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   March 27, 2013  
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[01:16:03] <szaydel> Hey folks, if you were doing a build recently did you by chance encounter the following failure: http://hastebin.com/remulogaci ?
[01:25:33] <wesolows> no, haven't seen that
[01:27:00] <szaydel> I need to do some googlin, thought think I won't find much. Need to go over logs.
[01:27:26] <szaydel> Thanks wesolows
[01:28:10] <richlowe> look for the initial error
[01:28:20] <richlowe> the last error in a build log will never be the useful one
[01:28:22] <richlowe> the first usually is
[01:34:09] <szaydel> Thanks richlowe. Trouble is, seems no log is produced!?
[01:34:23] <szaydel> I will need to redirect all of stdout/err.
[01:34:40] <wesolows> look at the nightly.log instead of mail_msg
[01:34:44] <wesolows> if you weren't already
[01:35:00] <szaydel> Neither is there somehow. I do not know why.
[01:35:41] <szaydel> I was absolutely positive that I'd have a log to look at, but no.
[01:36:07] <szaydel> I am going to switch branch for illumos to earlier release and try building that way first.
[01:36:10] <wesolows> maybe this is the stupid first phase tools build thing I learned about only yesterday
[01:36:49] <rmustacc> szaydel: Did you keep the same target name?
[01:36:54] <rmustacc> eg. the output directory was illumos?
[01:37:36] <szaydel> I did not change the target names. In fact latest failure, which was same as one with the build I tried to customize is using virgin cloned smartos-live repo. No changes at all.
[01:38:21] <szaydel> rmustacc: I wanted to make sure I am not doing something stupid.
[01:39:47] <szaydel> I just switched branch to 03/07 release of illumos and will try to build against it. Of course, I am not sure this will work either, because I did not switch illumos-extra and smartos-live, those are still tracking master.
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[01:42:13] <rmustacc> I would keep everything on the same branch.
[01:42:23] <rmustacc> We definitely don't test building on arbitrary branches.
[01:42:52] <richlowe> wesolows: the thing that build_illumos does?
[01:43:18] <wesolows> yeah
[01:45:06] <szaydel> rmustacc: Probably a bone-headed build on my part. Do you know if the build has been tested against latest version of smartOS and with same zone details as in the Wiki?
[01:47:19] <rmustacc> Are you on smartos-discuss?
[01:47:40] <szaydel> I follow it, but not always as closely as I should.
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[01:47:54] <rmustacc> There were a few threads on the current state of the build that went out over the weekend.
[01:48:15] <szaydel> Oh, good to know, I will need to check them out. Thanks rmustacc!
[01:48:51] <rmustacc> That said, you should be able to clone master and build it on the latest its.
[01:48:52] <rmustacc> *bits
[01:48:55] <rmustacc> But not a release branch per se.
[01:49:44] <szaydel> Yeah, so my zone that I am building in was built a few months ago. My next step is going to be fresh zone, fresh clone tracking master.
[01:50:04] <szaydel> I am assuming the notes in the Wiki are all still current for the build?
[01:51:01] <rmustacc> Yes.
[01:51:44] <szaydel> Excellent. So, I'll let this seemingly futile attempt finish and try this.
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[05:08:33] <Daemonik> If the root filesystem is in RAM, is it safe to remove the USB stick / CDROM that SmartOS boots off of?
[05:12:52] <ryancnelson> it is safe to remove it, yes…. if:
[05:13:07] <Licenser> you're lucky
[05:13:08] <ryancnelson> … /mnt/usbkey is not mounte
[05:13:11] <ryancnelson> mounted
[05:13:13] <ryancnelson> sorry.
[05:13:25] <ryancnelson> i hate that you can't start an irc answer with a "/" :)
[05:13:41] <ryancnelson> … but anyway:  you ALWAYS boot from usb
[05:13:53] <ryancnelson> … so if the stick is gone, you can't reboot
[05:14:16] <ryancnelson> … and many servers re-set their bios boot options if you remove/re-insert the usb device
[05:14:48] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: What if I booted from a DVD-ROM before, and usbkey is on my zpool, but I ran out of DVDs, so now I'm booting from a USB stick.
[05:14:49] <ryancnelson> but yes, you can remove it, copy files on/off, etc if you like
[05:15:09] <Daemonik> I'd prefer the configs to remain on the zpool . .
[05:15:14] <ryancnelson> that's exactly why it's a ramdisk...
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[05:15:20] <ryancnelson> the configs are always on the zpool
[05:15:30] <ryancnelson> the OS itself is on the cd/usb
[05:15:52] <ryancnelson> when we do a new build, download that, (to usb or cd, or pxe, or whatever) and boot
[05:15:59] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: I'll have to refresh my memory to what's on the zpool/usbkey fs
[05:16:06] <ryancnelson> we'll find your zpool, mount it, read the config file, and go party
[05:16:08] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: That's what I'm doing =)
[05:16:11] <ryancnelson> :)
[05:16:26] <ryancnelson> so, common question:    /usbkey is NOT the thumbdrive
[05:16:38] <ryancnelson> it's a local cache of stuff originally copied off the thumbdrive
[05:16:44] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: "/usbkey" is a legacy -ish thing now?
[05:16:49] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: Ahhhh I see
[05:16:49] <ryancnelson> no.
[05:17:10] <ryancnelson> … /mnt/usbkey == the thumbdrive
[05:17:26] <ryancnelson> … /usbkey is the mountpoint for the zfs filesystem "zones/usbkey"
[05:17:35] <ryancnelson> … and is where the "config" text file is kept
[05:17:36] <Licenser> that is a confusing name!
[05:17:48] <ryancnelson> that name, we are stuck with.  for historical reasons
[05:18:03] <ryancnelson> even if you PXE boot,  you have /usbkey :)
[05:18:22] <ryancnelson> ### comment:  put this in the FAQ
[05:19:05] <Licenser> ryancnelson it's not a big deal really :) you could call it walter if you'd like and I'll be fine with it
[05:19:10] <ryancnelson> so basically, we never put a master-boot-record on the disk, or any kernel, or grub
[05:19:23] <ryancnelson> that needs to be on something (anything) else
[05:19:31] <ryancnelson> … which makes upgrading as easy as rebooting
[05:20:07] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: I noticed the left-over the MBR / GRUB (had OpenStack from EPEL on CentOS on these disks before) on my disks
[05:20:26] <ryancnelson> the zpool didn't wipe that out?
[05:20:48] <ryancnelson> actually, it's not a bad thing to have a mbr there, we just don't need/use it
[05:21:03] <ryancnelson> my laptop can dual boot into smartos, if i have a usb stick in
[05:21:11] <ryancnelson> otherwise, it boots to ubuntu or windows
[05:22:22] <Licenser> ryancnelson sorry to hear that :P
[05:26:10] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: Does KVM live-migration work on SmartOS?
[05:27:19] <ryancnelson> no, not yet
[05:27:48] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: There was recently a patch for QEMU having to do with IOPS . . getting lots of 'em - I'll look that up real quick
[05:29:35] <ryancnelson> "their" qemu isn't "our" qemu… we two branches that don't cross-pollenate more than a couple times a year, (and probably not that often)
[05:30:15] <ryancnelson> joyent's guys ported it to be part of our product, and didn't work on the things not needed for big-scale public cloud hosting.
[05:30:28] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: How is the I/O performance with "our" qemu (I ditched the Linux camp when ZFS attracted me to FreeBSD and here I am using SmartOS because it makes my IT life better).
[05:30:29] <ryancnelson> some others have added cool stuff to it,  (like spice)
[05:31:38] <ryancnelson> well, ours uses vnics, and runs in a zone, and on top of the aformentioned zfs (using zvols instead of files) … so it's kinda awesome, but hard to compare to other stuff
[05:32:45] <ryancnelson> … there were tweaks, though… like network i/o "coalescing" … actually *inserting* a little latency so that stuff could be bunched up, which ended up in a big performance win
[05:32:52] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: Can our's open qcow2 images? It'd be nice if I could point our qemu to all of these qcow2 images I have sitting on an NFSv4 export.
[05:33:00] <ryancnelson> you can convert 'em
[05:33:18] <ryancnelson> vmadm won't use a file, though (to my knowledge)
[05:33:30] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: But that takes work, and I only have 4 disks in my zpool - I have a $0 operating budget right now
[05:33:35] <ryancnelson> i convert a lot of things.  (ovf, vmdk, qcow, real disks)
[05:34:12] <ryancnelson> oh:  and, no… just, "no", you can't have your vm's root be on nfs
[05:34:16] <ryancnelson> that's by design
[05:34:26] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: Next time I do a P2V, I'll USB-boot SmartOS and convert the existing array to a ZVOL "image" (as suggested in your roll-your-own KVM image guide)
[05:35:07] <ryancnelson> no iscsi, no nfs… the backing store of a zone (and a vm is a qemu process in a zone) needs to be on the "zones" zpool
[05:35:18] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: I don't disagree with that design decision, but if my local zpool is only 320gb and my qcow2 images are 200gb, they'll have to stay on the FreeBSD box I have them on.
[05:35:28] <ryancnelson> ### comment: get bryan to yell this into the FAQ :)
[05:35:49] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: Can Zones not mount NFSv4?
[05:36:03] <ryancnelson> zones is a zpool of local disk
[05:36:16] <ryancnelson> more naming confusion.
[05:36:21] <ryancnelson> the zpool is named "zones"
[05:36:45] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: Ah I see okay
[05:36:53] <ryancnelson> solaris-style zones are a thing!  they are like a freebsd jail (you know this) … *those* zones can, in fact, mount nfs
[05:37:11] <ryancnelson> so a zone can mount nfs
[05:37:22] <ryancnelson> "zones" cannot be a mounted nfs filesystem, though
[05:37:37] <ryancnelson> who's on first!
[05:38:07] <rmustacc> The backing store for any VM cannot be non-local storage
[05:38:15] <ryancnelson> what he said
[05:38:22] <Daemonik> rmustacc: Why not?
[05:38:34] <ryancnelson> it's a recipe for pain.
[05:39:08] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: and my edge case is exactly that: an edge case
[05:39:35] <ryancnelson> doing that is a very easy way for one small problem to become something that ruins the experience for every other "tenant" on the host.  it's designed for that.
[05:40:03] <Daemonik> What do you guys use for the ZIL? I'm looking at the ACARD 9010 (low budget here)
[05:40:20] <ryancnelson> a ferrari is a terrible choice, if you need to move a lot of furniture.    or if your passenger has food poisoning.
[05:40:37] <ryancnelson> … but we're not going to add a trailer, or plastic seats :)
[05:40:37] <Licenser> ryancnelson +1 for that
[05:40:51] <Licenser> rather make one thing right then many things a little
[05:41:33] <rmustacc> Daemonik: That is the design center of SmartOS.
[05:41:50] <ryancnelson> … but it's open source… i would never recommend you run the way i do on this crazy belgian laptop i bought, but there it sits, dual-booting, and mounting the zones zpool from a file on fat32
[05:42:46] <opeth__> Daemonik: my pocket-scale test rig has cheapo OCZ Vertex 3 SSDs for L2ARC and SLOG
[05:43:04] <Daemonik> I would appreciate having Zones on my laptop. Right now I'm using Jails on BSD.
[05:43:33] *** deirdres has quit IRC
[05:43:46] <Daemonik> opeth__: I have MLCs I want to use for L2ARC . . now I just need something that won't wear out if I use it for the SLOG
[05:44:31] <opeth__> I'd say if it's a test environment merely then don't bother
[05:44:39] <opeth__> use whatever you have or can find
[05:45:06] <opeth__> I never had any issues myself and I've used quite some cheap SSD drives
[05:45:23] <opeth__> nothing serious though, the use-case is just self-enlightenment
[05:46:02] <opeth__> right off the top of my head though I wouldn't be able to tell if the version 28 pool could tolerate ZIL loss
[05:46:36] <Daemonik> opeth__: I'm using SmartOS in production even though I'm still very new to SmartOS. I am blindly trusting Joyent. :-P   A DDRDrive is about $1,300 and that's at a discount. =\
[05:47:01] <opeth__> oh, production means I'll just shut up :]
[05:47:12] <Licenser> teehee
[05:47:38] <Daemonik> opeth__: The ACARD 9010 - have you had a look at that thing?
[05:47:44] <opeth__> I'm still way too accustomed to the S11.1 I've ditched for SmartOS
[05:48:04] <opeth__> Daemonik: no
[05:48:37] <opeth__> ryancnelson: that's a fairly bold setup indeed :]
[05:50:14] <Daemonik> I have all of these LSI and 3ware cards laying around with battery-backed DRAM caches. It'd be really nice if some whiz at C / assembly / chip design could hack up some custom firmware so I could abuse these things as a SLOG
[05:51:23] <ryancnelson> i bought it in belgium to solve a specific thing, so i could then fly home (needed a pc to test booting stuff) … now it's just a weird pc i happen to have that'll boot opensource os's, and let my mac remain unmolested
[05:51:53] <ryancnelson> also, flemish keyboard
[05:53:14] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: I've seen some headway made on running Linux on retina-display Macbook Pros. The incestuous relationship between the proprietary operating systems and their vendors screams to me how badly we need someone to step in and sell us "Linux without the fuss" or "BSD without the fuss" and get the proprietary software vendors on-board ("app stores" aren't always the best thing for them) I suppose I should chat with Jim
[05:53:14] <Daemonik> Zemlin about this . .
[05:54:00] <Daemonik> y'know, the business model Apple had pre-iTunes
[05:54:12] <ryancnelson> i like osx very much.   it's a good way to log into other systems in my cloud.
[05:54:33] <ryancnelson> i had a NeXTstation, though, too
[05:54:35] <opeth__> yeah, same here, I love to work off a mac
[05:54:50] <opeth__> it's not the destination but the journey here
[05:54:52] <opeth__> :]
[05:55:26] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: There are things I like very much about Mac OS X, but I relate to Stallman in that I want source code to everything running on / in my machine, and I'm also overtly conscientious about the packets my machine emits. I don't want to have to maintain an "Apple ID" just to get operating system updates.
[05:57:05] <opeth__> ryancnelson: the 486 thinkpad I've donated to a small private museum lately has had an AZERTY keyboard :]
[05:57:27] <Daemonik> Call me crazy, but if there are high school students running Kismet on their workstations and know when their neighbors are or aren't present (in this awkward era where people carry computers on their person), other people I'm not sure I trust or want to proactively identify myself to are listening to
[05:59:16] <opeth__> you could go live on a solitary tree somewhere mate :]
[05:59:24] <opeth__> and even there it'd be all ruined
[05:59:29] <opeth__> bbl ->
[06:00:14] <ryancnelson> yeah… you make concessions.  or don't.
[06:00:36] <ryancnelson> if you open the hood on my car, you basically find a 2nd hood.  that used to bother me a lot
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[06:01:21] <Daemonik> opeth__: ryancnelson I think that there are enough people out there who would be interested in buying a laptop under the model that I suggest above (all hoping that I execute that properly) that it could make sense economically for me to develop such a thing - then we'd go from there, open source laptop hardware (such a project has already been started)
[06:01:26] <ryancnelson> now i play with my 3d printer, and pay a mechanic to fix my car, and run esoteric OS's in a vm instead of a basement full of 386's
[06:01:40] <Daemonik> I know I'd happily give $100 to someone if they closed bugs, made proper design decisions, etc
[06:02:34] <ryancnelson> many, many of those proper design decisions include "don't support 8-year old hardware to save some guy $200"
[06:02:36] <ryancnelson> :)
[06:04:06] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: I think this hypothetical company of mine would only officially support hardware we sell, but we'd say "if there's a driver, go right ahead" - along with certifying certain products from certain OEMs (such as Dell, look at their Ubuntu sputink project, great idea, horrible distro)
[06:04:59] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: I think that certain people have the necessary weight to get Adobe etc on-board (even Stallman acknowledges that Steam on Linux is less evil than Steam only on Windows) . . we'll see
[06:05:13] <ryancnelson> .. i'm gonna take off , terrible headache (not from you guys, though … very possibly from the 3d printer, though)
[06:05:17] <ryancnelson> later...
[06:05:23] <Daemonik> I'll write to those people (who aren't Stallman) of course. Later ryancnelson
[06:05:30] <Daemonik> I'm out too. Later all
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[07:04:20] <lenw> hi all
[07:04:39] <lenw> i am trying to undersatnd the numbers from kstat -s 'avenrun*'
[07:05:26] <lenw> how do those relate to the usual load avg numbers ?
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[07:20:56] <jelmd> man prstat
[07:31:28] *** ipalreadytaken has joined #smartos
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[08:03:44] <lenw> thanks jelmd - still the numbers that kstat gives seem to be in some sort of non-liner scale … FSCALE something
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[10:20:44] <Guest92879> hi guys
[10:20:54] <Guest92879> wtf happened with my nick
[10:21:23] *** Guest92879 is now known as ktkMac
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[10:22:06] <ktkMac> got a weird problem, updated to latest usb iso, ip config is back so I assume it did read from zpool but I can't login anymore
[10:22:32] <ktkMac> neither ssh nor console
[10:23:26] <jperkin> did you do any global zone customisation?
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[10:26:32] <ktkMac> yeah I did disable pwd root login. that did work fine before the reboot
[10:26:39] *** ivan\ has joined #smartos
[10:26:42] <ktkMac> but I didn't touch the root password
[10:26:55] <ktkMac> switched it to key login only
[10:27:28] <ktkMac> for that I edited the sshd_config file in /usbkey which obviously was mapped to /etc as it had the same time stamp after that
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[10:30:00] <jperkin> ok, that wouldn't affect it, certainly not console login
[10:30:13] <ktkMac> yeah that's seriously confusing me
[10:30:29] <ktkMac> for worst case, are pwd resets like on solaris: v
[10:30:30] <ktkMac> http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19082-01/819-2380/tsgeneral-18/index.html
[10:30:34] <ktkMac> ?
[10:30:48] <jperkin> you could boot noinstall and use the root password from grub as per the root password file on the download site
[10:30:59] <jperkin> just in case you mis-typed the root password or something
[10:31:12] <ktkMac> ok
[10:32:33] <ktkMac> that would be the single user one on the download site?
[10:32:46] <jperkin> yeh
[10:32:56] <ktkMac> ok
[10:55:42] *** kamilr has joined #smartos
[10:55:55] <kamilr> Hi, a little problem with own dsapi server
[10:56:12] <kamilr> When i enter  curl -k http://datasets.opegieka.pl/ping i got
[10:56:18] <kamilr> {"ping":"pong"}
[10:56:20] <kamilr> BUT
[10:56:51] <kamilr> imgadm sources -a http://datasets.mydomain.pl/datasets
[10:57:05] <kamilr> i got imgadm: error (SourcePing): unexpected ping error with image source "http://datasets.opegieka.pl/datasets" (dsapi)
[10:57:08] <kamilr> any ideas
[10:57:08] <kamilr> ?
[11:02:08] *** mamash has joined #smartos
[11:32:57] *** Gruu_ has joined #smartos
[11:43:46] *** marsell has quit IRC
[11:45:55] *** marsell has joined #smartos
[11:56:59] <ktkMac> kamilr: this uri does not work
[11:57:10] <ktkMac> http://datasets.opegieka.pl/datasets -> not found
[12:04:03] <kamilr> krkMac: i know its only example
[12:04:23] <kamilr> in my internal network it works under another domain
[12:04:29] <kamilr> and it returns pong
[12:07:28] <jesse_> there was some talk on the channel it needing to return proper content-type
[12:08:34] *** ipalread_ has quit IRC
[12:09:37] <kamilr> i think it was me ;-D
[12:09:51] <kamilr> but know i use native dataset server wroten in node.js
[12:10:19] <kamilr> and content-type is ok
[12:10:49] *** Gruu_ has quit IRC
[12:12:02] <jesse_> snoop tcp traffic with the joyent server and compare to your own?
[12:16:48] *** ktkMac has quit IRC
[12:34:32] *** szaydel has joined #smartos
[12:48:34] *** KermitTheFragger has joined #smartos
[12:50:34] <kamilr> does it makes difference between:
[12:50:35] <kamilr> {
[12:50:35] <kamilr> 	"ping":"pong"
[12:50:36] <kamilr> }
[12:50:36] <kamilr> AND
[12:50:36] <kamilr> {"ping":"pong"}
[12:50:39] <kamilr> ?
[12:51:26] *** enmand has joined #smartos
[12:59:39] <MerlinDMC> kamilr, not if your content-type is correct
[13:08:50] *** ajcdotme_ has joined #smartos
[13:09:19] *** ipalreadytaken has joined #smartos
[13:11:46] <kamilr> MerlinDMC: application/json
[13:12:22] <kamilr> ok, i have workarounded the problem giving imgadm -f parameter to ommit the ping
[13:12:42] <kamilr> and added successfuly my datasets
[13:13:06] <kamilr> but when i try to list availible datasets i got imgadm: error (InternalError): http://datasets.mydomain.pl/datasets: Unexpected token <
[13:13:20] *** ipalreadytaken has quit IRC
[13:15:35] <kamilr> ok
[13:15:42] <kamilr> i see the error
[13:17:38] <kamilr> Wow
[13:17:46] <kamilr> i think i found bug in imgadm
[13:18:35] <kamilr> Why imgadm insetrs in HTTP Host header IP instead hostname in datasets url ???
[13:18:46] <kamilr> i think it is bug
[13:22:41] <marsell> Don't forget to create a ticket if you see something dodgy. :)
[13:23:06] <kamilr> Where ?
[13:24:37] <marsell> https://github.com/joyent/smartos-live
[13:24:48] <marsell> Sorry, https://github.com/joyent/smartos-live/issues
[13:26:44] *** Vod has joined #smartos
[13:27:40] *** ktk3G has joined #smartos
[13:28:33] *** ajcdotme_ has quit IRC
[13:30:46] <MerlinDMC> kamilr, it does that since forever because sdc compute nodes had no resolvers configured
[13:31:03] <MerlinDMC> there was a bug for this already - i fixed that for the old imgadm
[13:32:04] <kamilr> i see
[13:33:53] <kamilr> does imgadm accepts ports ?
[13:34:07] <kamilr> i.e. datasets.mydomain.pl:8080/datasets ?
[13:34:59] <jesse_> kamilr, https://github.com/joyent/smartos-live/issues/188
[13:35:38] <ira> "No, but I already complained about that." ;)
[13:35:55] <jesse_> that's marked 'closed'
[13:36:01] <ira> They've fixed it.  I haven't had a chance to verify because I'm in the middle of trying to merge to something else.
[13:37:15] <ira> (I usually won't consider an issue closed without independent verification.)
[13:42:00] *** defa has joined #smartos
[13:47:11] <kamilr> ok, temporary fixed. But can't wait for fixing the port bug
[13:47:21] <kamilr> btw. i have newest smartos version
[13:56:11] *** vsomes_ has joined #smartos
[13:56:24] *** vsomes_ has left #smartos
[14:01:00] *** ktk3G has joined #smartos
[14:06:37] <ktk3G> interesting figured out why I couldn't do key login
[14:06:40] <ktk3G> it wiped my /root
[14:06:44] <ktk3G> is this not persistent on smartos?
[14:06:49] <ktk3G> added a .ssh plus keys there
[14:07:44] <MerlinDMC> ktk3G, it's not persistend ... everything is not ... but you can configure keys for the root user
[14:08:01] <ktk3G> ah
[14:08:06] <ktk3G> that was a pretty solid lock-out then :-D
[14:08:31] <ktk3G> also it looks like my external ip zone got killed
[14:09:49] *** ipalreadytaken has joined #smartos
[14:13:16] *** alcir has quit IRC
[14:13:56] *** ipalreadytaken has quit IRC
[14:14:22] <ktk3G> ah forgot got a new blade
[14:14:26] <ktk3G> which means new mac addreess
[14:14:31] <ktk3G> which means my config doesn't match anymore
[14:14:37] <ktk3G> ok I'm good in nuking myself ;)
[14:15:02] *** alcir has joined #smartos
[14:15:50] <jperkin> that wouldn't have affected password login though, was that just a mis-typed pw in the end?
[14:28:00] *** ktk has joined #smartos
[14:28:10] <ktk> re from the kvm'ed box ;)
[14:28:25] <ktk> few days ago someone said vmadm info does not show any json output
[14:28:28] <ktk> now I have exactly that problem
[14:28:31] <ktk> box starts though
[14:28:44] <ktk> used to work fine with the old release, anyone remembers what the issue was for that?
[14:30:00] <MerlinDMC> changing ip address of the admin interface
[14:30:07] <MerlinDMC> restart vmadmd service
[14:30:14] <ktk> ah
[14:30:16] <MerlinDMC> or first do a sysinfo -u
[14:30:17] <ktk> that makes sense
[14:30:20] <ktk> that I just did
[14:36:14] *** denizr has joined #smartos
[14:48:57] *** ktk has quit IRC
[14:58:58] *** alcir has quit IRC
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[15:04:47] *** ktk has joined #smartos
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[15:16:20] *** chh has joined #smartos
[15:25:17] *** jim80net has joined #smartos
[15:37:42] <khushildep> Hi folk
[15:37:44] *** nefilim has joined #smartos
[15:38:01] <khushildep> Is there any want to dladm modify-vnic in smarts? Seems to be a SOL11 switch?
[15:45:03] *** axonpoet has joined #smartos
[15:49:23] *** alpharender has joined #smartos
[15:56:18] *** bbarker has joined #smartos
[16:01:00] *** tonyarkles has joined #smartos
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[17:41:31] *** joe1 is now known as ice799
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[17:50:21] *** chrisc_ has joined #smartos
[17:51:53] *** defa has joined #smartos
[17:52:28] <chrisc_> What would I need to do to compile and demo a smartos live image with the AMD-V KVM code that Josh/LeftWing is working on?
[17:53:47] <chrisc_> scratch that. reading the github page now that has build info.
[18:00:42] <e^ipi> another satisfied customer.
[18:01:57] *** wolstena has joined #smartos
[18:05:03] <richlowe> e^ipi: I still hope someone does it, has it fail, and then determines why.
[18:06:12] <e^ipi> sadly that mystery amd box seems to have fallen in to the pacific ocean
[18:08:00] <richlowe> best place for it.
[18:08:26] <richlowe> I still have not gained useful access to one that behaves as yours did _or_ one that crashes in the shadow
[18:08:43] <richlowe> if someone could prove the non-shadow AMD path worked, I still think someone should get it into smartos to see how it does
[18:09:03] *** Vod has joined #smartos
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[18:24:22] *** ClausA has joined #smartos
[18:28:28] <ira> Q: I'm doing a build of smartos… any ideas on why I'd get: env: pkgfmt: No such file or directory ?
[18:28:34] <ira> (illumos build)
[18:28:51] *** alpharender has joined #smartos
[18:29:15] <rmustacc> There are several possible reasons.
[18:29:27] *** alpharender has quit IRC
[18:29:29] <rmustacc> The first is that you're using an old branch of illumos-joyent.
[18:29:33] <rmustacc> Err, old copy.
[18:29:43] <richlowe> For some reason 'p' is in your env file.
[18:30:16] <rmustacc> It used to be necessary even without p.
[18:30:35] <ira> It should be merged up to today.
[18:30:55] <wesolows> are you building illumos-joyent or via world in smartos-live?
[18:30:56] <richlowe> rmustacc: if that's true, that's an illumos bug, give me details later.
[18:30:59] <rmustacc> What does the NIGHTLY_OPTIONS line say in projects/illumos/illumos.sh
[18:31:05] <rmustacc> richlowe: Will do.
[18:31:32] <ira> wesolows: Yes, and it is merged also… I'll check.
[18:31:51] <wesolows> I meant, which?  standalone or in smartos-live?  Sounds like the latter.
[18:31:56] <ira> NIGHTLY_OPTIONS="-CimNnt";      export NIGHTLY_OPTIONS
[18:31:58] <wesolows> In which case illumos.sh is generated
[18:31:59] <ira> The latter.
[18:32:40] <ira> (I build as you build.  My result is a platform just like ya'll.)
[18:32:52] *** ryancnelson has joined #smartos
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[18:59:43] <ira> (more ironically, the build completed… So.. I'm not sure what to make of that.)
[19:00:39] *** mamash has joined #smartos
[19:01:42] <szaydel> Hey folks, so I am back to trying to get a good build going and now I am running into an issue with python not being there, causing a failure. I assumed that all reqs. were there in the version of the zone that the Wiki says to use. Naturally, I do: `# find / -name "python" -type f -ls 2>/dev/null` and find nothing. So, I think the docs are not entirely correct, or something is not exactly working, and I am also not sure which version
[19:01:42] <szaydel>  python I need, so am wondering if someone can tell me.
[19:02:57] <wesolows> did you run configure?  that normally installs whatever pkgsrc packages are required
[19:03:09] <szaydel> I did indeed.
[19:03:27] <szaydel> No problems during configure were seen.
[19:03:28] <wesolows> then it didn't work, because if you look at install_pkgin you will see it installing python
[19:03:41] <szaydel> OK, let me check it.
[19:04:30] *** Teknix has quit IRC
[19:04:56] <szaydel> Does configure leave a log?I am not readily seeing one.
[19:06:57] <wesolows> I don't think so
[19:07:12] <wesolows> I believe it's safe to run again
[19:07:31] <szaydel> Oh, and is this correct for the repositories.conf: http://pkgsrc.joyent.com/sdc6/2011Q4/i386/All  ?
[19:07:38] <szaydel> I am sure it is safe. I shall.
[19:08:28] <szaydel> I can clearly see that it was supposed to install python26, but I saw no errors from configure.
[19:09:18] <szaydel> This is even better. According to pkgin: 'python26-2.6.7nb2 =  Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language'
[19:09:36] <szaydel> So, it says the package is already there.
[19:09:38] <wesolows> well, then why isn't it being found?
[19:09:47] <szaydel> I have not a clue!
[19:10:01] *** Teknix has joined #smartos
[19:10:20] <szaydel> This gives nothing to be sure: # find / -name "python" -type f -ls 2>/dev/null
[19:10:56] <wesolows> *shrug* blow away the zone and make a new one.
[19:11:22] <szaydel> Getting better. I just manually installed python26 and guess what!? # find / -name "python" -type f -ls 2>/dev/null|wc -l
[19:11:22] <szaydel> 2
[19:11:51] <szaydel> And shockingly… # which python
[19:11:57] <szaydel> # which python
[19:12:11] <szaydel> does return now.
[19:12:18] <szaydel> Strange, really strange.
[19:12:29] <ira> rmustacc: Any other reasons? :)
[19:13:54] *** chorrell has joined #smartos
[19:14:12] <szaydel> wesolows: Thanks. I am going to retry.
[19:15:15] <ira> Thanks… I'll try again later… I'm a bit confused, but I'll figure out what happened.
[19:15:15] *** chorrell has quit IRC
[19:15:24] *** ira has quit IRC
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[19:19:23] *** chorrell has joined #smartos
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[19:52:19] <jesse_> szaydel, I've seen a package as installed in pkgin when it really isn't
[19:52:48] <jesse_> happens when a package is in the pkg_summary but the binary package is missing from the dir
[19:53:10] <jesse_> (done it with jre6 in jperkin's multiarch trunk image)
[19:53:35] *** kaladis has joined #smartos
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[20:08:23] *** porkbelt has joined #smartos
[20:13:54] *** szaydel has joined #smartos
[20:17:21] <szaydel> jesse_: Thanks, that makes sense.
[20:18:47] <szaydel> It looks like I get past that now, at least when I am building virgin, without changing the build process to point to my own repos and any changes those repos have. At least this is good progress. I am building live usb now to confirm that in fact the process completed.
[20:22:59] *** iyp has joined #smartos
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[21:28:23] *** Daemonik has joined #smartos
[21:29:32] <Daemonik> I just now remembered: installed SmartOS (March 7th build) on one of my boxes and selected four disks during setup. I wasn't asked how I wanted those disks arranged. The pool that was created was comprised of a raidz array, not two mirrors to stripe across. I would have preferred the latter.
[21:30:13] <ryancnelson> you're not asked.
[21:30:23] *** wramthun has quit IRC
[21:30:45] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: No, no I am not. Typing in the list of disks for the first time I would expect to be asked at some point.
[21:31:06] <ryancnelson> i'm saying "no, you aren't asked."
[21:31:23] *** wramthun has joined #smartos
[21:31:48] <ryancnelson> by all means, back that pool up (zfs send zones, recursively), and re-create it, and restore
[21:31:53] <MerlinDMC> Daemonik, the setup assumes to select a matching strategy ... if you want something other than that boot the noinstall entry and create a zones pool manually, then reboot the normal grub entry and reconfigure smartos ... at disk selection just enter one of the disks
[21:32:03] <ryancnelson> ... or, edit the setup script
[21:32:31] <Daemonik> MerlinDMC: Just enter one of the disks? But won't all four of my disks already be a part of the pool "zones" I had created on my own?
[21:33:08] <MerlinDMC> Daemonik, yep .. .at that point creating the pool fails but the poo is there so everything else is created as expected
[21:33:31] <ryancnelson> assuming a user knows which of the thousand ways you could set up zfs raid isn't reasonable in a setup script.  if you know, you probably know how to get what you want.
[21:34:01] <ryancnelson> pro-tip:  boot "nosetup" mode, and create the pool, empty.
[21:34:31] <ryancnelson> then reboot and let setup run, and just type any diskname when it asks.  the zpool create will be  skipped anyway, 'cause it's already there
[21:34:33] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: There are generally two ways a user is going to set up a pool, mirrors, or parity. If more than two disks, then striped mirrors. For parity, there's level.
[21:34:54] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: I see - yeah when I get back to that machine that's what I'll do.
[21:35:51] <ryancnelson> we're really unlikely to put raid-layout-ascii-art  user-frightening questions in the installer script.
[21:37:31] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: How about a secondary less-verbosely labeled option "Advanced: Drop to a shell, make your pool, exit back to this start up script"
[21:39:27] <ryancnelson> i fall back to my previous statement:  "if you know what those are, you probably already know how to get what you want."
[21:40:42] <ryancnelson> ... i often wish for a "break out of this to the shell" , though
[21:40:55] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: I do know how to get what I want, but as someone who is only-so-familiar with the SmartOS project when I do my first install, I expect that the startup script will ask me more than "what disks do you want to use" and in this hypothetical scenario I don't trust that the startup script will just go ahead and use a zones pool that I had already set up by hand.
[21:41:04] <ryancnelson> ... which, technically, we have, right?  doesn't it ask if you want to edit this file in vi at the end?
[21:41:07] <ryancnelson> maybe that's just SDC
[21:42:11] <ryancnelson> (i'm saying that you can shell escape out of vi)
[21:42:14] <szaydel> Do a noinstall boot.
[21:42:58] <ryancnelson> ... or, add that functionality to the setup script and submit the patch.
[21:43:01] <ryancnelson> it's open source.
[21:43:15] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: szaydel That's what I ended up doing. I'd like the startup script to communicate to me that I may want to make my pool myself. If I'm not bright enough to make my own pool I probably shouldn't be installing SmartOS :-P
[21:43:24] *** matthewpucc has joined #smartos
[21:43:27] <ryancnelson> to date, nobody has been so annoyed that they spent the 1 hour that would probably take.
[21:43:38] <szaydel> Patch time!
[21:44:16] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: Yeah I was only annoyed by the four minutes I lost. I suppose the 45 minutes I would spend updating the script will collectively save six hours of human time over the course of a year. I now feel powerfully compelled to write said patch.
[21:45:18] <jperkin> ryancnelson: does ^Z not work?
[21:45:31] <ryancnelson> i believe it's trapped out
[21:45:42] <ryancnelson> i kinda wish the setup script ran in "screen"
[21:45:44] <ryancnelson> :)
[21:45:48] <jperkin> heh, yeh
[21:46:00] <ryancnelson> it's weird.  we have virtual consoles, but they don't work during setup, either
[21:47:58] <Daemonik> jperkin: Even if ^Z did work, I would not have known to do so at the first time I used the setup script.
[21:51:58] *** Cpt-Oblivious has quit IRC
[21:52:40] <Daemonik> Sorry to complain so much - I'll try to make the time to make the patch. I love SmartOS thank you again for your work. =)
[21:58:16] <szaydel> ryancnelson: Substitute screen with tmux. ;)
[21:58:35] <ryancnelson> i won't.
[21:58:39] <ryancnelson> you can't make me
[21:58:52] <ryancnelson> screen's already in there
[21:59:10] <szaydel> I have used tmux by now to know that I am never going back. But, yes it is there already and would run.
[21:59:35] *** ajcdotme_ has quit IRC
[21:59:35] <szaydel> Solid argument I suppose.
[22:00:59] <ryancnelson> full disclosure:  i usually just boot no-setup, and the zfs recv this:  http://ryan.net/misc/zones.postsetup.zfs.gz
[22:02:34] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: Is there a written description of the postsetup?
[22:03:00] <ryancnelson> postsetup isn't a verb... it's an adjective
[22:03:01] <jperkin> tmux appears to have no improvements over screen for users, and comes with RSI-inducing default keybindings (I mean, wtf ctrl-b?!)
[22:03:03] *** tonyarkles has quit IRC
[22:03:14] <ryancnelson> "this is a zfs filesystem, after it's been setup"
[22:03:25] <szaydel> CTRL-b sucks, but I always remap.
[22:04:12] <ryancnelson> it's just a backup of the 99%-empty zpool's filesystems...
[22:04:25] <ryancnelson> so i dont' have to hand-create the dump device, etc...
[22:04:51] <szaydel> You must do a lot of setups.
[22:05:01] <ryancnelson> actually, if you only wanted two mirrors, striped, you can do that in the existing setup
[22:05:20] *** gregburd has quit IRC
[22:05:20] *** hungryblank has quit IRC
[22:05:23] <ryancnelson> ... just pick one disk.
[22:05:27] <ryancnelson> ... then, later, add another disk to that, as a mirror
[22:05:40] <szaydel> Current script is not great for building any sort of complex pools. And that's one thing that could be improved.
[22:05:49] <ryancnelson> ... then add the other two to that
[22:06:27] <wesolows> szaydel: everyone knows this.  the tools are there in the platform to do a better job and they are in production use in SDC.  Someone just needs to plumb them into the SmartOS setup.
[22:06:32] <Daemonik> One thing I would like to see is a way to integrate FreeIPA (not that the SSSD is necessary) with SmartOS so that sshd in the global zone recognizes an administrator's kerberos ticket but only authorizes them and grants them a shell if they are in the LDAP group "IT-Critical" - I'm just now reading up on "Solaris as a FreeIPA client" and will test one of my zones. What're your thoughts on doing that with a global zone?
[22:06:37] <wesolows> disklayout, mkzpool particularly.
[22:06:53] <Daemonik> In strict security environments, no one is permitted to log in as root
[22:07:13] <ryancnelson> you shouldn't be logging into the global zone at all, then
[22:07:25] <ryancnelson> this is minimal.
[22:07:45] <ryancnelson> don't pile all that into the ramdisk-booted clean thing
[22:07:46] <szaydel> wesolows: Oh yeah, I am not arguing to the contrary.
[22:07:59] <ryancnelson> just turn off ssh
[22:08:02] <wesolows> I'm trying to get someone to do it :-)
[22:09:01] <szaydel> Hmmm, maybe it would be a fun little project to tackle.
[22:09:27] <Daemonik> ryancnelson: Project FIFO isn't yet tested with the latest SmartOS build and declared ready to deploy in enterprise environments. I want to casually do vmadm because SmartOS is such a nicer option than Linux and I'd like to use SmartOS at a financial company.
[22:11:46] <ryancnelson> if you want something "declared ready to deploy in enterprise environments", we sell that thing.
[22:11:53] <ryancnelson> it's not FIFO
[22:12:14] *** sriramnrn|3 has joined #smartos
[22:13:58] <wesolows> is it LIFO?
[22:14:26] <ryancnelson> it's FYPM :)
[22:17:40] <opeth__> :]
[22:21:54] *** Teknix has quit IRC
[22:23:37] *** Teknix has joined #smartos
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[22:31:25] *** Raynos_ has joined #smartos
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[22:37:32] <opeth__> I'm having a console-only gz ;]
[22:37:50] <opeth__> if I need to reach it via ssh it's AllowUsers and a DSA key only
[22:40:09] *** beau-_ has joined #smartos
[22:42:07] *** Raynos_ is now known as Raynos
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[23:16:04] <trentster> whats the most recommended number of drives to use for raidz, if I recall correctly someone mentioned you should not use more than 10 is that correct?
[23:16:36] <ryancnelson> that's a good question.
[23:17:18] *** wolfeidau has joined #smartos
[23:17:18] <ryancnelson> the default raid-setup script i guess is the manifestation of somebody's idea of best practice.
[23:17:41] <ryancnelson> i know if you've got 60 drives, it makes a bunch of smaller bunches, then stripes across those
[23:18:09] <trentster> ryancnelson: yup, so I guess in situations where you have large drive resouces available, probably best to setup manually.
[23:19:39] <trentster> ryancnelson: where does the slowdown occur when using e.g raidz2 with a large number of drives, I am sure I remember someone saying always use odd number of disks and never exceed 9 or something like that
[23:22:10] *** ajcdotme_ has quit IRC
[23:22:59] <rmustacc> trentster: Manually set up and use the disklayout commands to inform your choice.
[23:23:05] <rmustacc> And you can pass that to mkzpool
[23:24:28] <trentster> rmustacc: taking smartos out the mix, what considered too many disks for a single raidz pool?
[23:24:44] *** blu has quit IRC
[23:24:53] <rmustacc> I don't personally know the number. Keith who wrote that does.
[23:24:58] <rmustacc> Or at least, has a rule of thumb.
[23:25:00] <rmustacc> Which is in that binary.
[23:25:11] *** blu has joined #smartos
[23:25:12] <rmustacc> Which I think is just node.js, so you can just read the source to see our thoughts.
[23:25:57] <trentster> thanks
[23:27:45] <jelmd>  https://blogs.oracle.com/roch/entry/when_to_and_not_to
[23:28:35] <aszeszo> any vagrant users around? just uploaded experimental smartos "boxes" here http://dlc-int.openindiana.org/aszeszo/vagrant/
[23:28:57] <richlowe> jelmd: think elling used to have graphs of MTBF as disks were added to various layouts, too
[23:29:04] <aszeszo> SmartOS 20130321T213641Z + smartos-1.6.3 zone
[23:29:48] <aszeszo> perhaps someone will find them useful
[23:30:11] <jelmd> yepp, but not so much wrt. performance for different configs
[23:32:02] *** mamash has joined #smartos
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