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   February 17, 2014  
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[12:37:08] <ogzy> i am wondering whether any success with glusterfs and xenserver 6.2 storage usage in a HA mode?
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[13:45:40] <kiste> Hi
[13:46:18] <kiste> Is there any good howto to implement Netscaler for Xenapp/XenDesktop with OTP via RADIUS?
[13:47:50] <WyW> often the OTP-software providers have a guide
[13:48:00] <WyW> should be pretty straigt forward though
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[14:10:56] <batfastad> Hi everyone. Just upgraded a Netscaler to "NS10.1: Build 123.9.nc". Do I separately need to update the access gateway plugins to allow Win8 and add the latest Mac plugin etc?
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[14:27:08] <paradizelost> i believe the plugins are the critical part of making them work
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[14:30:27] <pak21> Depends what you upgraded *from*. Certainly 10.0 to 10.1 needs a plugin upgrade.
[14:31:02] <batfastad> Yep, 10.0 to 10.1. So the plugins that the clients are prompted to download aren't included in that upgrade package?
[14:31:14] <paradizelost> just thinking if the reason is what they were on wouldn't work with win8, the plugin would need to be updated to allow for a client that wasn't allowed before
[14:33:27] <pak21> My real experience here is with our corporate NS, which forced the upgrade onto me the first time I tried to connect.
[14:33:57] <batfastad> Yes me too with WinXP and Win7. Can't verify for Win8 unfortunately
[14:34:07] <batfastad> Will try and get hold of a Win8 machine
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[14:34:58] <batfastad> The fact that the upgrade prompt happens with Win7/WinXP makes me think that the client plugin is included with the NS upgrade package
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[14:37:14] <tabularasa> morning peeps
[14:38:05] <WyW> afternoon!
[14:38:09] <tabularasa> that too
[14:38:20] <tabularasa> (insert appropriate time greeting here) peeps
[14:38:37] <cy[]> happy coffeetime?
[14:38:40] <cy[]> im in
[14:38:56] <splatone_> Monring.
[14:39:12] <tabularasa> ya mon!
[14:39:13] <Socra> afternoon mr tabularasa
[14:44:34] <tabularasa> everyone have a nice weekend?
[14:50:55] <Socra> excellent what about you?
[14:51:26] <tabularasa> very good.
[14:59:07] <splatone_> tabularasa: I think today will be a netscaler day..
[15:01:38] <Socra> I was meaning to ask that did you guys receive formal training for netscaler and is this now part of your "regular" job?
[15:02:24] <Socra> or are their "dedicated" netscaler peeps sitting in a dark corner somewhere?
[15:02:28] <splatone_> Socra: Formal training.. What is that?
[15:02:55] <Socra> Citrix Netscaler clasess I would think
[15:03:18] <splatone_> Socra: hmm.. I think I had some formal Windows NT training back in 98.
[15:03:21] <tabularasa> yeah, wouldn't that be awesome
[15:03:24] <Socra> lol
[15:03:32] <tabularasa> i had a CCNA class back in 2000
[15:03:40] <splatone_> Socra: that was last formal training ive had.
[15:03:41] <tabularasa> actually, it may have been in 98
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[15:04:09] <splatone_> Yea that was for my windows NT 4.0 MCSE.
[15:04:42] <tabularasa> niiice
[15:04:47] <Socra> I read that Citrix has like a 4-5 day course on netscaler
[15:05:43] <WyW> there's a lot of courses
[15:05:47] <WyW> also in e-learning
[15:05:51] <WyW> but expensive stuff...
[15:06:19] <WyW> might be worth the buck if you have no "seniors" to guide you throught the basics
[15:06:53] <Socra> Don't get me wrong I'm more of a CBE guy but I'm switching jobs where they mentioned that I might need to hook up with netscaler (dunno if anyone is doing that at the moment)
[15:07:03] <Socra> at the new place
[15:07:50] <Socra> I always wanna learn new things but the Netscaler is just such a different beast
[15:08:31] <WyW> what does CBE stand for?
[15:08:39] <splatone_> Socra: It helps to know networking and Xenapp before you venture into Netscaler.
[15:08:40] <Socra> Certified By Experience
[15:08:45] <WyW> Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, a grade within the British order of chivalry.
[15:08:49] <WyW> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CBE_%28disambiguation%29
[15:08:54] <Socra> lol
[15:08:55] <WyW> that would be better!
[15:09:17] <Socra> well been working with Citrix Stuff since 1.8
[15:09:31] <WyW> networking background helps a lot
[15:09:56] <WyW> xenapp/xendesktop experience helps if you need to hook up your netscaler to one of those
[15:10:11] *** mesamoo has joined #Citrix
[15:10:13] <Socra> so that is cool networking I haven't done a whole with
[15:10:18] <WyW> if you're replacing cisco ace for most part, that info is not that relevant
[15:10:21] *** mesamoo has joined #Citrix
[15:10:45] <Socra> no too many places where XenApp peeps get to play with the network hardware as well
[15:10:51] <WyW> basic stuff is sufficent... subnetting, routing, osi-model, etc... I'd say
[15:11:39] <tabularasa> depends on your background
[15:11:47] <tabularasa> luckily i have a strong networking background
[15:11:59] <Socra> was afraid of that
[15:12:16] <Socra> /me hates subnetting always confuses me..
[15:12:26] <splatone_> socra: some nix experiance is also very handy with NS..
[15:13:04] <Socra> that is no prob Debian ftw
[15:13:31] <cy[]> how does debian help you with subnetting in any way?;)
[15:13:42] <Socra> I wish it would :)
[15:13:42] <cy[]> ach nix experience
[15:13:44] <cy[]> nvm
[15:15:17] <Socra> best advice I got from a consultant who implements ém every month.."once deployed, don't mesh with em"
[15:15:28] <Socra> mesh=mess
[15:16:01] <splatone_> wtf is ém ?
[15:16:13] <Socra> splatone_ I thought you mentioned that you where also switching jobs?
[15:16:27] <Socra> typo kb
[15:16:34] <splatone_> Socra: I feel like I switch jobs every day..
[15:16:40] <Socra> lol
[15:17:15] <Socra> was RSRevord then I think
[15:22:33] <tabularasa> subnetting is easy once you get the hang of it
[15:23:20] <WyW> subnetting is quite logical eventually
[15:23:37] <tabularasa> yeah, i use the "chart" and game over..
[15:24:26] <WyW> I remember when I figured out the stuff myself at my first server-maintenance job
[15:24:47] <WyW> just broke the IPs down to binary and had couple of sheets of paper
[15:25:03] <WyW> IPv6 subnetting however, haven't stuck my spoon in that soup just yet
[15:26:16] <Socra> It's just a weird thing that Netscaler new organisation has seperate divisions for everything but Netscaler is with the Citrix Team..I wonder if that would be the case if the Netscaler had a Cisco sticker
[15:27:09] <WyW> I've seen that a lot
[15:33:41] *** bbooth has joined #Citrix
[15:34:12] <tabularasa> ipv6 is interesting, but also pretty easy once you get the hang of it
[15:34:22] <bbooth> Q. How do I recreate a Console Proxy VM on CloudStack 3.0.6 without destroying the existing one
[15:35:01] <paradizelost> bbooth: recreate imply's destroying/creating new
[15:35:06] <WyW> tabularasa: I've just found the DirectAccess stuff a bit confusing when I tried learning that stuff in my previous job
[15:35:21] <bbooth> ....right....
[15:35:40] <tabularasa> omg, direct access, wtf is up with that crap
[15:35:47] <bbooth> ........create then........
[15:36:10] <paradizelost> dunno, never used
[15:37:32] <bbooth> great
[15:37:35] *** bbooth has quit IRC
[15:39:57] <tabularasa> i saw the specs for Dir3ectAccess and was like "fuck this"
[15:41:51] <splatone_> tabularasa: Directaccess?
[15:44:11] <tabularasa> http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd759144.aspx
[15:44:29] <tabularasa> It's like you can have your laptop, with no VPN, connect securely back to resources in your datacenter
[15:44:41] <tabularasa> it requires like 22 servers and 14 dmzs and ADFS and shit
[15:45:47] <splatone_> tabularasa: thats the microsoft way.
[15:46:07] <tabularasa> great "concept"
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[15:57:56] <splatone_> Anyone seen this?
[15:57:59] <splatone_> [Mon Feb 17 09:55:45 2014] [error] (70014)End of file found: An error occurred when processing incoming CGP downstream data
[15:58:02] <splatone_> [Mon Feb 17 09:55:45 2014] [error] (70014)End of file found: S 0x13DA578: ap_get_brigade failed
[15:59:19] <splatone_> from XTE error log.
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[16:08:11] <splatone_> Recreate LHC is probably my next step.
[16:08:18] <splatone_> I know its related to STA server.
[16:09:33] <splatone_> and install HR3..
[16:09:39] <splatone_> Which I didnt even know was out.
[16:12:02] *** MartynKeigher has joined #Citrix
[16:13:16] <tabularasa> yeah, i just rolled it out to a couple customers
[16:13:33] <tabularasa> so far so good
[16:15:47] <splatone_> tabularasa: are you installing the FP2 stuff?
[16:16:20] <tabularasa> i don't recall whats in FP2
[16:16:34] <splatone_> the xenapp mobile stuff.
[16:16:45] <tabularasa> that mobility pack is crap
[16:17:10] <splatone_> yea I didnt see anything really usefull in it.
[16:17:40] <splatone_> what i thought it is and what it really is were two different things.
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[16:23:50] <ogzy> i am wondering whether any success with glusterfs and xenserver 6.2 storage usage in a HA mode? (repeating th question sorry)
[16:27:47] <tabularasa> np
[16:27:53] <tabularasa> johnelse: ^--- ?
[16:28:03] <tabularasa> not too many XS guys in here, but worth an ask
[16:28:56] <johnelse> ogzy: I did hear about a guy writing a gluster FS storage backend a while back
[16:29:08] <johnelse> but I never heard how he got on
[16:30:01] <ogzy> johnelse: what is the suggested way of using storage with xen, seems nfs + drbs sucks
[16:30:59] <johnelse> xenserver supports shared storage across pools
[16:31:03] <johnelse> you can run HA on NFS
[16:31:53] <johnelse> HA on glusterFS would need quite a bit of hacking to get working
[16:31:57] <ogzy> is there nay HA for NFS?!
[16:32:02] <johnelse> yep
[16:32:09] <johnelse> as of XS 6.0 I think
[16:32:11] <ogzy> johnelse: i though glusterfs is HA already
[16:32:32] <johnelse> oh...so I'm talking about HA for the xenservers, not for the storage
[16:32:44] <ogzy> johnelse: johnelsei am talking about the nfs part indeed
[16:32:59] <ogzy> johnelse: what is your suggested architecture, one NFS with two storage?
[16:34:42] <johnelse> that's quite an open-ended question :) xenserver HA does have the problem that the storage is single point of failure
[16:34:46] <splatone_> ogzy: if its a new XS setup I would recommend Fiber Channel.
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[16:37:06] *** eastz0r has joined #Citrix
[16:37:23] <ogzy> johnelse: splatone_so HA mode xenservers with fiber channel and a single NFS
[16:37:58] <splatone_> ogzy: if your doing FC you dont need nfs at all.
[16:42:24] <tabularasa> yeah, XS + FC = good
[16:42:29] <tabularasa> XS + iSCSI = bad
[16:42:39] <tabularasa> XS + NFS = aint half bad either though..
[16:43:14] *** tattedup has quit IRC
[16:43:16] <pak21> (and XS + NFS much better if you're wanting to deploy XenDesktop)
[16:43:33] *** tattedup has joined #Citrix
[16:43:34] <tabularasa> how come?
[16:43:45] <pak21> NFS supports thin provisioning.
[16:44:59] <tabularasa> ah
[17:03:45] <ogzy> tabularasa: ok thank you
[17:14:36] <tabularasa> yup
[17:34:36] *** Dmiddleton has joined #Citrix
[17:35:39] <Dmiddleton> Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a little issue regarding getting 200 HTTP errors during trying to load Console connections up.
[17:36:48] *** AdminCTX has joined #Citrix
[17:37:01] <pak21> You'll probably get more help if you give us some clue which console you're talking about :-)
[17:37:21] <Dmiddleton> Console via CloudPlatform web interface.
[17:38:10] <AdminCTX> Anyone experience bluescreens on 6.5 pointing towards vdtw30.dll?
[17:38:19] <pak21> Don't think there are too many CloudPlatform guys in here unfortunately.
[17:38:46] <Dmiddleton> Oh, fair enough.
[17:38:49] <tabularasa> AdminCTX: refresh my memory. whats vdtw30.dll ?
[17:39:08] <AdminCTX> from what I found it is ica graphics related
[17:40:01] <Dmiddleton> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2748302
[17:40:18] *** MasterXen_ has joined #Citrix
[17:40:19] <AdminCTX> stop error was pointing to 0000003B
[17:40:41] <Dmiddleton> Check the link, it references your exact problem and error code.
[17:40:52] <tabularasa> nice
[17:41:34] <AdminCTX> sadly I've applied that hotfix and stil exprience
[17:41:41] *** Dmiddleton has quit IRC
[17:41:54] <AdminCTX> I have a case open with them as well but no news yet
[17:47:24] <JarianGibson> yo yo
[17:47:57] <tabularasa> hey jarian
[18:07:54] <tabularasa> AdminCTX: Well, sadly, i have not seen that specific BSOD
[18:12:36] *** neothecat has joined #Citrix
[18:15:18] <neothecat> hello. i am running Citrix 6.2.0. i had my server die, so i simply moved it to another server, but with significantly new hardware. Everytime i boot, i get a kernel panic. I did make a backup of the server, but the when i restore it, i get the same behavior.
[18:16:29] <tabularasa> Citrix, meaning, XenServer?
[18:16:46] <neothecat> tabularasa: yup, sorry about that.
[18:16:54] <tabularasa> reinstall XenServer then remount the LVM where your VMs are
[18:18:33] <neothecat> ok, so far i did that. then i tried manually making the new VMs, and then adding the storage. i have two issues: one, i get some weird boot issues about not finding CD, and two, i lot of storage is called "disk1" (these VMs were imported from VirtualBox).
[18:18:58] <AdminCTX> tabularrasa, no problem I tend to get unique things
[18:19:14] <AdminCTX> hopefully they get me a hotfix
[18:19:59] <neothecat> is there a way i can get the metadata from my backup file? i have no problem manually connecting the vdi uuid to the newly created VMs through CLI. i just untarred the backup, hoping there was an text based file called "metadata", but i could not find anything.
[18:25:17] *** batfastad has left #Citrix
[18:27:38] <johnelse> neothecat: have a look for a file called state.db
[18:27:50] <neothecat> great, thank you.
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[18:38:22] <neothecat> johnelse: you saved me a lot of python scripts reverse engineering... one more question. do you know if there is a dbtool for 6.2? all i could find was for 5.x or below.
[18:40:45] <johnelse> neothecat: heh, I hadn't seen that dbtool - the database format didn't change between 5.x and 6.x so I expect it will still work
[18:40:53] <johnelse> that page is just too old to mention 6.x
[18:41:06] <johnelse> by the way, state.db is just XML
[18:42:07] <neothecat> ok, great. i will give that a try. and if it doesn't, i'll just script up something to parse the db.
[18:42:11] <johnelse> if you run it through xmllint --format then it's sorta-readable
[18:42:57] <neothecat> thanks for all your help. i am usually wary of IRC help. thanks for not calling me a noob and tell me to RTFM :)
[18:43:29] <tabularasa> we try to make this channel different
[18:43:35] <johnelse> no problem :)
[18:44:15] <johnelse> also, if you're using iscsi or FC then you can use the metadata-on-lun feature which makes storage a lot more portable
[18:44:43] <johnelse> should help if you ever have to do this again
[18:46:03] <neothecat> btw, the dbtool does work.
[18:47:40] <neothecat> johnelse: i would love to setup something more advanced. i am a software engineer that works from home, so i am my own network admin, system admin, janitoir, receptionist, etc, so if i am to do something like that, i would need to learn how to all that.
[18:48:00] <neothecat> which i would love to, but i do not think my company is going to pay me spend the time learning it...,
[18:59:50] *** LesB has joined #Citrix
[19:00:31] <LesB> hi everyone, I'm looking for a couple questions answered about xenserver 6.2
[19:00:33] <LesB> any takers?
[19:00:41] <tabularasa> yeah, a couple people are around
[19:00:47] <LesB> neat
[19:01:34] <LesB> I have a pool using non-multipath SR type 'equal' to an equallogic array. I'm trying to use xenmotion to move into a new pool with default SR LVM over iSCSI
[19:01:57] <LesB> about half the migrations fail with an internal error "End_of_File"
[19:02:33] <LesB> we put in two temporary servers (one in each pool) with 20+ TB of local storage to try moving the data local before moving it over
[19:02:38] <LesB> same errors
[19:02:56] <LesB> our best strategy has been to shut down, snapshot, create vm from snapshot, then migrate into local storage, etc
[19:03:27] <LesB> that is dreadfully time-consuming, seeing as how we have our production zimbra servers to move once we hash out the process
[19:07:08] <johnelse> LesB: is storage motion supported on equallogic? I thought it was just local lvm/ext, nfs and lvmo*
[19:09:18] <LesB> johnelse, no idea.
[19:16:13] <johnelse> yeah, I don't think it is - I can't find any tests for it anyhow
[19:16:20] <johnelse> you might be the first person to try it!
[19:16:34] <LesB> lol
[19:16:41] <LesB> well, it works about 50% of the time
[19:16:42] <LesB> :\
[19:17:12] <LesB> I'm guessing the snapshot + create new vm is an unnecessary step if this is the case
[19:17:18] <LesB> perhaps just shut down, then move storage
[19:17:50] <johnelse> yeah that should be OK
[19:18:19] <LesB> Cool. I'll try that
[19:18:26] <LesB> thanks for your time
[19:18:44] <johnelse> no problem, sorry I couldn't be any more help!
[19:18:54] <LesB> s'ok
[19:19:01] <LesB> glad to find this channel
[19:24:11] *** neothecat has quit IRC
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[19:59:29] *** johnelse is now known as johnelse_away
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[20:10:35] <wahibdon> JarianGibson: were you not able to do the testing over the weekend? (in regards to there not being 3d in win7 with xc express)
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[20:47:13] <Symposed> Is there a way to deploy an app server via MCS in XD7 and have changes be persistent?
[20:47:41] <Symposed> dont see the option in the wizard and default seems to discard changes
[20:49:59] <P2Vme> Why would you want a Server OS to maintain changes as each time they logon they could hit a different box?
[20:52:16] *** wahibdon_ has joined #Citrix
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[20:52:27] <Symposed> using upm to redirect profile data so wasnt worried bout user data. was looking at it more for updating software on the os itself. but i suppose i could just update master and update catalog
[20:52:34] <AdminCTX> has anyone used this hotfix in combination with HRP 3 in 6.5 Hotfix UpsClient100WX64100 -
[21:10:02] <JarianGibson> wahibdon_: still working on it
[21:11:21] <JarianGibson> my weekend was a little crazy, thought my wife was going to have baby early
[21:11:52] <P2Vme> JarianGibson: When is she due?
[21:13:42] <wahibdon_> JarianGibson: haha, well, I know what baby troubles can be like. good luck with that. the fact that there is no bridging with wireless connections makes this option a little less attractive with/without 3d working in win7
[21:14:05] <wahibdon_> I wish xenclient xt was not $610 per license for non commercial use
[21:27:28] *** stormlight has joined #Citrix
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[22:35:32] <tabularasa> AdminCTX: don't use the UPS
[22:44:13] <tabularasa> uncon: just FYI, turned back on Insight on 123.9... mad disconnects. Ran without it for a week with no problems. Just turned it on.. BOOM..
[23:05:05] *** P2Vme has quit IRC
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