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   February 2, 2012  
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[00:01:07] <rhett_> where is a good place to host an SMTP mail server, if I want to run my own?
[00:02:56] <seekwill> A VPS
[00:03:04] <seekwill> Or managed hosting
[00:03:08] <rhett_> i hear ec2 blocks it?
[00:03:18] <rhett_> can you recommend a vps?
[00:03:25] <seekwill> I use prgmr.com
[00:03:28] <klemax> linode
[00:03:42] <seekwill> I used linode before too, without problems
[00:03:53] <seekwill> But linode is more expensive than I need
[00:03:53] <rhett_> ok, thank you for the suggestions
[00:04:02] <rhett_> it's a shame ec2 blocks it
[00:04:11] <rhett_> i guess they want you to use ses
[00:04:34] <seekwill> People block EC2
[00:04:50] <rhett_> why do people block ec2 and not linode?
[00:08:42] <rob0> dynamic IP space? history of poor response to abuse complaints?
[00:10:17] <pdtpatrick> Question .. why is it "postconf -d mydomain" shows something totally different than what is in /etc/postfix/main.cf ?
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[00:13:01] <rhett_> so, i'm reading that a static reverse dns record helps delivery rates a lot
[00:14:00] <klemax> seekwill: burst.net is cheap and fine.
[00:14:46] <seekwill> ok
[00:15:57] <seekwill> I wouldn't touch any provider who offers cpanel or plesk :)
[00:16:40] <seekwill> This is what I like about prgmr - "An easy to understand price schedule: $4/month per account, and $1/month for every 64MiB ram. Please note; this means all plans come with $4/month worth of support."
[00:16:46] <klemax> whats wrong with offering any control panel?
[00:16:57] <seekwill> I don't want to be on the same network as those people
[00:17:02] <klemax> ah I see.
[00:17:19] <seekwill> You get mixed in with the wrong crowd. Bad for IP reputation
[00:17:31] <seekwill> Plus, I rather support prgmr
[00:18:12] <Mp5shooter> Please note; this means all plans come with $4/month worth of support.
[00:18:15] <Mp5shooter> that made me lol
[00:18:57] <seekwill> :)
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[00:26:21] <rhett_> prgrmr would be awesome if you could actually order them
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[00:31:03] <rob0> pdtpatrick, where did you see to use "postconf -d"? Did you look up what -d means?
[00:31:24] <pdtpatrick> said -d was defaults
[00:31:47] <pdtpatrick> haha wow how'd i miss that one
[00:31:50] <pdtpatrick> :(
[00:32:38] <rob0> Default for mydomain is taken from myhostname.
[00:33:15] <rob0> but, that's one of those "basic" settings that most sites should set.
[00:33:30] <seekwill> rhett_: It's a small shop, but I've never had any issues in the last 2+ years or so? I cant remember
[00:34:01] <rhett_> seekwill, my issue is that they aren't taking orders now :(
[00:34:12] <seekwill> yeah, I just noticed that
[00:34:18] <seekwill> Just get on the wait list
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[00:35:46] * rob0 is on the weight list
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[01:13:04] <tums2004> hey is anyone around?
[01:14:56] <jimpop> nope
[01:17:06] <tums2004> I am trying to use postfix and procmail with the following settings. mailbox_command = /usr/bin/procmail -a "$EXTENSION"
[01:17:13] <tums2004> but it doesn't go through procmail
[01:17:17] <tums2004> can someone help me troubleshoot?
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[01:21:13] <poincare101> Hi everyone. How would I "loop" mail in Postfix? Basically, even if there is a emai like jason at whatever dot com, it still redirects to localhost?
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[01:24:55] <seekwill> poincare101: What are you trying to do?
[01:25:25] <poincare101> seekwill: I can't have mail leaking out of my system, because they're customer email addresses, but, I still need to test on my box.
[01:25:36] <seekwill> Set up a sink
[01:27:30] <seekwill> Postfix comes with smtp-sink
[01:27:34] <seekwill> Just use that
[01:29:25] <pdtpatrick> Question -- i've created virtual mailbox and mappings.. as long as there is a map, the user works fine. How can i have mails queue up for users that don't exist on that domain ?
[01:29:32] <poincare101> seekwill: what's that?
[01:30:40] <poincare101> seekwill: wait, that doesn't work, I actually need to test if the messages delivered correctly.
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[01:40:24] <seekwill> You said you didn't want it to leak out of the system?
[01:40:40] <seekwill> You didn't provide me with good requirements.
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[01:44:44] <poincare101> seekwill: sorry, could you answer now, with the new requirements?
[01:44:59] <seekwill> What are you testing? They seem to contradict each other
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[02:02:49] * chadmaynard contradicts seekwill
[02:05:29] <rob0> hmmm seekwill, maybe we could arrange a trip to Florida for chadmaynard ... where they are known for hanging chad!
[02:10:05] <chadmaynard> boo
[02:10:16] <chadmaynard> short trip, too.
[02:13:33] <kreign> can anyone tell me if there is an designated order in which the alias files/databases/hashes get processed, or if it even matters? eg. do i have to have the right hand assignment of alias_maps be in a specific order, if I have aliases in one file which point to aliases in another?
[02:14:21] <kreign> I've currently got a 1500 line alias file which really, really needs to be organized/broken up
[02:14:27] <Patrickdk> thought it started over after each lookup
[02:14:44] <Patrickdk> 1500lines is nothing :)
[02:14:51] <Patrickdk> come back when your up around 3M lines
[02:17:09] <kreign> Patrickdk, yeah, well, this is a mess. there are quite a few cyclical references.
[02:19:38] <kreign> patdk-wk, seems logical to me that "stop the spam" might mean "remove me from some of the 300 aliases I am attached to" :P
[02:19:53] <kreign> in cases where that holds true.
[02:20:47] <rob0> Big pcre maps are worth optimizing. Big regexp maps, even more so. But hash, 1500 is nothing.
[02:21:18] <rob0> but sure, take out the ones you don't want
[02:21:53] <rob0> I use recipient_delimiter, so I don't have to add aliases as root. Any user can do that.
[02:22:36] <kreign> rob0, wait, really? hmm
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[02:24:03] <rob0> rob0-anything@$mydomain ends up in rob0's maildir
[02:24:40] <kreign> basically, what I'm asking is this: if I've got a:b, and then b:c, does it matter if the b:c is in one alias file/hash, and a:b in the other?
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[02:24:56] <rob0> and ~rob0/.forward-anything controls where that one goes. If no rob0/.forward-anything, .forward is used.
[02:26:21] <rob0> maps are checked in the order specified. For most lookups, if the key is matched in an earlier lookup table, the later ones are not checked.
[02:27:40] <kreign> ok, thanks.
[02:28:33] <kreign> rob0, so if map 1 has a:b, and mail comes in for a, but b is in map 2, will it do another check/continue checking?
[02:28:52] <kreign> I know in a single map file it'll do last-first
[02:29:04] <kreign> rather, take the last line first into consideration all the way up to the first (usually root)
[02:29:14] <kreign> at least that's my presumption based on experience. not 100% if that's how it works...
[02:31:00] <rob0> not so
[02:31:11] <rob0> hash maps are indexed
[02:31:30] <rob0> you can't have two of the same key
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[02:32:26] <lunaphyte> my wife and i both have the same key.
[02:32:39] <lunaphyte> luckily, we don't live in a hash map.
[02:34:57] <rob0> It's not the same key. It is a copy of the same thing.
[02:34:57] <kreign> rob0, meaning, key => value, correct?
[02:35:29] <kreign> so, key[0] and key[0]* ?
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[02:36:46] <kreign> Patrickdk, I should note that those 1500 aliases are for an organization with fewer than 30 people.
[02:37:03] <kreign> they are/were using them as a quasi-address book
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[05:29:57] <pj> gist of email to the ml: [long introduction] ... my sendmail binary doesn't work ... [long other explanation] ... oh, btw, I commented out pickup from master.cf ... [long other explanation]
[05:29:58] <pj> heh
[05:30:03] <pj> and he wonders why it doesn't work.
[05:37:58] <jimpop> heh
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[08:02:36] <abramart> !welcome
[08:02:36] <knoba> abramart: "welcome" : welcome to #postfix! if you're joining for the first time, or are new to irc, the first thing you'll want to do is read the channel topic (/topic). it includes crucial instructions on how to effectively ask for help here, and what data you should include with your questions. the degree of success you'll have is directly related to how effectively you're able to follow those guidelines.
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[08:26:26] <Shadur> Is there a way to clear the mail queue while postfix is inactive? A customer that my server was a legal relay for got himself infected with a spam zombie overnight.
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[13:19:18] <atossava> helloall again
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[13:19:50] <atossava> does somebody have an opinion on using built-in virtual vs external dovecot as the LDA for a setup involving postfixadmin and all domain/mailbox/alias data in a database?
[13:22:57] <Patrickdk> well, once you throw postadmin in there all bets are off, no idea how that software works
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[13:30:01] <atossava> it just creates data in the database, it does nothing else. it doesn't touch the configuration files
[13:30:15] <atossava> patrickdk: ok. let me rephrase. any opinions on built-in virtual vs dovecot as LDA?
[13:32:41] <Patrickdk> depends on everything
[13:32:45] <Patrickdk> !goal
[13:32:45] <knoba> Patrickdk: "goal" : describe your goal, not what you think the solution is
[13:41:20] <atossava> hardly anything more specific than delivering mail to .../vmail/%d/%u at the moment. What are the differences between those LDAs to consider?
[13:44:17] <sep> atossava, if you intend to use dovecot for imap server. then using dovecot as lda will give you bonuses. like sieve, and updating server side indexes on delivery
[13:46:46] <atossava> sep: excellent information - thank you
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[14:33:15] <patdk-wk> but then the disadvanage is, updating indexs takes resources you might not want to use at that time, depending on how many machines access the mailspool, you might not want to update them to keep corruption down, ...
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[14:38:24] <xinming> Is it possible to make postfix periodly check IMAP mailbox, and download email? Or I have to use fetchmail anyway?
[14:40:56] <lunaphyte_> postfix is a mail server, not a mail fetcher, so no. fetchmail would work, yes, although you would probably be better off with getmail
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[14:44:56] * patdk-wk doesn't get the whole spool mail into pop/imap then resend into smtp
[14:45:07] <lunaphyte_> indeed
[14:45:08] <patdk-wk> that is what etrn was made for
[14:45:24] <lunaphyte_> how about that's what a proper configuration was made for :)
[14:46:00] <patdk-wk> I want to tunnel my flash/ajax website over gopher :)
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[14:58:52] <sysmonk> rob0: why are you working with sqlite?!
[14:58:52] <sysmonk> ;)
[14:59:48] <binarym> i configured postfix for using RBL with following smtpd_recipient_restrictions = reject_unauth_destination, reject_rbl_client dev.l.yanluo.net, permit
[15:00:16] <binarym> but then i tcpdump -i any on dev.l.yanluo.net with filter on mail server, never see anything coming
[15:00:51] <binarym> (my client isn't in mynetworks, isn't authenticated, or whatever)
[15:02:21] <xinming> lunaphyte_: Why do you suggest getmail over fetchmail?
[15:05:00] <patdk-wk> isn't fetchmail long dead?
[15:08:03] <thumbs> lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng dead
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[15:15:14] <rob0> sysmonk, because it is a cool toy! :)
[15:20:41] <sysmonk> right :)
[15:22:01] *** wdp has joined #postfix
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[15:22:56] <rob0> the theory is that it can do anything a hash map can do with similar speed and availability, but with the magic of SQL it can do more.
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[15:44:18] <patdk-wk> well, not the same speed
[15:44:25] <patdk-wk> you have the parse and execute the sql
[15:44:36] <patdk-wk> where the hashmap is just a index lookup
[15:45:08] <lunaphyte_> it would be interesting to empirically measure that delta.
[15:46:16] <lunaphyte_> i'd imagine on most contemporary systems, the difference would be negligible enough that "similar" would be a fair term to use.
[15:47:03] <patdk-wk> depends on who makes the sql :)
[15:47:10] <lunaphyte_> hah
[15:47:21] <lunaphyte_> we can't take that variable into the exercise.
[15:47:48] *** Praise- has joined #postfix
[15:48:04] <lunaphyte_> on an unplugged computer, the hash lookup would be much slower than an sql lookup on a plugged in computer.
[15:48:27] *** Praise has quit IRC
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[15:54:39] <lunaphyte_> i know when rob0 makes sql, he uses a roux, so if it sat for too long, it would probably get sticky.
[15:55:07] *** UQlev has joined #postfix
[15:59:43] <rob0> My SQL is hand crafted using the finest, specially chosen ASCII.
[16:01:20] <rob0> In the springtime, sysmonks come down from their sysmonastery in the mountains, carrying sacks of ASCII and bottles of Clue. That's where I get all mine.
[16:01:32] *** AnGrYfUrBy has joined #postfix
[16:01:37] <rob0> *sysmountains
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[16:07:31] <lunaphyte_> clarified liquid underwear extract
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[16:28:42] <patdk-wk> hmm, there was a website that would list the top 100 spam subject lines
[16:28:56] <patdk-wk> can't locate it anywhere on google, and I seem to have lost my bookmark for it
[16:46:03] *** wdp_ has joined #postfix
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[16:53:22] <roe> doesn't sound like a very helpful test
[16:54:31] <patdk-wk> no, I don't use it for a test
[16:54:38] <patdk-wk> but I wanted to browse it
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[17:12:47] <tuxick> i'm looking for a way to redirect certain bounces
[17:12:56] <tuxick> or any other way of getting them out of mailq
[17:13:15] <tuxick> a newspaper sending out mailings with invalid reply-to
[17:13:19] <tuxick> filling up mailq
[17:14:53] <UQlev> tuxick: is destination addres one of yours?
[17:15:40] <UQlev> tuxick: or they use your MTA as relay?
[17:16:47] <tuxick> well some users are over quota, so mails want to bounce
[17:17:07] *** Southron has joined #postfix
[17:17:10] <tuxick> but MX of replyto isn't accepting connections
[17:17:22] <tuxick> i'm not a relay :)
[17:17:36] *** Southron has left #postfix
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[17:18:29] <UQlev> are you sure it is not sorta back-scatter spamming?
[17:18:35] *** ssureshot has joined #postfix
[17:18:39] <roe> your users are responding to an email whose reply-to is resulting in a 4xx?
[17:20:49] *** Deathvalley122 has joined #postfix
[17:22:23] <tuxick> no, it's not backscatter, it's subscribed mailings/updates from a newspaper
[17:22:55] <tuxick> reply-to, return-path, whatever
[17:23:22] <tuxick> the mx of return address is not working, so overquota bounces stay in mailq
[17:24:11] *** famicom has joined #postfix
[17:24:29] <tuxick> another paper had same problem, but they fixed it after i mailed them
[17:25:26] <patdk-wk> tuxick it's backscatter
[17:25:30] <patdk-wk> cause your bouncing
[17:25:35] <patdk-wk> you need to reject overquota, not bounce it
[17:25:49] <UQlev> tuxick: I would filter them out with sieve
[17:26:01] <tuxick> i can't set up sieve for all users
[17:26:06] <tuxick> but rejecting is a good point
[17:26:22] <tuxick> using dovecot/deliver, not sure if that can be done, lessee
[17:26:29] <patdk-wk> my overquota reject catchs about 99% of over quota issues
[17:26:44] <patdk-wk> only a few get rejected
[17:27:09] <patdk-wk> normally like 5 emails a week or so, users that are on the edge or are filling up quickly
[17:27:33] <tuxick> but you don't use dovecots deliver, i suppose
[17:28:37] *** binarym has left #postfix
[17:29:08] <UQlev> tuxick: who?
[17:29:22] <patdk-wk> tuxick, I do, but why would that even matter?
[17:29:35] <patdk-wk> well technically, I droped dovecot deliever, for dovecot lmtp
[17:30:18] <tuxick> UQlev: patdk-wk :)
[17:30:51] *** nowthatsamatt has joined #postfix
[17:32:23] <tuxick> patdk-wk: i'm not gonna fiddle that much with live system now :)
[17:32:28] <tuxick> but i think i see a way
[17:32:40] <patdk-wk> well, temp solution is to just purge those emails
[17:32:50] *** D4T-Away has quit IRC
[17:32:57] <patdk-wk> for this, I atleast made helper scripts, pfdel, pfhold, pfunhold :)
[17:33:13] <tuxick> ye, that's also an option
[17:33:17] <tuxick> maybe simplest
[17:33:24] <tuxick> a daily cronjob would be enough
[17:33:50] <tuxick> but i wish i could automatically forward the bounces to their postmaster or something :)
[17:33:55] <tuxick> even if they devnull it
[17:34:09] <patdk-wk> the thing is, you have no idea if the bounce address is forged or not
[17:34:14] <patdk-wk> that is why you DONT BOUNCE
[17:34:19] <UQlev> tuxick: it's a dream :)
[17:35:52] <UQlev> tuxick: this game you could play 10-12 years ago
[17:35:57] *** gerhard7 has joined #postfix
[17:35:59] <tuxick> patdk-wk: good point
[17:36:15] <tuxick> there's that damned autoreply/vacation though
[17:36:22] <tuxick> some people demand that, can't help it
[17:36:28] <patdk-wk> ya, that is annoying
[17:36:32] <tuxick> but in this case i'll see how i can make it reject
[17:36:32] <patdk-wk> I have one too
[17:36:40] *** BlackMagik has quit IRC
[17:36:40] *** BlackMagik has joined #postfix
[17:36:44] <patdk-wk> and keep adding new and fun rules to it's script all the time
[17:37:49] *** tjikkun_work has quit IRC
[17:42:01] <tuxick> quota_full_tempfail = no supposedly fixed it in dovecot
[17:42:09] <tuxick> i'll wait for next run to see
[17:43:11] <tuxick> better have it stuck in their mailq :)
[17:43:59] <UQlev> tuxick: hehe, bulk mailers do not have mailq :P
[17:44:40] <UQlev> tuxick: otherwise they would all collapse
[17:46:02] <tuxick> i don't think it's that bulky
[17:46:19] <tuxick> a working unsubscribe is mandatory here
[17:46:48] <tuxick> but we'll see
[17:47:09] <UQlev> tuxick: what is your OS?
[17:48:20] <UQlev> tuxick: for FreeBSD and Openbds there is nice tool spamd, tarpitting fake SMTPD
[17:49:20] *** e-ndy has joined #postfix
[17:49:33] <UQlev> tuxick: very good if you know IP range to protect from
[17:50:24] <viezerd> uhu, agree
[17:51:29] *** l1nuxman has joined #postfix
[17:51:51] <tuxick> freebsd
[17:51:57] <tuxick> but we're migrating to linux soon :/
[17:52:20] <tuxick> i've done tarpitting for a while
[17:52:22] <UQlev> tuxick: for any special reason?
[17:52:35] <tuxick> yes, "nobody knows freebsd anymore"
[17:52:39] <tuxick> so management
[17:52:47] <tuxick> and con sultans
[17:52:55] <UQlev> tuxick: not wise
[17:53:08] <tuxick> management + con sultans = not wise :)
[17:53:21] <tuxick> they never listen to me, think i'm some demigod or whatever
[17:54:27] <UQlev> tuxick: what kind of Linux they are choosing? Ubuntu?
[17:55:31] <thumbs> that would be the epiphany of failure.
[17:56:32] <tuxick> UQlev: vm host will be RHEV, if they don't screw/force me i'll most likely use debian
[17:58:02] <UQlev> tuxick: what kind of company is it?
[18:00:35] <tuxick> not a company, political party :)
[18:02:40] <tuxick> and i'm not pleased at all
[18:03:29] <UQlev> I would not like any binary distro for server either
[18:04:12] <UQlev> especially with rpm package manager
[18:04:33] <tuxick> i wanted to use drbd/pacemaker for vm host + redundant storage
[18:04:45] <tuxick> now i get a single san which costs 3 times more
[18:04:51] *** nowthatsamatt has quit IRC
[18:06:19] *** e-ndy has quit IRC
[18:06:50] <tuxick> and i know who they call when storage fails
[18:06:52] <tuxick> not the con sultan
[18:06:53] <tuxick> ME
[18:15:12] *** seekwill has joined #postfix
[18:15:12] *** seekwill has joined #postfix
[18:18:02] *** UQlev has quit IRC
[18:20:24] <tuxick> grr, spamass-milter 'hangs' again
[18:20:34] <tuxick> unix:/var/run/spamass-milter.sock: Connection refus
[18:25:47] *** gerhard7 has quit IRC
[18:26:17] <patdk-wk> don't use milters :)
[18:26:22] <patdk-wk> or atleast, I always hated milters
[18:32:25] <tuxick> well, the others work great, and i sure prefer them over )_$#@($ amavis etc
[18:32:38] <tuxick> but spamass-milter dies sometimes
[18:32:53] <tuxick> milter-greylist is doing a lot for me
[18:35:48] <tuxick> is there another way to make postfix use SA then?
[18:36:58] <tuxick> in such a way it actually rejects crap
[18:37:58] <lunaphyte_> rejects? yikes.
[18:38:14] <lunaphyte_> spamassassin should not be used to reject anything.
[18:38:39] <lunaphyte_> use postscreen and smtpd_recipient_restrictions for that.
[18:39:01] <seekwill> No way to reject compromised account spam then? :(
[18:39:18] <tuxick> what's wrong with rejecting obvious spam?
[18:39:23] <lunaphyte_> amavis, spamassassin, etc, should only be used to tag messages for delivery to a spam mailbox after the message has been accepted by postfix.
[18:39:38] <seekwill> Only because of the way Postfix and SA work
[18:39:41] <tuxick> if i'd just tag i'd have to make all users use sieve to filter it
[18:40:21] *** jkfod has quit IRC
[18:40:32] <seekwill> You can't automagically drop messages with a very high score?
[18:40:37] <rob0> amavisd can also be a pre-queue filter for those who are less cautious
[18:40:44] <tuxick> postscreen is on my todo :)
[18:41:00] <lunaphyte_> postscreen and smtpd_recipient_restrictions will handle virtually all sources of "obvious spam".
[18:41:05] <tuxick> seekwill: hmm dropping would be good enogy
[18:41:09] <tuxick> enough
[18:41:19] <seekwill> lunaphyte_: I get a lot of "obvious spam" from Hotmail :(
[18:41:37] * rob0 sends seekwill spam from Hotmail!
[18:41:40] <seekwill> :(
[18:42:21] <seekwill> I'm telling you guys now... compromised accounts is where the spam is moving towards
[18:42:24] *** hjbehling has quit IRC
[18:42:35] <seekwill> Which will make RBLs less and less effective... mark my words!
[18:42:45] *** Toerkeium has quit IRC
[18:43:01] <thumbs> seekwill: so I can sell all the passwords for your accounts to spammers?
[18:43:02] <tuxick> seekwill: i closed another account today
[18:43:19] <tuxick> damn idiots keep falling for incredibly lame phishing mails
[18:43:19] <rob0> Hear me now, und believe me later ... seekwill is here to pump <clap> You up!
[18:43:20] <seekwill> thumbs: Sure!
[18:43:23] <Dominian> seekwill: Oh I know.. I see the same crap
[18:47:20] *** Gatto has joined #postfix
[18:52:28] *** jkfod has joined #postfix
[18:55:34] *** jkfod has quit IRC
[18:56:07] *** Alagar has joined #postfix
[18:56:09] *** jkfod has joined #postfix
[18:59:12] <patdk-wk> rob0
[18:59:21] <patdk-wk> how did you get the postscreen mx policy test working?
[18:59:30] <patdk-wk> I can't locate postscreen_whitelist_interfaces
[18:59:41] *** Steve_The_Pirate has quit IRC
[19:00:04] <thumbs> seekwill: oh, I forget, you're a spammer.
[19:00:59] *** gerhard7 has joined #postfix
[19:01:06] <seekwill> musubi is great stuffs
[19:01:44] *** Praise- is now known as Praise
[19:02:54] *** happy_ has joined #postfix
[19:07:56] *** jkfod has quit IRC
[19:20:30] *** Toerkeium has joined #postfix
[19:23:38] <l1nuxman> hi everyone. I get an error fatal: open /etc/postfix/header_checks: no such file or directory. And then I can't send or receive mail. I looked for this file and it doesn't exist on my system. Is it there by default in main.cfg?
[19:24:10] <lunaphyte_> i guess you mean main.cf
[19:24:16] <lunaphyte_> you're asking us what's in your config?
[19:24:27] <lunaphyte_> why not just look in it and see?
[19:25:02] *** hjbehling has joined #postfix
[19:25:34] <l1nuxman> I have it there
[19:25:45] <roe> !tell l1nuxman welcome
[19:25:45] <l1nuxman> but I'm not sure if I put it there or not lol
[19:25:45] <knoba> l1nuxman: "welcome" : welcome to #postfix! if you're joining for the first time, or are new to irc, the first thing you'll want to do is read the channel topic (/topic). it includes crucial instructions on how to effectively ask for help here, and what data you should include with your questions. the degree of success you'll have is directly related to how effectively you're able to follow those guidelines.
[19:26:02] <lunaphyte_> well, either put the file back, or remove the item from your config. your choice.
[19:26:44] <l1nuxman> Ok I was just making sure that it wasn't a crucial config option
[19:27:57] <lunaphyte_> what would you do if it was?
[19:28:05] <lunaphyte_> isn't it broken?
[19:28:49] <l1nuxman> yea
[19:28:52] <l1nuxman> it works now
[19:29:19] <lunaphyte_> ah, good deal.
[19:29:25] <l1nuxman> because it checks for spam or something with that I believe. Hopefully that won't put my system in danger is all!
[19:31:33] *** jkfod has joined #postfix
[19:34:33] *** StuckMojo has joined #postfix
[19:34:35] <StuckMojo> hola
[19:34:45] <StuckMojo> anyone noticed a big uptick in spam lately?
[19:35:40] <StuckMojo> and is there a recent best practices-ish or recommendations for spam blocking with postfix?
[19:35:59] <StuckMojo> my smtpd_recipient_restrictions + rbl + greylisting isn't cutting it anymore
[19:36:09] <roe> !cheatsheet
[19:36:09] <knoba> roe: "cheatsheet" : http://jimsun.linxnet.com/misc/postfix-anti-UCE.txt : A HOWTO for pre-DATA spam control.
[19:36:13] <roe> have you read that?
[19:36:30] <StuckMojo> mmmm...maybe
[19:36:39] <StuckMojo> i originally set this up around 2003
[19:36:49] <StuckMojo> tweaked it with a new rbl and greylisting last year
[19:36:57] <roe> which rbls?
[19:36:59] <StuckMojo> ah, now i remember what someone here suggested
[19:37:04] <lunaphyte_> header_checks are not for checking for spam.
[19:37:07] <StuckMojo> spamhaus is the only one i'm using now
[19:37:13] <roe> there is also postscreen
[19:37:27] <StuckMojo> someone here suggested basically delaying the answer back from HELO
[19:37:36] <StuckMojo> and that most crummy spam servers would move on
[19:38:13] <StuckMojo> roe: that's a different rbl?
[19:38:21] *** TehRabbitt-Work has joined #postfix
[19:38:22] <StuckMojo> or another program/method?
[19:38:36] <roe> it is just a different way of weeding out spam
[19:38:38] <roe> !postcreen
[19:38:38] <knoba> roe: Error: "postcreen" is not a valid command.
[19:38:43] <roe> !postscreen
[19:38:43] <knoba> roe: "postscreen" : SMTP triage server available in Postfix 2.8, see http://www.postfix.org/POSTSCREEN_README.html and http://www.postfix.org/postscreen.8.html
[19:38:46] <StuckMojo> oh found it
[19:38:47] <TehRabbitt-Work> Hey, I got postfix running on my debian system but i'm trying to do something very specific, and i'm sure there's an easy way to do it...
[19:38:59] <TehRabbitt-Work> basically postfix is running on lets say "subdomain.mydomain.com"
[19:39:04] <roe> TehRabbitt-Work, correclty is probably the best way
[19:39:09] <StuckMojo> drat. i'm running 2.7 (debian squeeze)
[19:39:16] * StuckMojo checks backports...
[19:39:20] <TehRabbitt-Work> I want to allow emails only to be sent to *.mydomain.com
[19:39:24] <TehRabbitt-Work> nowhere else
[19:39:28] <roe> StuckMojo, check out backports
[19:39:30] <TehRabbitt-Work> aka no sending to gmail, or yahoo, or any other email
[19:39:44] <StuckMojo> roe: aha! bingo!
[19:39:44] <TehRabbitt-Work> just to anysubdomain.mydomain.com or even name at mydomain dot com
[19:40:08] <roe> !restriction_class
[19:40:08] <knoba> roe: "restriction_class" : postfix per-client/user/etc. access control http://www.postfix.org/RESTRICTION_CLASS_README.html
[19:40:13] <roe> TehRabbitt-Work, ^
[19:40:58] * StuckMojo reads about postscreen...
[19:41:50] <TehRabbitt-Work> So using that I can block *all* mail, except the following domains: mysub.mydomain.com and mydomain.com?
[19:42:13] <roe> yes
[19:42:24] <TehRabbitt-Work> roe: it's per user though correct? no way to set globally?
[19:42:39] <roe> it isn't necessarily per-user
[19:42:59] *** Natureshadow has joined #postfix
[19:45:45] *** e-ndy has joined #postfix
[19:46:24] *** gpkfr has quit IRC
[19:47:21] <StuckMojo> hmm...i know it says you shouldn't, but if you do run postscreen on an MX that accepts mail from MUAs, will it make them not work at all?
[19:48:12] <lunaphyte_> empirically?
[19:48:14] <roe> StuckMojo, are your users sending mail to port 25 or 587?
[19:48:22] <lunaphyte_> why would you need to?
[19:48:37] <StuckMojo> i personally send to 587, but i've got a couple of users that send to 25, authenticated
[19:48:53] <StuckMojo> i'd have to get them to reconfigure, which would be a PITA
[19:49:01] <lunaphyte_> bite the bullet.
[19:49:02] <lunaphyte_> just do it
[19:49:03] <roe> yup
[19:49:29] <StuckMojo> so i take it MUAs will fail the checks?
[19:49:44] <roe> only one way to know for certain
[19:49:48] <StuckMojo> lol
[19:50:01] <roe> are they on a known subnet?
[19:50:05] <StuckMojo> i wonder if i could whitelist them
[19:50:13] <StuckMojo> roe: sort of
[19:50:17] <sysmonk> just blame the ISP and tell your users that the ISP doesn't allow them to connect to port 25 :P
[19:50:23] <StuckMojo> but when the laptop roams...
[19:50:32] <roe> I have a feeling he is the ISP
[19:50:38] <sysmonk> oh my
[19:50:39] <StuckMojo> oh wait, i can whitelist them when they're at home
[19:50:53] <StuckMojo> they're coming in over an ipsec vpn, so from 192.168.0.x
[19:51:05] <StuckMojo> i forgot about that
[19:51:17] <StuckMojo> when i remove that, i'll have to have them reconfigure anyway to enable SSL
[19:51:25] <StuckMojo> so i could switch at that point
[19:51:59] <StuckMojo> nah, i'm not an ISP per-se
[19:52:18] <StuckMojo> i own a company and we run our own mail
[19:54:08] *** hjbehling has quit IRC
[19:54:10] <StuckMojo> ok so, first to upgrade postfix on my backup server...
[19:57:53] <sysmonk> ewww, a backup mx?!
[19:57:57] <sysmonk> haven't seen those for a while!
[19:58:03] <StuckMojo> it's a backup everything
[19:58:29] <TehRabbitt-Work> ok now its not sending at all :-\
[19:58:44] <TehRabbitt-Work> local_only = check_recipient_access hash:/etc/postfix/local_domains,reject
[19:58:55] <roe> !tell TehRabbitt-Work Welcome
[19:58:55] <knoba> TehRabbitt-Work: "Welcome" : welcome to #postfix! if you're joining for the first time, or are new to irc, the first thing you'll want to do is read the channel topic (/topic). it includes crucial instructions on how to effectively ask for help here, and what data you should include with your questions. the degree of success you'll have is directly related to how effectively you're able to follow those guidelines.
[19:59:52] <TehRabbitt-Work> roe: trying to run a mail server on an intranet site "intranet.mydomain.com"
[20:00:02] <roe> TehRabbitt-Work, have you read the topic?
[20:00:13] <TehRabbitt-Work> but I want the server to only be able to send to intranet.mydomain.com as well as mydomain.com
[20:00:22] <TehRabbitt-Work> yes I read it, now squirrelmail just locks up when I hit send
[20:00:35] <roe> 'now it's( I corrected your punctuation) not sending at all' means nothing to anyone here
[20:01:31] <TehRabbitt-Work> roe: http://pastebin.com/tif3B4Mg
[20:02:03] <TehRabbitt-Work> I know I commented it out, was trying to see if that was what was makign squirrelmail lock up
[20:02:14] <roe> how about logs
[20:02:21] <roe> and when you pastebin your config, use postconf -n
[20:02:52] <TehRabbitt-Work> http://pastebin.com/i0pRU5ZD
[20:03:46] <roe> now just waiting on the logs
[20:04:14] <TehRabbitt-Work> roe: /var/log doesn't have anything listed under "postfix"
[20:04:23] <roe> !syslog
[20:04:23] <knoba> roe: Error: "syslog" is not a valid command.
[20:04:24] <roe> !log
[20:04:25] <knoba> roe: Error: You don't have the owner capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
[20:04:28] <roe> ugh
[20:04:31] <roe> look under mail.log
[20:04:40] <TehRabbitt-Work> okay
[20:04:45] <roe> !logs
[20:04:45] <knoba> roe: "logs" : postfix logs to the mail facility of syslog. Something like grep -i `postconf -h syslog_facility` /path/to/syslog_config_file should tell you where logs are going. also see !no_logs and !have2mung
[20:04:49] <roe> there it is
[20:05:43] <TehRabbitt-Work> http://pastebin.com/DBxVCVq6
[20:06:15] *** kyconquers has joined #postfix
[20:06:21] <roe> TehRabbitt-Work, line 26 seems to be your problem
[20:07:22] <TehRabbitt-Work> roe: how should that db file be set up?
[20:07:30] *** Lee- has joined #postfix
[20:07:34] <roe> !postmap
[20:07:34] <knoba> roe: "postmap" : a command to 'compile' text files to hash databases. Example: a file transport will be converted to transport.db by running 'postmap transport'. Your main.cf will contain something like transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport (without the '.db')
[20:09:00] <Lee-> I have postfix set up with forwarding where it forwards based on the TO address, but I want to forward based on the TO and FROM address. Is this even possible? I've been searching, but my results are giving me irrelevent results. I think I need to know the proper name for such a feature (if it exists). Any guidance greatly appreciated.
[20:09:39] <roe> Lee-, you want to set up some sort of two-dimensional matrix?
[20:09:49] <seekwill> in a 3D world?
[20:10:28] <TehRabbitt-Work> roe: it looksl ike it's still allowing messages through even though I specified the only domain in that list as "anythingit.com"
[20:10:32] <Lee-> roe, sort of. Basically if there's not a matching FROM/TO forward set up, then just use the normal TO based forwarding.
[20:11:01] *** ceraphin has joined #postfix
[20:11:04] <roe> TehRabbitt-Work, then you didn't do it correctly
[20:11:24] <ceraphin> hi all
[20:11:33] <TehRabbitt-Work> In that file I put the domain, followed by "OK" like it showed in the example
[20:11:48] <kyconquers> how would you format a ldap-alieases.cf / query_filter so that you can confirm that %u is a member of the %d groupofnames in ldap?
[20:11:59] <ceraphin> need help on an install Postfix + courier + Mysql (vhost) + horde4
[20:12:11] <roe> ugh, horde?
[20:12:15] <roe> and courier?
[20:12:22] <roe> good luck
[20:12:29] *** Section1 has quit IRC
[20:12:37] <ceraphin> yeah need push mail and synchro for contact and calendar
[20:12:45] <ceraphin> really ?
[20:12:55] <ceraphin> better go to dovecot?
[20:13:14] <roe> I don't understand what you mean by 'need push mail and synchro
[20:13:23] <Lee-> Currently I have postfix querying a database for the forward, but it is only querying based on the TO address. If I could maybe write a script to do the lookup and return the proper destination, this would be simple. However, I don't see a way to run a generic script to get the result for forwarding.
[20:13:27] <roe> dovecot is certainly my choice
[20:13:51] <ceraphin> i need to build a server with push mail like exchange.
[20:14:00] <ceraphin> or z-push (but not arrive to build it)
[20:14:23] <roe> what clients are you using that support non-exchange 'push mail'?
[20:14:23] <ceraphin> and this is really starting driving me crazy
[20:15:04] <ceraphin> android phone
[20:15:05] <TehRabbitt-Work> is this how the "restricted_senders" file supposed to be set up? @intranet.anythingit.com local_only
[20:15:09] <ceraphin> and outlook
[20:15:18] <roe> ceraphin, why is imap not acceptable?
[20:15:20] <TehRabbitt-Work> or do I need a * in front of the @
[20:15:50] <ceraphin> imap idle you mean?
[20:16:08] <ceraphin> because imap is only for mail i also need a synchro for contacts and calendar
[20:16:09] <ceraphin> ;)
[20:16:16] <kyconquers> I know it can be done by searching for a object (cn=%d) and confirming it has a attribute (member=%u), but i don't know how to do this nor do i see it in http://www.postfix.org/LDAP_README.html#config. Can someone show me where it explains it or help me better understand how to do this?
[20:16:16] <roe> I mean IMAP and all of the capabilities that come with that protocol including IDLE
[20:16:21] <ceraphin> and i don't have and don't want a ldap server
[20:16:31] <roe> ceraphin, calDAV/cardDAV
[20:17:12] <roe> does outlook support any sort of contact syncing other than through an exchange server?
[20:17:37] <ceraphin> yeah i know IDLE and already Cal adn Cardav
[20:17:46] <ceraphin> but outlook only support exchange sync
[20:17:52] <ceraphin> for contact and cald
[20:18:09] <roe> and horde supports the server side of that protocol?
[20:18:10] *** hjbehling has joined #postfix
[20:18:21] <ceraphin> yes
[20:18:27] <roe> hrm
[20:18:33] <ceraphin> it has an implementation of zpush
[20:18:38] <ceraphin> starting version 4
[20:18:39] <ceraphin> ^^
[20:18:59] *** Alagar has quit IRC
[20:19:15] <TehRabbitt-Work> roe: so is there a way to put a wildcard to just specifiy *all* email addresses? not just one by one in that /etc/postfix/restricted_senders file?
[20:19:18] <ceraphin> that's why i was thinking of this solution
[20:19:37] <roe> the last time I played with horde was pre 3.0 days
[20:19:42] <roe> and it was an ugly beast
[20:19:56] <roe> ceraphin, does zimbra do what you need?
[20:19:57] *** hobodave has joined #postfix
[20:19:58] <ceraphin> yeah
[20:20:16] <ceraphin> yeah but hell it is too fat
[20:20:33] <ceraphin> it will eat all my ressources and i have other service
[20:21:31] *** jarr0dsz has quit IRC
[20:21:42] *** jarr0dsz has joined #postfix
[20:23:02] <StuckMojo> hmmm...
[20:23:03] <StuckMojo> arning: cannot connect to service private/smtpd: No such file or directory
[20:23:43] <TehRabbitt-Work> okay, so I added my user to that db file, and i added my domain to that db file, and i've restarted postfix, and it's still letting me send out to gmail from my server even though it should be blocking outgoing email
[20:24:03] <ceraphin> @roe do you have already test zimbra ?
[20:24:28] *** jarr0dsz has quit IRC
[20:24:29] *** jarrod23 has joined #postfix
[20:25:52] <StuckMojo> does the order of lins in master.cf mean anything?
[20:25:59] *** p3rror has quit IRC
[20:27:06] <StuckMojo> http://pgsql.privatepaste.com/a169513cfb
[20:27:11] <StuckMojo> i suck at master.cf
[20:27:15] <StuckMojo> does that look right?
[20:28:04] *** xpeed has joined #postfix
[20:29:10] <patdk-wk> nope
[20:29:33] <StuckMojo> patdk-wk: that to me?
[20:30:01] <patdk-wk> for the other you
[20:30:17] <patdk-wk> you can't have two smtp services
[20:30:21] <patdk-wk> rename the second one, smtpd
[20:30:28] <StuckMojo> oh duh
[20:30:33] <StuckMojo> now i see it, thanks!
[20:30:46] <TehRabbitt-Work> this is the guide i'm following, and it is not blocking my user acct from emailing gmail.com
[20:30:48] <TehRabbitt-Work> http://www.linuxtopia.org/online_books/mail_systems/postfix_documentation/RESTRICTION_CLASS_README_002.html
[20:30:49] <StuckMojo> i didn't see the "d" there in the instructions
[20:31:08] <kyconquers> using a ldap:map.cf how would you confirm a object has a attribute equal to a value? ie: ldap:/etc/postfix/ldap-aliases.cf with a quiry filter that (cn=%d) has an attribute (member=%u) ?
[20:33:17] <StuckMojo> patdk-wk: this is on debian, which chroots by default. i'm not sure which of these new entries should be chrooted...
[20:33:34] <StuckMojo> certainly the smtp one, and i'd guess the smptd one
[20:33:49] <patdk-wk> StuckMojo, shouldn't matter either way
[20:34:47] <StuckMojo> warning: not enough free space in mail queue: 76320768 bytes < 1.5*message size limit
[20:34:49] *** e-ndy has quit IRC
[20:34:50] <StuckMojo> heh
[20:34:51] *** breaker313 has joined #postfix
[20:35:13] <StuckMojo> that seems like a chroot thing
[20:39:30] *** Assada has joined #postfix
[20:39:32] <patdk-wk> no
[20:39:37] <patdk-wk> that seems like your harddisk thing
[20:40:06] <patdk-wk> chroot has 0% change of affecting that message
[20:40:09] <patdk-wk> chance
[20:41:35] *** Tykling has joined #postfix
[20:41:38] <patdk-wk> seekwill, can you stop sending all these magicjack emails?
[20:42:44] *** ripratm has joined #postfix
[20:42:46] *** novaflash has left #postfix
[20:47:03] <StuckMojo> patdk-wk: but before i enabled postscreen, it was fine
[20:47:56] *** gerhard7 has quit IRC
[20:48:06] <patdk-wk> postscreen has nothing to do with where the queue is
[20:48:13] <patdk-wk> chroot has nothing to do with where the queue is
[20:48:21] <StuckMojo> hmph
[20:48:21] <patdk-wk> therefor this is a totally unrelated issue
[20:49:16] <StuckMojo> so it is
[20:50:40] <StuckMojo> weird
[20:51:33] <StuckMojo> must be the upgrade to 2.8
[20:51:38] <patdk-wk> what is weird about your drive being full?
[20:51:52] <StuckMojo> it's not full
[20:51:58] <patdk-wk> df -h?
[20:52:06] <StuckMojo> oh wait
[20:52:07] <StuckMojo> heh
[20:52:14] <StuckMojo> sorry, i checked it on the wrong server
[20:52:33] <StuckMojo> there we go
[20:52:57] *** MaximusColourum has joined #postfix
[20:53:58] <seekwill> patdk-wk: But I want to call you
[20:59:52] *** wdp_ has joined #postfix
[21:05:20] *** java__ is now known as milligan
[21:14:15] <TehRabbitt-Work> Okay, i'm trying to prevent users from sending mail out to the internet, yet it is still allowing them to do so. here is the config in main.cf: http://paste.debian.net/154539/
[21:15:00] <TehRabbitt-Work> contents of localdomains: anythingit.com OK
[21:15:19] <TehRabbitt-Work> and my restricted sender: ryana at intranet dot anythingit.com local_only
[21:18:07] <TehRabbitt-Work> anyone?
[21:20:22] <TehRabbitt-Work> here is my postconf -n : http://paste.debian.net/154540/
[21:25:08] *** codin has quit IRC
[21:25:41] *** hacim has joined #postfix
[21:25:50] <hacim> where can I find the difference between ${user}, ${recipient}, ${nexthop} ?
[21:25:54] <hacim> in master.cf?
[21:26:59] *** waldvogel has joined #postfix
[21:27:14] *** codin has joined #postfix
[21:29:17] <hacim> seems its in pipe(8)
[21:29:25] <StuckMojo> so, with postscreen, do you guys use "enforce" or "drop"?
[21:31:07] <waldvogel> hi, i'm trying to black/whitelist addresses with smtpd_sender_restrictions. the mails come from the localhost and i can't get it to work. my thought is that they don't go through smtpd and therefore the restriction is not even considered. is this correct?
[21:32:21] <waldvogel> if yes, how would I filter out mails only with a specific "from"?
[21:38:09] <StuckMojo> welp, it's enabled, including deep protocol checks
[21:38:14] <StuckMojo> we shal see what happens
[21:45:25] <StuckMojo> hmmm.
[21:45:34] <StuckMojo> i think i see a problem with the deep checks
[21:46:09] <StuckMojo> the resend/reconnect can come from another IP
[21:46:26] <StuckMojo> like with gmail for instance
[21:47:27] *** happy_ has quit IRC
[21:48:11] *** krymynalu has joined #postfix
[21:49:33] <krymynalu> hello guys. can anyone point me in the right direction for setting up a mail server that will check all incoming email addresses agains a DB, and if the email is there, discard the email, if not, forward it without modifying headers and add one custom header ?
[21:51:11] *** higuita has quit IRC
[21:52:21] <StuckMojo> hmm...i guess with deep protocol tests enabled, i can just disable sqlgrey
[21:54:51] *** higuita has joined #postfix
[21:55:06] *** wdp_ has quit IRC
[21:55:24] *** todd_dsm has quit IRC
[21:55:37] *** hacim has left #postfix
[21:59:51] *** jarrod23 has quit IRC
[22:04:35] *** jarr0dsz has joined #postfix
[22:10:08] *** krymynalu has left #postfix
[22:15:32] *** breaker313 has quit IRC
[22:20:52] *** hjbehling has quit IRC
[22:27:45] *** Gatto has quit IRC
[22:37:08] *** Praise has quit IRC
[22:37:33] *** Motoko has joined #postfix
[22:37:57] *** Praise has joined #postfix
[22:39:29] *** chadmaynard has quit IRC
[22:39:36] *** rGeoffrey has joined #postfix
[22:54:46] *** micols has quit IRC
[22:55:09] *** micols has joined #postfix
[22:55:41] <kreign> hi, can anyone recommend a tool or script to me which would allow me to easily find sender/recipient message pairs?
[22:56:01] <kreign> eg. i want to find if mail was sent from user x to y given a certain period of time
[22:56:37] *** tuxick has quit IRC
[22:56:51] <roe> kreign, grep is probably your best bet
[22:57:03] <kreign> I've been trying to do it with grep/awk/etc. in bash using the message id (or whatever this id represents in the postfix logs: 5785CDC0BA) but I'm missing something, possibly what the actual purpose of said id/string is.
[22:57:03] <Patrickdk> amavisd-new logs :)
[22:57:08] <kreign> roe, ^
[22:59:24] <roe> kreign, show me your script
[23:00:07] <kreign> roe, still rough but let me pastie it.
[23:00:22] <roe> don't worry, I am a really crappy scripter
[23:00:56] *** danblack has quit IRC
[23:03:39] <kreign> well, the problem is, it's not working. :)
[23:03:44] <kreign> the logic isn't, at least.
[23:05:07] <kreign> http://pastie.org/3305341
[23:05:14] *** ceraphin has quit IRC
[23:05:14] <kreign> roe, ^
[23:06:35] <kreign> meh
[23:06:56] <kreign> roe, basically, i'm f'cking up on the whole method of using that string, whatever it is, to track the message through postfix.
[23:09:23] <TehRabbitt-Work> okay i'm trying to understand the last part of this; http://www.postfix.org/RESTRICTION_CLASS_README.html It's not making much sense to me, what am I supposed to put for "foo@domain" and "this.domain"
[23:09:42] <TehRabbitt-Work> as in should it be myname@domain or myname at domain dot com
[23:09:57] <TehRabbitt-Work> should it be mydomain.com or mydomain
[23:12:26] *** Zesturian has joined #postfix
[23:12:54] <kreign> TehRabbitt-Work, "Restricting what users can send mail to off-site destinations" part?
[23:13:02] <TehRabbitt-Work> yes
[23:13:12] <Zesturian> Hey *, what controls the amount of processes that can be spawned when shell commands are in /etc/aliases please?
[23:14:02] <TehRabbitt-Work> kreign: I'm thinking it must be my syntax or something because I followed those instructions, and my logs just show successful email going through, in fact, the only "Problem" is that SMTP is actually sending mail haha
[23:14:20] *** cheetahw26 has joined #postfix
[23:14:51] <cheetahw26> does postfix have a pickup directory where I can just copy files to with headers and it will process them?
[23:15:01] <thumbs> heh.
[23:15:05] <cheetahw26> if so, anyone know where it is on FreeBSD?
[23:15:20] <kreign> TehRabbitt-Work, it's not clear but I think they probably mean "example.org" style formatting.
[23:15:39] <kreign> cheetahw26, :|
[23:15:57] <kreign> cheetahw26, I think that, while it's possible someone has implemented something like that, you misunderstand how a mail system works...
[23:15:59] <kreign> :P
[23:16:21] <kreign> TehRabbitt-Work, i have that problem all day, every day. :P
[23:16:35] <kreign> TehRabbitt-Work, sorry i can't be of much help
[23:16:39] *** ced117 has quit IRC
[23:17:12] <TehRabbitt-Work> kreign: it's cool, i've just spent the past 3 hours trying to figure out why it's not working :(
[23:17:23] <TehRabbitt-Work> well it *is* working, as a mail server
[23:17:33] <TehRabbitt-Work> it's not working in the sense of blocking eveyr domain except the ones I specify
[23:17:39] <TehRabbitt-Work> basically I want to set it up default deny
[23:17:53] <TehRabbitt-Work> and only allow emails to be sent to anythingit.com and intranet.anythingit.com
[23:18:03] <TehRabbitt-Work> since i have email accts at both the main domain and the subdomain
[23:19:32] <cheetahw26> I am aware of how a mail system works, just curious if Postfix has a feature such as a pickup directory, compared to something like Exchange... but no big deal... I forgot to fwd one address and have a bunch of messages in Maildir, and wanted to fwd them to the new address since I've corrected the issue...
[23:19:49] <lunaphyte_> !pickup
[23:19:49] <knoba> lunaphyte_: Error: "pickup" is not a valid command.
[23:19:53] <lunaphyte_> meh
[23:19:58] <cheetahw26> I suppose I could just write a for loop and resend them all
[23:20:47] <TehRabbitt-Work> is what i'm trying to do unheard of or something? :-\
[23:22:38] <lunaphyte_> so far, we don't really know what it is you're trying to do.
[23:22:41] <lunaphyte_> or i don't, anyway
[23:23:09] <lunaphyte_> oh, wait, i misread maybe
[23:23:50] <lunaphyte_> you were the one that asked earlier about preventing email to the internet?
[23:24:01] <TehRabbitt-Work> lunaphyte: by default, block all email to the internet EXCEPT to one domain
[23:24:02] <TehRabbitt-Work> yes
[23:24:10] <TehRabbitt-Work> only allow one domain to be sent to
[23:24:12] <TehRabbitt-Work> for all users
[23:24:48] <lunaphyte_> i've got to run for the moment, but to get help, you'll want to pastebin log snippits and postconf -n, so we can see where you're at now and what you've tried.
[23:24:50] <Zesturian> What controls the amount of processes spawned with /etc/aliases in postfix? I have a script which runs ~0.1 seconds but it only ever seems to have maximum two processes of that running at one time and this server is flooded with mail, spam and the like, so it's definitely not working correctly, also when switching back to traditional mailbox the queue reduces greatly
[23:27:07] <TehRabbitt-Work> lunaphyte, the logs just show succesful email going through / I don't see much more than the headers... and okay i'll pastebin the config
[23:27:49] <TehRabbitt-Work> here is the postconf -n:
[23:27:50] <TehRabbitt-Work> http://paste.debian.net/154551/
[23:27:57] <roe> Zesturian, master.cf
[23:28:09] <roe> I would imagine it is as many smtpd procs
[23:29:34] <Zesturian> roe, just looking at that at the moment, it is "-" which defaults to 150 as per the "default_process_limit" set, I bumped up mail queue size even
[23:29:55] * jimpop takes note...another day, another php vuln
[23:30:05] <Zesturian> I never see anymore than 2 of those processes
[23:30:52] *** cheetahw26 has quit IRC
[23:38:35] <kreign> damn
[23:38:43] <kreign> i had an answer for his question (granted, not one he was looking for)
[23:40:43] <roe> !learn pickup as The pickup(8) daemon waits for hints that new mail has been dropped into the maildrop directory, and feeds it into the cleanup(8) daemon.
[23:47:08] *** e-anima has quit IRC
[23:50:05] *** TehRabbitt-Work has left #postfix
[23:51:24] *** danblack has joined #postfix
[23:54:26] <kreign> does anyone know what I need to look into to make 'wildcard' aliases?
[23:54:46] <lunaphyte> a therapist
[23:54:51] <kreign> lunaphyte, I only wish.
[23:55:01] <kreign> lunaphyte, a more accurate description is a regex alias.
[23:55:12] <lunaphyte> no wildcard help here, sorry.
[23:55:14] <lunaphyte> !mantras
[23:55:14] <knoba> lunaphyte: "mantras" : 1. do not accept mail that you do not intend to deliver. 2. do not drop mail. 3. do not use wildcards or catchalls.
[23:55:32] <kreign> eg. p{0..9} at domain dot org
[23:55:49] <kreign> lunaphyte, it is none of those.
[23:55:51] <lunaphyte> oh, well that's not wildcard
[23:55:59] <kreign> well, it's wildcarding, of a sort.
[23:56:04] <lunaphyte> also, itym example.org
[23:56:32] <kreign> yes, I do
[23:56:53] <kreign> lunaphyte, at any rate, how would I do a regex alias map?
[23:57:22] <kreign> I want to do something similar to: idfk[0..9]{3}:somewhere
[23:57:24] <lunaphyte> well, i get your essence, but in the interest of pedantics, i'd call that a pattern vs. a wildcard.
[23:57:33] <kreign> gotcha, thanks.
[23:57:37] <lunaphyte> what's the goal of the exercise?
[23:58:01] <lunaphyte> [besides to lose weight]
[23:58:37] <kreign> lunaphyte, a pre-existing aliases file 1800 aliases, all out of order, but essentially matching that pattern, or that pattern with a letter or three ahead. they're used due to idiots writing a web app to require them.
[23:59:16] <kreign> they're the correspondence for $eventnum where $evennum goes to the coordinator.
[23:59:49] <kreign> it may be an option to do something a bit more complex to (hopefully) reduce spam. waiting back to hear from the coordinator's work process to figure that out.

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