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   August 3, 2011  
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[01:09:30] <clerum> getting an warning message from jsf when using the org.jboss.seam.faces.InputContainer with a composite component
[01:09:58] <clerum> The form component needs to have a UIForm in its ancestry. Suggestion: enclose the necessary components within <h:form>
[01:10:02] <clerum> anyone else see this?
[01:10:20] <clerum> Mojarra 2.1.2
[01:10:51] <sbryzak> clerum: bleathem would be the one to ask about that
[01:11:20] <clerum> Seam faces 3.0.2.Final
[01:11:22] <clerum> k
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[01:14:59] <ssachtleben> clerum as far as I know its something im mojarra 2.1.2 going wrong and since it just appears only in development state there are no further investigations
[01:15:22] <ssachtleben> for production state the message will not show up
[01:15:44] <clerum> makes development mode tough to use though
[01:15:56] <clerum> since you page gets flooded with jsf warnings
[01:16:25] <ssachtleben> thats why I still use 2.0.3 :P
[01:16:43] <ssachtleben> and s:viewAction doesnt work properly with 2.1.2
[01:17:09] <clerum> 2.0.3 has a bug where if the same ajax component is rerendered twice it blows up
[01:17:25] <ssachtleben> never run into that
[01:17:41] <ssachtleben> my ajax search with 5 filter options works awesome
[01:17:57] <clerum> how about if you change one and then change it back
[01:18:08] <ssachtleben> no problem at all ^^
[01:18:50] <clerum> https://gist.github.com/e8b4c590ee4e24581e36
[01:19:00] <clerum> on this if you change the type
[01:19:04] <clerum> and then change it back
[01:19:15] <clerum> which rerenders a panelgroup on the page
[01:19:18] <clerum> it blows up
[01:19:28] <ssachtleben> aaaaah sorry
[01:19:43] <ssachtleben> I changed to Mojarra 2.0.2 (FCS b10) due that ajax issues true
[01:19:57] <clerum> 2.0.2?
[01:20:02] <ssachtleben> yeah
[01:20:09] <clerum> 2.0.3 was default in as6 right?
[01:20:14] <ssachtleben> because all later versions has a critical bug :D
[01:20:15] <ssachtleben> yep
[01:20:34] <ssachtleben> using 6.1.0-SNAPSHOT with weld 1.1.2 FINAL and Mojarra 2.0.2 (FCS b10)
[01:20:36] <clerum> ah the joy of working on a framework in it's early days
[01:20:46] <clerum> hop from one bug to the next :-)
[01:21:12] <ssachtleben> yeah waiting for 2.2.0 since ages
[01:21:31] <ssachtleben> well at least nearly 2 months :D
[01:21:51] <clerum> hmm
[01:21:57] <clerum> I'm gonna try 2.0.6
[01:22:05] <clerum> see if my ajax bug is fixed
[01:22:11] <ssachtleben> tell me plz if the ajax issue is fixed
[01:22:17] <clerum> will do
[01:22:20] <ssachtleben> I was too lazy
[01:22:54] <ssachtleben> I read in forums for ajax issues go back to 2.0.2 so I done that without testing each version
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[01:24:23] <clerum> ssachtleben: ajax bug seems fine
[01:24:39] <clerum> I do get this warning - Unable to find matching navigation case with from-view-id '/admin/contact/contact_add.xhtml' for action '#{conversationManagement.begin()}' with outcome 'true'
[01:24:50] <clerum> does every action need to have a navigation case?
[01:25:22] <clerum> thats called by a s:viewAction
[01:25:32] <ssachtleben> uhm
[01:25:49] <ssachtleben> I think you need to return string
[01:25:57] <ssachtleben> return null if not redirect on s:viewAction
[01:26:03] <ssachtleben> at least I do that without any messages
[01:27:39] <clerum> yeah 2.0.6 seems fine with that ajax bug
[01:28:05] <ssachtleben> ok nice I will check it out later :D
[01:28:29] <ssachtleben> the problem allways when I change any version I need to test alot of stuff since I have no automatic testing yet for my application
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[01:32:54] <ssachtleben> btw is there any smart way to provide images from repository somewhere on the server in my webapp path?
[01:33:48] <ssachtleben> currently I copy them to my webapp directory if needed because I dont like to keep that byte arrays in memory for a4j:mediaOutput
[01:36:30] <clerum> so still bundled in your war?
[01:37:12] <ssachtleben> yeah If they are in my webapp path I can easily show them with h:graphicImage
[01:37:42] <ssachtleben> and once they copied my search feels like twice faster then using a4j:mediaOutput
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[02:23:32] <jbossbot> git [security] push develop 5fcb79b.. Shane Bryzak modifications to allow openid authentication via ajax
[02:23:32] <jbossbot> git [security] push develop URL: http://github.com/seam/security/compare/0ee1720...5fcb79b
[02:23:50] <jbossbot> git [xwidgets] push master d1b8321.. Shane Bryzak support for OpenID authentication
[02:23:50] <jbossbot> git [xwidgets] push master URL: http://github.com/seam/xwidgets/compare/9044fe9...d1b8321
[02:24:25] <johnament> sound like related changes
[02:24:27] <jbossbot> git [university] push master 428e9b7.. Shane Bryzak fixed OpenID callback
[02:24:27] <jbossbot> git [university] push master URL: http://github.com/seam/university/compare/ead81ab...428e9b7
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[03:43:35] <kenfinnigan> lightguard_jp: ping
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[03:48:51] <jbossbot> git [international] push develop 917a6f9.. Ken Finnigan SEAMINTL-47 Fix typo in documentation
[03:48:53] <jbossbot> jira [SEAMINTL-47] Typo in documentation [Pull Request Sent (Unresolved) Bug, Minor, Ken Finnigan] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SEAMINTL-47
[03:48:53] <jbossbot> git [international] push develop b9e0ca2.. Ken Finnigan Merge pull request #15 from kenfinnigan/develop...
[03:48:53] <jbossbot> git [international] push develop URL: http://github.com/seam/international/compare/00b50b1...b9e0ca2
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[03:52:47] <gastaldi> hey all !
[03:55:21] <kenfinnigan> hey gastaldi
[03:55:46] <gastaldi> hey kenfinnigan
[03:55:54] <gastaldi> how´doing ?
[03:56:24] <kenfinnigan> lightguard_jp: If you have a chance, can you take a look at SEAMINTL-51? It requires access to the internal JBoss Hudson instance, which I don't have. I think the problem is that the hudson build doesn't do an install, but for the base classes to be xtracted it needs to be installed
[03:56:25] <jbossbot> jira [SEAMINTL-51] Seam-3.X-international-CI job fails on exectuing maven goal unpack [Open (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Ken Finnigan] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SEAMINTL-51
[03:56:31] <kenfinnigan> I'm good thanks, yourself?
[03:57:01] <gastaldi> Fine also
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[04:05:08] <kenfinnigan> wow, we had mojavelinux for all of a minute!
[04:05:13] <gastaldi> :P
[04:05:32] <gastaldi> Where is he anyway ?
[04:06:03] <kenfinnigan> probably at or on way back from a conference
[04:08:09] <gastaldi> kenfinnigan: Have you ever used Seam Reports ? :)
[04:08:36] <gastaldi> or anyone ? I need some feedback
[04:09:30] <kenfinnigan> I haven't yet no, sorry
[04:09:45] <gastaldi> no one ? Damn.. :P
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[06:07:10] <gastaldi> hey bleathem
[06:07:30] <gastaldi> Congratulations on your new born baby !!
[06:08:49] <bleathem> gastaldi: thanks!
[06:19:37] <gastaldi> ok going to bed now
[06:19:38] <gastaldi> see ya
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[08:51:46] <nickarls> bleathem: congrats! First one or mass production already? ;-)
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[08:51:56] <nickarls> ken: ping
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[09:05:11] <nickarls> heh, bulding i18n. First it pulls down 76M of AS7, unpacks it, and then runs the tests against another AS7 I happended to have running
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[12:08:12] <jbossbot> git [jcr] push develop eb1f602.. John Ament Initial add of service handler support for DAOs/OCM. Moved a lot of code into API.
[12:08:13] <jbossbot> git [jcr] push develop f3476bd.. John Ament Separated RepositoryResolver into interface and impl to allow it to be used in API.
[12:08:13] <jbossbot> git [jcr] push develop 5a4ddf8.. John Ament SeamJCR Cleaned up Save capabilities.
[12:08:13] <jbossbot> git [jcr] push develop 02b62a4.. John Ament Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:seam/jcr into develop
[12:08:13] <jbossbot> git [jcr] push develop URL: http://github.com/seam/jcr/compare/5d98501...02b62a4
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[13:17:27] <fcorneli> Hi. I'm looking for a Seam 3 Security example similar to simple, but then for the external stuff. Basically I have some eID Applet that pushes the authenticated credentials in the HTTP session on the login.xhtml page. Then I would like to jump back into the "JSF flow" and continue using the credentials pushed in by the eID Applet. Using Seam 2 this was quite easy to implement (see eID Archetype at Google Code). An simple example of how to use the exter
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[15:05:03] <fcorneli> Hi. I'm looking for a Seam 3 Security example similar to simple, but then for the external stuff. Basically I have some eID Applet that pushes the authenticated credentials in the HTTP session on the login.xhtml page. Then I would like to jump back into the "JSF flow" and continue using the credentials pushed in by the eID Applet. Using Seam 2 this was quite easy to implement (see eID Archetype at Google Code). An simple example of how to use the exter
[15:06:12] <jose_freitas> sbryzak: ^
[15:07:57] <sbryzak> fcorneli: could you describe the process in more detail?
[15:08:57] <fcorneli> ok, so the login.xhtml page loads an eID Applet...
[15:09:19] <fcorneli> the Applet communicates with an eID Applet Service servlet
[15:09:37] <fcorneli> the servlet pushes something in the HTTP session after a successful eID authentication took place
[15:09:48] <fcorneli> then the applet goes to some target page...
[15:10:12] <fcorneli> in Seam 2 I used ?conversationId=#{conversationId} to get back into the JSF flow
[15:10:23] <fcorneli> via the postLogin.xhtml target page
[15:11:04] <fcorneli> then the Seam login redirect would kick in... and I would go the the original page (that required login) with an authenticated #{identity} as expected
[15:11:05] <sbryzak> i'm not familiar with eID, what's the particular problem you're experiencing with seam 3?
[15:11:16] <fcorneli> it's inrelated to eID...
[15:11:29] <fcorneli> what would be nice as example is the following:
[15:11:52] <fcorneli> login.xhtml calles some servlet that is part of the application itself...
[15:12:20] <fcorneli> this servlet pushes some credentials in the HTTP session demo/demo or so... doesn't matter...
[15:12:45] <fcorneli> then the servlet redirect to some JSF page to continue the authentication process
[15:13:05] <sbryzak> can't the servlet set the credentials within the credentials bean itself?
[15:13:16] <fcorneli> so: an example where you pass via some servlet as part of the login procedure... to simply demonstrate the external property of the login process
[15:13:36] <fcorneli> servlet can do anything... that's not the problem...
[15:13:48] <fcorneli> the problem is getting back into the "JSF flow"
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[15:14:20] <sbryzak> so what is the problem with just redirecting to a jsf page?
[15:14:24] <fcorneli> in Seam 3 you somehow have to use the dialogueId... but how?
[15:14:45] <fcorneli> well, for Seam 2 you needed to pass the conversationId correctly...
[15:15:07] <sbryzak> but authentication isn't conversation scoped...
[15:15:38] <fcorneli> no, but the redirect component is
[15:15:51] <fcorneli> <event type="org.jboss.seam.security.loginSuccessful">
[15:15:51] <fcorneli> <action execute="#{redirect.returnToCapturedView}" />
[15:15:51] <fcorneli> </event>
[15:16:06] *** amitev has joined #seam-dev
[15:16:08] <sbryzak> ah i see
[15:16:23] <fcorneli> so I can land on postLogin.xhtml of course...
[15:16:25] <sbryzak> we don't actually have that feature in seam 3 yet
[15:16:39] <fcorneli> but it's not going to the original page that required the login
[15:16:47] <fcorneli> mmm....
[15:17:28] <sbryzak> i seem to remember talking to brian (seam faces lead) about that a while ago
[15:17:28] <fcorneli> would make for a great feature of seam-security 3.1, no? ;)
[15:17:39] <sbryzak> well, it's more a feature of the faces module
[15:17:42] <fcorneli> what wasn't this ported?
[15:18:07] <sbryzak> if you like you could raise a feature request in jira
[15:18:18] <fcorneli> yes, please...
[15:18:20] <sbryzak> we may be able to address it for the seam 3.1 release
[15:18:26] <jose_freitas> true, I think this would be incorporated to viewConfig
[15:18:36] <sbryzak> jose_freitas: agreed
[15:18:38] <fcorneli> I guess a lot of people implementing authentication will want this feature back in
[15:18:45] <sbryzak> fcorneli: issues.jboss.org/browse/SEAMFACES
[15:19:01] <sbryzak> you're actually the first person to mention it ;)
[15:19:18] <fcorneli> heh... how else do proper and intuitive authentication?
[15:19:42] <sbryzak> well, i'm actually trying to get away from jsf myself...
[15:19:58] <fcorneli> if you click on "Config app" you want to see the "Config app" page after authentication...
[15:20:29] <sbryzak> i agree, it's useful to have and shouldn't be too hard to implement
[15:26:36] <fcorneli> I'll add the issue later on... anyway, thanks for the info
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[17:10:57] <gastaldi> hey !
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[17:37:03] <jbossbot> git [security] push develop d05c235.. Shane Bryzak less aggressive path for DialogueFilter, abstract response processing in OpenIdRpAuthenticationService
[17:37:03] <jbossbot> git [security] push develop URL: http://github.com/seam/security/compare/5fcb79b...d05c235
[17:37:30] <gastaldi> Krikey !
[17:37:59] <jbossbot> git [xwidgets] push master 5365c24.. Shane Bryzak finally fixed the bloody OpenID authentication BS
[17:37:59] <jbossbot> git [xwidgets] push master URL: http://github.com/seam/xwidgets/compare/d1b8321...5365c24
[17:38:05] <gastaldi> Or would it be "crikey" ?
[17:38:24] <gastaldi> hahaha nice comments
[17:38:42] <jbossbot> git [university] push master 0d5e12f.. Shane Bryzak rolled OpenIdRelyingPartySpiImpl into Seam XWidgets module
[17:38:42] <jbossbot> git [university] push master URL: http://github.com/seam/university/compare/428e9b7...0d5e12f
[17:39:35] <sbryzak> heya gastaldi
[17:39:39] <sbryzak> time for me to go to bed :)
[17:39:46] <gastaldi> hey sbryzak !
[17:39:56] <gastaldi> are u coming to the meeting ?
[17:40:07] <sbryzak> oh geez, it's in like 6 hours
[17:40:11] <gastaldi> yeah
[17:40:12] <gastaldi> :)
[17:40:15] <sbryzak> please send my regards ;)
[17:40:18] <gastaldi> Ok
[17:40:47] <sbryzak> i can't believe i finally got openid authentication working properly
[17:40:57] <sbryzak> what a headache that was
[17:41:01] <gastaldi> crickey ! :)
[17:41:11] <sbryzak> haha
[17:41:19] <sbryzak> we'll make you an aussie yet!
[17:41:25] <gastaldi> lol
[17:41:54] <sbryzak> alright, i'm off to have nightmares about cookies
[17:41:58] <sbryzak> g'night
[17:42:08] <gastaldi> night
[17:43:14] *** Diablo-D3 has quit IRC
[17:43:34] *** oskutka has joined #seam-dev
[17:43:40] <gastaldi> crikey
[17:43:44] <gastaldi> damn
[17:43:53] <gastaldi> Wrong copy paste
[17:43:58] <gastaldi> http://alldownunder.com/australian-slang/dictionary-phrase.htm
[17:44:42] <jose_freitas> hey gastaldi
[17:44:49] <gastaldi> hey jose_freitas !
[17:44:53] <gastaldi> back from lunch ?
[17:44:56] <jose_freitas> yeap
[17:45:04] <gastaldi> cool, I´ll be out in 15 min
[17:48:41] <gastaldi> Atlassian got a StackOverflow-like site: https://answers.atlassian.com/
[17:49:25] <gastaldi> It would be awesome to create something like that using Seam :)
[17:52:57] *** kevinpollet has quit IRC
[18:03:15] *** balunasj is now known as balunasj_away
[18:08:44] *** koentsje has quit IRC
[18:15:05] *** pmuir has left #seam-dev
[18:17:22] *** antoine_sd has joined #seam-dev
[18:18:10] *** bleathem is now known as bleathem_busy
[18:19:10] *** antoine_sd has quit IRC
[18:22:37] *** maschmid has quit IRC
[18:35:14] *** kevinpollet has joined #seam-dev
[18:39:13] *** akazakov has joined #seam-dev
[18:42:27] *** balunasj_away has quit IRC
[18:45:43] <gastaldi> back again
[19:03:59] *** cbrock has joined #seam-dev
[19:32:09] *** lazarotti has quit IRC
[19:34:11] *** koentsje has joined #seam-dev
[19:36:21] *** lazarotti has joined #seam-dev
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[20:04:41] *** kevinpollet has quit IRC
[20:12:00] *** hannelita has joined #seam-dev
[20:17:51] <bleathem_busy> I'm trying to debug an app on AS 6
[20:18:35] <bleathem_busy> I attached the AS6 source, as described here:
[20:18:51] <bleathem_busy> http://community.jboss.org/thread/146325?start=0&tstart=0
[20:19:07] <bleathem_busy> but when I debug and step through the JSF source, I'm on the wrong line
[20:19:24] <bleathem_busy> sometimes I can infer the offset, but usually I'm completely lost
[20:19:43] <bleathem_busy> anyone know how to get the eclipse debugger to end up on the correct source lines?
[20:20:26] <bleathem_busy> jamezp: you're an AS guy, what would be a good channel to ask the above question? ^^
[20:20:58] <jose_freitas> probably the jsf you have on your ide cp is different from jsf from as 6
[20:21:03] <jamezp> bleathem_busy: Probably #jboss-dev
[20:22:05] <bleathem_busy> thanks jamezp, I gave it a shot
[20:22:17] <jose_freitas> bleathem_busy: check jsf version in you maven dependencies
[20:25:31] <bleathem_busy> jose_freitas: I don't have jsf set as a dep explicitly in my pom
[20:25:59] <jose_freitas> hmm
[20:26:10] <jose_freitas> in that case I want to see what jboss guys have to say
[20:26:22] <jose_freitas> hehehe
[20:26:39] <jose_freitas> hehehe
[20:43:03] *** sanne has quit IRC
[20:46:56] *** kevinpollet has joined #seam-dev
[20:48:00] *** antoine_sd has joined #seam-dev
[20:56:28] *** bleathem_busy is now known as bleathem
[21:05:35] *** nilian has joined #seam-dev
[21:06:00] <bleathem> now freaking eclipse won't respond to mouse clicks
[21:06:06] <bleathem> I hate eclipse, i really do
[21:06:39] <jose_freitas> hehehe
[21:09:26] <jose_freitas> you at least have the option to use intellij
[21:09:42] <jose_freitas> I don't like netbeans
[21:09:48] <jose_freitas> and I see eclipse really slow
[21:09:51] <jose_freitas> and sometimes fragile
[21:09:58] <jose_freitas> with it builders and validators
[21:10:16] <bleathem> I use Intellij on a day-to-day basis
[21:10:29] <bleathem> but I really like JBoss tools for working with JBoss AS
[21:10:35] <jose_freitas> yeah
[21:10:39] <bleathem> I just wish JBoss tools wasn't built on top of eclipse
[21:11:41] <jose_freitas> shh, don't say it out loud. I use eclipse on a day-to-day basis
[21:12:17] <gastaldi> bleathem: Try to increase your memory settings on Eclipse
[21:12:19] *** nilian has quit IRC
[21:12:27] *** jamezp is now known as jamezp_afk
[21:12:29] <gastaldi> It works fine for me if it uses more than 1Gb
[21:12:32] *** nilian has joined #seam-dev
[21:12:56] <gastaldi> :P I know, it´s ackward
[21:13:11] <gastaldi> awkward
[21:13:22] *** sannegrinovero has joined #seam-dev
[21:15:22] *** stuartdouglas has quit IRC
[21:32:03] *** msmigielski has joined #seam-dev
[21:32:24] *** stuartdouglas has joined #seam-dev
[21:44:35] *** nilian has quit IRC
[21:46:13] <bleathem> now I'm not stopping at any breakpoints
[21:46:41] <bleathem> Why does eclipse make this so hard?
[21:46:41] <gastaldi> bleathem: Try to place a breakpoint on a method signature
[21:48:22] <bleathem> howdoes eclipse indicate if the serve is in debug mode?
[21:48:39] *** alesj has joined #seam-dev
[21:48:47] <gastaldi> it says "Debug" in the Debug perspective
[21:49:09] <gastaldi> are u running the server inside eclipse ?
[21:49:13] <bleathem> I see terminated
[21:49:22] <bleathem> yes, I'm running the server (AS 6) in eclipse
[21:49:29] <gastaldi> hum, then it´s not running at all
[21:49:31] <gastaldi> :)
[21:49:53] <bleathem> No, it's running
[21:50:06] <bleathem> but if I stop it, then start it in "debug mode"
[21:50:16] <bleathem> it still says terminated in the debug window
[21:50:20] <gastaldi> hum
[21:50:22] <bleathem> but started in the servers window
[21:50:29] <gastaldi> Have your eclipse crashed ?
[21:50:43] <gastaldi> previously ?
[21:51:03] <bleathem> yes
[21:51:11] <bleathem> deleting server now, and restarting eclipse
[21:51:21] <gastaldi> wait
[21:51:31] <bleathem> aha
[21:51:33] <gastaldi> You might have a java.exe process
[21:51:38] <bleathem> there is still a java process running
[21:51:38] <gastaldi> Alone in the dark
[21:51:41] <gastaldi> yeah
[21:51:44] <bleathem> yes, that's it!
[21:51:55] <gastaldi> welcome to Eclipse world !
[21:52:07] <bleathem> kill -9 !!
[21:52:26] <gastaldi> bring that shit down
[21:52:27] <antoine_sd> had a lot of trouble with eclipse 64bits
[21:52:51] <bleathem> I think I'm running the 64bit one as well
[21:52:58] <gastaldi> me too
[21:53:09] <gastaldi> Had some issues with crashing
[21:53:20] <gastaldi> I wish Eclipse had a better deal with memory issues
[21:53:38] <gastaldi> like, fail gracefully and stuff
[21:54:04] <antoine_sd> reverted to jdk 32 on ubuntu
[21:54:17] <antoine_sd> + eclipse 32
[21:54:19] <bleathem> now it's debugging!
[21:54:24] <antoine_sd> far more stable
[21:54:40] <gastaldi> yaaay
[22:01:30] <nickarls> any SEAMINTL doodz around?
[22:03:20] *** gastaldi has quit IRC
[22:04:23] *** jamezp_afk is now known as jamezp
[22:09:36] *** stuartdouglas has quit IRC
[22:09:55] *** gastaldi has joined #seam-dev
[22:16:58] *** stuartdouglas has joined #seam-dev
[22:17:33] *** lightguard_jp has joined #seam-dev
[22:18:23] <gastaldi> anyone here using Google Voice ?
[22:22:01] *** ssachtleben has joined #seam-dev
[22:22:12] <ssachtleben> hey
[22:22:21] <ssachtleben> bleathem ping
[22:22:32] <bleathem> ssachtleben: pong
[22:22:50] *** rmartinelli has quit IRC
[22:22:52] <ssachtleben> did you changed something with encoding in faces?
[22:23:30] <ssachtleben> well I'm not sure but I made some seam modules updates and now I have issues with special characters
[22:23:49] <bleathem> no explicit changes...
[22:24:02] <ssachtleben> I mean 3.0.0 -> 3.0.2
[22:24:05] <bleathem> you upgraded from what version?
[22:24:05] <bleathem> ok
[22:24:12] <ssachtleben> well ok I will try 3.0.0 again
[22:24:13] <bleathem> and what is it that you see?
[22:24:32] <ssachtleben> ü -> ü
[22:24:48] <bleathem> in a what components?
[22:24:53] <ssachtleben> inputText
[22:25:13] <bleathem> just a vanilla input text?
[22:25:25] <ssachtleben> h:inputText
[22:25:29] <ssachtleben> nothing special
[22:25:38] <bleathem> is it in an inputcontainer?
[22:25:43] <ssachtleben> yeah
[22:25:59] <bleathem> we made some changes to inputContainer
[22:26:25] <bleathem> jose_freitas: any idea if the changes to the inputcontainer would cause problems rendering special characters?
[22:26:38] <ssachtleben> I try 3.0.0 and see if its really faces
[22:26:42] <jose_freitas> hm.. not that I'm aware of
[22:26:50] <ssachtleben> I have nearlly updated every dependency so I'm not sure why
[22:26:58] <ssachtleben> but I didnt changed my form or server settings for sure
[22:27:03] <jose_freitas> it happens ONLY with inputContainer?
[22:27:08] *** koentsje has quit IRC
[22:27:14] <bleathem> ssachtleben: if you do determine it is faces, would you mind trying 3.0.1?
[22:27:16] <ssachtleben> I have only inputs with container ;)
[22:27:18] <bleathem> to narrow down the source of the problem..
[22:27:24] <ssachtleben> yeah I try them
[22:27:28] <bleathem> thanks
[22:27:54] <ssachtleben> maybe its not faces just wanted to check if there was changes lately
[22:28:11] <ssachtleben> problem is german has alot of special characters and my whole page is fucked up now :(
[22:28:21] <bleathem> worth a check for sure, but no changes that I can think of
[22:28:30] <jose_freitas> I have this problem too with portuguese
[22:28:36] <jose_freitas> in general
[22:28:39] <bleathem> thanks jose_freitas - you're my goto guy for the inputConainer!
[22:29:50] <jose_freitas> hehehe
[22:30:11] <jose_freitas> I think there's nothing related to neither in xhtml nor the backing component
[22:30:15] <ssachtleben> I need some time to narrow it down I post my results later and issues at jiira if needed
[22:30:29] <jose_freitas> maybe you could try an input outside the inputcontainer
[22:31:43] <gastaldi> are u using UTF-8 as the response encoding ?
[22:32:27] <gastaldi> No
[22:32:29] <gastaldi> ssachtleben: If you are running in Google Chrome you can check the headers
[22:32:49] <ssachtleben> I dont use any encoding settings in my application
[22:32:51] <gastaldi> See what´s the header response
[22:33:13] <gastaldi> Any filter who calls response.setCharacterEncoding ?
[22:33:44] <gastaldi> Dies ist eine schwierige Situation zu lösen
[22:33:45] <nickarls> jose: do you think the implementation in the comments of https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SEAMINTL-15 would be ok?
[22:33:47] <jbossbot> jira [SEAMINTL-15] DB-based messages and other external sources [Open (Unresolved) Feature Request, Major, Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SEAMINTL-15
[22:49:39] <gastaldi> Bizza
[22:51:22] *** mgoldmann has quit IRC
[22:58:57] <jose_freitas> hey nickarls, just saw your message. I'll take a look tomorrow, and I'll catch you up for discussion.
[22:59:05] *** jose_freitas has quit IRC
[22:59:38] *** kenfinnigan has joined #seam-dev
[23:00:17] <lightguard_jp> Dang, meeting time sure came quickly
[23:00:24] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o lightguard_jp
[23:00:28] *** lightguard_jp sets mode: +o jbott
[23:00:40] <kenfinnigan> lightguard_jp: busy day?
[23:00:44] *** oskutka has joined #seam-dev
[23:01:01] <lightguard_jp> Yeah, but not with work.
[23:01:13] <kenfinnigan> that's no good
[23:01:30] <lightguard_jp> One of those days when there's more things to do than there feels like time to do them all.
[23:01:49] <kenfinnigan> how is that different from every other day? ;-)
[23:02:12] <lightguard_jp> Some days don't feel like that for me :)
[23:02:33] <kenfinnigan> lucky man
[23:02:44] *** gastaldi has quit IRC
[23:03:01] <lightguard_jp> #startmeeting
[23:03:01] <jbott> Meeting started Wed Aug 3 21:00:09 2011 UTC. The chair is lightguard_jp. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
[23:03:01] <jbott> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
[23:03:29] *** gastaldi has joined #seam-dev
[23:03:40] <kenfinnigan> starting on time is nice!
[23:03:49] <antoine_sd> great
[23:04:01] <lightguard_jp> Welcome everyone! Today's meeting will probably be a little laid back
[23:04:10] <lightguard_jp> There aren't a lot of topics :)
[23:04:14] <gastaldi> :)
[23:04:48] <lightguard_jp> #topic Action Item Follow up
[23:04:49] *** jbott changes topic to "Action Item Follow up"
[23:05:22] <lightguard_jp> #info Ken sent out an email about testing in International that we're hoping to adopt for other modules
[23:05:27] <gastaldi> so ?
[23:05:41] <lightguard_jp> #info If you haven't had time to look at it, please do and send comments to the list
[23:06:01] <kenfinnigan> are we planning on mandating the testsuite proposal for Seam 3.1?
[23:06:06] <lightguard_jp> The other item is a list of items for the Hack Night from Shane
[23:06:08] <kenfinnigan> or only if leads choose to?
[23:06:16] *** aslak has quit IRC
[23:06:18] <lightguard_jp> Which hasn't gone out yet, but I hope it will soon :)
[23:06:24] <kenfinnigan> and then mandate post 3.1?
[23:06:35] <lightguard_jp> kenfinnigan: That's a good question.
[23:06:50] <kenfinnigan> given the first beta i think is in a fortnight
[23:07:09] <lightguard_jp> Seeing how we're spanning vacation time for a lot of people for this release it may be better to mandate it after 3.1
[23:07:11] *** mojavelinux has joined #seam-dev
[23:07:16] <kenfinnigan> makes sense
[23:07:17] <lightguard_jp> kenfinnigan: Yeah, you're correct
[23:07:24] <lightguard_jp> welcome mojavelinux
[23:07:36] <lightguard_jp> Talking about testing at the moment.
[23:07:44] <mojavelinux> hey all! I've been on the road workin' hard for you all :)
[23:07:45] <gastaldi> Welcome mojavelinux !
[23:07:52] <kenfinnigan> welcome mojavelinux!
[23:07:58] <kenfinnigan> we appreciate it
[23:08:22] <mojavelinux> welcome hannelita! So excited to have you joining in!
[23:08:23] <lightguard_jp> #info Seeing how we're spanning vacation time for a lot of people for this release it may be better to mandate it after 3.1
[23:08:28] <lightguard_jp> Sorry, had to get that in the minutes.
[23:08:37] <kenfinnigan> np
[23:08:40] <lightguard_jp> Ah, yes.
[23:08:40] <gastaldi> sure
[23:08:42] <kenfinnigan> #agreed
[23:08:49] <lightguard_jp> I introduced hannelita on the mailing list.
[23:08:54] <lightguard_jp> Everyone get a chance to read that?
[23:08:56] <mojavelinux> I know, I'm slow on the responses
[23:09:02] <gastaldi> yup
[23:09:18] <antoine_sd> yes
[23:09:37] <lightguard_jp> Excellent, looking forward to the work she'll help us out with.
[23:09:43] <lightguard_jp> #info Welcome hannelita!
[23:09:44] <antoine_sd> Seam is popular in brazil
[23:09:48] <gastaldi> mojavelinux: You should write another Seam book. I recommended Seam in Action to my folks and they loved it !
[23:09:54] <ssachtleben> bleathem: its not seam faces :( problem occures also with 3.0.0 and I have no clue right now why the special characters went wrong after invoke the submit method
[23:10:10] <lightguard_jp> #topic Seam Render
[23:10:11] *** jbott changes topic to "Seam Render"
[23:10:11] <gastaldi> antoine_sd: Indeed it is
[23:10:18] <lightguard_jp> I'll give this one to gastaldi.
[23:10:22] <gastaldi> cool
[23:10:32] <gastaldi> I´ve been working on Seam Reports lately
[23:10:38] <bleathem> ssachtleben: character encoding issues are never fun :(
[23:10:38] <bleathem> but I'm glad to hear it's not faces!
[23:10:45] <gastaldi> And then I compared the current features with Seam Render
[23:11:15] <gastaldi> And figured it out that Seam Render may be replaced with a Seam Reports MVEL2 implementation
[23:11:33] <kenfinnigan> deliberately or by accident?
[23:11:41] <gastaldi> by accident :)
[23:11:59] <gastaldi> I pushed a MVEL2 impl already on develop branch
[23:12:14] <gastaldi> It´s working fine by now
[23:12:18] <kenfinnigan> if that's the result, is there anything stopping reports from using render?
[23:12:32] <gastaldi> Well, I thought about that also
[23:12:47] <gastaldi> That´s an option
[23:13:09] <hannelita> hi all! Sorry, got late for the meeting
[23:13:11] <gastaldi> The fact is that Seam Render doesn´t seem to evolute any further
[23:13:35] <lightguard_jp> Are there things that Render does that Reports mvel isn't doing?
[23:13:51] <gastaldi> I couldn´t find one
[23:14:18] *** msmigielski has quit IRC
[23:14:20] <lightguard_jp> Hm
[23:14:52] <kenfinnigan> not sure other's opinion, but I'd lean towards re-using an existing module as opposed to replicating the functionality
[23:14:53] <lightguard_jp> It's good that we're moving things around and getting the support, but the Reports module is starting to shape up into what I had envisioned Seam Templates to be :)
[23:14:55] <kenfinnigan> but that's just me
[23:15:13] <gastaldi> lightguard_jp: indeed it is
[23:15:32] *** johnament has joined #seam-dev
[23:15:34] <lightguard_jp> I think I'd like to to keep things separate, or evolve Seam Reports into Seam Template
[23:15:42] <lightguard_jp> welcome johnament!
[23:15:46] <gastaldi> Seam Templates as a new module ?
[23:15:49] <kenfinnigan> lightguard_jp: agree
[23:15:58] *** lincolnthree has joined #seam-dev
[23:16:03] <lincolnthree> Sorry I'm late.
[23:16:07] <kenfinnigan> we don't want to start creating multi functional modules that do too much and become heavyweight
[23:16:08] <lincolnthree> Hi everyone.
[23:16:12] <kenfinnigan> hey lincolnthree
[23:16:13] <lightguard_jp> If we did that, then I think the path would be more clear for using Seam Report / Template in Mail, and possibly in other uses as well.
[23:16:14] <johnament> I need to do a push hold on
[23:16:27] <gastaldi> yeah
[23:16:34] <lightguard_jp> So Seam Template would have pluggable input and export ability.
[23:16:39] <lightguard_jp> It's really just the engine.
[23:16:47] <gastaldi> I thought about that because Seam Reports allows PDF/DOCX/ODT generation as well
[23:16:57] <lightguard_jp> I think with xdoc... what was it? It's very much become that.
[23:17:09] <gastaldi> So it could extend Seam Mail functionality
[23:17:15] <gastaldi> lightguard_jp: XDocReport you mean ?
[23:17:18] <lightguard_jp> Yeah
[23:17:32] *** rruss has quit IRC
[23:17:37] <lightguard_jp> Really not sure why they called it "Report" it's so much more than that :)
[23:17:47] <gastaldi> it´s kinda a templating engine using DOCX as the template
[23:17:52] <lightguard_jp> Yeah
[23:17:59] <gastaldi> Here is the link: http://code.google.com/p/xdocreport/
[23:18:07] <lightguard_jp> Does it support other MS outputs or just docx?
[23:18:18] <gastaldi> So it allows generating PDF, DOCX, ODT, XHTML, you name it
[23:19:07] <gastaldi> It´s a perfect match for Seam Reports
[23:19:25] <lightguard_jp> Okay, so we now have input being from Freemarker, Velocity, Seam Render and xdocreport and export being pentaho, jasper, pdf, xhtml, odt, and excel ?
[23:19:57] <johnament> that makes me cringe
[23:20:32] <lincolnthree> gastaldi: so you switched from MVEL to Seam Render?
[23:20:51] *** gastaldi_ has joined #seam-dev
[23:21:00] <gastaldi_> Sorry, got disconnected
[23:21:12] <gastaldi_> lightguard_jp: Yes
[23:21:12] <lincolnthree> gastaldi_: so you switched from MVEL to Seam Render?
[23:21:22] <gastaldi_> lincolnthree: No
[23:21:33] <gastaldi_> lincolnthree: That´s what it must be decided in here :)
[23:21:55] *** gastaldi has quit IRC
[23:22:01] *** gastaldi_ is now known as gastaldi
[23:22:37] <lightguard_jp> #info I'd like to put forth the motion then to rename Seam Reports to Seam Template. There may also need to be some changes to make integration easier.
[23:22:59] <johnament> gastaldi: can one of the outputs be a jms message?
[23:22:59] <gastaldi> humm
[23:23:11] <lightguard_jp> That way it can be used for all of our templating needs.
[23:23:32] <gastaldi> johnament: Well, you have a Renderer, so anything you write to an OutputStream is valid
[23:23:52] <alesj> mojavelinux: ping
[23:23:56] <johnament> ok, add that to your TODOs
[23:24:10] <alesj> mojavelinux: wazup with our CDI workshop deal ...
[23:24:43] <gastaldi> johnament: I need more info about that, so a JIRA issue explaining it would help :)
[23:25:23] <gastaldi> I like the Seam Template idea
[23:25:38] <gastaldi> After all a report IS a template :)
[23:25:47] <lincolnthree> What is the mission of Seam Reports as it stands right now?
[23:25:59] <mojavelinux> alesj: i am just flooded and haven't been able to focus on a response...i'm avoiding it in part because we are going to have to do the virtual machine again because it needs to be updated with the new stack JBoss Tools, AS 7, etc
[23:26:01] <lincolnthree> In one or two sentences.
[23:26:21] <gastaldi> Report generation using CDI
[23:26:24] <alesj> mojavelinux: nah, you just send it over
[23:26:32] <alesj> mojavelinux: and I can work on that as well
[23:26:41] <gastaldi> Withouth the thing-ma-bobs of each framework
[23:26:41] <lincolnthree> Ok, that's the purpose, what makes this unique?
[23:26:43] <mojavelinux> but I need to figure out how to transfer it, since it's like 4GB
[23:26:44] <alesj> mojavelinux: as I need it for Slo JBUG in few weeks
[23:26:52] <gastaldi> It´s a bridge for each framework
[23:26:58] <lincolnthree> So an abstracted report generation framework with CDI integration?
[23:27:02] <gastaldi> Yeah
[23:27:03] <mojavelinux> i'll respond in e-mail
[23:27:05] <lincolnthree> Can you define "report" ?
[23:27:22] <gastaldi> A Report is a filled template
[23:27:22] <alesj> mojavelinux: AS7 is just another env to deploy
[23:27:29] <alesj> mojavelinux: the best one of course
[23:27:42] <gastaldi> or in other terms, a Report Definition
[23:27:45] <alesj> mojavelinux: but that shouldn't change the workshop / slides
[23:28:19] <gastaldi> So you have the steps of loading the report definition, filling it with values and rendering to a specific format
[23:28:34] <lincolnthree> So the object is to be able to generate *any* output with *any* supported templating language?
[23:28:34] <mojavelinux> okay, i'll just collect it up and get it sent over...I apologize for leaving you hanging...i've been getting pulled in a lot of different directions lately
[23:28:41] <gastaldi> lincolnthree: Yes
[23:28:41] <johnament> brb
[23:28:50] <lincolnthree> gastaldi: ok, I don't think Report is the right word then, I agree
[23:28:50] <kenfinnigan> that does sound more like a template system than a report one
[23:29:05] <gastaldi> Makes sense to be Seam Template then
[23:29:21] <lincolnthree> gastaldi: yeah, so then the question is
[23:29:25] <lincolnthree> What is Seam Render?
[23:29:25] <lightguard_jp> Sounds like we're all in agreement then?
[23:29:31] <alesj> mojavelinux: np, i know you're super busy .. as is mostly every one
[23:29:41] <mojavelinux> hehehe
[23:29:44] <alesj> mojavelinux: simple info would be fine … as no pressure … yet
[23:29:44] <alesj> :-)
[23:29:48] <gastaldi> Who is the leader of Seam Render ?
[23:29:50] <lincolnthree> Me
[23:29:51] <lincolnthree> lol
[23:29:54] <gastaldi> lol
[23:30:00] <gastaldi> So you tell us :)
[23:30:05] <alesj> mojavelinux: but yeah, send it over, whatever yoy have
[23:30:18] <lincolnthree> Seam render's mission is to integrate CDI beans and injection into MVEL templates
[23:30:18] <alesj> mojavelinux: and I'll fix/adjust some of it
[23:30:23] <mojavelinux> reports are clearly distinct from rendered output
[23:30:23] <alesj> mojavelinux: and send it back to you
[23:30:29] <lincolnthree> In a high-performance design.
[23:30:36] <mojavelinux> reports are really about intelligence and the presentation of information
[23:30:56] <mojavelinux> so in my mind, seam reports is about integrating with report engines
[23:31:02] <lincolnthree> that's what I thought too
[23:31:06] <gastaldi> indeed
[23:31:08] <kenfinnigan> that was my thought
[23:31:10] <mojavelinux> once you get to an ad-hoc rendering concern, I think you are talking about a templating system
[23:31:17] <lincolnthree> right.
[23:31:19] <kenfinnigan> which is why I thought reports would use render for some stuff
[23:31:21] <lightguard_jp> Sounds like that idea has morphed over time in the Reports module.
[23:31:32] <lincolnthree> And in that case, maybe Seam Render should be exapanded to support that, not necessarily reports?
[23:31:39] <mojavelinux> they can certainly share code and interfaces where necessary, but if you try to get too "one size fits all" you lose value on either side
[23:31:46] <mojavelinux> for instance, reports have very well defined structures
[23:31:46] <lincolnthree> So remove the templating functionality from Reports, and put it into Render
[23:31:52] <lightguard_jp> You could use the current Seam Reports to craft a Reporting solution. But as it currently stands Seam Reports is more than that.
[23:31:53] <mojavelinux> header/footer bands, summation sections, etc
[23:32:15] <mojavelinux> those aren't really logical structures in a templating system
[23:32:16] <lightguard_jp> Or the core templating features could be pulled out into Seam Template and Seam Report would just contain the bits to integrate with the Reporting technologies.
[23:32:23] <gastaldi> Well, Seam Reports abstracts report engines
[23:32:29] <mojavelinux> yes, that's good
[23:32:33] <lincolnthree> lightguard_jp: yea
[23:32:34] *** alazarot has joined #seam-dev
[23:32:34] <mojavelinux> but it shouldn't abstract report concepts
[23:32:58] <gastaldi> hum
[23:32:58] <mojavelinux> the focus should be on leveraging reporting technologies as much as possible
[23:33:08] <mojavelinux> not watering them down
[23:33:10] <mojavelinux> with that said
[23:33:30] <kenfinnigan> That's a good point, we don't want reports so abstract that you don't have the concept of a "report" anymore
[23:33:33] <mojavelinux> I think that seam template could venture into a wide range of output media types
[23:33:41] <kenfinnigan> and lose ability to do pretty presentation stuff
[23:34:00] <mojavelinux> and perhaps leverage some of the reporting engines to do so, if that option makes sense (careful not to have circular dependencies)
[23:34:15] <lightguard_jp> Maybe we add the templating features of the current Seam Reports into Seam Render (as Render is broad enough it could be templates). Then Seam Reports integrates with Seam Render.
[23:34:27] <kenfinnigan> lightguard_jp: that would be my view
[23:34:36] <mojavelinux> yeah
[23:34:57] <kenfinnigan> reports needs to be a at a higher level than render in terms of functionality
[23:35:02] <mojavelinux> and remember that seam render itself needs to be pretty lean, because it is going to be the core of something like a view technology (MVC)
[23:35:04] <gastaldi> Rendering outputs are handled by reporting engines as well
[23:35:07] *** lazarotti has quit IRC
[23:35:09] <lightguard_jp> #undo
[23:35:10] <jbott> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x16afe10>
[23:35:18] <stuartdouglas> morning
[23:35:32] <lightguard_jp> welcome stuartdouglas!
[23:35:35] <gastaldi> For example, a JasperReport, object can only be rendered using Jasper API
[23:35:36] <lincolnthree> If Seam Render is pluggable, and has modules that handle specific template integrations, then we don't need to worry about it being too fat
[23:36:04] <lightguard_jp> Do we like this current idea of moving functionality into Render and having Reports depend on Render?
[23:36:05] <gastaldi> lincolnthree: So Seam Render needs a refactor ?
[23:36:24] <lightguard_jp> We could also pull things from Mail into Render or have an integration there.
[23:36:29] <lincolnthree> gastaldi: probably not much of one
[23:36:32] <lincolnthree> but yes
[23:36:40] <lincolnthree> it would probably need a refactor
[23:36:46] <lightguard_jp> sbryzak: Are you here?
[23:36:46] <lincolnthree> it's pretty generic as is
[23:37:11] <gastaldi> hum, That may impact Reports API as well
[23:37:21] <gastaldi> I guess
[23:37:21] <mojavelinux> I would also say to George, feel free to hack on Seam Render...you certainly don't have to feel like you are stuck with the current state of it
[23:37:45] <gastaldi> mojavelinux: No problem, just need to figure out what is the best solution :)
[23:37:51] <mojavelinux> mail should definitely leverage render for generating content sections
[23:38:02] <kenfinnigan> there is probably stuff from mail that could be pulled back into render as well
[23:38:03] <lincolnthree> gastaldi: render also has a nice resource abstraction already: https://github.com/seam/render/blob/master/src/main/java/org/jboss/seam/render/template/resource/InputStreamTemplateResource.java
[23:38:18] <gastaldi> lincolnthree: That´s also provided by Solder
[23:38:25] <lincolnthree> and a nice resolver abstraction https://github.com/seam/render/blob/master/src/main/java/org/jboss/seam/render/template/resolver/FileTemplateResolver.java
[23:38:46] <lincolnthree> gastaldi: it is? i don't think that's the same thing
[23:38:51] <lincolnthree> maybe I'm wrong
[23:39:04] <lincolnthree> this resolver has some features required for checking modified times and such
[23:39:04] <gastaldi> I mean the @Resource annotation in solder
[23:39:10] <lightguard_jp> Do we want to explore this some more on the list before we come up with a resolution?
[23:39:13] <mojavelinux> that's just for pulling things out of the classpath
[23:39:17] <lincolnthree> yeah, let's explore
[23:39:30] <gastaldi> #agreed to explore
[23:39:31] <lincolnthree> but gastaldi, I'd say lets work on trying to expand seam render to support the templating aspects
[23:39:39] <lincolnthree> and see if that is a viable option
[23:39:48] <gastaldi> I´m cool with that
[23:39:58] <lincolnthree> we're gonna be best friends!
[23:40:01] <gastaldi> haha
[23:40:03] <kenfinnigan> lol
[23:40:07] <lincolnthree> *crickets*
[23:40:21] <gastaldi> hahaha
[23:40:30] <lightguard_jp> #agreed Further discussion about the idea of expanding Seam Render to supply templating functionality of current Seam Reports on the mailing list.
[23:40:52] <lightguard_jp> Good discussion. I hope it continues on the mailing list.
[23:40:58] <lincolnthree> Already is.
[23:41:02] <gastaldi> Yeah
[23:41:04] <lightguard_jp> Of course feel free to discuss it here in IRC and use jbott if needed.
[23:41:08] <lightguard_jp> Or if it helps.
[23:41:36] <gastaldi> ok, next topic then ?
[23:41:37] <lightguard_jp> #topic Module Report
[23:41:37] *** jbott changes topic to "Module Report"
[23:41:47] <gastaldi> what ? Report again ? :D
[23:41:49] <gastaldi> lol
[23:41:59] <lightguard_jp> Of all the leads here, please let us know the current state wrt the beta of Seam 3.1 coming up.
[23:42:17] <gastaldi> Seam Reports is Beta1 and rockin
[23:42:20] *** alazarot has quit IRC
[23:42:22] <kenfinnigan> i18n - few things I need to do, but should be ok
[23:42:23] <lightguard_jp> Let us know how close to a release you are (or if you just did one), and any blockers.
[23:42:40] <kenfinnigan> I expect there will be another i18n release later in the year that will be more feature rich
[23:42:46] <kenfinnigan> haven't had much time of late to work on it
[23:43:02] <lightguard_jp> Catch had a 3.1.0.Alpha release a couple of weeks back, hoping to do a Beta in another week with improved testing and javadoc.
[23:43:20] <lightguard_jp> kenfinnigan: Before or after 3.1
[23:43:39] <lincolnthree> lightguard_jp: bleathem is not here at the moment - but there's something I'd like to get in to Seam Faces before we release. I'd like to migrate PrettyFaces to Rewrite. I've started talking with him about that.
[23:43:40] <kenfinnigan> another release after, which would be 3.2
[23:43:53] <bleathem> I'm here
[23:43:57] <lightguard_jp> kenfinnigan: Okay, great.
[23:44:02] <lincolnthree> ah hi bleathem
[23:44:09] <lightguard_jp> I know Faces has had a couple of small releases.
[23:44:12] <lightguard_jp> I think it's at 3.0.2
[23:44:28] <bleathem> Faces is at 3.0.2
[23:44:29] <lightguard_jp> bleathem: lincolnthree would that be a 3.1 release or a 3.0.3?
[23:44:48] <lincolnthree> lightguard_jp: whenever it's done I suppose. if we get it done sooner, I guess 3.0.3
[23:44:57] <lincolnthree> But I want to target 3.1
[23:45:22] <bleathem> we'll keep doing 0.0.1 relesases until the rest of Seam goes 3.1
[23:45:32] <lincolnthree> bleathem: roger
[23:45:35] <alesj> mojavelinux: so, waiting for your email, right?
[23:45:44] <alesj> with the slides, etc .. ;-)
[23:45:46] <lightguard_jp> Okay, great.
[23:46:00] <gastaldi> What´s the status of Drools and JBPM modules ?
[23:46:12] <lightguard_jp> Oh, I should have said to put #info before your reports so it shows up in the minutes.
[23:46:15] <bleathem> mojavelinux: s:viewAction is another issue for 3.1
[23:46:16] <lightguard_jp> :)
[23:46:22] <lightguard_jp> gastaldi: Not really sure
[23:46:32] <lightguard_jp> bleathem: I think s:entityConverter is as well.
[23:46:33] <gastaldi> tsurdilo: you there ?
[23:46:44] <tsurdilo> hi gastaldi
[23:46:48] <johnament> Seam JMS is frozen at 3.0.0.CR1 until after Beta1 and Seam JCR will have a 3.0.0.Beta1 next week at the rate I'm going
[23:46:49] <gastaldi> hey
[23:47:23] <lightguard_jp> johnament: Any issues making it Final for the 3.1.0.Final release?
[23:47:27] <gastaldi> tsurdilo: Can you report Seam Drools status ?
[23:47:33] <lightguard_jp> Probably in about two months
[23:47:40] <johnament> lightguard_jp: both should be fine.
[23:47:57] <johnament> lightguard_jp: i'm contemplating making the current seam jms a rebuild for final, no issues encountered so far.
[23:48:10] <lightguard_jp> johnament: Great, thanks.
[23:48:20] <lightguard_jp> clerum1: If you're here, could you report on mail please?
[23:48:29] <tsurdilo> gastaldi: from the drools teams perspective its stuck at the xml configuration. trying to get the existing spring and seam3 configs aligned up and reusable across the two integration points
[23:48:37] <gastaldi> we need to get more people testing and using the modules
[23:48:48] <gastaldi> tsurdilo: cool
[23:48:55] <lightguard_jp> johnament or gastaldi: JCR report?
[23:49:02] <tsurdilo> gastaldi: i need some help from seam team to try to get that done
[23:49:05] <gastaldi> lightguard_jp: I believe johnament already did
[23:49:08] <johnament> lightguard_jp: see above
[23:49:38] <gastaldi> tsurdilo: Cool, send the questions to the dev-list
[23:49:40] <lightguard_jp> I must have missed it :)
[23:50:02] <gastaldi> #info Seam JCR will have a 3.0.0.Beta1 next week
[23:50:03] <lightguard_jp> gastaldi: Wait for JMS or JCR?
[23:50:14] <johnament> lightguard_jp: i gave both
[23:50:22] <gastaldi> lightguard_jp: On the same statement
[23:50:27] <lightguard_jp> Oh, it was on the same line, yep.
[23:50:32] <gastaldi> #info Seam JMS is frozen at 3.0.0.CR1 until after Beta1
[23:50:36] <lightguard_jp> mojavelinux: Servlet?
[23:50:42] <lightguard_jp> stuartdouglas: Persistence?
[23:50:54] <johnament> what about the transaction module?
[23:50:56] <gastaldi> #info Seam Reports is Beta1. The API might need some work for Seam Render integration
[23:51:03] <gastaldi> Yeah, the transaction module
[23:51:09] <stuartdouglas> sbryzak was going to release it, not sure if he did or not
[23:51:12] <gastaldi> Shane said he would split it up
[23:51:14] <lightguard_jp> johnament: I know sbryzak was hoping to get to that this week, maybe next week.
[23:51:48] <lightguard_jp> stuartdouglas: I haven't seen one.
[23:52:02] <lightguard_jp> This would be 3.0.1.Alpha1 or Beta1?
[23:52:11] <gastaldi> and wicket module ?
[23:52:22] <johnament> what about faces?
[23:52:34] <gastaldi> cron, mail ?
[23:52:35] <lightguard_jp> gastaldi: Ah, yep forgot that one
[23:52:48] <gastaldi> social, validation ?
[23:52:51] <lightguard_jp> I don't see Cody report, and Peter isn't here to report on Cron.
[23:53:01] <gastaldi> clerum1: You there ?
[23:53:02] <lightguard_jp> Yep, thanks.
[23:53:06] <lightguard_jp> antoine_sd: Social?
[23:53:24] <antoine_sd> Social is near Beta1
[23:53:27] <johnament> what about the bunny module?
[23:53:31] <gastaldi> hahaha
[23:53:34] <lightguard_jp> #info Seam Persistence is awaiting a release and to have Seam Transaction pulled out.
[23:53:40] <antoine_sd> just late on doc
[23:53:43] <lightguard_jp> antoine_sd: Any blockers?
[23:53:55] <antoine_sd> no, only time
[23:54:00] <kenfinnigan> think we probably need to have a solder release as well
[23:54:08] <kenfinnigan> so all the modules can align with the latest release of that
[23:54:24] <lightguard_jp> kenfinnigan: We may need to, not sure, we'll have to look at it.
[23:54:41] <antoine_sd> what is the exact date for beta 1 deadline ?
[23:54:59] <lightguard_jp> #action look into Seam Solder release, if it's needed, what we need to do, additional features, etc
[23:55:02] *** iphands has quit IRC
[23:55:13] <gastaldi> What about finding people to test all the modules ?
[23:55:14] <lightguard_jp> antoine_sd: Couple of weeks, don't remember the exact date.
[23:55:23] <gastaldi> Or some of them ?
[23:55:31] <lightguard_jp> gastaldi: We'll need to work with Red Hat QE to get that all setup.
[23:56:18] <ssachtleben> lightguard_jp: cron tag before couple of weeks would be really nice since the current tag is unusable
[23:56:25] <johnament> lightguard_jp: i think at a minimum every module needs a release to remove the combined jar
[23:56:29] <gastaldi> yeah, I mean, creating an application, using the apis etc
[23:56:43] <lightguard_jp> johnament: Yes, Shane was going to do that (removing the combined jar)
[23:56:49] <gastaldi> johnament: Couldn´t agree more
[23:56:53] <lightguard_jp> gastaldi: Yes, we do need more examples.
[23:56:57] <johnament> well, the leads can do it to as they're releasing
[23:56:58] <lightguard_jp> And more cross module examples.
[23:57:11] <gastaldi> lightguard_jp: indeed
[23:57:14] <lightguard_jp> johnament: I think we need one of them to do it so the rest can follow.
[23:57:18] <mojavelinux> part of the issue is that I think we need an examples driver
[23:57:26] <mojavelinux> examples is itself a module of sort
[23:57:27] <johnament> lightguard_jp: i already did it on jms
[23:57:33] <kenfinnigan> not sure that ticket monster will have much work done before 3.1
[23:57:35] <lightguard_jp> ssachtleben: Would you send an email to Peter and the seam-dev list and ask please?
[23:57:37] <gastaldi> mojavelinux: There is a Seam University sbryzak is working on
[23:57:58] <gastaldi> It´s already using some of the modules
[23:57:59] <lightguard_jp> kenfinnigan: I think we lost steam on ticket bastard. Too many other things have come up.
[23:58:01] <gastaldi> Like Seam JCR
[23:58:13] <kenfinnigan> lightguard_jp: certainly
[23:58:31] <kenfinnigan> I know the focus of 3.1 is stability and documentation improvements
[23:58:31] <mojavelinux> my personal opinion is that creating a website is not a viable example
[23:58:33] <lightguard_jp> Actually, that may be a good place for hannelita :)
[23:58:41] <gastaldi> #agreed
[23:58:46] <kenfinnigan> I think 3.2 should focus on better and more real world examples
[23:58:49] <gastaldi> With both statementes
[23:58:52] <gastaldi> statements
[23:58:53] <lightguard_jp> hannelita: What do you think? Would you like to be our Example Leader / Driver?
[23:59:11] <johnament> seam university is the example app for seam jcr
[23:59:17] <lightguard_jp> kenfinnigan: 3.2 or 3.1?
[23:59:22] <mojavelinux> we need a business example, and we have them, we just need to find someone interested in focus on it...which should actually be really fun to see it all come together
[23:59:24] <hannelita> lightguard_jp: Sure
[23:59:29] <gastaldi> hannelita: lightguard_jp will buy you some Starbucks coffee if you need :)
[23:59:45] <kenfinnigan> lightguard_jp: 3.2 focus on examples, as there is not time to have good quality apps written in a couple of weeks
[23:59:45] <johnament> gastaldi: for some reason i think not
[23:59:53] <lightguard_jp> We've just graduated another community leader :)
[23:59:59] <gastaldi> Yaaay !

   August 3, 2011  
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