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   April 11, 2019  
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[16:20:24] <slizard> Hi all. I've some syntax highlighting related questions; is there anybody in with the know-how and a bit of time to help out?
[16:27:41] <slizard> Seems quiet here, so just in case if somebody can help out, please take a look at this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55634702/gerrit-diff-view-syntax-highlighting-for-cuda-and-opencl
[16:28:46] <paladox> Hi, those languages doin't look like they are in https://github.com/highlightjs/highlight.js (which is what the new ui uses), maybe you would like to add support for those languages?
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[16:35:07] <slizard> I could try, but I could use some pointers.
[16:35:26] <slizard> However, that's only part of the problem. The new UI lost some config features, is that intentional?
[16:36:39] <jkt> slizard: I think that it makes sense to remove options which are, eh, "weird", such as this explicit highlighter override
[16:36:46] <jkt> but I also see that it's a regression for you
[16:37:07] <jkt> what other options are there? (the general answer is usually "please file bugs for what is missing")
[16:37:12] <slizard> Secondly, can some lang mapping overrides be added somehow using some server-side workarounds? I review a lot of such code and would like to avoid having to stick to the old interface and have to switch for each and every file.
[16:39:18] <slizard> Well, "weird" is a subjective thing. There is no universal way to identify the language of a source file. It is not unreasonable to have myscript.bar be a C++ file -- a build system can easily be configured to treat it as such, same for most editors/IDEs.
[16:39:31] <jkt> yes, you're right
[16:39:50] <jkt> for example, I use vim, and I know that I can achieve that in there
[16:40:04] <slizard> same here ;-)
[16:40:14] <jkt> I do not neccessarily agree that this must be supported in a web code review tool, though
[16:40:23] <slizard> well, the new UI has like half of the options of the old UI
[16:40:31] <slizard> so many are not there
[16:40:42] <jkt> what version do you use?
[16:41:30] <slizard> I don't mean to start a debate, but some people spend nearly as much time staring at code in gerrit as they do in their fav editor.
[16:41:52] <jkt> you're right
[16:42:20] <slizard> Hence, I tend to disagree -- unless one wants to make their experience unfamiliar and unpleasant, the syntax highlighting should be as close to what they are used to as possible.
[16:42:34] <slizard> we just upgraded to 2.16.7
[16:42:57] <jkt> from my point of view, though, a reasonable fix for "my CUDA files are shown broken" is fixing the highlighting for CUDA files, not bringing back an option for each client picking a custom highlighting, IMHO
[16:43:58] <jkt> I just question the wisdom of coding C++ in a file named .bar, that's all
[16:44:25] <slizard> There are two only incidentally related issues. There should be an override because file name is not a reliable way to identify source code language. Secondly, support would be useful to extend.
[16:45:35] <jkt> I *think* that you'll get a WONTFIX for this possibility of overriding from a UI, but by all means file a bug
[16:45:44] <jkt> I don't think that any polygerrit maintainers actually lurk here
[16:46:05] <slizard> However, even with extended support, e.g. we use cuh and clh for headers that are meant to be included only in CUDA/OpenCL code which are not very commonly used in general. Hence, even your preferred solution might not work for us and for many others.
[16:46:33] <slizard> I am not familiar with the project structure so, not sure what the difference is between the gerrit and polygerrit projects
[16:46:51] <jkt> conincidentally, I editted a random foo.h.in earlier today
[16:48:12] <slizard> There you go... Try to CR a nice and juicy foo.cpp.in that has plenty of logic, type, etc. changes.
[16:48:25] <paladox> I help maintain PolyGerrit
[16:49:05] <paladox> Gerrit and PolyGerrit are the same thing
[16:49:08] <paladox> PolyGerrit is the UI
[16:49:31] <jkt> paladox: nah, I was just saying that this probably belongs to the issue tracker
[16:49:32] <slizard> So to sum it up, TBH I mostly care about getting at least C++ highlighting on some C++-like files (that happen to be CUDA/OpenCL). Of course, I am a dev an posed the "correct" question, i.e. how to get CUDA highlihgting and you gave the "correct" dev answer: go implement CUDA highlighting. ;)
[16:49:52] <paladox> ok
[16:50:04] <slizard> hi paladox
[16:50:08] <paladox> hi
[16:51:40] <slizard> so to break it down, I am willing to _try_ to work with you guys, but I'd appreciate if we broke down the issue into two bits: i) how can I work around and avoid the inconvenience now and teach the server or client that .foobar is C++ ii) how can we get overrides/new lang highlight into a future release
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[17:08:36] <slizard> Ping!
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[17:27:38] <jkt> slizard: I tried to tell you that the majority of gerrit developers do not follow IRC; my suggestion is to use the issue tracker
[17:31:27] <slizard> OK, fine. Some of this really doesn't belong to the issue tracker, I think. Asking for some "dirty" workaround will be rejected. Anyway. Thanks for the help -- and in case if you still happen to be able to give me pointers how to force C++ highlighting for both/either of the new/old UI for a custom file-type, I'd be grateful. Otherwise, I'll grep -R something...
[17:31:30] <slizard> Peace out.
[17:31:39] <slizard> Byee
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[19:10:52] <slizard> hello again! Our gerrit 2.16.7 install's "New UI" seems to be missing the online editor; the "codemirror-editor" is installed and enabled (verified on the foo.bar/admin/plugins page). Where should the UI element show up?
[19:44:32] <paladox> You have to click “Edit” which is some where in the change screen
[19:44:39] <paladox> I think it’s on the toolbar at the top
[19:46:43] <slizard> paladox: ah, I see now. Thanks! You may want to clarify this in some docs (i.e. that before any editing is possible one has to switch to "edit mode" on the main issue page.
[19:46:57] <paladox> https://phab.wmflabs.org/phame/post/view/1/the_biggest_upgrade_to_have_happened_to_wmf_gerrit/
[19:48:28] <slizard> paladox: OK, I was looking at gerrit's own docs which had some IMHO confusing guide how to create an issue from scratch on the web UI, but didn't seem to dedicate room to state clearly how to engage the "edit away" mode. :P
[19:49:38] <paladox> The docs still refer to the old ui (in some places)
[19:50:41] <paladox> Gerrits issue tracker is https://bugs.chromium.org/p/gerrit/issues/list
[19:51:02] <slizard> nah, I was reading the release notes actually
[19:51:06] <slizard> OK, I know
[19:51:26] <paladox> And group chat is at https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!forum/repo-discuss
[19:51:31] <paladox> Where the maintainers are
[19:51:44] <slizard> what do you want me to file?
[19:51:45] <slizard> ok
[19:52:06] <slizard> so what kind of question/interaction is expected/welcome here?
[19:52:24] <paladox> Anything, but this channel is mostly quiet :)
[19:52:25] <slizard> do you recommend to simply raise all issues over email instead?
[19:53:20] <paladox> If you have a issue ie bug or feature suggestion it should go in the bug tracker otherwise you can ask questions at the group chat link I gave :) (or you can ask them here)
[19:53:37] <paladox> Though you are most likely to have your questions answered on the group chat thing
[19:55:09] <slizard> what is the "group chat thing"?
[19:55:46] <slizard> you mean the google groups called "repo-discuss"?
[19:55:52] <paladox> Yeh
[19:57:07] <slizard> ok, seemed somewhat quiet too, that's why I came here.
[19:57:22] <slizard> will continue there
[19:57:24] <slizard> cheers
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   April 11, 2019  
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