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   January 5, 2019  
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[00:09:19] <HAIKU-irker361> haiku.master: * hrev52713 [1 commit] https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/log/?qt=range&q=2afe8644cf7f+%5Ea381a48f86ef
[00:09:20] <HAIKU-irker361> 2afe8644cf7f: freebsd_network: Restore the hard-coded 128KB physical map size.
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[00:24:03] <waddlesplash> on that one: good grief
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[03:12:59] <Prognoz> Hi! Is anyone there that can help me with some doubts i have creating a recipe for haikuports?
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[03:16:54] <HAIKU-irker151> haiku.master: * hrev52714 [4 commits] https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/log/?qt=range&q=a29a8f98ed23+%5E2afe8644cf7f
[03:16:55] <HAIKU-irker151> 2b5a056e0324: drivers/network: Upgrade jmicron2x0, marvell_yukon, nforce, pcnet, rdc to FreeBSD 12.
[03:16:55] <HAIKU-irker151> 6d2ae71f16e4: drivers/network: Upgrade rtl8139, rtl81xx to FreeBSD 12.
[03:16:56] <HAIKU-irker151> eababbb4cf46: drivers/network: Upgrade sis900, syskonnect, via_rhine, vt612x to FreeBSD 12.
[03:16:56] <HAIKU-irker151> a29a8f98ed23: drivers/network: Mark all FreeBSD ethernet drivers as upgraded to 12.
[03:17:02] <waddlesplash> Prognoz, ask away
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[03:17:18] <waddlesplash> also, hello! good to see a new face :)
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[03:23:57] <Prognoz> Hi waddlesplash! I'm the same guy that reported a bug some minutes ago. I'm testing Haiku since beta1 launch but i wan't to start helping a little bit.
[03:24:04] <waddlesplash> yes, I noticed :)
[03:24:39] <Prognoz> I'll send another ticket in a minute. Give me a min and i'll ask you a couple of things about hp recipes
[03:24:52] <waddlesplash> oh, what's the new ticket?
[03:25:50] <Prognoz> a kernel crash connecting an usb mouse, i've the KDL screenshot, it might be helpful
[03:27:21] <Prognoz> there it is: https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/14798
[03:27:21] <waddlesplash> likely another duplicate
[03:27:48] <Prognoz> yes, i tought about that, but again, i couldn't find a match
[03:27:49] <waddlesplash> yep
[03:28:04] <waddlesplash> for kernel crash tickets, search for the last function on the call stack before "int_bottom"
[03:28:13] <Prognoz> i prefer to report the issues, i've read that many people don't report and it's worst
[03:28:14] <waddlesplash> so in this case, it's _LinkDescriptorForPipe
[03:28:26] <Prognoz> oh, great to know, thanks!
[03:28:45] <waddlesplash> if you don't find any tickets with that, search for the module (the thing in < > below "int_bottom")
[03:28:55] <waddlesplash> if you still don't find any relevant tickets, then open one
[03:29:12] <Prognoz> i'll do! thanks
[03:29:14] <waddlesplash> even if it's still a duplicate, you tried your best :)
[03:30:19] <Prognoz> I would like to help from the development side, i'm a programmer, not oriented to OS dev, but i've plenty of experience in C++ that seems to be relevant here
[03:30:30] <Prognoz> but first, the recipe... hehe
[03:32:25] <Prognoz> i've updated the recipe for mercurial in hps ( since the current mercurial version in haiku doesn't work with bitbucket ), sent the PR to haikuports repo but i've made a mistake: it doesn't work on haiku 32bits with gcc2
[03:32:51] <Prognoz> so i'm trying to fix it but there's something i'm not quite sure if i'm doing right
[03:33:23] <Prognoz> i've got some recomentations in the PR: https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/pull/3491#issuecomment-450958787 and tried them here: https://github.com/SpartanJ/haikuports/commit/19e2855998cf000e88946dfbbd44ef6cccd03451
[03:34:26] <Prognoz> but: when trying to compile it, before using setarch x86, still tries to use gcc2
[03:34:35] <Prognoz> and i'm quite confused
[03:36:39] <waddlesplash> your changes look mostly correct to me
[03:37:00] <waddlesplash> ah, yes, you don't use "setarch x86" for this
[03:37:15] <waddlesplash> haikuporter runs builds in a chroot, and manipulates PATH on its own
[03:37:24] <waddlesplash> to build a secondary-arch version of a recipe, use "_x86"
[03:37:39] <waddlesplash> so, ask haikuporter to build "mercurial_x86", in your case
[03:37:42] <Prognoz> oh, i didn't know, let met try
[03:37:59] <waddlesplash> I think the "gentle introduction" series explains this
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[03:44:37] <Prognoz> it simply saids it can't find the package, i'm looking the gentle introduction right know
[03:48:16] <waddlesplash> what's the full error?
[03:49:35] <Prognoz> Error: mercurial_x86 not found in repository. I've tried building other package in the same manner but same error.
[03:50:09] <waddlesplash> the SECONDARY_ARCHITECTURES="x86" line is in that recipe?
[03:50:30] <waddlesplash> oh there are some syntax errors
[03:50:41] <waddlesplash> haiku{$secondaryArchSuffix}_devel -> should be haiku${secondaryArchSuffix}_devel
[03:50:50] <waddlesplash> that may cause the problem
[03:51:06] *** liuyb <liuyb!~liuyb@> has joined #haiku
[03:53:52] <Prognoz> oh let me see
[03:55:06] <Prognoz> is there any command to validate the recipe?
[03:58:46] <waddlesplash> when you run haikuporter for the first time after editing it, it will evaluate it
[03:58:50] <waddlesplash> and print errors if there are any
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[04:04:21] <Prognoz> perfect, the _x86 thing doesn't seems to work for me, but i just forced to use x86 arch if x86_gcc arch is being used ( some recipes are using that )
[04:04:50] <Prognoz> now i'm getting a weird python error but i can't get the stack trace of the error
[04:06:06] <waddlesplash> you can't force x86 arch really
[04:06:10] <waddlesplash> you have to ues _x86
[04:06:16] <waddlesplash> what version of haikuporter are you using?
[04:06:33] <Prognoz> it shows 1.2.2
[04:06:39] <waddlesplash> sounds fine
[04:08:36] *** AlienSoldier <AlienSoldier!~AlienSold@modemcable087.210-56-74.mc.videotron.ca> has joined #haiku
[04:14:41] <Prognoz> i think i have something wrong with my installation, i'll reinstall haikuports, 'cause i can't install nothing with _x86
[04:16:51] <waddlesplash> ohh
[04:17:00] <waddlesplash> Prognoz: your haikuports.conf may not have x86 declared
[04:17:03] <waddlesplash> as a secondary architecture
[04:17:28] <Prognoz> you are actually right
[04:17:32] <Prognoz> i was looking exactly that
[04:17:51] *** guardianxxx <guardianxxx!~guardian@> has joined #haiku
[04:26:33] <Prognoz> i'm getting closer, i need to find the python2.7 devel package, links against python 2.7 ( -lpython2.7 ), but i still couldn't find the correct package name haha
[04:26:58] <waddlesplash> can you install it?
[04:27:13] <waddlesplash> running haikuporter with --get-dependencies will install any needed packages
[04:29:10] <Prognoz> yes, but i'm not declaring the dependency correctly in my recipe
[04:29:34] <waddlesplash> ah yes
[04:29:54] <waddlesplash> you have "cmd:python2" in BUILD_REQUIRES but not "devel:libpython2.7$secondaryArchSuffix"
[04:30:12] <Prognoz> it's weird, i see all the devel deps in pkgman except the python one
[04:30:25] <Prognoz> oh
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[04:46:30] <Prognoz> i think the problem is that there's no x86 package in the repos for some reason
[04:46:44] <Prognoz> there's python3_x86 but not for python2
[04:48:01] <waddlesplash> well, maybe use py3 then :p
[04:49:01] <Prognoz> mercurial is python2 only :(
[04:49:54] <waddlesplash> ...
[04:49:59] <waddlesplash> well, what are they going to do next year?
[04:50:14] <Prognoz> i think that i'll have to fix the build to gcc2 haha
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[04:54:15] <kevans91> Mercurial is being actively ported to py3, apparently
[04:56:06] <waddlesplash> yay!
[04:56:12] <kevans91> There were estimates for py3 being supported in the second half of 2018, but I suspect that didn't happen
[04:56:19] <Prognoz> that seems to be the case, now i wan't to know why python_x86 doesn't exists in the repos
[04:56:25] <Prognoz> haha nope
[04:56:34] <waddlesplash> probably because nobody needed it
[04:56:45] <waddlesplash> kevans91: what_year_is_it.jpg
[04:57:18] <Prognoz> hahaha, that's a good point, but there are plenty of python2 packages around there... still in 2019 :\
[04:58:22] <Prognoz> well for the moment i should disable x86_gcc and x86 in that recipe
[04:58:46] <waddlesplash> people on 32-bit may or may not care about mercurial, I don't know
[04:58:50] <Prognoz> who uses x86 32bit in 2019? :P
[04:58:57] <waddlesplash> uh, most of our users
[04:59:01] <kevans91> who uses mercurial in 2019? :P
[04:59:01] * kevans91 runs
[04:59:05] <waddlesplash> in fact probably 80%+ of them
[04:59:06] <Prognoz> haha ik, jk
[04:59:21] <kevans91> I kind of liked Mercurial when I tried it, but it just didn't stick for me
[04:59:23] <waddlesplash> at the beginning of 2018 it was probably 90%+
[04:59:26] <Prognoz> mercurial is fantastic <3 ='(
[04:59:37] <waddlesplash> so, we are gaining steam :)
[04:59:43] * waddlesplash loves git
[04:59:55] <waddlesplash> I am officially addicted to git at this point
[05:00:01] <kevans91> I hear haiku is dropping 32-bit support in 2020
[05:00:03] * kevans91 runs
[05:00:08] <Prognoz> haiku x86_64 seems to work great tho!
[05:00:31] <waddlesplash> kevans91: nah, we'll drop it in ... 2038, probably
[05:00:45] <kevans91> waddlesplash: Uses a 32-bit time_t, eh? =p
[05:00:54] <waddlesplash> yes, for ABI compat with the BeOS ABI
[05:01:02] <waddlesplash> you can still run programs from 1997 on Haiku!
[05:01:03] <kevans91> We have the same problem with i386, but we'll likely drop it much sooner than 2038
[05:01:19] <kevans91> Compatibility is good. =p
[05:02:26] <AlienSoldier> if we still have personal computer in 2038, my guess is that all telecom cartel will rent all that by that time.
[05:02:44] <AlienSoldier> having bought every silicon foundry
[05:04:00] <Prognoz> btw, the build fix gor gcc2 was trivial, i should have tried that before
[05:04:00] <kevans91> We still have some compat bits dating back to 4.3BSD
[05:04:07] <Prognoz> time to make a new patch and recipe
[05:05:03] <waddlesplash> new recipe? nah just bump revision
[05:05:10] <waddlesplash> kevans91: in what, the kernel?
[05:05:17] <waddlesplash> we have broken kernel ABI all over the place
[05:05:21] <waddlesplash> we don't really care about that
[05:05:51] <kevans91> waddlesplash: Yeah
[05:06:29] *** Diver <Diver!~Adium@broadband-46-242-10-231.ip.moscow.rt.ru> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)
[05:06:40] <kevans91> We do a pretty good job of maintaining compatibility across major versions with COMPAT* knobs in the kernel and compat packages in ports for old libs
[05:06:58] <kevans91> You can run freebsd6 binaries on freebsd12
[05:07:46] <waddlesplash> huh
[05:07:55] <waddlesplash> well on the userspace side that makes sense
[05:08:13] <waddlesplash> kevans91: btw, whatever happened to iwm? ;-p
[05:08:23] <waddlesplash> I got my patch merged into dfly btw
[05:08:31] <kevans91> Oooo
[05:09:32] <kevans91> I nede to figure out if I still have an iwm laptop to test with
[05:09:34] <kevans91> s/nede/need/
[05:09:58] <waddlesplash> oh, friends' device or something?
[05:10:20] <kevans91> Looks like one of my laptops at work has a 7260
[05:10:34] <leorize> waddlesplash: our equivalent of inotify is watch_node, is that correct?
[05:10:37] <waddlesplash> btw, if you want a really fun bug: run Windows and install the WiFi driver there, reboot, then try to use iwm driver
[05:10:46] <waddlesplash> everything throws super weird errors
[05:10:58] <waddlesplash> and wifi doesn't work
[05:11:04] <kevans91> I avoid Windows except where I absolutely have to run it =p
[05:11:04] <waddlesplash> you have to cold-reboot in order to get it to work after that
[05:11:14] <waddlesplash> it's a work laptop, so it has windows, right? :-p
[05:11:17] <waddlesplash> leorize: yes
[05:11:29] <leorize> and it only have C++ interface...
[05:11:31] <kevans91> it's not officially a work laptop =D
[05:11:38] <leorize> well, let's hope that libuv devs are fine with that
[05:11:50] <kevans91> I'm slowly chipping away at the 'let me run FreeBSD' argument at work
[05:11:53] <waddlesplash> leorize: you could probably write a wrapper around watch_node to behave like inotify?
[05:12:06] <waddlesplash> and put it into libgnu
[05:12:37] <leorize> well, our watch_node is a bit better than inotify :P
[05:13:36] <waddlesplash> true
[05:13:54] <Prognoz> wait, i have a multiplatform file system watcher
[05:14:08] <Prognoz> if someone does this, please let me know, i can add that to my lib
[05:14:33] <leorize> can you add a Haiku backend? :P
[05:14:36] <Prognoz> this one: https://bitbucket.org/SpartanJ/efsw/
[05:14:40] <Prognoz> yes, i could
[05:14:44] <Prognoz> if there's a good reason
[05:15:09] <waddlesplash> "Haiku's API is better" ? :-p
[05:15:48] *** Ptrus <Ptrus!Vision@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[05:15:53] <Prognoz> mmh let me see, i've never looked at the watch_node docs
[05:16:14] <waddlesplash> https://www.haiku-os.org/legacy-docs/bebook/The_Node_Monitor.html
[05:16:17] *** Ptrus <Ptrus!Vision@> has joined #haiku
[05:16:48] <waddlesplash> Haiku has one more flag than the ones listed there: B_WATCH_CHILDREN
[05:16:55] <waddlesplash> (which does exactly what it sounds like)
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[05:17:26] <leorize> load average doesn't exist on Haiku it seems
[05:19:33] <Prognoz> this actually looks better than most OS
[05:20:49] *** dby <dby!~vision@ip-192-24-218-16.dynamic.fuse.net> has joined #haiku
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[05:24:12] <Prognoz> now i really want to try it, i'll play with this soon
[05:33:29] *** liuyb <liuyb!~liuyb@> has joined #haiku
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[05:43:19] <waddlesplash> leorize: there's some way to fake it I think
[05:43:26] <waddlesplash> but, yes, not as such
[05:46:31] <leorize> what's the format of system_info.free_memory?
[05:49:44] <leorize> waddlesplash: what does the free_memory field of system_info actually mean?
[05:50:27] <leorize> sysinfo uses some math on max_pages and used_pages to calculate the free memory
[05:50:50] *** Glider__ <Glider__!~Glider@> has joined #haiku
[05:51:06] <waddlesplash> I have no idea
[05:51:10] <waddlesplash> check kernel?
[05:51:21] <waddlesplash> possibly "unreserved address ranges"
[05:52:22] <leorize> vmstat uses it
[05:52:29] <leorize> and they have different result...
[05:52:44] <leorize> so I guess I'm going for the sysinfo approach
[05:53:06] <waddlesplash> yes it may be "unreserved memory space"
[05:53:26] <waddlesplash> i.e. you can have pages that are reserved but not used
[05:53:42] <waddlesplash> so these would not be in used_pages
[05:54:07] *** liuyb <liuyb!~liuyb@> has joined #haiku
[05:54:32] <leorize> we certainly need docs on these interfaces...
[05:55:10] *** Glider_ <Glider_!~Glider@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[05:56:09] *** Diver <Diver!~Adium@broadband-46-242-10-231.ip.moscow.rt.ru> has joined #haiku
[05:56:09] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Diver
[05:56:38] <leorize> waddlesplash: can get_system_info even fail?
[05:56:43] <waddlesplash> I don't know
[05:56:49] <leorize> it returns B_OK unconditionally
[05:56:55] <waddlesplash> well, then probably not
[05:57:05] <leorize> I wonder why it even returns a status_t
[05:57:39] <leorize> it just means more errors to look out for...
[05:58:35] <waddlesplash> lol
[06:09:05] <Prognoz> waddlesplash: recent amd gpus support native resolutions on haiku?
[06:09:11] <waddlesplash> yes
[06:09:20] <Prognoz> nice
[06:09:24] <waddlesplash> and AMD FX processors with GPUS on the same chip
[06:09:46] *** nomad84 <nomad84!h8pewou@sammelt.fickbildchen.de> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[06:09:46] <waddlesplash> ... and when I finally get these WiFi driver updates done, I'll go back to working on porting DRM drivers for 3D accel
[06:10:25] <Prognoz> i'm stuck with my nvidia gpu, i've everything working fine in my haiku install except for native resolution
[06:10:37] <Prognoz> that's the main reason i'm not using it more
[06:11:03] <Prognoz> what needs to be done to get just native resolution on recent nvidia cards?
[06:11:25] <Prognoz> (i don't care about 3d acc, just native resolution)
[06:11:45] <waddlesplash> we'd need to port most of nouveau probably
[06:11:52] <waddlesplash> modesetting on nvidia cards is pretty complicated
[06:12:09] <waddlesplash> imirkin offered to help with this, but, we'll probably need to get a bunch of userland stuff wired up first
[06:12:26] <waddlesplash> it's going to be a group effort, that's for certain
[06:13:07] *** nomad84 <nomad84!h8pewou@sammelt.fickbildchen.de> has joined #haiku
[06:13:11] <Prognoz> i would like to help too, but i've zero exp on drivers stuff ( but at least i have exp on embedded devices )
[06:13:34] <Prognoz> if someone guides me, i'm here to help too
[06:13:49] <imirkin> waddlesplash: a thought i actually had was to port in the nouveau core, and then write an accelerant using the interface that linux's kms logic uses
[06:13:58] <imirkin> but that's still going to be a fair bit of effort
[06:14:07] <waddlesplash> interesting
[06:14:08] <imirkin> unfortunately the accelerant API isn't a great match for modern GPU's
[06:14:15] <waddlesplash> no, it isn't
[06:14:38] <waddlesplash> hence wiring up the nouveau kernel driver exactly as it works on linux is probably better
[06:14:45] <imirkin> yeah
[06:14:53] <imirkin> that's where my thoughts settled as well
[06:14:55] <waddlesplash> and then just getting "something working" on accelerant side before we rewrite the accelerant API
[06:14:58] *** OmniMancer <OmniMancer!~Paul@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)
[06:17:03] *** HAIKU-irker151 <HAIKU-irker151!~irker@walter.haiku-os.org> has quit IRC (Quit: transmission timeout)
[06:17:16] <imirkin> waddlesplash: i've been meaning to ask, but probably now's not a great time ... how do applications draw to the screen?
[06:17:39] <imirkin> like in X, for example, you create a pixmap, and bind it to a window (or something)
[06:18:05] <imirkin> and then the X server will blit that onto the frontbuffer
[06:18:20] <imirkin> [in a simplistic situation]
[06:18:34] <waddlesplash> so, we still do server-side drawing
[06:18:48] <waddlesplash> DirectWindows have direct access to the framebuffer, but nothing else does
[06:19:13] <imirkin> does an application talk to an accelerant for that, or does it talk to the server, which in turn is the only thing that talks to the accelerant?
[06:19:16] <waddlesplash> all other windows (so, > 90% of windows) have no knowledge of anything besides their size
[06:19:20] <imirkin> [i guess the accelerant is part of the server?]
[06:19:26] <waddlesplash> it talks only to the server, yes
[06:19:53] <imirkin> so how is the pixel data communicated to the server, in the average case?
[06:19:56] <waddlesplash> the server will copy the frontbuffer into the framebuffer
[06:20:26] <waddlesplash> well, for most applications, they never have access to the pixel data, as drawing commands are forwarded to the app_server which does the actual painting
[06:20:42] <waddlesplash> for applications that do their own drawing, there will be a BBitmap with shared memory
[06:21:01] <imirkin> how is that arranged for?
[06:21:03] <waddlesplash> ultimately both methods are blitted to screen the same way, through app_server
[06:21:14] <imirkin> (the shared memory for the BBitmap)
[06:21:20] <waddlesplash> it's an "area"
[06:21:33] <waddlesplash> vaguely analagous to sys/shm on Linux
[06:21:42] <waddlesplash> nothing special about it, really
[06:21:57] <imirkin> and presumably there's a server call that's like "create an area of size X"
[06:22:19] <waddlesplash> pretty much, an "area" is our memory primitive; virtually all memory maps, allocations, etc. are areas
[06:22:33] <waddlesplash> mmap creates areas, map_physical_memory creates areas, etc.
[06:22:41] <imirkin> ah i see, makes sense
[06:22:54] <waddlesplash> so for BBitmaps, the app_server just "create_area"s with something of the right size
[06:23:05] <waddlesplash> (or the client does, either way)
[06:23:20] <imirkin> i've also been giving a bit of thought to the egl situation, btw. hence some of these questions.
[06:23:37] <waddlesplash> and then on resize it will re-create the area (it will try to resize it first, but if there's not room in the address space for it, it'll re-create it)
[06:23:45] <imirkin> can there be multiple app_server's running on a single system?
[06:24:02] <waddlesplash> er... sort of?
[06:24:13] <waddlesplash> if there are, they will not use the same accelerant
[06:24:14] <imirkin> and if so, how does an application identify one or another to connect to
[06:24:38] <waddlesplash> ah, so, not in that sense then
[06:25:03] <waddlesplash> we haven't really defined GUI-level multiuser properly yet, so, all user's applications will just go through the one app_server
[06:25:19] <imirkin> how does it know how to connect to it?
[06:25:25] <waddlesplash> libbe takes care of all that
[06:25:32] <imirkin> k
[06:25:39] <waddlesplash> the app_server protocol is technically private, and we don't ever intend to make it public
[06:25:47] <waddlesplash> apps should use it via the public API
[06:26:06] <waddlesplash> so, we are free to break it any way we like, so long as the public API doesn't change
[06:26:08] <imirkin> well, egl at the core has an EGLDisplay object
[06:26:20] <imirkin> trying to think if there's anything to map it to on haiku - sounds like no
[06:26:23] <waddlesplash> BWindowScreen
[06:26:39] <waddlesplash> it's a fake window that you can use to e.g. screen capture
[06:26:50] <waddlesplash> but it has the full screen geometry, etc.
[06:26:54] <imirkin> that's a window though
[06:27:08] <waddlesplash> not really, it just acts like one in certain ways
[06:27:08] <imirkin> which might be used with eglCreatePlatformWindowSurface
[06:27:19] <waddlesplash> no, it can't be used that way, I think
[06:27:39] <imirkin> hmmm ok
[06:27:41] <waddlesplash> oh ... maybe I'm thinking of something else?
[06:27:48] <waddlesplash> yeah BWindowScreen is for making fullscreen games
[06:27:52] <imirkin> you're right yeah
[06:28:15] <imirkin> although you wouldn't have that in a windowed app
[06:29:35] <waddlesplash> imirkin: ah, it's just BScreen
[06:29:41] <waddlesplash> http://xref.plausible.coop/source/xref/haiku/headers/os/interface/Screen.h
[06:30:01] <imirkin> screen_id id=B_MAIN_SCREEN_ID
[06:30:15] <imirkin> ok, so we could use that "id" as the identifier for the display
[06:30:20] <waddlesplash> yep
[06:30:28] <waddlesplash> currently there's only MAIN_SCREEN_ID
[06:30:35] <imirkin> yeah, that's fine
[06:31:09] <waddlesplash> or ... yeah, that is fine
[06:31:22] <waddlesplash> workspaces have their own IDs
[06:31:45] <waddlesplash> imirkin: that's the public API for reading the framebuffer, tho
[06:31:52] <waddlesplash> GetBitmap/ReadBitmap
[06:31:55] <imirkin> and then eglCreatePlatformWindowSurface could take a BWindow
[06:31:58] <waddlesplash> pretty opaque, we can make it do whatever
[06:32:15] <waddlesplash> sounds fine
[06:32:27] <waddlesplash> a BDirectWindow is more typical
[06:32:28] <imirkin> do windows have id's too?
[06:32:46] <waddlesplash> yes, they do
[06:32:55] <waddlesplash> I don't think there's any easy way to get them
[06:33:07] <waddlesplash> I think they never leave the app_server
[06:33:17] <imirkin> how does the application differentiate?
[06:33:22] <imirkin> (when talking to the app server)
[06:33:24] <waddlesplash> hmm, or maybe not
[06:33:39] <waddlesplash> it appears the "autoraise" app deals with them
[06:33:42] <waddlesplash> so maybe they are public API
[06:34:10] <waddlesplash> ah, nope; they're private API but exposed in private headers
[06:34:18] <waddlesplash> if you need to use those in implementing EGL, that's fine then
[06:34:42] <imirkin> well, it would be for the callers of egl
[06:35:17] <waddlesplash> usually we just use BWindow*
[06:35:27] <imirkin> that's fine -- it's a void*
[06:35:29] <imirkin> doesn't have to be an int
[06:35:40] <imirkin> https://www.khronos.org/registry/EGL/sdk/docs/man/html/eglCreatePlatformWindowSurface.xhtml
[06:35:50] <waddlesplash> one BWindow* with a unique pointer is always a BWindow
[06:35:55] <waddlesplash> a unique BWindow
[06:36:01] <waddlesplash> there's no such thing as "proxy windows"
[06:36:13] <waddlesplash> i.e. a BWindow* that really points to another BWindow* and is not a window of its own
[06:38:41] <waddlesplash> anyway, late here, time for me to head off. night
[06:41:25] *** AlienSoldier <AlienSoldier!~AlienSold@modemcable087.210-56-74.mc.videotron.ca> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.10.3]: i've been blurred!)
[06:44:47] <imirkin> good night
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[07:37:01] *** Rajagopalan <Rajagopalan!~Rajagopal@> has joined #haiku
[07:37:07] <Rajagopalan> morning guys!!
[08:29:59] *** guardianxxx is now known as humblebarg
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[08:58:48] *** Begasus <Begasus!~begasus@ptr-4p6jpilupx3ixcar8kv.18120a2.ip6.access.telenet.be> has joined #haiku
[08:59:07] <Begasus> g'morning peeps
[08:59:41] <humdinger> morning!
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[09:02:24] *** Glider_ <Glider_!~Glider@> has joined #haiku
[09:03:24] <Begasus> moin humdinger !
[09:16:48] *** Begas_VBox <Begas_VBox!~Begasus@d54c3c8c2.access.telenet.be> has joined #haiku
[09:18:53] <humdinger> Anyone feels like adding another language to my new tiny app "OpenOriginPackage"?
[09:18:53] <humdinger> Project at https://github.com/humdingerb/OpenOriginPackage ** Translation at https://i18n.kacperkasper.pl
[09:19:45] <Begas_VBox> still ironing out the recipe for clazy here :)
[09:20:08] *** Pentode <Pentode!~pentode@mobile-166-170-30-161.mycingular.net> has joined #haiku
[09:20:35] *** Barrett <Barrett!~barrett@unaffiliated/barrett> has joined #haiku
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[09:38:36] <Begas_BM> grabbing clazy_x86-1.4-1-x86_gcc2.hpkg and moving it to /HaikuPorts/haikuports/packages/clazy_x86-1.4-1-x86_gcc2.hpkg
[09:38:42] <Begasus> so far so good :)
[09:42:22] <Begas_BM> ~> clazy --version
[09:42:22] <Begas_BM> clazy version: 1.4
[09:42:23] <Begas_BM> clang++ Version: 5.0.0
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[09:54:34] <Rajagopalan> mroning begasus humdinger
[09:54:44] <Rajagopalan> *afternoon
[09:55:03] <humdinger> G'day
[09:56:36] <Begasus> morning Rajagopalan
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[09:57:57] *** andyhuzhill <andyhuzhill!~andyhuzhi@> has joined #haiku
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[10:07:43] *** andyhuzhill <andyhuzhill!~andyhuzhi@> has joined #haiku
[10:13:35] <leorize> hi Begasus humdinger Rajagopalan
[10:13:48] <Rajagopalan> hello leorize
[10:13:49] <humdinger> allo, allo
[10:14:09] <Begasus> hi leorize
[10:14:26] <Rajagopalan> is web+ using BwebView class from webkit?
[10:14:42] <Rajagopalan> just like safari using WKWebVIew
[10:14:55] <Rajagopalan> web+ using BWebView?
[10:15:17] <leorize> you should read the source code :P
[10:15:47] <Rajagopalan> im reading
[10:15:52] <Rajagopalan> thats why i got this doubt
[10:15:53] <Rajagopalan> lol
[10:15:59] <Rajagopalan> ;)
[10:16:16] <leorize> http://xref.plausible.coop/source/search?q=BWebView&project=haiku
[10:16:46] <Rajagopalan> thank you leorize :)
[10:17:49] *** tqh <tqh!~frho@82-183-10-104.customers.ownit.se> has joined #haiku
[10:17:49] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o tqh
[10:23:44] <leorize> Begasus: are you up for checking old PRs? :P
[10:24:29] <Begasus> was looking into xorriso atm :P
[10:24:51] <Begasus> undefined reference to 'wait3'
[10:25:42] <Begasus> old as in?
[10:26:47] <Begas_BM> wait3(NULL,WNOHANG,NULL); /* just to remove any old dead child */
[10:28:09] <leorize> Begasus: link with libbsd
[10:28:13] *** GeekShadow <GeekShadow!~antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[10:28:37] <leorize> and old as in page 4 of the PR list :P
[10:30:41] <Begasus> ok, that worked :)
[10:30:44] *** Vrondir <Vrondir!~Vrondir@> has joined #haiku
[10:31:01] <Begasus> make just finished, so creating a recipe for it wouldn't be that hard :)
[10:32:05] <leorize> for these real old PR, should I take over them or ask if the author still available?
[10:32:34] <Begasus> checking
[10:33:34] <Begasus> poke extrowerk for jemalloc (didn't he create a new PR for that?)
[10:33:56] *** andyhuzhill <andyhuzhill!~andyhuzhi@> has quit IRC (Quit: andyhuzhill)
[10:34:47] <Begasus> some are double, mediatomb has already been merged for instance
[10:35:18] <Begasus> will check out later, have to step out for a bit, you can remove some that have already been done by others (like mediatomb) :)
[10:36:51] <Begasus> biab
[10:38:46] *** Maturion <Maturion!~Maturion@p200300EDE7127F0079CC90BC3E36F2CF.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #haiku
[10:52:00] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Barrett
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[11:25:47] <HaikuUser> #haiku-de
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[11:58:04] <Barrett> PulkoMandy, funny things happens in the ffmpeg plugin, see AVCodecEncoder::fInputFormat, it is empty but gets used to set some context stuff, that means this stuff is set to undefined values.
[11:58:14] <Barrett> *AVCodecDecoder
[12:00:21] <Barrett> I wonder who commented out this stuff and leaved the thing like that.
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[12:09:38] <Begasus> re
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[12:40:06] *** silverblade_uk <silverblade_uk!~Andrew@2001:4d48:ad54:8e03::ffe9> has joined #haiku
[12:47:37] <Not-8d6a> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±2] https://git.io/fh30v
[12:47:39] <Not-8d6a> [haikuports/haikuports] korli d867829 - openjdk: add bootstrap JDK for x86_64.
[13:05:43] *** Maturion <Maturion!~Maturion@p200300EDE7127F0079CC90BC3E36F2CF.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[13:06:22] <Begas_VBox> do we have xattr on Haiku?
[13:06:41] <Begas_VBox> atleast xorriso isn't finding it :)
[13:08:02] *** stippi <stippi!~vision@dslb-002-200-069-133.002.200.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has joined #haiku
[13:08:02] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o stippi
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[13:33:39] *** euver <euver!~Thunderbi@p4FCBC847.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #haiku
[13:44:48] <Begas_VBox> looking into libaddressinput atm leorize, in that PR there is also rapidjson, but that's already merged from a PR from extrowerk :)
[13:45:27] <leorize> I still wonder why we package it :P
[13:45:33] <Begas_VBox> so maybe if it builds and install ok I'll close it down and create a new PR for it? (with credits to the original author of the recipe)
[13:45:40] <Begas_VBox> it was part of GCI iirc
[13:45:52] <Begas_VBox> think I helped quite a bit for that one too
[13:46:44] <leorize> yep, add "Co-authored-by: Author name <Author email>" to the end of your commit and it'll be good to go
[13:47:50] <Begas_VBox> we've got gtest also, so looking if I can smooth that out a bit also
[13:49:19] *** Crestwave <Crestwave!uid306263@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-wwozvkhildcyqxsy> has quit IRC (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
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[14:44:10] *** brj <brj!~brj@> has joined #haiku
[14:44:50] <Begas_VBox> [==========] 4329 tests from 52 test cases ran. (39057 ms total)
[14:44:50] <Begas_VBox> [ PASSED ] 4329 tests.
[14:45:02] <Begas_VBox> brought it up to date leorize :)
[14:45:10] <Begas_VBox> latest commit ...
[14:58:04] <Begasus> closed the old one down, created a new :P
[15:02:36] <Begas_VBox> this grit thing is annoying, keep changing the checksum
[15:08:02] *** OmniMancer <OmniMancer!~Paul@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)
[15:11:55] <leorize> then probably you would need to find another source
[15:12:04] <leorize> I'd assume it's from google, right?
[15:12:24] <leorize> their system doesn't generate deterministic archives like github
[15:14:17] <Begas_VBox> yep, from google
[15:28:19] *** BrunoSpr <BrunoSpr!~Bruno@dslb-084-056-185-087.084.056.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has joined #haiku
[15:28:35] <BrunoSpr> hello all
[15:28:57] <thaflo> hi BrunoSpr
[15:29:50] <BrunoSpr> hello waddlesplash... I thought the Title tab is not hiding again in HaikuDepot... still does here on beta 1 64bit by opening Scribus picture...
[15:30:59] *** liuyb1 <liuyb1!~liuyb@> has joined #haiku
[15:31:06] <BrunoSpr> still has to use alt+w to close the window...?
[15:31:36] *** hugeping <hugeping!~vision@93-80-180-174.broadband.corbina.ru> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.10.3]: i've been blurred!)
[15:31:36] *** liuyb <liuyb!~liuyb@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[15:33:12] <BrunoSpr> and the notifications time is still to long with 3sec min for my taste... 1sec would be better...
[15:34:07] <thaflo> I agree
[15:34:48] <BrunoSpr> most times it got in the way when WIFI is connecting and disconecting...
[15:35:56] <BrunoSpr> short glimse would be better and I think it is a small change I and some other user asks for. thx
[15:36:56] <thaflo> i think you've to open a ticket ;-)
[15:39:46] *** BrunoSpr <BrunoSpr!~Bruno@dslb-084-056-185-087.084.056.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.10.3]: i've been blurred!)
[15:55:19] *** BrunoSpr <BrunoSpr!~Bruno@dslb-084-056-185-087.084.056.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has joined #haiku
[15:55:55] <BrunoSpr> Wow das Bewertungssystem in HaikuDepot funktioniert auf einmal... super!!! :-) Hab ich erst jetzt bemerkt!
[15:56:27] <BrunoSpr> Rating system is working in HaikuDepot right now... great... just noticed...
[15:57:12] <BrunoSpr> bash: ffmpeg: Kommando nicht gefunden.
[15:57:22] <BrunoSpr> What am I doing wrong?
[15:57:37] <BrunoSpr> Should be just ffmpeg or not?
[16:03:53] *** BrunoSpr <BrunoSpr!~Bruno@dslb-084-056-185-087.084.056.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.10.3]: i've been blurred!)
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[16:41:03] *** Maturion <Maturion!~Maturion@p200300EDE7383300A1247E4FB4DB6FC2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #haiku
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[16:49:04] <mmu_man> ayé
[16:49:07] <mmu_man> er
[16:49:09] <mmu_man> ayé
[16:49:12] <mmu_man> grrr
[16:49:23] <mmu_man> focus-follows-mouse-or-maybe-not
[16:55:03] *** Barrett <Barrett!~barrett@unaffiliated/barrett> has joined #haiku
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[17:00:42] *** illwieckz <illwieckz!~illwieckz@unvanquished/developer/illwieckz> has joined #haiku
[17:00:55] <leorize> waddlesplash: finally got the entire pid_t thingy
[17:01:02] <leorize> pid_t is team_id
[17:01:48] <leorize> not thread_id like I imagined
[17:12:35] *** DCatt <DCatt!~vision@pool-71-253-161-221.rcmdva.east.verizon.net> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.10.3]: i've been blurred!)
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[17:16:13] *** Ptrus <Ptrus!Vision@> has joined #haiku
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[17:35:18] *** Vidrep_64 <Vidrep_64!~vision@d75-156-156-137.abhsia.telus.net> has joined #haiku
[17:36:17] <Vidrep_64> Good morning
[17:36:27] <Vidrep_64> How was everyones New Year?
[17:37:34] *** Rajagopalan <Rajagopalan!~Rajagopal@> has joined #haiku
[17:40:20] *** andyhuzhill <andyhuzhill!~andyhuzhi@> has quit IRC (Quit: andyhuzhill)
[17:40:33] <Vidrep_64> waddlesplash, I haven't had a chance to use Haiku too much since going back to work, But, in the time I have had, no more reboot loop
[17:40:35] *** andyhuzhill <andyhuzhill!~andyhuzhi@> has joined #haiku
[17:41:36] <Vidrep_64> Also, I haven't seen the dead keyboard, red square Network light either in the past week or two
[17:41:55] <Vidrep_64> Hoping they're both fixed
[17:43:15] <Vidrep_64> Things are looking good for Beta 2
[17:44:51] *** andyhuzhill <andyhuzhill!~andyhuzhi@> has quit IRC (Client Quit)
[17:45:07] *** andyhuzhill <andyhuzhill!~andyhuzhi@> has joined #haiku
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[17:54:47] *** kosibar <kosibar!~kosibar@cpe-24-194-34-166.nycap.res.rr.com> has joined #haiku
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[18:00:05] <kosibar> Vision has a maximum window width?
[18:01:26] *** humblebarg <humblebarg!~guardian@> has quit IRC ()
[18:03:03] <B2IT> (AGMS) Don't know, Vision here can stretch to a full 1080p screen width, 1920 pixels.
[18:03:49] <B2IT> (AGMS) Terminal does have a 255 character width limit.
[18:04:23] *** liuyb1 <liuyb1!~liuyb@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[18:04:41] <B2IT> (AGMS) Hmmm, actually 253 characters wide is Terminal's terminal width.
[18:05:43] <kosibar> I'm using 2560x1440. It reaches a little over 3/4 across the screen horizontally but won't go any further.
[18:05:57] <kosibar> Not a big deal. It just surprised me.
[18:06:52] <B2IT> (AGMS) Guess I could test it out in VirtualBox, since you can set custom screen sizes, wonder if it goes up to 64K wide :-)
[18:07:33] <kosibar> I'm using VirtualBox at the moment. :-) My PC doesn't have a display port on the video card so I can't use resolutions that high.
[18:07:45] <kosibar> The performance isn't the best. The mouse is a little choppy. :-/
[18:08:17] <B2IT> (AGMS) Doesn't have to match the real video mode, if you run it in Windowed VirtualBox, it will have scroll bars if the virtual screen is bigger than the window.
[18:08:37] <B2IT> (AGMS) If you're using virtual box, run it with one CPU, it's unintuitively twice as fast!
[18:09:04] <kosibar> I know. I just wanted to pretend that it wasn't running in a virtual machine.
[18:09:13] <kosibar> Hmm... that's odd. I'll try that. brb.
[18:09:19] *** kosibar <kosibar!~kosibar@cpe-24-194-34-166.nycap.res.rr.com> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.10.3]: i've been blurred!)
[18:10:46] *** kosibar <kosibar!~kosibar@> has joined #haiku
[18:10:52] *** kosibar2 <kosibar2!~kosibar@cpe-24-194-34-166.nycap.res.rr.com> has joined #haiku
[18:10:54] <B2IT> (AGMS) Any difference?
[18:10:56] *** kosibar2 <kosibar2!~kosibar@cpe-24-194-34-166.nycap.res.rr.com> has quit IRC (Client Quit)
[18:11:15] <kosibar> Hmm...
[18:11:18] <B2IT> (AGMS) Any difference?
[18:11:28] <kosibar> The mouse pointer is still choppy. So far that's the only thing I've noticed.
[18:11:30] <B2IT> (AGMS) I did a test with copying files and it was faster.
[18:11:43] <kosibar> It probably doesn't help that I'm running such a high resolution in VESA mode.
[18:12:19] <B2IT> (AGMS) I've got mine set for a PS/2 mouse. And turned down the mouse acceleration in Haiku.
[18:12:24] <kosibar> I still have an old computer with BeOS installed. It was my grandfather's. I haven't touched it since he died. I wonder how that would do with Haiku. :-)
[18:12:41] <B2IT> (AGMS) Might not work, if it has IDE hard drives.
[18:12:45] <kosibar> I definitely had to turn down the acceleration. It was bouncing all over the screen before! :-)
[18:12:51] <B2IT> (AGMS) But you could test boot a CD-R.
[18:12:58] <kosibar> Oh... it probably does.
[18:14:05] <B2IT> (AGMS) If you want to see how I set up my VirtualBox for Haiku, have a look at http://www.agmsmith.ca/WeekendReports/20121130/InstallingHaikuR1A4.html
[18:15:36] <kosibar> It's so great to see Haiku at this stage. :-)
[18:16:06] <kosibar> Is Deej still around at all? I think that's the name he went by.
[18:16:25] <B2IT> (AGMS) Starting to get useable! I was able to copy my whole e-mail collection over without it crashing, and only one file was corrupted. But during the copy, the system ground to a halt in the UI.
[18:17:08] <B2IT> (AGMS) You may have to check the IRC log web site, and do a search for him.
[18:21:38] *** return0e_ <return0e_!~return0e@> has joined #haiku
[18:22:46] *** return0e <return0e!~return0e@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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[18:25:48] *** andyhuzhill <andyhuzhill!~andyhuzhi@> has joined #haiku
[18:27:50] *** B2IT <B2IT!B2IT@www.agmsmith.ca> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.10.3]: i've been blurred!)
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[18:30:09] <Begasus> re
[18:30:10] *** andyhuzhill <andyhuzhill!~andyhuzhi@> has joined #haiku
[18:30:30] <Begas_VBox> hi return0e_ :)
[18:32:29] <return0e_> hey Begas_VBox
[18:36:05] *** B2IT <B2IT!B2IT@www.agmsmith.ca> has joined #haiku
[18:36:05] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v B2IT
[18:36:18] <Begasus> left a comment on one of the PR you created, did you see it?
[18:37:16] *** Rajagopalan-Gang <Rajagopalan-Gang!~Rajagopal@> has joined #haiku
[18:37:34] <Begasus> hi Rajagopalan :)
[18:38:17] <return0e_> Begasus: Yeah I did, I'm checking to see if I can get both erlang and elixir updated.
[18:38:54] <Begasus> great thanks return0e_ !
[18:40:00] <return0e_> The current erlang recipe is able to run exlixir, but the elixir recipe just needs a _bin prefix.
[18:40:02] *** Rajagopalan <Rajagopalan!~Rajagopal@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[18:40:19] <return0e_> *elixir
[18:40:58] <Begasus> ;)
[18:41:50] <Begasus> like in $commandSuffix?
[18:42:50] <Begasus> ah no :)
[18:44:58] <leorize> just finished my implementation of POSIX get/setpriority() and nice()
[18:45:12] <leorize> hopefully this will make porting some apps easier :P
[18:45:52] <return0e_> Begasus: Something similar to the idea_community and pycharm_community recipes I think?
[18:45:56] <Begasus> so we get to have "nice" now? :P
[18:46:57] <Begasus> not sure return0e_ haven't checked the recipe (yet) (time is running low on trying to) :)
[18:47:19] *** kosibar <kosibar!~kosibar@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[18:47:29] <Barrett> hey Begasus leorize return0e_
[18:47:37] <leorize> hi Barrett
[18:47:38] <Begasus> hi Barrett !
[18:47:50] <Begasus> thanks on the pointer for streamradio! :)
[18:48:01] <return0e_> hey Barrett!
[18:48:31] *** KapiX <KapiX!~Thunderbi@2a02:a31c:853f:7c00:329c:23ff:fe65:3b5> has joined #haiku
[18:48:31] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KapiX
[18:48:45] <Begasus> hi KapiX ! :)
[18:48:46] <Barrett> Begasus, np ;)
[18:48:53] <KapiX> hi Begasus :)
[18:48:58] <Begasus> HNY to all who I didn't see yet ;)
[18:50:22] <Rajagopalan-Gang> oh hello begasus
[18:50:27] <Rajagopalan-Gang> sorry i was eating
[18:50:30] <leorize> lol, found that someone tried to implement get/setpriority long ago
[18:50:42] <leorize> I could have picked up that PR :P
[18:50:45] <Begasus> but failed leorize ?
[18:52:06] <Begasus> always search :)
[18:52:36] *** axeld <axeld!~Thunderbi@dyndsl-089-166-197-039.ewe-ip-backbone.de> has joined #haiku
[18:52:36] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o axeld
[18:53:17] <leorize> PulkoMandy blocked it because it doesn't cause newly created threads to spawn with previously set priority
[18:53:23] *** Rajagopalan-Gang <Rajagopalan-Gang!~Rajagopal@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[18:53:26] <return0e_> Begasus: I'll see if I can get a update to the erlang recipe first, then I'll try elixir later.
[18:53:46] <Begasus> ok, would be great return0e_ thanks!
[18:54:06] <Begasus> if you have something to test just shout :)
[19:00:37] <Begasus> ok, python-setuptools is a monster to check for all dependencies, we'll leave that open leorize :)
[19:01:33] <Begasus> 0ad still failing to build here
[19:06:04] <Begasus> not going down there again (just saw the patchset I created back then) so if anyone want to tackle it, feel free :)
[19:07:58] *** soal <soal!~soal@broadband-109-173-85-46.ip.moscow.rt.ru> has joined #haiku
[19:12:41] <Barrett> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMJTofSaKUM
[19:15:56] *** Maturion <Maturion!~Maturion@p200300EDE7383300A1247E4FB4DB6FC2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[19:20:43] *** soal_ <soal_!~soal@> has joined #haiku
[19:20:52] <waddlesplash> leorize: there's a patch for get/setpriority already
[19:21:04] <leorize> I know, I just found it
[19:21:05] <waddlesplash> it wasn't merged because it doesn't affect priority of threads created after it was set
[19:21:44] <leorize> Linux doesn't do that and no one tried to make it comply :P
[19:22:16] *** soal <soal!~soal@broadband-109-173-85-46.ip.moscow.rt.ru> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[19:22:56] <leorize> waddlesplash: I found that patch after I done implementing the same thing :P
[19:23:06] <waddlesplash> wait, really? linux doesn't do it?
[19:23:08] <waddlesplash> source?
[19:23:38] <waddlesplash> if so, then we should add a comment to our implementation and then merge it
[19:23:42] <leorize> man 2 setpriority
[19:23:56] <leorize> it doesn't even bother doing that process wide afaict
[19:24:21] *** soal <soal!~soal@broadband-109-173-85-46.ip.moscow.rt.ru> has joined #haiku
[19:24:50] <waddlesplash> lol
[19:25:00] <Begasus> hi waddlesplash :)
[19:25:06] <waddlesplash> Begasus: hey, saw your PR
[19:25:07] <waddlesplash> will test soon
[19:25:23] <Begasus> ok, I'll hear it if changes are needed :)
[19:25:52] <leorize> waddlesplash: there's a bug in that implementation however
[19:25:53] *** soal_ <soal_!~soal@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[19:26:03] <waddlesplash> leorize: well, submit a review please :)
[19:26:38] <leorize> I'm having trouble navigating gerrit :P
[19:26:50] <Begasus> poke it :P
[19:26:53] <Barrett> use the new UI
[19:26:58] <Barrett> on the bottom of the page
[19:27:11] <Barrett> there's the switch
[19:28:01] <waddlesplash> Barrett: new UI is now default
[19:28:04] <waddlesplash> we upgraded Gerrit yesterday
[19:30:39] <Barrett> wasn't for me the last time I checked like yesterdey or the day before
[19:30:45] <Barrett> but well, nice
[19:30:50] <Barrett> gtg
[19:36:46] <leorize> waddlesplash: alright, I was wrong. Linux does support this kind of thing, just not whole-process adjustment at runtime
[19:37:00] <waddlesplash> what do you mean?
[19:39:16] <leorize> if you set the nice-level before creating a new thread, it will be used by the new thread
[19:39:25] <leorize> but existing threads will keep their old nice level
[19:39:42] <waddlesplash> so, our implementation is completely backwards
[19:40:25] <leorize> yep
[19:41:02] *** andyhuzhill <andyhuzhill!~andyhuzhi@> has quit IRC (Quit: andyhuzhill)
[19:41:28] <leorize> looks like a small extension to the Team structure should do
[19:41:40] <waddlesplash> indeed
[19:41:45] <waddlesplash> but we'll have to introduce a new syscall
[19:42:25] <waddlesplash> and probably we should introduce a Haiku-style function to do the same thing, for those using the native priority system
[19:43:36] <leorize> set_new_thread_priority()?
[19:44:11] *** mmu_man <mmu_man!~revol@vaf26-2-82-244-111-82.fbx.proxad.net> has joined #haiku
[19:44:11] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o mmu_man
[19:44:40] <waddlesplash> something like that?
[19:45:02] <leorize> then that's our new syscall also :P
[19:45:32] <waddlesplash> actually ... let's not introduce a new syscall
[19:45:32] <leorize> I'll see if I can implement it
[19:45:45] <waddlesplash> we may also want to "set all thread priorities"
[19:45:53] <waddlesplash> or something like that
[19:46:04] <waddlesplash> so, why don't we just add a "uint32 flags" argument to the existing syscall?
[19:46:53] <leorize> sounds good
[19:47:24] <leorize> well, but set_thread_priority work on thread_id, not team
[19:47:37] <leorize> hijacking it wouldn't be nice
[19:47:44] <waddlesplash> team_id = thread_id of team main thread
[19:48:19] <waddlesplash> PulkoMandy: ^^ what do you think?
[19:49:17] <leorize> alright, so spawn_thread is the "native" way to create new thread, yes?
[19:49:39] <waddlesplash> yep
[19:49:53] <leorize> it already requires you to specify a priority :P
[19:50:06] <waddlesplash> ah, so in that case we are fine
[19:50:08] <waddlesplash> hmm
[19:50:20] <waddlesplash> what does linux do if you call the syscall stub directly to make a new thread?
[19:50:33] <waddlesplash> i.e. does glibc handle the nice value? or does the kernel?
[19:50:40] <waddlesplash> because if glibc does, easy enough for us
[19:51:00] <leorize> the line between thread and process is thin on linux
[19:51:38] <leorize> yep, they use clone(), which is also the process creation syscall
[19:52:13] <leorize> I've checked out musl code, it just call the setpriority syscall
[19:52:26] *** nasd4 <nasd4!~gnuga@ip1f11117c.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:52:54] <leorize> from what I can tell, the "nice" stick to the process on linux natively
[19:53:38] <Begas_BM> undefined reference to `BAlert::Go(void)'
[19:53:52] <Begasus> anything I'm missing here?
[19:54:49] <leorize> waddlesplash: so linux's clone replicate pretty much every single status of a process, including nice
[19:55:03] <waddlesplash> Begasus: -lbe?
[19:55:13] <leorize> this is one of the time I found linux's implementation to be simple :P
[19:55:30] <waddlesplash> leorize: ok. Well, as we don't allow syscalls to be used directly, we can probably get away with storing the nice value internally
[19:55:35] <waddlesplash> in libroot
[19:55:51] <leorize> spawn_thread needs one by hand
[19:56:18] <leorize> so we're looking at our pthread impl?
[19:56:39] <waddlesplash> yes
[19:56:46] <waddlesplash> http://xref.plausible.coop/source/xref/haiku/src/system/libroot/posix/pthread/pthread.cpp#136
[19:57:35] <waddlesplash> so, right now the priority on new thread creation comes from pthread_attr_default
[19:57:45] <waddlesplash> which is const
[19:57:52] <waddlesplash> and just sets B_NORMAL_PRIORITY
[19:58:22] <waddlesplash> probably we can make that non-const and then have nice set the value of the priority member
[19:58:23] <leorize> we just need to modify this http://xref.plausible.coop/source/xref/haiku/src/system/libroot/posix/pthread/pthread.cpp#117
[19:58:38] <waddlesplash> nope, we don't
[19:58:43] <waddlesplash> read the beginning of that function
[19:58:59] <waddlesplash> if someone passes pthread_attr to this, it contains a priority, so we should respect that
[19:59:11] <waddlesplash> if they don't, we use the default attributes which right now hard-code B_NORMAL_PRIORITY
[19:59:22] <waddlesplash> so nice() can just change the priority in the default attributes
[20:00:12] <leorize> so we modify a few lines above? :P
[20:01:39] <waddlesplash> yep
[20:01:48] <waddlesplash> and put nice() inside that file, I think
[20:01:58] <waddlesplash> so we can leave the struct as static
[20:04:14] *** oco2 <oco2!~haiku@brs60-1-88-125-140-2.fbx.proxad.net> has joined #haiku
[20:04:32] <leorize> I'm pretty sure get/setpriority isn't thread-safe
[20:04:59] <Begasus> right waddlesplash added it already :)
[20:05:02] <waddlesplash> who's? ours?
[20:05:11] <leorize> posix's
[20:05:12] <waddlesplash> leorize: ^
[20:05:14] <waddlesplash> oh
[20:05:16] <waddlesplash> lol
[20:05:17] <leorize> doesn't see any requirement
[20:05:55] <leorize> but most introduces some kind of locking, so... :P
[20:07:02] <leorize> I think we can just sneak in a private API like this: __pthread_set_default_priority()
[20:07:12] <waddlesplash> sounds fine to me
[20:07:21] <waddlesplash> then nice can stay in its own file
[20:07:29] *** Vidrep_64 <Vidrep_64!~vision@d75-156-156-137.abhsia.telus.net> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.10.3]: i've been blurred!)
[20:07:32] <waddlesplash> anyway, brb, rebooting to Haiku
[20:12:06] *** KapiX <KapiX!~Thunderbi@2a02:a31c:853f:7c00:329c:23ff:fe65:3b5> has quit IRC (Quit: KapiX)
[20:12:17] <leorize> it always feels bad whenever you have to scrap your own work :P
[20:15:16] <leorize> plan should be: turn pthread_attr_default into static, then add some locks and functions
[20:16:25] <Begasus> step 1, see if someone already made some plans there :)
[20:17:17] <mmu_man> .. shouldn't take that long :D
[20:17:23] <leorize> this one is original, trust me :P
[20:20:13] *** Dariost <Dariost!~Dariost@> has quit IRC (Quit: Dariost)
[20:21:57] <Begasus> :P
[20:22:16] <Begasus> checking into openjazz atm, pulling the latest release in for the recipe
[20:22:39] <leorize> waddlesplash: found a problem
[20:23:11] <leorize> I'm not sure if we also have to carry this value over to an exec-ed/fork-ed process
[20:23:28] <waddlesplash> well, determine that
[20:23:37] <Begasus> ok, libxmp needs some love it seems (for gcc2)
[20:25:58] <leorize> waddlesplash: openbsd and linux carry the nice over to the exec-ed process
[20:26:31] <imirkin> waddlesplash: so ... a dumb question. if i'm a GL-using application, and i want to call "glBegin()", i pull in GL/gl.h which defines the function, but where is the symbol meant to reside? also is there a definitive list of symbols which are meant to be accessible via linkage?
[20:27:02] <waddlesplash> imirkin: libGL
[20:27:17] <waddlesplash> for OpenGL, no there is no definitive list really
[20:27:40] <imirkin> on linux, we've avoided dumping the kitchen sink into the exported functions of libGL
[20:27:50] <waddlesplash> yes we do the same I think
[20:27:58] <imirkin> while trying to maintain compatibility with existing applications and our mistakes of the past
[20:28:10] <waddlesplash> I don't think we have any custom machinery there, it's whatever Mesa wants to export
[20:28:15] <leorize> one should not link to libgl
[20:28:25] <imirkin> well, libGL in mesa will have stuff like glX* as well
[20:28:39] <imirkin> which is probably not relevant here. that's why i ask...
[20:28:53] <imirkin> also, i'm looking at the Jamfile for glteapot, and i don't see any mentions of linking against libGL...
[20:29:17] <imirkin> but this is also the first time i'm looking at a Jamfile, so ... might not be the ideal judge of that :)
[20:29:36] <waddlesplash> does it link to a BuildFeatureAttribute?
[20:29:43] <waddlesplash> let me see
[20:29:45] <imirkin> BuildFeatureAttribute mesa : library
[20:29:55] <imirkin> where is mesa defined?
[20:30:08] <waddlesplash> yeah that's libGL
[20:30:36] <waddlesplash> that is our build package system; basically if you are doing a normal build that will come from the binary repos
[20:31:06] <waddlesplash> if you do a bootstrap build, i.e. totally from source, you will cross build the mesa package first and then it will come from a different location
[20:31:16] <imirkin> right, but what says that "mesa" means "-lGL"?
[20:31:47] <waddlesplash> it really means "all libraries in the mesa packages"
[20:31:52] <imirkin> ahhhh ok
[20:32:01] <waddlesplash> and relies on --as-needed to discard the unused ones probably
[20:32:08] <imirkin> so it will link against -lEGL -lGL -lglapi -lwhateverelse
[20:32:12] <waddlesplash> yes
[20:32:20] <imirkin> ok, that makes more sense. thanks!
[20:32:52] <waddlesplash> don't worry about the in tree setup
[20:33:05] <waddlesplash> we have a lot of weird stuff there since we are building a whole OS :)
[20:33:21] <imirkin> i'm not. i'm just thinking about a potentially different structure for how things could be laid out
[20:33:30] <waddlesplash> finding an app that uses BGL classes and is built with a Makefile will be more typicsl
[20:33:37] <imirkin> and understanding this was important
[20:33:53] <waddlesplash> what kind of a different structure? we are not do very different from Linux here
[20:34:07] <imirkin> well, e.g. dump haiku support from libGL
[20:34:14] <imirkin> *only* do libEGL
[20:34:25] <imirkin> and implement the BGLView on top of egl somewhere inside of haiku-land
[20:34:47] <imirkin> and only ship libEGL from mesa
[20:34:53] <waddlesplash> BGLView is a first class control, it's basically equivalent to say QGLWidget
[20:35:05] <waddlesplash> so as long as you can make that work, that's fine
[20:35:22] <imirkin> yeah, i obviously don't mean to get rid of it
[20:35:27] <imirkin> just ... move it somewhere else
[20:35:31] <waddlesplash> sure
[20:35:53] <waddlesplash> a long time ago we had UtahGLX based libGL that provided a different implementation
[20:35:55] <imirkin> libGL on linux has the GLX bindings in it, which you don't want
[20:36:16] <imirkin> all you really want is something to forward glBegin to the right place
[20:36:33] <waddlesplash> and presumably if NVIDIA or whoever else throws a different GL stack on Haiku they may want to replace BGL implementation
[20:36:42] <waddlesplash> the likelihood of that happening is basically nil
[20:36:46] <imirkin> more likely to provide an egl implementation
[20:36:50] <imirkin> since they already have one
[20:36:50] <waddlesplash> but we should leave the door open in a technical sense
[20:37:12] <imirkin> but yeah - i understand that
[20:37:51] <leorize> waddlesplash: so priority is carried over from the thread that do exec(), which is great
[20:38:29] *** Begas_BM <Begas_BM!~vision@d54C3C8C2.access.telenet.be> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[20:38:39] <waddlesplash> leorize: nice
[20:38:45] <waddlesplash> we already take care of that then
[20:39:10] <leorize> the only thing left is fork()
[20:39:18] <leorize> I'll do some check
[20:40:03] *** widelec-BB <widelec-BB!widelec@s1.ct8.pl> has quit IRC (Quit: ZNC - https://znc.in)
[20:41:12] *** brj <brj!~brj@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[20:41:54] <leorize> aand it's carried over
[20:42:08] <leorize> this would be easier than I thought :P
[20:42:40] *** brj <brj!~brj@> has joined #haiku
[20:43:47] <leorize> waddlesplash: do you know any part of libroot that make use of a global lock? I'd like to see some example :P
[20:44:32] <waddlesplash> grep for mutex
[20:44:47] <waddlesplash> but I mean, it's an int32
[20:44:56] <waddlesplash> do you really need a lock? probably not
[20:45:50] <leorize> just to be sure :P
[20:46:38] <leorize> let's hope that the author of the setpriority changeset is still active
[20:47:07] *** oco2 <oco2!~haiku@brs60-1-88-125-140-2.fbx.proxad.net> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[20:47:34] *** HAIKU-irker297 <HAIKU-irker297!~irker@walter.haiku-os.org> has joined #haiku
[20:47:34] <HAIKU-irker297> haiku.master: * hrev52715 [1 commit] https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/log/?qt=range&q=b98f12a6017e+%5Ea29a8f98ed23
[20:47:34] <HAIKU-irker297> b98f12a6017e: freebsd_network: use proper BAR size in bus_alloc_mem_resource
[20:47:34] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v HAIKU-irker297
[20:50:11] *** Forza <Forza!~Forza@unaffiliated/forza> has joined #haiku
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[20:50:31] *** Forza <Forza!~Forza@unaffiliated/forza> has joined #haiku
[20:51:16] <Forza> Hello :)
[20:53:11] *** Maturion <Maturion!~Maturion@p200300EDE73A6E00A1247E4FB4DB6FC2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #haiku
[20:53:28] <Begasus> hi Forza :)
[20:53:38] <Forza> Evening
[20:53:46] *** Begas_BM <Begas_BM!~vision@d54C3C8C2.access.telenet.be> has joined #haiku
[20:54:04] <imirkin> waddlesplash: other than BGLView, there's no way to do GL stuff, right? i.e. any existing applications that one would need to maintain compatibility with, would always link against something that has BGLView in it?
[20:54:47] <Forza> Was fiddling with the vncserver. How to set the password for it?
[20:54:51] *** Amigori <Amigori!~amigori@209-112-211-43-radius.dynamic.acsalaska.net> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:58:08] <Begasus> vncserver, now that's a long time ago, can't remember :)
[21:00:34] <waddlesplash> imirkin: I believe so
[21:00:50] <waddlesplash> probably most ported apps use SDL or something like that
[21:00:58] <imirkin> k
[21:01:07] *** peaceguy <peaceguy!~yu68@unaffiliated/peaceguy> has joined #haiku
[21:02:27] <leorize> waddlesplash: the implementation can't be that simple lol
[21:02:40] <leorize> I forgot that setpriority can affect other processes :P
[21:05:08] <leorize> so we're back to syscalls? afaict there isn't anyway to "magically" modify other processes variables
[21:07:59] *** Dariost <Dariost!~Dariost@> has joined #haiku
[21:08:28] <imirkin> waddlesplash: ok. so here's my latest thinking. define "window" to be a BGLView. this allows proper hooking into the hierarchy, and is the logical equivalent of an X window (which, remember, is not necessary the same thing as an application window). the BGLView itself would actually invoke eglCreateWindowSurface(this) + all the other stuff. and eglCreatePixmapSurface would correspond to a BBitmap.
[21:10:47] <waddlesplash> leorize: it can affect other processes?
[21:10:57] <waddlesplash> well, how do we do this already?
[21:11:16] <waddlesplash> imirkin: sounds ok to me
[21:11:38] <waddlesplash> probably there will be more nuance eventually
[21:12:02] <imirkin> and i wonder if we can make Lock/Unlock be no-ops...
[21:12:08] <leorize> waddlesplash: yep, and what do you mean?
[21:12:24] <imirkin> or at least make it have thread affinity or something
[21:12:40] <imirkin> [would need additional thought]
[21:16:14] <imirkin> this is all quickly reaching the point of me needing to figure out the compilation stuff...
[21:16:30] <imirkin> would you recommend a cross-compile setup, or somethign more direct?
[21:23:06] <Begasus> done for today :)
[21:23:28] *** Begas_VBox <Begas_VBox!~Begasus@d54c3c8c2.access.telenet.be> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.10.3]: i've been blurred!)
[21:23:51] <Begasus> g'night peeps
[21:23:53] *** Begasus <Begasus!~begasus@ptr-4p6jpilupx3ixcar8kv.18120a2.ip6.access.telenet.be> has quit IRC (Quit: Ex-Chat)
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[21:37:56] *** Amigori <Amigori!~amigori@209-112-211-43-radius.dynamic.acsalaska.net> has joined #haiku
[21:40:25] *** apl <apl!~apl@ip5b40eea2.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de> has joined #haiku
[21:48:05] *** Lelldorin1 <Lelldorin1!~lelldorin@x4d0311b0.dyn.telefonica.de> has joined #haiku
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[22:21:37] <waddlesplash> imirkin: if you intend to do invasive changes of the OS, a cross compile is easier solely because you can immediately start a KVM session with your new build
[22:21:52] <waddlesplash> otherwise, a direct setup is usually easier
[22:22:27] <waddlesplash> imirkin: can't make Lock/Unlock be no ops, that's the equivalent of MakeCurrent
[22:22:47] <imirkin> waddlesplash: yeah, but you can have multiple current contexts in different threads
[22:23:06] <imirkin> although ..... i guess in that case you might ahve multiple BGLView's
[22:23:11] <waddlesplash> yes
[22:23:33] <waddlesplash> note that Haiku's threading model is weird here
[22:23:54] <waddlesplash> "one window per thread" and OpenGL don't mix very well
[22:25:39] <Xeon3D> waddlesplash: do you have permissions to give translator powers to someone in that app translating site?
[22:26:22] <waddlesplash> no, I don't, I think only humdinger and KapiX do
[22:26:44] <waddlesplash> I have admin powers on our own i18n sites though
[22:27:00] <Xeon3D> to translate haiku itself right?
[22:27:33] <Xeon3D> been there before, didn't turn out right.
[22:28:00] <waddlesplash> was that on the old Pootle?
[22:28:04] <waddlesplash> the new one is much better
[22:28:11] <waddlesplash> and the userguide translator also
[22:31:14] <apl> Hi -- does anybody (probably waddlesplash) know if it is possible to grep a file from a Jamfile rule?
[22:31:52] <apl> I can do this from an 'actions' and there is a Match in the rules, but Match only works with strings and not with files.
[22:31:55] <Xeon3D> waddlesplash: I'm getting SSL errors on new site, and some error when changing lines.
[22:32:15] <waddlesplash> Xeon3D: yes, the SSL errors are for the suggestions index, Pootle took it offline
[22:32:20] <waddlesplash> I don't know why
[22:32:29] <waddlesplash> we may need to abandon pootle :(
[22:32:56] *** Rafaga2k <Rafaga2k!~textual@> has joined #haiku
[22:33:06] <waddlesplash> apl: do it from an Actions, yes
[22:33:12] <waddlesplash> then it will only run when needed
[22:33:35] <Xeon3D> https://i.imgur.com/1daA5jq.png
[22:34:11] <Xeon3D> Anyhow, last time I helped translate Haiku, it wasn't pootle that was the issue. (and it seems this pootle is way worse than what I remember the previous one to be)
[22:34:16] <waddlesplash> yep that is the same as the SSL error
[22:34:25] <waddlesplash> you can ignore it
[22:35:15] <apl> waddlesplash: I need to grep the source .cpp's for specific headers and then add those as Depends .cpp ---> .h so I need to grep from the rule somehow. If I put the grep into an action I can't use Depends from there.
[22:35:46] <waddlesplash> apl, just make all cpps depend on a meta target
[22:35:57] <waddlesplash> and make the headers provide the meta target
[22:36:04] <waddlesplash> this will be much simpler and effect the same result
[22:36:42] <apl> I have sort of done that already; a meta-target for then generating the .cpp and .h -- it's working fine.
[22:36:51] <waddlesplash> OK sounds good then
[22:36:55] <apl> My problem now is that other .cpp files need to #include the headers that are generated.
[22:37:13] <apl> To get the build order correct I need Depends from those .cpp ---> generated .h files.
[22:37:27] <waddlesplash> then make the .cpp depend on the meta target for generating the .h
[22:37:43] <waddlesplash> adding individual dependencies via grep will be very slow
[22:37:45] <apl> Yes I can do that by hand, but I thought I'd be clever and grep for the headers!
[22:37:59] <apl> Jam already does this internally.
[22:38:08] <apl> It's unfortunately built-in behaviour.
[22:38:10] <waddlesplash> you should be able to make all .cpp depend on all headers with one rule
[22:38:15] <waddlesplash> yes and it has a cache
[22:38:17] <waddlesplash> this won't
[22:38:21] <apl> I see.
[22:39:24] <apl> All .cpp --> all .h --- hmmm so you mean for each generated header, make any .cpp depend on each generated header?
[22:39:34] <waddlesplash> yep
[22:39:39] <apl> It seems like a bit heavy?
[22:39:46] <apl> It would work though yes.
[22:39:48] <waddlesplash> heavy?
[22:39:58] <waddlesplash> it will be faster than the other solution
[22:40:05] <apl> This is true.
[22:40:21] <waddlesplash> because not only do you take the time to run grep every invocation, there is now a web of dependencies within jam
[22:40:35] <waddlesplash> this way, all .cpp depend on only one thing, not each header individually
[22:40:47] <apl> Yes, but the web is correct and not too widespread so it should be fairly tight in terms of complexity.
[22:40:58] <apl> The grep though; that will take time you are correct.
[22:41:05] <waddlesplash> it will still be much more complex than this method :)
[22:41:27] <apl> I think you're right -- thanks for the advice. I'll go away and see if I can make that happen.... :-)
[22:44:28] <waddlesplash> np :)
[22:45:07] *** Vidrep_64 <Vidrep_64!~vision@d75-156-156-137.abhsia.telus.net> has joined #haiku
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[23:16:18] *** BrunoSpr <BrunoSpr!~Bruno@dslb-084-056-185-087.084.056.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has joined #haiku
[23:16:39] <Lelldorin1> how does i set a file executeable using chmod?
[23:17:53] <_Dario_> chmod +x
[23:18:16] <_Dario_> chmod +x <filename>
[23:19:11] <Lelldorin1> ah ok thanks
[23:19:13] *** Vidrep_64 <Vidrep_64!~vision@d75-156-156-137.abhsia.telus.net> has joined #haiku
[23:19:29] <BrunoSpr> how to convert .wav files to .ogg files?
[23:19:39] <BrunoSpr> should go with ffmpeg?
[23:19:51] <BrunoSpr> mediaconverter dont work atm...
[23:20:02] <BrunoSpr> any other old gui for ffmpeg?
[23:21:00] <_Dario_> try using fre:ac, BrunoSpr
[23:21:31] <BrunoSpr> thx Dario will try..
[23:21:34] <Vidrep_64> waddlesplash
[23:23:23] <Vidrep_64> waddlesplash, I spoke too soon earlier. Just had the dead keyboard, red network light issue after updating to hrev52715
[23:23:30] *** Rafaga2k <Rafaga2k!~textual@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:24:20] <Vidrep_64> Looping bootloader issue seems fixed
[23:25:10] <waddlesplash> nice, so we can close one ticket
[23:25:35] *** BrunoSpr <BrunoSpr!~Bruno@dslb-084-056-185-087.084.056.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.10.3]: i've been blurred!)
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