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   March 13, 2013  
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[00:01:02] <rmustacc> ryanschwartz: You can't change things below platform/
[00:01:16] <rmustacc> Basically you have to always keep that layout from platform/ onwards.
[00:01:28] <rmustacc> But you can do something like new/platform/... and old/platform/...
[00:01:52] <pringlescan> Thanks everyone… I have SmartOS running on my main server and I'm setting it up now on my backup, everything else should be okay from here, I'm just going to disable IPMI since it's buggy and the DC is a mile away.
[00:02:04] <pringlescan> wesolows, beer offer still stands
[00:02:20] <pringlescan> without your BIOS settings I don't think this would have worked
[00:02:24] <ryanschwartz> O RLY. I may just look at that - would really be nice to be able to fall back gracefully when you don't have PXE boot to adjust
[00:02:52] <rmustacc> I have dozens on my usb key.
[00:03:15] <rmustacc> But everything from platform/ on always has to stay the same.
[00:03:55] <ryanschwartz> it would be awesome if you wrote up a little something about that, along with the grub bit on the wiki?
[00:04:54] <rmustacc> I'll try, but it's pretty low on my queue unfortunately.
[00:05:01] <ryanschwartz> I know it's fairly simple, but might be popular amongst those of us whom networking says "Nope, sorry - we don't do PXE and you can't"
[00:05:03] <rmustacc> Got a lot of bug fixes and panics waking for me.
[00:05:07] <ryanschwartz> hehe
[00:05:29] <rmustacc> Well, you should be able to make it work without that wiki page.
[00:05:51] <ryanschwartz> understood - if you want to cat me your menu.lst and a find I'm sure I could suss it out
[00:06:22] <ryanschwartz> oh I know - it's just hard when you need to reboot a box and it takes 8 minutes to ECC the ram before you even see POST
[00:07:00] <rmustacc> Not much I can do about that. But if you aren't pxe booting, may want to turn off a bunch of bios proms.
[00:08:44] <rmustacc> ryanschwartz: http://fingolfin.org/tmp/grub
[00:08:46] <ryanschwartz> oh, I know - just being the squeaky wheel today, rather than the grease :)
[00:09:08] <ryanschwartz> eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexcellent, smithers! TYVM
[00:09:28] <rmustacc> Sure, just update the wiki for me. ;)
[00:09:40] <wesolows> pringlescan: congrats on getting this going.  If you're ever in SF I'll be glad to join you for that beer.
[00:09:57] <pringlescan> haha, I was going to PayPal you and adjust for cost of living ;-)
[00:10:08] <pringlescan> thanks again… just about up and running on the Dell (backup) too
[00:10:21] <ryanschwartz> thx rmustacc - I'll see if I can't make that happen. thx muchly
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[01:56:32] <andywocky> can I clone a zone?  I have a base zone configured for some build experiments and I'd like to snapshot and clone it to save time
[02:04:26] <jperkin> yes, install smtools and use sm-prepare-image
[02:08:44] <andywocky> ok, here's another: I'm getting an error in a base zone (1.8.4) trying to wget some files.  The error is "libidn: warning: libiconv not installed, cannot convert data to UTF-8" but libiconv-1.14nb2 is installed according to pkgin
[02:09:29] <andywocky> sorry - a warning
[02:09:50] <andywocky> ls
[02:11:50] <rmustacc> What does which wget say?
[02:13:03] <andywocky> /user//bin//wget
[02:13:08] <andywocky> usr
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[02:14:54] <rmustacc> So nothing pkgsrc provides can help you there.
[02:15:06] <rmustacc> File a bug on smartos-live if you don't mind.
[02:15:13] <andywocky> ok, thanks
[02:15:24] <rmustacc> But also can be ignored really.
[02:15:30] <andywocky> yes
[02:15:31] <rmustacc> Unless that is causing it to terminate.
[02:16:10] <andywocky> i ignored it. :)  but I want SmartOS to work perfectly, so I can push for adoption among peers
[02:16:34] <andywocky> speaking of which (adoption)
[02:17:26] <andywocky> I need to build several academic packages which rely on latest versions of boost.  so I need to build boost.  But I notice it's prefix for isntalling is //usr/...  which seems to conflict with the standard //opt/ convention of smartos
[02:17:31] <andywocky> any suggestions for reconciling this?
[02:17:46] <andywocky> it seems like it could end up being a major PITA
[02:17:53] <andywocky> maybe a symlink or something?
[02:17:57] <rmustacc> Most user installed software defaults to /usr/local
[02:18:11] <rmustacc> And not /usr
[02:18:14] <andywocky> right
[02:18:16] <rmustacc> /usr/local is yours in your zone.
[02:18:18] <andywocky> I just truncated
[02:18:22] <rmustacc> So it's fine to use that.
[02:18:34] <rmustacc> You just need to make sure, when building, etc. to use the proper runpath if necessary.
[02:18:48] <andywocky> ugh
[02:18:49] <rmustacc> Depending on what the compilers are doing these days.
[02:19:21] <andywocky> so I have opt/local for pkgin stuff, and usr/local for most of the packages I'm building?
[02:19:23] <rmustacc> I don't think gcc on at least other Linux based stuff includes /usr/local by default in those search paths, etc.
[02:19:31] <rmustacc> That's certainly the simplest way to do it.
[02:19:44] <rmustacc> But you can do it however you want really.
[02:19:59] <andywocky> sure, but I'm looking for the smartos best practice way
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[02:20:16] <rmustacc> I don't really have a best practice for user installed software.
[02:20:24] <rmustacc> I don't know if anyone does.
[02:20:55] <rmustacc> Most people just get angry that packages don't end up in /usr (not /usr/local) and usually just stop there.
[02:20:55] <andywocky> how many headaches do you run up against with the opt vs usr issue?
[02:21:02] <andywocky> right
[02:21:13] <rmustacc> The trick there is to just get most stuff building and shipping in pkgsrc.
[02:21:31] <andywocky> where can I read how to do that?
[02:21:35] <rmustacc> Most people don't want to think about compiling and well, unfortunately the default setup is hard.
[02:21:42] <rmustacc> How to get stuff into pkgsrc?
[02:21:46] <andywocky> yes
[02:21:54] <rmustacc> jperkin: If you're still around ^
[02:22:07] <rmustacc> I think he has a series of blog articles on this stuff.
[02:22:11] <andywocky> I don't mind working through some porting and compiling and building issues
[02:22:17] <andywocky> but I don't want to support my end users
[02:22:21] <andywocky> on basic tweaks
[02:22:25] <rmustacc> Sure.
[02:22:28] <andywocky> so pkgsrc seems good
[02:22:33] <rmustacc> If you can get it into pkgsrc that's probably the best way.
[02:23:25] <rmustacc> I think this is the right starting point: http://www.perkin.org.uk/posts/pkgsrc-on-smartos-zone-creation-and-basic-builds.html
[02:23:34] <rmustacc> Others here would know better.
[02:24:28] <andywocky> ok, that looks like a great start - thx
[02:24:56] <andywocky> here's another random issue: imgadm update gives me an error
[02:25:09] <andywocky> Could not find image f56059d7-3a94-49d4-a389-9384eff36d7d in image sources
[02:25:14] <andywocky> from the global zone
[02:25:37] <andywocky> imgadm list gives me:
[02:25:37] <andywocky> f56059d7-3a94-49d4-a389-9384eff36d7d  -             -        -        -
[02:25:38] <rmustacc> Did you create your own local image?
[02:26:08] <andywocky> I've always imported as a precursor to creating zones / kvms
[02:26:12] <andywocky> no idea what this is
[02:26:15] <andywocky> can I just delete it?
[02:26:35] <rmustacc> So you imported that yourself?
[02:27:09] <andywocky> I've only ever imported a uuid that shows up after imgadm avail
[02:27:32] <andywocky> so if I imported it, it was either a typo (doesn't seem possible) or from imgadm sources
[02:27:40] <andywocky> or something that got corrupted
[02:28:15] <rmustacc> I'm not really sure about that one, sorry.
[02:28:48] <andywocky> ok, I deleted it.  hope you didn't want to instpect it
[02:32:11] <andywocky> where do you typically put package directories?
[02:32:18] <andywocky> say I clone a repo, foo
[02:32:26] <andywocky> then I drop into foo/ do make, install, etc.
[02:32:36] <andywocky> where do you typically leave foo
[02:32:54] <andywocky> (not the build output, headers or lib, but the actual package)
[02:35:43] <andywocky> see, here's an example of build frustration.  I just built boost, which ended up in /usr/local.  Now I'm building something which needs zlib, but the headers and libs are in /opt/local per pkgin
[02:36:31] <jperkin> why not just use boost from pkgsrc?
[02:36:43] <andywocky> it's 1.49, and I need >= 1.52
[02:36:47] <andywocky> for the other package
[02:36:48] <jperkin> if you're trying to mix your own stuff with pkgsrc then yes, you will have pain
[02:37:28] <jperkin> 1.49? sounds old, what dataset is that?
[02:37:57] <andywocky> base 1.8.4
[02:37:58] <jperkin> base 1.9.0 has 1.52
[02:38:34] <andywocky> ok, that helps.  but are you saying I'm still going to have problems building 3rd party packages bc I "mix my own stuff"?
[02:39:11] <jperkin> if you are building stuff like boost then it's likely, yes, as you will most likely end up conflicting against the pkgsrc version somewhere
[02:39:28] <jperkin> for building leaf packages it's fine
[02:39:41] <andywocky> what are leaf packages?
[02:40:02] <jperkin> something which isn't a dependency for something else
[02:40:12] <jesse_> jperkin, base 1.9.0 is still non-multiarch?
[02:40:17] <jperkin> jesse_: yes
[02:40:43] <jesse_> oh yeah, I needed to check the jre/jdk
[02:41:36] <jperkin> andywocky: it's not impossible, of course, but the more critical packages like boost you are building yourself but still trying to mix in with pkgsrc, the more likely you will hit problems. stuff which is just self-contained and uses pkgsrc libraries is fine, of course.
[02:42:32] <jesse_> hmmm,
[02:42:33] <jesse_> sun-jre6-6.0.37nb1 is not available on the repository
[02:42:44] <andywocky> yeah.  maybe we need a wiki document for building on smartos, especially for those coming from a linux background?  There seem to be a lot of caveats and conventions that can trip you up.
[02:43:04] <jperkin> well, it's no different to linux really
[02:43:25] <andywocky> it is in that many packages assume linux standard directories, prefixes, etc.
[02:43:44] <andywocky> so the whole body of linux blogs / docs has to be adapted to smartos
[02:43:53] <andywocky> for people that don't build every day that can be daunting
[02:44:08] <andywocky> trust me - I do software dev and I'm finding it painful.  And I *want* to love SmartOS
[02:44:11] <andywocky> :)
[02:44:20] <jesse_> jperkin, wasn't the java package supposed to be ready last week already?
[02:44:23] <jperkin> I mean in the sense of trying to build your own core libraries
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[02:45:08] <jperkin> as for standard paths, yeh, but that's always been the case that developers assume all the world is linux/x86/gcc, and that's why we've had to invent pkgsrc :)
[02:45:57] <andywocky> well, I'd love to be able to contribute to the community by building / porting academic & ml packages
[02:46:11] <andywocky> but I feel like I'm stumbling just to get started
[02:46:23] <jperkin> at least for auto* based stuff it's straight-forward to set CPPFLAGS etc to /opt/local and have things mostly just work. the majority of problems occur with software where the developer thinks they are more clever than that.
[02:46:50] <andywocky> well, there you go: the first entry in our wiki series!
[02:47:04] <arekinath> I have sun-jre6-7.0.17 here... heh heh (yes, that's Java 7, in a package called "jre6" so that all the deps on java in pkgsrc don't get upset)
[02:47:06] <jperkin> andywocky: I'd recommend putting stuff into pkgsrc, then you don't have to care about a lot of that stuff
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[02:47:25] <jperkin> we can help with that
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[02:48:23] <jlove> Hi everyone: I was wondering if the old Solaris AVS works these days, outside of the global zone , and if anyone has an experience with it recently.
[02:49:15] <andywocky> @jperkin ok, I'm going through your pkgsrc blog (which desperately needs to be linked on the smartos wiki).  let me see if that alleviates some pain...
[02:49:52] <jperkin> andywocky: the one post that's noticably missing right now is creating a new package from scratch, I'll sort out one for that at some point
[02:50:05] <jperkin> for now there's pkgtools/url2pkg which can at least get you started
[02:51:06] <andywocky> @jperkin yeah, the sooner the better!  could accelerate community contributions from enthusiasts like me, I think.
[02:51:47] <jperkin> andywocky: send me some notes on how you get on and I'll use that as an example
[02:51:51] <jperkin> anyway, zzz time for me
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[02:56:27] <jesse_> arekinath, talking about the trunk packages for multiarch
[02:56:44] <jesse_> arekinath, and which 7 compile is that, the one I made?=)
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[03:06:17] <rmustacc> jlove: We don't ship it.
[03:06:44] <rmustacc> I doubt it works from within a zone either.
[03:08:37] <jlove> @rmustacc: thanks! Yeah I doubted AVS in the non global  - I think you need the ability to create zpools
[03:12:47] <richlowe> it'd probably need far more than that
[03:12:48] <richlowe> it's also a bit crap.
[03:19:04] <jlove> so replication is zfs send/receive + cron? I imagine hacking in something to do that a *bit* more elegantly wouldn't be too tough, e.g. monitor zil for X bytes transferred then snap/send ?
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[03:19:53] <trentster1> hey all, anyone else run into git colne problems on 1.9.0 64 dataset e.g "error: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate while accessing" ?
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[03:24:52] <jesse_> I've gotten that
[03:25:09] <trentster1> jesse_: how did you fix?
[03:26:26] <jesse_> I think that was the error because smartos doesn't have root ca certs
[03:26:52] <jesse_> there's an option you can set to ignore it
[03:26:58] <trentster1> I tried "echo insecure >> ~/.curlrc" but does not fix it
[03:27:23] <rmustacc> GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true would get around the check.
[03:27:34] <rmustacc> But you might want to ensure that you have ssl certs and the like installed.
[03:27:35] <trentster1> rmustacc: thanks
[03:28:15] <trentster1> rmustacc: its for a vm that I want to sm-prepare when I am done
[03:28:26] <trentster1> will that remove ssl certs?
[03:28:30] <rmustacc> No clue.
[03:28:35] <trentster1> ok.
[03:28:48] <rmustacc> When it comes to pkgsrc specifics, I'm not really the right person to talk to.
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[03:52:44] <trentster1> Do I post bugs about 1.9.0 dataset in github smartos-live or with joyent direct?
[03:55:01] <trentster1> also, is there a document somewhere which shows dataset dependencies/requirements e.g to use 1.9.0 you need smartos verion x and higher?
[03:57:09] <rmustacc> jperkin may have the best idea.
[03:57:27] <rmustacc> Realistically that dataset was developed against SDC 6.5.
[03:57:39] <rmustacc> It probably works with mostly latest SmartOS as well.
[03:57:48] <trentster1> jperkin: i think there are some serious problems with 1.9.0, pls ping me when you are around
[03:58:28] <rmustacc> As things officially switch over to the imgapi those specific requirements in terms of platform may be expressed.
[03:58:51] <rmustacc> Probably won't be around for a while. Wrong timezone.
[03:59:08] <rmustacc> And he may only be able to redirect you.
[03:59:24] <trentster1> rmustacc: thanks for you always ready to help attitude, you are as always an awesome dude! ;-)
[03:59:57] <trentster1> I will try buzz him later
[04:00:32] <rmustacc> You may just want to file issues against joyent/pkgsrc for the time being.
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[04:01:19] <rmustacc> Reference the dataset that you're using in it. But it depends on the kind of issue.
[04:01:24] <rmustacc> If it's a problem with provisioning that's one thing.
[04:01:32] <rmustacc> If it's a problem with the contents, then it's different.
[04:01:51] <trentster1> yeah will do…. btw did we get any feedback from Bryan re: the dtrace dump stuff and any furtehr news on a apic dumps?
[04:02:30] <rmustacc> I don't have any additional news, but my personal queue is slowly shrinking so I'm hoping to get some time with the apix issues.
[04:02:55] <trentster1> rmustacc: yeah I think its a problem with content, like for e.g. on 1.9.0 64 installing postgressql 1.9.1 and enabling it via svcadm, it goes straight into maintenance
[04:03:29] <rmustacc> Then I would start by filing bugs on joyent/pkgsrc with those kinds of things for the time being.
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[04:03:59] <trentster1> yeah will do.
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[04:07:18] <trentster1> rmustacc: out of interest is analysing a kernel dump a mammoth undertaking time and effort wise?
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[04:09:47] <richlowe> it depends
[04:09:55] <richlowe> it varies from "you can glance at it and see what's wrong", to "you can spend months crying and getting drunk"
[04:11:19] <richlowe> I thought max bruning had a slide deck about it, but I can't find it.
[04:11:27] <rmustacc> Varies a ton.
[04:11:44] <rmustacc> Right now I've only spent something in the realm of 5-15 minutes with it.
[04:12:00] <rmustacc> Which is basically the short end of richlowe's spectrum.
[04:12:25] <richlowe> trentster1: re dtrace:  I'm convinced that there is something wrong beyond the obvious, but struggling to find what
[04:12:45] <trentster1> wow, hope in my dumps, cases its the "glance, and see the problem" situation..
[04:12:47] <richlowe> trentster1: there's stuff I definitely think is deeply weird, but am still trying to be sure it is, and how it happened.
[04:12:53] <richlowe> it isn't.
[04:13:01] <richlowe> apix is never fun
[04:13:22] <richlowe> knowing dtrace is blowing the stack was "glance and see", figuring out _why_ is driving me crazy
[04:13:51] <richlowe> I'm honestly hoping Bryan appears by magic, knowing why, and makes me look like an idiot.
[04:14:05] <trentster1> sorry to hear that!, wish I wasnt always the bearer of bad tidings ;-)
[04:14:45] <trentster1> ok, lunch time, catch ya laterz...
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[05:00:52] <richlowe> brendang: are you awake for silly dtrace implementation questions?
[05:04:15] <richlowe> which hopefully I'll have found a good way of phrasing soon enough to just ask :\
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[05:58:46] <arai> Is there any particular design reason that additional filesystem mounts can only be specified at VM creation?
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[06:31:23] <arai> Found a null pointer dereference that's repeatable, is this something I should bugreport through SmartOS or direct to Illumos?
[06:32:46] <richlowe> definitely report to illumos
[06:32:50] <richlowe> presuming it's code we share
[06:32:54] <richlowe> dunno about smartos separately.
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[06:48:30] <rmustacc> arai: Depends on where the code is.
[06:48:57] <rmustacc> If you have a dump or something, some basic information would be appreciated.
[06:51:59] <arai> Following through on http://wiki.illumos.org/display/illumos/How+To+Report+Problems right now (nice editing work btw)
[06:53:50] <arai> rmustacc: It's a zone that had /zones lofs (ro) mounted to it's own /zones running crashplan.  I'm making it up as I go
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[15:00:45] *** ryanschwartz has joined #smartos
[15:01:14] *** szaydel has joined #smartos
[15:01:41] <ryanschwartz> hey, is there a way I can force a zone to transition from 'provisioning' to 'running' ?
[15:02:55] <Alasdairr> You could use a memory debugger to find the string "provisioning" and rewrite it to "running"
[15:03:18] <Alasdairr> or you could use sed, e.g. "vmadm list | sed 's/provisioning/running/g'"
[15:03:44] <ryanschwartz> no, seriously
[15:04:05] <ryanschwartz> I want it to BE running, not just SHOW as running
[15:04:09] *** neophenix has quit IRC
[15:04:22] <ira> ryanschwartz: During provisioning, I believe it is running...
[15:04:35] <ira> (Depending on where in the process you are.)
[15:04:35] <ryanschwartz> [vstbubba02:/var/log] root# zlogin percona1
[15:04:36] <ryanschwartz> zlogin: login allowed only to running zones (percona1 is 'installed').
[15:04:37] <nahamu> ryanschwartz: which image are you creating it from?
[15:04:45] <ryanschwartz> percona-1.6.0
[15:04:49] *** eli-away has joined #smartos
[15:05:01] <ryanschwartz> global is running joyent_20130307T214308Z
[15:05:32] <nahamu> how long is it staying in the provisioning state?
[15:06:18] <ryanschwartz> it's been 12+ hours
[15:06:24] <ryanschwartz> so it's wedged somewhere
[15:06:39] <ryanschwartz> but I don't see any obvious errors in zone_bh.percona1
[15:07:16] <ryanschwartz> actually there's this: /usr/lib/brand/joyent/statechange[72]: local: not found [No such file or directory]
[15:09:00] <ryanschwartz> but vmadm at this point refuses to even reboot it
[15:10:52] *** Cpt-Oblivious has joined #smartos
[15:13:29] <ryanschwartz> oh that's just special - zoneadm -z percona1 ready panic'd the host :-)
[15:14:04] <nahamu> seems like a bug to me, but I'm not totally sure how to further diagnose it.
[15:14:44] <ryanschwartz> I'll nuke the zone and re-create it, see how it goes the second time around
[15:19:25] *** daleg has joined #smartos
[15:19:58] *** eli-away is now known as elijah-away
[15:20:07] *** ipalreadytaken has joined #smartos
[15:20:32] <ryanschwartz> "Decompress the crash dump with 'savecore -vf /var/crash/volatile/vmdump.0' " :-D
[15:21:15] *** daleg has quit IRC
[15:21:38] *** daleg has joined #smartos
[15:22:02] <ryanschwartz> LOL - now it's in state 'running'
[15:22:24] <nahamu> gotta love computers...
[15:22:39] * ryanschwartz hates these kinds of days
[15:24:34] *** ipalreadytaken has quit IRC
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[15:27:38] *** pringlescan has joined #smartos
[15:27:41] *** denizr has joined #smartos
[15:28:06] <pringlescan> How do you change the global zone network configuration from DHCP to a static IP? I'm having trouble figuring it out.
[15:30:07] *** axonpoet has joined #smartos
[15:30:07] <ryanschwartz> should be able to just set it up in /usbkey/config
[15:30:45] <ryanschwartz> http://wiki.smartos.org/display/DOC/Managing+NICs might help with syntax, although there should be a better link somewhere (just can't recall where)
[15:31:11] <ryanschwartz> http://wiki.smartos.org/display/DOC/extra+configuration+options
[15:32:09] *** axonpoetsphere has joined #smartos
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[15:32:38] *** axonpoetsphere has joined #smartos
[15:33:38] <pringlescan> ryanschwartz thanks
[15:33:54] <ryanschwartz> ayup - HTH
[15:35:34] *** axonpoet has quit IRC
[15:35:34] *** axonpoetsphere is now known as axonpoet
[15:35:42] <alcir> ahah
[15:35:46] <alcir> this is a simple question
[15:35:48] <alcir> :
[15:36:31] <alcir> I want, from the GZ, to temporarily disable a nic of a KVM machine?
[15:36:53] <alcir> of a running kvm machine
[15:37:03] *** chh has quit IRC
[15:37:52] * jesse_ wonders when will get to the 'simple' part of the question =)
[15:38:01] <jesse_> +we
[15:38:38] <jesse_> I wonder if you can just down the vnic in gz
[15:41:24] <pringlescan> are there any guidelines for securing smartos if the admin IP is public? For linux I usually use a firewall and fail2ban.
[15:41:34] <MerlinDMC> alcir, create a firewall rule ... or set the maxbw to 0
[15:41:57] <alcir> maxbw to 0 nice
[15:42:55] <jesse_> pringlescan, remove root pw and allow only key logins?
[15:43:26] *** chh has joined #smartos
[15:43:52] <pringlescan> is it safe to disable remote root logins, so I can still login locally if I need to?
[15:44:34] <jesse_> well, if you disbale remote logins, why bother with a public ip?
[15:45:30] <alcir> dladm set-linkprop -z d75919da-828f-4595-953b-c69b54d0303c -pmaxbw=0 net0
[15:45:36] <alcir> dladm: warning: invalid link property 'maxbw'
[15:49:38] <pringlescan> … I keep forgetting the only root thing
[15:49:41] *** szaydel has quit IRC
[15:50:37] <pringlescan>  /var/ssh isn't persistent across reboots, right?
[15:52:23] <jesse_> /var is persistent
[15:54:15] *** tonyarkles has joined #smartos
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[16:30:09] *** nefilim has joined #smartos
[16:31:13] *** CarlosC has joined #smartos
[16:44:18] <alcir> MerlinDMC what about x86 virtio drivers?
[16:44:36] *** Azbruh has quit IRC
[16:45:42] <rmustacc> What about them?
[16:46:08] <ryancnelson> alcir:  that's fine....
[16:46:29] <ryancnelson> it's a bogus warning, but if you check, the property is really there
[16:46:44] <alcir> those provided (for windows I mean) by redhat (fedora) are good?
[16:47:08] <alcir> ryancnelson you are talking about the issue?
[16:47:11] <alcir> ok
[16:47:27] <ryancnelson> alcir:  the dladm: warning: invalid link property 'maxbw'
[16:47:35] <ryancnelson> … you can ignore that warning
[16:47:51] <alcir> ok
[16:48:28] *** Azbruh has joined #smartos
[16:48:38] <pringlescan> svcadm is so cool
[16:49:32] <pringlescan> amazing might be a better word
[16:51:00] <rmustacc> smf has some nice things and it has some rocky points. But for the future cursing you'll ultimately end up doing, you're better off with it than without it.
[16:51:21] *** pinja has joined #smartos
[16:52:37] <alcir> so
[16:52:52] <alcir> it is safe to use virtio drivers from http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/WindowsGuestDrivers/Download_Drivers
[16:52:55] <alcir> ?
[16:53:02] *** mamash has left #smartos
[16:53:25] <ryancnelson> sure.  that's where we got ours from, for the most part.
[16:53:45] <alcir> nice, because I need 32 bit drivers
[16:55:00] *** ryanschwartz has joined #smartos
[16:55:52] <ryancnelson> i mean… don't put your nuclear power plant software on that, and then say I said it was cool :)  But it should work for you.
[16:56:29] <ryanschwartz> anyone here familiar with internals of the VM.js module of vmadm ?
[16:56:44] <ryanschwartz> need to confirm a bug before submitting
[16:56:50] <rmustacc> No one in this channel.
[16:57:08] <rmustacc> Well, assuming you really are just looking for the guy who wrote it.
[16:57:46] <ryanschwartz> let me ask this then: it seems that setting "zonename" in a json for vmadm create breaks things
[16:58:04] <ryanschwartz> is that a valid, settable entity?
[16:58:30] <rmustacc> Is it documented?
[16:58:32] <pringlescan> I doubt it's any worse than supervisord
[17:00:37] <ryanschwartz> "This property indicates the zonename of a VM. The zonename is a private property and not intended to be used directly. For OS VMs you can set this property with the create payload, but such use is discouraged"
[17:00:47] <ryanschwartz> http://wiki.smartos.org/display/DOC/vmadm%281m%29
[17:01:34] <ryanschwartz> not sure if that's what you call documented or not :)
[17:02:07] <ryancnelson> seems pretty clear to me
[17:02:18] <ryancnelson> "yes, you can.  you probably shouldn't."
[17:02:34] <ryanschwartz> I guess - it's in the manpage (duh, ryanschwartz)
[17:02:49] <ryancnelson> minces around the "if it's a kvm vm, you can't" usecase
[17:02:52] <ryancnelson> a little
[17:03:21] <ryancnelson> i LOVE that we finally have the manpages on the web
[17:03:28] <ryanschwartz> yeah - I'm putting together a gist with details. If someone has some room to recreate I'll submit
[17:04:04] <ryanschwartz> essentially, if you create a joyent branded zone and set zonename in the json it wedges with this error:
[17:04:06] <ryanschwartz> "message":"VM.load() empty info when getting record for vm percona2"
[17:04:41] <ryanschwartz> I would assume this is because it's looking for a uuid and that's different than zonename in the case that you actually set it when creating the zone
[17:09:49] *** dap has joined #smartos
[17:13:48] <ryanschwartz> https://gist.github.com/ryanschwartz/38e7ff2bb5c1270bbc41
[17:15:30] *** wramthun has quit IRC
[17:17:20] *** wramthun has joined #smartos
[17:18:24] <pringlescan> in retrospect, if I didn't have hardware trouble, this would have been quite painless
[17:18:54] <ryanschwartz> PREACH IT
[17:20:01] *** szaydel has joined #smartos
[17:20:03] <pringlescan> I'm going to make a "How not to get started with Smart OS" blog post
[17:20:13] <pringlescan> it will have the "You're not going to have a good time" meme
[17:20:33] <elijah-away> hardware trouble will kill you every time.
[17:22:03] *** ipalreadytaken has joined #smartos
[17:22:23] <nahamu> It's very tempting to send the BOMs (B'sOM?) that wesolows posted online to my hardware vendor for my next harware purchases...
[17:22:49] <nahamu> (https://download.joyent.com/pub/manufacturing/ for any who haven't come across that yet)
[17:23:39] <nahamu> hardware even
[17:26:39] *** ipalreadytaken has quit IRC
[17:27:47] <pringlescan> ok so ssh is locked down, I set my network config to what the DC told me to, I have a script to set the hostnames… I disabled remote management… I have my SSH key backed up… and I have my rails and hardware needed to put it in the rack
[17:27:53] <pringlescan> am I forgetting anything?
[17:29:13] <pringlescan> (obvious) I'm bringing a screw driver… I've never colo'd
[17:29:46] <ryancnelson> what do you mean "disabled remote management"?
[17:29:59] <jperkin> colo + no remote management sounds like a really bad combination
[17:30:28] <pringlescan> ipmi doesn't work, it's a mile down the road. also I don't have a switch, so I'd need another drop for my remote admin, and I didn't ask for one
[17:30:52] <pringlescan> I already have them putting my servers in different racks with a cross-over between the two, I didn't want to be a pain in the ass
[17:30:56] <ryancnelson> oh… you mean you turned off the service-processor stuff in the box.  not smartos related
[17:30:58] <pringlescan> supermicro blew me off and never got back to me
[17:31:06] <pringlescan> yes
[17:31:54] <pringlescan> I have the same BIOS config (nearly) as Joyent, so I don't anticipate anymore kernel panics before I can create a dump, so console redirection shouldn't be a big loss *fingers crossed*
[17:32:23] <ryancnelson> is your usb stick *inside* the server?  or taped up somehow so it doesn't go missing?
[17:33:42] <pringlescan> yes, they're both inside the server
[17:34:15] <pringlescan> I wanted to label the disks, but it'd block airflow, and the system seems pretty good at identifying where they are and the serial numbers if I have to swap one
[17:34:51] <pringlescan> and i put a label on them for the remote hands
[17:35:12] *** jim80net has joined #smartos
[17:35:56] <tat-> pringlescan: fwiw, supermicro motherboards puts the ipmi on eth0 if you dont plug in the dedicated ethernet cable
[17:39:32] <pringlescan> tat-, thanks, i didn't want that to screw things up
[17:39:36] *** alcir has quit IRC
[17:41:18] *** chh has quit IRC
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[17:53:57] *** leecallen has quit IRC
[17:54:06] *** vsomes has joined #smartos
[17:54:54] <vsomes> quick question.. setting auth with keys on one of my smart machines. it did not seem to be happy with the keys. i tailed the auth logs and got the folowing sshd Can't convert to UTF-8
[17:55:14] <vsomes> i set Locale on the ssh client (which is a centos box)
[17:55:19] <vsomes> to match the host
[17:55:23] <vsomes> and no dice
[17:56:40] <rmustacc> Does that user has a password?
[17:56:43] *** deirdres has quit IRC
[17:56:48] <wesolows> pringlescan: most systems these days have something called NCSI, meaning that the system and the BMC share a single physical network port.  You do need 2 addresses, but not 2 ports.
[17:57:05] <vsomes> rmustacc: no. using auth keys
[17:57:08] <rmustacc> vsomes: The warnings, while valid, are generally a red herring in terms of what's going on undert the hood.
[17:57:14] <vsomes> oh okay
[17:57:17] <wesolows> pringlescan: and I have to second what jperkin said; if remote management doesn't work, that's gotta be a big time escalation with the vendor
[17:57:18] <vsomes> even if it says error?
[17:57:19] <rmustacc> vsomes: A user created without a password is locked by default.
[17:57:33] <vsomes> i can get in from a box on the local network
[17:57:52] <vsomes> i am going in via jump box
[17:58:06] <rmustacc> If you look at /etc/shadow for the user in question what is the value in the second column?
[17:58:27] *** KermitTheFragger has quit IRC
[17:58:43] <rmustacc> If it's not *LK* then we can ignore that.
[17:58:45] <pringlescan> wesolows, I forwarded my bios settings and screenshots/steps to recreate the problem to supermicro, we'll see what they do
[17:59:25] <wesolows> ok
[17:59:34] <wesolows> this should be entertaining for you.
[18:00:02] <wesolows> there's at least a 75% chance they tell you to (a) run windows, and (b) use their shitty Java tools
[18:00:18] <pringlescan> run windows on a physical box… because a virtual os isn't supported
[18:00:23] <pringlescan> which is why they asked for a screenshot I guess
[18:00:35] <wesolows> well, if you're using ipmitool the OS doesn't matter
[18:00:41] <wesolows> it's just a TCP connection
[18:00:48] <wesolows> or UDP, maybe.  Whatever it is.
[18:01:03] <vsomes> rmustacc: sent error message via msg
[18:01:06] <pringlescan> yes, I showed them using their tool and the standard linux tool and neither of them were acceptable
[18:01:28] <pringlescan> or to their liking I guess, they didn't flat out refuse to support it yet
[18:01:39] <wesolows> misery loves company, so I love watching other people suffer through dealing with vendors
[18:01:56] * wesolows has lost count of the vendor beatings he's administered
[18:02:00] *** leecallen has joined #smartos
[18:02:13] <rmustacc> And have you lost count of how many times you've been at the other end as well?
[18:02:32] <wesolows> yeah, probably
[18:02:53] <wesolows> I'd like to think the experiences are different, but w/e.
[18:03:08] <rmustacc> vsomes: Well, what locale are you nominally in to start with on the client?
[18:03:27] <pringlescan> I now know why DELL doesn't have BIOS options… in the traditional sense… it'd be too hard for them to support various configuration tweaks.
[18:03:40] *** nefilim has quit IRC
[18:03:45] <vsomes> rmustacc: http://paste.pm/5h6.js  (links to logs)
[18:03:54] <vsomes> UTF8
[18:04:01] <vsomes> i did export LC_ALL=C
[18:04:08] <vsomes> server is C as well
[18:04:38] *** scarcry has quit IRC
[18:05:13] <rmustacc> I'm not sure off hand, maybe file a bug here for someone to get some time to dig into if no one else comes back.
[18:05:38] <rmustacc> Generally I find I need to export LANG as opposed to LC_ALL, but also ssh client stuff can be a bit weird in what it chooses to forward and the like.
[18:05:50] <vsomes> rmustacc: k i have support would it be better to do help.joyent.com
[18:05:56] <vsomes> or is bugs faster
[18:06:19] <rmustacc> Are you a JPC customer?
[18:06:25] <rmustacc> Or are you running SmartOS?
[18:06:43] <nahamu> (third option, are you running SDC?)
[18:06:47] <vsomes> :)
[18:06:49] <vsomes> ding ding
[18:06:51] <vsomes> heh
[18:06:56] <vsomes> yup
[18:06:59] <vsomes> sdc
[18:07:10] <rmustacc> If you're sdc, always hit Joyent support first.
[18:07:16] <vsomes> okey dokey
[18:07:18] <vsomes> will do
[18:07:19] <rmustacc> This is not an official support channel by any sense.
[18:07:39] <vsomes> yeah .. i kinda expected it to be something i messed up
[18:07:41] <vsomes> going to support
[18:07:46] <nahamu> amateurs like me will assume you're running SmartOS and suggest things that make ryancnelson cringe. ;)
[18:07:57] <vsomes> :)
[18:08:07] <rmustacc> We'll try to help where we can, but if you're paying us, you should at least use the services you're paying for.
[18:08:09] <vsomes> like reformat and reboot bowse!
[18:08:15] <vsomes> rmustacc: yup
[18:08:16] <vsomes> will do
[18:08:17] <vsomes> thanks
[18:08:44] <pringlescan> I did the NIC sharing with the BMC… because I want to give SuperMicro a chance to actually offer a solution
[18:08:54] <rmustacc> My general assumption, unless someone tells me otherwise in here is that folks are running smartos.
[18:09:03] <wesolows> pringlescan: can you ssh to the BMC?
[18:09:18] <wesolows> if so, you can type 'start /system1/sol1' and get the console, if it works at all
[18:09:20] <pringlescan> yeah, but it's a custom shell with 2 commands that do nothing
[18:09:27] <pringlescan> and everything says not implemented
[18:10:00] <wesolows> hmm.  ok.  there's another undocumented command you can use, 'shell sh' which gives you a shitty busybox shell in some shitty GNU/Linux.
[18:10:19] <pringlescan> "ATEN SMASH-CLP System Management Shell, version 1.04"
[18:10:35] <pringlescan> oh that did something (start /system1/sol) it says Invalid Targets!.
[18:11:02] <wesolows> ok.  your firmware is even worse than mine, then, because that works for me.  I also have 1.04, supposedly.
[18:11:05] <pringlescan> interesting, so help doesn't list start as a command just cd, show, help and version
[18:11:14] *** gkyildirim has joined #smartos
[18:11:56] <wesolows> ok.  Well, at least this pretty much rules out SmartOS/ipmitool/etc. as the cause of the problem.  Diagnosis: firmware!
[18:12:44] <nahamu> wesolows: good thing there's no "the problem is firmware" drinking game...
[18:12:49] <pringlescan> lol
[18:13:01] <pringlescan> also, so I would have to use ttyb, if I'm not mistaken, right?
[18:13:05] <wesolows> nahamu: there is; it's just boring because everyone passes out in 15 minutes
[18:13:31] <wesolows> pringlescan: right, SmartOS on ttyb should be piped to the BMC for use with SoL
[18:13:54] <pringlescan> what's the easiest way to edit grub on the usb
[18:14:05] <pringlescan> I've never had to do it, I was going to make my defaults set to that just incase it works
[18:14:35] <rmustacc> I just edit menu.lst manually.
[18:14:48] <pringlescan> is that mounted usually?
[18:15:05] <rmustacc> I don't think so.
[18:15:30] <pringlescan> I thought it was stored in the MBR or is it just a separate partition
[18:15:43] <nahamu> is there a way to have login consoles available on both the regular VGA console and on the serial/SoL ports?
[18:15:48] <wesolows> well, the hardest way is probably to construct a trampoline in real mode that does BIOS calls to rewrite the file's contents.  So I'd just use a text editor, probably.
[18:16:01] <wesolows> the menu.lst is just a plain file in a FAT filesystem
[18:16:12] <wesolows> stage1 is in the MBR, and is invisible to you
[18:16:28] <wesolows> nahamu: that's true by default, is it not?
[18:16:32] <rmustacc> nahamu: You end up getting login consoles on all of them.
[18:16:32] <wesolows> (it is in SDC, anyway)
[18:16:39] <rmustacc> But only one of them is the console.
[18:16:48] <pringlescan> in smartos if you redirect to console, you DO NOT get a login console on VGA
[18:16:57] <pringlescan> if you use the default option
[18:17:05] <wesolows> interesting.  patches welcome!
[18:17:16] <pringlescan> it says "Starting os…" or something general and never goes away
[18:17:43] <rmustacc> Have you actually plugged in the video console and turned off all forms of bios redirection in that case?
[18:17:43] <pringlescan> now, I don't know if that's because I was having problems, or if it's the default behavior
[18:18:04] <pringlescan> i just use the first option (text) and it works
[18:18:20] <rmustacc> text is the vga console.
[18:18:23] <pringlescan> when I use the TTYA option, VGA output isn't identical to a console output, it's different, and without a login shell
[18:18:36] <rmustacc> Have you gone through initial setup before doing that?
[18:18:39] <pringlescan> all I meant is the grub option for TTYA has VGA output, but it's not a login
[18:18:51] <wesolows> the two will never be identical, because there's only one console
[18:18:52] <pringlescan> no idea… it's been a blur, I can check before I box them up
[18:19:09] <wesolows> fuck, I should blog this.  I thought everyone already understood it.
[18:19:13] <rmustacc> If you haven't done initial setup, you almost never get login shells.
[18:20:25] <nahamu> wesolows / rmustacc I hadn't actually tried to login over serial. The servers boot to use VGA by default. I'll give the SoL a poke to see if it's "just working".
[18:21:30] <nahamu> I just assumed that it was an either-or proposition because it was asking. but as long as it's only specifying which one is "the" console, and the rest work, that's cool.
[18:22:22] <rmustacc> There are always situations where there will not be login shells on the others.
[18:22:33] <rmustacc> But if everything is working, it should have login shells running.
[18:22:39] <nahamu> I'll take a look.
[18:23:39] <nahamu> "The text console on <server> is monitor only because the SIMBL is installed"
[18:23:52] <nahamu> (from the java client)
[18:23:56] *** elijah-away has quit IRC
[18:24:19] <wesolows> I have no idea what that means
[18:24:42] *** bluezenix has quit IRC
[18:25:27] *** jim80net has quit IRC
[18:25:43] <nahamu> me neither.
[18:26:20] <jperkin> simbl is an osx plugin thingy, mostly used to make terminal.app bearable prior to installing iterm2.
[18:26:53] <nahamu> AOC-SIMBL is an SMCI IPMI module, it would seem.
[18:27:07] <rmustacc> jperkin: I thought we solved that with xterm. ;)
[18:27:25] <jperkin> xterm doesn't have tabs :p
[18:27:41] <rmustacc> Sure, but that's what a real WM is for.
[18:27:50] <jesse_> anything X looks crap on osx
[18:27:54] <jesse_> more so on retina
[18:28:48] <jperkin> pekwm was interesting with its tabs thing, but it was pretty buggy in other ways so I went back to evilwm back in the day.
[18:28:52] <nahamu> BIOS probably needs to be tweaked.
[18:29:04] <jesse_> and terminal.app is 'just fine', if you configured it around osx 10.3 period or so... No idea how to configure it anymore, I tried setting something couple of months ago and failed miserably=)
[18:31:42] <ryanschwartz> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand for you Finder.app fans: http://www.trankynam.com/xtrafinder/
[18:31:49] <pringlescan> ok, time to live out my childhood dream of co'loing a server with gobs of ram and cpu… thanks everyone, I wouldn't have gotten this setup with SmartOS w/o you… and I got 1.1GB/s out of my ZFS pool without any tweaks and that's fine by me
[18:31:50] <ryanschwartz> Tabs
[18:34:29] *** ryanschwartz has quit IRC
[18:35:10] <jesse_> why would anyone use finder enough to have use for tabs is beyond me...=)
[18:35:32] *** marsell has quit IRC
[18:38:59] <nahamu> hot damn... I can indeed log in to ttyb using SoL.
[18:39:19] <rmustacc> And now you'll ask yourself why you ever used anything else.
[18:40:11] <wesolows> yeah.  once you go serial you never go back
[18:41:15] *** gkyildirim has quit IRC
[18:41:42] <nahamu> I dunno... Ctrl-L doesn't do the same thing over serial that it does over SSH...
[18:42:01] <wesolows> serial is still only for the console
[18:42:04] <nahamu> nevermind, just needed to reset TERM
[18:42:08] <wesolows> it doesn't replace normal SSH sessions
[18:42:19] <nahamu> indeed.
[18:42:25] <richlowe> especially where ipmi is involved, so you never have to see the price of concentrators, etc.
[18:42:35] *** Webhostbudd has joined #smartos
[18:42:37] <wesolows> it replaces the crash cart, and the KVM unit.
[18:43:26] <richlowe> probably bad TERM
[18:43:57] <richlowe> you want to fix term, because I seem to recall the default being shit and having too many rows.
[18:43:58] <richlowe> and thus making vi, etc, unusable.
[18:44:00] <ryancnelson> yeah… SOL doesn't make the console termcap *not suck* … it just makes the console-over-tcp be a thing
[18:44:11] *** ira has quit IRC
[18:44:46] <ryancnelson> console isn't good on keyboard/vga either :)
[18:45:27] <nahamu> richlowe: yeah, was "sun-color" "xterm" worked much better.
[18:46:15] *** nefilim has joined #smartos
[18:47:01] <richlowe> you could always... fix it!
[18:47:07] <nahamu> richlowe: I did. :)
[18:47:26] *** scarcry has joined #smartos
[18:47:49] <nahamu> unless you mean fix sun-color in the illumos source...
[18:47:59] <wesolows> the real benefit isn't that curses-mode stuff works any better, because it doesn't.  It's that messages from the kernel scroll and can be captured instead of being overwritten and lost.
[18:48:17] <wesolows> and if you're on the console, chances are pretty good that's important to you
[18:48:36] <nahamu> wesolows: I have been enlightened.
[18:48:37] <wesolows> if you can get to userland, you probably don't need the console anyway.
[18:49:01] *** jim80net has joined #smartos
[18:49:03] <wesolows> nahamu: yeah... this is how we debug panics during boot.
[18:49:04] <nahamu> getting to have all of the kernel scroll... nice.
[18:49:09] <ryancnelson> sure… in that sense, you want it to emulate a flexwriter with a long roll of paper
[18:49:34] <nahamu> ryancnelson: why stop there? why not give it an actual daisywheel printer?
[18:49:48] <wesolows> ryancnelson: right.  Note that there is a special BIOS mode for stuff before boot, called 'recorder mode', that escapes all terminal escape codes.  So you get GRUB menu as a scrolled piece of paper for instance.
[18:50:05] <wesolows> for normal use it would be unusable; for boot debugging, it's mandatory.
[18:50:37] *** nefilim1 has joined #smartos
[18:50:45] *** nefilim has quit IRC
[18:50:51] *** nefilim1 is now known as nefilim
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[20:18:23] <pringlescan> Thanks everyone, the servers booted up and worked on the first try :-)
[20:19:20] *** wramthun has joined #smartos
[20:20:58] *** orangeroo has joined #smartos
[20:21:01] <nahamu> pringlescan: congratulations
[20:23:57] *** ipalreadytaken has joined #smartos
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[20:35:00] <orangeroo> Anyone ever try having a dataset boot with suspend to disk state?
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[23:20:34] <nahamu> gets quiet in here when Europe and the EST people go home for the night...
[23:22:48] *** Miraz has joined #smartos
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[23:26:46] * ChrisPartridge makes cricket noises
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[23:56:58] <ipalreadytaken> http://i.qkme.me/36cpev.jpg
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