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   February 24, 2012  
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[00:24:29] <jimpop> echo "/^X-Priority/ IGNORE" >> /etc/postfix/header_checks.pcre
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[00:44:42] <eric357> good day! Postfix newbie here... is there a way to either throttle email sending to like 1 per hour or perhaps send an alarm if more than one email per hour is being sent?
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[01:01:47] <danblack> !tell eric357 policyd
[01:01:47] <knoba> eric357: "policyd" : (#1) http://www.policyd.org/ : an anti-spam Postfix policy daemon, or (#2) . It also can manage throttling of email and a variety of other things not handled by postfix directly
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[01:26:07] <eric357> I'll check out policyd, thanks
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[01:47:59] <petru> Hi, can anyone point out a few pro and cons of managing your own email (on vps, dedicated or collocated server)? Some links on the matter are also welcome :)
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[01:53:38] <Patrickdk> pros? none
[01:53:41] <Patrickdk> cons, it's hell
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[02:00:20] <petru> Patrickdk: I feel a bit uncomfortable that google deals with my email
[02:08:30] <Patrickdk> then why do you use google?
[02:08:47] <Patrickdk> there are hundreds if not thousands of people that do email
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[02:23:44] <seekwill> petru: From what sort of point of view? End user? Small business?
[02:25:36] <petru> seekwill: end user
[02:26:24] <seekwill> petru: You're better off having someone else deal with it, as it's more troublesome than it is worth
[02:26:46] <jimpop> ^^ +1
[02:26:48] <seekwill> There are many companies that will host email for you at different price ranges
[02:28:13] <seekwill> Our clients generally bring email in house when they want more control of the messaging experience, like dynamically created content or reporting directly into some BI system
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[02:35:04] <petru> hm
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[02:38:06] <seekwill> petru: Privacy is an important thing, but on the other hand, we're not as significant as we think :)
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[03:13:41] <anigma> so basically I've set up an email server with postfix, courier-imap (for testing purposes only) and mysql. When I add a new user to the MySQL db, how come no maildirs were created? The maildirs for the users are supposed to be in /var/vmail/domain/username/. Now, what gives? Where is the problem exactly?
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[05:15:52] <twb> I maintain a postfix+dovecot setup for inmates in several prisons. An idea one of the security staff just had is to artificially delay all inbound/outbound messages, because currently they're using email as a kind of instant messaging. The sheer number of messages makes it hard to monitor, and because it's near-real-time it's easier for them to send and receive orders to the outside world.
[05:16:27] <twb> What would be the best way to introduce such an artificial delay? Preferably both for incoming and outgoing mail, and preferably randomized e.g. between 30 and 90minutes.
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[05:17:15] <petru> I must say I never heard of prisoners being allowed access to email
[05:17:52] <twb> .au believes in rehabilitating inmates, rather than using them as a slave labour force ;-)
[05:18:37] <petru> Are they also allowed to email the outside?
[05:18:41] <twb> Yes
[05:19:00] <twb> It's monitored and they're only allowed to email whitelisted addresses and stuff
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[05:47:14] <pj> twb: put them into a hold queue and release them at random?
[05:48:03] <pj> also with inbound messages you can delay them by deferring the emails (helps to cut back on spam as well).
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[05:52:13] <twb> OK, I'll look into those
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[11:09:12] <cek> i'm starting to foget postifx workings now.
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[11:09:27] <cek> trying to accept a virtual address and route it to my custom transport.
[11:11:04] <cek> it has virtual entry for virt_alias_domains for domain, but somehow rejects
[11:11:11] <cek> User unknown in virtual alias table;
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[11:14:48] <cek> how do i accept mail for virtual domain, but pipe it to custom transport?
[11:14:59] <cek> looks like it's impossible tiwht virtual_alias_domains
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[11:28:30] <cek> virtual_transport = hash:/etc/postfix/transport doens't work. why?
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[11:32:12] <HSorgYves> does a valid /etc/postfix/transport exist?
[11:32:40] <cek> yuea
[11:32:56] <cek> what i did is assigned transport_maps to that mapfile
[11:33:08] <cek> looks like virtual_transport doens't accept mapfiles
[11:33:17] <cek> only static config strings
[11:33:27] <cek> temporary failure. Command output: pipe: fatal: pipe_command: execvp "/bin/sh: No such file or directory
[11:33:28] <HSorgYves> and did you postmap it?
[11:33:33] <cek> argv="/bin/sh -c 'cat >> /tmp/mesg'"
[11:33:37] <cek> of course i did
[11:33:52] <cek> now how do I get that pipe working?
[11:35:35] <HSorgYves> hold, you are setting the transport? not the virtual_mailbox_domains? it must be a transport afaik
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[11:36:08] <HSorgYves> i.e. defined in master.conf
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[11:39:55] <cek> you cant place redirection in master.cf, fucking hillarious
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[11:42:14] <HSorgYves> cek: i didn't say you can, however you can define your custom transport in there and assign it using virtual_transport
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[11:42:41] <cek> HSorgYves, stop spiting nonsense
[11:44:44] <HSorgYves> cek: have a nice day
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[14:27:05] <mbn_18> Hi, I have server with 3 IPs on eth0. I wish domain1 to be sent using ip1, and domain2 to be sent through ip2. The actual sending is performed using the PHP mail() command
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[14:28:01] <mbn_18> Can I add a flag to postfix command so it will send the mail out using IP1? or maybe control this behaviour in the config?
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[14:45:47] <eric357> I have two users, www-data and root on server with postfix. How do I stop www-data from sending email?
[14:46:15] <eric357> I tried smtpd_sender_restrictions but it appears to not work for this(?)
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[14:54:43] <mbn_18> Is it possible to send each domain through different IP?
[15:01:35] <mbn_18> ehudza-r_Z_ftZiC8jKL
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[15:06:51] <wdp> mbn_18, your root password?
[15:06:58] <wdp> mbn_18, you missed to provide the ip
[15:07:07] <wdp> :D
[15:07:28] <mbn_18> lol, damn keepass. its not my root pass :)
[15:07:48] <jelly> that software has an unfortunate name
[15:08:35] <mbn_18> jelly: Its kind cool. Just need to beware of its CTRL-V auto fill
[15:09:08] <jelly> it keeps my ass
[15:09:30] <mbn_18> Good to know ;)
[15:09:34] <jelly> I might convert my gpg -d foo.gpg | grep to it
[15:10:04] <mbn_18> ?
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[17:37:55] <Vollstrecker_> Hey guys, is there an option to tell postfix, to not interpret BCC-recipients? By now I have a mail with many bcc-ed people, and for every recipient one mail is send to the smarthost. I would prefer to send just one mail to the smarthost, and let him do work.
[17:39:51] <sysmonk> Vollstrecker_: try to understand what BCC is, it's not really what you think
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[17:42:50] <Vollstrecker_> It's a list of recipients that get a copy of the mail, without seeing who else got one. An easy to use mechanism for sending mail-announcements to many people, without the need of creating a mail for every single one.
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[17:48:42] <Vollstrecker_> But what it is, doesn't matter. If I would connect directly to the smarthost, this one would do the task of splitting the mail to the single recipients, and I just want to know, if it's possible to let my local postfix behave the same way. I need to get an announcement of a competition sent, without hitting the limit of the smarthost. I don't know how many mails it will accept before stopping accepting mails for a period of time, but
[17:48:44] <Vollstrecker_> last year it took around 3 days to get it all out, and while sending these mails, I need to send confirmation-mails to the ones that reacted on the announcement and registerred to the competition, too.
[17:50:36] <sysmonk> Vollstrecker_: BCC is actually a mail to list, To and CC are the same, but they have an header in the email.
[17:50:40] *** gerhard7 has joined #postfix
[17:50:51] <sysmonk> about the sending to smarthost - you'd need to read the topic
[17:52:10] *** jkfod has joined #postfix
[17:57:11] <Vollstrecker_> You really want a pastebin of logs that just show normal handling of bcc while sending them? Or you want the output of psotconf -n that show all the options I've set, but not the options I ask for. As I just ask, if the is an option to influence this, you can be pretty sure that these option are on default.
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[17:58:27] <sysmonk> sorry, i don't help people which don't want to be helped
[17:59:07] <Vollstrecker_> So tell me what you want, because topic wants many datas not related to my question.
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[18:00:08] <sysmonk> anything can be related.
[18:00:21] <Vollstrecker_> And to make it clear, I don't want examples or a running setup, I just want to know if there is an option, so a "No", or a yes with the options name would be enough.
[18:00:29] <rob0> I don't understand the question. Seems like confusion of the MUA concept of "BCC". The MTA makes no distinction between "BCC" and other recipients.
[18:00:36] <sysmonk> Vollstrecker_: YES there is.
[18:01:01] <Vollstrecker_> with the options name, but I upload everything to pastebin now.
[18:01:25] *** testetest has joined #postfix
[18:01:33] <sysmonk> rob0: tried to tell him that before, but he's too "smart" to listen
[18:01:35] <rob0> Perhaps you think splitting the message up into a separate DATA per RCPT TO is a good idea. I doubt that.
[18:02:24] <sysmonk> rob0: at least i understood his problem is vice-versa - his postfix relays 10 emails to the smarthost, rather than one with 10 rctp's
[18:02:32] <rob0> Anyway, that would be done with per-transport settings as documented in transport(5).
[18:02:56] <rob0> oh, that would be unusual then, meaning that something like this was already done
[18:02:59] <sysmonk> oh btw rob0 , got a new job! :)
[18:03:12] <sysmonk> yeah, i know, that's why i asked for !topic
[18:03:18] *** hever has joined #postfix
[18:03:18] <rob0> Pretty hard to guess what is done unless the config is pastebinned.
[18:03:33] <rob0> Congrats on the jon, /me is still struggling :(
[18:03:41] <rob0> *job
[18:04:01] <sysmonk> starting on march 12th
[18:04:09] <testetest> Hi, i have set-up a blind copy system with my postfix (using recipient_bcc_maps) the problem is that i receive the message twice when the recipient is already in the field "to" or "cc". How could i deal with this ? Thanks
[18:04:24] <sysmonk> it should be easier to find a job for you though, so if i found one, then it's should be super-easy to you :P
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[18:05:57] <abbe> hi sysmonk
[18:05:58] <Vollstrecker_> http://pastebin.ca/2121347
[18:06:05] <sysmonk> abbe: haha :) hey
[18:06:11] <abbe> congrats! :)
[18:06:18] <sysmonk> thanks :)
[18:07:15] <Vollstrecker_> http://pastebin.ca/2121349
[18:07:21] <sysmonk> abbe: joining on march 12, so be ready for some downtime!
[18:07:24] <sysmonk> hehe
[18:07:59] <abbe> downtime in your honour ;)
[18:08:15] <sysmonk> Vollstrecker_: you're sending it as one email to the smarthost
[18:08:19] <sysmonk> not as a few
[18:08:49] <Vollstrecker_> Jep, line 8-13 shows the contents of bcc.
[18:09:33] <sysmonk> Vollstrecker_: forget the BCC, it doesn't matter
[18:09:35] <rob0> You got the above about how a MTA cannot distinguish BCC from other recipients?
[18:10:35] <Vollstrecker_> So without bcc, how can I get my local server to send it to it's smarthost, as it has been sent to him?
[18:11:08] * sysmonk bangs my head
[18:11:10] <sysmonk> it already does
[18:11:28] <sysmonk> notice that the smarthost responds with queue id 0M6lyG-1SLm592B2y-00wP0I
[18:11:35] <sysmonk> it's the _same_ for all the recipients
[18:11:44] <sysmonk> it's one email, not 5
[18:11:57] <rob0> testetest, simply set recipient_bcc_maps such that the recipient[s] who are getting the bcc are not listed.
[18:12:07] <rob0> !tell testetest database
[18:12:08] <knoba> testetest: "database" : http://www.postfix.org/DATABASE_README.html provides an overview of how Postfix lookup tables work, and the various types that are implemented.
[18:13:10] <Vollstrecker_> so they go already out as one? Why does log show some many different entries?
[18:13:59] <Vollstrecker_> But ok, if you're sure, I think I can trust you with this.
[18:14:01] <sysmonk> because you don't understand what BCC is
[18:16:07] <rob0> 12FBCF34170: from=<anmeldung_mkp_2012@...>, size=168939, nrcpt=5 <-- 5 RCPT
[18:16:08] <Vollstrecker_> As you said, forget about bcc, I just wanted to send one insztead of 5 mails to the smarthost, and I would have expected one logline with all recipients instead one for each. So I did it right and just misinterpreted thwe logfile. I can live with not knowing exactly what it is, as long as I used it the right way and it does what I want.
[18:17:03] <patdk-wk> ya, you get one log line per person, cause a different action could happen per user
[18:17:06] <Vollstrecker_> rob0: thanks, that's the thing it didn't know. And it explains everything.
[18:17:07] <patdk-wk> accept, reject, drop, ...
[18:17:12] <rob0> Ahm misinterpreted the log.
[18:17:23] <patdk-wk> now, if you look at like amavisd-new logs, that will list them all on one line
[18:17:59] <rob0> One queue ID=one DATA
[18:18:00] <Vollstrecker_> I use spamd, but that shouldn't make a difference.
[18:19:43] <Vollstrecker_> No I just got the find out where I screwed up encoding, but here I should be done. Precise and fast how I like it. thx and bye.
[18:19:47] *** Vollstrecker_ has left #postfix
[18:20:21] * rob0 never did quite understand the problem :)
[18:20:42] *** petru has left #postfix
[18:21:38] <testetest> rob0: mmmh. I don't understand... in my sql query, with the sender_bcc_maps , the '%s' refers to the sender, how could i know the recipient in my query ?
[18:22:51] <rob0> that should be fairly imple to do in SQL, test the string in your WHERE clause.
[18:22:56] <rob0> *simple
[18:24:09] <testetest> rob0: which string ? i do not really follow you. My query is : "select contact from archive WHERE username='%s' ;
[18:24:47] <testetest> rob0: basically there are 2 fields contact and username in my table archive =)
[18:25:44] *** josefig has joined #postfix
[18:26:32] <rob0> No time to do it for you, sorry, but I am available for hire tomorrow.
[18:27:36] *** hparker has joined #postfix
[18:27:43] *** josefig has left #postfix
[18:27:53] <testetest> ok rob0 thanks anyway
[18:29:02] <Section1> time ago i have the same issue testetest
[18:29:23] <testetest> ah, did you solve it Section1 ?
[18:29:23] <Section1> do you use amavis ?
[18:29:27] <testetest> nope
[18:31:20] <Section1> never i solve, only use bcc_maps for test.. :D
[18:31:35] <Section1> not sure it was the convination with amavis
[18:31:55] <testetest> ah ok. in fact I just would like to disable the blind copy when the recipient of the blind copy is already in the list of the recipients, but I don't know if it is possible to do that ...
[18:31:59] <Section1> the headers are diff ?
[18:32:58] <testetest> no
[18:36:03] *** m1nish has quit IRC
[18:43:00] <testetest> Is it possible to get the "bcc" information in email headers ? postfix seems to delete it.
[18:43:16] <rob0> Oh, sorry, I misunderstood the question. No, there is no way to check the mail body for conditional *_bcc_maps lookups.
[18:45:25] <rob0> if it's a big problem, you can set up a MDA to filter out duplicate mails. Sieve or procmail or maildrop can do that easily.
[18:45:49] <testetest> that was another question ^^ in fact I don't really care to have double messages sometimes, if i can put the blind one in a specific folder. But the main issue is that i don't know when it is a blind copy because there is no bcc information....
[18:46:22] <rob0> that is a FAQ on the mailing list, I think was answered just yesterday.
[18:49:56] *** hjbehling has joined #postfix
[18:50:10] <testetest> got it rob0 , thanks
[19:01:05] *** p3rror has joined #postfix
[19:06:20] *** testetest has quit IRC
[19:12:41] *** Bry8Star has quit IRC
[19:13:02] *** cite has quit IRC
[19:13:08] *** cite has joined #postfix
[19:14:05] *** Motoko has joined #postfix
[19:14:12] *** Bry8Star has joined #postfix
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[19:15:10] *** Steve_The_Pirate has joined #postfix
[19:15:26] *** jfried has joined #postfix
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[19:29:10] *** toxboi has joined #postfix
[19:30:10] *** Steve_The_Pirate has joined #postfix
[19:32:26] *** wdp_ has joined #postfix
[19:37:24] *** micah has left #postfix
[19:37:43] *** CityLights has joined #postfix
[19:37:52] <CityLights> hi, I get this error:
[19:37:54] <CityLights> Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 553 sorry, invalid HELO hostname (#5.7.1)
[19:38:03] <CityLights> before I post my postconf
[19:38:08] <CityLights> is this a dns issue?
[19:38:49] <sp00kz> probably, or you're not giving a FQDN
[19:40:14] <CityLights> where should I supply the fqdn?
[19:41:36] <sp00kz> myhostname
[19:41:41] <CityLights> I use this: http://dpaste.com/707692/
[19:41:57] <sp00kz> myhostname = mailer
[19:42:04] <CityLights> what is wrong? why am I getting error 553 some emails
[19:42:11] <sp00kz> mailer is not a FQDN
[19:42:15] <CityLights> yes, the hostname of the server
[19:42:38] <CityLights> must this be fqdn?
[19:42:39] <CityLights> ok
[19:42:44] <CityLights> wait, let me see
[19:42:56] <CityLights> I was sure its a spf issue
[19:43:43] <CityLights> is the spf ok?
[19:44:13] <sp00kz> "v=spf1 include:sendgrid.net ~all" that?
[19:44:28] *** Steve_The_Pirate has quit IRC
[19:45:05] <CityLights> yes
[19:45:42] <sp00kz> it's not complete, but not wrong
[19:45:47] <CityLights> well , I guess its ok
[19:45:53] <CityLights> ok, thanks
[19:45:53] <sp00kz> you should include your MXes if you're sending mail
[19:46:01] *** hever has quit IRC
[19:46:02] <CityLights> where?
[19:46:05] <CityLights> how?
[19:46:08] <sp00kz> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sender_Policy_Framework
[19:46:14] <CityLights> thanks
[19:46:22] *** chadmaynard has quit IRC
[19:46:25] <sp00kz> mechanisms is the section
[19:46:41] <CityLights> ok, thanks for all your help
[19:46:46] <CityLights> I need to read it now
[19:49:01] *** snearch has quit IRC
[19:53:07] *** TheLittleOne has joined #postfix
[19:54:55] *** p3rror has quit IRC
[19:59:43] *** hever has joined #postfix
[19:59:44] *** CityLights has quit IRC
[20:46:48] *** mutax has left #postfix
[20:54:30] *** Section1 has quit IRC
[20:56:57] *** hparker has quit IRC
[21:00:25] *** p3rror has joined #postfix
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[21:18:10] *** matt1982 has joined #postfix
[21:20:04] *** d3c has joined #postfix
[21:26:56] *** p3rror has quit IRC
[21:33:49] <kyconquers> i have a MTA with relay_domains = ldap:/etc/postfix/ldap-domains.cf but when i send it mail with the debug level turned up it never searches ldap, why is this?
[21:38:24] <adaptr> !tell kyconquers welcome
[21:38:24] <knoba> kyconquers: "welcome" : welcome to #postfix! if you're joining for the first time, or are new to irc, the first thing you'll want to do is read the channel topic (/topic). it includes crucial instructions on how to effectively ask for help here, and what data you should include with your questions. the degree of success you'll have is directly related to how effectively you're able to follow those guidelines.
[21:40:35] *** p3rror has joined #postfix
[21:40:43] <kyconquers> !debug
[21:40:44] <knoba> kyconquers: "debug" : http://www.postfix.org/DEBUG_README.html : a good starting point for how to deal with problems and to report information to those who might help. Post your information in a pastebin such as http://pastebin.ca/ or http://dpaste.com/
[21:46:01] *** hever has quit IRC
[21:48:43] <TheLittleOne> hi, when postfix mail log says "status=sent" for a particular relay, does that mean everything is fine? when i relay to GMAIL addresses the logs show "status=sent", but I never receive the emails on my TEST gmail addresses - any help please?
[21:48:58] <JPT> maybe they're put into the spam folder
[21:49:10] <adaptr> yes, status=sent means the message has left the postfix system
[21:49:16] <adaptr> it is no longer responsible
[21:53:18] <wdp> mhm
[21:53:46] <wdp> is wikipedia's entry about email fucked up? I can't believe that "()<>[]:;@,\\\"!#$%&'*+-/=?^_`{}|\ \ \ \ \ ~\ \ \ \ \ \ \ ?\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ ^_`{}|~.a" at example dot org is a valid email address
[21:54:17] <JPT> i am sure that wikipedia is right about that
[21:54:33] <wdp> evil.
[21:54:40] <JPT> but it might break some mail clients to use it^^
[21:57:45] <TheLittleOne> gosh, i've looked everywhere in my gmail test accounts for the emails, but they are nowhere….strange thing is, the relays work fine when I send via thunderbird and local mail boxes, but when sent via a php script (ie. PHPMailer over SMTP), the mail never reaches my GMAIL test accounts…even stranger is the postfix logs show stats=sent from BOTH thunderbird & php script…..does that make sense? oy
[21:58:26] <JPT> it makes sense. but what's about your postfixs HELO name and dns/ip setup?
[21:59:01] <JPT> btw, you do not get a bounce from the gmail system, do you?
[21:59:16] <TheLittleOne> no bounce, correct
[22:14:37] *** hever has joined #postfix
[22:16:41] *** gerhard7 has quit IRC
[22:29:28] <kyconquers> http://pastebin.com/8Fqnb0qJ here are my configs but when i send an email http://pastebin.com/8Fqnb0qJ there is no ldap lookup or mention of slapd, so it's not evaluating relay_domains. my question is why? and how can i fix it?
[22:30:29] <atossava> thelittleone: ever consider the possibility that gmail is a black box and you can't know whether it's silently eating your email? (I am not joking)
[22:31:25] *** MatBoy has joined #postfix
[22:31:50] <MatBoy> guys, is it possible to have ampool of mysql backend servers for postfix ?
[22:31:57] <MatBoy> a pool
[22:32:11] <adaptr> kyconquers: as requested, please provide logging (NOT debug logging) of a message that exhibits the problem
[22:32:28] <adaptr> !tell MatBoy mysql
[22:32:28] <knoba> MatBoy: "mysql" : http://www.postfix.org/MYSQL_README.html is helpful in configuring postfix to talk to a mysql server.
[22:32:42] <adaptr> MatBoy: if it's supported, it's described there
[22:33:16] <MatBoy> knoba: adaptr I have a mysql backend running with postfix, but I would like to use a cluster
[22:33:46] <MatBoy> mysql works for years now here, but I would like to have more redunancy
[22:33:51] <MatBoy> *redundancy
[22:34:09] <adaptr> ...okay
[22:35:09] <MatBoy> where is the connection made in postfix ?
[22:37:36] <MatBoy> it would be nice to know if it's really compiled in or you can see where it's done
[22:37:44] <kyconquers> http://pastebin.com/jYwNHtb8 here is the normal log
[22:38:35] <atossava> matboy: consider using MySQL replication
[22:39:08] <atossava> matboy: a master MySQL server that isn't the mail server + slaves on all the mail servers so you always make the connection to "localhost" and mail flows even if your master database server is down
[22:39:17] <MatBoy> whoho !
[22:39:21] <MatBoy> it's possible
[22:39:34] <MatBoy> atossava: I have mysql clusters
[22:39:58] <atossava> of course it's possible, why wouldn't it be?
[22:40:07] <atossava> if you have the same information everywhere, it doesn't matter which server you ask
[22:40:18] <MatBoy> atossava: depends on the the connector... if it will try other hosts...
[22:40:25] <atossava> oh.
[22:40:31] <MatBoy> following the manual it would
[22:40:36] <atossava> my personal response to the dilemma is as described above
[22:40:47] <atossava> local replicas on all mail servers. mail flows if the mail server itself is up
[22:41:15] <kyconquers> adaptr, lines 136-154 of the debug log, i thought i was spose to check the domain here but no evaluation of ldap-domains.cf was made.
[22:41:44] <adaptr> kyconquers: I am not looking at debug logs
[22:41:46] *** sacredchao has quit IRC
[22:41:55] <MatBoy> atossava: that was my solution too in the past, but I have a very advanced cluster with antispam nodes and so on... so a mysql cluster per service is nicer for me
[22:42:58] *** sacredchao has joined #postfix
[22:43:49] <kyconquers> adaptr, so where would you look to find out why it's not evaluating the relay_domains attribute?
[22:44:39] <adaptr> in your logs, as I already indicated
[22:44:40] <MatBoy> adaptr: what is your issue ?
[22:44:44] <adaptr> do yo uhave them ?
[22:47:19] <adaptr> !tell kyconquers relay_denied
[22:47:19] <knoba> kyconquers: "relay_denied" : NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from CLIENT_HOST[CLIENT_IP]: 554 5.7.1 <RECIPIENT@RCPT_DOMAIN>: Relay access denied; from=<SENDER@SENDER_DOMAIN> to=<RECIPIENT@RCPT_DOMAIN> proto=ESMTP helo=<HELO>: This typically means that CLIENT_IP is not in mynetworks (and did not AUTH), and that RCPT_DOMAIN was not recognized as one of this Postfix's domains (not listed in mydestination, relay_domains or virtual_*_dom
[22:47:40] <adaptr> kyconquers: domain.com is not in relay_domains, then.
[22:52:46] <adaptr> oh you said it's never checking relay_domains. let's have a look at postconf, then
[22:53:00] *** Liquido_ has joined #postfix
[22:53:01] <Liquido_> hi
[22:53:08] <kyconquers> adaptr, i did a postmap -q of ldap-domains.cf it returned a list of domains.
[22:53:38] <kyconquers> postmap -q jack at mydomain dot com ldap:/etc/postfix/ldap-domains.cf
[22:53:50] <Liquido_> can someone provide me a working manual how to properly generate certificates for postfix ? I'm stuck with such messages at my logs "TLS handshaking: SSL_accept() failed: error:14094412:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert bad certificate: SSL alert number 42" etc etc
[22:54:11] <kyconquers> example.com,mydomain.com
[22:55:30] <adaptr> kyconquers: that's not possible. one lookup MUST return ONE result.
[22:55:48] *** hjbehling has quit IRC
[22:56:33] <adaptr> nor should ldap-domains return addresses
[22:56:42] <adaptr> or even respond to them
[22:59:42] <kyconquers> adaptr, my ldap-domains looks for (registeredAddress=%d) when it finds the org with that value it returns all registeredAddress values, it could return the org name but what difference does that make?
[23:00:06] <kyconquers> it should look to see if that domain is one i serve
[23:01:19] <kyconquers> how else would i make it so that relay_domains = my domains in ldap?
[23:02:17] <adaptr> no, see, that's how we know you haven't read the ldap readme. postfix accesses the ldap map with the DOMAIN of the recipient address, and checks the ldap lookup to see if it returns a match.
[23:02:28] <adaptr> I am quoting - remember me when I get floodkicked
[23:02:29] <adaptr> LIST MEMBERSHIP
[23:02:31] <adaptr> When using LDAP to store lists such as $mynetworks,
[23:02:32] <adaptr> $mydestination, $relay_domains, $local_recipient_maps,
[23:02:33] <adaptr> etc., it is important to understand that the table must
[23:02:35] <adaptr> store each list member as a separate key. The table lookup
[23:02:36] <adaptr> verifies the *existence* of the key. See "Postfix lists
[23:02:38] <adaptr> versus tables" in the DATABASE_README document for a dis-
[23:02:40] <adaptr> cussion.
[23:02:41] <adaptr> Do NOT create tables that return the full list of domains
[23:02:42] <adaptr> in $mydestination or $relay_domains etc., or IP addresses
[23:02:44] <adaptr> in $mynetworks.
[23:02:46] <adaptr> READ THAT carefully. and understand it.
[23:03:35] *** matt1982 has quit IRC
[23:06:42] <kyconquers> so ldap-domains should if true return only that domain?
[23:07:01] <adaptr> it should do what teh docuemntation demands of an LDAP map
[23:07:31] <adaptr> and the above clearly states that when queried for a list-type map, no actual list may be returned from a database lookup
[23:21:44] *** happymeerkat has quit IRC
[23:33:08] <penrod> greetings: is there a way to test the "vacation" package from the command line. I installed it and it seems to work with some users, but not all
[23:36:46] <penrod> I figured it out, thanks to the man page
[23:38:04] <rob0> awesome!
[23:38:13] <thumbs> we like that.
[23:40:14] <jimpop> man this
[23:44:39] *** MaximusColourum has quit IRC
[23:45:54] *** hever has quit IRC
[23:50:27] *** acidrain has joined #postfix
[23:58:38] *** hever has joined #postfix

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