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   February 18, 2020  
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[05:59:59] <clapont> v_a_b: thank you for feedback. the fmadm faulty is acquited (a tempt zfs error), the ILOM shows "0 Open Problems" but the Service LED is still on. I am trying to find if there is anything else to do than Oracle SR. a similar thing, https://community.oracle.com/thread/4180558 is unanswered.
[06:06:20] <jbk> have you tried logging into the web interface?
[06:14:03] <clapont> jbk: yes; "0 Open problems" there too
[06:14:46] <clapont> jbk: thank you for feedback. it's a T5-2 if it happens to have one. "fmadm faulty" shows 0 lines, 0 problems
[06:17:09] <jbk> are you sure it's a service led, and not just the locator led?
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[06:26:17] <clapont> jbk: yes, it is the Service LED; -> show /SYS/SERVICE/ Properties: type = Indicator ipmi_name = SERVICE value = On ; prtdiag -v|grep SERVICE shows SYS SERVICE steady
[06:35:44] <clapont> jbk, v_a_b : I solved by aquiting old events from fmdump; two questions 1) why the "fmadm faulty" was showing no problem; 2) why the LED started just after a reboot and not before... but well, it is solved, thank you for ideas
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[07:27:08] <sjorge> papertigers: Did you have time to peak at the extra dtrace stuff I was playing with, I just assume it's because I messed up the actualy tracing though
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[14:47:08] <Smithx10> papertigers: around?
[14:47:36] <Smithx10> Anyone know if LX branded zones has delayacct_blkio_ticks in /proc/pid/stat ?
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[14:48:48] <Smithx10> looks like python is referencing it in https://github.com/giampaolo/psutil/blob/master/psutil/_pslinux.py#L1578 and one of our users is getting a ./womp ./womp
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[15:17:56] <sjorge> Smithx10 I don't think it does, lots of stuff in /proc is not there IIRC
[15:18:19] <Smithx10> I didnt look to see when that was added
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[16:26:03] <sjorge> danmcd, papertigers: doing a new PI build with both your patches (bhyve-sync) and the ipmp one
[16:26:10] <sjorge> Will let you know tomorrowish
[16:26:24] <danmcd> Thank you!
[16:29:35] <sjorge> hmmm I pulled a new diff between master and bhyve-sync and it doesn't apply after dans patch is also on it
[16:31:07] <jbk> Smithx10: is the version of the zone set to something > 2.4 ?
[16:32:42] <sjorge> I guess withut the bhyve stuff then
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[16:39:38] <Smithx10> jbk is there a defaulted version in docker?
[16:42:51] <sjorge> hmmm build issues now before... it even starts blah
[16:50:42] <jbk> hmm don't know..
[16:59:10] <ryzokuken> let's try this from the beginning
[16:59:12] <ryzokuken> hi everyone!
[17:00:13] <ryzokuken> I'm a developer working on porting some software to SmartOS. I have zero experience with systems administration and dunno anything about setting up zones or NATs or anything of the sort, but I can try some resources.
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[17:00:49] <ryzokuken> I need to set up an environment in SmartOS where I can build and run the software (I already have an image on vagrant on virtualbox).
[17:01:03] <ryzokuken> how do I achieve this in the simplest way possible?
[17:01:53] <ryzokuken> previously, someone asked me to create a zone since it's inconveninent to install packages on the global zone, and then when I couldn't use internet to actually install software in the new zone, someone asked me to create a NAT instead.
[17:02:31] <papertigers> Smithx10: pong
[17:03:00] <Smithx10> papertigers: I was wondering if you had come across that lx error that I posted earlier about delayacct_blkio_ticks
[17:03:24] <Smithx10> looks like that was added according to the man page awhile ago.... I'm trying to get information from our user, but obviously they just decide to ignore moe
[17:03:25] <Smithx10> me*
[17:03:39] <jperkin> ryzokuken: if you're able to configure virtualbox so that SmartOS is bridged and any zones you create appear to the network it'll be easier, you won't then need to faff around with nat
[17:04:39] <papertigers> ryzokuken: or if you want to go the NAT route, can you share the json you used to create your NAT zone? Or vmadm get UUID
[17:04:44] <ryzokuken> jperkin: wait, virtualbox is infact bridged.
[17:04:47] <papertigers> Smithx10: scrolling up
[17:04:54] <jperkin> if the software you're trying to port is relatively simple then honestly the GZ method might be simpler in this case, it's just that the software available in the GZ is much more limited than in zones
[17:04:57] <ryzokuken> in the global zone, I can `ping` stuff IIRC.
[17:05:00] <ryzokuken> let me recheck.
[17:05:06] <jperkin> so if you just need a C compiler then you'll be fine
[17:06:16] <papertigers> well at first glance `cat /proc/$$/stat` on my desktop vs an lx zone is different. Real linux has much longer output
[17:06:58] <papertigers> and the string "blkio_ticks" doesn't show up in my checkout of illumos-joyent
[17:07:27] <jperkin> alternatively in this case you might honestly be better off running OmniOS or similar, a software port will be common to all illumos distributions and in that case you wouldn't need to mess with zones, which as you say for someone who isn't a sysadmin does put the bar higher - SmartOS is just designed for a very different use-case
[17:07:51] <jperkin> if it's open source then I'd be happy to package it up for you so it's available in the SmartOS software repositories once you're done
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[17:10:09] <ryzokuken> jperkin: unfortunately, not.
[17:10:22] <ryzokuken> off the top of my head, I need atleast `g++ make python git`
[17:11:19] <ryzokuken> jperkin: it's an OSS project, but I'm still being paid to do it 😅
[17:11:26] <ryzokuken> I'm packaging V8.
[17:11:45] <ryzokuken> and then, maybe, someday, by extension, Chromium.
[17:11:54] <sjorge> building without the bhyve-sync patch :(
[17:12:26] <sjorge> I started with a fresh smartos-live, ran configure, applied danmcd's patch, curl https://github.com/joyent/illumos-joyent/compare/master...joyent:bhyve-sync.patch | patch -p1
[17:12:29] <jperkin> is that a different version of v8 compared to the one that node uses? as that's obviously worked on us for many years
[17:12:32] <sjorge> But had reverse patch warnings... bleh
[17:12:49] <jperkin> but yeh, all the current v8 deps are available in the GZ, as we build node for it
[17:13:01] <danmcd> Yes, because I'm backing out bits of 4683.
[17:13:06] <danmcd> Sorry.
[17:13:09] <ryzokuken> jperkin: I'm from Node lol.
[17:13:13] <ryzokuken> And yes, we love SmartOS
[17:13:26] <ryzokuken> this time I'm building V8 as a standalone project.
[17:13:30] <papertigers> sjorge: that may be because I have some funky commits that are squashed in my local branch
[17:13:37] <ryzokuken> Node comes with gyp build files for everything.
[17:13:40] <Smithx10> papertigers: I think it would be there tho
[17:13:44] <papertigers> Smithx10: so I am in an lx zone and installed psutil
[17:13:45] <Smithx10> its been in Linux since like 2.4 or something
[17:13:53] <papertigers> psutil.cpu_times() works
[17:14:10] <papertigers> lets see if I can figure out what to call that attempts to read the bits you linked
[17:14:19] <ryzokuken> jperkin: but V8 needs GN to build, which doesn't work on SmartOS IIUC. Google doesn't intend to change that either unless I'm wrong.
[17:14:35] <Smithx10> eek, lol I didn't think you were gonna do all this right away :P
[17:14:40] <papertigers> oh apparently cpu_times() will
[17:14:43] <papertigers> uses it for iowait
[17:15:00] <ryzokuken> Node builds V8 libs, I'm building V8 via Node's build files and then creating a `v8_monolith.a` that some projects find more convenient.
[17:15:18] <Smithx10> I guess older versions of psutil didnt do this?
[17:15:19] <ryzokuken> I also plan to make patches upstream to make sure node can link off monolith as well.
[17:15:51] <papertigers> Smithx10: haha well ping me later if you want. It looks like it calculated iowait as 0.0 for me. So lets figure out if it crashed for you or if it always just uses a fake value
[17:16:43] <papertigers> Smithx10: py3-psutil-5.6.7-r0 is what I grabbed out of apk in an alpine zone
[17:16:53] <papertigers> maybe that's not new enough?
[17:16:53] <jperkin> ryzokuken: alright, well, sounds like an interesting project ;)
[17:17:41] <papertigers> https://github.com/giampaolo/psutil/commit/e6bff45281de1a3e55978812468424086b0edac4
[17:17:49] <ryzokuken> jperkin: it should be!
[17:17:50] <papertigers> Smithx10: says it's in 5.6.4
[17:18:25] <ryzokuken> The idea is to shave off node build times by storing prebuild `v8_monolith` binaries in a bucket somewhere and just fetching that.
[17:18:28] <Smithx10> I'm not sure completely.... Just got https://gist.github.com/Smithx10/6494a19cec0e3b14584b7821a156ac71
[17:18:30] <Smithx10> from the user
[17:19:00] <ryzokuken> jperkin: so, what do you propose? Is there a way to conveniently bootstrap my SmartOS VM to build node specifically?
[17:19:50] <jperkin> ryzokuken: if you only need the usual v8 deps then just running in a GZ will be fine, just make sure to put all your work areas on the zpool (i.e. not /root)
[17:20:26] <ryzokuken> jperkin: wait, so I need to mount my local disk onto the zpool?
[17:20:35] <jperkin> somewhere under /opt should be fine, then use "pkgin install <..>" to install the deps, which in your case will be "gcc7 python27 gmake git-base"
[17:20:45] <ryzokuken> that's the issue.
[17:20:56] <ryzokuken> can I use pkgin on GZ?
[17:21:09] <jperkin> SmartOS is a live distribution, you boot from USB but install to a local disk which stores all your zones and some bits for the GZ to use
[17:21:21] <ryzokuken> right
[17:21:29] <jperkin> yes, use the "SmartOS GZ" instructions from https://pkgsrc.joyent.com/install-on-illumos/
[17:21:38] <ryzokuken> 🤦‍♂️
[17:21:42] <ryzokuken> that's where I started
[17:21:44] <ryzokuken> thanks a ton
[17:21:52] <ryzokuken> basically, I just wanted `git` on the GZ
[17:22:03] <ryzokuken> and someone on twitter suggested I set up a zone.
[17:22:13] <ryzokuken> and the plot kept getting thicker lol
[17:23:41] <jperkin> it's good advice, but I think for your case this way will just be simpler
[17:23:46] <ryzokuken> jperkin: so just so we're on the same page, I go copy the instructions for 64-bit SmartOS GZ and copy them into the GZ root shell line by line?
[17:23:57] <ryzokuken> jperkin: I'm craving for simple RN, ngl.
[17:24:06] <jperkin> yeh
[17:24:23] <ryzokuken> like I get it how it's great for an administrator to whip up stuff like this, but I just want to build node and go home.
[17:24:40] <jperkin> most users who provision SmartOS zones from a cloud provider wouldn't need to worry about any of this, they just get ssh access to a zone which has pkgin and everything ready for them to just start doing stuff
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[17:25:35] <jperkin> starting from SmartOS itself means you have to play the role of a cloud provider to get to that point, and if that's not what you're used to and just want something in vbox then it's going to be a little frustrating
[17:26:18] <ryzokuken> jperkin: right, it makes an awful lot of sense now.
[17:26:30] <ryzokuken> GZ isn't something devs usually play around, it seems.
[17:27:38] <jperkin> plus historically there have been issues with virtualbox networking that can make things funky, most of us who run SmartOS virtualised do it in vmware fusion - it might be that virtualbox has fixed whatever issues it had historically, but it didn't help people get started in the past
[17:27:54] <ryzokuken> jperkin: waiiiiiit
[17:28:13] <ryzokuken> just as you said it, I realized I don't have network.
[17:28:31] <ryzokuken> I either never had it and Mandela'd hard, or I lost it between reboots.
[17:28:56] <ryzokuken> Unfortunately, I cannot use VMWare because it isn't OSS, I'm afraid. :/
[17:29:06] <ryzokuken> I started off with qemu and KVM lol
[17:29:58] <jlevon> smartos works fine on (linux) kvm, if you set usb 3
[17:30:12] <ryzokuken> jlevon: oh, it does?
[17:30:25] <ryzokuken> well, bummer. Now I'm on virtualbox. Let me reset the network stuff.
[17:32:35] <ryzokuken> ah crap
[17:32:36] <ryzokuken> my bad
[17:32:52] <ryzokuken> don't tell anyone I'm _this_ stupid, but I was accidentally inside a zone.
[17:33:41] <ryzokuken> okay, pkgsrc setting up on GZ now.
[17:36:41] <jperkin> happens to the best of us ;)
[17:37:41] <jperkin> few days ago it took me a stupidly long time to figure out that the reason my C switch/case statement wasn't working was because I hadn't actually typed "case", too much shell programming beforehand I guess..
[17:43:41] <papertigers> Smithx10 and anyone else that cares about the psutil thing: OS-8112
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[20:32:41] <sjorge> danmcd: another build error grrrr
[20:32:55] <sjorge> Not sure why as it was a fresh dev zone either no patches applied
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[21:06:33] <danmcd> Show me the mail_msg?
[21:12:00] <sjorge> I think I figured it out, smartos-live was one commit out of sync with master
[21:12:09] <sjorge> If it still fails, I'll grab mail_msg
[21:13:48] <danmcd> Thanks.
[21:14:09] <danmcd> BTW, you can pull from OS-7184 branch of illumos-joyent.
[21:14:24] <danmcd> `git pull origin OS-7184`
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[21:55:03] <sjorge> Anybody every seen https://gist.github.com/sjorge/ef11dc080656eba676f5d8ce3811bafa
[21:55:11] <sjorge> I had this while compiling, box failed to dump
[21:55:18] <sjorge> After the reboot no errors ?
[21:56:13] <sjorge> Scrubbing now to be sure
[21:58:26] *** wiedi <wiedi!~wiedi@ip5b4096a6.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de> has joined #smartos
[21:59:01] <sjorge> scrub repaired 0 in 0 days 00:02:54 with 0 errors on Tue Feb 18 20:58:44 2020, looks good
[21:59:04] <sjorge> Back to building I go
[21:59:12] <sjorge> Shame there is no dump
[21:59:31] <sjorge> I'm guessing the NVMEs might have disapeared from the PCIe bus or somethiug?
[22:19:15] <rennj> https://utcc.utoronto.ca/~cks/space/blog/solaris/ZFSReallySlowIOPanic
[22:30:20] <rennj> reseating devices is perhaps in order..
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[22:51:26] <sjorge> rennj they are PCI, very hard to reach and screwed in
[22:51:51] <sjorge> danmcd I gave on on the build for nwo, I got past nightly but now build_live complains baout a ton of missing files :/
[22:52:03] <danmcd> Ouch.
[22:52:08] <danmcd> Want me to roll a PI or ISO for you?
[22:52:16] <sjorge> Nah
[22:52:19] <danmcd> ok
[22:52:32] <sjorge> THe idea was to build it with your pathc, if that went smooth thow on the bhyve-sync again and try to build with that
[22:52:37] <sjorge> As I am not sure why my first build failed
[22:53:01] <sjorge> But had the node hang and then ran gmake clobber clean world live
[22:53:06] <sjorge> Maybe thatr was not enough
[22:53:08] <sjorge> https://gist.github.com/sjorge/19550c3606f7ec87e26da2f3a62fbf42
[22:53:19] <sjorge> Will recreate the build zone again, but to late now and I am tired
[22:54:17] <sjorge> Will start without any patches, then continue woth your patch and then if that is ok bhyve_sync again
[22:58:47] *** sjorge <sjorge!~sjorge@unaffiliated/sjorge> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[23:00:37] *** sjorge <sjorge!~sjorge@unaffiliated/sjorge> has joined #smartos
[23:03:07] *** hotbox <hotbox!~hotbox@2001:41d0:fe8f:b70a:20d:b9ff:fe47:7c05> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[23:16:39] <ryzokuken> weird.
[23:17:03] <ryzokuken> smartos keeps running out of space when I do a git clone, but it has a 50 gig storage attached
[23:17:17] <ryzokuken> plus `zpool list` only shows up 30, but still...
[23:22:42] <danmcd> Do "df -h /path/to/git/dest", I wonder if your ZFS filesystem is capped?
[23:24:41] <bahamat> ryzokuken: Are you doing this in say, root's homedir?
[23:26:51] <ryzokuken> bahamat: I shouldn't even try. 🤦‍♂️
[23:26:58] <ryzokuken> It worked in /zones
[23:27:10] <ryzokuken> Sorry again. I should probably get some rest.
[23:27:51] <bahamat> ryzokuken: Remember, the OS itself is on a RAM disk, and it only has ~256MB of space, with ~10MB free.
[23:43:59] *** gh34 <gh34!~textual@cpe-184-58-181-106.wi.res.rr.com> has quit IRC (Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com)

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