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   March 12, 2013  
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[00:36:13] <rbrown__> I think changing the uname output is a really bad idea
[00:36:19] <rbrown__> no real benefit
[00:38:05] <ryancnelson> what?
[00:39:05] <jesse_> rbrown__, it'll be required once solaris and illumos diverge enough
[00:39:52] <jesse_> and it would be helpful (even now) to be able to differentiate between illumos distros (and solaris)
[00:39:56] <rbrown__> i thought you guys would be backporting the work Oracle is doing?
[00:39:58] <rbrown__> no ?
[00:40:06] <ryancnelson> did i miss some context here?  i'm scrolling back two days, and don't see any mention of changing the uname output
[00:40:08] <ryancnelson> and no
[00:40:20] <ryancnelson> oracle's not releasing it, so there's nothing to backport
[00:40:21] <jesse_> ryancnelson, maybe ~22 hours ago or so
[00:41:02] <jesse_> depending on if you get your packages from pkgsrc or ips or something else, your system already looks wildly different from others
[00:41:04] <rbrown__> I've always thought it would be clean room implementations that are back ported in
[00:41:23] <jesse_> rbrown__, you must mean 're-implementing the stuff oracle implements'
[00:41:33] <rbrown__> yeah
[00:41:45] <jesse_> just see zfs encryption
[00:41:50] <ryancnelson> yuck
[00:41:51] <jesse_> 'it's going this well/fast'
[00:42:00] <jesse_> the re-implementing part, that is
[00:43:21] <wesolows> we implement (not reimplement) the features that our customers need, or that we need to serve them.  We don't care what Oracle is doing, really, other than that we pay attention to what work is generally being done by others in the OS space in general.
[00:43:25] <rbrown__> I dunno then what's the real benefit of this fork then? it seems like eventually users will get annoyed of differences
[00:43:44] <rbrown__> joyent may as well drop this kernel and go with a linux kernel sadly :(
[00:43:49] <ryancnelson> yeah.  but we're not out in the cold.  they are.
[00:44:00] <jesse_> rbrown__ is missing the point
[00:44:01] <wesolows> are you a troll or just stoned?  There's no fork.  Solaris is closed source and dead, and no one wants to use it.  
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[00:46:23] <rbrown__> wesolows, I'm not trolling I guess I'm just missing the point it seems like a major undertaking for a company the size of joyent
[00:46:38] <jesse_> joyent is not devevloping illumos alone?
[00:46:57] <wesolows> (a) it's not just us. (b) we have an excellent team of people well acquainted with illumos.
[00:47:17] <wesolows> there are at least 4 companies out there actively developing illumos, probably several more.
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[00:47:41] <ryancnelson> ... but most of the smart folks who built it in the first place *arent at oracle anymore* ... they're at places like joyent
[00:47:42] <rbrown__> so at some point abi support with Solaris (tm) will be killed?
[00:47:50] <wesolows> adopting Linux would actually be a huge step backward, as we have little expertise in it and it is missing crucial features and functions we rely on.
[00:47:59] <wesolows> yes, that point is in the past.
[00:48:22] <wesolows> There is no guarantee that Solaris 11+ binaries work on SmartOS or vice versa.  In practice they seem to, but we don't test that.
[00:48:27] <wesolows> S10 binaries should continue to work fine.
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[00:49:09] <brendang> yes, it's a common misconception that supporting a kernel and OS is a major undertaking. For our uses, it isn't as much work as you'd think. Our VP of Eng was also gatekeeper for Solaris 7, so is no stranger to what it takes to do this.
[00:49:17] <Zigara> I've been having to work with KVM on linux, and I must say I miss using smartos so much, not having zfs, crossbow, zones, etc makes me very sad
[00:50:09] <rbrown__> support an OS isnt really what I'm concerned with is 3rd party support from ISV and hardware manufactors
[00:50:25] <wesolows> Yeah, that was always a strength of Solaris.  Not.
[00:50:38] <rbrown__> wesolows, it actually was when it came to the enterprise
[00:50:53] <brendang> we aren't supporting laptops, for a start.
[00:51:01] <rbrown__> obviously :)
[00:51:14] <rbrown__> Solarflare, Mellanox's we're always supported on Solaris and prob will continue
[00:51:37] <rbrown__> smartOS who knows for sure
[00:51:46] <wesolows> Well, if you decide you want to run PeopleSoft in the cloud, and are committing to a long-term deal to do so, we will work with them to the extent possible to help you.  I think you will find it is a matter between you and them because they will not help you, their cusotmer, to do what you, their customer, want to do.
[00:53:04] <wesolows> I personally select hardware very carefully and we have a team of people who make sure we have support for essential HW.  There are now enough vendors publishing specs and enough people worldwide writing open source drivers that we have not had trouble finding things that work very well.
[00:54:04] <ryancnelson> re: mellanox and solarflare, that support's not the result of ambassadorship and goodwill.
[00:54:04] <ryancnelson> more like bags of money and reacharounds.
[00:54:34] <ryancnelson> ... at any rate, you're not going to convince the people in #smartos to not use #smartos... so how is this discussion not trolling?
[00:54:36] <wesolows> If you're just here to troll or spread FUD, one of us will be happy to kickban you.  If you have a constructive question about SmartOS, feel free to ask
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[00:57:18] <rbrown__> funny I'm trying to decided if smartos is something my firm should look at and just had some concerns
[00:57:44] <jesse_> I think his questions are quite valid
[00:57:57] <jesse_> I went through them (not here, though) before even trying smartos
[00:58:43] <jesse_> solaris compatibility? why not linux? is there going to be enough hw support in the future?
[00:58:47] <ryancnelson> you're confused, though, if you think it's just a gucci-purse-knockoff of solaris 11
[00:58:59] <rbrown__> jesse_, as a decision maker its very hard to bank on newer technologies without understanding why certain decisions were made and why things are implemented the way they are.
[00:59:12] <wesolows> The real question is what do you want to do?  Be specific.
[00:59:23] <ryancnelson> we use it for the thing we designed it for.  a virtualization platform.  *nothing more*
[00:59:24] <rbrown__> these same questions will be asked by my bosses
[00:59:47] <ryancnelson> we don't really care if it works for you.  we're not evangelists for anything other than the virtualization usecase
[01:00:03] <jesse_> I actually installed solaris 11 at first to test it out. But it failed the hw support question even more, as there won't be any open source support for it=)
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[01:01:17] <jesse_> and as I mostly run java, it was a big question. But I bit the bullet myself and made openjdk compile with gcc on 'solaris'
[01:01:18] <rbrown__> I think hardware is fast enough now where virtualization is something we should look at and the rapid deployment of OS images is nice
[01:02:12] <rbrown__> I spent many years working on Solaris and still think its one of the best OS to date however no one is certain what's going on with Solaris these days which is why I've been idling here
[01:02:16] <wesolows> well, one of the nice things about SmartOS is the ability to use OS virtualisation, whcih has no performance penalty.
[01:02:19] <wesolows> There's not really anything else out there that can do that.
[01:02:23] <rbrown__> to learn more about what joyent has done with smartos
[01:03:09] <rbrown__> wesolows, kvm does have some overhead which If i'm not mistaken is used for the Linux virt stuff?
[01:03:17] <wesolows> Correct.
[01:03:34] <brendang> overheads: http://dtrace.org/blogs/brendan/2013/01/11/virtualization-performance-zones-kvm-xen/
[01:03:35] <wesolows> KVM is "hardware virtualisation."  We use zones to create "OS virtualisation"
[01:05:14] <jesse_> are writes in a zone still forced to be sync writes?
[01:05:54] <wesolows> they never have been
[01:06:09] <rmustacc> jesse_: The only forced synchronous writes are those from a kvm vm to its virtual disk.
[01:06:18] <jesse_> ah, that was it
[01:06:33] <rmustacc> Because most guest filesystems don't properly do scsi cache flushes.
[01:06:40] <jesse_> and in that context it has to be done that way
[01:06:41] <wesolows> which is another way of saying we emulate a disk with the write cache disabled, which is how virtually all disks are actually used on legacy operating systems
[01:06:43] <rmustacc> Rather have the guest fs be correct.
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[02:10:58] <ascii`> sorry, the zfs pool must be named "zones" or can i name it as i want?
[02:11:57] <ChrisPartridge> you probably want to call it zones
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[02:12:17] <ascii`> thanks :)
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[03:02:35] <e^ipi> better than naming it 'tank' that's for sure
[03:06:46] <chris---> i dont think it will work if its not called zones
[03:06:54] <jesse_> I always named the pools p,q,r,s,t,...
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[03:09:29] <e^ipi> it'll work if you're very careful & know what you're doing. so basically if you have to ask then no it won't wor
[03:09:31] <e^ipi> *work
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[03:11:13] <chris---> ah, .system_pool
[03:11:36] <chris---> want to say i've looked at this before, evidently I didn't retain it well :)
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[07:38:15] <arai1> Anyone here particularly good with service manifests?
[07:38:45] <arai1> I'm writing one for php-fastcgi and it continually reports the service as offline while ps shows that they're running fine
[07:39:02] <arai1> additionally, it's unable to shut it off
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[08:33:53] <alucardX> good morning
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[08:54:35] <MerlinDMC> morning
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[09:39:31] <arai1> I don't suppose there's anything in SmartMachine base that would know what to do with a Solaris package?
[09:40:19] <mamash> actually
[09:40:35] <mamash> there should be 'pkgtrans' that can convert a solaris package to plain files
[09:41:19] <mamash> permissions/ownership would be off though - it's recorded in a meta file only
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[09:43:41] <arai1> I ended up just pulling the bits out after untaring it
[09:43:55] <arai1> Experimenting with CrashPlan
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[10:17:36] <arai> hahaha, it works
[10:18:55] <arai> Not sure if I want it to work from snapshots, or just lofs /zones to it
[10:21:13] <arai> right, zones are cloned
[10:43:59] <arai> and a kernel panic in the hypervisor ... how the hell...
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[12:36:17] <jperkin> jesse_: ping
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[15:06:33] <taspts> imgadm, Is there an images mirror in EU ?
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[15:13:16] <Licenser> taspts there is datasets.at
[15:13:32] <Licenser> it's not an official mirror but it's located in the EU
[15:14:16] <taspts> I tried and imgadm import bad2face-8738-11e2-ac72-0378d02f84de
[15:14:25] <taspts> Importing image bad2face-8738-11e2-ac72-0378d02f84de (base64 1.9.0) from "https://images.joyent.com"
[15:14:42] <Licenser> hmm you need to run update first I guess
[15:14:45] <taspts> cat  /var/db/imgadm/sources.list
[15:14:46] <taspts> http://datasets.at/datasets
[15:15:03] <Licenser> did you run imgadm update?
[15:15:10] <taspts> I did a imgadm update
[15:15:18] <Licenser> then I've no clue
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[15:20:39] <jesse_> jperkin, pong
[15:23:43] <jperkin> jesse_: nm I figured it out (trying to run the openjdk test suite)
[15:24:28] <Alasdairr> jperkin: how goes the packaging of openjdk?
[15:24:41] <jperkin> Alasdairr: pretty much done
[15:24:52] <Alasdairr> nice :-)
[15:25:11] <Alasdairr> how long does it take to build?
[15:25:24] <jperkin> about an hour I think
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[15:26:10] <jperkin> test suite is still running:
[15:26:11] <jperkin> real  2:46:32.986426381
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[15:28:27] <Alasdairr> crikey
[15:28:49] <jperkin> it appears to be single-threaded
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[15:32:06] <jesse_> jperkin, parts of it are parallel
[15:32:18] <jesse_> but the swing/awt tests take hours and hours
[15:35:21] <Alasdairr> yuck
[15:35:45] <jesse_> but you don't really need to run the tests, as some of them probably still fail
[15:35:49] <jesse_> =)
[15:36:02] <jperkin> yeh, I'm just verifying I didn't miss anything silly for now
[15:40:29] *** chh has quit IRC
[15:44:23] *** ira has quit IRC
[15:45:50] *** neophenix has joined #smartos
[15:49:13] <MerlinDMC> taspts, If you're "Per Sjöholm" I did comment your mail for editing imgadm sources
[15:51:59] *** chh has joined #smartos
[15:53:05] <MerlinDMC> I'll also update the help on datasets.at for imgadm v2
[15:55:16] *** mamash has joined #smartos
[15:57:22] <jesse_> jperkin, if you got it to compile, it probably works
[15:57:33] <jesse_> jperkin, as it uses itself to compile itself
[16:04:59] *** robinbowes has quit IRC
[16:08:01] <jperkin> yeh, the java binary itself works, I just want to test other parts - e.g. had to fix up rpaths for supporting libraries as they were wrong
[16:10:05] *** nefilim has joined #smartos
[16:13:17] *** saskaloon has joined #smartos
[16:29:36] *** rbrown_ has quit IRC
[16:31:54] *** rbrown_ has joined #smartos
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[16:41:58] *** mamash has left #smartos
[16:42:09] *** mamash has joined #smartos
[16:42:13] *** axonpoet has joined #smartos
[16:46:22] *** tonyarkles has joined #smartos
[16:46:34] *** potatosalad has joined #smartos
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[16:48:28] *** Azbruh has joined #smartos
[16:51:53] *** sheppard_ has joined #smartos
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[16:53:45] *** jperkin_ has joined #smartos
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[16:54:12] *** dumfries has joined #smartos
[16:56:13] *** Webhostbudd has joined #smartos
[16:58:50] *** chris--- has joined #smartos
[16:59:12] <ascii`> i'm really confused. downloaded latest release, plugged a new hd, installed again and.. same failure of yesterday http://nopaste.dk/p22804
[17:00:23] <ascii`> zoneadm commands like boot and halt hangs and are unkillable processes
[17:00:54] *** ryancnelson has joined #smartos
[17:01:42] <ascii`> if any developer wants i can give you ssh access to that machine, else i'll happily executed any needed debug command
[17:01:46] <rmustacc> Well, the first thing here is to figure out why the zone boot timed out.
[17:01:52] <rmustacc> What's the zone definition.
[17:02:07] *** ira has joined #smartos
[17:02:52] <ascii`> rmustacc, http://nopaste.dk/p22805
[17:03:11] <ascii`> (appeding output so i'll get a txt to submit on the bug tracker)
[17:05:35] *** los_ has joined #smartos
[17:05:41] <ascii`> sorry have to go now but feel free to query and post commands, i won't abandon this until it's a fully debugged issue :)
[17:07:20] <rmustacc> Sure, I have to disappear for a bit.
[17:07:34] <rmustacc> But the people who know the most about that process aren't on IRC.
[17:08:00] <rmustacc> So you may want to either mail the list or submit a bug for them to get a look at it.
[17:11:17] * nahamu sighs.. I got vmadm to dump core...
[17:11:44] <Licenser> ow
[17:12:13] <nahamu> needed to come look up "::load mdb_v8.so"
[17:12:38] <nahamu> perhaps this is my pennance for pulling all the latest patches this morning...
[17:13:20] <nahamu> crap... does SmartOS not ship mdb_v8.so??
[17:13:21] *** denizr has quit IRC
[17:13:38] *** denizr has joined #smartos
[17:16:08] <nahamu> rmustacc: ^
[17:21:43] <taspts> Licenser: imgadm sources -e to edit sources
[17:21:56] <Licenser> oh that did the trick?
[17:22:29] *** dap has joined #smartos
[17:23:03] <nahamu> dap: you just missed me wishing for mdb_v8.so on SmartOS... (I managed to crash vmadm)
[17:23:31] <dap> Sorry to hear that. But v8.so should be there
[17:24:38] *** jperkin_ is now known as jperkin
[17:24:48] <nahamu> ah, so "::load v8.so"?
[17:25:14] <dap> That should work
[17:25:51] <dap> I think in the latest release, vmadm dumps core when an uncaught exception is thrown, which may include when it fails to parse a JSON file.
[17:26:49] <nahamu> that did work. hmmm... I'll double check my json.
[17:27:19] <nahamu> should be valid, though... it's generated by a script I've been using for a while...
[17:28:00] <nahamu> well cat <file.json>|json seems happy.
[17:29:04] <nahamu> and it does look like vmadm does print its own stack trace when it crashes.
[17:31:04] <nahamu> but this is a modified VM.js, so the bug could be in our code... :-/
[17:31:22] <nahamu> *"our" meaning not the stock SmartOS code...
[17:32:02] <pringlescan> Where is a good place to ask general sysadmin questions?
[17:32:33] *** deirdres has joined #smartos
[17:32:43] *** mamash has left #smartos
[17:35:26] <e^ipi> here, mailing list, etc
[17:35:59] *** chh has quit IRC
[17:36:00] <pringlescan> I know there's only a single user, but is anyone using LDAP to centrally manage the root password for SmartOS?
[17:37:14] <pringlescan> I saw something in the channel log, but it seems the consensus was not to do that, and I was wondering if there was a reason why or a suggested alternative.
[17:39:19] *** alpharender has joined #smartos
[17:41:47] <ryancnelson> sorry can't answer the "how"… but "yes", there are people using LDAP/PAM/voodoo/otherstuff to log into smartos
[17:43:06] <ryancnelson> can't give too much detail, since this is auth, and they're customers.  but i've "seen lots of unique species on my trips to the galapagos"
[17:43:34] <pringlescan> ryancnelson, thanks, I guess I could just make SSH keys persistent in the GZ too...
[17:44:17] <ryancnelson> if you want to go low-rent, a cronjob that fetches keys now and then is pretty simple
[17:44:22] *** szaydel has joined #smartos
[17:44:35] <pringlescan> that's a great suggestion
[17:45:12] <pringlescan> so I can just mount the latest image to a ram disk, add that cron job, and then write that ramdisk to usb to keep my changes between updates of smartos?
[17:45:56] <nahamu> or have SMF create the cron job at boot time.
[17:46:00] <ryancnelson> … or set up a smf service that ..
[17:46:01] <ryancnelson> yeah
[17:46:02] <ryancnelson> that
[17:46:04] <nahamu> (or have SMF fetch the keys at boot)
[17:46:39] <taspts> MerlinDMC: Thanks I'm
[17:46:49] <ryancnelson> pringlescan: http://www.psychicfriends.net/blog/archives/2012/03/21/smartosorg_run_things_at_boot.html
[17:47:20] <nahamu> I speak from the experience of maintaining my own modified build of SmartOS, that anything I could avoid having to put into the SmartOS image, I would do it that way. Much better to be able to download and use the latest from Joyent unmodified.
[17:48:25] <pringlescan> because SMF in the global zone will persist automatically
[17:48:27] <pringlescan> ?
[17:48:34] <ryancnelson> no
[17:48:55] <ryancnelson> smf in /opt/custom/smf/somefilename.xml will, though
[17:49:11] <taspts> pringlescan: http://www.perkin.org.uk/posts/smartos-global-zone-tweaks.html
[17:54:07] <pringlescan> I just want to test using PXE as a fallback for if I fail to flash a USB properly, etc. before I put these in my DC and make sure keys and everything work as expected.
[18:02:56] *** szaydel has quit IRC
[18:19:11] *** mamash has joined #smartos
[18:22:20] *** alcir has quit IRC
[18:29:59] *** KermitTheFragger has quit IRC
[18:34:17] *** los_ has quit IRC
[18:46:19] *** szaydel has joined #smartos
[18:49:34] <pringlescan> how do you determine the password for the latest-usb.img versus the ones labeled smartos? I tried using the password that matches the build but it doesn't work
[18:50:13] <ryancnelson> how did you boot?
[18:50:16] <ryancnelson> no-import?
[18:50:17] <pringlescan> I checked the image and it says in the /platform folder that the password is the same as the labeled releases, but I've had two other people type in the password as well, and it still doesn't login
[18:50:18] <chris---> i had the same problem last night
[18:50:24] <pringlescan> yes, noimport
[18:50:29] <ryancnelson> root/root
[18:50:52] <pringlescan> oh… because that doesn't initialize it the way smartos would?
[18:50:56] <ryancnelson> right
[18:51:12] <pringlescan> that worked, we should edit the wiki to say that where it suggests it for trouble shooting a pool when you first setup
[18:51:27] <ryancnelson> the cooked-in password is only for when you boot "normal", but then there's no zpool, or shadow file on that zpool
[18:52:48] <ryancnelson> … if you look at the grub menu.lst , there's a shadow password passed in as an arg for the "noimport" option… that's "root", hashed as a password
[18:52:55] <chris---> swore i tried root/root but I guess i didnt
[18:53:13] <chris---> that will make the noimport boot so much more useful knowing the login :)
[18:53:58] <chris---> i set down to work on the install stuff and got sidetracked with why the now provided noimport boot option I couldnt get logged into
[18:54:19] <chris---> then netflix happend
[18:55:26] <pringlescan> Ok, I noted it in the technical faqs
[18:55:31] <pringlescan> there is somewhere else it would have been helpful
[18:55:58] *** Cpt-Oblivious has joined #smartos
[18:57:29] *** szaydel has quit IRC
[18:57:57] <chris---> i had such big plans
[19:05:04] *** szaydel has joined #smartos
[19:10:46] <pringlescan> chris— a drive selection thing would be awesome, or a shorthand notation i.e. disk1 = UUID , so you can type out disk1
[19:11:05] <chris---> i have a pull request up for doing drives by number already
[19:11:14] *** rbrown_ has quit IRC
[19:11:37] <pringlescan> what's the installer coded in
[19:11:43] <chris---> sh
[19:11:48] <chris---> bash
[19:12:18] <chris---> so you can roll your own if you want to take my stuff and redo the img. if you had a lot to do it may be worth it
[19:12:22] <ryancnelson> if you boot to no-install… just zpool create however you want
[19:12:22] <pringlescan> awesome, ofcourse once I have everything installed, i get back to work and never contribute to it… bah probably why it never gets pretty
[19:12:29] <ryancnelson> … then reboot
[19:12:50] <chris---> i have it wanring you about existing zpools
[19:13:03] <chris---> and it will overwrite existing zpools if you tell it drives in those pools
[19:13:15] <chris---> and some messages and formatting
[19:13:34] <chris---> but i dont mess with the limited logic of when to mirror or raidz etc
[19:13:42] <chris---> thought maybe i would look at that
[19:14:56] <pringlescan> raidz for SSDs right? I'm finally getting to doing that. I've been trying to flash an internal USB drive and it's getting the best of me, it's so easy to do on OSX, but I have to pay attention long enough to boot off the right drives and it's taking longer than it should
[19:15:08] <chris---> and i already dont like the formatting i did on some of it
[19:15:40] <chris---> it just says if you have one drive selected it makes a single disk pool, 2 drives it makes a mirror, and 3+ raidz
[19:19:45] *** texarcana has quit IRC
[19:23:55] *** denizr has quit IRC
[19:24:00] <nahamu> MerlinDMC: you around?
[19:24:34] <nahamu> or anyone else who goes poking around in the guts of SmartOS?
[19:24:58] *** szaydel has quit IRC
[19:25:08] <wesolows> guts is a bit of an overloaded term :-)
[19:25:10] <nahamu> I'd love to get some extra eyeballs on this patch: https://github.com/nshalman/smartos-live/commit/fff7ef47c48083e9b129e839dc5c51785597e71f
[19:25:17] <nahamu> wesolows: touche'
[19:25:55] <pringlescan> any reason why I should get a kernel panic for a corrupt volume label? I'm just trying to log in to make my zpool, noimport=true, standalone=true, I added the -k option in grub but instead of getting any output it says "syncing fs" and then it reboots, it shouldn't be trying to mount things anyway…
[19:26:20] *** rbrown_ has joined #smartos
[19:27:03] <pringlescan> I guess I can remove all of my disks and then boot smartos and put them back in because I have a hotplug hba… but this is getting ridiculous how easily this kernel panics with no useful output :(
[19:27:14] <ryancnelson> sata disks?
[19:27:18] <ryancnelson> (just asking)
[19:27:45] <pringlescan> yes
[19:28:09] <wesolows> a panic is always a bug.  If we'd seen your panic, we would have fixed it by now, or at least have a ticket open.
[19:28:12] <pringlescan> it's invalid because i formatted in a raid controller to try to make the setup think that the default zpool didn't exist because the installer kept trying to mount it rather than let me setup again
[19:28:34] <pringlescan> is there a tutorial on how to submit a bug and retrieve a dump from common deployment scenarios?
[19:28:35] *** andoriyu has joined #smartos
[19:28:35] <wesolows> invalid labels should not induce a panic.  There is a bug open in which bogus labels can cause certain raw device operations to be slow.
[19:28:41] <ryancnelson> i've seen, recently, a weeeeeeird issue where a factory-shipped disklabel caused problems, and re-labeling them made things a lot happier.
[19:28:41] <wesolows> But panic, no.  Never seen that.
[19:28:42] *** szaydel has joined #smartos
[19:28:47] <ryancnelson> yeah that, wesolows
[19:29:22] <wesolows> Filing a bug is easy.  You can use github against joyent/smartos-live.  Unfortunately the real bug tracking system is private still.
[19:29:53] <pringlescan> I don't know how to get a dump I don't have serial and or if I have it over IPMI I don't know how to use it
[19:30:02] <wesolows> Getting a dump is easy as well, once you're setup.  Before setup, you will need to boot with -k and record the stack and other relevant data via cut and paste from mdb (use the serial console; makes it far easier)
[19:30:08] *** phus has quit IRC
[19:30:15] *** rbrown__ has quit IRC
[19:30:30] <pringlescan> wesolows, there's a bug in -k, it doesn't prevent a reboot for the drive label bug, it usually makes it stop
[19:30:30] <wesolows> if you only have ipmi, use 'ipmitool -H bmc.ip.address -U username -P password -I lanplus sol activate
[19:30:34] *** rbrown2 has joined #smartos
[19:30:43] *** phus has joined #smartos
[19:30:45] <pringlescan> I have to figure out how to set the username and password
[19:30:48] <wesolows> also, what makes you think this is a drive label related problem?
[19:30:53] <wesolows> what kind of system is this?
[19:31:02] <pringlescan> I get drive label errors when I boot, now here's what's infuriating
[19:31:09] <pringlescan> with noimport it's STILL mounting my disks
[19:31:17] <wesolows> I would guess that the panic is not related to the label issues.
[19:31:22] <pringlescan> it should skip doing that and stop trying to load the zpool
[19:31:36] <pringlescan> it was working fine before I tried to erase a disk, it's a super micro with an 92811-I LSI HBA
[19:31:43] <pringlescan> *9211
[19:31:45] <wesolows> supermicro defaults to ADMIN/ADMIN
[19:32:40] <wesolows> using the serial console will also make it easier to capture any panic message that's being displayed
[19:32:51] <wesolows> in general, VGA should never be used at all.
[19:32:54] <nahamu> pringlescan: are you putting spaces in the kernel command line like you typed in IRC? see https://github.com/joyent/smartos-live/blob/master/tools/build_iso#L183
[19:33:07] <nahamu> might make a difference.
[19:33:17] <pringlescan> no, I'm not, I put -k right before -B… that used to work, unless I'm wrong
[19:33:42] <nahamu> not with the -k, I meant with the "standalone=true,noimport=true" part.
[19:33:48] <pringlescan> nope
[19:34:02] <pringlescan> now how to figure out what IP this has since the comcast gateway we use doesn't let you view DHCP clients
[19:34:20] <pringlescan> I guess I can go into the bios and set a static one for now… gahhh nothing has been easy
[19:34:22] <wesolows> you can assign a static address to the BMC in the system firmware configuration
[19:35:07] <pringlescan> it must not be disk label related either way because all the drives are pulled, unless setting it to supporting hot plug did this, that was another change I made
[19:35:17] <pringlescan> I put removable to disk present in my LSI config
[19:35:31] <wesolows> I would suggest disabling the LSI option ROM entirely
[19:35:37] <wesolows> you don't need it, and it can only cause problems
[19:35:53] <wesolows> in fact, if you're not netbooting, you should disable ALL option ROMs
[19:36:04] <pringlescan> that'd be helpful, how can I do that?
[19:36:23] <wesolows> usually the firmware configuration has an option for each slot and various builtin devices
[19:36:39] <pringlescan> so it's probably BIOS/OS
[19:36:57] <wesolows> it's in the firmware configuration... I can tell you where it is on our SMCI systems in a moment
[19:37:41] <wesolows> Advanced -> PCIe/PCI/PnP Configuration -> CPU* Slot* PCI-E 3.0 x8 OPROM:
[19:37:53] <wesolows> and then in that same menu there are other Option ROM choices for builtin devices.
[19:38:08] <wesolows> Disable all of them unless they refer to a device you want to *boot* from.
[19:38:35] <wesolows> SmartOS neither uses nor needs option ROMs once it's loaded into memory.
[19:38:55] <pringlescan> okay, I'm connected via ipmitool… and for whatever reason, now it's booting into setup without a kernel panic, let me try to reboot again as I was
[19:39:06] *** Cpt-Oblivious has quit IRC
[19:39:30] <pringlescan> how do you pull kernel panics or do console redirection from ipmi tool?
[19:39:54] <wesolows> ipmi sol just puts the output of an internal serial port over the network.  That's all.
[19:40:13] <wesolows> or maybe I'm not sure what you're asking.
[19:40:37] <pringlescan> I guess it's not setup right or I don't know the channel number
[19:40:47] <pringlescan> sorry this is way over my head, I've never done this before
[19:40:50] <wesolows> there are no channel numbers.
[19:40:57] <wesolows> so, there are two pieces here
[19:41:19] <wesolows> first, before SmartOS starts booting, there is a BIOS/BMC option called console redirection.  It should be enabled, and at 115200 bps.
[19:41:40] <wesolows> That provides the boot messages, access to the firmware config, etc, over IPMI SOL
[19:41:46] <pringlescan> I'll check the bps, but I know I have it enabled
[19:42:02] <pringlescan> oh, I probably have to boot as tty or whatever from grub, right?
[19:42:04] <wesolows> second, you will need to select the appropriate console device when you boot so that smartos will use serial instead of VGA.  On most SMCI systems, that will be ttyb.
[19:42:08] <wesolows> right
[19:42:31] <wesolows> You will need to check the firmware config and/or manual to be sure, as some of the shittier SMCI systems use ttyc.
[19:42:49] <wesolows> ttya = com1 in DOS, ttyb = com2, etc.
[19:43:00] <pringlescan> I wish they gave me the manual for my motherboard/server, but I guess they don't come with printed ones anymore
[19:43:08] <wesolows> most firmware people are DOS people so they tend to express that stuff in DOS terms
[19:43:32] <wesolows> well, SMCI doesn't have anyone on staff who can speak English anyway, so their manuals are of limited utility to the western world.
[19:44:00] <pringlescan> awesome, that means it probably comes with the rootkits pre-installed
[19:44:03] <pringlescan> one less thing I have to do
[19:44:22] <wesolows> who cares if it did?  SmartOS is going to overwrite that anyway.
[19:47:18] <pringlescan> Wow, SmartOS is better than zombo.com
[19:49:31] <nahamu> pringlescan: slow down there... you can do *anything* at zombo.com... SmartOS is pretty damn good, but...
[19:49:52] <pringlescan> well, you can submit a pull request for anything though
[19:50:16] <pringlescan> argh, still trying to connect over serial
[19:50:17] <nahamu> nah, they want tests for complicated stuff...
[19:50:31] <nahamu> I'm still fighting ipv6...
[19:50:33] <pringlescan> it's normal for it to say "Starting up…" over VGA when you're connected to serial, right
[19:50:48] *** carlosc has joined #smartos
[19:51:22] *** tonyarkles has quit IRC
[19:51:36] *** carlosc has quit IRC
[19:53:30] *** denizr has joined #smartos
[19:54:12] *** CarlosC has joined #smartos
[20:09:29] *** tonyarkles has joined #smartos
[20:10:56] *** halldorh has joined #smartos
[20:13:46] *** ryancnelson has quit IRC
[20:19:59] <pringlescan> blah, neither of the supermicro tools let you cut and paste
[20:20:06] <pringlescan> and all I get is "starting up…" with no additional output
[20:20:26] <pringlescan> which is identical to the vga output
[20:20:52] <wesolows> the SMCI tool is useless.  You should be able to use ipmitool instead.
[20:20:59] <pringlescan> it doesn't let me
[20:21:08] <pringlescan> everything wants a channel and it says AUTH TYPE NONE is not supported
[20:21:15] <wesolows> hmm
[20:21:17] <pringlescan> even when I do -U ADMIN -P ADMIN (which is what works in the web gui)
[20:21:28] <wesolows> and you're using -I lanplus as well?
[20:21:29] <pringlescan> I tried making a new user and trying that, which also didn't work
[20:21:38] <pringlescan> no, I don't know what that is
[20:21:41] <wesolows> you need it.
[20:21:46] <wesolows> without it, nothing works. :-)
[20:22:31] <pringlescan> ipmitool -l lanplus -U ADMIN -P ADMIN -H sol should be doing something?
[20:22:46] <wesolows> capital i
[20:22:48] <pringlescan> because it just says "SOL Commands" and it wants a channel for any of the options.
[20:23:01] <wesolows> also, sol activate, not sol.
[20:23:17] <wesolows> ipmitool -I lanplus -U ADMIN -P ADMIN -H sol activate
[20:23:19] <pringlescan> that's better
[20:23:22] <wesolows> cut and paste that
[20:23:25] <pringlescan> Error in open session response message : invalid role
[20:23:33] <pringlescan> Error: Unable to establish IPMI v2 / RMCP+ session Error: No response activating SOL payload
[20:23:45] <wesolows> ok, I'm not sure what to make of that.  It works on our SMCI systems just fine.
[20:23:54] <wesolows> This is not a SmartOS bug, unfortunately.
[20:23:59] <pringlescan> let me double check the settings on the bios and see if the BPS was set to the number you specified
[20:24:37] <pringlescan> I should probably focus on just getting it working; however, I have a bad feeling getting dumps is going to be required to do so
[20:25:32] *** andoriyu_ has joined #smartos
[20:28:17] <pringlescan> … this is priceless
[20:28:33] <pringlescan> I do sol activate once, I get the invalid role, I do it a second time, I get "Segmentation fault (core dumped)"
[20:29:00] *** andoriyu has quit IRC
[20:33:31] *** bluezenix has quit IRC
[20:33:36] <pringlescan> now I get ttymon: set_termio get_ttymode fialed: timer expired, and it failed to initial termio on /dev/wscons
[20:34:02] <pringlescan> still no output, but the segfaults makes me think it's a supermicro issue
[20:38:45] *** tonyarkles has quit IRC
[21:00:54] <arai> Is it possible to update a zones' mounted filesystems?  vmadm's man page says no, but it seems like it should be possible without too much trouble
[21:07:23] <rmustacc> ls
[21:07:35] <rmustacc> D'oh. Sorry.
[21:09:33] *** CarlosC has quit IRC
[21:11:09] *** Cpt-Oblivious has joined #smartos
[21:11:43] *** tonyarkles has joined #smartos
[21:13:24] *** andoriyu__ has joined #smartos
[21:14:11] *** CarlosC has joined #smartos
[21:15:01] *** andoriyu_ has quit IRC
[21:39:20] *** sheppard_ is now known as sheppard
[21:39:31] <pringlescan> I tried ttya, ttyb, and ttyc and I tried manually setting it to 9600 baud which is what the Super Micro tool is locked at. No dice. I guess I'll just have someone read out the UUIDs to me one at a time and forget about IPMI or kernel dumps and hope it works
[21:40:24] <pringlescan> I'm surprised Google doesn't churn up more on this, I did a factory reset on my BIOS and have the latest firmware for my IPMI and it still doesn't work with their tool or ipmitool
[21:41:14] <wesolows> aha!
[21:41:30] <wesolows> once you use the SMCI tool, it will set the BMC's idea of speed to 9600
[21:41:50] <wesolows> you need to use that same thing to set it back to 115200, while it's not active.  Then kill that tool and use ipmi again.
[21:42:27] <wesolows> so, I believe this goes: open shitty tool, select the "stop redirection" menu option, set speed to 115200, start redirection, close tool, use ipmitool
[21:42:41] <wesolows> and then never ever ever use their tool again.
[21:42:53] <wesolows> there's an ipmi command you can use to see what the BMC's idea of speed is set to...
[21:43:06] <pringlescan> it's locked in the java app
[21:43:10] *** szaydel has quit IRC
[21:43:15] <pringlescan> I can't even use their tool to connect though ***NOTHING*** works.
[21:43:19] <wesolows> "sol info"
[21:43:51] <pringlescan> :-( nothing, it won't authenticate I guess, it gives me class errors with ipmitool and "can't login" errors for the official tool
[21:44:06] <pringlescan> I tried ADMIN ADMIN and I made new accounts, that doesn't help either, did a full factory reset
[21:44:13] <wesolows> I would suggest calling SMCI then.  This stuff all works fine on our systems.
[21:44:14] <pringlescan> I even specified 9600 on the grub command line and tried that
[21:44:39] <wesolows> it's not enough to change GRUB; you would need to change the firmware settings too.  which you don't want.
[21:45:25] <wesolows> for example... https://gist.github.com/wesolows/c25a38d951d6d177a49b
[21:45:32] <pringlescan> I can't leave tonight until these are ready for the DC, and I'm deadlocked on the main server :-( I guess I'll try to call them
[21:45:33] <wesolows> showing the BMC's understanding of speed settings
[21:45:42] *** xinkeT has joined #smartos
[21:46:03] <pringlescan> I can't issue any ipmitool commands, but is there any reason why you didn't say lanplus there? is it not required
[21:46:16] <wesolows> lanplus is only mandatory for sol activate
[21:46:17] <pringlescan> I don't get any parameters, because it's unable to read them
[21:46:44] *** szaydel has joined #smartos
[21:46:45] <wesolows> you might consider issuing an mc reset if the BMC seems fucked
[21:46:55] <wesolows> also, I wonder if maybe your ipmitool sucks.
[21:47:55] <pringlescan> it's from ubuntu, I tried their tool on windows in a vm and that doesn't work either
[21:48:09] <wesolows> I can't recommend strongly enough never to use SMCI's tools
[21:48:37] <wesolows> also, fwiw, -I lanplus works fine too on that command.
[21:48:53] <wesolows> this is against BMC firmware 2.13.
[21:49:14] <wesolows> ipmitool 1.8.12.
[21:49:15] <pringlescan> … ok, i'm freaked out
[21:49:21] <pringlescan> this has been rebooting continiously and panicking
[21:49:26] <pringlescan> and every once in a while, it doesn't
[21:49:36] <wesolows> if you can give us at least a stack trace, anything.
[21:49:39] <pringlescan> so I definitely need to get these dumps; because something is borked
[21:49:42] <wesolows> if not, we really can't help
[21:50:08] <pringlescan> I mean now I have normal hardware,nothing exotic, disabled all the PCI bioses, etc. etc
[21:50:40] <pringlescan> that wouldn't have fucked up the BMC somehow? it works over KVM and I saw a message from SmartOS saying a USB mouse had been disconnected when I reset it
[21:50:54] <wesolows> the BMC is a completely different computer from the host
[21:51:14] <wesolows> if you're concerned about it, issue the mc reset command as I mentioned earlier.
[21:51:18] <wesolows> that will reboot the BMC.
[21:53:31] <pringlescan> I did that twice from the web gui, and I did a factory reset on it
[21:53:55] <pringlescan> I just meant disabling PCI legacy bios things in the BIOS wouldn't effect it because it doesn't run on the PCI-E bus?
[21:54:08] <wesolows> it depends.  I don't know what you changed.
[21:54:18] <wesolows> If your system is similar to ours, these settings may help you...
[21:54:40] <wesolows> http://download.joyent.com/pub/manufacturing/772-0001-01
[21:55:31] <wesolows> These are known to work on our boards.  Yours may of course be different.  Our systems never panic on boot, and ipmitool always works.
[21:57:38] *** szaydel has quit IRC
[22:04:50] *** szaydel has joined #smartos
[22:06:35] <pringlescan> wesolows, thanks, I'm going to duplicate that setup, supermicro asked for screenshots and the IPMI guy is at lunch
[22:06:47] *** bluezenix has joined #smartos
[22:06:58] <wesolows> cool.  good luck.  At least you should be able to get them to solve the console issue.
[22:07:08] <wesolows> once you have that, hopefully you can make progress on the panic
[22:11:09] *** mamash has left #smartos
[22:11:19] *** ryanschwartz has joined #smartos
[22:16:19] <pringlescan> wesolows, was there a reason you disabled com1 redirection?
[22:16:34] <pringlescan> in my bios I can't set Redirection after bios post to "Always enable" for COM2, only COM1
[22:18:13] *** szaydel has quit IRC
[22:18:56] <ryanschwartz> hey all - anyone know if I'd have issues trying to drop the platform from 20130307T214308 onto a 20120921T180038 USB stick and get it booted?
[22:20:02] <ryanschwartz> I had issues a while back when putting a newer platform on an older kernel - just would not boot
[22:20:41] *** enmand has quit IRC
[22:24:12] <rmustacc> ryanschwartz: Not sure I follow.
[22:24:16] <rmustacc> The platform contains the kernel.
[22:24:33] <ryanschwartz> sorry - boot_archive
[22:24:34] <rmustacc> You can't really change them independently without doing a lot of work.
[22:24:38] <pringlescan> ryanschwartz, can you try booting with the -k flag so you can get some more info on what happened? these guys can't help you much without more info; you can also check the changelogs between versions and see if anything seems like it could affect you
[22:24:58] <rmustacc> You can't swap the kernel and bootarchive lines in grub.
[22:25:04] <rmustacc> It's pretty much all or nothing from the same source.
[22:25:50] <ryanschwartz> ok, that answers it for me then - I'd previously needed to hack things apart to edit some scripts on /usr (for aggregate links and dladm on aggr ifaces and such)
[22:26:12] <ryanschwartz> pringlescan: I'm an edge case sitting on a razor ;)
[22:26:49] <ryanschwartz> thx for the info tho
[22:27:25] <pringlescan> I somehow type in the UIDs with a keyboard sitting in my lap, on the first try, and it fails  because they're already in a pool, and I'll never get that moment back when I thought it might actually work
[22:27:39] <ryanschwartz> I'll give things a shot - rmustacc: is there a documented way to boot of the old platform, assuming I kept it around as platform.old ?
[22:27:56] <rmustacc> ryanschwartz: How are you booting?
[22:28:03] <ryanschwartz> usb key
[22:28:19] <rmustacc> Well, it's just grub menus.
[22:28:25] <ryanschwartz> oooooold skool :)
[22:28:55] <rmustacc> Just have two sitting there and change the grub menu.
[22:29:09] <rmustacc> I would just add a single rollback entry that refers to the other location.
[22:29:17] <pringlescan> if I put a disk in a pool that gets "primary label corrupt; using backup #012" will that fix the label, or is that something seperate I need to do
[22:29:19] <ryanschwartz> a'ight. been a while since I upgraded. thanks (and thanks for all you guys are doing)
[22:29:26] *** ryanschwartz has quit IRC
[22:29:51] <pringlescan> I think I can use format label
[22:30:06] *** mamash has joined #smartos
[22:32:19] <wesolows> pringlescan: "COM1" console redirection is only for the hardware serial port on our systems.  We don't have that attached, so it's not useful.  Also, note that having that disabled is the default.  Only (*) settings are changed by Joyent from SMCI defaults.
[22:32:42] <wesolows> pringlescan: again, your system may be different.  These settings are for X9DRD boards; I can't know what would be right for you.
[22:32:56] <pringlescan> wesolows, thanks that was helpful, mine is a X9DR3-F so it was a little bit different
[22:34:20] <pringlescan> what's the fastest way to format a disk so I can add it to a new pool, I can't mount the pool because one of the disks is screwed
[22:34:34] <pringlescan> *a set of disks… I used format backup to fix the label (I think)
[22:35:07] <pringlescan> the only partition they show is an EFI with a 0 start, 3733 end, so I'm assuming that's just the label and some EFI stuff
[22:36:11] *** szaydel has joined #smartos
[22:36:39] <pringlescan> Super Micro thinks an SSH window is a virtual machine, and that using Windows in VMWare is why their app doesn't work…
[22:41:13] <pringlescan> I guess it would be bad to reboot during a disk format… which it says will take 916 minutes on an SSD. I was hoping it'd be entirely wrong.
[22:41:55] <wesolows> the fastest way to clear a disk is to zpool create -f pool <disk> and then zpool destroy pool
[22:42:23] <wesolows> also, the SMCI manual for your board says that "COM2" should be the SOL port.  Which also suggests that ttyb is correct for you.
[22:42:42] <wesolows> as for SMCI's belief about an SSH window... welcome to Taiwan, friend.
[22:45:18] <pringlescan> :-( they're in California
[22:46:10] <jelmd> pringlescan: just in case some aliases I use to make life easier (tcsh):
[22:46:11] <jelmd> alias ipmi 'setenv IPMI "ipmitool -I lanplus -H \!^ -U $USER -E -e ^ -o supermicro"'
[22:46:11] <jelmd> alias ipmipw 'stty -echo ; setenv IPMI_PASSWORD $< ; stty echo'
[22:46:29] <wesolows> it's still Taiwan, trust me.
[22:46:45] <jelmd> so I usually 'ipmi machine; ipmipw' and than IPMI sol activate    etc. ...
[22:48:51] <tat-> hm. how to check smart status on the drives on smartos?
[22:48:53] <jelmd> also latest ipmifw updates required a reset to factory defaults to get it fully work
[22:49:00] <pringlescan> am i going to ruin a disk if I restart during a format format command?
[22:49:20] <pringlescan> I don't know if it's any different than any other format command, this thing is an enigma
[22:49:25] *** wolfeidau has quit IRC
[22:49:33] <wesolows> never ever ever low-level format a drive!
[22:49:42] <pringlescan> I didn't know what else to do
[22:49:43] <wesolows> and why are you using format(1m) anyway?
[22:49:56] <pringlescan> because when I tried to mount the zone pool it was broken
[22:50:03] <pringlescan> and it wouldn't let me create a new one
[22:50:05] <wesolows> I told you how to correct that.
[22:50:08] <pringlescan> so I had no idea how else to remove the disk
[22:50:14] <pringlescan> after I already started formatting...
[22:50:31] <wesolows> I have no idea what happens if you interrupt a low-level format of a modern disk.  It's 50-50 that the disk will ever work again anyway.
[22:50:41] <pringlescan> should I just dd if=/disk_I_didnt_low_level_format /of=/disk_I_did before I go
[22:50:54] <pringlescan> I didn't know low level formatting was so bad
[22:50:57] <wesolows> no.  that won't make any difference
[22:51:20] <wesolows> what you want to do is create a "temporary" zpool using the disks you want to clear, then destroy it.
[22:51:29] <pringlescan> it's intel, I can always RMA the drive
[22:51:31] <wesolows> when you reboot, you will be given an opportunity to create a pool using those disks
[22:51:40] <pringlescan> the setup failed
[22:51:46] <pringlescan> it said they were already in a pool
[22:51:54] <wesolows> that's why you need to destroy.
[22:52:15] <pringlescan> okay, let me reboot, sorry, my head is spinning, I owe you a beer or three
[22:52:16] <wesolows> once you destroy a pool containing a disk, the label of that disk will be marked in a way that eliminates that problem the next time around
[22:52:44] <pringlescan> oh ok
[22:53:16] <pringlescan> what do you think of running dd just incase?
[22:53:35] <wesolows> unnecessary
[22:53:38] <e^ipi> just in case of what?
[22:53:48] <wesolows> if the low-level format broke something, you won't be able to dd anything onto it anyway
[22:53:53] <wesolows> and if it didn't, you'll be fine
[22:54:03] <pringlescan> ok, so i'm booting as no install
[22:55:27] *** denizr has quit IRC
[22:59:57] *** enmand has joined #smartos
[23:01:36] <pringlescan> should I just create my zpool now or use the setup?
[23:02:12] *** CarlosC has left #smartos
[23:02:13] *** bluezenix has quit IRC
[23:03:58] *** CarlosC has joined #smartos
[23:04:07] *** noahmehl has joined #smartos
[23:04:44] <wesolows> if you have cleared the labels on all disks, you may as well use the setup.  But it really shouldn't matter either way.
[23:05:53] *** wolfeidau has joined #smartos
[23:07:08] *** neophenix has quit IRC
[23:15:30] *** vsomes_ has quit IRC
[23:18:12] *** leecallen35 has joined #smartos
[23:18:13] *** leecallen has quit IRC
[23:20:23] *** wolstena has joined #smartos
[23:20:28] *** daleg has quit IRC
[23:21:28] <pringlescan> is there an easy way to install fio on smartos?
[23:22:37] *** ktk is now known as ktkNA
[23:23:02] *** ChrisPartridge has joined #smartos
[23:26:48] <scarcry> pringlescan: isn't fio purely a disk benchmarking tool for linux?
[23:27:18] <wesolows> apparently it's usable on smartos also.
[23:27:24] <pringlescan> brendeng suggested it
[23:27:25] <wesolows> unfortunately I haven't used it myself.
[23:27:31] <scarcry> wesolows: oic
[23:27:54] <pringlescan> or anyway just to check the read/write speed of my zpool, dd doesn't output the speed like it does on BSD/Linux for me
[23:27:59] *** ChrisPartridge has quit IRC
[23:29:32] <pringlescan> I guess I can use time… it just seems silly. I know there's a bonnie package in pkgin, but I didn't see anything else too interesting
[23:29:43] <jelmd> perhaps  gdd ... oflag=sync  ?
[23:30:25] *** szaydel has quit IRC
[23:31:05] <rmustacc> brendang has made it work, but it is a bit buggy.
[23:34:43] *** jim80net has quit IRC
[23:34:56] <pringlescan> so if I want to run node.js I run smartos inside of smartos and not in the global space
[23:36:09] <wesolows> you will want to create a zone, yes
[23:36:21] <wesolows> the only thing you should run in the GZ is vmadm
[23:36:33] <wesolows> and maybe vim, to edit your JSON files to feed vmadm.
[23:37:46] <Licenser> wesolows and chunter ;)
[23:38:10] <jesse_> shell is also good, to run the vi to edit jsons and vmadm. and sshd to remotely login to that shell=)
[23:38:44] <wesolows> jesse: well, sure, but you don't execute those things; the computer does so for you :-)
[23:39:07] <Licenser> ps comes to mind, dtrace too
[23:39:32] <jesse_> prstat, iostat etc.
[23:39:55] <Licenser> I think wesolows will get mad at us if we keep finding things to run in the GZ ;)
[23:39:58] <wesolows> let's not confuse things.
[23:40:25] <wesolows> unless you are absolutely sure the thing you are doing cannot be done outside the GZ, your first assumption should be that it goes in a zone
[23:40:29] <Licenser> I think the best way to say it, unless you are really really sure you want to run it in the GZ, you don't
[23:40:34] <wesolows> right
[23:40:44] <Licenser> man I was 4s late :(
[23:40:48] <wesolows> and even if you are really sure, you should first ask yourself whether you should need to do it at all
[23:41:00] <scarcry> ack
[23:43:19] <scarcry> basically provision zones for almost everything, smartos being a hypervisor after all
[23:47:16] *** ryanschwartz has joined #smartos
[23:48:12] <ryanschwartz> has the password at this URL been confirmed to work with 20130307T214308Z single user root?  https://download.joyent.com/pub/iso/SINGLE_USER_ROOT_PASSWORD.20130307T214308Z.txt
[23:53:54] *** mamash has left #smartos
[23:56:56] <ryanschwartz> also, rmustacc: here's what I was talking about before with regard to not being able to boot old platforms off new and such (i.e. can't just edit the grub menu…)
[23:56:57] <ryanschwartz> http://ryanschwartz.net/images/boo_symbols.png
[23:58:47] *** porkbelt_ has joined #smartos
[23:59:12] *** porkbelt has quit IRC
[23:59:12] *** porkbelt_ is now known as porkbelt

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