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   January 21, 2017
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[00:14:31] <mikedld> well, almost the behavior I expect... I'm testing lseek after write after all
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[00:35:49] <Barrett_> https://www.haiku-os.org/blog/pulkomandy/2017-01-06_haiku_monthly_activity_report_122016/
[00:35:53] <Barrett_> error embedding
[00:37:37] <waddlesplash> Barrett_: yes, comments not set up yet
[00:37:46] <waddlesplash> kallisti5 still working on it
[00:37:58] <Barrett_> how new articles are supposed to be submit
[00:40:04] <Barrett_> waddlesplash
[00:40:10] <waddlesplash> Barrett_: submit pull request or commit directly to https://github.com/haiku/website
[00:40:35] <Barrett_> submit a pull request?
[00:42:02] <waddlesplash> Barrett_: if you don't have commit access to that repi
[00:42:11] <Barrett_> office for complication of otherwise simple affairs
[00:42:18] <Barrett_> that's what we call it in Italy
[00:42:18] <waddlesplash> I don't think I have powers to grant that; I'm not an Owner of the @haiku team on GitHub
[00:42:24] <Barrett_> but Italy is a strange place, indeed
[00:42:38] <waddlesplash> Barrett_: if you have commit access to that repo, feel free to push changes directly, if you are sure of what you are doing
[00:42:52] <waddlesplash> Barrett_: only touch "content" directory tho, other directories still in flux
[00:43:00] <waddlesplash> Barrett_: (well, if you want to add images to "static" dir that's OK too)
[00:43:39] <Barrett_> ok
[00:43:59] <Barrett_> Haiku is a i-don't-know-who-has-permissioncracy
[00:44:06] <waddlesplash> yeah, unfortunately :(
[00:44:13] <Barrett_> or we-cant-give-permissioncracy
[00:44:19] <Barrett_> or we-donthavetimecracy
[00:44:20] <Barrett_> and so on
[00:44:33] <waddlesplash> yes I don't have perms to add you
[00:44:47] <waddlesplash> or awit
[00:44:47] <Barrett_> there's not hurry
[00:44:50] <waddlesplash> wrong session, maybe I do
[00:44:56] <Barrett_> thanks for the new site anyway
[00:45:04] <Barrett_> I will look how hugo works in future
[00:45:26] <Barrett_> I'm bored of dynamic sytes making food for botnets
[00:45:37] <waddlesplash> Barrett_: I invited you
[00:45:45] <waddlesplash> you should get write access with that
[00:45:58] <waddlesplash> yes, please ask any Qs you might have
[00:46:18] <Barrett_> nice
[00:47:59] <mikedld> looks like flock() is not implemented. is there an alternative?
[00:48:31] <Barrett_> lockf?
[00:48:43] <mikedld> not implemented either
[00:48:51] <Barrett_> fcntl?
[00:48:53] <mikedld> and has different semantics...
[00:50:59] <mikedld> ah, no, lockf is implemented. but along with fcntl, they don't provide the same functionality
[00:51:42] <mikedld> (compared to flock that is)
[00:52:05] <Barrett_> both are implemented
[00:52:10] <Barrett_> https://github.com/haiku/haiku/blob/b65adbdfbc322bb7d86d74049389c688e9962f15/src/system/libroot/posix/sys/flock.c
[00:52:13] <Barrett_> https://github.com/haiku/haiku/blob/b65adbdfbc322bb7d86d74049389c688e9962f15/src/system/libroot/posix/unistd/lockf.cpp
[00:52:20] <Barrett_> it looked strange to me
[00:52:25] <mikedld> _kern_flock isn't
[00:52:29] <Barrett_> ah
[00:52:42] <Barrett_> there should be something else
[00:52:47] <Barrett_> or not?
[00:53:05] <Barrett_> fnctl implementation can say something I guess
[00:53:39] <mikedld> IIUC you can't implement flock in terms of lockf or fcntl
[00:53:47] <AlienSoldier> And now the website is broken :)
[00:54:28] <Barrett_> hey AlienSoldier how's going?
[00:55:07] <Barrett_> the wedonthavetimecracy is the best :)
[00:55:08] <waddlesplash> AlienSoldier: is it? DNS still not propagated yet?
[00:55:15] <AlienSoldier> Barrett_ kinda fine, still job hunting.  I start to be sick of company posting job as free ads and never hiring anybody.
[00:55:26] <waddlesplash> we switched to the new site, so it might be a bit till the DNS totally changes
[00:55:30] <Barrett_> waddlesplash, there are thousands of root dns in the world
[00:55:40] <Barrett_> it will take a bit anyway to propagate
[00:55:47] <waddlesplash> Barrett_: yeah, but unless you're not on Google or whatever it should be pretty quick
[00:55:52] <AlienSoldier> waddlesplash the site display but no commit or ticket change
[00:55:53] <waddlesplash> if the breakage propagated, the fix should too :p
[00:56:11] <Barrett_> waddlesplash, was quick for me indeed
[00:56:28] <waddlesplash> AlienSoldier: oh, yes, the old one is in readonly mode, the new site was deployed
[00:56:39] <AlienSoldier> that explain it
[00:56:55] <Barrett_> AlienSoldier, is it a situation of under-employment?
[00:58:06] <Barrett_> yet I have the inverse problem, too much companies contacting me
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[00:58:25] <AlienSoldier> Barrett_ i don't know anymore.  They rescheduled my interview with Canada Post the other day because we good a bit of ice and they have yet to shedul another round of interview.
[00:59:01] <Barrett_> keep trying
[00:59:05] <Barrett_> you will success
[01:00:08] <AlienSoldier> Barrett_ one of the problem is that i am over-qualified.  they always want me to go work at NASA or something :( while i just one a no trouble job with low stress level
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[01:00:32] <Not-4c8d> [haiku/website] waddlesplash bacf50b - blog/waddlesplash: Add post about the new site.
[01:00:34] <waddlesplash> :)
[01:01:32] <Barrett_> I understand the problem, they can't ever pay you less because laws forbid it
[01:01:39] <Barrett_> at least how it works here
[01:01:50] <AlienSoldier> they could here if they wanted
[01:02:10] <AlienSoldier> often manager fear that i will steal their job
[01:02:29] <Barrett_> AlienSoldier, what job you do?
[01:02:33] <AlienSoldier> they don't get that i don't want their job at all
[01:02:49] <Barrett_> I think I heard you about erasing a mountain and I set that as your job :-D
[01:02:56] <AlienSoldier> Barrett_ any, and that is what make not finding a job even worst.
[01:03:27] <AlienSoldier> erasing?
[01:03:31] <Barrett_> cutting wood
[01:03:51] <AlienSoldier> yet, but i am far from erasing the forest :)
[01:04:11] <AlienSoldier> that is what i do when i have no job, but not in the winter
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[01:04:37] <Barrett_> is it burn wood or also quality one?
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[01:04:48] <AlienSoldier> both
[01:05:01] <Barrett_> how I would like to have a solid body maple table...
[01:05:10] <Barrett_> european maple doesn't grow much big
[01:05:12] <AlienSoldier> i started to go japanese technique crazy about growing knotless wood
[01:05:26] <Barrett_> yet alder is fucking attacked by parassytes
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[01:06:28] <Barrett_> is there a technique to limit knots?
[01:06:34] <AlienSoldier> my big mapple tree are exploited for sirup, they don't make pretty wood after that
[01:07:04] <AlienSoldier> Barrett_ yes, you cut branches early
[01:07:12] <Barrett_> ah OK I understand
[01:07:14] <AlienSoldier> very labor intensive work
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[01:07:28] <Barrett_> seems something to do for a few selected quality trees
[01:08:32] <AlienSoldier> that is what everybody also say here, but i found that while there i am better to do them all.  It give such a good visibility and easy transport that is is woth it for that alone.
[01:08:35] <Barrett_> I think I never eated maple syrup
[01:09:25] <Barrett_> yeah, I think it depends on the instrumentation too, using a stairway to go on the tree isn't very comfortable I guess
[01:09:27] <Barrett_> :)
[01:09:57] <AlienSoldier> quite a luxury outside Canada (the real one, not the pale truck stop pancake immitation)
[01:11:12] <AlienSoldier> i am using a pole saw on the second pass.  eventually i will have to climb, there is many way to do that.  Over 20 feet a pole saw is counter productive
[01:12:20] <AlienSoldier> i don't remember seeing many tree in italy that grow straight
[01:13:02] <AlienSoldier> you have quite big chestnut tree that said
[01:14:05] <Barrett_> yeah, lots
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[01:14:40] <Barrett_> and classic instruments are mostly done with red chestnut
[01:14:42] <AlienSoldier> i planted 2, probably the northen most in america :)
[01:15:02] <AlienSoldier> mine are chineese chestnut
[01:15:12] <Barrett_> but for solid body ones...it's not good at all
[01:15:13] <AlienSoldier> from the grocery store :)
[01:16:17] <Barrett_> the tree I like mostly is olive tree
[01:16:35] <AlienSoldier> those are nice, and quite cold hardy
[01:16:38] <Barrett_> not big but beautiful like a nature's sculpture
[01:17:03] <Barrett_> also you know, we do everything with olive oil
[01:17:11] <Barrett_> except frying
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[01:17:28] <Barrett_> so I really love that tree : )
[01:17:30] <AlienSoldier> i use it a lot also
[01:17:55] <AlienSoldier> i always put a bit in sandwich
[01:18:56] <Barrett_> that's good pratice, it contains lots of omega3 and other antioxidants
[01:19:18] <Barrett_> and has more "power" so you need less to make things
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[01:19:35] <Barrett_> since oils are by definition 100% fats...
[01:20:02] *** scottmc <scottmc!~scottmc@c-67-174-194-40.hsd1.ca.comcast.net> has joined #haiku
[01:20:14] <Barrett_> it also costs a lot, if you find some real good one
[01:22:45] <Barrett_> just like syrup I guess :)
[01:23:37] <AlienSoldier> sirup have less cost variation
[01:23:54] <AlienSoldier> perhaps 15% at most
[01:24:55] <Barrett_> it may vary from 5 euro to 15 more or less that is a lot
[01:25:09] <AlienSoldier> the cheaper is the one that is produced when the sap start to get milky.  It give a stong bitter taste so this usually go for the transforming industry
[01:25:15] <Barrett_> but also quality is very different, 5 euro from a marked is a good oil to cook
[01:25:49] <Barrett_> if you get some biologic, cold-process oil from a farmer you could drink it just looking
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[01:26:32] <Barrett_> AlienSoldier, in italy we use extra virgin oil only
[01:26:48] <Barrett_> other stuff is said to be for lights :)
[01:27:27] <AlienSoldier> i buy cold pressed ones from time to time, but they cost
[01:28:02] <AlienSoldier> i want to grow a tree one day in a green house
[01:28:26] <Barrett_> hehehe, just imagine how hard it's to get all these olives from trees
[01:28:48] <AlienSoldier> are they not naturally falling at one point ?
[01:29:00] <AlienSoldier> or are they racid at that time
[01:29:05] <AlienSoldier> *rancid
[01:29:12] <Barrett_> it depends from case to case and season to season
[01:29:18] <Barrett_> they begin to fall at some point
[01:29:25] <Barrett_> but those needs to be collected fastly or get black
[01:29:44] <Barrett_> once, people used some webs to avoid them getting the ground
[01:29:46] <waddlesplash> ah that didn't work
[01:30:17] <Barrett_> but they never fall at the same time
[01:30:24] <Barrett_> so it's usually shaken to do that
[01:30:50] <Barrett_> there are farmers which uses machines, but they are proven to damage the tree
[01:30:59] <AlienSoldier> i saw tree shaker for cherry, impressive machines
[01:31:05] <Barrett_> so not much people use it anymore...but for industrial production it will be different
[01:32:17] <Barrett_> anyway, major problem of olive tree is that it's hard to get in flame in nature
[01:32:26] <Barrett_> but when it happens, it will burn like napalm
[01:32:41] <Barrett_> so every year there's need to clean the ground to avoid flames in the summer
[01:32:58] <AlienSoldier> some tree are like that, balsam fir here burn more green than dry
[01:33:01] <Barrett_> some people was out for a few years, returned and found a potato tree
[01:33:16] <Barrett_> *potato camp I meant sorry
[01:33:33] <AlienSoldier> i remember the big olive tree fire in greece
[01:34:20] <AlienSoldier> hehe, potato tree is pretty much a chestnut :)
[01:34:30] <Barrett_> a bonsai :)
[01:35:28] <Barrett_> anyway, woodworking is one of the most fulfilling things in life for me
[01:35:40] <AlienSoldier> i love it also
[01:35:41] <Barrett_> in past I should have been a carpenter
[01:36:15] <AlienSoldier> i think most programmer love making thing in wood.
[01:36:28] <AlienSoldier> something to do with building
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[01:37:47] <Not-4c8d> [haiku/website] waddlesplash d7876fd - More feed fixup.
[01:39:04] <Barrett_> AlienSoldier, didn't know that I thought I was special LOL
[01:39:25] <AlienSoldier> you probably are on other aspect :)
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[01:43:38] <AlienSoldier> waddlesplash that appear at the bottomof your post "Error Embedding"
[01:43:53] <waddlesplash> AlienSoldier: yes, it says in the post that comments are not working yet :P
[01:44:56] <AlienSoldier> waddlesplash are the forum recent post going to appear again on the left like some time ago ?
[01:45:01] <waddlesplash> maybe
[01:45:04] <waddlesplash> but not quite yet
[01:45:36] <AlienSoldier> because for now they are hidden relatively deep
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[01:55:39] <Barrett_> it's a few days I seem to perceive little earthquakes
[01:55:46] <Barrett_> same sensation I had with the bigger one
[01:55:58] <Barrett_> hope everything good under the ground
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[02:14:18] <waddlesplash> Premislaus: looks like discourse email sending totally busted lol
[02:15:24] <Premislaus> waddlesplash hmm? There is not only my problem?
[02:15:28] <waddlesplash> nope
[02:22:47] <Premislaus> BTW TuxMath do not use mouse?
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[02:43:26] <scottmc> Premislaus i think TuxMath just uses keyboard, but it's been awhile since i tried it
[02:43:38] <Premislaus> scottmc thanks
[02:44:19] <scottmc> many games that use SDL are keyboard/joystick only
[02:45:30] <Premislaus> I have cheap gamepad, maybe I try with some game :).
[02:46:09] <Not-4c8d> [haiku/website] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±3] https://github.com/haiku/website/compare/8edd8cb2ebd7...21db079c9f16
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[02:57:34] <Premislaus> scottmc Do you uses Haiku for evryday? In the past I used alphas.  Today I think, I need only slighlty better Web+ (less crashes) and no screen tearing. Additional some Linux on small partition, for "backup".
[02:58:25] *** pixdamix <pixdamix!~pix@unaffiliated/pixdamix> has joined #haiku
[02:59:01] <Premislaus> I'm using wokrspaces and stack and tile - pretty heavly.
[02:59:35] <scottmc> i'm trying to use it full time now, but yet, hitting same issue, Web+ not up to par yet.  But I have one machine that I keep running Haiku on 100% and laptop that I dual boot with Ubuntu that I switch to Ubuntu when I need a more stable browser
[02:59:48] <scottmc> Haiku looks nice at 1920x1080
[03:00:18] <scottmc> i bought a 24"  wide screen monitor just to use Haiku on.
[03:00:25] <Premislaus> :)
[03:00:34] <Premislaus> What a hardware you have?
[03:01:15] <Premislaus> I'm thinking that I'm the only AMD user in Haiku community.
[03:02:19] <Premislaus> DKnoto from Polish channel has FX8150, and obscure servers like DEC Alpha with NetBSD.
[03:02:46] <scottmc> i think it's an Intel Dell something...  like 8yrs old
[03:02:55] <scottmc> hand me down from work
[03:03:23] *** pixdamix <pixdamix!~pix@unaffiliated/pixdamix> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[03:03:38] <scottmc> when i used to build my own year ago, i always went with AMD
[03:03:46] <scottmc> years
[03:05:09] <waddlesplash> ...
[03:05:26] <waddlesplash> I'm going to go to bed tonight and there will be a zillion bug reports about the website, won't there
[03:05:43] <scottmc> waddlesplash!  How to I update changes on haikuports back to my fork on github?
[03:05:56] <waddlesplash> scottmc: uh, git push --force <your_fork_url>?
[03:06:27] <Premislaus> scottmc There is some Polish user. He currently tries to port Haiku on the netbsd kernel. His nickname is ryoshu (or something like that). From what I know he is succesfull with kits.
[03:06:56] <Premislaus> *try
[03:06:59] *** pixdamix <pixdamix!~pix@unaffiliated/pixdamix> has joined #haiku
[03:07:15] <scottmc> Premislaus were you a GCI student in the past?
[03:07:25] <Premislaus> scottmc No.
[03:07:31] <Premislaus> scottmc I'm 28 ;).
[03:07:54] <Premislaus> scottmc I'm one of ex-admins of haiku-os.pl
[03:08:14] <Premislaus> scottmc Maybe you read my interviews with mmadia, kallisti5 and pdziepak?
[03:08:29] <Premislaus> scottmc Try to search on the forum.
[03:10:23] <scottmc> no name just looked like a former student, the one who wrote bespider... it was przemub  github.com/przemub
[03:10:59] <scottmc> heh, also from poland
[03:11:13] <Premislaus> scottmc I remember him.
[03:11:28] <Premislaus> scottmc But I don't have conntact with him.
[03:11:36] <scottmc> I think he won one year, and then the next did a single task, wrote soliataire..
[03:12:09] <scottmc> i think he won the year before they invited the mentors to the winners trip
[03:12:17] <Premislaus> https://github.com/przemub/BeCell
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[03:13:51] <Premislaus> scottmc There is more on his github - BeKlondike or Weather.
[03:14:40] <scottmc> last year we have a student merge the bespider with beklondike.  guess becell could be merged in as well.  but ultimately we want the code to be generic and have "rules" for each specifc game.
[03:15:07] <scottmc> the new code was moved to github.com/haikuarchives/bespider
[03:15:22] <Premislaus> scottmc In the past we had "strong" community. We had finance app for VAT (european sales tax) - https://github.com/ytmytm/beos-fakBEtur
[03:16:14] <Premislaus> scottmc look at screenshots
[03:16:35] <Premislaus> scottmc There is more apps on this git, but probably Polish-specific.
[03:19:21] <Premislaus> scottmc From what I remember this app won in some paid competition on our defunct portal.
[03:21:30] <waddlesplash> Brace yourselves. Blog forum posts are incoming.
[03:23:10] <Premislaus> :)
[03:26:10] <Premislaus> scottmc Can you look - https://github.com/ytmytm/beos-heartofthealien and https://github.com/ytmytm/beos-reminiscence (games)?
[03:26:56] <Premislaus> scottmc cell phone managment - https://github.com/ytmytm/beos-bemobile
[03:28:38] <Premislaus> Probably this is not in HaikuArchives.
[03:29:43] <Not-4c8d> [haiku/website] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1] https://github.com/haiku/website/compare/21db079c9f16...1ad7520340f2
[03:29:45] <Not-4c8d> [haiku/website] waddlesplash 1ad7520 - config.toml: Fix blog indexes.
[03:29:56] <waddlesplash> Hugo is Strange, Part XII
[03:30:55] *** mmu_man <mmu_man!~revol@vaf26-2-82-244-111-82.fbx.proxad.net> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[03:32:12] <scottmc> Premislaus interesting stuff.
[03:33:42] <Premislaus> scottmc There is another app, in Polish, for archeologist - some evidention.
[03:35:32] <scottmc> new website looks like old one.
[03:36:41] <Barrett__> hey scottmc
[03:36:54] <scottmc> hey Barrett__
[03:37:44] <scottmc> you interested in mentoring for UltraDV this summer?
[03:39:04] <lsitongia> Website home page looks like API documentation page...
[03:40:27] <Barrett__> scottmc, I'm not sure really I want to be mentor in GSoC
[03:41:17] <Barrett__> I changed a bit idea about that
[03:41:32] <Not-4c8d> [haiku/website] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1] https://github.com/haiku/website/compare/1ad7520340f2...5789fb9d4880
[03:41:34] <Not-4c8d> [haiku/website] waddlesplash 5789fb9 - Fix markup error in humdinger's blog.
[03:42:42] <Barrett__> that project seems to be better placed as a time-lost hobby
[03:43:10] <Barrett__> just one year ago my mind was different
[03:44:46] <Barrett__> scottmc, do you think this is the year we are chosen?
[03:45:30] <Barrett__> last time was two years ago if I'm right
[03:46:43] <Barrett__> let's see how it gets finally
[03:50:00] <lsitongia> waddlesplash are you fixing the haiku-os.org website? Looks like a branch of it has overwritten the DocumentRoot.
[03:50:27] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: I don't see any problems here?
[03:50:36] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: 9:39 PM <lsitongia> Website home page looks like API documentation page...
[03:50:49] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: try a hard reload
[03:50:55] <waddlesplash> sounds like your DNS is out of whack
[03:51:04] <waddlesplash> the DNS record for www.haiku-os.org has changed
[03:51:50] <lsitongia> How hard reload? I know of shift-reload. Site was okay a few hours ago? DNS just changed?
[03:52:45] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: Yes, DNS has changed, main site now served via CDN
[03:55:00] <lsitongia> waddlesplash: what's an IP address resolution lookup program? No "host" or "nslookup" here. Do I need to simply reboot my system?
[03:55:13] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: ping?
[03:56:07] <lsitongia> waddlesplash: okay. I got PING haiku-os.org (
[03:56:08] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[03:56:12] *** scottmc <scottmc!~scottmc@c-67-174-194-40.hsd1.ca.comcast.net> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[03:56:13] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has joined #haiku
[03:56:13] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[03:56:16] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: try ping www.haiku-os.org
[03:56:22] <waddlesplash> that's the record which has changed
[03:56:34] <waddlesplash> if the IPs are identical, that's wrong
[03:56:40] <waddlesplash> (they used to be)
[03:57:08] <lsitongia> waddlesplash: okay. I got PING haiku-os.org (, PING haiku.netlify.com (
[03:57:17] <waddlesplash> the latter is correct
[03:57:23] <waddlesplash> close and restart browser?
[03:57:25] <waddlesplash> idk
[03:57:26] *** scottmc <scottmc!~scottmc@c-67-174-194-40.hsd1.ca.comcast.net> has joined #haiku
[03:58:35] <scottmc> Barrett__ i think our chances depend on the quality of our ideas list and the number of mentors we can get lined up.
[03:59:27] <lsitongia> waddlesplash: thanks very much. All clear now.
[03:59:34] <waddlesplash> mmhmm
[03:59:44] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: do send feedback on the new site if you have any. :)
[04:01:09] <waddlesplash> em
[04:01:14] <waddlesplash> Discourse just went RO
[04:01:15] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has joined #haiku
[04:01:16] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: was that you?
[04:01:58] <Premislaus> OS Uptime [Haiku]: 1 hr 51 mins 29.555 secs
[04:02:45] <scottmc> Haiku nightly cd from r38293 August 21, 2010
[04:02:58] <Ptrus> Fri Jan 20 19:02:23 2017, up 1 day, 4 hours, 52 minutes
[04:03:06] <waddlesplash> scottmc: !
[04:03:15] <lsitongia> waddlesplash: searches in site for idk and netbeans gives missing pages in /community/forum/. Is that an old forum that is gone now?
[04:03:27] <scottmc> haiku x86_64 from nov 20, 2012
[04:03:34] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: Yes, all forum posts have been imported into discuss.haiku-os.org
[04:03:41] <waddlesplash> They were not removed from the old site tho
[04:04:04] <kallisti5> waddlesplash: backups
[04:04:09] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: ah
[04:04:23] <kallisti5> goes ro once a night while backing up
[04:04:35] <lsitongia> waddlesplash: 404 on https://www.haiku-os.org/community/forum/what_setup_steps_netbeans
[04:04:35] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[04:04:36] <kallisti5> i'll look into the discourse emails
[04:04:36] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: can you look at why discouse is sending no emails
[04:04:47] <kallisti5> also, I had comments disabled on purpose
[04:04:55] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: well, then they got un-disabled
[04:04:57] <kallisti5> figured it would be easier to import with no comments
[04:05:00] <kallisti5> however... meh
[04:05:03] <kallisti5> I enabled them
[04:05:05] <waddlesplash> uh, no, of course not
[04:05:09] <waddlesplash> you need the root posts no?
[04:05:09] <lsitongia> Thanks for looking into discourse emails. I've been trying to register.
[04:05:20] <kallisti5> weird... I know they *were* working
[04:05:30] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: did the system upgrades break them?
[04:05:38] <waddlesplash> That's the last thing I can think of that might've caused this
[04:05:43] <Barrett__> scottmc, I wouldn't like to resign after the project is chosen : (
[04:05:48] <kallisti5> ah, right
[04:06:00] <kallisti5> I got a bit distracted with the "omg the server isn't booting up"
[04:06:13] *** rdad <rdad!~rdad@c-98-206-31-153.hsd1.il.comcast.net> has joined #haiku
[04:06:15] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has joined #haiku
[04:06:20] <waddlesplash> LOL
[04:06:24] <kallisti5> it was on my checklist but I after 5 hours troubleshooting the failed os upgrade I forgot about it :-)
[04:06:58] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: also, I was looking at Discourse hosting again. Can we really use them?
[04:07:07] <waddlesplash> I think we're actually nearing 100k monthly pageviews (!)
[04:07:23] <Barrett__> scottmc, I don't really know where I will be or what I will be doing in that period
[04:08:07] <Barrett__> I don't know if I will be motivated to do so, and right now I'm not
[04:08:28] <rdad> motivated to do what?
[04:08:51] <Barrett__> there's still a few days before the application so...
[04:08:53] <kallisti5> lsitongia: check now :-)
[04:09:08] <Barrett__> rdad, mentoring in GSoC
[04:09:12] <kallisti5> waddlesplash: cough.  systemctl enable postfix; systemctl start postfix
[04:09:21] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: ROFL
[04:09:35] <waddlesplash> there's like a zillion emails going out now aren't there
[04:10:37] <rdad> Barrett__, I see.  Managing can be time consuming.  Sometimes it gets to the point where it's easier if you just wrote it yourself ... from scratch :)
[04:10:43] <Premislaus> waddlesplash WoahI got 12 e-mails from Discurss.
[04:10:54] <waddlesplash> Premislaus: Yes, kallisti5 just fixed the email system
[04:11:00] <scottmc> i will probably sign up for some of the haikuarchives ones
[04:11:48] *** kushalsingh007 <kushalsingh007!Kushal@nat/iiit/x-uvcyqbhjfrovvnsi> has quit IRC (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
[04:12:06] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: um, I can't disable notifications for that haiku-os.org user
[04:12:24] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: I get a "The requested URL or resource could not be found." popup
[04:12:32] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: otherwise, the sysadmin list will like get a zillion mails won't it
[04:13:49] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: Also, why did we call it haiku-os.org? Why not just call it "Haiku"?
[04:14:47] <lsitongia> Clicking GET HAIKU in the website home page gives pop-up: Error loading https://www.haiku-os.org/get-haiku: Bad data
[04:14:54] *** Stephanie <Stephanie!~Stephanie@ip68-103-222-187.ks.ok.cox.net> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[04:15:28] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: you're using Web+, aren't you. :-P
[04:15:29] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[04:15:33] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: there's some bug, yeah
[04:15:36] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has joined #haiku
[04:15:37] <waddlesplash> works on all other browsers
[04:15:48] <kallisti5> waddlesplash: yikes
[04:15:54] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[04:16:05] <kallisti5> werid.. I wonder what is screwing it up
[04:16:09] * kallisti5 pages PulkoMandy for an idea
[04:16:30] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: I changed its email to be an alias of mine
[04:16:40] <waddlesplash> but, uh, I don't want all the notifications
[04:16:58] <lsitongia> Speaking of mail, I installed a nightly yesterday. Mail doesn't show me new mail in the Inbox until I reboot, *unless* I've sent the email *from* my HaBox (Haiku Intel NUC).
[04:17:19] <Barrett__> rdad, yes but apart from the result real live and motivation play a game
[04:17:23] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: what revision?
[04:17:38] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: oh, must be pretty new. Uh, file ticket I suppose
[04:18:17] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: Can't change its notification settings from my admin panel either, same error
[04:18:43] <lsitongia> waddlesplash: 50883-x86-gcc2_hybrid
[04:19:07] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: yep, file a bug. include syslog+listdev+your mail provider details
[04:19:36] <lsitongia> waddlesplash: WebPositive 1.1-alpha
[04:19:53] *** Premislaus <Premislaus!~vision@91-233-157-147.interkonekt.pl> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[04:19:54] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: Yes, WebPositive = Web+
[04:20:36] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has joined #haiku
[04:25:02] *** illwieckz <illwieckz!~illwieckz@unvanquished/developer/illwieckz> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[04:25:53] *** Premislaus <Premislaus!~premislau@91-233-157-147.interkonekt.pl> has joined #haiku
[04:26:14] <Premislaus> I created my first topic on the new forum - https://discuss.haiku-os.org/t/reviving-the-community/4915 - Enjoy!
[04:26:32] <scottmc> just found my BeOS R4 CD...
[04:26:54] <lsitongia> kallisti5: got my emails from discuss. Thanks! I have an account now.
[04:27:18] *** Guma <Guma!~Guma@c-73-211-254-124.hsd1.il.comcast.net> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[04:28:08] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: Can you haxxor in and hand edit the DB pls? I don't want to wake up with 10,000 emails
[04:28:28] <Premislaus> :)
[04:31:14] <lsitongia> Is there a way to tickle the mail daemon to get it to check for mail, perhaps manually? The menu item to check for mail now doesn't find any. I see new_mail_daemon in config/settings/Mail. That doesn't look executable.
[04:32:54] <waddlesplash> the menu item doesn't do the trick?
[04:33:00] <waddlesplash> like I said, file a ticket
[04:34:42] *** illwieckz <illwieckz!~illwieckz@unvanquished/developer/illwieckz> has joined #haiku
[04:35:37] <lsitongia> waddlesplash: righteo
[04:36:22] *** Stephanie <Stephanie!~Stephanie@ip68-103-222-187.ks.ok.cox.net> has joined #haiku
[04:44:10] <waddlesplash> 796 comment posts, huh?
[04:44:14] <waddlesplash> not bad at all
[04:46:36] *** lsitongia <lsitongia!~vision@c-73-14-172-37.hsd1.co.comcast.net> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.9.8]: i've been blurred!)
[04:50:23] *** Negr0 <Negr0!~NegrO@2a02:908:186a:e60:16da:e9ff:fe69:b4f1> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[04:50:24] *** lsitongia <lsitongia!~vision@c-73-14-172-37.hsd1.co.comcast.net> has joined #haiku
[04:52:19] *** rdad <rdad!~rdad@c-98-206-31-153.hsd1.il.comcast.net> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[04:56:49] <waddlesplash> k I fixed it
[04:57:42] *** _Dario <_Dario!vision@> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.9.8]: i've been blurred!)
[05:00:05] *** rdad <rdad!~rdad@c-98-206-31-153.hsd1.il.comcast.net> has joined #haiku
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[05:01:30] *** lsitongia <lsitongia!~vision@c-73-14-172-37.hsd1.co.comcast.net> has joined #haiku
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[05:23:03] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has joined #haiku
[05:24:16] *** Barrett__ <Barrett__!~barrett@unaffiliated/barrett> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
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[05:33:03] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has joined #haiku
[05:33:37] <scottmc> waddlesplash you still here?
[05:33:52] <waddlesplash> scottmc: yes
[05:34:38] <scottmc> i tried making a pull request but it's still trying to add in changes i had in yesterday's pull request.  how to i get it to drop those parts?
[05:35:03] <ohnx> scottmc: i think you need to make a new branch
[05:35:17] <ohnx> branch it from the current one and git rebase it to drop the other commits
[05:35:25] <ohnx> idk, that's how i would do it :p
[05:36:49] <scottmc> branch?  where?  on my pc, or on github?
[05:37:09] <ohnx> on pc
[05:37:12] <waddlesplash> yes
[05:37:29] <waddlesplash> use git format-patch to export commits
[05:37:31] <waddlesplash> then new branch
[05:37:41] <waddlesplash> then git am patch1; git am patch2, etc
[05:38:17] <ohnx> oh yeah you can do that, too
[05:40:35] <scottmc> so, i'm lost.  so I currently have cloned github.com/scottmc/haikuports on my pc.  github is showing it 5 commits ahead of haikuports/haikuports.  4 of those 5 are already on haikuports/haikuports.  I just want to do a pull request to push the fifth one
[05:41:20] <scottmc> but when i try it want to do all 5 again.
[05:45:08] <waddlesplash> scottmc: yes, HaikuPorts did rebase merge probably
[05:45:17] <kallisti5> woot.. got my RC2014 running tonight
[05:45:26] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: RC2014?
[05:45:34] <kallisti5> Homebrew Z80 computer
[05:45:47] *** kushalsingh007 <kushalsingh007!Kushal@nat/iiit/x-gpismycsymbfxvrt> has joined #haiku
[05:46:01] <waddlesplash> scottmc: git format-patch -1, git reset --hard HEAD~6, git pull --ff-only https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports; git am 0001*.patch; git push --force <your clone>
[05:46:07] <waddlesplash> scottmc: that oughta do the trick
[05:46:15] <kallisti5> Running Microsoft BASIC DOS.  I can copy and paste BASIC apps into the serial terminal and run them :-)
[05:46:20] <waddlesplash> lol
[05:46:29] <kallisti5> http://www.vintage-basic.net/bcg/civilwar.bas
[05:46:46] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: I ran a scrape of the website, all blog & news forum topics created now
[05:46:51] <waddlesplash> all 796 of 'em
[05:47:00] <lsitongia> kallisti5: Z80 as in 1970s? :-) I had a Sinclair Z80 back then...
[05:47:45] <scottmc> fatal: '1': not a non-negative integer
[05:47:49] <kallisti5> Yup.  http://pastebin.com/D92A9cMv
[05:47:59] <waddlesplash> scottmc: which command
[05:48:12] <kallisti5> now... just have to get Haiku running on it before R1
[05:48:52] <scottmc> very first part,
[05:48:54] <scottmc> git format-patch -1, git reset --hard HEAD~6
[05:48:56] <lsitongia> kallisti5: holy crap!
[05:49:06] <waddlesplash> scottmc: those are two commands
[05:49:09] <waddlesplash> scottmc: not one
[05:49:14] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: LOL
[05:49:23] <kallisti5> lsitongia: https://www.tindie.com/products/Semachthemonkey/rc2014-homebrew-z80-computer-kit/
[05:49:24] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: it has, what, 5 kB of RAM? :p
[05:49:26] <kallisti5> it's a kit :P
[05:49:30] <kallisti5> 32kb
[05:49:39] <waddlesplash> oh boy
[05:49:56] <waddlesplash> well, Haiku needs 93MB to boot, so ... that's only a 99% reduction needed
[05:50:17] <kallisti5> hm.. I can plug as many modules in as I want though
[05:50:23] <waddlesplash> we'll finish the N64 port long before that ever happens :p
[05:50:26] <kallisti5> ha
[05:50:31] <lsitongia> kallisti5: do you have an old CRT TV to hook it up to? :-)
[05:51:10] <kallisti5> nah.  Serial only atm.  There is a video framebuffer based on a Raspberry Pi... but using a Raspberry Pi as a video card for a 1970's computer feels odd
[05:51:44] <lsitongia> kallist5: I bet you have an Altair 8080 around somewhere? ;-)
[05:51:51] <kallisti5> these basic games all suck
[05:52:08] * kallisti5 needs to upgrade a bit and get QBASIC
[05:52:16] <scottmc> git push --force <your clone>  am I to assume the I put https://github.com/scottmc/haikuports.git here?
[05:52:37] <scottmc> or just run gut push --force
[05:52:41] <lsitongia> (I mean 8800)
[05:52:41] <waddlesplash> scottmc: yes
[05:52:57] <lsitongia> Where can I get idk? Can't find it in website or Depot. Thanks!
[05:53:10] <scottmc> waddlesplash, so first answer?
[05:53:13] <kallisti5> lsitongia: Nah. I was a mid 80's baby
[05:53:17] <waddlesplash> scottmc: yes
[05:53:17] <kallisti5> before my time :-)
[05:53:30] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: idk?
[05:53:40] <waddlesplash> lsitongia: there's an actual command called idk? lol
[05:54:50] <kallisti5> http://pastebin.com/qg9fthG7
[05:54:51] <kallisti5> good lord
[05:57:07] <waddlesplash> kallisti5: lol
[05:58:11] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[05:58:18] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has joined #haiku
[06:01:37] <scottmc> waddlesplash, thanks, that looks like it worked.
[06:02:19] <waddlesplash> scottmc: reviewed. :D
[06:02:47] *** hecliunyx <hecliunyx!U2FsdGVkX1@ma.sdf.org> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[06:03:28] <scottmc> yes it's the default, i copied it from the generic..  heh  guess i can delete that
[06:04:15] <scottmc> runConfigure crashes and burns...  --omit-dirs $docDir isn't working on it
[06:06:17] <waddlesplash> scottmc: remove dollarsign
[06:06:36] <scottmc> i think i tried both ways, but will try again
[06:07:06] <waddlesplash> scottmc: example https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/blob/75a3cf5384f650242f4b8a1094ab305d33ed99e7/dev-util/byacc/byacc-20150711.recipe#L36
[06:08:06] *** pfoetchen <pfoetchen!~pfoetchen@beiboot1.petschge.de> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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[06:13:19] <scottmc> it sorta worked...  cept now it's making /usr/local/share/man/man1
[06:13:43] <waddlesplash> scottmc: well, find out what it wants for docdir
[06:14:38] *** illwieckz <illwieckz!~illwieckz@unvanquished/developer/illwieckz> has quit IRC (Read error: No route to host)
[06:15:20] *** illwieckz <illwieckz!~illwieckz@unvanquished/developer/illwieckz> has joined #haiku
[06:17:54] <scottmc> no, i was work... made changes to wrong recipe... i changed in different local repo here.  omit-dirs is working now.
[06:17:59] <scottmc> i was wrong
[06:19:39] <waddlesplash> lol
[06:20:55] <waddlesplash> scottmc: does it put the manpages in right dir?
[06:20:59] <scottmc> now how to update pull request without blowing things up?
[06:21:04] <waddlesplash> or was that the other recipe problem?
[06:21:06] <waddlesplash> scottmc: it already did
[06:21:24] <scottmc> already blew up?
[06:21:25] <waddlesplash> scottmc: PR gets updated by you pushing commits
[06:21:31] <waddlesplash> scottmc: no already got updated properly
[06:21:33] <scottmc> ok, cool.
[06:22:00] <scottmc> .self/documentation/man/man1/diffstat.1
[06:22:08] <scottmc> looks right?
[06:22:11] <waddlesplash> yep
[06:22:25] <waddlesplash> but how did it do that without docdir?!
[06:22:29] <waddlesplash> oh well, looks ok
[06:23:01] <Not-4c8d> [haikuports/haikuports] waddlesplash pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±1] https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/compare/bca353cc61b5...5591fee04a44
[06:23:03] <Not-4c8d> [haikuports/haikuports] scottmc 5591fee - Updated diffstat to 1.61 (#1096)
[06:23:59] <scottmc> thanks.  still lots of rust here though.  going to work through the lint issues to learn what i'm doing again.
[06:24:14] <waddlesplash> ok, cool
[06:24:29] <waddlesplash> scottmc: really nice to see you back though! :)
[06:25:08] <waddlesplash> And now it's time for me to head off to bed (12:25am here).
[06:25:10] <scottmc> we'll see how long it lasts. ;)  it's been raining here for weeks, so sorta stuck inside
[06:25:34] <waddlesplash> Feels awesome to finally have the new site deployed. :)
[06:25:58] <waddlesplash> scottmc: :)
[06:26:59] <scottmc> nice work
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[10:02:32] <BrunoSpre> hello all...just tried to boot Haiku hrev 50874 from CD... I have a Sandybridge System... It works exept the multiprozesor support.. In process Bar there is only 1 prozessor shown...
[10:02:54] <BrunoSpre> maybe multiprozessor is still disabled?
[10:03:12] <humdinger> it shouldn't...
[10:03:16] *** Begasus <Begasus!~Begas_@d54C3C8C2.access.telenet.be> has joined #haiku
[10:03:23] <humdinger> Oi Begasus!
[10:03:33] <Begasus> 'lo humdinger! :)
[10:03:42] <Begasus> 'lo peeps
[10:04:10] <BrunoSpre> Hi Begsus... did you try to compile powermanga game?
[10:04:44] <Begasus> yes, have been looking into it a while back
[10:04:45] <BrunoSpre> powermanga is nowhere to find... only the sources
[10:05:35] <BrunoSpre> I did not manage to get it compiled! I dont have the knowledge to edit the makefile I think
[10:05:37] *** tqh <tqh!~frho@> has joined #haiku
[10:05:37] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o tqh
[10:06:23] <BrunoSpre> yes multiprozessor was available long time
[10:06:52] <Begasus> http://pastebin.com/rFxt2APU
[10:07:05] <Begasus> that's how far I was the last time with it BrunoSpre
[10:07:12] <BrunoSpre> but it was disabled some years ago... yeserday I tried to boot from the CD and I got only one prozessor
[10:07:56] <BrunoSpre> ah Begasus... thats a pity... we have to find someone with more knowledge than me and you...
[10:08:06] <Begasus> probably :)
[10:08:12] <jessicah> I loved Atomic Bomberman!
[10:08:19] <jessicah> that game was so great
[10:08:29] <BrunoSpre> yes I remember Bomberman
[10:08:37] <BrunoSpre> it was a Casino game
[10:08:41] <Begasus> also had a bomberman recipe in the works :)
[10:09:01] <BrunoSpre> I mean an arcade game you had to pay for in the 80'th
[10:09:31] <jessicah> Atomic Bomberman I think was Windows version
[10:11:03] <jessicah> that game was so much fun
[10:11:22] <Begasus> powermanga still builds here BrunoSpre
[10:11:51] <jessicah> why does the homepage, summary, etc. all talk about bomberman if it's not bomberman?
[10:12:06] <BrunoSpre> hmmm how to get rid of the popup showing when try to start youtube cannot click anything because the popup is emty
[10:12:45] <BrunoSpre> just tried to google for atomic bomberman
[10:12:53] <Begasus> bugger ... libpng in the way again for powermanga ...
[10:13:06] <BrunoSpre> ah ok
[10:14:08] <BrunoSpre> I think the popup is about the polycity change from google ...
[10:15:18] <BrunoSpre> I have to use another search engine for now
[10:22:10] *** humdinger <humdinger!~humdinger@x5d859585.dyn.telefonica.de> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.9.8pre9]: Oi, with the poodles already!)
[10:25:56] <Begasus> ok, this "nothing provides libpng*" is getting annoying :/
[10:26:14] <Begasus> even after I change it to lib:libpng16 it still complains ...
[10:29:09] <BrunoSpre> yes strange... something to do with libz?
[10:29:22] <Begasus> ah I see, png installed in the system packages is still v 1.6.20 while it's trying to search for 1.6.28 (current recipe)
[10:29:37] <Begasus> atleast I think that will be the thing ...
[10:30:53] *** stargater <stargater!~stargater@x4db9cf80.dyn.telefonica.de> has joined #haiku
[10:30:57] <stargater> moin
[10:31:13] <BrunoSpre> ah good you find a way... So do you change it in the make-file?
[10:31:45] <Begasus> k ... that did the trick
[10:32:05] <Begasus> nope ... installed libpng16_x86 localy ;)
[10:32:21] <Begasus> but powermanga crashes on startup
[10:38:40] *** GeneralDuke <GeneralDuke!~Thunderbi@pdi29.internetdsl.tpnet.pl> has joined #haiku
[10:41:01] <miqlas> BrunoSpre: you are the family building guy, right?
[10:41:27] <BrunoSpre> no sure not
[10:41:40] <BrunoSpre> nothing to do with this quy...
[10:41:54] <miqlas> umm, ok, sorry.
[10:42:07] <BrunoSpre> at least powermanga is starting
[10:42:19] <BrunoSpre> maybe you have to use an older version
[10:44:27] <miqlas> Yeah, The Family Building guy is Oliver Spaether
[10:44:56] <miqlas> Begasus: have you seen my lua patch?
[10:45:23] <Begasus> no miqlas not yet, is it still in the pr's?
[10:45:29] <miqlas> yep
[10:45:44] <miqlas> hope you accept it
[10:46:32] <BrunoSpre> my name is Spreter
[10:46:45] <stargater> for c++ coder -> golang for c++ coder -> https://github.com/golang/go/wiki/GoForCPPProgrammers
[10:47:07] *** gouchi <gouchi!~gouchi@ivr94-8-88-162-27-162.fbx.proxad.net> has joined #haiku
[10:47:24] <Begasus> what does this patch do miqlas?
[10:48:15] <miqlas> enables some features. If you check the lua sources, it look like ifdef USE_POSIX ... else printff not supported platform.
[10:48:15] <Begasus> ah also see you used possix there :)
[10:48:49] <miqlas> sou it compiles fine with your patch, but dies because unsupported platform.
[10:50:19] <Begasus> gonna check it localy here :)
[10:50:26] <miqlas> tried to update the luarocks recipe, and hovewer it compiles fine, it complains about missing io.popt or what implementation. So i've checked, why it is missing, and found this.
[10:50:46] <miqlas> Recompiled lua with my patch, recompiled luarocks, tested, works.
[11:01:12] *** rdad <rdad!~rdad@c-98-206-31-153.hsd1.il.comcast.net> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[11:04:51] *** Emrys <Emrys!~emrys@> has joined #haiku
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[11:10:21] <stargater> oh the new haiku page are online
[11:15:45] *** Ptrus <Ptrus!vision@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[11:16:08] <Begasus> would be nice to see fillets_ng building again :)
[11:16:13] *** Ptrus <Ptrus!vision@> has joined #haiku
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[11:23:04] <Begasus> ScriptAgent.h:14:17: fatal error: lua.h: No such file or directory ... bugger ...
[11:25:45] *** stargater <stargater!~stargater@x4db9cf80.dyn.telefonica.de> has quit IRC (Quit: leaving)
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[13:24:59] <Begasus> k ... fillets_ng build now (it still uses lua 5.1 functions)
[13:48:42] *** memphisto <memphisto!~memphisto@cable-24-135-223-132.dynamic.sbb.rs> has joined #haiku
[14:12:17] <Not-4c8d> [haikuports/haikuports] fbrosson pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-1/±0] https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/compare/5591fee04a44...29e0186b6fa8
[14:12:18] <Not-4c8d> [haikuports/haikuports] fbrosson 29e0186 - wavpack: bump to 5.1.0 which now comes with wvtag(1), add _bin.
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[14:20:42] <Not-4c8d> [haiku/website] pulkomandy pushed 2 commits to master [+0/-0/±2] https://github.com/haiku/website/compare/5789fb9d4880...f6c0921e62c2
[14:20:44] <Not-4c8d> [haiku/website] pulkomandy f0509e8 - Re-add links to GSoC and Getting Involved
[14:20:45] <Not-4c8d> [haiku/website] pulkomandy f6c0921 - Delete "mail kit" idea
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[14:35:38] <miqlas-H64> The VIM QT GUI looks really nice: http://chunk.io/f/95c361a3911c46fab0b2643c71b11b5e (but not the icons, yikes!)
[14:37:06] *** DKnoto <DKnoto!~DKnoto_W3@apn-31-0-40-215.dynamic.gprs.plus.pl> has joined #haiku
[14:40:42] <AndrewZ> Why does vim need a GUI?? :-)
[14:43:26] *** miqlas-H64 <miqlas-H64!~Haiku@dslc-082-083-176-221.pools.arcor-ip.net> has quit IRC (Quit: Vision[0.9.8]: i've been blurred!)
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[14:48:17] <PulkoMandy> AndrewZ: quite a lot! menus, markers, toolbars, scrollbars, anything you expect from a text editor
[14:48:46] <PulkoMandy> also it can then use more text features, such as curly underlines for misspelled words or build errors
[14:51:43] <OmniMancer> also the terminal is not the most efficient interface for scrolling large volumes of text
[14:52:06] *** DKnoto <DKnoto!~DKnoto_W3@apn-31-0-32-158.dynamic.gprs.plus.pl> has joined #haiku
[14:59:45] <AndrewZ> I am used to bare bones vim :-)
[15:00:02] <AndrewZ> no menus, no colors, no gui...
[15:00:20] *** DKnoto <DKnoto!~DKnoto_W3@apn-31-0-32-158.dynamic.gprs.plus.pl> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[15:06:37] *** return0e_ <return0e_!~return0e@178-78-68-13.static.kc.net.uk> has joined #haiku
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[15:10:31] <AndrewZ> Can anyone answer a cmake question?
[15:11:47] <AndrewZ> I'm trying to build Blender, but getting "Could not find PythonLibsUnix (Missing: PYTHON_LIBRARY ...) ..."
[15:12:25] *** DKnoto <DKnoto!~DKnoto_W3@apn-37-248-163-77.dynamic.gprs.plus.pl> has joined #haiku
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[15:31:36] <Not-4c8d> [haikuports/haikuports] fbrosson pushed 1 commit to master [+2/-2/±0] https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/compare/29e0186b6fa8...2f0696de2ce3
[15:31:38] <Not-4c8d> [haikuports/haikuports] fbrosson 2f0696d - libgcrypt: bump to 1.7.6.
[15:33:00] <Diver> AndrewZ: isn't PYTHON_LIBRARY defined in blender recipe?
[15:39:56] *** DKnoto <DKnoto!~DKnoto_W3@apn-31-0-37-80.dynamic.gprs.plus.pl> has joined #haiku
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[15:44:32] *** miqlas-H64 <miqlas-H64!~Haiku@tmo-103-9.customers.d1-online.com> has joined #haiku
[15:45:56] <miqlas-H64> Hi Guys! Any idea, why the LaunchBox showing a normal Folder icon instead of the Partition icon if i drop a Partition onto a new button?
[15:47:12] <PulkoMandy> it is a bug in GetTrackerIcon in Haiku
[15:47:18] <PulkoMandy> it does not work for disks
[15:47:35] *** euver <euver!~Thunderbi@p54A28D7A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #haiku
[15:48:48] <PulkoMandy> miqlas-H64: https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/9480
[15:50:47] *** Muzer <Muzer!~muzer@tim32.org> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[15:52:10] <AndrewZ> Diver, I'm not using recipe, I'm using cmake
[15:52:21] <Diver> check the recipe then
[15:52:58] <AndrewZ> I have no experience with the recipe process...
[15:53:57] <AndrewZ> Diver, a different topic - are you using QEMU?
[15:54:06] <Diver> https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/blob/master/media-gfx/blender/blender-2.76.recipe#L71
[15:54:09] <Diver> nope, vmware
[15:54:56] *** DKnoto <DKnoto!~DKnoto_W3@apn-31-0-37-80.dynamic.gprs.plus.pl> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[15:55:35] <AndrewZ> thank you, what executable runs .recipe?
[15:56:28] <AndrewZ> ok, haikuporter
[15:57:31] <Diver> yes
[15:57:32] <Diver> pkgman ins haikuporter
[15:58:11] <Diver> see also https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/wiki#tips
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[16:04:22] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Barrett
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[16:06:12] *** ADS_Sr_ is now known as ADS_Sr
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[16:07:53] <miqlas-H64> PulkoMandy: what was your problem with vim again?
[16:08:14] <miqlas-H64> You have tried to install some extension, and had problems, i think
[16:08:22] <PulkoMandy> mh… I don't remember, there are several ones :)
[16:08:56] <PulkoMandy> I think the main problem is a lock for some seconds, I think it was with some "rainbow parentheses" thing
[16:09:13] <PulkoMandy> there is also the missing "clientserver" option, which is needed to get Cream working
[16:09:33] <PulkoMandy> and lately I tried installing YouCompleteMe but it tries to use Linux version of clang, and that doesn't work obviously
[16:11:21] *** mmu_man <mmu_man!~revol@vaf26-2-82-244-111-82.fbx.proxad.net> has joined #haiku
[16:11:41] *** chomar <chomar!uid208546@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-dzlwyyxcaacnwdwd> has joined #haiku
[16:13:53] <miqlas-H64> PulkoMandy: yep, i think clientserver is a compile-time option. I can try to enable it.
[16:13:58] <miqlas-H64> mmu!
[16:13:59] <Not-4c8d> [haikuports/haikuports] korli pushed 8 commits to master [+1/-1/±8] https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/compare/2f0696de2ce3...5429ed366b33
[16:14:01] <Not-4c8d> [haikuports/haikuports] korli acd57fe - tesseract: fix build on x86_64.
[16:14:02] <Not-4c8d> [haikuports/haikuports] korli a432fef - vwget: fix SOURCE_DIR.
[16:14:03] <miqlas-H64> any news about v8?
[16:14:04] <Not-4c8d> [haikuports/haikuports] korli 3ab6b44 - sqlitebrowser: force one-job build.
[16:14:05] <Not-4c8d> [haikuports/haikuports] ... and 5 more commits.

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