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   February 4, 2012  
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[00:00:10] *** D-Boy has joined #postfix
[00:03:34] <Patrickdk> heh? that is how it normally works
[00:03:42] <Patrickdk> why do you think it's an AND condition?
[00:04:35] <ripratm> because I have an IP in $mynetwork, but then its failing under the second condition where it checks the sender address against a table
[00:04:52] <Patrickdk> !tell ripratm welcome
[00:04:52] <knoba> ripratm: "welcome" : welcome to #postfix! if you're joining for the first time, or are new to irc, the first thing you'll want to do is read the channel topic (/topic). it includes crucial instructions on how to effectively ask for help here, and what data you should include with your questions. the degree of success you'll have is directly related to how effectively you're able to follow those guidelines.
[00:05:09] <Patrickdk> I don'y know what $mynetworks is
[00:05:39] <ripratm> mynetworks
[00:06:25] <Patrickdk> well, as that isn't the way it works, I don't believe you :)
[00:06:30] <Patrickdk> config and logs, like the topic says
[00:08:28] <ripratm> main.conf smtpd_sender_restrictions = permit_mynetworks, check_sender_access mysql:/etc/postfix/sql/smtpd_sender.cf
[00:10:06] *** ced117 has quit IRC
[00:11:25] <rob0> !restriction_class
[00:11:26] <knoba> rob0: "restriction_class" : postfix per-client/user/etc. access control http://www.postfix.org/RESTRICTION_CLASS_README.html
[00:11:44] <rob0> might help
[00:12:43] <ripratm> how does that line work though. is it one a condition is true or is it if all conditions are met
[00:13:06] <rob0> !access
[00:13:06] <knoba> rob0: "access" : http://www.postfix.org/SMTPD_ACCESS_README.html : An overview of access(5) controls in the Postfix smtpd(8) SMTP server.
[00:13:15] <rob0> they are linear per stage.
[00:13:31] <ripratm> I'm not sure what that means
[00:13:41] <rob0> Use more than one stage to obtain more complex effects.
[00:14:08] <rob0> linear: evaluated in order until permit or reject result obtained
[00:14:51] <rob0> if in $mynetworks your client would not hit the check_sender_access lookup.
[00:16:13] *** tums2004 has joined #postfix
[00:16:28] <ripratm> hmmmm, thats what I figured but I must have something else wrong
[00:16:51] <tums2004> hiya, I am trying to use postfix, and filter some things using procmail. I followed the tutorials... BUT procmail doesn't seem to get invoked. Anyone able to help me troubleshoot?
[00:17:19] <ripratm> basically I want 1 IP in mynetworks to be able to send with out restrictions, everybody else would then hit that check_sender_access
[00:17:30] <rob0> well, I usually would ask first, "why procmail?"
[00:17:54] <rob0> ripratm, I answered that earlier or yesterday.
[00:18:09] <rob0> !tell ripratm check_client_access
[00:18:09] <knoba> ripratm: "check_client_access" : Search the named access database for the client name, parent domains, client address, or networks obtained by stripping least significant octets. Reject if the result is REJECT or [45]XX text . Permit otherwise
[00:18:20] *** e-anima has quit IRC
[00:18:21] <tums2004> because Im using spam assassin and it appears to be the easiest way to make it take that mail and move it to a spam box
[00:18:39] <rob0> !amavisd-new
[00:18:39] <tums2004> Do you know of a way to make postfix do matching and move it?
[00:18:39] <knoba> rob0: "amavisd-new" : amavisd-new is a high-performance and reliable interface between mailer (MTA) and one or more content checkers. See http://www.ijs.si/software/amavisd/
[00:19:42] <tums2004> rob0: Im a total newbie, its frankly way over my head. I want to start small
[00:19:54] <ripratm> yes through the access file, but if I'm understanding this should be correct as well
[00:20:22] <rob0> through what "access file"?
[00:21:09] <rob0> no, permit_mynetworks returns a permit result for any client in mynetworks. End of story.
[00:21:36] *** danblack has joined #postfix
[00:21:50] <rob0> tums2004, fine, but read the /topic, no one can help you without information.
[00:22:05] <ripratm> I have no idea, but the answer I received earlier was use an access file (maybe not from you)
[00:22:09] *** danblack has joined #postfix
[00:23:26] <tums2004> http://pastebin.com/GpV8ZfHJ
[00:23:33] <tums2004> Just wanted to make sure I was in the right place first :)
[00:23:33] <ripratm> so if a connection comes in that is NOT in permit_networks, it will never hit check_sender_access
[00:23:41] <rob0> MAKE an access file, give it a name that fits its purpose, call it as check_client_access before your sender lookup.
[00:25:49] *** jkfod has quit IRC
[00:25:52] *** rcsu has quit IRC
[00:27:27] <tums2004> rob0: any ideas ? :)
[00:27:59] <rob0> !priorities
[00:27:59] <knoba> rob0: "priorities" : LOGS are almost *always* the primary thing you should be focusing on providing. unless someone has specifically told you logs are not needed, do not bother collecting other information until after you have a clear log snippit demonstrating what you are asking for help with. also see !logs, !no_logs, and !relevant_logs.
[00:28:06] <rob0> and no time, I am busy.
[00:28:28] <tums2004> so, basically you asked me to do more work, but aren't going to help?
[00:28:55] <tums2004> and since there aren't any logs, because procmail isn't being called... there wouldn't be logs
[00:29:41] <tums2004> I checked this by, deleting ALL logs, then sending a mail. there is nothing related to procmail in those logs
[00:30:17] <rob0> Grrr. I have work to do. Not responisble to do yours. And there are others here who MIGHT be able to help if you did your job and provided information.
[00:30:24] <rob0> Lose the sense of entitlement.
[00:31:04] *** higuita has quit IRC
[00:31:09] <tums2004> didn't have a sense of entitlement. But you could just as easily said hey gee sorry can't help you.
[00:31:42] <rob0> I looked at your pastebin, saw no logs, and told you.
[00:32:10] <thumbs> tums2004: can we see relevant logs?
[00:32:25] <tums2004> There.... aren't any
[00:32:43] <rob0> !no_logs
[00:32:43] <knoba> rob0: "no_logs" : Nothing in your mail logs commonly means one of two things: either your syslogd is broken (try restarting it), or the connections are not coming to your server. Check your firewall/networking and the DNS for the domain in question. also see !logs.
[00:35:56] <tums2004> ok well dovecot enters logs, postfix on the other hand isn't giving any logs that match procmail, but I went ahead cleared my logs, and pasted the entire contents of maillog After sending a mail that was recieved
[00:36:59] <thumbs> tums2004: how did you clear your logs, exactly?
[00:37:09] <tums2004> cp /dev/null /var/log/maillog
[00:37:16] <thumbs> tums2004: don't do that.
[00:37:19] <tums2004> then sent a test mail
[00:37:36] <thumbs> tums2004: to properly clear logs, use a log rotation mechanism
[00:37:57] <tums2004> thumbs: cool I'll remember that, so do you have any idea why postfix isn't calling procmail?
[00:44:03] <tums2004> Cool, so now that I've provided everything asked for, anyone got any idea?
[00:47:33] *** clustermagnet has quit IRC
[00:48:31] <thumbs> tums2004: I'll check your pastebins in a bit.
[00:49:12] <tums2004> ok thanks :)
[00:49:26] <seekwill> I don't think thumbs knows
[00:50:32] *** danblack has quit IRC
[00:53:19] <tums2004> maybe not, but at least hes willing to check
[00:54:39] <seekwill> He is very helpful like that
[00:59:30] *** chadmaynard has joined #postfix
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[01:22:42] *** master_of_master has joined #postfix
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[01:44:52] *** danblack has joined #postfix
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[02:03:09] * rob0 returns ... looks for that second pastebin ... hmm.
[02:07:04] *** danblack has joined #postfix
[02:12:26] *** danblack has quit IRC
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[02:14:04] *** krake has joined #postfix
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[02:31:57] *** Bheam has joined #postfix
[02:32:06] <Bheam> yo
[02:32:20] <Bheam> is there any way to set a per-user limit on how many emails can be sent per hour?
[02:33:35] <Bheam> i had a password brute forced, and got abused... a limit on emails would atleast make the problem limited
[02:34:01] <Bheam> maybe even a permanent block if the limit is ever hit, that has to manually be lifted
[02:39:26] *** likwid--_ has joined #postfix
[02:44:38] *** nutron has joined #postfix
[02:50:49] <likwid--_> http://pastebin.com/j1pFzEfJ smtpauth+authdaemon not functioning correclty.. ive googled and read every article with the same problem but none provide solutions
[02:51:59] <likwid--_> ^^ confs + mail log errors
[02:55:17] <likwid--_> anyone see something im not?
[03:01:05] *** Bheam has quit IRC
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[03:48:30] *** todd_dsm has joined #postfix
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[04:01:47] *** MaximusColourum has joined #postfix
[04:20:14] *** danblack has joined #postfix
[04:20:16] *** lunaphyte has joined #postfix
[04:46:23] *** heckman has joined #postfix
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[04:55:25] *** D-Boy has joined #postfix
[04:58:10] <likwid--_> guess not
[04:59:25] <likwid--_> guess ill try doing it in mysql like all the tutorials and see if that produces the same errors
[05:02:04] <lunaphyte> i don't understand.
[05:02:18] <lunaphyte> "ive googled and read every article"?
[05:02:40] <lunaphyte> you're going around reading arbitrary articles written who god knows who?
[05:03:09] <lunaphyte> you mention reading of these articles, but you don't mention reading any documentation...
[05:03:27] <lunaphyte> and why are you using cyrus?
[05:03:36] <jimpop> *by*
[05:06:15] <likwid--_> ive been reading documentation and forum posts of the same problem i was having
[05:06:56] <likwid--_> what should i be using instead of cyrus
[05:07:30] <thumbs> likwid--_: we recommend dovecot instead.
[05:08:26] <lunaphyte> which part of the documentation, specifically?
[05:11:37] *** rhett has joined #postfix
[05:11:59] <rhett> I'd like to set up a email anonymizer like craigslist
[05:12:43] * jimpop goes to craigslist to search for "setup anonymizer"
[05:13:00] <rhett> craigslist alters the "from" field, when it delivers mail to you in a classified
[05:13:01] <jimpop> wtf!
[05:13:07] <jimpop> ewwwww
[05:13:17] * jimpop washes eyes
[05:13:22] <rhett> how does it deliever for domains like gmail that have spf set?
[05:13:34] <rhett> i should pastbin this email header
[05:13:41] *** xxzz has joined #postfix
[05:14:07] <lunaphyte> the from header is meaningless.
[05:14:14] <lunaphyte> it has nothing to do with spf
[05:15:26] <thumbs> rhett: rob0 and I already answered that the other day!
[05:16:08] <rhett> http://pastebin.com/N26wBHu2
[05:16:33] <rhett> thumbs, sorry i forget, what was the answer?
[05:17:05] <rhett> I don't understand this line at all Received-SPF: pass (google.com: domain of bounce-anon-rhett=xxxxx.com at craigslist dot org designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;
[05:17:41] <jimpop> lol
[05:17:52] <jimpop> what part of that line doesn't make sense?
[05:18:05] <lunaphyte> Return-Path: <bounce-anon-rhett=xxxxx.com at craigslist dot org>
[05:18:23] <lunaphyte> set to craigslist, just like it should be, ergo, spf checks pass just fine.
[05:18:43] <jimpop> craigslist.org designates as permitted sender
[05:18:44] <lunaphyte> properly dkin signed too.
[05:18:50] <lunaphyte> *dkim
[05:19:00] <jimpop> dkin donuts
[05:19:03] <lunaphyte> so all looks quite normal and kosher here.
[05:19:03] <jimpop> mmmm
[05:19:20] <rhett> how did I get the email if it was sent "to" gigs-yqfev-2813325940 at craigslist dot org ?
[05:19:39] <rhett> bcc?
[05:19:43] <jimpop> forwarding
[05:19:45] <lunaphyte> craigslist sent it to you.
[05:19:57] <jimpop> but not .forward'ing
[05:20:19] <lunaphyte> craigslist received it, saw that gigs-yqfev-2813325940 was you, and subsequently sent it to you.
[05:20:26] <jimpop> craig accepted the email to gigs-yqfev-2813325940 at craigslist dot org and then (using some software) sent that email on to your real address
[05:20:30] <jimpop> doh
[05:20:45] <rhett> i see
[05:21:11] <jimpop> and now we all know what you are selling on craigslist
[05:21:34] <jimpop> and where you live
[05:21:39] <lunaphyte> a horse castrating machine?
[05:21:40] <jimpop> keeping it wierd
[05:22:01] <lunaphyte> i better go to bed, before this gets weird.
[05:22:36] <rhett> it seems like craigslist accepting email from craigslist is not the hard part
[05:22:42] <lunaphyte> thumbs: you had better go to bed too. it's friday!
[05:22:45] <rhett> how do you get gmail to accept it and not put it in spam?
[05:23:00] <rhett> yeah, i'll google this if you guys go to sleep
[05:23:02] <rhett> thanks for helping
[05:23:08] <jimpop> click the This is Not Spam button
[05:23:16] <lunaphyte> publish proper spf, sign with dkim, construct properly formatted messages, and don't be a spammer.
[05:23:23] <lunaphyte> [etc, etc]
[05:23:25] <thumbs> lunaphyte: not yet!
[05:23:36] <thumbs> lunaphyte: the site must be ready to test by Monday.
[05:23:39] <lunaphyte> i'm turning off your computer.
[05:23:40] <rhett> sorry, the part I don't get is what functions they used to send it?
[05:23:55] <lunaphyte> thumbs: i went to bed at 4.30 and then got back up at 7.30
[05:23:58] <rhett> i don't know what fowarding is vs .forwarding
[05:24:13] <lunaphyte> but then i took a nap later
[05:24:15] <thumbs> lunaphyte: not bad. I had 3 hours of sleep here.
[05:24:38] <lunaphyte> g'night
[05:37:06] *** higuita has joined #postfix
[05:40:28] *** treshoem has joined #postfix
[05:44:05] <treshoem> I am attempting to install a mail system using postfix, dovecot, mysql, centos and postfix admin. Is it required that I need the src rpm and not just postfix itself?
[05:52:29] <rhett> hmm, everyone asleep?
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[06:30:40] *** codin has joined #postfix
[06:31:04] *** Rockj has joined #postfix
[06:31:14] <Rockj> !debug
[06:31:14] <knoba> Rockj: "debug" : http://www.postfix.org/DEBUG_README.html : a good starting point for how to deal with problems and to report information to those who might help. Post your information in a pastebin such as http://pastebin.ca/ or http://dpaste.com/
[06:37:31] *** poincare101 has quit IRC
[06:38:43] <Rockj> Q: If mail from my personal EMAIL-host-server responds with domain of sender address root at natserver dot domain.tld does not exist, does it require natserver.domain.tld to have a A-record to the locations public ip? But that would again just make it reach the smarthost which natserver relays mail thru which doesn't help? My goal is to have my boxes behind NAT to send me system mail (root etc) to my external main
[06:38:46] <Rockj> mail account for some servers I'm running.
[06:44:48] <Rockj> relevant configs: http://pastie.org/private/xnxa9o1h6g7l6jalhdoaw
[06:49:24] *** new_here has joined #postfix
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[09:11:12] *** aixenv has joined #postfix
[09:11:54] <aixenv> guys im trying to get postfix working with sasl and pam (to auth with my mysql server) i have both local accts on the smtp server and mysql accts on a remote server i want to auth with, currently neither plain nor tls works
[09:12:07] <aixenv> im not sure what im doing wrong, ill be happy to pastebin the postconf -n or whatever is requested
[09:12:43] <aixenv> we had this working on debian lenny - but were trying to upgrade/migrate to debian squeeze and cant get it working
[09:14:27] <aixenv> postconf -n => http://pastebin.com/nkW151VZ
[09:18:42] *** GieltjE has joined #postfix
[09:20:17] <aixenv> more information regarding my mail.info error, pam.d/smtp config and sasl cfg => http://pastebin.com/sS2gXtVL
[09:21:08] <aixenv> sasl/smtpd.conf config => http://pastebin.com/SUPSPzj5
[09:21:50] *** davlefou has quit IRC
[09:24:07] <aixenv> any ideas?
[09:39:14] <aixenv> ok well i guess no one is there -
[09:39:34] <aixenv> i went ahead and posted on the mailing list while I was waiting here, hopefully someone can assist - thanks for your time
[09:42:33] *** Gatto has joined #postfix
[09:45:51] <aixenv> anyone there?
[09:49:15] <aixenv> how are there 229 ppl in here and its a ghost town? odd
[09:55:51] <aixenv> hrm
[10:02:39] <aixenv> weird.. not 1 msg i see, i wonder if this thing is busted
[10:07:16] *** snearch has joined #postfix
[10:08:01] <aixenv> can anyone see what im typing?
[10:10:36] <aixenv> hrm ok well i guess ill just hope the mailing list can assist, later
[10:12:40] <rhett> i can
[10:13:11] <aixenv> weird - why is it so quiet?
[10:13:57] <aixenv> i would have expected more convos in a room with over 200 ppl
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[15:05:50] *** zamuro has joined #postfix
[15:06:40] <zamuro> http://paste.debian.net/154845/ ← Been having trouble recieving mail. There's a log for the server.
[15:07:13] <Rockj> aixenv: it's weekend , that's why I guess :-) I was trying to dig for a utility to test your saslauth with since I don't seem to find testsaslsauthd is not available in debian reposiotories.. ( http://www.postfix.org/SASL_README.html#testing_saslauthd ).
[15:10:47] <rob0> mail.el-diez.com is listed in THREE address class definitions: local, va, and vm. Choose no more than one address class for any domain/hostname.
[15:10:57] <rob0> !address_classes
[15:10:57] <knoba> rob0: "address_classes" : http://www.postfix.org/ADDRESS_CLASS_README.html describes how Postfix deals with different classes of addresses: local, relay, virtual alias, virtual mailbox, and Internet.
[15:12:25] <zamuro> In plain english: should I change mu main.cf file?
[15:12:29] <zamuro> my**
[15:13:08] <rob0> reread those warnings, they tell you what settings to check.
[15:13:23] <zamuro> lemme take a look at it. Thanks.
[15:14:39] <zamuro> rob0: for what I see, I've gotta put localhost on mydestination option, right?
[15:14:42] *** xxzz has quit IRC
[15:14:43] <zamuro> just checkin'
[15:15:21] *** wrksx has joined #postfix
[15:15:24] <wrksx> hey
[15:16:16] <wrksx> I'm trying to understand how to setup a mail server on my boix
[15:16:18] <wrksx> box
[15:16:22] <rob0> There is no "gotta" except "you gotta decide what you need." I recommend that you stick with mydestination to begin with, and add virtual alias maps/domains if/when domain namespace separation is needed.
[15:17:07] <wrksx> am I bound to use a database ?
[15:17:26] *** xxzz has joined #postfix
[15:17:31] <wrksx> or can i, for my simple needs have it workin without relying on a DB
[15:17:39] <rob0> !basic
[15:17:40] <knoba> rob0: "basic" : http://www.postfix.org/BASIC_CONFIGURATION_README.html : a good starting place for Postfix beginners, many common questions are answered here.
[15:18:29] *** xxzz has quit IRC
[15:23:20] *** wrksx has left #postfix
[15:26:34] *** likwid--_ has left #postfix
[15:37:30] <zamuro> I've got this message: <el-diez.com/mails/admin/ at el-diez dot com>: unknown user: "el-diez.com/mails/admin/ at el-diez dot com"
[15:37:52] <zamuro> Is that @el-diez.com supposed to be there anyways? I don't think so.
[15:44:21] *** jkfod has joined #postfix
[15:50:02] <Rockj> for those who backlogged my question, I "solved" it with using smtp_generic_maps and set it to natbox at smarthost dot hostname.tld , works at least for me getting my system messages :-)
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[16:34:12] *** zamuro_ has joined #postfix
[16:37:26] *** zamuro has quit IRC
[16:41:53] *** ced117 has quit IRC
[16:55:37] *** k1ckn1ck has joined #postfix
[17:05:26] *** zamuro_ is now known as zamuro
[17:05:27] *** zamuro has joined #postfix
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[17:12:09] *** Verilium has joined #postfix
[17:15:43] *** chadmaynard has quit IRC
[17:37:10] *** n0sq has joined #postfix
[17:42:55] <aixenv> anyone around?
[17:42:57] *** p3rror has joined #postfix
[17:43:05] <aixenv> i posted to the mailing list to no avail thus fr
[17:43:06] <aixenv> *far
[17:49:14] <aixenv> perhaps someone knows of a postfix consulting firm they could recommend?
[17:52:39] <Patrickdk> heh
[17:52:57] <aixenv> or some help, either/or :)
[17:53:13] <aixenv> but i realize someone elses expertise should be appreciated/compensated
[17:53:29] <Patrickdk> it would help if you followed the channel rules/topic
[17:53:34] <aixenv> i did sir
[17:53:41] <aixenv> i didnt want to spam the channel and repost things i did earlier
[17:53:52] <aixenv> if youd like me to repaste/post i will be happy to do so
[17:54:12] <aixenv> [00:12] <aixenv> guys im trying to get postfix working with sasl and pam (to auth with my mysql server) i have both local accts on the smtp server and mysql accts on a remote server i want to auth with, currently neither plain nor tls works
[17:54:19] <Patrickdk> I see a bunch of pastebins
[17:54:22] <Patrickdk> but no error logs
[17:54:24] <aixenv> [00:14] <aixenv> postconf -n => http://pastebin.com/nkW151VZ
[17:54:29] <aixenv> [00:20] <aixenv> more information regarding my mail.info error, pam.d/smtp config and sasl cfg => http://pastebin.com/sS2gXtVL
[17:54:33] <aixenv> [00:21] <aixenv> sasl/smtpd.conf config => http://pastebin.com/SUPSPzj5
[17:54:45] <aixenv> error is in my 2nd pastebin sir
[17:55:30] <Patrickdk> what are you using for imap/pop?
[17:55:37] <aixenv> other servers
[17:55:41] <aixenv> this is strictly smtp
[17:55:51] <aixenv> its pretty simply really im not sure what the issue is
[17:56:08] <aixenv> we have numerous lenny servers workin gw/o issue, a straight port of configs though didn't work
[17:56:38] <lunaphyte> use dovecot for sasl, not cyrus. and don't use pam as a middle layer.
[17:56:39] <aixenv> this is a smtp server that has local unix accts for (old style accts) and mysql accts on a db cluster (we were using pam.d smtp for that connection)
[17:56:50] <aixenv> dovecot is used on another server
[17:57:17] <aixenv> the pop server(s) are other boxes, this is the smtp layer strictly smtp/smtps/tls
[17:57:20] <Patrickdk> heh, well postfix part looks fine
[17:57:33] <Patrickdk> looks like it's just your sasl and/or pam that is messed up
[17:57:38] <aixenv> im thinking maybe my /etc/pam.d/smtp is not right
[17:57:44] <aixenv> agreed yes
[17:58:04] <aixenv> i googled for a while and didnt see anything that worked (tried numerous iterations)
[17:58:34] <aixenv> i can paste bin the working /etc/pam.d/smtp if that helps
[17:58:53] *** section1 has joined #postfix
[17:59:22] *** Mahmoud has joined #postfix
[17:59:23] <aixenv> http://pastebin.com/c2XRn9Q5 <== on debian lenny and works
[17:59:42] <aixenv> obviously lenny is EOL'd so i was trying to get rid of it
[18:00:04] <Patrickdk> that is so not what is in your other pastebin
[18:00:14] <aixenv> i know - i tried that though, it didnt work
[18:00:23] <aixenv> whats in my other pastebin is what i found on one of the "how tos"
[18:00:35] <Patrickdk> !tutorial
[18:00:35] <knoba> Patrickdk: "tutorial" : A very common problem is that some people prefer to follow a step-by-step tutorial that shows them how to setup their server w/out reading the documentation or understanding what they are doing. If something goes wrong, they have no clue whatsoever about where to find hints, and they sometimes decide to start from scratch using a different tutorial. This is not The Proper Way.
[18:00:51] <Patrickdk> the issue is the differences in the other pam.d files
[18:01:04] <aixenv> well right - i followed our documented process for lenny smtp server, and it didnt work so i went fishing for help on google
[18:01:09] <Patrickdk> guess you need to read up on how pam works to figure it out
[18:01:22] <Patrickdk> your not using lenny
[18:01:26] <Patrickdk> why would you follow docs for lenny
[18:01:31] <lunaphyte> or, you could just use software that is less oppressive.
[18:01:38] <aixenv> because i had nothing else to go on Patrick, i was using it as a reference
[18:01:49] <aixenv> lunaphyte, such as?
[18:01:57] <lunaphyte> since dovecot has become available, we really don't spend much time here supporting cyrus.
[18:02:06] <aixenv> im not using cyrus
[18:02:16] <lunaphyte> [4:56pm] lunaphyte: use dovecot for sasl, not cyrus. and don't use pam as a middle layer.
[18:02:17] <aixenv> and again dovecot is being used, on other servers
[18:02:27] <lunaphyte> having to repeat myself is a bit insulting.
[18:02:29] <aixenv> i dont want dovecot on this server
[18:02:33] <aixenv> i read what you said
[18:02:38] <aixenv> what you said isn't accurate for this situation
[18:02:41] *** chadmaynard has joined #postfix
[18:02:45] <Patrickdk> your using cyrus
[18:02:47] <lunaphyte> oh, how do you figure?
[18:02:51] <Patrickdk> cryus is a major pain in the ass
[18:02:52] <aixenv> how am i using cyrus?
[18:02:59] <Patrickdk> then you made it harder, by using pam
[18:03:00] <aixenv> there's no imap/pop on this box
[18:03:10] <Patrickdk> cyrus sasl lib's
[18:03:15] <lunaphyte> i don't know how "use dovecot for sasl, not cyrus" could be any more clear.
[18:03:16] <Patrickdk> do you know what cyrus is?
[18:03:21] <lunaphyte> no one said anything about imap or pop.
[18:03:24] <Patrickdk> postfix only supports dovecot or cyrus for sasl
[18:03:32] <aixenv> last i heard cyrus was for imap
[18:03:41] <lunaphyte> oh, maybe you're making uneducated assumptions.
[18:03:52] <lunaphyte> that's probably not a great idea.
[18:03:55] <aixenv> right - that's the spirit insult the guy tryign to get help
[18:03:58] <aixenv> typical irc
[18:04:14] <Patrickdk> your making us repeat ourselfs
[18:04:17] <lunaphyte> wtf are you talking about? accusing people of insulting others is quite rude, sir.
[18:04:18] <Patrickdk> that says you don't want help
[18:04:24] <aixenv> ive come in followed your topic etiquette and been polite/mature - really shows much of yourself to insult me when im here trying to get some help
[18:05:01] <lunaphyte> i'm trying to figure out why you are dismissing the guidance from the people that you're soliciting for help.
[18:05:01] <aixenv> pardon me for not being the all knowing about postfix - i shall go back to my hole now, ill reach out to more reasonable avenues of help like a consultant
[18:05:25] <aixenv> i love how ppl on irc expect you to be an expert at everything
[18:05:31] <lunaphyte> one possibility is that you're dismissing answers before taking the tim to process them and understand what they mean. how in god's name is that an "insult"? stop being so childish.
[18:05:32] <aixenv> and talk down to you - i never talk down to ppl -
[18:05:39] <lunaphyte> *time
[18:05:44] <lunaphyte> enough of this.
[18:05:55] <aixenv> indeed go find a dog to kick somewhere
[18:05:55] <lunaphyte> i'd suggest you use dovecot for sasl, not cyrus. that's it.
[18:05:57] * Patrickdk would recommend a pam consultant
[18:06:07] <Patrickdk> anything else is royally going screw up your server :)
[18:06:14] <lunaphyte> hah. what a nonsensical simile.
[18:06:23] <lunaphyte> a dog would not be behaving like you are.
[18:06:32] <aixenv> lunaphyte stick your holier than thou attitude up your ass
[18:06:37] *** aixenv has left #postfix
[18:06:41] <Patrickdk> man
[18:06:44] <lunaphyte> what a jerk.
[18:06:52] * Patrickdk wonder what kind of consultant he can find
[18:06:57] <Patrickdk> that will fix that
[18:07:05] <Patrickdk> without totally redoing it
[18:07:22] <tuxick> i heard bad things about cyrus, but never tried it
[18:07:23] <lunaphyte> what a self defeating attitude.
[18:07:28] <tuxick> dovecot idd does the job
[18:07:42] <Patrickdk> cryus isn't bad, really
[18:07:48] <tuxick> just a pain to set up i suppose
[18:07:51] <tuxick> bad docs?
[18:07:52] <Patrickdk> it's just not friendly at all
[18:07:54] <Patrickdk> and doesn't help you locate issues at all
[18:07:56] <tuxick> ack
[18:08:01] <tuxick> oh i hate that
[18:08:09] <Patrickdk> na, just too many layers to work with
[18:08:09] <tuxick> it's why i ditched horde as well :)
[18:08:14] <lunaphyte> cyrus is fine, if you're competent an want to use it.
[18:08:16] <lunaphyte> *and
[18:08:21] <Patrickdk> and no real way to debug each layer
[18:08:22] <tuxick> oh i'm sure it works
[18:08:25] <lunaphyte> the problem is people not truly choosing it
[18:08:38] <Patrickdk> horde?
[18:08:43] <Patrickdk> I never had an issue with horde
[18:08:48] <Patrickdk> and the more I use it, the more I like it
[18:08:56] <lunaphyte> but using only because they are ignorant, usually due to not doing their own research and blindly following some other blind person's "lead".
[18:09:05] <Patrickdk> it can be pretty damned powerful at doing things
[18:09:12] <Patrickdk> but it's not that friendly though
[18:09:41] <Patrickdk> ya, when he said he googled and copy/pasted and it wouldn't work, I gave up
[18:09:55] <Patrickdk> there is no hop[e for him fixing a pam issue
[18:10:26] <lunaphyte> i'm SO fucking sick of this plom and playing the victim bullshit
[18:10:43] * Patrickdk is willing to bed the *solution* is in /usr/share/doc/pam_mysql/README
[18:10:47] <lunaphyte> whahh whahh wahahh you're PICKING on me!
[18:12:20] <tuxick> i don't see why to get pam involved at all
[18:12:38] <tuxick> it's rather versatile but not needed here
[18:12:42] <Patrickdk> tuxick that would make things simpler?
[18:12:47] <lunaphyte> the immediate regression to focus on the trivial nuances of interpersonal communication and failure to properly adjust it for irc/freenode, instead of simply of focusing on the task at hand.
[18:12:53] <tuxick> in that case i missed something :)
[18:13:21] <Patrickdk> tuxick, he bitched about needing local users
[18:13:21] <tuxick> aha, 2 backens
[18:13:24] <tuxick> ye :)
[18:13:27] <tuxick> i spotted it :)
[18:13:35] <Patrickdk> but I feel he doesn't need local users
[18:13:45] <Patrickdk> and all his *local users* are mysql
[18:14:00] <Patrickdk> damn me
[18:14:10] <Patrickdk> I missed that he was stealing other peoples domains too, ontop of it all
[18:14:48] * Patrickdk goes back to watching amagami ssplus
[18:15:03] <Patrickdk> much more entertaining than he was :)
[18:24:09] *** MaximusColourum has quit IRC
[18:26:51] <Rockj> he should have used tools as pamtest or something to see if pam were working
[18:32:38] <tuxick> or just add "debug" to pam.d/ files :)
[18:32:51] <Patrickdk> or just rm -rf /etc
[18:32:56] <tuxick> :)
[18:34:29] *** ciklid has quit IRC
[18:37:11] *** vishwa has quit IRC
[18:50:31] *** aixenv has joined #postfix
[18:50:51] <aixenv> figured it ouit, no thanks to you jackasses - great to know old irc once again lives up to his reputatoin is a bunch of knowitall pricks
[18:50:56] *** aixenv has quit IRC
[18:53:01] <jimpop> glad we could help, have a nice day
[18:55:30] <tuxick> haha
[18:55:43] <tuxick> another satisfied customer leaves the building
[18:56:45] *** happymeerkat has joined #postfix
[19:00:29] *** jkfod has quit IRC
[19:03:48] *** happymeerkat has quit IRC
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[19:15:20] *** jkfod has joined #postfix
[19:16:57] <section1> hehe
[19:21:05] *** Toerkeium has joined #postfix
[19:22:05] *** Gatto has joined #postfix
[19:22:27] *** section1 has quit IRC
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[19:44:01] *** jkfod has joined #postfix
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[20:04:51] *** Belial_ has joined #postfix
[20:16:08] *** breaker313 has joined #postfix
[20:25:55] *** zsolt has joined #postfix
[20:26:19] *** zsolt has quit IRC
[20:30:00] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o rob0
[20:31:52] *** rob0 sets mode: +b *!*@~a:aixenv
[20:32:38] *** ChanServ sets mode: -o rob0
[20:33:02] <rob0> That twerp showed up in the middle of the night I guess.
[20:33:36] <rob0> Gee, we need a pager here for the super-entitled to be able to wake me up.
[20:33:58] *** chadmaynard has quit IRC
[20:34:50] *** snearch has joined #postfix
[20:39:28] *** jelly has quit IRC
[20:41:00] <rob0> Hmm, says he posted on the mailing list, but that is not so. Maybe "the" mailing list is not the one I would expect?
[20:47:52] *** zsolt has joined #postfix
[20:47:58] <zsolt> hi there
[20:48:49] *** zsolt has left #postfix
[21:03:55] *** fabx_ has joined #postfix
[21:05:10] *** fabounio has quit IRC
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[21:12:08] *** amir has quit IRC
[21:12:41] *** amir has joined #postfix
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[21:18:06] *** jelly has joined #postfix
[21:23:33] *** s0ber_ has joined #postfix
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[21:25:28] *** s0ber_ is now known as s0ber
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[21:34:26] *** Gatto has joined #postfix
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[21:51:29] *** l1nuxman has joined #postfix
[21:57:08] *** ced117 has joined #postfix
[22:10:47] *** mactimes has joined #postfix
[22:16:14] <mactimes> Hello. I went through this tutorial http://is.gd/oR6buL to setup multiple domains e-mails, but I'm having some transport errors. "status=deferred (mail transport unavailable)" Would someone help me sort this out?
[22:21:58] <thumbs> rob0: that ban won't work
[22:22:36] <thumbs> rob0: if you ban $a:aixenv, he can join before being identified.
[22:24:01] <rob0> hmm, a tutorial messing with transports: sounds full of fail
[22:24:02] <thumbs> rob0: you can quiet him, instead. Use +q $a:aixenv
[22:24:15] <rob0> okay
[22:24:27] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o thumbs
[22:24:36] <thumbs> rob0: you either ban his hostmask, or account. Not both :)
[22:24:48] *** thumbs sets mode: +q $a:aixenv
[22:24:57] <rob0> I think I forgot the $
[22:25:12] <thumbs> *!*@~a:aixen is wrong.
[22:25:26] <thumbs> if he has an unaffiliated cloak, you can match that, yes
[22:25:43] <thumbs> *!*@*unaffiliated/accountname
[22:26:03] <thumbs> 16:25:57 -NickServ(NickServ at services dot )- Last addr : ~aixenv at cpe-76-174-196-241 dot socal.res.rr.com
[22:26:11] <rob0> /mode +b ~a:aixenv <-- in my history, so yeah, messed up
[22:26:34] <thumbs> banning an account is not fool-proof, anyway, as I demonstrated.
[22:26:51] <thumbs> the only time it's effective is when you quiet all unidentified users.
[22:27:08] <thumbs> i.e. +q $~a
[22:27:31] <rob0> true, but I think this one will only show up when he is working on something Postfixual.
[22:27:48] *** thumbs sets mode: -b *!*@~a:aixenv
[22:27:58] <rob0> thumbs, thanks.
[22:28:09] *** thumbs sets mode: +b *!~aixenv@*.socal.res.rr.com
[22:28:17] <thumbs> that should be specific enough.
[22:28:54] <thumbs> as for setting the channel +q $~a, you need to take it up with the founder :)
[22:29:53] <thumbs> it would require a change in the /topic to warn users.
[22:30:10] *** thumbs sets mode: -o thumbs
[22:30:52] <mactimes> rob0 Could you do more than just criticizing the tutorial?
[22:31:01] <mactimes> rob0 Would be really appreciated.
[22:31:12] <rob0> mactimes, I do not review tutorials.
[22:31:34] <mactimes> rob0 Have I asked you to do that at any moment?
[22:31:43] <thumbs> rob0: anyway, keep my comments in mind
[22:31:54] <rob0> If you want help here, it is your job to provide information as per the channel /topic.
[22:32:18] <rob0> I do not have the time to lead you through the millions of possibilities.
[22:32:40] <mactimes> rob0 Sure. I'm willing to do that. My first question comes to that, asking if someone would be willing to help me fix the issue, not the tutorial.
[22:33:15] <thumbs> did we see postconf -n and log entries yet?
[22:33:24] <rob0> That is not the way IRC works.
[22:34:02] <mactimes> thumbs I'm not experienced with postfix. All I'm seeing is error messages on syslog and messages not arriving at user's mailbox.
[22:34:10] <mactimes> thumbs Let me see about that.
[22:34:13] <rob0> Anyway, surely the best suggestion is to throw out the wacky tutorial and start here:
[22:34:16] <rob0> !basic
[22:34:16] <knoba> rob0: "basic" : http://www.postfix.org/BASIC_CONFIGURATION_README.html : a good starting place for Postfix beginners, many common questions are answered here.
[22:34:23] <rob0> (with a clean install)
[22:37:52] <thumbs> I have to run now, sorry
[22:37:54] *** gerhard7 has quit IRC
[22:38:29] <mactimes> thumbs http://pastebin.com/cp5sGWHn
[22:40:50] *** Natureshadow has joined #postfix
[22:44:32] *** e-anima has quit IRC
[22:45:09] <mactimes> !debug
[22:45:09] <knoba> mactimes: "debug" : http://www.postfix.org/DEBUG_README.html : a good starting point for how to deal with problems and to report information to those who might help. Post your information in a pastebin such as http://pastebin.ca/ or http://dpaste.com/
[22:57:03] *** raltonen has quit IRC
[23:02:43] *** raltonen has joined #postfix
[23:04:41] *** niki has joined #postfix
[23:09:51] <rob0> mactimes, I doubt you will get any better suggestions than the one you already got. An inexperienced admin does not need mysql maps, and an experienced one never would have used mysql transport_maps.
[23:10:45] <rob0> Verdict: yet another tutorial written by someone who lacks adequate understanding of Postfix.
[23:12:03] <rob0> Start with !basic, move to !virtual when that is working. I recommend the virtual ALIAS example for ease of use and administration.
[23:12:44] <mactimes> rob0 Dude, I really appreciate your concern. But you got to keep in mind that people have their own needs, which are not always the same you have. This is my current need. Again, I appreciate your concern and I'll definitely take the time to dig in to postfix to gain deeper knowledge on it, but I currently just can't do it. There are customer requirements involving this and I currently cannot solve them another way.
[23:14:02] <mactimes> rob0 But once again, thank you for the tips.
[23:14:16] <rob0> You are certainly free to ignore my advice, and I duly note that you have done so.
[23:14:50] <mactimes> rob0 That's not true. In fact, I'll do that in another machine. But on this one, right know, I just cant.
[23:14:58] <mactimes> s/cant/can't/
[23:15:32] <mactimes> !basic
[23:15:32] <knoba> mactimes: "basic" : http://www.postfix.org/BASIC_CONFIGURATION_README.html : a good starting place for Postfix beginners, many common questions are answered here.
[23:15:35] <mactimes> !virtual
[23:15:35] <knoba> mactimes: "virtual" : a way to configure additional domains and user accounts (that do not need to exist in your /etc/passwd). See: http://www.postfix.org/VIRTUAL_README.html
[23:16:04] *** mactimes has left #postfix
[23:24:27] *** pj has left #postfix
[23:24:31] *** pj has joined #postfix
[23:45:32] *** jkfod has quit IRC

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