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   February 11, 2020  
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[01:36:27] <nahamu> has anyone made zfs formatted smartos boot media using loader?
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[03:02:29] <jbk> you mean like the iso or usb images
[03:02:36] <jbk> or do you mean booting off zones w/ loader?
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[07:13:06] <sjorge> For the later there is a IDP
[07:13:12] <sjorge> err joyent equalivant open IIRC
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[09:47:12] <sjorge> jperkin I'm trying to build newer salt for 2018Q8... but I now get openssl version conflicts :/
[09:47:12] <sjorge> ERROR: openssl-1.0.2o is already installed - perhaps an older version?
[09:47:43] <sjorge> Due to a new dep on py-crypto... which we have in 2018Q4 and can be installed jsut fine, but adding it to deps so salt-3000 will pulls it in gaives build failures
[09:47:49] <sjorge> &shrug
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[10:01:28] <jperkin> what's your full diff to 2018Q4?
[10:03:54] <jperkin> also make sure you've cleaned out your work areas
[10:04:29] <jperkin> I don't know where you're getting 1.0.2o from, that was never part of the 2018Q4 release
[10:05:06] <jperkin> it wasn't even in 2018Q3
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[11:05:32] <sjorge> Just "DEPENDS+= ${PYPKGPREFIX}-crypto>=2.6.0:../../security/py-crypto" added
[11:05:36] <sjorge> and the version changed to 3000
[11:11:38] <jperkin> there must be something else at play, like it being a system upgraded from a previous release or something but not fully completed
[11:11:58] <jperkin> I would always do builds in a clean pkgbuild
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[11:36:15] <kayront> just checking, has there been any interest / plans to support full disk encryption at the root pool itself?
[11:36:53] <kayront> been doing it for each zone for now, but it gets pretty cumbersome if the server reboots, everything is down until going zone by zone and entering passwords and mounting filesystems
[11:41:19] <jlevon> https://github.com/joyent/rfd/blob/master/rfd/0173/README.adoc kayront
[11:42:43] <kayront> looks interesting so far but quick question jlevon, what is meant by "triton" here? is it something extra on top of SmartOS? I admin the machine by shell + vmadm
[11:42:58] <kayront> i've seen it being thrown around thousands of times by now but never looked into it
[11:45:02] <jperkin> it's a large number of services on top of SmartOS that turn it into a turnkey datacentre platform
[11:45:40] <kayront> ok, so several thoughts
[11:45:59] <kayront> clearly it's being worked on (EDAR), which is great
[11:46:16] <kayront> seems to require one extra machine/vm, will it have to run smartos too? or can it be a raspberry pi or something
[11:46:44] <kayront> any chance that the relevant bits could be extirpated and usable on a raw smartos+ssh+vmadm box?
[11:46:56] <jlevon> I don't know what EDAR plans there are for smartos standalone, if any, but it will certainly help in that direction
[11:47:20] <jperkin> I really hope so, triton is pretty unsuitable for a lot of use-cases
[11:47:20] <kayront> and, any idea if this stuff is for this year, 2021, 2022?
[11:47:52] <kayront> sorry if some of these are basic questions, there's just so many projects and ideas and software to keep track of these days
[11:48:00] <kayront> it's a lot faster to grab the answers from you guys :)
[11:49:07] <kayront> i run a couple of smartos machines for the homelab and got a pile of stuff running and adding more every .. well, not every month, but it's happening slowly, and I love FreeBSD too but SmartOS is very neat and very nice and I'm planning to keep on running it
[11:49:35] <kayront> even with the encryption inconvenience atm, but just wanted some more information to make some decisions regarding upcoming personal projects and storage/os choices etc
[11:51:13] <kayront> and while i'm on a caffeinated roll, speaking of other OSes, is the lximage stuff still current? I played with it a few months ago and the "official" centos image was failing to start services by default, the kernel identified as 3.x (isn't it on 5.x now?) etc. I realize it's also possible through bHyve, but at that point in time there were no ready-ade bHyve images for imgadm and so as usual I went with FreeBSD instead
[11:51:56] <kayront> lximage, lxzone, not sure about the name anymore, but hopefully you know what I mean
[11:59:30] <kayront> <jperkin> I really hope so, triton is pretty unsuitable for a lot of use-cases --> agreed, in the homelab case for example it would be totally overkill; ssh+vmadm have been working for years here :)
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[13:21:07] <sjorge> jperkin I am using run-sandbox
[13:21:12] <sjorge> So it should be clean right?
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[13:27:30] <jperkin> yes, maybe in the past you've downloaded a package from a different branch to the /data/packages cache?
[13:28:46] <jperkin> or your /data/pkgsrc has somehow been switched to a different branch
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[14:03:30] <sjorge> hmmm maybe
[14:03:35] <sjorge> I'm redeploying the zone rn
[14:36:43] <jperkin> there shouldn't be any reference to 1.0.2o either in any of the packages installed in the zone, available from /data/packages, or across /data/pkgsrc
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[15:25:25] <sjorge> Ugh now I broke signing again... "pkg_admin: GPG could not create signature"
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[16:34:42] <nahamu> jbk: I'm still using a USB stick built along the lines of https://blog.shalman.org/smartos-zfs-boot-media/
[16:35:49] <nahamu> Do I'm still using grub. I'd love to switch to loader, but I don't want to give up ZFS (I like being able to snapshot and scrub my boot media)
[16:36:28] <nahamu> But I assume the setup would be similar to what it would take to make the zones pool bootable.
[16:36:38] <nahamu> (which is what I used to do)
[16:36:54] <danmcd> nahamu: I can't recall, but I *think*?!? the OmniOS USB stick is Loader + ZFS. I might be wrong, though.
[16:38:45] <nahamu> danmcd: I'll check that out.
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[16:39:25] <danmcd> I may be totally wrong. Starting with 022 it uses Kayak as its installer, but I can't remember if it still uses the UFS root or whatever.
[16:39:35] <danmcd> ISTR there's a zfs send stream involved, though.
[16:39:48] <danmcd> That may only be for the act of installation, not of the booting kernel.
[16:40:07] <nahamu> Yeah, the ISO is probably a normal ISO. there is definitely a
[16:40:22] <nahamu> dropping of a zfs send stream to the pool during installation though.
[16:44:48] <nahamu> yeah, the usb image is a modified version of the ISO. So not a bootable zpool.
[16:45:27] <nahamu> but if there are instructions for how to make the zones pool bootable with loader, I can certainly adapt those to my needs.
[16:53:52] <Smithx10> Anyone around understand the direction for cloudapi mutlidc support / node client?
[17:03:03] <jbk> i haven't tried it recently.. but it involved creating a zones/boot dataset, then copying boot/ from the proto area of a smartos build to it, running installboot, and a few other things
[17:04:07] <nahamu> jbk: any chance you have notes stashed somewhere?
[17:10:34] <jbk> unfortunately no.. it was over a year ago..
[17:11:43] <jbk> and it stopped working.. but ISTR the error that occurred looked similar to a workaround for bios issues that accidentially was undone (then later redone).. so it might work again..
[17:12:40] <jbk> the big thing was in the loader config that the paths are all relative to /zones/boot (i.e. they act as if you did a chroot /zones/boot)
[17:12:58] <jbk> for locating the PI files, etc.
[17:14:05] <jbk> (it's not really a chroot, just that booter considers the dataset it loads from to be '/' so it's the easier to think of it that way)
[17:17:39] <nahamu> it's the root of the specified filesystem. makes sense to me.
[17:20:03] <nahamu> same as grub, basically. loader: which filesystem? me: zones/boot loader: which file? me: /platform/i86pc/kernel/amd64/unix
[17:20:54] <nahamu> (or in my current case: grub: which filesystem? me: smartos grub: which file? me: /platform/i86pc/kernel/amd64/unix )
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[18:59:44] <xmerlin_> is there a way to start a bhyve vm manually? ...I cannot manage to network to work ...without netwok I can
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[19:25:34] <bahamat> It is possible to call bhyve directly and start instances without being inside a zone. That's how bhyve was originally developed.
[19:25:47] <bahamat> xmerlin_: ^^
[19:27:01] <xmerlin_> bahamat, ...it works ...without network ...how can I start it with the emulated network? ...if I use the same parameters of vmadm it doesn't work
[19:27:28] <bahamat> I don't know the answer to that.
[19:27:48] <xmerlin_> I need to install a centos7 with efi ...the provided image is without efi and it's a pain to manage
[19:27:54] <bahamat> The two best people to talk to would be mgerdts or pmooney.
[19:28:05] <bahamat> Why do you need efi?
[19:28:13] <xmerlin_> aka vnc doens't work and when something goes wrong you have to waste so much time
[19:29:27] <bahamat> Do you know about the bug where you have to restart vmadmd?
[19:29:38] <xmerlin_> also the last centos updates broke grub ...switch to linuxefi initrdefi by default ...and you have to fix it by hand
[19:30:00] <pmooney> bahamat: that's separate from the fact that the CSM ROM doesn't ship any kind of usable vgabios
[19:30:05] <mgerdts> I've been working on improved builds for centos and debian images. I build hybrid (kvm and bhyve) images using kvm. All output is logged to the serial console and vnc is available for debugging.
[19:30:30] <bahamat> pmooney: That's the not-efi one?
[19:30:32] <xmerlin_> pmooney, fyi in the freebsd mailing there is also a csm rom with vgabios
[19:30:48] <mgerdts> https://github.com/joyent/mi-centos-hvm/tree/IMAGE-1183
[19:31:11] <pmooney> xmerlin_: I recall seeing a call for testing, but I haven't followed it in a while
[19:31:13] <mgerdts> That being said, going down the uefi route should be ok too
[19:31:18] <pmooney> I don't know where it ended up
[19:31:56] <xmerlin_> pmooney, one of my collegues tested it and it works ...on freebsd
[19:32:16] <pmooney> that's a good sign
[19:32:30] <mgerdts> For post-installation debugging, the text console is available (vmadm console, or zlogin -C)
[19:33:09] <xmerlin_> pmooney, actually there is also another big problem with efi ...if you boot the vm with systemrescuecd the graphic mode doens't work as expected
[19:33:19] <mgerdts> I find debugging over a console with reasonable scrollback, copy, & paste is so much nicer than anything over VNC.
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[19:34:31] <xmerlin_> mgerdts, yes copy and paste is better if it works and if you can use text only tools ...for example to make some changes to partitions gparted is mandatory
[19:35:10] <mgerdts> Not mandatory...
[19:35:50] <mgerdts> FWIW, the centos 7-8 and debian 8-10 images that I have in the works will all grow the root fs to consume free space automatically during boot.
[19:35:53] <xmerlin_> mgerdts, almost ...many console tools to manipulate partitons/ grow / shrink fs removed console support
[19:36:45] <mgerdts> Are you doing that on your root fs where you need to be running from the root file system? If not, why not fire up vncserver inside the VM and use it?
[19:37:27] <mgerdts> The bhyve vnc server is very primitive. Even when it works, it is terribly slow and its compatibility story is a bit of a mess.
[19:38:05] <mgerdts> bhyve in general is great. It's VNC server is not.
[19:38:10] <mgerdts> *its. Sigh.
[19:39:24] <xmerlin_> mgerdts, tipically you boot a server with an iso to make all the changes
[19:40:09] <xmerlin_> mgerdts, systemrescuecd or clonezilla or many others ...works in kvm mode and not in bhyve
[19:40:59] <xmerlin_> booting the iso using vmadm doesn't work ...and starting the vm using a script ...is networkless ...because the error I posted before
[19:42:07] <xmerlin_> I've no problem starting a vncserver ...but we need something usable ...when you have a problem with a vm ...you have only a limited amount of time to solve it ...wasting too much time is not an option
[19:43:23] <xmerlin_> and fyi console tools like parted removed the partition resize feature ...some the options are limited
[19:58:29] <mgerdts> I don't know what to tell you. I don't know of anyone that has any plans to improve vgabios support. You may have luck using the uefi bootrom.
[19:59:47] <mgerdts> Also, I can't think of a time in the past couple decades where resizing a partition was the solution to a problem. Then again, sometime near the end of the last century I stopped creating separate /var, /usr/, /opt, ...
[20:00:22] <mgerdts> If you are using lots of partitions for the OS, I'd suggest you rethink the pain it causes vs. the benefit it brings.
[20:00:24] *** JtH <JtH!~5CE0A708@unaffiliated/cmdlnkid> has joined #smartos
[20:00:42] <mgerdts> If your need is to be able to grow the root file system in an emergency, that is quite simple and mostly automatic.
[20:00:54] <mgerdts> At least with the newer images.
[20:02:25] <mgerdts> I want you to be successful with bhyve, and other parts of SmartOS/Triton and am happy to help with the things that are within reach.
[20:10:02] <Smithx10> anyway to force tag updates?
[20:10:05] <Smithx10> without a bounce
[20:16:21] <Smithx10> Are you serious that you can't do nictagadm add to a link aggregate?
[20:16:45] <Smithx10> https://github.com/joyent/smartos-live/issues/556 lawlsauce
[20:18:11] *** lpsmith_ is now known as lpsmith
[20:19:13] *** basvdlei <basvdlei!~basvdlei@2001:980:a4c3:1:b88b:1590:d6bf:fbee> has joined #smartos
[20:19:20] <jbk> honestly in general aggrs have proven to cause more problems than they solve
[20:23:41] <Smithx10> Is there any way to do failover?
[20:39:54] <jbk> no, but i've also never seen a switch failures that were so clean and neat that having the extra link actually ended up keeping things working
[20:40:10] <jbk> either the switch vendors cross-switch aggr support would be buggy
[20:40:17] <jbk> OS aggr implementations were buggy
[20:40:18] <jbk> or both
[20:40:37] <jbk> and it never actually worked in practice as nice as it does in theory :)
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[20:54:03] <danmcd> IPMP *might* be better, but its full administrative addition to ipadm/dladm never escaped the barn door.
[20:54:09] <danmcd> (emphasis on might...)
[20:58:25] <jbk> it could all probably be fixed.. it's just a question of time/priorities
[21:01:38] <jbk> you could probably make nictagadm create aggrs.. provided the interfaces aren't already used for things.. though i'm not sure nictagadm is the proper place to be managing IPs and such
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[21:15:25] <sjorge> Just make sure to use ipmp in the globalzone for now :)
[21:32:06] <sjorge> jperkin I think I am getting the gpg error now because /opt/tools/bin/gpg2 does not exist?
[21:32:18] <sjorge> am I missing something? I am using the pkgbuild image for 2018Q1
[21:32:25] <sjorge> As that is what I am building extra bits for
[21:42:45] *** lgtaube <lgtaube!~lgt@> has joined #smartos
[21:52:46] <xmerlin_> mgerdts, all the windows servers need it, many applications need separate partition also the standard centos image provided have 3 partition boot/swap/root and sometimes you have to do maintenance and move / resize the partitions.
[21:53:41] <mgerdts> For windows, we are not even trying to build those with bios - they are all uefi.
[21:54:44] *** cypa <cypa!~cypam]_@> has joined #smartos
[21:54:53] <mgerdts> The centos boot partition is 1 gig. Surely the solution if you are short on space there is to clean up, not take down time to resize partitions. If you need more space in /, use the flexible disk space feature to grow the disk, reboot, and you will find that / is larger.
[21:54:56] <xmerlin_> but as I said before almost all the recovery tools doesn't work in uefi mode ...x11 simply doesn't start
[21:56:10] <cypa> Hi all
[21:56:24] <cypa> why no tcpdump in the global zone?
[21:56:27] <xmerlin_> mgerdts, ...doesn't work on bhyve on smartos ...it works in general
[21:56:36] <mgerdts> If you have a support contract, please file a support request so that this can be prioritized against other needs. If you are an open source user and this is important to you, we welcome contributions.
[21:56:37] <jbk> cypa: use snoop instead
[21:56:58] *** jason <jason!~jason@> has joined #smartos
[21:56:59] *** jason is now known as Guest57110
[21:57:08] *** Guest57110 is now known as ]jason[
[21:57:28] <jbk> there's a limited amount of third party software that's bundled in the GZ
[21:57:55] <jbk> since tcpdump largely duplicates the functionality of snoop (which is already in the OS), no one's bothered to bundle it
[21:58:24] <jbk> it might be available in the global zone pkgsrc bits if you install that..
[21:59:33] <cypa> thanks
[21:59:58] <cypa> also what about mpls?
[22:01:06] <]jason[> this this error fatal ? i40e driver detected a newer version of NVM image (1.7) than expected (1.5) - please install the most recent version of the driver? i because there are other errors which maybe caused by not playing nice an installed T580 card
[22:02:05] <]jason[> the t580 is totally missing and only one port of i40e is apparently. i think they are fighting over interrupts
[22:04:24] *** ]jason[ <]jason[!~jason@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:13:45] <Smithx10> prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c2t5CD2E4601F140100d0; prtvtoc: /dev/rdsk/c2t5CD2E4601F140100d0: Invalid VTOC
[22:16:18] <Smithx10> to see labels on a raw disk do I need to use -f
[22:16:19] <Smithx10> ?
[22:20:41] <jbk> possibly
[22:22:11] <jbk> what label are you expecting to be there?
[22:22:19] <jbk> (EFI?)
[22:28:27] <sjorge> jbk wait we don't have tcpdump in gz... I guess I just use snoop out of habbit haha
[22:30:57] *** Kurlon_ <Kurlon_!~Kurlon@cpe-67-253-136-97.rochester.res.rr.com> has joined #smartos
[22:32:27] *** chorrell <chorrell!~chorrell@unaffiliated/chorrell> has joined #smartos
[22:32:38] *** chorrell <chorrell!~chorrell@unaffiliated/chorrell> has quit IRC (Client Quit)
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[22:37:24] *** Kurlon <Kurlon!~Kurlon@bidd-pub-03.gwi.net> has joined #smartos
[22:40:41] *** Teknix <Teknix!~pds@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[22:41:22] <jbk> sjorge: that's why I suggested using snoop :)
[22:41:45] *** ldepandis <ldepandis!~ldepandis@unaffiliated/ldepandis> has quit IRC (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[22:41:57] <jbk> i don't know if the gz pkgsrc bits have it, so that might be an option, but generally snoop works
[22:42:36] *** Teknix <Teknix!~pds@> has joined #smartos
[23:04:16] <jperkin> sjorge: it should have installed the gnupg20 package, you can remove some of the >/dev/null in /data/pkgbuild/scripts/mksandbox if necessary to see what's going on
[23:05:19] <jperkin> did you really mean 2018Q1? if you're updating /data/pkgbuild to latest then let me know if some recent change broke stuff like that, obsolete releases are removed from our live config but I still export stuff to pkgbuild
[23:09:00] <sjorge> Yeah sadly still 2018Q1
[23:09:23] <sjorge> Well the gnupg20 package doesn't seem to get isntalled, installing it afterwards when un the sandbox gives me a different error
[23:09:28] <sjorge> Looking into that now
[23:10:48] <sjorge> Signing looks ok but now "pkg_add: unable to verify signature: Signature key id 4d999e049147054b not found"
[23:11:00] <sjorge> Ugh,... why did my old pkgbuild zone break :/
[23:12:39] <sjorge> The new salt is a mess too, between rc2 and release they now require py-crypto again but prefer cryptodome but fail if the first one is missing
[23:21:38] *** gh34 <gh34!~textual@cpe-184-58-181-106.wi.res.rr.com> has quit IRC (Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com)
[23:30:54] <sjorge> Seems to not be signing with the key I gave it now
[23:31:08] <sjorge> But time for bed, spend 3h on this already and haven't got super far aside from also discovering gnupg20 was missing
[23:38:53] *** andy_js <andy_js!~andy@> has quit IRC (Quit: andy_js)
[23:50:10] <sjorge> Oh ho ho! it looks like the cached copy of gnupg20's package was broken so it may be failing because of that
[23:50:20] <sjorge> I'm also excellejnt at going to bed on time :p
[23:52:01] <jperkin> truncated download or something?
[23:57:51] *** blackwood821 <blackwood821!~blackwood@2601:484:8002:2fa0:8171:9e4b:20d7:6f89> has quit IRC ()

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