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   October 13, 2013  
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[00:00:26] <fxhp> Oh yeah
[00:00:27] <fxhp> see it
[00:00:30] <fxhp> and done
[00:02:08] <Licenser> http://project-fifo.net/display/PF/Machine+Details
[00:03:07] <fxhp> You have no clue how giddy this stack makes me
[00:03:59] <fxhp> the donate link is broke
[00:12:03] <Licenser> ah yea we'll look into that :) not a big problem
[02:08:49] <trentster> fxhp: that ebay deal is a great buy at a great price ;-)
[02:15:04] <trentster> fxhp: Licenser looking at fixing the donate problem now, seems like paypal requires more information to validate the account, weird how it was working before.. sigh!
[02:24:56] <fxhp> trentster - Yeah, I think I got a steal
[02:25:07] <fxhp> since then the seller raise prices
[02:25:46] <fxhp> with a 2TB mirror
[02:25:52] <fxhp> and 48G memory
[02:26:06] <fxhp> my real bottle neck is going to be CPU
[02:26:44] <Licenser> fxhp I'd guess it still will be mem
[02:26:55] <fxhp> I estimate it will support a bucket of VM's though
[02:27:00] <fxhp> You think memory?
[02:27:43] <fxhp> I had a KVM box with 8 guests fight over CPU (it was RHEL 6)
[02:28:03] <fxhp> they also fought over IO when the all kicked off an antivirus scan at the same time
[02:28:20] <fxhp> (staggered that after a couple weeks of analyzing)
[02:28:50] <Licenser> well memory can't be shared CPU ca
[02:28:59] <fxhp> True
[02:29:04] <Licenser> and my experience is that most systems run very low on cpu most of the time
[02:29:43] * fxhp nods
[02:30:55] <fxhp> I guess it depends on how demanding the memory footprint of each of the VM services.
[02:32:21] <Licenser> yea
[02:32:44] <trentster> fxhp: how much did you pay for the drives for the server?
[02:33:12] <fxhp> Right now I have GZ + Fifo zone + two ubuntu VMs spun up, and its only drawing 140 watts
[02:33:25] <fxhp> $99 each, shipped
[02:33:37] <trentster> fxhp: are they sas drives and what size?
[02:33:44] <fxhp> so 460 + 200 ~= $660
[02:34:01] <fxhp> Nope SATA 6.0, 2TB
[02:34:03] <fxhp> in a mirror
[02:34:07] <trentster> Does thes erver do jbod passthrough?
[02:34:21] <fxhp> Um, well I think so
[02:34:39] <fxhp> because I didn't have to setup single raid 0
[02:34:40] <Licenser> fxhp if you can move the stuff from the ubuntu VM towards zones ;)
[02:35:52] <fxhp> trentster - I didn't need to go into the RAID card to create a RAID, and both disks showed up right away
[02:36:17] <fxhp> Licenser - I want to learn solaris so I can use zones instead of VMs
[02:36:29] <Licenser> :)
[02:36:37] <fxhp> Licenser: right now the VMs are empty, just spun them up for testing
[02:36:43] <Licenser> ah
[02:37:03] <trentster> fxhp: nice little server, I want one, how noisy is it? is it usable in a home environment or does it sound like a jumbo jet taking off?
[02:37:23] <fxhp> I don't know enough about zones to do a backup, in fact I don't even know how to perform a backup of these KVM guests
[02:37:42] <fxhp> trentster - really quiet, I hardly notice it is on
[02:38:02] <fxhp> trentster - I also have a dell 2950 and that is WAY louder
[02:38:26] <fxhp> trentster: I don't have anything to measure decibals
[02:38:47] <fxhp> decibels*
[02:39:14] <fxhp> but it isn't loud
[02:40:07] <fxhp> On linux I use my virt-back script to perform backups of the img files: http://russell.ballestrini.net/virt-back-a-python-libvirt-backup-utility-for-kvm-xen-virtualbox/
[02:40:52] <fxhp> trentster - when it first boots it spins the fans really hard until POST finishes
[02:41:04] <fxhp> then it goes realy quiet
[02:41:52] <Licenser> fxhp you can snapshopt the zfs datasets )
[02:43:04] <fxhp> Licenser - so I've heard
[02:43:13] <Licenser> it's pretty neat
[02:43:16] <fxhp> Licenser: how do I make it go off site?
[02:43:23] * fxhp is paranoid
[02:43:26] <Licenser> zfs send works great
[02:44:12] <trentster> fxhp: I want one of them, only issue is shipping costs to Australia :-(
[02:45:34] <fxhp> yeah...
[02:47:42] <fxhp> It seems like a bunch of datacenters are "refreshing" hardware
[02:48:10] <fxhp> and the generations leaving the datacenters are perfect for virtualization
[02:48:14] <trentster> fxhp: yeah mainly due to rising power costs and server density
[02:49:29] <fxhp> Most of the Hex cores (6 cores) support EPT
[02:49:37] <fxhp> so thats why I went with this server
[02:49:54] <trentster> yeah anything 56XX an up supports ept afaik
[02:53:21] <fxhp> I was playing with the idea of getting this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DELL-POWEREDGE-C6100-XS23-TY3-4-x-Nodes-8-x-2-13GHz-Six-Core-L5639-96GB-RAILS-/131004521779?pt=COMP_EN_Servers&hash=item1e807a5d33
[02:53:53] <fxhp> but I would have needed 8 disks (I wouldn't have bought 2TB, maybe like 500G)
[02:54:39] <trentster> fxhp: thats also a steal...
[02:54:51] <fxhp> 4 nodes in 2 U
[02:55:01] <trentster> yup… thats perfect for DC
[02:55:03] <fxhp> makes me drool thinking about it
[02:55:04] <trentster> and tons of ram
[02:55:45] <trentster> oh its 96GB total, not per node..
[02:55:54] <trentster> if it was per node would be absolutely amazing.
[02:56:19] <fxhp> if it was per node I would have bought two
[02:56:21] <fxhp> haha
[02:56:40] <trentster> me 2 ;-)
[02:56:45] <fxhp> I would be broke but in heaven
[02:56:57] <trentster> I would have bought 5
[02:57:48] <trentster> the price of bringing each node to 48GB of ram would probably be 2X the cost of the server
[02:58:27] <fxhp> yeah, so you can't really buy it thinking you will upgrade RAM
[03:00:56] <fxhp> How much RAM do you guys normally give a zone/KVM ?
[03:01:01] <trentster> correct, the ram imho is the primary factor in purchasing.
[03:01:50] <trentster> I saw some supermicro 4 node server quite cheap a while back with each node having 128GB ram, was like $2100
[03:02:03] <trentster> in retrospect that would have been an amazing buy.
[03:02:54] <fxhp> yeah, agreed
[03:03:14] <fxhp> As I've grown older, I've become more stingy with my gear when I spend
[03:03:48] <fxhp> I used to drop 600+ on a gaming PC every 3 years or so
[03:05:07] <trentster> If I could recoup all the $$ I have spent on tech over the years I could easily buy a fancy house cash
[03:05:52] <fxhp> haha
[03:08:12] <Licenser> heh
[03:08:47] <trentster> I wish I was kidding :-P
[03:10:37] <fxhp> I get buyers remorse
[03:10:49] <fxhp> So I wait, and wait, and wait
[03:11:12] <fxhp> no remorse from the latest buy though, : )
[03:13:46] <fxhp> I'm going to bounce the HP G6 and setup the ILO
[03:18:17] <trentster> yeah that was a great deal for sure.
[03:32:00] <fxhp> Ohh, its configured in the system bios, I didn't expect that to be integrated because it is on a separate card
[03:35:09] <fxhp> Time to setup some DNS to make at least the hypervisor/ilo/fifo nodes REAL!
[03:36:37] <Licenser> real?
[03:40:14] <konobi> unbound ftw?
[03:53:52] <fxhp> I guess it would be better to say "real"
[03:54:11] <fxhp> (they were always real, this just makes them really real)
[03:54:46] <fxhp> Sort of a joke, I'm fooling around.
[03:55:38] <konobi> surprised there aren't any ipmi libraries available so you can implement the server side
[03:55:45] <fxhp> I think of naming a node's IP address with DNS records is a lot like christening a ship
[04:00:47] <konobi> i _just_ got mdns working at home
[04:03:42] <fxhp> What is mdns?
[04:05:12] <konobi> multicast dns... so hostname.local
[04:05:30] <konobi> or whatever multicast domain has been setup
[04:07:07] <fxhp> What benifits does mDNS offer over DNS (UDP) ?
[04:08:02] <konobi> it's also known as zeroconf
[04:08:53] <konobi> there's no central server
[04:28:20] <fxhp> Is this a windows thing? Sorry if I appear niave
[04:29:15] <konobi> nope, it's available on smartos, linux, windows, osx, etc.
[04:29:39] <konobi> fxhp: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero-configuration_networking
[04:33:08] <fxhp> reading now
[04:41:52] <fxhp> konobi: I still don't grasp how it works yet.
[04:42:47] <fxhp> konobi: do each of the peers distribute the table of names/addresses?
[04:44:15] <konobi> each host responds
[04:44:44] <konobi> it's a multicast request, so it goes out to everyone on the same L2 domain
[04:46:52] <fxhp> So each host knows its name, when a query goes out over multicast, all hosts are listening in, and if they see their name they respond with the answer
[04:47:49] <konobi> basically yeah
[04:48:27] <konobi> it's part of libresolv, but you might need to tweak your nsswitch.conf
[04:50:43] <fxhp> I see
[04:50:55] <fxhp> decent description here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToZeroconf
[04:51:04] <fxhp> """It works happily along side traditional tools. For example you may have an IP address allocated by DHCP and use DNS to resolve address on the web, but still use the hostname.local from MDNS (Multicast DNS) to resolve the addresses of other computers on the LAN. """
[04:51:13] <fxhp> that was my next question
[05:15:23] <trentster> konobi: you worked with any supermicro server gear in the past?
[07:15:33] *** trentster has quit IRC
[08:30:31] *** trentster has joined #project-FiFo
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[08:48:12] *** trentster has joined #project-FiFo
[12:16:43] <drscream> MerlinDMC: have you any special licenses (because couldn't find one) for your repos dsapi-ui and smartos-public-dsapi? i would like to modify the UI for our datasets and need the change the URLs on the about page, etc
[12:17:50] <MerlinDMC> drscream, the current repo status is desynced ... I did a rewrite of the backend services and the frontend code did change for that a little as well
[12:18:31] <drscream> ahh okey good to know :))
[16:27:31] *** mgls has joined #project-FiFo
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[21:39:30] <konobi> trentster: a little, but not recently
[23:10:00] *** mgls has quit IRC
[23:20:59] <Licenser> aloa

   October 13, 2013  
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