escape it and access files outside it currently. But certainly, starting to use it more is a way to make these bugs more noticeable and more urgent to fix
[10:38:12] <p13> yes, obviously, chroot isn't secure. I would use it mainly as something to avoid polluting my main install when i'm messing around with trying to get software to compile and pulling in deps left and right.
[10:38:33] <p13> i should look into packagefs more, it's super cool imho
[10:38:51] <p13> if i could mount just the things i need into a chroot, that'd be pretty neat
[10:40:14] *** MrHuggy <MrHuggy!~MrHuggy@adsl-178-78-88-138.karoo.kcom.com> has joined #haiku
[10:46:21] <PulkoMandy> well, if it's for compiling software, using haikuports isn't a bad idea actually :)
[10:46:40] <PulkoMandy> (you can use the -E option to enter the chroot and get a shell there if you want to experiment inside it
[10:46:49] <p13> aha
[10:47:06] <p13> actually, i was about to say yes, but i want to be able to mess around in a shell to get things to compile
[10:47:10] <p13> but you beat me to it :D
[10:48:16] <p13> i got sdrangel (https://github.com/f4exb/sdrangel/releases) to compile and run on haiku before
[10:48:20] <AlwaysLivid> OH LORD
[10:48:24] <AlwaysLivid> sorry caps
[10:48:36] * Begasus slaps AlwaysLivid on the fingers :P
[10:48:38] <AlwaysLivid> Wait, can it even work with RTL-SDR? :D
[10:48:46] <p13> yes
[10:48:57] <p13> but i don't use it with rtl
[10:48:58] <AlwaysLivid> the first step to progress is awareness and self-moderation :D, Begasus
[10:49:06] <AlwaysLivid> that's genuinely amazing :D
[10:49:06] <p13> and i dno of if rtl-sdr is possible on haiku lol
[10:49:19] <Begasus> for some it seems to take some time AlwaysLivid :)
[10:49:47] <p13> i use hackrf
[10:49:51] <Begasus> can't hurt trying p13 :)
[10:49:57] <AlwaysLivid> hey, i'm not even sure how you manage to contain your enthusiasm Begasus :D
[10:50:10] <p13> Begasus, yeah, why not :)
[10:50:16] <AlwaysLivid> i may ask someone to test it out
[10:50:33] <p13> but the compilation of sdrangel is a bit weird, which is why i want to do it in a chroot
[10:50:34] <Begasus> the love for the OS AlwaysLivid :)
[10:51:03] <p13> once everything works (manually), then i can look at a recipe for haikuporter
[10:51:25] <p13> haikuports*
[10:51:29] *** tqh <tqh!~tqh@82-183-10-104.customers.ownit.se> has joined #haiku
[10:51:32] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o tqh
[10:51:52] *** FreeFull <FreeFull!~freefull@defocus/sausage-lover> has joined #haiku
[10:53:09] <p13> AlwaysLivid, https://imagebin.ca/v/4fVXtoRSwE0v
[10:53:14] <p13> that was my attempt before
[10:53:23] <Begasus_32> *** Failed to find a match for "devel:libaprutil_1_x86>=0.6.1": Name not found
[10:53:37] <AlwaysLivid> that's really awesome p13
[10:53:42] <AlwaysLivid> really, really awesome
[10:53:55] <Begasus> why does it want version 0.6.1 (isn't installed, had it in the packages folder earlier but removed it there)
[10:54:11] <p13> it uses gr-phosphor for the FFT display, so ... it kinda needs opengl though
[10:54:15] <Begasus> is there some cache in haikuports tree that still hangs on to it?
[10:54:51] <AlwaysLivid> I doubt whether it's relevant but I clean my work folder
[10:54:58] <AlwaysLivid> It sometimes holds copies of the recipe as well
[10:55:03] <AlwaysLivid> Not sure about anything else
[10:55:03] <PulkoMandy> well I'd be curious to see if the media kit can be used for SDR
[10:55:27] <AlwaysLivid> that'd take some upstreaming
[10:55:30] <Begasus> standard procedure here AlwaysLivid , so it's not that
[10:55:42] <AlwaysLivid> yeahhh of course it isn't
[10:57:06] <mull`m> Morning o/
[10:57:18] <Begasus> morning mull`m
[10:59:49] <AlwaysLivid> Begasus, if your schedule is clear would you mind if i asked help with a recipe with the assets of supertuxkart?
[11:00:10] <Begasus> fire ahead
[11:00:11] <AlwaysLivid> i think i'm failing my basic bash shell script basics
[11:00:12] <AlwaysLivid> hang on
[11:01:12] <AlwaysLivid> let me just do some stuff real quick as i'm opening up the machine
[11:03:07] *** bitigchi <bitigchi!~bitigchi@> has joined #haiku
[11:03:31] <p13> PulkoMandy, i did see the audio devices in the selector list
[11:03:42] <p13> but i didn't get far with testing because i had no acquisition
[11:09:50] *** gouchi <gouchi!~gouchi@unaffiliated/gouchi> has joined #haiku
[11:11:50] * Begasus slaps subversion
[11:12:12] *** Lucas_Gray <Lucas_Gray!~Wryhder@> has joined #haiku
[11:12:40] *** deavmi <deavmi!~tbk@> has quit IRC (Quit: Eish! Load shedding.)
[11:15:31] *** deavmi <deavmi!~tbk@> has joined #haiku
[11:16:33] *** deavmi <deavmi!~tbk@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[11:16:37] <p13> anyone know where to go and lookin haikuporter source for the part that does the chroot? :)
[11:17:40] <p13> ah nvm got it
[11:17:40] *** deavmi <deavmi!~tbk@> has joined #haiku
[11:17:56] <Begasus> https://github.com/haikuports/haikuporter/search?q=chroot&unscoped_q=chroot
[11:18:01] <Begasus> but yeah :)
[11:18:01] *** MrWhite <MrWhite!~MrWhite@> has joined #haiku
[11:18:28] <p13> shellscriptlets.py, starting at :790
[11:18:53] <p13> cool, should be able to set up up haiku "containers" with this
[11:19:41] *** The_Nozy <The_Nozy!~The@ppp59-167-194-69.static.internode.on.net> has joined #haiku
[11:21:07] *** Nozy <Nozy!~The@ppp59-167-194-69.static.internode.on.net> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[11:21:43] <Not-f378> [haikuports/haikuports] diversys pushed 1 commit to master [+2/-11/±0] https://git.io/Jfbow
[11:21:44] <Not-f378> [haikuports/haikuports] diversys e597819 - ffmpeg: bump version
[11:23:04] <Begasus> gone to the dogs, biab
[11:25:16] <p13> well ... that almost worked straight away :D
[11:25:39] <p13> /1TB/chrootstuff> chroot /1TB/chrootstuff/
[11:25:40] <p13> chroot: failed to run command '/bin/sh': No such file or directory
[11:25:40] <p13> /1TB/chrootstuff> ls -al bin/sh
[11:25:41] <p13> lr-xr-xr-x 1 user root 4 May 22 16:57 bin/sh -> bash
[11:27:13] *** Lucas_Gray <Lucas_Gray!~Wryhder@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[11:29:02] *** Lucas_Gray <Lucas_Gray!~Wryhder@> has joined #haiku
[11:42:43] <p13> does haiku have the equivalent of unix's /etc/mtab?
[11:44:05] <Begasus> https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/search?q=mtab&unscoped_q=mtab
[11:44:17] <Begasus> not sure if it's what you are looking for though :)
[11:44:39] <p13> return NULL
[11:44:39] <p13> lol
[11:44:42] <p13> i guess that means no
[11:45:04] <Begasus> guess that answered it :)
[11:45:10] <p13> verily
[11:45:24] <p13> just stuck in my old ways trying to figure out this chroot thing
[11:46:27] *** MrWhite <MrWhite!~MrWhite@> has quit IRC (Quit: Lost terminal)
[11:46:37] <Begasus> seems that my local packages for serd and apr_util (in haikuports/packages) were in the way for subversion
[11:46:55] <PulkoMandy> I guess you would use the mountvolume command to list mounted volumes instead
[11:47:13] <PulkoMandy> not sure why mtab is a file in unix
[11:48:08] <p13> because everything is a file (tm) in unix
[11:48:29] <p13> and here i was stracing df to figure out where it gets the info lol
[11:49:01] <PulkoMandy> I'd guess a syscall asking the vfs directly
[11:52:42] <p13> mountvolume doesn't display the chroot mounts, but df -a apparently does
[11:52:51] <PulkoMandy> interesting :)
[11:53:01] <p13> indeed
[11:54:31] *** pierpaolo <pierpaolo!~pierpaolo@host-82-58-141-138.retail.telecomitalia.it> has joined #haiku
[11:59:17] <p13> ok, so /dev is mounted in the chroot dir, as is /boot/system
[11:59:27] *** tqh <tqh!~tqh@82-183-10-104.customers.ownit.se> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[11:59:29] <p13> symlinks created, etc
[11:59:38] <p13> but no workie
[12:00:09] *** Ptrus <Ptrus!Vision@047-036-164-097.res.spectrum.com> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[12:01:08] *** Lucas_Gray <Lucas_Gray!~Wryhder@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[12:01:26] *** Ptrus <Ptrus!Vision@047-036-164-097.res.spectrum.com> has joined #haiku
[12:04:33] *** AD_MOS2 <AD_MOS2!~JohnN@2a02:c7f:b2a6:3300:20b8:785b:e40b:c647> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[12:04:49] <Diver> p13: maybe this will help? https://github.com/haikuports/haikuporter/blob/master/HaikuPorter/ShellScriptlets.py#L788
[12:05:41] *** Lucas_Gray <Lucas_Gray!~Wryhder@> has joined #haiku
[12:06:24] <p13> hi, Diver! Thank you. That's the bit of shell script i'm trying to get to work
[12:06:47] <p13> it seems to work just fine, everything exits 0
[12:07:01] <p13> it's just the chroot part afterwards that doesn't work :)
[12:08:22] <p13> /1TB/chrootstuff/chroot> chroot /1TB/chrootstuff/chroot/
[12:08:23] <p13> chroot: failed to run command '/bin/sh': No such file or directory
[12:08:36] <p13> /1TB/chrootstuff/chroot> ls -al bin/sh
[12:08:36] <p13> lr-xr-xr-x 1 user root 4 May 22 16:57 bin/sh -> bash
[12:09:15] <p13> i can run bin/sh from that path just fine
[12:09:26] <Diver> did you try
[12:09:26] <Diver> ln -sfn /boot/system/bin bin
[12:10:00] <p13> /1TB/chrootstuff/chroot/boot/system
[12:10:00] <p13> packagefs 4.0 KiB 4.0 KiB QAM-P--
[12:10:28] <p13> it's mounted, and i can traverse, read, etc the fs no problem
[12:10:50] <p13> maybe i can try a bindmount ...
[12:12:41] <p13> lrwxrwxrwx 1 user root 16 Jun 20 11:57 bin -> /boot/system/bin
[12:13:53] <p13> i think i'm just doing something wrong when executing the actual chroot
[12:20:16] *** Dorje <Dorje!~vision@cpe-65-27-104-0.new.res.rr.com> has joined #haiku
[12:23:52] <p13> brb
[12:23:54] * p13 is idle: f00d
[12:26:47] *** TristanBKildaire <TristanBKildaire!deavmidisr@gateway/shell/matrix.org/x-jvsxahtqmttnwowj> has left #haiku ("User left")
[12:32:46] <Begasus> [037/121] pristine-store-testruntime_loader: /boot/system/lib/libnetwork.so: Could not resolve symbol 'nothrow'
[12:33:14] <Begasus> some test for subversion fail with this message, not sure if it's a known thing?
[12:35:02] <Begasus_32> W: runtime_loader: /boot/system/lib/libnetwork.so: Could not resolve symbol 'nothrow'
[12:35:02] <Begasus_32> W: resolve symbol "nothrow" returned: -2147478780
[12:35:03] <Begasus_32> W: runtime_loader: /boot/system/lib/libnetwork.so: Troubles relocating: Symbol not found
[12:36:04] <Begasus> aside from that: 524 passed, 18 skipped, 3 xfailed and 12 failed
[12:36:12] <Begasus> all in all not too bad I think :)
[12:41:39] *** pierpaolo <pierpaolo!~pierpaolo@host-82-58-141-138.retail.telecomitalia.it> has left #haiku ("Leaving")
[12:45:43] *** lubo76 <lubo76!~lubokubo7@adsl-d28.84-47-53.t-com.sk> has joined #haiku
[12:46:31] <PulkoMandy> mh... is libnetwork requiring c++ now?
[12:46:48] <PulkoMandy> reauiring libstc++ I mean
[12:49:42] <Begasus> don't know, been checking subversion for secondary architecture
[12:57:53] <Begasus> maybe the addition for libnetwork in swig triggered it ... need to investigate
[13:07:54] *** GeneralDuke <GeneralDuke!~Thunderbi@pdi29.internetdsl.tpnet.pl> has quit IRC (Quit: GeneralDuke)
[13:09:27] *** LaceySnr <LaceySnr!~LaceySnr@> has joined #haiku
[13:10:40] *** pierpaolo <pierpaolo!~pierpaolo@host-82-58-141-138.retail.telecomitalia.it> has joined #haiku
[13:13:07] *** HAIKU-irker246 <HAIKU-irker246!~irker@limerick.ams3.haiku-os.org> has quit IRC (Quit: transmission timeout)
[13:13:42] <Psud0nym> Begasus
[13:13:52] <Begasus> Psud0nym,
[13:14:09] <p13> Begasus
[13:14:23] <Psud0nym> Begasus: hi there. I'm finally back it took me a while. Personal life.
[13:15:22] <Begasus> p13,
[13:15:24] <Psud0nym> I'm running a x86_64 system, how does that affect the haikuports workflow?
[13:15:31] <Begasus> know the feeling Psud0nym :)
[13:15:49] <Begasus> as in? Psud0nym
[13:15:51] <p13> Begasus, lol i just wanted to join in
[13:15:58] <Begasus> thought so ;)
[13:15:59] <p13> aaah haiku y u no chroot
[13:16:37] *** KapiX <KapiX!~Thunderbi@2a02:a31c:853f:7c00:c9d7:bff1:89fb:6c5d> has joined #haiku
[13:16:37] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KapiX
[13:16:42] <Begasus> no clue on how to use chroot (or enter it) for that matter here
[13:16:46] <Begasus> hi KapiX :)
[13:16:55] <KapiX> hi :)
[13:18:00] *** pierpaolo <pierpaolo!~pierpaolo@host-82-58-141-138.retail.telecomitalia.it> has left #haiku ("Leaving")
[13:23:39] *** _paul0 <_paul0!~paul0@2804:7f5:f480:7cc4:51d1:ccbc:4f47:5062> has joined #haiku
[13:25:41] <Begasus> round * on subversion_x86 ...
[13:26:03] *** paul0 <paul0!~paul0@2804:7f5:f480:ac01:50ea:441e:b705:5e65> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[13:27:06] <Begasus> biab
[13:59:13] <p13> ummm ... "Yeah baby, very shagadelic" ... seen that in ps -aio output lol wut
[14:04:23] <PulkoMandy> that's one of the threads in the media kit yes
[14:05:20] <Begasus> progress? ;)
[14:06:13] *** KapiX <KapiX!~Thunderbi@2a02:a31c:853f:7c00:c9d7:bff1:89fb:6c5d> has quit IRC (Quit: KapiX)
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[14:06:44] *** jmairboeck <jmairboeck!~jmairboec@> has joined #haiku
[14:07:34] *** Lucas_Gray <Lucas_Gray!~Wryhder@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[14:07:54] *** Maylay <Maylay!~gren@108-198-59-230.lightspeed.miamfl.sbcglobal.net> has joined #haiku
[14:11:20] *** BrunoSpr <BrunoSpr!~bs@dslb-088-066-187-109.088.066.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has joined #haiku
[14:11:46] <p13> yeah i thought it was a funny name :)
[14:12:28] *** BrunoSpr <BrunoSpr!~bs@dslb-088-066-187-109.088.066.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has quit IRC (Client Quit)
[14:12:38] *** Lucas_Gray <Lucas_Gray!~Wryhder@> has joined #haiku
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[14:16:04] *** AD_MOS <AD_MOS!~JohnN@2a02:c7f:b2a6:3300:4137:e8fb:cdab:b605> has joined #haiku
[14:18:37] *** Begas_VBox64 <Begas_VBox64!~Begas_VBo@d54C05BEA.access.telenet.be> has joined #haiku
[14:18:52] *** Lucas_Gray <Lucas_Gray!~Wryhder@> has joined #haiku
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