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   March 14, 2013  
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[00:08:15] * Miraz dodges the tumbleweed
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[00:15:30] <iyp> Anyone in here have strong oppinions about non-cisco firewalls? Doing some research on juniper, sonicwall, barracuda at the moment.
[00:15:40] <iyp> firewalls/routers
[00:17:32] <Miraz> What sort of application are you wanting to use the firewall for?
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[00:56:55] <iyp> Miraz: node http(s) servers and ssh
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[02:18:55] <ChrisPartridge> Is there a good book that covers crossbow in depth?
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[02:28:45] <rmustacc> ChrisPartridge: No.
[02:30:28] <rmustacc> At least, none that I know of.
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[02:36:56] <richlowe> the bind dminer &co wrote may cover it a bit from a user perspective, I guess.
[02:36:58] <richlowe> but I don't know.
[02:37:04] <richlowe> bleh, "the book"
[02:37:57] <rmustacc> Yeah, the OpenSolaris Bible might have something.
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[02:40:27] <ChrisPartridge> All good, I'll just keep breaking things and taking notes :)
[02:42:39] <Miraz> Have you come across anything/anyone that has a few on integration between crossbow and openvswitch?
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[02:58:16] <richlowe> wesolows: man, it's like you're unable to leave crazy alone.
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[03:08:35] <chris---> leftwing around?
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[03:18:00] <wesolows> richlowe: I am.  I'm just tired of that shit.  There won't be a followup or reply; if he does it again, he's gone.
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[04:02:30] <LeftWing> chris---: Sir?
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[04:36:05] <chris---> what was it you were working on with the install script? I'm messing with it some more myself
[04:36:36] <LeftWing> I redid some of the header/section printing stuff
[04:36:58] <LeftWing> And reworked the disk layout stuff to optionally use wesolows' automated layout bits from SDC.
[04:41:00] <LeftWing> chris---: https://gist.github.com/jclulow/f43a4911d06a04c4c551
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[04:44:37] <chris---> welp, so much for that
[04:44:55] <LeftWing> Well, my diff is not perfect.
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[04:46:32] <chris---> certainly looks like it would supersede my stuff
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[04:47:43] <LeftWing> Sorry -- wesolows mentioned that other people were working on this only after I'd already written what's there.
[04:48:06] <chris---> and then your already doing the things i was thinking of doing next
[04:48:14] <chris---> eh, just how it works
[04:48:16] <chris---> why i asked
[04:48:17] <LeftWing> If yours is the pull req up on smartos-live, I'll definitely take a look before I move ahead. :P
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[04:50:04] <richlowe> LeftWing: is node not usable by the time that runs?
[04:50:21] <richlowe> 'cos if you're going to embed (what looks like) so much code in the json command line...
[04:50:26] <LeftWing> haha
[04:50:29] <richlowe> but then again, if json is working, node must...
[04:50:32] <LeftWing> Why you gotta look in my shit. :P
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[04:50:52] <LeftWing> Yes, I mean, maybe I will just rewrite it in node.
[04:50:55] <richlowe> man, when was the last time I had to encourage you _to_ replace something with javascript.
[04:51:00] <LeftWing> It needs frigging styling anyway.
[04:51:00] <chris---> yeah thats mine, but its not anything super fancy
[04:51:04] <richlowe> half the time it's struggle to stop you
[04:51:08] <LeftWing> haha
[04:51:23] <LeftWing> Look, I'm on vicodin at the moment, so lay off. :P
[04:52:08] <chris---> i figured it was too good to be true i'd sneak something in that was such low hanging fruit :)
[04:52:24] <richlowe> in general, I suspect low hanging fruit is what tends to be ignored
[04:52:32] <chris---> i used it several times personally, so it wasnt a waste
[04:52:34] <richlowe> it's that way with illumos itself, certainly.
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[05:22:12] * chris--- looks for other fruit
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[08:19:24] <alucardX> good morning
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[08:35:50] <MerlinDMC> morning
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[08:57:12] <scarcry> morning
[08:57:19] <jperkin> it is
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[13:22:18] <trentster1> Anyone installed smartos on a mac mini and can confirm it works before I purchase a couple?
[13:25:22] <MerlinDMC> a couple? ^^
[13:25:38] <MerlinDMC> i would give one of them a home also :P
[13:27:01] <MerlinDMC> why don't you just rebbot your mini into a noinstall smartos? there you should see if it accepts the nic + disk(s)
[13:31:22] <trentster1> MerlinDMC: its V busy at the moment and got a zillion apps/windows open...
[13:31:23] <yofuh> trentster1: if you plan tu byu hardware to rum smartos, i would rather look for something that has at least 2 harddrives
[13:31:51] <trentster1> MerlinDMC: but thanks for the suggestion tho ;-) I am also more interested in previous generation ones not latest refresh as I have
[13:32:45] <trentster1> yofuh: looking for a 4 node setup for a home environment, trying to weight the pros & cons of going for mac minis, powerful small and quite vs 4 x laptops etc
[13:33:42] <tat-> any ideas for system monitoring in the global zone? stuff like smart status, hddtemp, pool degration and such?
[13:34:21] <linuxprof> trentster1: what about intel nuc?
[13:34:33] <trentster1> linuxprof: intel nuc?
[13:34:37] <trentster1> never heard of it.
[13:34:40] <linuxprof> tat-: i'm doing that with nagios (or well, op5 which is nagios based)
[13:34:46] <yofuh> there are a lot of mini pcs on the market, that are not mac minis and not notebooks and might be much cheaper. however, i would rather not buy anything without ecc ram
[13:34:48] <MerlinDMC> tat-, http://www.nickebo.net/nagios-script-to-monitor-disk-temperatures-in-smartos/
[13:34:51] <linuxprof> trentster1: NUC, Next Unit of Computing
[13:35:03] <linuxprof> tat-: that's my blog that MerlinDMC just posted =)
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[13:35:16] <Licenser> tat- fifo has some basic stuff for that :P
[13:35:19] <Licenser> at least pool degration
[13:35:19] <linuxprof> trentster1: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/motherboards/desktop-motherboards/next-unit-computing-introduction.html
[13:35:29] <tat-> allright, thanks
[13:35:33] <MerlinDMC> linuxprof, yeah sorry for the shameless ad
[13:35:46] <linuxprof> MerlinDMC: ;)
[13:36:12] <Licenser> linuxprof why didn't you tell me about that script :P we can use that!
[13:36:34] <trentster1> linuxprof: looks very cool
[13:36:48] <trentster1> linuxprof: you own one, and run smartos on it?
[13:38:28] <linuxprof> i dont, no
[13:38:46] <linuxprof> dont like the concept of a single harddrive =)
[13:38:49] <linuxprof> or ssd in this case
[13:39:20] <linuxprof> anyways, going to drive a collegaue to the doctor. laters
[13:40:56] <trentster1> ciao
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[14:18:16] <valera> hello guys, how can I figure out what zpool version is being used on smartos by default ? e.g. on solaris 11 I am getting "rpool  version        34                   default" but on smartos its "zones  version                    -                          default"
[14:18:19] <valera> ?
[14:19:53] <MerlinDMC> v28 + feature_flags
[14:20:35] *** bens1 has joined #smartos
[14:21:11] <valera> hmmm, so my option for transferring something from solaris 11 is rsync instead of zfs send ?
[14:21:49] <MerlinDMC> if your pool is > v28 ... yeah i think so
[14:22:09] <MerlinDMC> or tar + ssh ...
[14:23:24] <valera> rsync runs over ssh ... with blowfish-cbc should be optimal
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[15:22:16] <Melinko> Hi All
[15:22:40] <rbrown__> hi
[15:22:49] <alcir> what "marking gcc47-4.7.0nb2 as non auto-removable" means?
[15:27:02] <Melinko> I was curious as too the state of Spice in SmartOS? I'm having a hard time getting http://wiki.smartos.org/display/DOC/Spice+on+SmartOS to work, any ideas?
[15:27:14] <nahamu> Melinko: how far have you gotten?
[15:28:21] <Melinko> "Where to download" Appears not to be working, so I maunally built and now im at "VM Configuration"
[15:28:41] <Melinko> The problem is everytime I build a VM, it fails
[15:29:13] <nahamu> Melinko: ah, those "Where to download" instructions haven't been updated for the newer version of imgadm...
[15:29:16] <nahamu> give me a moment.
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[15:32:58] <nahamu> Melinko: should be a bit better now.
[15:33:18] <Melinko> Nice
[15:33:25] <Melinko> Let me try it out
[15:33:29] <nahamu> let me know if you still have trouble.
[15:34:02] <Melinko> Also I built agains 12.4.1
[15:34:04] <jperkin> alcir: it means something depends upon it to run, in this case libgcc/libstdc++ etc
[15:35:53] <Melinko> Nahamu, are you still updating this project? https://github.com/nshalman/smartos-live
[15:36:10] <nahamu> Melinko: oh, so if you were able to build it yourself, you should be able to them import the one you built to use.
[15:36:21] <nahamu> *then
[15:36:55] <alcir> ah ok
[15:36:57] <nahamu> Melinko: I'm still trying to iron out some wrinkles with the ipv6 patch. I put the stuff we use at my office in separate branches.
[15:37:13] <nahamu> But in general, the spice stuff should work just fine on the latest stock SmartOS from Joyent.
[15:37:28] <nahamu> (I run vanilla SmartOS on my home machine where I run a bunch of spice VMs.
[15:37:50] <Melinko> Yea, idk why I cant use it
[15:38:01] <Melinko> I grabbed 12.4.1
[15:38:04] <nahamu> Melinko: clearly a failure of my documentation. :)
[15:38:05] <Melinko> imported it
[15:38:15] <Melinko> created a zone
[15:38:20] <Melinko> went into the zone
[15:38:30] <Melinko> executed the full build
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[15:40:05] <Melinko> exited it, and then tried to create a VM using its UUID as image_uuid
[15:40:07] <nahamu> Melinko: if you built it from scratch, the step I didn't document is from the global zone you'd need to the install that image with imgadm. It will have its own, randomly generated UUID that you'd have to use in the json for the VMs.
[15:40:35] <Melinko> oh
[15:40:38] <Melinko> one sec
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[15:41:24] <nahamu> on my home machine I have to cd to /zones/spice-build/root/root/qemu-smartos-build/<uuid>
[15:42:27] <nahamu> then "imgadm install -m spice-<whatever>.manifest -f spice-<whatever>.zfs.bz2"
[15:45:06] <pringlescan> I have 5 disks and I meant to set up one as a hot spare, I guess there's no way to change that now? If a disk fails, can I continue using the array until I replace it with default behavior?
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[15:46:47] <xmerlin> hi to all ...I'm trying to download a 3rd party repo http://svn.everycity.co.uk/public/solaris/misc/pkg5-smartos-bootstrap-20111221.tar.gz ...but it doesn't work ...does anyone was successful on it?
[15:47:02] <nahamu> Alasdairrr: ping ^
[15:47:18] *** riceo has quit IRC
[15:49:58] <nahamu> xmerlin: Alasdairrr would know the most about that stuff.
[15:50:07] <Alasdairrr> xmerlin: hiya
[15:50:09] <xmerlin> nahamu, ok
[15:50:28] <Alasdairrr> xmerlin: whats up with it?
[15:50:43] <xmerlin> Alasdairrr, I cannot download the file ...it ask for a login and a password
[15:51:44] <xmerlin> and wget ...waits forever
[15:51:50] <nahamu> FWIW it's not propting me for a password...
[15:51:57] *** axonpoet has joined #smartos
[15:51:59] <nahamu> *prompting
[15:52:29] <xmerlin> if I open the path in a browser http://svn.everycity.co.uk/public/solaris/misc/ ...it asks for a password
[15:52:39] <xmerlin> and wget cannot download the file
[15:55:12] <xmerlin> it's also stranger ...If I skip the password request I can download the file from the browser ...but not using wget
[15:56:08] <xmerlin> wget is from a smartos machine
[15:57:00] *** CarlosC has joined #smartos
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[16:00:24] <valera> offtopic probably, any experiences of running erlang on smartos/illumos derivatives ?
[16:02:16] <xmerlin> Alasdairrr, as I can see the problem is related to vms inside ovh (france) ...a similar vm located in germany is not affected ...al my workstation located in italy is not affected
[16:02:44] <Alasdairrr> xmerlin: hold on, i'll upload the file somewhere else
[16:03:05] <Alasdairrr> xmerlin: http://al.cloud.ec/pkg5-smartos-bootstrap-20111221.tar.gz
[16:03:37] <xmerlin> it works
[16:04:43] <yofuh> valera: if you count running ejabberd as running erlang, yes. works fine, no problems but the resolver is broken with ipv6 (might git fixed in the mean time)
[16:06:28] *** ryancnelson has joined #smartos
[16:06:31] <yofuh> since there is no v6 support in smartos anyway, you might not care much, if erlang still cant use v6 resolver
[16:07:16] <xmerlin> Alasdairrr, thank you very much
[16:07:25] <valera> yofuh: thanks
[16:08:48] <linuxprof> valera: you should have a chat with Licenser
[16:09:58] <valera> e.g. I see riak in pkgsrc for smartos, but was wondering about experiences
[16:10:03] <valera> linuxprof: I'll try later
[16:11:27] *** chh has quit IRC
[16:12:10] <linuxprof> he's working on project fifo which uses riak (among other stuff)
[16:12:11] <rmustacc> valera: It works fine on smartos. Joyent has had several customers using it so the basho guys have tested it on smartos, etc.
[16:12:22] <linuxprof> valera: have a look at http://project-fifo.net/display/PF/Project+FiFo+Home
[16:16:26] *** echelog-1 has joined #smartos
[16:16:28] <xmerlin> http://wiki.smartos.org/display/DOC/3rd+Party+Software+Repos
[16:16:53] <JT-EC> hmmm
[16:17:55] <Alasdairrr> no thats normal
[16:17:57] <Alasdairrr> ignore those errors
[16:18:12] <Alasdairrr> its the same tarball we use on S10 and on SmartOS those are read only locations, it needs updated
[16:18:23] *** ipalreadytaken has joined #smartos
[16:18:23] <Alasdairrr> but those methods and xml files are not needed
[16:18:25] *** ipalreadytaken has quit IRC
[16:18:56] <Alasdairrr> you are meant to extract it in /
[16:19:26] <xmerlin> ok
[16:19:27] *** nefilim has joined #smartos
[16:23:13] <xmerlin> Alasdairrr, the refreshing of the catalog is still problematic on this machine ...
[16:23:35] <Alasdairrr> xmerlin: what is it saying?
[16:23:51] <xmerlin> Refreshing catalog 1/1 smartos.pkg.ec
[16:23:57] <xmerlin> but it never ends
[16:23:59] <xmerlin> like wget
[16:24:03] <Alasdairrr> can you ping smartos.pkg.ec okay?
[16:24:06] <Alasdairrr> or do a traceroute?
[16:24:08] <Alasdairrr> sounds like a network issue
[16:24:23] <jperkin> more OVH troubles..
[16:25:00] <xmerlin> no ping
[16:25:12] <xmerlin> and traceroute stops at the first hop
[16:25:35] *** tonyarkles has quit IRC
[16:26:15] <jperkin> Alasdairrr: percona for mysql conslutancy
[16:27:18] <Alasdairrr> jperkin: do they have staff in the UK?
[16:27:26] <Alasdairrr> xmerlin: you might need to contact OVH support :/
[16:27:49] <Alasdairrr> xmerlin: whats your servers IP?
[16:27:50] <xmerlin> yes :-( ...thank you for your support
[16:28:02] <xmerlin>
[16:28:46] <jperkin> Alasdairrr: not sure, but I know a few of them from MySQL AB days
[16:29:55] <Alasdairrr> xmerlin: I think I've found the issue - we have two subnets, and You can reach but not from OVH
[16:30:23] <Alasdairrr> It means OVH's routing is broken somehow, they might be filtering small prefixes, although I wouldn't consider a /23 "small" (not sure how much you know about BGP routing)
[16:30:38] <Alasdairrr> xmerlin: can you do a test and try pinging
[16:31:11] <xmerlin> not reachable
[16:39:55] *** mamash has joined #smartos
[16:42:30] <sheppard> works for me. blame OVH, their network is terribad
[16:46:09] <jperkin> and I thought it might only be Jump who are too cheap to provide a full table ;)
[16:46:34] <ryancnelson> no… ovh and hetzner are also too cheap.
[16:47:07] <MerlinDMC> ryancnelson, I'm fine with hetzner for my personal stuff ;)
[16:47:23] <MerlinDMC> but there it hardly depends on the datacenter the server is located in
[16:47:31] <valera> MerlinDMC:  hetzner is good
[16:47:44] <valera> hehehe disagree with second saying
[16:47:47] <ryancnelson> s'fine when you're smarter than them, and don't need their help.
[16:47:48] <valera> it does
[16:47:52] <valera> and it does a lot
[16:48:07] <valera> no ... even A LOT
[16:48:08] *** tonyarkles has joined #smartos
[16:48:23] <valera> especially if you have users in Asia, Europe and Russia at the same time
[16:48:29] <MerlinDMC> have to catch a train - laters
[16:50:35] *** potatosalad has joined #smartos
[16:51:36] *** alucardX has quit IRC
[16:53:32] *** Teknix has quit IRC
[16:55:14] *** Teknix has joined #smartos
[16:56:04] *** dap has joined #smartos
[16:56:23] *** mamash has left #smartos
[17:01:31] <Alasdairrr> xmerlin: they must be filtering "small prefixes"
[17:01:51] <Alasdairrr> raise a ticket saying you can't ping or
[17:01:56] <Alasdairrr> and that you can from "everywhere else"
[17:02:09] <xmerlin> already done
[17:03:12] *** mikl has quit IRC
[17:03:40] *** Melinko2003 has joined #smartos
[17:07:27] *** Melinko has quit IRC
[17:14:21] *** Melinko2003 is now known as Melinko
[17:15:54] *** defa has quit IRC
[17:16:58] <Alasdairrr> xmerlin: awesome
[17:18:56] *** ipalreadytaken has joined #smartos
[17:24:22] <nahamu> Melinko: I've updated the master branch of the spice image builder to use the qemu-kvm branch of my qemu repository. FYI.
[17:28:50] *** Azbruh has joined #smartos
[17:29:14] *** Sachiru has quit IRC
[17:33:10] *** alcir has quit IRC
[17:38:37] *** ipalreadytaken has quit IRC
[17:41:59] <pringlescan> Anyone have any idea why whenever I try to mount anything it says the directory doesn't exist even when it definitely does?
[17:43:01] *** wramthun has quit IRC
[17:45:10] *** wramthun has joined #smartos
[17:45:58] <ryancnelson> mount what, where?
[17:46:24] <ryancnelson> inside a zone, or in the global zone?
[17:46:59] *** marsell has joined #smartos
[17:48:00] <pringlescan> inside the GZ, I was missing p0 … I just didn't understand the error message, it doesn't seem to make sense
[17:48:15] <pringlescan> it made it sound like the destination was the issue
[17:48:50] <ryancnelson> ah
[17:50:43] *** richlowe has joined #smartos
[17:51:26] <pringlescan> even if I set the timeout to 120 the stupid supermicro KVM keeps crashing and won't connect before SmartOS already starts booting
[17:51:37] <pringlescan> it's as if it knows to only work when SSH is an option
[17:52:04] <pringlescan> rebooting the server while connected makes the java app crash
[17:52:17] <ryancnelson> ouch.
[17:53:21] <valera> pringlescan: is it another windows only java kvm  app ?
[17:53:35] <pringlescan> that could be it
[17:53:53] <pringlescan> I'm trying to run it on OSX with the latest version of Java
[17:53:56] <ryancnelson> (be careful with this:)  can you "init 0" to get down to "hit any key to reboot"
[17:53:57] <pringlescan> [from Oracle]
[17:54:19] <ryancnelson> … i've seen the usb keyboard drivers on a host stop responding, so you can't "Hit any key"
[17:54:37] <rmustacc> I'm going to be about 15 to 20 minutes late to the start of SmartOS office hours today, sorry about that. We'll keep them going a bit longer today to make up for that.
[17:55:05] <valera> pringlescan: be aware that some of modern java kvm apps work only in windows - e.g. you cant connect things such as iso's or something it will pop-up - option is not supported for that os
[17:55:17] <pringlescan> I see
[17:55:35] <pringlescan> JAVA runs everywhere, but sometimes it runs like Forest.
[17:55:42] <ryancnelson> … but that might let you reboot without resetting your vga card
[17:56:05] <pringlescan> it's in the data center now
[17:56:29] <pringlescan> I accidentally did a RAIDz with all of the disks, when I wanted to do a striped mirror with a hot spare
[17:57:02] <pringlescan> so I guess I'm in a RAID5 parity type setup right now with an odd number of disks, which is okay, but I think the striped mirror with the hot spare would be better performance wise and safer?
[17:57:28] <nahamu> pringlescan: I believe so
[17:57:38] <nahamu> obviously at a penalty of capacity
[17:57:56] <pringlescan> I'm doing iozone benchmarks with both configs for an SSD and a HDD array
[17:58:09] <pringlescan> I'll have to way out the pros and cons for throughput and IOps I can post it if it's helpful
[17:58:12] <pringlescan> *weight
[18:01:42] <valera> pringlescan: just checked - AMI MEGARAC is windows only java app
[18:01:59] <pringlescan> you think it'd mention that by sniffing the useragent
[18:02:42] <pringlescan> It crashes silently on Windows when the server changes powerstates
[18:02:42] *** leecallen35 has quit IRC
[18:03:12] *** leecallen has joined #smartos
[18:03:53] <pringlescan> I'm surprised they don't just use VNC
[18:05:15] *** kfr- has joined #smartos
[18:05:57] <pringlescan> zpool create zones mirror disk1 disk2 disk3 disk4 spare disk5 will make striped/mirror zpool?
[18:06:41] *** ryancnelson has left #smartos
[18:07:04] <pringlescan> or is it zpool create zones mirror disk1 disk2 mirror disk1 disk2 spare disk5
[18:07:52] <jesse_> latter is wrong, disk1&2 is doubled
[18:08:13] <jesse_> first one create 4-way mirror (probably what you don't want)
[18:08:17] *** dalethion has joined #smartos
[18:09:14] <jesse_> second one creates a pool with 2 mirrored vdevs
[18:10:02] <nahamu> pringlescan: FWIW I use the Supermicro IPMIView on Linux and it works... I don't know if that one would work with your servers.
[18:10:30] <pringlescan> what's the ZFS equiv of a RAID10
[18:10:59] <jesse_> is that a raid of mirrors?
[18:11:12] <pringlescan> I guess it's a striped mirrored vdev
[18:11:27] <nahamu> pringlescan: it's a pool containing multiple mirror vdevs, yes.
[18:11:47] <jesse_> zpool create zones mirror disk1 disk2 mirror disk3 disk4
[18:11:58] <jesse_> creates two 2-disk mirros
[18:12:01] <jesse_> mirrors
[18:12:22] <jesse_> when data is written to the pool, it'll be striped across the two mirrors
[18:13:08] <jesse_> (like-it-would-be-striped, I think the allocation logic tries to balance the data on the vdevs)
[18:13:15] <pringlescan> and the safest way to destroy an existing zpool is? I thought I did zpool remove zones *disk* but it says zones doesn't exist
[18:13:28] *** tonyarkles has quit IRC
[18:13:32] <jesse_> what does 'zpool list' say?
[18:13:44] <pringlescan> nothing
[18:13:52] <pringlescan> "no pools available"
[18:13:58] <jesse_> how about zpool import
[18:14:00] <pringlescan> i thought if I added the pool then it wouldn't let me modify it
[18:14:20] <jesse_> (it'll show existing but not imported to this os pools)
[18:14:21] <pringlescan> if I do zpool import zones it says "cannot import zones pool may be in use from another system"
[18:14:35] <jesse_> yes
[18:14:40] <pringlescan> zpool import does show it as a raiz1-0
[18:14:49] <pringlescan> *raidz1-0
[18:14:49] <jesse_> it'll say that about zones pool
[18:14:59] <jesse_> as 'where it is mounted' is written to /etc
[18:15:03] <jesse_> which is not persistent
[18:15:25] <jesse_> zfs import -f zones will let you forcibly import it
[18:15:35] <jesse_> that's what smartos does while booting
[18:15:52] <pringlescan> zpool destroy zones doesn't work though, do I have to import it first
[18:16:00] <jesse_> probably
[18:16:03] <nahamu> yes
[18:16:15] <nahamu> probably "zpool import -f zones"
[18:16:24] <nahamu> then the destroy
[18:16:49] <jesse_> oh, I wrote zfs, not zpool above
[18:17:13] <pringlescan> now, if I create the zpool and it's empty and I reboot will it automatically be setup or do I need to do something additional
[18:17:35] <nahamu> pringlescan: it should go through the installation questions again and use the pool you created.
[18:17:37] <jesse_> if it's empty, boot to installer
[18:17:48] <jesse_> when it asks for what disks to use
[18:17:56] <jesse_> just give it one disk (so that it'll be happy)
[18:18:08] <jesse_> when it gets to the point where it actually creates the zpool
[18:18:15] <jesse_> it'll notice there is already zones-pool
[18:18:20] <jesse_> and skip the create step
[18:18:46] <jesse_> the UI could be a lot better in this regard=)
[18:19:48] <pringlescan> we're all swamped with work, if I had spare time, I'd work on the installer to make up for all the help you guys gave me
[18:20:02] <pringlescan> all my spare time goes to http://safestway.org or it should be
[18:20:25] <jesse_> I've done that with existing pools from opensolaris, renaming them to zones in recovery mode and then installing smartos on them
[18:22:50] <nahamu> Teknix did a writeup of preserving existing pools: http://zpool.org/2012/10/10/install-smartos-and-keep-your-pool
[18:23:59] <jesse_> nahamu, too complicated
[18:24:10] <pringlescan> with a RAID10 I guess I don't need a hotspare, since 2 disks could fail, I was thinking of putting my spare SSD in my server with just HDDs and using it as a cache, if one of my SSDs die, I'll just pull that and swap it out
[18:24:24] <jesse_> it's, '1) boot to recovery, run zpool import <oldpoolname> zones'
[18:24:30] <nahamu> it certainly can be done a bit more simply, yes.
[18:24:51] <jesse_> 2) rename suspicious filesystems to something else (config,cores,opt,swap,usbkey,var)
[18:24:59] <jesse_> 3) run installer
[18:25:12] <jesse_> 4) select any disk when prompted (won't be overwritten)
[18:25:16] <jesse_> 5) done
[18:25:48] <nahamu> https://github.com/joyent/smartos-overlay/blob/master/smartdc/bin/smartos_prompt_config.sh#L397
[18:25:55] <pringlescan> do I have to boot into setup if I already have a working config file on my USB?
[18:26:08] <jesse_> nahamu, # If the pool already exists, don't create it again.
[18:26:11] <nahamu> pringlescan: the config file gets stored on the disk not on the usb.
[18:26:13] <jesse_> that part is the critical
[18:26:17] <jesse_> +part
[18:26:27] <nahamu> so if you've already destroyed the pool, you've already lost the config file.
[18:26:32] <jesse_> so, as long as it has imported a pool named 'zones' it won't create another pool
[18:26:42] <pringlescan> and when you install packages to the global zones or do SMF that's on the pool not on the usb key
[18:26:46] <nahamu> jesse_: exactly.
[18:26:54] <nahamu> I was posting the link to the source so pringlescan could see it.
[18:26:58] <pringlescan> is the ramdisk mounted readonly?
[18:27:14] <wesolows> no, but /usr is
[18:27:19] <pringlescan> nahamu, thanks, that's very pretty for bash code
[18:27:28] <jesse_> nahamu, that blog entry was tl;dr, doing reboots and all kinds of funny dances=)
[18:28:04] <rmustacc> Sorry for the delay.
[18:30:35] <pringlescan> please tell me I didn't specify to the setup the only disk I hadn't used and it just made it, I didn't see a huge error, but it zipped by pretty quickly
[18:31:22] <pringlescan> a cool option for the setup would be to drop into terminal or manually configure your disks
[18:31:43] <pringlescan> does solaris do a second TTY with ALT+Fn or something?
[18:31:59] <jesse_> yes
[18:32:06] <pringlescan> whenever I try it doesn't do anything, weird.
[18:32:08] <jesse_> but not in the installer, I think
[18:32:13] <jesse_> only in recovery
[18:32:29] <jesse_> or I did something wrong the last time I ran the installer, as I couldn't make it work
[18:32:49] <jesse_> (may have been the 'quality' keyboard I had handy at the time)
[18:33:20] <pringlescan> I was using a mac keyboard so I chalked it up to something weird happening
[18:33:23] <pringlescan> but it worked with lijnux
[18:34:12] <jesse_> osx, java, and remote console are a mix that rarely gets you more keys than a-z0-9 working right ;)
[18:36:26] <jesse_> anyway, did you get the install to work?
[18:37:04] *** Cpt-Oblivious has joined #smartos
[18:37:44] <pringlescan> jesse_, yes it worked as expected, thanks :-)
[18:38:06] *** ipalreadytaken has joined #smartos
[18:38:59] <pringlescan> it's weird, I always install nano because I haven't had time to learn vim or emacs (I know, I know)
[18:39:02] <jesse_> no problem
[18:39:17] <pringlescan> and I installed pkgin with the optional and official packages, and I can't install it, but yesterday I did just fine
[18:39:27] <pringlescan> it's as if the 400 official packages won't import
[18:40:17] <pringlescan> it says 9401 packages though… hm
[18:40:54] <jesse_> you shouldn't install packages to global zone
[18:41:06] <pringlescan> this is just for a dirty benchmark of the disks
[18:41:23] <jesse_> make a zone
[18:41:25] <jesse_> install there
[18:41:33] <pringlescan> can I edit the GZ from a zone?
[18:41:40] <jesse_> then run it from /zones/<uuid>/root/opt/local/bin ?=)
[18:41:54] <pringlescan> I guess I can scp the config files from my local box instead of editing them on the server
[18:42:03] <pringlescan> i find it helpful to have a text editor I know how to use though lol
[18:42:19] <jesse_> learn vi
[18:42:32] <jperkin> what he said
[18:42:47] <wesolows> yes, that.
[18:42:50] <jesse_> you'll need maybe 5 things
[18:43:09] <jperkin> it'll be the single most productive thing you will ever do on unix
[18:43:10] <wesolows> we don't actually ship vi, though.  Most people find vim strictly better.
[18:43:31] <pringlescan> i like regexp, so I would find it helpful to have an editor with built in support
[18:43:35] <jesse_> the subset of vi one needs works as-is on vim=)
[18:43:42] <wesolows> yep
[18:44:05] <pringlescan> after I get my atlassian stack setup I'll look into it
[18:44:24] <wesolows> good news: ed had regex support years before I was born, and it was ported and expanded in vi and later vim.
[18:44:47] <pringlescan> I had no idea the hypervisor classifications came from the 60's
[18:44:51] <wesolows> (ed is, of course, the standard text editor)
[18:45:17] <pringlescan> I thought the standard texteditor was notepad
[18:45:18] <jesse_> wesolows, some commands still default to ed if there is no EDITOR or VISUAL defined
[18:45:56] <wesolows> well, kmdb is still my text editor of choice, but I guess ed is ok for people who like userland.
[18:49:55] <pringlescan> i know this may be a personal preference, but rather than having all my zones run small postgres instances, I was thinking of running one big one of both servers with streaming replication, then I can run a zone on either server and the data will persist
[18:50:12] <nahamu> wesolows: when will you upgrade to using a butterfly?
[18:50:49] <pringlescan> he doesn't need to, his thinkpad has a nipple mouse and butterfly keyboard
[18:51:53] <wesolows> if I had a thinkpad I would use it as a paperweight
[18:52:10] <pringlescan> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rRsken7Nt4
[18:52:24] <pringlescan> I wish that was on YT in decent quality
[19:02:53] <dalethion> Hi, I have been testing SmartOS for use in our laboratory (HPC - bioinformatics) and I am having difficulty constructing a kvm with at least 128 GB. The error I get is timed out waiting for /var/svc/provisioning to move  for b45c9da4-96d0-4220-8655-c9abda8578f2. I posted for while on the mailing list, but maybe here I will find new ideas for troubleshooting.
[19:03:05] <dalethion> *128 GB RAM
[19:03:05] <pringlescan> throughput is better on the RAIDz in 4KB, 16KB and 128KB … but not my much, otherwise the striped mirror is faster, particularly in the larger sizes
[19:03:12] <pringlescan> I can't wait to see the IOPs :-)
[19:04:14] <rmustacc> dalethion: Can you gist up somewhere the json file for that vm and/or the output of /zones/<uuid>/root/tmp/vm.*?
[19:04:37] <dalethion> sure, give me 2 minutes.
[19:05:45] <dalethion> json for empty kvm: http://pastebin.com/DKBrDhFc
[19:07:06] <rmustacc> dalethion: If it's an empty kvm, how are you starting it?
[19:07:40] *** Melinko2003 has joined #smartos
[19:07:45] <dalethion> and vm.log: http://pastebin.com/e3EdBWZa
[19:08:13] <pringlescan> … hm for write speeds this seems really similar, I should have included cpu utilization in the test
[19:08:29] <dalethion> I have created them empty and booting them with a path to an iso (CentOS 6.3). I have also tried creating with one of the datasets from smartos, same result.
[19:08:52] <dalethion> I can't even attempt booting because vmadm list marks the vm as failed.
[19:09:20] <rmustacc> You need to create it with autoboot: false
[19:10:03] <rmustacc> Otherwise it will try to start itself on your empty disk.
[19:10:10] *** Mel2003 has joined #smartos
[19:10:11] <dalethion> Should I put autoboot false under "disks" or in the global .json?
[19:10:32] <rmustacc> It's a top level property.
[19:10:47] <dalethion> Ok, I will try that and post results.
[19:10:52] <MerlinDMC> evening/hello
[19:11:06] *** Melinko has quit IRC
[19:11:08] *** Mel2003 is now known as Melinko
[19:12:07] <rmustacc> Hello MerlinDMC
[19:12:59] *** user01 has joined #smartos
[19:13:18] *** Melinko2003 has quit IRC
[19:15:14] <user01> Hello, too late for office hours? I got an error when using imgadm for the latest Ubuntu kvm:
[19:15:37] <user01> Stderr from zfs receive: cannot receive new filesystem stream: invalid backup stream
[19:19:30] *** noahmehl has quit IRC
[19:19:38] <user01> I have an existing Debian KVM image (0.1.0, which is gzip), and wanted to try out the latest Ubuntu. I thought it might be an issue with being compressed with bzip2, so I tried another image compressed with bzip2: base64 1.9.0, which imported successfully.
[19:20:13] <dalethion> That happened to me a couple of times, I just retries the download until it worked. It usually fails at the end. I am not sure what the cause is.
[19:20:35] <user01> Downloading ubuntu-12.04-2.3.1.zfs.bz2 with curl and taking the entry to create its own manifest file, I could import it manually....
[19:20:36] <rmustacc> Someone recently saw that there was a little bit of corruption on the wire which could cause that.
[19:20:59] <jesse_> I think I got errors like that when my zones pool version was too old for the imported img. But that was with the old imgadm
[19:21:29] <dalethion> rmustacc, great! It works! Thank you so much! I was able to create and boot successfully!
[19:22:13] <rmustacc> dalethion: That's great.
[19:22:47] <rmustacc> dalethion: Mind replying to the list indicating the problem? Just in case someone else comes along?
[19:24:29] <rmustacc> dalethion: I'll file an internal rfe to see if we can have qemu do something smarter when there's basically nothing for it to bood.
[19:26:40] *** valera has left #smartos
[19:27:15] <dalethion> Sure, I will post the solution on the mailing list.
[19:28:37] *** user01 has quit IRC
[19:34:06] *** alfism has joined #smartos
[19:34:07] *** Cpt-Oblivious has quit IRC
[19:35:23] *** deirdres has joined #smartos
[19:40:53] *** ira has quit IRC
[19:41:08] <Teknix> jesse_: it was perhaps verbose and could be simplified, sure
[19:41:41] *** ryancnelson has joined #smartos
[19:53:36] *** ira has joined #smartos
[19:54:00] <pringlescan> I just observed something reallllly weird in iozone
[19:54:34] <richlowe> did brendang ever wiki his "list of benchmarks to have at least some faith in"?
[19:54:39] <richlowe> or did that turn into the book?
[19:58:14] <ira> richlowe: If you find such a list.. forward it ;)
[19:59:51] *** deirdres_ has joined #smartos
[20:02:09] <pringlescan> http://imgur.com/a/Mitlg
[20:02:25] <pringlescan> the read IOP/s with a RAIDz is absolutely spastic
[20:02:55] <pringlescan> in my config obviously but it's pretty strange
[20:03:38] *** deirdres has quit IRC
[20:03:38] <pringlescan> I'm kind of confused how the IOP/s are so high for a 64kb file in mirror but the RAIDz is all over the place sometimes 3x faster but at times the exact same speed
[20:03:38] *** deirdres_ is now known as deirdres
[20:05:56] <pringlescan> I guess a better test would have been pgbench
[20:06:05] <pringlescan> is that even realistic
[20:06:36] <nahamu> pringlescan: are you running the benchmarks in the GZ or in a VM?
[20:06:41] <pringlescan> GZ
[20:09:34] <pringlescan> with nothing else running
[20:09:39] <pringlescan> i'm trashing this install after the tests
[20:09:45] <pringlescan> but I only wanted to test zfs
[20:10:05] <pringlescan> should I do a zone with postgres to do pgbench or is doing the record size 16kb close enough to PG for a baseline
[20:10:20] <pringlescan> I'm guessing write OP/s and throughput are more important because reads will come out of memory more often
[20:14:11] *** defa has joined #smartos
[20:14:16] <pringlescan> is the smartos64 1.4.1x a good one to do a pgbench on?
[20:16:20] *** theCzar has joined #smartos
[20:20:30] <nahamu> pringlescan: you'll want one of the "base" images.
[20:22:20] <pringlescan> is it bad to use the ones with bad2face in it?
[20:22:29] <pringlescan> it's kind of odd it's half UUID and with bad2face in the front
[20:23:03] <theCzar> Someone told me that the SmartOS site had a sort of errata document for the OpenSolaris Bible that compared SmartOS to OpenSolaris.  Any idea what he was talking about?
[20:23:35] *** defa has quit IRC
[20:24:06] *** defa has joined #smartos
[20:25:00] *** defa has quit IRC
[20:28:03] <pringlescan> hm postgres didn't install with an SMF… it did last time I thought
[20:29:04] <theCzar> nevermind, I found it: http://wiki.smartos.org/display/DOC/The+OpenSolaris+Bible
[20:46:14] <nahamu> Well, only a moderate amount of cleanup was needed to make the Spice wiki page more usable... So that's good.
[20:53:22] *** Azbruh has quit IRC
[20:55:17] *** Azbruh has joined #smartos
[21:00:45] *** theCzar has quit IRC
[21:01:05] *** theCzar has joined #smartos
[21:03:27] *** theCzar has quit IRC
[21:03:43] *** theCzar has joined #smartos
[21:07:49] *** deirdres has quit IRC
[21:08:08] *** deirdres has joined #smartos
[21:08:23] *** kfr- has quit IRC
[21:09:08] <pringlescan> I can't get pgbench to work for some reason, and when I try to use phoronix, it says php isn't installed even when it is I told phoronix to install to /usr/local… has anyone ran pgbench on smartos?
[21:09:55] <jesse_> on gz? I thought /usr/local was read-only there
[21:11:10] <wesolows> brendan occasionally utters vicious profanities about phoronix
[21:11:29] <wesolows> but regardless, you'll have a much easier time doing this in a zone
[21:11:47] <pringlescan> ***sorry, I'm in a Smart OS zone, and I meant to say /opt/local
[21:12:22] <wesolows> oh ok
[21:12:22] <pringlescan> I just don't understand if there's no postgresql-contrib package, why they wouldn't include the things in the contrib with the main package? or am I missing something?
[21:12:49] <wesolows> you'd need to ask jperkin or maybe mamash about that, sorry.
[21:13:04] <richlowe> wesolows: the benchmark suite, the site, or both?
[21:13:09] <pringlescan>  /opt/local/share/postgresql is where the config files are, is that standard? I know they're not in /etc/ but… that doesn't seem right either
[21:13:14] <wesolows> richlowe: the benchmarking stuff, afaik.
[21:13:27] <wesolows> it's always in the context of something to do with benchmarking
[21:13:39] <richlowe> ah, they (used to?) have a tendency to hilariously misquote/misconstrue anyone and everyone, too.
[21:13:40] <wesolows> pringlescan: that seems totally reasonable.
[21:13:50] <pringlescan> I thought they went in /opt/local/etc
[21:14:00] <wesolows> pringlescan: pkgsrc is entirely contained within /opt/local, and nothing except pkgsrc should ever use /opt/local
[21:14:19] <pringlescan> so pkgsrc you build yourself and pkgin is binary?
[21:14:22] <wesolows> you can look at github.com/joyent/pkgsrc if you want to see how things are being done; there may be comments there explaining the philosophy
[21:14:43] <wesolows> pkgsrc is the framework for making packages; pkgin is the tool that installed binary packages and manages dependencies
[21:14:49] <pringlescan> I just want to figure out which pool type to use so I can get down and dirty, haha, I didn't think it'd be this hard
[21:14:54] <wesolows> I tend to be sloppy about how I use them; sorry
[21:16:00] <pringlescan> what type does joyent use in production usually? or does it vary for the box
[21:16:52] <wesolows> it varies, unfortunately.
[21:17:06] <ryancnelson> use in production for what?
[21:17:09] <wesolows> on current systems it would generate a mirror from your config
[21:17:17] <ryancnelson> oh, for disk layout
[21:17:39] <wesolows> you can see what joyent would use by using the disklayout tool
[21:19:29] <pringlescan> I have the tool but see no documentation from google, it says filter is undefined on disks when I run it in the GZ
[21:19:36] <wesolows> there is no documentation
[21:19:44] <jesse_> it
[21:19:45] <wesolows> filter is undefined?
[21:20:01] <pringlescan> yeah it doesn't output usage info
[21:20:05] <wesolows> hrm, works for me
[21:20:09] <wesolows> it spits out JSON
[21:20:17] *** wramthun has quit IRC
[21:20:29] <pringlescan> weird, are you running from the latest usb key?
[21:20:40] <wesolows> if you do disklayout -h it will give usage information
[21:20:47] <wesolows> no, I'm on SDC.
[21:21:02] <pringlescan> yeah, I still get the filter error
[21:21:03] <wesolows> I don't normally use SmartOS, but the tools are bit for bit identical in this regard
[21:21:15] <richlowe> so, I'm a bit thick, but it seems like you'd want to be able pool topology for the desired redundancy, rather than performance, as a priority.
[21:21:18] <wesolows> what's the actual error?
[21:21:29] <richlowe> "want to be aiming pool topology..."
[21:21:35] <richlowe> I should stop switching thoughts mid-sentence.
[21:22:05] <pringlescan> http://pastebin.com/z5wMVxmk
[21:22:44] <wesolows> does diskinfo output anything?
[21:22:46] <pringlescan> if I have streaming replication set up in postgresql, i'm thinking I may want to go with performance on the ZFS side, and I'll still be pretty safe
[21:22:58] <pringlescan> yes, then it ends with a coredump
[21:23:05] <pringlescan> *segfault
[21:23:07] <richlowe> ... ow
[21:23:11] <wesolows> ok, please file a bug
[21:23:31] <wesolows> that doesn't happen for me, so something about your system is causing it.  Having the core would be a huge help.
[21:23:57] <pringlescan> I've never sent a core dump, is there a tutorial on how you guys would like bugs sent?
[21:24:15] <wesolows> you can try diskinfo > /var/tmp/di.out; disklayout -f /var/tmp/di.out
[21:24:25] <wesolows> you can just open a GH issue
[21:24:34] <pringlescan> "error": "no primary storage disks available"
[21:24:40] <wesolows> attach the core.  It's designed for idiots and kindergartners so it shouldn't be too hard.
[21:26:02] <pringlescan> sure, if you build it in that it dumps the core file I guess
[21:26:20] <wesolows> I can't parse that
[21:26:40] <jesse_> disklayout outputs json jsut fine on joyent_20130111T010112Z
[21:27:01] <jesse_> so it must have broken after that if it's not related to hardware
[21:27:10] <wesolows> I assume it's specific to his HW
[21:27:14] <wesolows> but we'll see
[21:27:27] <pringlescan> I'm using a LSI 9211-8i with the BIOS turned off
[21:27:57] <wesolows> it's probably something about the disks.  I don't mean broken HW, I mean some condition SW didn't anticipate.  Just need the core.
[21:28:14] <pringlescan> I feel helpless because I could always Google "how to <what i'm trying to do>" with Linux and with SmartOS I get nothing
[21:28:15] <jesse_> are vid and pid in the output supposed to be in any way unique?
[21:28:26] <jesse_> (they're definitely not for me=))
[21:28:28] <pringlescan> http://wiki.illumos.org/display/illumos/How+To+Report+Problems
[21:28:34] <pringlescan> can we make an ircbot?
[21:28:39] <wesolows> jesse: no
[21:28:53] <pringlescan> var/crash/volatile is empty...
[21:28:56] <wesolows> reporting bugs is just filing a GH issue
[21:29:01] *** des2 has quit IRC
[21:29:07] <wesolows> it's the same for us as it is for the other 5000000000000 github projects
[21:29:19] <pringlescan> I thought you guys wanted a core dump from the segfault
[21:29:32] <wesolows> correct.  that's for crash dumps (when the kernel panics)
[21:29:38] <wesolows> this is just a core from the process
[21:29:46] <pringlescan> yes, and I have no idea how to retrieve it
[21:29:50] <wesolows> it probably dropped one in your cwd; if not, look in...
[21:29:53] *** wramthun has joined #smartos
[21:30:08] <pringlescan> it's didn't, that's why I'm having trouble
[21:30:12] <wesolows> /zones/<uuid>/cores
[21:30:37] <wesolows> if you ran in the GZ, /zones/global/cores
[21:31:00] <pringlescan> k, I found it
[21:32:56] <pringlescan> what github project? disklayout @joyent doesn't get me anything
[21:33:59] *** alfism has quit IRC
[21:34:35] <jesse_> I think they want all to https://github.com/joyent/smartos-live/issues
[21:34:51] <pringlescan> thanks jesse_
[21:35:22] <jesse_> wow, I have 5 open issues
[21:35:31] <jesse_> I didn't even remember writing so many=)
[21:35:44] <jesse_> among others, "disklayout is missing man page" from about a month ago=)
[21:43:12] <pringlescan> github doesn't let you attach files?
[21:43:58] *** ira has quit IRC
[21:44:46] *** theCzar has quit IRC
[21:45:48] <pringlescan> it's weird when I searched disklayout @joyent it didn't search the issue titles for their repositories
[21:45:49] *** des2 has joined #smartos
[21:46:28] <wesolows> I doubt there are any open issues against it anyway
[21:46:35] <pringlescan> there is, for a man page entry
[21:46:45] <pringlescan> you're assigned ;-)
[21:46:46] <wesolows> ok
[21:47:11] *** ira has joined #smartos
[21:47:15] <wesolows> unfortunately I'm busy rewriting the boot system right now
[21:47:26] <nahamu> yeah, what's with the freedos stuff?
[21:47:28] <pringlescan> I'm just teasing, obviously it's a low priority
[21:47:50] <nahamu> is that for flashing the BIOS, or are you making some wacky thing that boots freedos before it boots SmartOS?
[21:48:37] <pringlescan> i'm out, have a nice day/night everyone
[21:48:40] *** pringlescan has left #smartos
[21:48:48] <jesse_> nahamu, smartos is really a 16bit real-mode application run in freedos
[21:48:54] <jesse_> obviously!
[21:48:57] <jesse_> </troll>
[21:49:56] <wesolows> nahamu: mostly for firmware shit
[21:50:25] <nahamu> wesolows: yeah, just saw that you updated the README with more explanation.
[21:50:28] <nahamu> makes sense
[22:11:33] *** axonpoet has quit IRC
[22:11:41] *** axonpoet has joined #smartos
[22:16:04] *** bcantrill has joined #smartos
[22:21:21] *** denizr has quit IRC
[22:25:42] *** denizr has joined #smartos
[22:27:40] *** Trixboxer has joined #smartos
[22:28:12] <Trixboxer> Hi guys, is there a way to change the root "zones" from mirror to raidz ?  I just added few extra disks
[22:28:43] <jesse_> not without backup/restore
[22:28:45] <ryancnelson> back up, restore...
[22:28:52] <ryancnelson> you can't just change the raid-style
[22:29:10] <jesse_> you can, however, add another mirror to the pool
[22:29:51] <jesse_> (it's not possible to remove vdevs (like a mirror) from to pool, either)
[22:29:51] <Trixboxer> jesse_: hmm I can but I wanted raidz in first place. not sure how to specify that while installation
[22:31:00] <Trixboxer> how can I force smartos installer on next reboot ?
[22:32:04] <jesse_> boot into recovery and destroy the zones pool
[22:32:49] <jesse_> I think the normal installer does raidz if given 4 disks
[22:32:49] <Trixboxer> jesse_: and still I can retain IP and other os setting ?
[22:32:56] <jesse_> nope
[22:32:59] <jesse_> it will wipe your box
[22:33:14] <Trixboxer> jesse_: I'm planning to have RAIDZ2 on 7 disks
[22:34:22] <jesse_> Trixboxer, see log from today about removing pools and creating them manually: http://echelog.com/logs/browse/smartos/1363215600
[22:34:44] <jesse_> (pringlescan created a pool manually)
[22:34:56] <Trixboxer> ok
[22:36:04] *** Cpt-Oblivious has joined #smartos
[22:37:02] <jesse_> if you want to retain your current setup, you'll need to zfs send the current setup somewhere else, reconfigure the pool and then zfs recv it back
[22:37:22] * jesse_ wonders if zfs send/recv is the best choice in this case
[22:44:55] *** denizr has left #smartos
[22:45:19] *** denizr has joined #smartos
[22:45:38] <trentster1> rmustacc: hi there, whats the different between kstat e.g 5_net0:0:mac_rx_swlane0_fanout0:ipackets and z5_net0:0:mac_rx_swlane0:ipackets and is there some place I can look at docs that explain what each kstat is etc?
[22:47:35] <trentster1> and whats the diff between e.g link:0:z5_net0:ipackets and z5_net0:0:mac_rx_swlane0:ipackets and unix:0:z5_net0:ipackets
[22:48:31] <Trixboxer> jesse_: is (noinstall) means recovery mode ?
[22:50:01] <jesse_> Trixboxer, really, no idea what it's called nowadays=)
[22:50:59] <Trixboxer> jesse_: is there a default password for live image ?
[22:51:30] <jesse_> recovery is root/root
[22:51:46] <Trixboxer> its (noinstall) then :D
[22:52:00] <jesse_> then there is the changes-every-release password which lets you in with the installer
[22:52:06] *** neophenix has quit IRC
[22:52:30] <jesse_> I have an open bug about the noinstall, too, it should list '(root/root)' in the description
[22:52:47] <jesse_> the password question gets asked a lot
[22:53:00] <Trixboxer> right
[22:53:08] <Trixboxer> destroyed zones
[22:53:31] <jesse_> now you lost all your data
[22:53:32] <ryancnelson> so now, re-create that zpool, the way you like
[22:53:33] <jesse_> is that ok?
[22:53:34] <ryancnelson> ... and reboot
[22:53:57] <jesse_> (I think you can still get the zones pool back now before you create a new one)
[22:54:11] <ryancnelson> ... the "install" process will run again, and ask you the same questions...
[22:54:24] <Trixboxer> jesse_: yes :) do you believe in theory of having even number of disks in raidz2 ?
[22:54:25] <ryancnelson> including about setting up disks.... don't worry about that.  just type one disk name.
[22:54:26] <jesse_> ryancnelson, I gave him the link to todays irc already ;)
[22:54:36] *** wolfeidau has quit IRC
[22:54:52] <jesse_> Trixboxer, I think the 'magic' number used to be 2/4/8/16 +parity
[22:54:58] <jesse_> no idea if it holds anymore
[22:55:25] <Trixboxer> hmm im confused between 3 vdevs of 5 disks in raidz2
[22:55:36] <Trixboxer> or 2 vdevs of 7 disks in raidz2
[22:55:52] <Trixboxer> 3 sounds good
[22:55:52] <trentster1> ryancnelson: hi do you know where I can get info on kstats?
[22:55:54] <Trixboxer> :)
[22:56:05] <ryancnelson> what info?
[22:56:14] *** bens1 has quit IRC
[22:56:22] <Trixboxer> so at the setup how can I mention raidz2 ?
[22:56:28] <ryancnelson> no
[22:56:43] <e^ipi> Trixboxer: you don't.
[22:56:49] <jesse_> Trixboxer, you create a zones pool manually in the recovery
[22:56:49] <Trixboxer> then ?
[22:56:54] <jesse_> then run install
[22:57:01] <Trixboxer> awww
[22:57:05] <ryancnelson> ... just fake your way through the disk questions in setup now... when it comes time, it'll notice you already have a zpool named "zones"
[22:57:17] <ryancnelson> ... and use it
[22:57:18] <jesse_> Trixboxer, read the url I gave you
[22:57:44] <jesse_> I wonder if I could find energy to write a wiki page about this
[22:58:14] <ryancnelson> i'm trying to find the energy to read thru a couple months of irc logs, and start a FAQ page
[22:58:40] <jesse_> that'd be ace
[22:59:29] <jesse_> or you could add the FAQ page and add item now and then after something seems to be asked all the time
[22:59:30] *** tonyarkles has joined #smartos
[22:59:41] <jesse_> ...while you search your log muse=)
[23:00:25] *** theCzar has joined #smartos
[23:00:48] <ryancnelson> seriously... there's gotta be a bell that goes off every time someone comes in this channel and says "I removed my thumbdrive, and now it doesn't boot"
[23:01:04] *** theCzar has joined #smartos
[23:01:20] <jesse_> I haven't actually seen that lately
[23:02:14] <jesse_> maybe I'm just sleeping during those questions
[23:02:33] <trentster1> ryancnelson: a couple of things want to understand network counters e.g. z5_net0:0:mac_rx_swlane0:ipackets and which is the corerct one to track for vm nic bandwidth accounting...
[23:03:09] <trentster1> ryancnelson: alsowant to understand if all vnic stats are 64bit or if they will wrap etc.
[23:03:50] <ryancnelson> well, the "z5" in your example... that's the zone index
[23:04:01] <ryancnelson> ... which you'll see with zoneadm list -vc
[23:04:09] *** CarlosC has quit IRC
[23:05:44] <ryancnelson> ... and here, i see:
[23:05:52] <ryancnelson> link:0:z12_net0:obytes
[23:05:53] <ryancnelson> link:0:z12_net0:obytes64
[23:05:54] *** ChrisPartridge has joined #smartos
[23:05:59] <ryancnelson> ... and also rbytes and rbytes64
[23:06:14] *** axonpoet has quit IRC
[23:07:28] <trentster1> ryancnelson: yeah I figured the zone id, has to be tracked/correlated based on the uuid as the zone id changes when vm is powered off/on
[23:08:26] <trentster1> ryancnelson: for e.g if I do something like: kstat -p | grep z5_net | grep ipackets only one of those counters show 64
[23:08:47] <ryancnelson> well, as you power vm on and off, the zone boots and halts... and the vnics are created and destroyed
[23:08:48] <trentster1> and also not sure which is the right one to track in a script for accurate bandwidth accounting.
[23:09:22] <trentster1> yup, I know, you wanna immediately map the UUID back to the zN so you can use it for scripts.
[23:09:41] <trentster1> thats not the issue the issue is understanding which counter to track in the scripts
[23:10:19] <ryancnelson> well, for bandwidth, i'd guess (and i'm guessing here) that obytes and rbytes (or their 64-bit equivs) would be good
[23:10:36] <ryancnelson> ... testing here quickly, i see those incrementing as i bang on it with curl in a loop
[23:11:08] *** CarlosC has joined #smartos
[23:11:19] *** wolfeidau has joined #smartos
[23:11:26] <ryancnelson> packets aren't a fixed number of bytes, so those counters won't tell you actual bits-through-the-pipe
[23:15:13] <trentster1> ryancnelson: thanks
[23:18:53] <trentster1> ryancnelson: so to confirm you reckon using e.g. link:0:z5_net0:rbytes64 is the way to go?
[23:21:41] <ryancnelson> so, on my test box here, i'm watching link:0:z10_net1:obytes64 increment
[23:21:58] <ryancnelson> ... if you've only got the one nic in that zone, that sounds reasonable
[23:26:45] <trentster1> ryancnelson: cool thanks. Any page that has explanations for kstats that one should look at?
[23:28:46] <ryancnelson> full disclosure:  i usually just run "kstat -l" , and look for interesting names of things.
[23:29:12] <ryancnelson> also, I sit 20 feet from bcantrill, and 30 feet from brendan
[23:31:12] *** denizr has quit IRC
[23:33:44] *** denizr has joined #smartos
[23:35:18] <xmerlin> Alasdairrr, as ovh is not so fast to fix things ...is it a smart way to mirror your packages on another machine? ...rsync or something like that
[23:41:13] *** Trixboxer has quit IRC
[23:42:36] <trentster1> ryancnelson: you are a lucky man indeed!
[23:44:23] <trentster1> ryancnelson: what per vm memory stats do you think i should be looking at to draw basic graphs of vm memory utilization?
[23:44:42] *** Trixboxer has joined #smartos
[23:46:59] <Trixboxer> Hi jesse_
[23:47:13] <Trixboxer> I created zones in recovery mode and rebooted to go in installer
[23:47:17] <ryancnelson> trentster: kvm vm's, or zones?
[23:47:33] <Trixboxer> so now I should just give single disk and proceed ?
[23:47:36] <jesse_> Trixboxer, it'll ask disk where to install, select any (it won't be used)
[23:48:03] *** jim80net has quit IRC
[23:48:10] <ryancnelson> yeah... just type one disk that it'll accept as the argument.  (it won't take "xxx", it needs to be something in the list)
[23:48:18] <ryancnelson> but it won't use it
[23:48:21] <Trixboxer> is there any way to do installation in recovery mode ? as I can see install commands as well as installgrub
[23:48:57] <jesse_> it doesn't install grub on the disks
[23:49:30] <Trixboxer> im worried what if cdrom gets lost while system is running
[23:49:39] <ryancnelson> "gets lost?"
[23:49:47] <jesse_> if cd goes missing, 'don't reboot'=)
[23:49:54] <ryancnelson> burn another one
[23:50:00] <Trixboxer> becomes unusable
[23:50:05] <jesse_> burn another one
[23:50:10] <jesse_> or make an usb stick
[23:50:13] <Trixboxer> you mean os is loaded once and then never "read" from CD
[23:50:14] <ryancnelson> it's not used while the system is running
[23:50:14] *** potatosalad has quit IRC
[23:50:25] <ryancnelson> you boot to a ramdisk
[23:51:04] <Trixboxer> so if I remove CD from a running system, it wont crash until reboot
[23:51:08] <trentster1> ryancnelson: both kvm vm's and zones
[23:51:13] <jesse_> Trixboxer, yes
[23:51:25] <Trixboxer> so smart :)
[23:51:39] <ryancnelson> the OS is never installed to the disk.  only user data for vm's and zones
[23:52:26] <ryancnelson> to upgrade to next month's release, just put in a new cdrom or thumbdrive, and reboot
[23:54:04] <Trixboxer> yup, Im not sure but can zones have vnic with custom speed limit such as 5Mbps or 20Mbps ?
[23:54:33] <ryancnelson> zones have a vnic, and you can set that property, but i don't think it's persistent
[23:55:45] <Trixboxer> Thanks. Will read more
[23:55:56] *** porkbelt has quit IRC
[23:56:34] *** potatosalad has joined #smartos
[23:56:52] *** Trixboxer has quit IRC
[23:57:10] *** porkbelt has joined #smartos
[23:57:19] <ryancnelson> like this:  dladm set-linkprop -z cdd14f34-2a65-445b-83a8-f0e1354a0fa5 -p maxbw=500 net0
[23:58:43] <rmustacc> trentster1: There is no such document for looking them up.
[23:58:55] <rmustacc> They have always been an unstable interface which can be unfortunate.
[23:59:20] <ryancnelson> (i sit just 12 feet from rmustacc ) :)
[23:59:32] <ryancnelson> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkLH56VlKT0&t=1m12s
[23:59:44] <trentster1> rmustacc: thanks, what is the kstat i should be looking at for per vm memory utilization?

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