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   February 19, 2012  
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[02:54:12] <jeev> anyone set up fetchmail in imp/horde?
[03:32:59] <Chi-Town> atossava: after small amount of reading, several arguments in http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jonathan.deboynepollard/FGA/smtp-spf-is-harmful.html seem to be invalid
[03:33:37] <Chi-Town> some aren't invalid, just non-applicable to me. some invalid though
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[03:43:55] <seekwill> Depends what you use SPF for
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[05:29:51] <drdo> How can i get postfix to send a copy of all incoming mails to another server?
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[05:31:32] <Dominian> !always_bcc
[05:31:33] <knoba> Dominian: "always_bcc" : a configuration parameter in the main.cf: Optional address that receives a "blind carbon copy" of each message that is received by the Postfix mail system.
[05:31:38] <Dominian> that might give you an idea
[05:31:47] <Dominian> there's probably other ways, but I can't think of them right now
[05:32:37] <drdo> But i don't want to change the domain
[05:33:19] <drdo> I basically want to have 2 servers receiving mail for the same domain and want each of them to send a copy to the other
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[05:33:52] <Dominian> why not just have a central store?
[05:34:00] <Dominian> what's the purpose behind this?
[05:34:18] <drdo> redundancy
[05:34:43] <Dominian> um ok
[05:34:50] <Dominian> How many email accounts are you managing?
[05:35:31] <drdo> just mine
[05:35:53] <Dominian> sounds like overkill to me
[05:36:36] <drdo> having 2 copies is the minimum really, shit happens
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[05:48:43] <killown> I am wondering if its possible to point DNS MX to other DNSs something like dns1 < mainly DNS MX > dns2 in other to use two different postfix server located in different networks, first it should try drop email on dns1 postfix server if for some reason the route fails it tries on the second one
[05:49:19] <killown> does anyone know if its possible?
[05:50:14] <Dominian> you do that by creating multiple MX records
[05:51:03] <killown> ok
[05:52:02] <Dominian> just set the weight of the first to like 5 and the second to 10 or what not
[05:53:58] <killown> Dominian, supposing the dns1 is foo.com and dn2 bar.com, and mainly dns is main.com, I create mx to point to dns1 and dns2, how my client email could deal with that? since if dns1 fails the dns2 requires a different configuration
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[05:55:00] <killown> Dominian, so I will need one more dns? dn1 > onmore"dns" that will be used on my email client < dns2
[05:55:14] <Dominian> I guess I misunderstood
[05:55:19] <Dominian> what is it that you rae trying to do exactly?
[05:56:40] <killown> Dominian, I am trying to use two postifix server, for "example.com" domain
[05:56:54] <Dominian> ok
[05:56:59] <Dominian> but you keep mentioning dns servers
[05:57:02] <killown> If someone send email for example.com and fails on the first postfix it will try to the second one
[05:57:09] <Dominian> right
[05:57:14] <Dominian> you need multiple MX records in your DNS
[05:58:13] <killown> saying my second postfix server is i Just need setup this ip on MX records?
[05:58:58] <Dominian> !mx
[05:58:59] <knoba> Dominian: "mx" : Mail eXchanger : See the !mxrecord channel factoid if you're looking for definition of MX record
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[06:01:56] <killown> Dominian, Can you point me some documentation about MX?
[06:02:10] <killown> Wikipedia was not helpfully
[06:02:53] <Dominian> !mxrecord
[06:02:53] <knoba> Dominian: "mxrecord" : a DNS resource record specifying a host name that Internet mail for a recipients' domain is to be routed to. The host name assigned to the MX record must have a corresponding A record, not a CNAME and the MX record host name must not be expressed as an IP address literal. A domain can have multiple exchangers with multiple MX records having varying levels of priority.
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[07:27:32] <NorrinRadd> drdo: how about do mx records for the two exchanges, but have them deliver to the same nfs store?
[07:32:41] <drdo> NorrinRadd: I already have mx records
[07:33:14] <drdo> NorrinRadd: What purpose would delivering to the same nfs serve?
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[09:25:05] <NorrinRadd> drdo: you wouldn't have to worry about forwarding from one to the other. both of them store the mail in the same place.
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[10:00:50] <mrtechguy> Hi, just wondering whether someone can explain to me why the hostname of the server cannot be the same as a domain that postfix is accepting mail for
[10:02:12] <mrtechguy> (ie the error do not list domain in both mydestination and virtual_mailbox_maps
[10:03:21] <waldi> mydestination lists the domains postfix accepts mails for and delivers it via local(8). virtual_mailbox_maps lists adresses for virtual(8)
[10:03:41] <waldi> you have to read the documentation again and stop using virtual_mailbox_maps until you know how it works
[10:04:39] <mrtechguy> but mydestination is also the response to the ehlo command, and if that doesn't match your reverse DNS you get called a spammer.... virtual_mailbox_maps is also used for MySQL user tables
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[10:07:32] <waldi> http://www.postfix.org/BASIC_CONFIGURATION_README.html
[10:09:24] <mrtechguy> I do understand this, but I just want to know why can postfix not accept mail for its hostname is its hostname is a virtual mailbox map, surely local does not accept mysql values?
[10:09:49] <waldi> start with the basics. after it works, add more complex stuff
[10:10:56] <mrtechguy> well it did work until such time I got my reverse DNS changed to equal my forwards DNS, and thus having to change the hostname postfix was advertising
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[10:16:07] <mrtechguy> pretty much I don't want local(8) to be used as a method of delivering mail at all, as it isn't practical for me to create users for each mailbox, the users don't need access to the OS, they just need an email address
[10:17:07] *** biggi_mat has joined #postfix
[10:17:22] <adaptr> so do not yse mydestination!
[10:17:25] <adaptr> *use, even
[10:18:03] <mrtechguy> that is fair enough, but in that case how can I specify postfix's response to the EHLO command, as well as the DNS name used in the welcome message
[10:18:17] <adaptr> also, "I got my reverse DNS changed to equal my forwards DNS, and thus having to change the hostname postfix was advertising" makes zeo sense - if anything, fixing FCrDNS will SOLVE that and allow you to use the given hostname
[10:18:35] <adaptr> again, not reading the basic config readme,
[10:18:49] <adaptr> PLEASE, please, start by reading the documentation carefully, more than once
[10:19:55] *** Gatto has joined #postfix
[10:19:56] <mrtechguy> the mail server sits in behind a NAT, so therefore has a world domain name and a local domain name, postfix will only pick up on the local domain name, which is completely different to that of the world domain name
[10:20:19] <adaptr> "only pick up on" ? what does that mean ?
[10:20:31] <adaptr> !myhostname
[10:20:31] <knoba> adaptr: "myhostname" : a configuration parameter in the main.cf: The internet hostname of this mail system. The default is to use the fully-qualified domain name from gethostname(). $myhostname is used as a default value for many other configuration parameters.
[10:20:40] <adaptr> note INTERNET host name
[10:21:11] <adaptr> if postfix responds to clients, the given hostname must match teh PUBLIC IP it is connected on
[10:22:25] <mrtechguy> gethostname() will not return the FQDN for public IP address of the internet connection, only the domain name of the machine on the local network, I am trying to get postfix to match that domain name (of the public IP) but this seems to be a bigger issue than it should be
[10:23:09] <adaptr> I have no idea what you think you're saying
[10:23:23] <adaptr> I just told you how it works
[10:23:26] <mrtechguy> do you know what a NAT is?
[10:24:08] <adaptr> that's not relevant to postfix; if you think it causes problems for you (it causes no problems for me) see
[10:24:18] <adaptr> !smtpd_proxy_interfaces
[10:24:18] <knoba> adaptr: Error: "smtpd_proxy_interfaces" is not a valid command.
[10:24:21] <adaptr> !smtp_proxy_interfaces
[10:24:21] <knoba> adaptr: Error: "smtp_proxy_interfaces" is not a valid command.
[10:24:24] <adaptr> bah
[10:24:27] <adaptr> help me out, waldi
[10:24:44] <adaptr> pay attention to the fact that I said it CAUSES NO PROBLEMS
[10:24:45] <mrtechguy> as postfix cannot see it's external IP address, due to me running it being a NAT, therefore the local IP of the postfix machine doesn't resolve to the FQDN of the outside IP address
[10:24:53] <adaptr> mrtechguy: who cares ?
[10:25:19] <adaptr> let's start over, since you seem to have missed some essential bits
[10:25:23] <adaptr> !tell mrtechguy toipic
[10:25:23] <knoba> adaptr: Error: No factoid matches that key.
[10:25:25] <adaptr> !tell mrtechguy topic
[10:25:26] <knoba> mrtechguy: "topic" : The Postfix MTA || See !debug and provide a pastebin URL of relevant logs and postconf -n output before asking questions / check your logs / know your unix basics || On using IRC: http://workaround.org/getting-help-on-irc || Bot info: http://workaround.org/f=postfix || Channel log: http://echelog.matzon.dk/?postfix
[10:25:34] <adaptr> please do as that asks
[10:26:53] <mrtechguy> So you want me to re-word my question?
[10:27:22] <adaptr> no, you've obviously not read the /topic yet
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[10:27:30] <adaptr> please, do as it asks you to do
[10:30:10] <mrtechguy> http://pastebin.com/1xJk93dF
[10:37:19] <mrtechguy> that is the output of postconf -n
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[10:50:23] <adaptr> you followed a howto, didn't you
[10:50:37] <mrtechguy> yes and no
[10:50:42] <adaptr> the recipient restrictions in particular have not suffered from any manual chekcing
[10:51:16] <adaptr> okay, and the error or misdelivery from the logs ?
[10:52:09] <mrtechguy> warning: do not list domain msmith.soho.on.net in BOTH mydestination and virtual_mailbox_domains
[10:52:56] <mrtechguy> and what do you mean in relation to manual checking of the recipient restrictions
[10:57:11] <adaptr> at first glance, it just appears to be a restriction set copied form somewhere
[10:57:21] <mrtechguy> ah fair enough
[10:57:29] <adaptr> and it's right, you should not have domains in more than one address class. this is very fundamental
[10:57:44] <mrtechguy> it probably was and just a few items added
[10:57:54] <adaptr> why are you using mysql maps ?
[10:58:40] <mrtechguy> to enable an easy way to manage a few domains with individual users, as this is used in combination with postfix admin as well as dovecot
[10:59:00] <adaptr> well, that is where your problem lies.
[10:59:17] <mrtechguy> how so?
[10:59:21] <adaptr> and it has nothing to do with hostnames, IP addresses... or NAT
[10:59:30] <adaptr> it's pretty clear, don't you think ?
[11:00:03] <mrtechguy> postfix doesn't like MySQL?
[11:00:51] <adaptr> ...
[11:01:21] <mrtechguy> sorry you are speaking cryptic
[11:02:06] <adaptr> ...no, you're suffering froma strange reading disorder
[11:02:13] <adaptr> what. was. the. error.
[11:02:17] <adaptr> fix it.
[11:02:46] <mrtechguy> that mydestination and virtual_mailbox_domains contain the same entry?
[11:03:00] <adaptr> yes
[11:03:26] <mrtechguy> but if I remove it from virtual_mailbox_domains then I will no longer get email on that domain
[11:04:25] <adaptr> I'll leave you to figure out the alternative at leisure
[11:04:42] <mrtechguy> change my email address again?
[11:05:42] <mrtechguy> as if I removed the domain from the MySQL table and added it to mydestinations then the users would be looked up in the local user table, which is not what the desired operation is
[11:09:22] <mrtechguy> ok, so the solution is just to drop the domain out of the mysql table
[11:09:51] <mrtechguy> and the user lookups will still be performed using mysql
[11:12:30] <mrtechguy> sorry if these questions are trivial to you it just works and I don't want to break it
[11:15:14] *** e-anima has joined #postfix
[11:15:41] <adaptr> they're not trivial questions; they betray a deep misunderstanding of how postfix works
[11:15:55] <adaptr> concentrate on the ACTUAL warning in the log. what did it say ? what does it MEAN
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[11:19:53] <mrtechguy> fair enough
[11:24:16] <mrtechguy> ok, so after removing the domain from the MySQL table email is just bouncing with the error "unknown user mrtechguy"
[11:25:59] <adaptr> I am curious why, after hitting you with the same clulebat three times, you still think anything needs to be removed from the MYSQL map
[11:26:39] <mrtechguy> because we discussed that the domain should be left in mydestination and removed from the mysql database
[11:27:20] <adaptr> where ?
[11:27:52] <mrtechguy> [21:05] <mrtechguy> as if I removed the domain from the MySQL table and added it to mydestinations then the users would be looked up in the local user table, which is not what the desired operation is
[11:27:52] <mrtechguy> [21:07] <adaptr> IT IS ALREADY IN MYDESTINATION
[11:28:21] <adaptr> how is that even related ?
[11:29:08] <mrtechguy> well if it is in my destination it cannot be in mysql, so therefore it must be removed from one or the other, and removing it from mysql seems the logical choice
[11:29:24] <adaptr> WHY
[11:29:39] <mrtechguy> because I can't remove it from mydestination
[11:29:43] <adaptr> you'd have to understand what you're doing before you can make a logical choice, logically
[11:29:44] *** wdp has joined #postfix
[11:29:48] <adaptr> ....why not
[11:30:23] <mrtechguy> because then the reverse DNS of the server will not match the reported reverse DNS and it will trigger spam catches on heaps of different servers
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[11:34:00] <adaptr> I have no idea where you get that from
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[11:34:07] <adaptr> it's utter bullshit
[11:34:10] <mrtechguy> experience
[11:34:24] <adaptr> yes, you lack plenty of that
[11:34:45] <mrtechguy> some mail servers will not accept mail if the transmitting mail server does not report its reverse dns correctly
[11:34:46] <adaptr> the warning postfix logs is a fact. you need to remove it from one or the other.
[11:34:55] <adaptr> this has nothing to do with DNS
[11:34:57] <adaptr> at all.
[11:35:08] <adaptr> !mydestination
[11:35:08] <knoba> adaptr: "mydestination" : a configuration parameter in the main.cf: The list of domains that Postfix delivers via the $local_transport mail delivery transport. By default, mail is given to the Postfix local(8) delivery agent that looks up all recipients in /etc/passwd and /etc/aliases, or their equivalents. See http://www.postfix.org/postconf.5.html#mydestination for more information.
[11:35:14] <mrtechguy> no it doesn't, at the end of the day it will cause issues
[11:35:22] <adaptr> tell me WHERE in the above it talks about DNS
[11:35:52] <mrtechguy> tell me why then when you connect to a postfix mail server it reports the mydestination parameter as the DNs name for the server?
[11:35:55] <adaptr> meh, I'm as good as done; you seem to know all about it, so I guess advice is unnecessary
[11:36:03] <adaptr> it doesn't
[11:36:37] <mrtechguy> well where does it get the hostname it reports in the first line of a smtp transaction and after a EHLO command from?
[11:36:44] <adaptr> a mail server doesn't "report" any domain name anywhere. please read RFC 5321 if you are usnure of how SMTp works
[11:37:16] <mrtechguy> please get putty connect to a smtp server and then realise that it sends the mydestination
[11:37:57] <adaptr> you're wrong. I understand you are ill-equipped to deal with this fact, but there it is.
[11:38:20] <adaptr> postfix behaves as documented; if you think otherwise, take it up with the authors
[11:39:37] <mrtechguy> so where does postfix get this information from:
[11:39:38] <mrtechguy> 220 msmith.soho.on.net ESMTP Postfix
[11:39:38] <mrtechguy> EHLO laptop
[11:39:38] <mrtechguy> 250-msmith.soho.on.net
[11:40:01] *** ced117_ is now known as ced117
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[11:40:32] <adaptr> !smtpd_banner
[11:40:32] <knoba> adaptr: "smtpd_banner" : a configuration parameter in the main.cf: The text that follows the 220 status code in the SMTP greeting banner. Some people like to see the mail version advertised. By default, Postfix shows no version.
[11:41:28] <wathek> hi everybody
[11:41:48] <mrtechguy> and the 250 status code?
[11:42:02] <wathek> what does it mean the * after the id when I use postqueue -p
[11:42:23] <wathek> 5A5FC58E58C* 2160 Sun Feb 19 11:04:10 info at mail dot com
[11:42:39] <adaptr> wathek: man postqueue
[11:42:53] <wathek> ok
[11:42:54] <wathek> :p
[11:43:14] <wathek> I see thank you adaptr
[11:43:20] <adaptr> np
[11:46:21] <wdp> hey.
[11:47:13] <adaptr> hoe
[11:50:17] *** Nik05 has joined #postfix
[11:53:19] <mrtechguy> where is the hostname provided in the 250 status code in response to the EHLO/HELO command pulled from?
[11:53:34] <adaptr> !myhostname
[11:53:34] <knoba> adaptr: "myhostname" : a configuration parameter in the main.cf: The internet hostname of this mail system. The default is to use the fully-qualified domain name from gethostname(). $myhostname is used as a default value for many other configuration parameters.
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[13:28:08] <wdp> i'm wondering, maybe someone can clarify.
[13:28:25] <adaptr> the LEFT shoe goes on the LEFT foot
[13:28:30] <wdp> haha
[13:28:32] <wdp> wait.
[13:28:35] <adaptr> the ones that's left goes on the bare foot
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[13:29:50] <wdp> I read a lot of articles, and i googled a lot. There are some old and new howtos and guides and texts and documents about doing sender_verify - they do it. Then there are guides about doing "selective" sender_verify for hosts with usually forged bla. they use for example yahoo there. On the contrary, uceprotect / backscatters thingy blocks hosts doing sender_verify, and then there are all those hate pages saying sender_verify is bad. Plus most howtos sa
[13:29:50] <wdp> y you should do disable_vrfy
[13:30:08] *** xabbuh has joined #postfix
[13:30:16] <wdp> So, is there any sense in doing sender_verify, is there a list of hosts which support it / where someone can do that without getting blocked? where it makes sense?
[13:30:22] <wdp> Is it really bad? is there a replacement?
[13:30:49] <wdp> Or, are all those guides saying it's something good, just out-of-date?
[13:31:31] <adaptr> the SMTP VRFY command is unrelated to sender or recipient verification
[13:31:38] <adaptr> you should definitely disable VRFY
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[13:33:31] <uqlev> wdp, what are you going veryfy from sender? address existence, domain existence? SMTP availability?
[13:34:44] <wdp> uqlev, trying to understand if the use of reject_unverified_sender is "good" or "bad" or if it's good for a few specific hosts like freemail providers. Generally i'd like to verify that a mail address from a freemail provider is existent.
[13:34:59] <adaptr> wdp: it's *expensive*
[13:35:15] <adaptr> other than that, it's up to you
[13:35:46] <wdp> because all these vrfy/reject_verify_sender guides are confusing..
[13:35:56] <wdp> err. reject_unverified_sender
[13:36:45] <adaptr> !address_verification
[13:36:45] <knoba> adaptr: Error: "address_verification" is not a valid command.
[13:36:47] <adaptr> bah
[13:36:53] <adaptr> it must be sunday
[13:37:19] <wdp> i have that page opened.
[13:37:26] <wdp> http://www.postfix.org/ADDRESS_VERIFICATION_README.html
[13:37:31] <wdp> if you're referring to that one
[13:37:43] <adaptr> I am
[13:37:53] <adaptr> get rid of everything else, and use that
[13:37:56] <wdp> but i thought that would work only, if the remote mta has vrfy enabled
[13:37:59] <adaptr> !tell wdp google
[13:38:00] <knoba> wdp: "google" : Those who use Google before reading the Postfix documentation, if fortunate, end up at http://www.postfix.org/ . If not, they end up in a jumble of bad questions, misleading or wrong answers, and outdated information.
[13:38:03] <adaptr> !tell wdp tutorial
[13:38:04] <knoba> wdp: "tutorial" : A very common problem is that some people prefer to follow a step-by-step tutorial that shows them how to setup their server w/out reading the documentation or understanding what they are doing. If something goes wrong, they have no clue whatsoever about where to find hints, and they sometimes decide to start from scratch using a different tutorial. This is not The Proper Way.
[13:38:19] <wdp> yeah, i know them. thats why i'm asking here.
[13:39:27] <adaptr> if you want to restrict it to some domains, use a restriction class
[13:39:39] <adaptr> "restrict-ion", geddit
[13:40:25] <adaptr> you've also obviously not READ the readme, since it clearly tells you how it works. and it has nothing to do with SMTP VRFY, as I already stated
[13:40:51] <wdp> k ty
[13:41:07] <adaptr> that said, *sender* verification is a lot trickier than recipient verification, because the sending system may well allow mail from addresses that have no mailbox and hence are not valid recipients
[13:41:32] <adaptr> I don't bother using it, personally - proper EHLO and spam checks will catch the majority of fake senders too
[13:42:37] <wdp> ok
[13:43:57] <cite> From personal experience: Doing unconiditonal sender verification weill get you blocked at a lot of important ISPs, at least here in Germany.
[13:44:04] <cite> s/Weil/will/
[13:44:14] <adaptr> hi cite, have you packaged 2.9 yet ?
[13:44:22] <adaptr> me want
[13:44:30] <cite> adaptr: I'm out of that whole packaging business, didn't you get the memo? ;-)
[13:44:37] <adaptr> apparently not
[13:45:24] <cite> TBH, lately, I almost don't have to deal with Postfix at all, so my interests kinda shifted.
[13:45:37] <adaptr> to what ?
[13:45:58] <cite> Currently, storage and backup.
[13:46:25] <wdp> cite, got a list of hosts, which get you blocked or something?
[13:46:37] <wdp> cite, i'm from germany as well, so any experience might be useful for me.
[13:46:58] <cite> wdp: GMX, web.de, stratomail, all the big ones you could imagine.
[13:47:12] <wdp> cite, that would have been the ones i would like to enable it for.
[13:47:20] <wdp> cite, especially web.de most forged spam comes from there :)
[13:47:29] <wdp> pity pity pity!
[13:47:46] <cite> adaptr: At work, we did an OS upgrade from RHEL (Centos) 5 to 6, and with RHEL6, Postfix comes in version 2.6.6, which is more than enough for our use cases.
[13:48:21] <cite> adaptr: And on my private systems, I'm happy without postscreen, so I keep using 2.7.1 as packaged by Debian.
[13:49:03] <adaptr> meh, Roessner only has 2.8.7 available. he's a loser too!
[13:49:25] <cite> wdp: I don't get many mails from web.de anymore - you _could_ check if they provide DKIM and block based on that.
[13:49:50] <cite> wdp: Or, with restriction classes, you could block based on their outgoing relays (which might lose some good mail, so be cautious)
[13:50:13] <cite> adaptr: I think the biggest problem ist applying that dynamicmaps patch from Lamont Jones to the 2.9 tree
[13:50:23] <cite> adaptr: I tried once for about an hour, but failed.
[13:50:52] <adaptr> oh, he has ppas as well, maybe I should check thiose out
[13:51:31] <cite> adaptr: Christian's packages were always better suited for Ubuntu, anyways.
[13:51:44] <wdp> cite, adaptr thanks so far! That answered most of my questions
[13:52:12] <adaptr> meh, also at 2.8.7 - lusers!
[13:52:22] <cite> adaptr: Why don't you package it yourself?
[13:52:35] <cite> adaptr: Get yourself a brand new copy of that "New Maintainers Guide" and hack away ;-)
[13:52:59] <adaptr> maybe I will
[13:54:15] *** uqlev has quit IRC
[13:55:38] *** Rovanion has quit IRC
[14:01:14] *** feisar has joined #postfix
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[14:18:23] *** jarr0dsz has joined #postfix
[14:22:55] <wathek> how can it be possible to have in the active queue some mails of one mailbox that I had but I deleted ?
[14:25:05] <feisar> it could be possible that you are still accepting mail intended for those addresses
[14:27:28] *** Nik05 has joined #postfix
[14:36:33] *** conntrack has joined #postfix
[14:38:00] <wathek> feisar, accepting mail ?!
[14:40:36] <adaptr> !tell wathek welcome
[14:40:37] <knoba> wathek: "welcome" : welcome to #postfix! if you're joining for the first time, or are new to irc, the first thing you'll want to do is read the channel topic (/topic). it includes crucial instructions on how to effectively ask for help here, and what data you should include with your questions. the degree of success you'll have is directly related to how effectively you're able to follow those guidelines.
[14:40:45] *** conntrack has quit IRC
[14:40:50] *** snearch has quit IRC
[14:52:25] <feisar> if I have an email server 'mail.example.net' should the email address postmaster at mail dot example.net exist or is it ok to just have postmaster at example dot net?
[14:52:44] <adaptr> does it accept mail for example.net ?
[14:52:47] <feisar> yes
[14:53:01] <adaptr> then the latter
[14:54:25] <feisar> thanks, I have some headers here (given to me from a friend who runs another email server) and I don't understand why it sets: x-sender="postmaster at mail dot example.net"
[14:55:33] <adaptr> !myorigin
[14:55:33] <knoba> adaptr: "myorigin" : a configuration parameter in the main.cf: The default domain name that locally-posted mail appears to come from, and that locally posted mail is delivered to. The default $myhostname, which is fine for small sites. If you run a domain with multiple machines, you should (1) change this to $mydomain and (2) set up a domain-wide alias database that aliases each user to user at that dot users.mailhost.
[14:56:44] <feisar> I have myorigin = $mydomain
[14:56:55] <feisar> (postconf -n)
[14:58:23] <feisar> and 'postconf mydomain' returns example.net
[14:58:39] <adaptr> postfix did not set X-Sender:
[14:58:49] <adaptr> ask them why they have that header
[14:59:30] <feisar> yes that's true
[15:00:01] <wathek> adaptr, feisar, I think that I'm in the same case as you
[15:01:04] <feisar> here are the headers, in case anyone can spot that I am doing anything wrong : http://pastebin.com/FQXQ7w5L
[15:03:27] <feisar> I'm having mail dropped by Universal Music at the mo and I have no idea why
[15:04:48] *** happymeerkat has joined #postfix
[15:05:59] *** ced117 has quit IRC
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[15:17:34] *** ipnoz has joined #postfix
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[15:17:44] *** hydh_ has joined #postfix
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[15:22:51] *** higuita has quit IRC
[15:22:55] *** ipnoz_ has joined #postfix
[15:23:01] *** Cerise has joined #postfix
[15:23:39] <wathek> I'm having a problem I had an address set on my server test at mydomain dot com I removed that address but the other address from @mydomain.com still exist what I don't understand is how can test at mydomain dot com still send mails
[15:23:58] *** ipnoz has quit IRC
[15:23:58] *** Timmooo has quit IRC
[15:24:53] <feisar> wathek: you might want to be a little more specific, was test at mydomain dot com a virtual user or a unix user for example
[15:25:12] <wathek> here's my main.cf : http://pastebin.com/d7Bp3FLU
[15:25:22] <wathek> feisar, it was a virtual user
[15:26:09] *** higuita has joined #postfix
[15:26:24] <feisar> and when you say that test at mydomain dot com can still send mails, how is it sending mails?
[15:26:45] <wathek> feisar, when I check the queue I see mails from it
[15:28:02] <wathek> I'm confused
[15:28:12] <feisar> i might be wrong but if mail is in the queue doesn't that mean it _hasn't_ been sent?
[15:28:24] <wathek> feisar, in active queue
[15:28:36] *** tris has joined #postfix
[15:29:10] <wathek> feisar, and it's spamming my server you see it sends many mails so that the queue becomes big and that slow down others mailboxes
[15:29:27] *** Timzzzz has joined #postfix
[15:29:32] *** Timzzzz is now known as Timmooo
[15:30:34] <adaptr> !tell wathek welcome
[15:30:34] <knoba> wathek: "welcome" : welcome to #postfix! if you're joining for the first time, or are new to irc, the first thing you'll want to do is read the channel topic (/topic). it includes crucial instructions on how to effectively ask for help here, and what data you should include with your questions. the degree of success you'll have is directly related to how effectively you're able to follow those guidelines.
[15:31:22] <adaptr> feisar: we don't need headers. show postfix logging that shows the problem
[15:33:31] <feisar> I don't think the logs show any problems, that's why I'm having trouble working out why my mail is being dropped. I know it could be nothing to do with my set up but, those headers made me wonder if I had done somthing wrong
[16:16:36] *** wathek has quit IRC
[16:18:25] *** ced117 has joined #postfix
[16:18:25] *** ced117 has joined #postfix
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[16:52:35] *** happymeerkat has joined #postfix
[17:03:08] *** PhantomPh|AFK is now known as PhantomPhreak53
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[17:13:30] *** Rovanion has joined #postfix
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[17:45:52] *** reber has joined #postfix
[17:45:53] <reber> hi
[17:53:51] *** jkfod has joined #postfix
[17:58:50] *** Rovanion has quit IRC
[18:22:32] <feisar> is the /etc/aliases file the place to redirect local mail to a virtual mailbox?
[18:35:59] <wdp> hm just compiled 2.9
[18:36:05] <wdp> that was pretty straightforward.
[18:36:17] <wdp> and my old config still works, it seems
[18:37:04] *** p3rror has quit IRC
[18:56:22] *** p3rror has joined #postfix
[19:08:33] *** Rovanion has joined #postfix
[19:14:37] <rob0> There is much overlap between the functionality of alias_maps and virtual_alias_maps. The main difference is that the former is ONLY applied to local(8) addresses (mydestination), while the latter applies to ALL addresses.
[19:14:59] <rob0> !sqlite_howto
[19:15:00] <knoba> rob0: "sqlite_howto" : rob0 here has written a multi-address-class howto for Postfix and Dovecot using a sqlite3 data backend: http://rob0.nodns4.us/howto/
[19:15:14] <wdp> hey rob0 :-)
[19:15:25] <rob0> ^^ rewrite is done, announced on both lists
[19:15:39] <rob0> yo
[19:16:30] <Rovanion> I'm at a complete standstill here. I got post fix running with a simple config: http://pastebin.com/w7D8Xvv0 Iptables has no rules, postfix is running, /etc/services has port 25 listed as smtp, and yet I'm unable to telnet 25
[19:16:35] *** p3rror has quit IRC
[19:22:12] *** mangas has joined #postfix
[19:22:15] *** mangas has left #postfix
[19:29:42] *** dazo has joined #postfix
[19:29:56] *** dazo has quit IRC
[19:29:56] *** dazo has joined #postfix
[19:31:54] <dazo> Hi! Does it exist a good howto somewhere how to setup postfix with amavis and spamassin somewhere? I've found so many I'm not sure which are decent and which are crap
[19:33:39] <wdp> !howto
[19:33:39] <knoba> wdp: "howto" : (#1) see !tutorial, or (#2) see !tutorial
[19:33:43] <wdp> !tutorial
[19:33:43] <knoba> wdp: "tutorial" : A very common problem is that some people prefer to follow a step-by-step tutorial that shows them how to setup their server w/out reading the documentation or understanding what they are doing. If something goes wrong, they have no clue whatsoever about where to find hints, and they sometimes decide to start from scratch using a different tutorial. This is not The Proper Way.
[19:34:14] <wdp> dazo, question answered?
[19:36:35] <wdp> dazo, do it step by step. the postfix documentation tells you how filters can be implemented.
[19:36:38] <dazo> I can understand that point of view
[19:36:46] <wdp> dazo, the amavisd documentation gives you some idea on how to use amavis in postfix as well.
[19:37:06] <wdp> you'll have a lot to read, but in the end you'll be more happy than with some broken howto.
[19:37:11] <dazo> I have a running postfix server ... and want to add amavis, but the docs is too vague for me on some parts
[19:37:22] <wdp> so - try to ask some questions
[19:37:23] <sysmonk> dazo: then hire a sysadmin
[19:37:27] <sysmonk> ;P
[19:37:30] <sysmonk> !harekrishna
[19:37:30] <knoba> sysmonk: Error: "harekrishna" is not a valid command.
[19:37:30] <wdp> or hire sysmonk, or rob0
[19:37:33] <sysmonk> !krishna
[19:37:33] <knoba> sysmonk: Error: "krishna" is not a valid command.
[19:37:34] <sysmonk> damn it
[19:37:35] <wdp> :D
[19:37:35] <sysmonk> ;))
[19:37:41] <sysmonk> !factoid
[19:37:41] <knoba> sysmonk: "factoid" : something resembling a fact; unverified and often invented information that is given credibility because it contains words that appear to be something you think you ought to know. see http://workaround.org/f=postfix for a list of knoba's factoids.
[19:37:44] <sysmonk> where's the factoid list
[19:37:54] <wdp> sysmonk, lost in translation
[19:37:55] <wdp> :p
[19:37:57] <sysmonk> !hare_krishna
[19:37:57] <knoba> sysmonk: "hare_krishna" : Rumor has it that Hare Krishna means hire a consultant in Hindi.
[19:38:03] <sysmonk> here it is!
[19:38:20] <dazo> rob0 is here too ... he can probably tell you guys that I'm not a lazy non-skilled person who doesn't read docs
[19:38:31] <sysmonk> rob0: is that TRUE?
[19:38:49] <sysmonk> see, he doesn't answer, so probably not true at all
[19:38:57] <wdp> dazo, i wasn't meaning that; i just mean: try it with the documentation and if you stumble over questions - ask us or the specific maillinglist.
[19:39:12] <wdp> dazo, or, use some of those guides and look through each parameter in the specific docs.
[19:39:14] <rob0> haha
[19:39:16] <sysmonk> yeah, i can't suggest a howto either
[19:39:19] <rob0> hiya dazo
[19:39:19] *** macele has joined #postfix
[19:39:23] <dazo> rob0: hey!
[19:40:01] <dazo> what surprises me most of all, is that the amavis doc mentions a lot of things which several howtos does not mention at all ... and it makes me wonder ... is it needed, or is it a faulty howto?
[19:40:02] <jeev> rob0's postmaster is an indian
[19:40:29] <dazo> like "Configuring a dedicated lmtp-client" ... is that something I should do, or not?
[19:40:46] <rob0> Amavis documentation has to be complete
[19:41:03] <rob0> LMTP is a choice, not all will or should choose it
[19:41:07] <dazo> the doc tells me how to configure it ... but not why of if I would need it
[19:41:25] <rob0> don't worry, just use smtp
[19:41:29] <wdp> haha
[19:41:47] <rob0> LMTP can do per-recipient rejections
[19:42:11] <rob0> that is useful for a pre-queue (proxy) setup
[19:42:16] <dazo> my setup will be a front-end postfix server which will do anti-spam/anti-virus, and push filtered mails further to a backend Zimbra server
[19:42:30] <dazo> it's the front-end I'm looking at now
[19:42:36] <rob0> first step in spam is this:
[19:42:40] <dazo> (zimbra is working)
[19:42:42] <rob0> !cheatsheet
[19:42:43] <knoba> rob0: "cheatsheet" : http://jimsun.linxnet.com/misc/postfix-anti-UCE.txt : A HOWTO for pre-DATA spam control.
[19:42:49] <rob0> next:
[19:43:09] <rob0> well, first should actually be this
[19:43:13] <rob0> !postscreen
[19:43:13] <knoba> rob0: "postscreen" : SMTP triage server available in Postfix 2.8, see http://www.postfix.org/POSTSCREEN_README.html and http://www.postfix.org/postscreen.8.html
[19:44:01] <rob0> then for amavisd-new, follow the amavisd-new documentation
[19:44:05] <rob0> and see:
[19:44:08] <rob0> !filter
[19:44:08] <knoba> rob0: "filter" : see !filter_readme
[19:44:10] *** p3rror has joined #postfix
[19:44:14] <rob0> !filter_readme
[19:44:14] <knoba> rob0: "filter_readme" : http://www.postfix.org/FILTER_README.html :: After-queue content filtering
[19:44:33] <rob0> !proxy
[19:44:33] <knoba> rob0: "proxy" : Before-queue content filtering in Postfix: http://www.postfix.org/SMTPD_PROXY_README.html
[19:45:17] <dazo> rob0: cool! thx a lot for pointing me in the right direction!
[19:47:38] <rob0> I wouldn't tell you NOT to look at howtos, but don't trust much in them
[19:48:02] <rob0> remember, they are written by people who generally don't have much clue about what they're doing
[19:48:34] <rob0> that's why they write them!
[19:48:43] * rob0 knows firsthand!
[19:50:07] *** NorrinRadd has quit IRC
[19:50:51] <Patrickdk> well, that, or, rarely, you come across a company that will post their build howto
[19:50:57] <Patrickdk> for their employees to follow
[19:51:00] <Patrickdk> but that is *rare*
[19:51:16] <Patrickdk> and rarer to find someone that actually knew what they where doing that did it :)
[19:51:59] <jimpop> a fully complete howto, covering all aspects of possible implementations, is also known as !docs
[19:52:25] * Patrickdk loves to sanity check howto's
[19:52:26] <rob0> the point of a howto is to show one possible way of doing things
[19:52:41] <rob0> Patrickdk, try mine!
[19:52:44] *** Chi-Town has joined #postfix
[19:52:44] *** Chi-Town has joined #postfix
[20:06:41] *** wdp_ has joined #postfix
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[20:08:29] *** folivora has joined #postfix
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[20:13:10] *** thowe has joined #postfix
[20:14:34] *** Chi-Town has joined #postfix
[20:14:34] *** Chi-Town has joined #postfix
[20:18:18] <adaptr> he said "sanity check", rob0
[20:21:52] *** MAAAAD has quit IRC
[20:22:40] *** MAAAAD has joined #postfix
[20:25:00] *** Danielc1234 has joined #postfix
[20:26:15] <Danielc1234> Hi all, trying to send emails off our server, but will not. Checked the maillog file and see this a lot. Feb 19 04:10:39 web postfix/proxymap[9241]: warning: connect to mysql server Access denied for user 'vmail' at '10 dot 1.10.168' (using password: YES)
[20:26:30] <Danielc1234> Does sendmail need to connect to a db?
[20:27:52] <atossava> If you've configured it to do so...
[20:28:01] <rob0> postfix/proxymap needs to
[20:28:40] <rob0> atossava, /msg?
[20:28:49] <Danielc1234> I didnt set up this server, so I am unsure and no way to find the guy that did.
[20:29:04] <Danielc1234> rob0 just to send off the server using mail() it would need this?
[20:29:39] <Danielc1234> rob0 none of our php programs are able to send off the server.
[20:30:45] <Danielc1234> where would be the config file kept so that I can change the user and pw? Cause now that I think about it, a while back someone screwed up all the ursers on our db server and had to reconfigure to proper user.
[20:32:44] <Danielc1234> looks like that is hold the info. /etc/postfix/mysql/virtual_mailbox_domains.cf
[20:33:19] <jimpop> why are you telling us these private details of your server?
[20:34:58] <Danielc1234> jimpop sorry, that is the default path isnt it?
[20:35:11] <jimpop> is it?
[20:36:02] <rob0> there is no default path for any kind of mysql map
[20:36:17] <rob0> there are very few default maps of any kind
[20:36:47] <jimpop> imho, unmaintained postfix installs should self destruct after 90 days
[20:37:13] <Danielc1234> well this is all new to me, just seeking help to get my emails to send. Hopefully there is no one here malicious enough to want to do anything wrong.
[20:37:41] <jimpop> lol
[20:37:44] <rob0> we have adaptr
[20:37:47] <jimpop> and seekwill
[20:37:52] <rob0> omg
[20:37:56] <jimpop> and /who
[20:38:00] <jimpop> and the public archive
[20:38:03] <jimpop> lol
[20:38:51] <Danielc1234> glad to hear I am amongst such honorable people around here :)
[20:39:11] <rob0> !adaptr
[20:39:11] <knoba> rob0: "adaptr" : The smiting hand (or actually, small shell script) of #postfix. Not to be trusted.
[20:39:34] <jimpop> lol
[20:39:37] <Danielc1234> trust me....there is nothing on my server that anyone would be interested in seeing...
[20:39:41] <jimpop> !jimpop
[20:39:42] <knoba> jimpop: Error: "jimpop" is not a valid command.
[20:39:45] <jimpop> whew
[20:40:09] <Danielc1234> anyway, so that is what is happening? postfix cannot talk to mysql?
[20:42:43] <rob0> so it would seem
[20:42:52] <Danielc1234> I guess jimpop cant help me out cause he is too busy trying to hack my server! ;)
[20:43:07] *** chadmaynard has quit IRC
[20:43:14] <Danielc1234> rob0 okay, thanks gonna take a look at that.
[20:43:32] <atossava> hm should I make this a factoid :D
[20:43:45] <atossava> danielc1234: nobody is interested in your data, but everybody is interested in gaining the use of your server for their purposes
[20:44:03] <jimpop> !learn jimpop as I guess jimpop cant help me out cause he is too busy trying to hack my server!
[20:44:07] <jimpop> !jimpop
[20:44:07] <knoba> jimpop: "jimpop" : I guess jimpop cant help me out cause he is too busy trying to hack my server!
[20:44:13] <jimpop> i approve
[20:44:15] <thumbs> !popjim
[20:44:15] <knoba> thumbs: Error: "popjim" is not a valid command.
[20:44:24] <Danielc1234> atossava yes it has happened before. I guess I am too nice and give people the benefit of the doubt.
[20:44:26] *** NorrinRadd has joined #postfix
[20:44:48] <atossava> !learn mydata Nobody is interested in the contents of your server, but everybody, at least the spammers, are interested in gaining the use of your server for their own purposes.
[20:44:49] <knoba> atossava: (learn [<channel>] <key> as <value>) -- Associates <key> with <value>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent on the channel itself. The word 'as' is necessary to separate the key from the value. It can be changed to another word via the learnSeparator registry value.
[20:44:56] <atossava> !learn mydata as Nobody is interested in the contents of your server, but everybody, at least the spammers, are interested in gaining the use of your server for their own purposes.
[20:45:01] <atossava> here we go.
[20:45:05] <atossava> !mydata
[20:45:06] <knoba> atossava: "mydata" : Nobody is interested in the contents of your server, but everybody, at least the spammers, are interested in gaining the use of your server for their own purposes.
[20:45:14] <rob0> lol
[20:45:23] <rob0> true
[20:45:26] <jimpop> yes
[20:46:05] <Danielc1234> just so I know, how could I tell if my server had been compromised? Now that you guys have me all paranoid!
[20:46:33] <atossava> There is no one-line answer to that...
[20:46:41] *** Chi-Town has quit IRC
[20:46:56] <Danielc1234> I'm in a den of wolves! lol
[20:47:00] <jimpop> cat /dev/did_it_happen_yet
[20:47:42] <rob0> you have not posted anything which could seriously be used against you.
[20:48:03] <Danielc1234> rob0 good to know.
[20:48:08] <jimpop> agreed
[20:48:27] <Danielc1234> jimpop you are the one that scares me the most! :)
[20:48:29] <jimpop> you have also not posted anything which could be seriously used to assist you
[20:48:31] <rob0> as they say, your leg has been pulled
[20:48:43] <rob0> haha jimpop++
[20:48:48] <Danielc1234> keeping me on my toes.
[20:49:29] <rob0> Dan what happened? Did someone mess with the mysql config, or upgrade a package?
[20:49:46] <rob0> generally this is the most important starting point
[20:49:58] <atossava> Dan: Take a look at your mysql configs. Try to make the same connections by hand, with the mysql command line client. If it doesn't work, figure out what you need to do to make it work.
[20:50:24] <atossava> If the connections work but the data you want is not there...
[20:50:59] <jimpop> i think he said that sometime in the past something happened to their mysql instance and they re-created all users/passwds in it
[20:51:06] *** aindilis2 has joined #postfix
[20:52:55] <Danielc1234> rob0 yes, we have our own db server and downloaded a backup of a db off our other hosting company that also included its users for their db server and overwrote all of our users, so it was a mess there for a while. And now it makes sense of what is happening.
[20:53:02] <Danielc1234> atossava yeah doing that right now.
[20:56:14] <Danielc1234> so now, it looks like it is connecting to db now. However it is still not sending. We have our own zimbra email server, but this is on our web server. Is there a way to have authenication in the php config?
[20:56:51] <Danielc1234> I think now maybe our php settings are wrong.
[20:57:20] <pj> Danielc1234: postfix doesn't use php, and hence this is not a postfix issue.
[20:57:54] <Danielc1234> well it is showing in the postfix maillog
[20:58:14] <rob0> that log indicates a Postfix problem
[20:58:17] <pj> then you need to read the topic and follow the directions there.
[20:58:47] <rob0> or, figure it out on your own, as you do seem to be making progress at :)
[20:58:53] <pj> hehehe
[20:59:21] <pj> or ask in a channel that is dedicated to zimbra (hint, this is not a zimbra support channel)
[20:59:55] <Danielc1234> no, I dont think it is a zimbra issue. I think it is the way this server is trying to send out of postfix.
[21:00:02] <rob0> oh, was this a zimbra?
[21:00:30] <Danielc1234> rob0 no I am only trying to use this to send mail off the localhost
[21:00:38] <pj> yeah, he just said it was.
[21:00:47] <pj> [08:56] <Danielc1234> so now, it looks like it is connecting to db now. However it is still not sending. We have our own zimbra email server, but this is on our web server. Is there a way to have authenication in the php config?
[21:01:07] <pj> or is that a different server?
[21:01:28] <Danielc1234> pj sorry, maybe I miss spoke. We do have a zimbra server for smtp, however on this webserver we are trying to send off the local host and not depend on the zimbra.
[21:01:33] <Danielc1234> yes different
[21:01:40] <pj> oh, ok
[21:01:58] <Danielc1234> we have two php programs that need to send off the local host, but it is not working.
[21:02:06] <pj> a lot of people come in here thinking they can get support for zimbra since zimbra happens to use postfix for one of its component packages.
[21:02:20] <Danielc1234> oh no, I have zimbra working great.
[21:02:42] <Danielc1234> but for this situation do I want SMPT = localhost ?
[21:02:47] <pj> that said, postfix doesn't use php, if there is a problem on the postfix side we can help you, but we can't support your php programs.
[21:03:01] <pj> !tell Danielc1234 congrats
[21:03:01] <knoba> Danielc1234: "congrats" : Congratulations! You have a postfix problem. There are lots of people in this channel who would love to help you but in order to provide you anything better than a guess please take the output of postconf -n and some !relevant_logs and !paste them into a pastebin. Once you have done this then someone will be available to help you shortly.
[21:04:32] <Danielc1234> okay it may be obvious to you all by now I am not an expert in postfix and for that matter working with servers. But I had thought the postfix gets at least its mail function parameters from php.ini. Am I wrong?
[21:04:51] <pj> yes, you're wrong
[21:04:59] <pj> postfix doesn't get anything from php.ini
[21:05:45] <Danielc1234> okay, well having said that. By looking at my maillog file, it appears my server is definitely trying to send through postfix. Does that make sense?
[21:06:13] <pj> Danielc1234: I don't know, you still haven't shown us anything.
[21:07:38] <Danielc1234> here is my maillog. Is there another log file that would help to look at? http://pastebin.com/1n5MK4BT
[21:08:34] <pj> !tell Danielc1234 relevant_logs
[21:08:34] <knoba> Danielc1234: "relevant_logs" : Relevant logs are mail.* syslog Postfix logs (NOT verbose, see !verbose) which show the entire handling of a single mail which illustrates the issue with which you want help. Random selections from your mail log might not do. IMAP/POP3 daemons and external delivery agents typically log to the same facility (mail); those are usually not relevant here.
[21:09:27] <Danielc1234> knoba great monitoring!!!
[21:10:16] <Danielc1234> I have the output for postconf -n is there anything in there that should not been seen to the public?
[21:11:36] <pj> There shouldn't be any passwords or anything like that in postconf -n, but the onus is on you to make sure of that.
[21:12:26] <pj> Danielc1234: and I need to know what part of that seemingly random log snippet is relevant to the problem at hand.
[21:13:22] <pj> I think I see your issue, though: Feb 19 14:53:45 web postfix/smtp[9291]: connect to[]:10024: Connection refused
[21:13:27] <Danielc1234> pj well I thought it was a starting point. The server is still not sending emails, so hoping maybe you saw something.
[21:14:20] <Danielc1234> pj I saw that as well. but not sure how to track that one down.
[21:14:32] <pj> port 10024 is used to relay emails to amavisd-new for scanning, obviously amavisd-new is mis-configured or may not be running at all.
[21:14:41] <Danielc1234> here is my postconf output. http://pastebin.com/giHjtgcW
[21:15:41] <Danielc1234> pj but it does look like the server is trying to send through postfix correct?
[21:17:11] <pj> well, somethign is attempting to be sent through postfix.
[21:17:31] <Danielc1234> pj that is the test mails I tried to send
[21:17:53] <pj> that postconf -n output looks strange, looks like a copy/paste issue, though, not an issue with the configs themselves.
[21:18:17] <Danielc1234> I ran the linux command postconf -n
[21:18:44] <pj> right, there's some weird whitespace issues where lines wrap in the output there.
[21:19:14] <rob0> nitpick, that is not a "linux command", that is a Postfix command, which may or may not happen to be running on a Linux system.
[21:19:25] <pj> true
[21:19:34] <pj> I was letting that one slide, heh
[21:19:47] <Danielc1234> yes, I had no clue.
[21:20:04] <rob0> yeah, you're handling the substance, I'm out here being a nuisance
[21:20:18] <rob0> don't have time to pay attention
[21:20:27] *** s0ber has quit IRC
[21:20:50] <Danielc1234> okay so right there I see that connection refused, but it is in the confi file content_filter = smtp-amavis:[]:10024
[21:21:18] <pj> right, I already told you what the problem is
[21:21:33] <pj> [09:14] <pj> port 10024 is used to relay emails to amavisd-new for scanning, obviously amavisd-new is mis-configured or may not be running at all.
[21:22:02] <Danielc1234> pj first, how can I tell if it is running?
[21:22:21] *** s0ber has joined #postfix
[21:22:31] <pj> usually with a command such as: ps uax | grep amavis
[21:23:11] *** wdp_ has quit IRC
[21:23:11] <Danielc1234> looks like it is running... [root@web ~]# ps uax | grep amavis
[21:23:11] <Danielc1234> root 9454 0.0 0.0 61152 732 pts/1 S+ 15:22 0:00 grep amavis
[21:23:13] <pj> if all you see is one line that says "grep amavis" in the output of that then amavisd-new isn't running.
[21:23:21] <pj> nope, it's not
[21:23:46] <Danielc1234> pj really? how can you tell. I need to learn this.
[21:24:00] <pj> you need to know your unix basics, like it says in the topic
[21:24:10] <pj> ...before you attempt to admin an email server
[21:24:24] <pj> I'm not here to give you a crash course in basic unix commands.
[21:24:34] <Danielc1234> pj I need how to read music as well, but I still do music productions for Disney...:)
[21:25:27] <pj> Danielc1234: I have no idea what the needed qualifications are for music productions, but if you want to run an email server then you *need* to know your unix basics.
[21:25:41] <Danielc1234> oh boy.
[21:25:54] <Rovanion> Hi there lads! When roundcube tries to connect to smtp at 587 it returns that the SMTP server doesn't support authentication. This is my conf: http://pastebin.com/ViPWwHUn
[21:26:46] <rob0> pj, offer void where taxed or prohibited, or if running crapware like MSexchange :)
[21:26:47] <pj> Rovanion: what's your server's IP address?
[21:27:08] <Danielc1234> pj okay its not running and I will take your word on that. So how would I get postfix to start it?
[21:27:10] <Rovanion> pj: On the local domain or the gateways outer?
[21:27:22] <pj> rob0: true, but running *postfix* comes with unix basics as a prerequisite.
[21:27:52] <Rovanion> pj: Both roundcube and postfix/dovecot are on the same server with the ip
[21:27:57] <pj> Rovanion: something I can connect to so I can see for myself what your server supports, so that would be public IP if it exists.
[21:28:21] <pj> Danielc1234: postfix doesn't start amavisd-new
[21:28:26] <Rovanion> pj: luckey.se, I can look up the IP too.
[21:28:40] <rob0> Postfix does not start amavisd-new, but the OS init scripts might.
[21:29:18] <Rovanion> pj
[21:29:46] <Danielc1234> rob0 okay, but postfix uses it obviously. Do you know if it is a apache, php or what?
[21:29:55] <rob0> Rovanion, my WAG: smtpd_tls_auth_only = yes
[21:30:26] <pj> yeah, my guess too, but I wanted to check for myself first
[21:30:29] <rob0> which means, use STARTTLS before you see AUTH in the EHLO response
[21:30:36] <pj> that said, it's timing out for me when I try to connect.
[21:30:54] <pj> so port 587 is likely not listening on the public IP or it's firewalled.
[21:30:59] <Rovanion> rob0: WAG? I assume I should set this option to no.
[21:30:59] <rob0> maybe the client doesn't support STARTTLS?
[21:31:11] <rob0> huh? Definitely not
[21:31:15] <rob0> !assume
[21:31:15] <knoba> rob0: "assume" : When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me
[21:31:28] <Rovanion> pj: Oh I'm so sorry, I haven't opened 587 yet.
[21:32:36] <pj> Rovanion: well, if rob is correct in his guess (which would be my guess as well), then what you really should be doing is setting up roundcube so it uses STARTTLS
[21:33:26] *** localhost has quit IRC
[21:34:46] *** localhost has joined #postfix
[21:37:01] <pj> Danielc1234: two things, (1) this is all unix basics, and (2) amavisd-new is a separate program from postfix and is not supported here.
[21:39:03] <Rovanion> pj: Port is open now. But I think roundcube is using tls, it says in the config file that it does when tls://<servername> or ssl://<servername> is used. When I switched to ssl:// I got a "Unable to connect" instead of no auth from roundcube.
[21:39:45] <Rovanion> Port 587 that is
[21:40:34] <pj> Rovanion: I'd like to see what your logs say from my attempt just now to connect with STARTTLS]
[21:41:22] <pj> the connection is getting dropped, something in the TLS handshake, I think, but your logs will tell more.
[21:41:32] <rob0> Dan, amavisd is a perl script. Not sure what else you are asking.
[21:42:37] <Rovanion> pj: tail of mail.log http://paste.pocoo.org/show/553599/
[21:42:47] <pj> Rovanion: just so you can see what happens when I attempt to connect with STARTTLS: http://pastebin.com/ZjSHdfWH
[21:44:55] <pj> Feb 19 22:43:05 luckey postfix/submission/smtpd[5731]: warning: SASL: Connect to private/auth failed: No such file or directory
[21:44:59] <pj> that's your problem
[21:45:16] <Rovanion> that's a very odd filepath
[21:45:40] <pj> that's the standard path for the dovecot sasl auth socket when used with postfix.
[21:46:13] <Rovanion> So it's a dovecot issue?
[21:46:15] <pj> is dovecot running?
[21:46:18] <pj> yes
[21:46:24] <pj> it's a dovecot issue
[21:46:41] <Rovanion> It's running
[21:48:11] <pj> Rovanion: netstat -lnp | grep dovecot
[21:48:50] <pj> do you see a unix socket listening at /var/spool/postfix/private/auth ?
[21:49:50] <Rovanion> pj: No, not right there http://paste.pocoo.org/show/553607/
[21:50:35] <pj> Rovanion: dovecot is not configured correctly
[21:50:41] <pj> !tell Rovanion sasl
[21:50:41] <knoba> Rovanion: "sasl" : SASL is 'Simple Authentication and Security Layer', necessary for SMTP AUTH, and provided to Postfix by addin software. Cyrus SASL and/or Dovecot IMAP/POP3 can provide SASL. See http://www.postfix.org/SASL_README.html for details.
[21:50:58] <pj> Rovanion: there is directions on how to properly configure dovecot here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[21:52:01] <Rovanion> Thanks for all your help!
[21:52:10] <pj> yw :-)
[21:52:21] <Rovanion> I'll leave that tab up for tomorrow, now I got to fix my bike in order to get to school tomorrow
[21:52:30] <pj> heh, ok
[21:52:51] <Rovanion> Flat tire :-\
[21:53:25] <pj> oh, fun
[21:54:16] <Danielc1234> pj and rob0 I found some good information and you are right, I think the configuration is wrong. But do you think it would hault all emails from sending? http://www.freespamfilter.org/FC4.html#_Toc110999196
[21:54:17] <Rovanion> But thanks once again for all your time. I've been working on getting this mailserver online on all my free time for a week now.
[21:55:01] <Rovanion> It's so much to learn for something that seems so simple on the surface.
[21:56:52] <pj> running an email server is anything but simple.
[21:57:26] <pj> Danielc1234: you showed logs of a problem, and that is what is causing the problem.
[21:58:43] <Danielc1234> pj okay...
[21:59:23] <Rovanion> So I've discovered. I'm wondering, does Debian manage to package a "working" config where you just have to add in the personal stuff like the various domain names?
[22:00:40] <pj> Rovanion: I don't run postfix on debian.
[22:04:58] *** s0ber has quit IRC
[22:05:21] *** s0ber has joined #postfix
[22:06:45] <thumbs> thankfully
[22:06:53] <thumbs> !debian
[22:06:54] <knoba> thumbs: "debian" : Please see /usr/share/doc/postfix/README.Debian for Debian-specific information. This probably applies to Ubuntu and most other Debian-derivative distributions as well.
[22:09:02] <pj> well, I prefer CentOS, which has its own set of problems and quirks.
[22:10:09] *** dazo has quit IRC
[22:10:35] <pj> Rovanion: my understanding is that the debian config tool for postfix will give you a very basic postfix config which you will likely have to customise if you want to use postfix for much more than a null-mailer.
[22:10:47] *** wdp_ has joined #postfix
[22:11:06] * Rovanion googles null-mailer
[22:11:17] <pj> !tell Rovanion nullmailer
[22:11:17] <knoba> Rovanion: "nullmailer" : a nullclient program which provides a means for a computer to submit mail to an existing msa. see http://untroubled.org/nullmailer/ for more info. also see !nullclient_software, !nullclient and !msa
[22:11:37] <pj> ummmm, I meant nullclient
[22:11:40] <pj> !nullclient
[22:11:40] <knoba> pj: "nullclient" : a null client is a computer that can only send mail. it receives no mail from the network, and it does not deliver any mail locally. while postfix can be configured to fill this role, it is often unnecessary overkill, and a much simpler software package is more appropriate. see !nullclient_software for more details.
[22:12:57] <Rovanion> Gnight!
[22:13:02] <pj> goodnight
[22:13:11] *** Rovanion is now known as RovAsleep
[22:14:29] *** snearch has joined #postfix
[22:16:14] *** danblack has joined #postfix
[22:18:33] *** macele has quit IRC
[22:21:32] *** gerhard7 has quit IRC
[22:27:34] *** ced117 has quit IRC
[22:29:44] *** sammo has joined #postfix
[22:31:30] *** conntrack has joined #postfix
[22:34:36] *** sammo has quit IRC
[22:38:41] *** zastaph has quit IRC
[22:43:30] *** Guest49942 has joined #postfix
[22:43:55] *** Guest49942 is now known as theblackbox
[22:44:00] *** theblackbox has joined #postfix
[22:48:31] *** wsmsg has quit IRC
[22:50:27] *** theblackbox has quit IRC
[22:50:38] *** jkfod has quit IRC
[22:56:45] *** nosleep77 has joined #postfix
[22:56:48] <nosleep77> suppp
[22:57:03] <nosleep77> for some reason direct telnet works but mutt doesn't work.. anyone know why?
[23:05:05] *** Nik05 has quit IRC
[23:10:38] <danblack> nosleep77: if you look at your logs you may discover the answer
[23:10:49] <nosleep77> well it says 441 deferred
[23:10:56] <nosleep77> but when i telnet and send something it works fine
[23:15:31] *** Bry8Star has quit IRC
[23:16:33] *** jwing has joined #postfix
[23:24:39] <jimpop> nosleep77: what happens if you ftp and send something?
[23:25:09] <nosleep77> i dont have an ftp server running there tho
[23:25:26] <jimpop> do you have a telnet server running there ?
[23:25:43] <nosleep77> sshd
[23:25:51] <jimpop> oh, that's not telnet
[23:25:56] <jimpop> problem solved!
[23:26:06] <nosleep77> i can install vsftpd
[23:26:11] <jimpop> me too!
[23:26:19] <nosleep77> how would that help?
[23:26:27] <jimpop> probably won't
[23:26:59] <nosleep77> i know you're saying mutt is not telnet .. but i am trying to find out why its working via telnet and not thru mutt
[23:28:01] *** reber has quit IRC
[23:28:05] <jimpop> when you say "via telnet" I envision you doing "telnet <your_server> 25"
[23:28:15] <nosleep77> yes
[23:28:34] <jimpop> but you then said "sshd" which makes me think you make be ssh'ing into the mailserver and doing something else
[23:28:54] <jimpop> so, in the interest of progress... please read and follow /topic
[23:29:09] <nosleep77> that's bcuz you asked me if i had an ftp server installed.. then asked me if i telnet server installed.. etc. etc.
[23:29:14] <nosleep77> dont know why u thought i'd need those
[23:29:26] <jimpop> i didn't. i wanted to test your competency
[23:29:55] <jimpop> after all, you did miss reading /topic and following it's requirements
[23:30:50] <jimpop> it's also well-known that joining this chan produces a custom msg to your client advising you to read /topic
[23:31:17] *** wdp_ has quit IRC
[23:31:25] <nosleep77> already told u wahts in the logs
[23:31:35] <jimpop> ok
[23:32:17] *** e-anima has quit IRC
[23:32:43] <nosleep77> ehh i found it.. its trying to connect to a public ip
[23:34:32] *** wsmsg has joined #postfix
[23:34:53] <nosleep77> so i wonder why it doesn't use nsswitch.. gona try to find out a way to make it use /etc/hosts
[23:36:12] *** PhantomPhreak53 has quit IRC
[23:39:02] *** SimonJai has joined #postfix
[23:39:13] *** PhantomPhreak53 has joined #postfix
[23:39:17] <SimonJai> hey guys, what is the cause of "postfix/master[2735]: terminating on signal 15"?
[23:39:41] <thumbs> SimonJai: that's SIGKILL
[23:39:51] <SimonJai> user killed?
[23:40:38] <rob0> that's SIGTERM
[23:40:58] <SimonJai> which one is it?
[23:40:59] <rob0> or it should be on most OSs
[23:41:40] <rob0> there is no way we can guess why your master got a signal, nor what sent it
[23:42:56] <thumbs> rob0: err yes
[23:43:08] <thumbs> rob0: I always confuse the two.
[23:44:01] <SimonJai> so the service didn't crash
[23:44:12] <SimonJai> someone or something told the system to kill the service
[23:44:16] <rob0> was stopped, yes
[23:44:39] <SimonJai> great thanks, looks like I'm in trouble
[23:44:39] <SimonJai> =/

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