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   February 1, 2012  
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[00:27:11] <nimbius> hi postfix, how does postfix handle a message thats checked against a content filter that in turn, never returns a value or reinjects email?
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[00:34:57] <Tabmow> nimbius: I would imagine it would think the message has been delivered successfully
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[00:35:29] <nimbius> @_@
[00:35:39] <nimbius> im imagining that postfix continues processing and delivers the message.
[00:35:59] <rob0> Postfix makes the delivery to a filter without correlating filter inputs and outputs.
[00:36:34] <rob0> When delivered to a content_filter, the queue file is removed.
[00:37:04] <nimbius> hm
[00:37:08] <rob0> coming back, a new queue file is used.
[00:37:29] <nimbius> so its really no different than a poor mans transport maps.
[00:37:43] <nimbius> just as selectively invokable though
[00:38:05] <nimbius> and with the added bonus of no queue file
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[00:39:40] <rob0> The way amavisd-new does it, it won't ack the end-of-data until the reinjection does.
[00:41:48] <nimbius> so in turn, in my case, amavis is never acking the end of data because the reinjection takes place on a different machine.
[00:41:59] <nimbius> 6_6
[00:42:14] <nimbius> TL;DR: ive got some braindamage in my scanning cluster.
[00:44:01] <nimbius> actually no, nevermind.
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[00:47:05] <nimbius> date
[00:48:25] <jimpop> 7_7
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[00:53:58] <seekwill> 8_8
[00:54:16] <jimpop> lots of braindamage tonight
[00:55:07] <nimbius> better night if i had more sleep
[00:55:17] <jimpop> 9_9
[00:55:56] <nimbius> anywho all my content is going to amavis, so i shouldnt be using a content filter at all but a relayhost instead
[00:56:11] <nimbius> or a transport map
[00:57:02] <jimpop> amavis IS a content filter
[00:57:56] <jimpop> with few exceptions, you want should want your content (i.e. emails) to go through amavis
[00:59:05] <nimbius> correct, but im not certain if its more efficient to relayhost or content filter. both are post-queue ops.
[00:59:59] <jimpop> well, without details, it's hard for #postfix to know what to tell you.
[01:00:08] <jimpop> but if you want, I can keep guessing
[01:01:40] <rob0> oh let me let me
[01:02:07] <rob0> btw jimpop did you recognize atossava?
[01:02:21] <jimpop> no
[01:03:25] <rob0> sdlu subscriber and known antispam guy
[01:03:46] <rob0> not a lurker :)
[01:04:36] <rob0> I thought the name and the .fi looked familar, but I didn't check his web page until after he was gone.
[01:04:51] <nimbius> content filter implies i need an additional facility for bounce processing, whereas transport maps either succeed or fail and the bounce is processed from the transport destination end, not the sending mta.
[01:05:17] <nimbius> in my case i will never need a bounce processing facility that originates from the mta that invokes amavis.
[01:05:57] <rob0> If you want after-queue filtering, which is still the most prudent way to do it, transport_maps can do what you need.
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[01:06:58] <jimpop> rob0: the ato threw me off... was expecting an r
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[04:18:39] <porjo> I'm getting an error 'postmap: fatal: open database domain.db: Invalid argument' when I run a postmap query on that file e.g. 'postmap -q xyz.com domain' . The file was generated on another host with different versions of postfix, berkley db etc so I'm guessing there is some incompatibility there...
[04:19:01] <porjo> Is my only option to generate the domain.db file on the localhost in this case?
[04:24:22] <roe> do you have the original file?
[04:25:08] <porjo> yes
[04:27:34] <roe> sounds like an easy test then
[04:30:33] <lunaphyte> you make it sound so dire
[04:31:43] <lunaphyte> you could always use -v [or multiple] to cause postmap to be more forthcoming
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[04:35:38] <indstry> how would i set my check_sender_access file to prevent all users by default to be restricted to our local domain only?
[04:36:15] <indstry> but allow certain accounts to be able to send externally
[04:39:11] <lunaphyte> you do that sort of thing with authentication, not with values anyone could arbitrarily set to anything they wanted.
[04:40:19] <indstry> we want to be able to send mail internally but restrict who can send to outside domains
[04:41:17] <lunaphyte> right.
[04:41:40] <lunaphyte> you'd base that off of the username used to authenticate
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[04:49:53] <Corey> indstry: What's the real problem you're trying to solve?
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[04:52:09] <indstry> Corey: My work is very strict on email
[04:52:22] <indstry> they want all emails to be sent and recived by one user
[04:52:47] <indstry> mainly because they dont want clients to send a email to someone who isnt in the office
[04:52:47] <Corey> indstry: Sounds like an absolute joy to work there.
[04:52:58] <rob0> heh, indeed
[04:53:00] <thumbs> Corey: where's TwistedPair?
[04:53:08] <Corey> thumbs: My other window!
[04:53:10] <thumbs> oops.
[04:53:29] <rob0> mynetworks=that.user.ip.addr
[04:53:34] <rob0> and enjoy
[04:53:44] <thumbs> no [] ?
[04:53:50] <rob0> nope
[04:54:07] <rob0> mynetworks is a list
[04:54:21] <thumbs> um, right.
[04:54:23] <indstry> basically they have had issues where a client has emailed project changes to someone who wasnt in the office, it isnt seen then the project is sent out without the changes being done
[04:54:25] * thumbs is rusty
[04:54:54] <indstry> right now they are using a 1 AOL email for clients
[04:55:01] <indstry> Im determined to put an end to that
[04:55:02] <lunaphyte> oh, that's not the right way to solve that problem.
[04:55:59] <indstry> I was also thinking of maybe doing a auto BCC for incoming and outgoing emails.
[04:56:20] <rob0> This channel is not going to solve the obvious severe workplace problems, but I tossed you one fish, and here's another:
[04:56:27] <rob0> !always_bcc
[04:56:27] <knoba> rob0: "always_bcc" : a configuration parameter in the main.cf: Optional address that receives a "blind carbon copy" of each message that is received by the Postfix mail system.
[04:57:32] <lunaphyte> i'd also offer a simple distribution list.
[04:57:52] <rob0> Of course my mynetworks solution requires the person at that computer to maintain adequate security.
[05:02:16] * jimpop changes the IP address on his PC
[05:04:52] <thumbs> jimpop: use
[05:05:05] <thumbs> jimpop: it's a really safe IP.
[05:08:13] <jimpop> that's my gateway IP
[05:08:29] <thumbs> brilliant.
[05:08:48] <lunaphyte> pc is private copter?
[05:09:02] <jimpop> that way all my passwords can be the same. 123123123
[05:09:24] <jeev> is always getting DMCA stuff emailed
[05:09:27] <jeev> i ignore em
[05:11:22] <rob0> PC is politically correct
[05:13:47] <jeev> rob0, i heard you're a new freebsd ports commiter
[05:14:26] <rob0> PC is ports commiter
[05:14:46] <thumbs> puny cunt.
[05:15:20] <jeev> thumbs, that's poppy cock.
[05:15:43] <rob0> pretty crazy
[05:15:50] <thumbs> rob0++
[05:17:21] <jeev> pornography cd is the best
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[09:32:28] <ncopa> hi
[09:32:44] <ncopa> postfix-2.8.8 has a compile error
[09:32:51] <ncopa> ./mail_params.h:2228:5: error: expected identifier or '(' before string constant
[09:32:51] <ncopa> make: *** [anvil_clnt.o] Error 1
[09:34:28] <ncopa> this appears to be the fix: http://sprunge.us/bNUg
[09:35:01] <ncopa> a missing \ at the end of " $" VAR_LMTP_SASL_AUTH_CACHE_NAME
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[10:31:09] <rosco> what is the value of $SendmailMacros{'auth_type'} if the mail was not send using SASL ? if I print it I seen "no such file or directory". I expected an empty string...
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[10:34:00] <Thom1> hi
[10:34:56] <Thom1> did you see the missing "\" in line 2227 in the file src/global/mail_params.h in postfix-2.8.8 ?
[10:37:01] <ncopa> i saw it some time ago
[10:37:25] <ncopa> its a trivial patch
[10:37:29] <ncopa> http://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/main/postfix/mail_params.patch
[10:38:25] <Thom1> it means that the archive wasn't tested before publishing, doesn't it ?
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[10:42:27] <ncopa> seems so yes
[10:42:56] <Thom1> :/
[10:42:58] <Thom1> ok
[10:43:01] <Thom1> have a nice day
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[10:45:07] <loproc> Hi. I'e got a problem I've been trying to solve for some time now, but I can't seem to get it to work. I'm running Postfix on FreeBSD with Maildrop delivery, SASL authentification and PostGreSQL backend. However I'm sending tons of backscatter because Postfix dosn't reject mail for unknown local recipients - I've tried setting local_recipient_maps and unknown_local_recipient_reject_code = 550...
[10:45:38] <loproc> Nothing seems to help though... Anyone with some pointers as to where I should look for the error?
[10:47:09] <loproc> (postconf -n can be found at http://pastebin.com/jzwv7S87 )
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[12:47:08] <sep> what's the easiest way for my postfix to check DKIM on incoming email ?
[12:47:22] <sep> there seams to be several implementations
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[13:19:20] <lunaphyte> easy?
[13:19:39] <lunaphyte> that's wildly relative/subjective
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[13:20:39] <lunaphyte> it doesn't have anything to do with if it's easy or not, but i would use amavis with spamassasin
[13:21:02] <lunaphyte> you'd only want to check dkim as part of a scoring system.
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[13:24:47] <sep> right. i see thanks
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[15:41:01] <phoxpsh> hi guys. I'm looking at writing a transport which will allow me to store mail in a mongo store, or similar. Is it possible to define a driver that is a persistent process, rather than forking a new instance of a script for every mail?
[15:43:16] <adeel|work> i have a postfix box that is setup to accept mail only from local users on the box (i.e. postfix is listening on would like to now setup postfix so that it only delivers email to a Whitelist of email addresses, and discards anything else
[15:44:06] <adeel|work> is the simplest way to do it via a content filter?
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[15:59:22] <patdk-wk> hmm, using the content filter, means postfix won't be doing it, and therefor it's offtopic
[15:59:57] <patdk-wk> and I would say that would be the hardest way
[16:02:59] <rob0> "man discard ; man 5 transport", sounds like a mess.
[16:04:07] <adeel|work> patdk-wk, i haven't found any documentation suggesting an easier way...everything i come across keeps dealing with smtpd; which doesn't apply
[16:05:14] <patdk-wk> I just did this a few weeks ago, wasn't that hard
[16:05:58] <adeel|work> mind explaining how you accomplished it?
[16:10:44] <adeel|work> hmmm...would this work? if i added the white-listed domains to the transport table as 'example.com smtp:example.com' and just have a wildcard entry at the end going to the error/discard transport?
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[16:22:53] <alcy> folks, is it possible to allow a particular ip which is blacklisted in sorbs to pass through ?
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[16:24:16] <lunaphyte_> sure
[16:25:00] <alcy> lunaphyte_: rbl_override ?
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[16:27:19] <rob0> http://www.postfix.org/announcements/postfix-2.9.0.html
[16:27:41] <rob0> rbl_override? Where did you see this?
[16:28:05] <alcy> http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-whitelist-hosts-ip-addresses-in-postfix
[16:28:10] <rob0> You can't go making up parameters that do not exist. Well, to be precise you can, but do not expect them to work.
[16:28:14] <rob0> !access
[16:28:14] <knoba> rob0: "access" : http://www.postfix.org/SMTPD_ACCESS_README.html : An overview of access(5) controls in the Postfix smtpd(8) SMTP server.
[16:28:27] <rob0> !check_client_access
[16:28:28] <knoba> rob0: "check_client_access" : Search the named access database for the client name, parent domains, client address, or networks obtained by stripping least significant octets. Reject if the result is REJECT or [45]XX text . Permit otherwise
[16:29:32] <alcy> yeah sorry for the noise, new team, some customer goes crazy, panic.
[16:30:26] <rob0> And it is a Bad Idea for most sites to use SORBS to reject mail. SORBS is too aggressive for typical use.
[16:30:46] <rob0> I use SORBS in postscreen(8) scoring.
[16:31:28] <alcy> thx for the tip. just that the amount of spam was too much, had to resort to sorbs for aggresive blacklisting
[16:31:52] <rob0> !brbl
[16:31:52] <knoba> rob0: "brbl" : Barracuda Reputation Block List (BRBL) is a service of Barracuda, compiled from the input of Barracuda devices. Service is free but requires registration. See http://barracudacentral.org/rbl
[16:31:55] <rob0> !zen
[16:31:56] <knoba> rob0: "zen" : http://www.spamhaus.org/zen/ : A composite of all Spamhaus DNSBLs: SBL, XBL and PBL. Testing your DNSBL lookup can be done here: http://www.crynwr.com/spam/
[16:32:13] <rob0> both are more effective than SORBS, and safer to boot.
[16:32:23] <alcy> ah thx for the brbl recco, spamhaus we already have
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[16:52:51] <samba35> i have installed dovcoet with postfix on centos 6 i am able to send mail but i am not able to receive emails ,i am using relay/proxy for sending and reeving emails
[16:53:12] <samba35> when i try telnet localhost 110 --user and pass it work but when i try telnet mydomain 110 user is fine but when i run pass it give me error
[16:53:28] <samba35> ERR Proxy: Can't connect to server
[17:01:19] <patdk-wk> samba35, this is a postfix channel, not dovecot/pop
[17:03:12] <samba35> ok
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[17:48:36] <Solow> Question... I'm trying to send mail (using php) from a different host than the machine php is running on. I'm using smtp to deliver the emails, but this seems to be rather slow (max of 5 emails per second). Any suggestions on how I could speed this up? Maybe something different than smtp?
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[17:49:53] <Solow> !welcome
[17:49:54] <knoba> Solow: "welcome" : welcome to #postfix! if you're joining for the first time, or are new to irc, the first thing you'll want to do is read the channel topic (/topic). it includes crucial instructions on how to effectively ask for help here, and what data you should include with your questions. the degree of success you'll have is directly related to how effectively you're able to follow those guidelines.
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[17:58:41] <Solow> Am I able to talk in here?
[17:58:44] *** Southron has joined #postfix
[18:01:08] <thumbs> Solow: yes.
[18:01:38] <Solow> thumbs: Okay thanks. Then I'll just be patient and wait. Thanks :)
[18:07:18] *** bezourox is now known as bezour`away
[18:14:20] <thoraxe> http://fpaste.org/EQ2e/ - in /etc/postfix/virtual i'm trying to do regex. postmap is giving me an error (postmap: warning: /etc/postfix/virtual, line 295: expected format: key whitespace value) that corresponds to the endif line. looking at the regexp_table manpage i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong here
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[18:32:22] *** k1ckn1ck has joined #postfix
[18:33:06] <thoraxe> ok apparently you're not supposed to postmap regex files?
[18:36:10] <Dominian> Yeah the error tells you the format of the file that postmap will work on
[18:37:38] *** xxzz has quit IRC
[18:53:53] <Solow> Is my question formatted wrong? Or is it just really quiet :)
[18:55:03] <Dominian> Solow: are you using postfix?
[18:55:12] <Dominian> or are you just asking a generalized smtp-related to php question?
[18:55:21] *** empity has quit IRC
[18:55:29] <Solow> Yes, using postfix.
[18:55:46] <Dominian> How many emails are you trying to process?
[18:55:49] <Dominian> what errors are you getting?
[18:55:53] <Dominian> how are you pushing the emails into postfix?
[18:56:31] *** majuscule has joined #postfix
[18:56:43] <Solow> Dominian: As many as possible, none, using swift mailer (which uses smtp).
[18:57:12] *** morse has joined #postfix
[18:57:20] <Dominian> So you have zero logs in your maillog?
[18:57:35] *** samba35 has quit IRC
[18:57:36] <Dominian> I personaly have no idea how to 'speed' up the sending.. its probably a limitation in your code
[18:58:39] <Solow> Dominian: I do have logs, but they're all successful. If I use the sendmail command I can send out 5k in under 3 minutes. However using smtp I don't get past 5 every second
[18:59:07] <Solow> So I think the delay might be because of smtp
[19:00:28] <Solow> It could be because of PHP as well. It's not the fastest most elegant language out there...
[19:01:42] <Dominian> Just use the sendmail compatability binary to send it
[19:02:09] <Solow> Dominian: The what now? The one I said I used?
[19:02:19] <Solow> Or are you talking about something else?
[19:02:43] <Dominian> no the one you said you used
[19:02:50] <Dominian> postfix installs a sendmail compatability binary
[19:03:08] <Dominian> I have no idea how all the smtp processes work with postfix..
[19:03:10] <thoraxe> Dominian: it's odd because the manpage for the regex shows using postmap... oh well
[19:03:16] <Dominian> so it could be a matter of anything causing the delay
[19:03:28] <Dominian> thoraxe: could be.. might need a switch or something to postmap regex
[19:03:49] <Solow> Ah terminology. Thanks. :) Problem is that the server sending out the emails is not on the same server as postfix.
[19:03:53] <thoraxe> anyway, i needed to remove the To: part, but otherwise the regex stuf works
[19:04:29] <Dominian> thoraxe: hrm you are defining it as pcre:/path/to/file right?
[19:04:36] <Dominian> Solow: I see
[19:04:36] <thoraxe> Solow: the issue is likely that you are trying to make SMTP connections into postfix's SMTP daemon via PHP. in other words, I think you are having PHP call out over TCP/IP to the remote system, right?
[19:04:43] <thoraxe> Dominian: regexp:/path/to/file
[19:04:49] <Dominian> er.. regexp
[19:04:50] <Dominian> thanks
[19:04:55] <Dominian> yeah that should work
[19:05:03] * Dominian shrugs.. I know jack about regexp
[19:05:10] <thoraxe> Solow: what you want to do is have PHP use the local sendmail on the system and configure that local sendmail to talk to the postfix on the remote server
[19:05:14] <rob0> Typically in Postfix, SMTP submission is faster than sendmail(1).
[19:05:14] <thoraxe> Dominian: it did work :)
[19:05:14] <Solow> thoraxe: Right.
[19:05:31] <thoraxe> rob0: i think his speed issue is at the php level not the postfix/smtp/sendmail level
[19:05:32] <rob0> Offer void where taxed or prohibited, or over crappy network connections.
[19:05:37] <Dominian> thoraxe: after you removed To:?
[19:06:01] <thoraxe> Dominian: yes. the issue is that when you use regexp in the virtual_alias_maps it is not eamining the whole header, so you just regexp on the address
[19:06:09] <thoraxe> or at least, thatwas my guess. testing shows it worked without it
[19:07:06] <Solow> thoraxe: Sorry didn't read the second thing you said yet... So I want to configure the sendmail compatible binary to talk to postfix on the remote server. Do you have a tutorial of some kind for this? I've never changed sendmail binaries before.
[19:07:49] <thoraxe> Solow: not exactly. if your PHP script runs on system A and your postfix is on system B, you want to configure system A to have PHP use the local sendmail
[19:08:37] <Solow> thoraxe: And have the local sendmail forwarding it to postfix on server B?
[19:08:46] <thoraxe> Solow: that would be my guess for better performance
[19:08:59] <Solow> Doesn't that use smtp as well?
[19:09:04] * rob0 points out that only guesses are possible
[19:09:16] <Solow> relay anyway
[19:09:30] <thoraxe> Solow: yes, but sendmail is something that is optimized to talk over smtp
[19:09:45] <thoraxe> whether system A is using actual sendmail or postfix's sendmail implementation or exim or something else
[19:09:58] <Solow> thoraxe: I see. Thanks, I'll give that a go.
[19:09:58] <rob0> sendmail(1) simply accepts mail on stdin ... Postfix is modular
[19:10:07] <thoraxe> "sendmail" talking to an smtp server "over there" is likely better/faster than PHP talking to an smtp server "over there"
[19:10:09] <rob0> !overview
[19:10:09] <knoba> rob0: "overview" : Postfix Architecture Overview : http://www.postfix.org/OVERVIEW.html
[19:10:51] <thoraxe> remember that if you have PHP making the SMTP call directly, you are having to basically go through httpd/php and all that other junk.
[19:10:55] <thoraxe> alright, gotta go to lunch
[19:11:12] <Solow> thoraxe: That's true. Thanks again, and enjoy lunch
[19:12:12] <lunaphyte_> of course, postfix's sendmail doesn't do smtp.
[19:19:10] *** Cain has joined #postfix
[19:20:29] *** matt1982 has joined #postfix
[19:20:50] *** matt1982 has quit IRC
[19:23:07] *** Gatto has joined #postfix
[19:24:57] *** Steve_The_Pirate has quit IRC
[19:28:57] *** Darxus has joined #postfix
[19:28:58] *** Darxus has left #postfix
[19:29:13] *** rhett_ has joined #postfix
[19:29:14] *** Cain has left #postfix
[19:29:26] <rhett_> I would like to make a super simple catchall incoming mail server
[19:29:36] <rhett_> is this easy with postfix?
[19:29:47] *** Cain has joined #postfix
[19:30:17] <rob0> !mantras
[19:30:17] <knoba> rob0: "mantras" : 1. do not accept mail that you do not intend to deliver. 2. do not drop mail. 3. do not use wildcards or catchalls.
[19:30:19] <thumbs> rhett_: you use a catch-all mechanism.
[19:30:24] <thumbs> s/you/don't/
[19:30:25] <rob0> !catchall
[19:30:25] <knoba> rob0: "catchall" : Sending all emails for non-existing users in domain to a special account. See man 5 virtual for the @domain syntax, which applies in virtual_*_maps and relay_recipient_maps. For local(8) delivery, unset local_recipient_maps and see luser_relay. WARNING: catchalls are rarely a good idea. Spammers will abuse them.
[19:30:46] *** Solow has quit IRC
[19:31:32] <rhett_> thumbs, I want to make a craigslist-like service to route anonymous email to real ones
[19:31:43] <thumbs> oh boy.
[19:31:44] <rhett_> it works for craigslist, right?
[19:32:02] <thumbs> rhett_: that's not a catch all.
[19:32:22] <rhett_> you think they make a new user account for each email address they list?
[19:32:26] *** majuscule has quit IRC
[19:32:33] <rhett_> sale-343493954934392 at craigslist dot com
[19:32:49] <rhett_> they make those accounts on the fly?
[19:34:17] <thumbs> rhett_: it's being rewritten.
[19:34:23] <thumbs> !rewrite
[19:34:23] <knoba> thumbs: "rewrite" : Postfix Address Rewriting features, see http://www.postfix.org/ADDRESS_REWRITING_README.html
[19:36:14] <rhett_> thumbs, what is being rewritten, and when?
[19:36:33] <thumbs> rhett_: the recipent.
[19:36:38] *** dberry has joined #postfix
[19:36:40] <thumbs> recipient, rather.
[19:37:02] <rhett_> thumbs, I'm going to use a separate service to send the email
[19:37:12] *** majuscule has joined #postfix
[19:38:20] <rhett_> thumbs, I just want my ec2 server to receive the anonymous, email, parse the subject, to, from, body, and decide to compose an email to send on a separate smtp server or not
[19:38:34] *** Toerkeium has quit IRC
[19:39:06] <rhett_> i'll write the code to parse the incoming email and send it, but right now, I just want something that accepts and stores the incoming email
[19:42:21] <thumbs> !relay_maps
[19:42:21] <knoba> thumbs: Error: "relay_maps" is not a valid command.
[19:42:27] <thumbs> !smtp_relay_maps
[19:42:28] <knoba> thumbs: Error: "smtp_relay_maps" is not a valid command.
[19:42:31] <thumbs> bah
[19:43:20] *** dberry has quit IRC
[19:43:20] *** dberry has joined #postfix
[19:43:27] <rhett_> should I use a database to create and update forawardings?
[19:43:47] <thumbs> you use a dynamic map, yes
[19:44:12] <rob0> Craigslist is surely doing that.
[19:44:22] <rhett_> does postfix work with postgres, I only see this mysql tutorial http://www.howtoforge.com/virtual-users-and-domains-with-postfix-courier-mysql-and-squirrelmail-ubuntu-11.10
[19:44:29] <rob0> !pgsql
[19:44:30] <knoba> rob0: "pgsql" : http://www.postfix.org/PGSQL_README.html : PostgreSQL support in Postfix
[19:44:41] <rob0> yes, all the tutorials are mysql
[19:45:50] <dberry> can you use wildcards in virtual domains ex. bounce-* at outsidedomain dot com bounce at internal_mail dot com
[19:46:05] <rob0> https://github.com/SpiceMan/Grelfiqs <-- developing or has done a pgsql schema
[19:47:14] <thumbs> !smtp_relay_map
[19:47:14] <knoba> thumbs: Error: "smtp_relay_map" is not a valid command.
[19:47:28] <thumbs> ok, I give up for today. My memory fails me
[19:48:05] <rob0> I don't even know what you are looking for.
[19:48:15] <rob0> !virtual_alias_maps
[19:48:15] <knoba> rob0: "virtual_alias_maps" : A configuration parameter in the main.cf: Optional lookup tables that alias specific mail addresses or domains to other local or remote addresses. The table format and lookups are documented in virtual(5).
[19:48:26] <rob0> ^^ probably what Craigslist uses
[19:49:20] <rob0> or maybe just "recipient_delimiter = -" and a powerful .forward "|command" which reads the database.
[19:50:17] *** Toerkeium has joined #postfix
[19:55:01] <thumbs> rob0: I'm side-tracked, and confused. I shouldn't even be here.
[19:55:15] *** wdp_ has joined #postfix
[19:55:22] <rob0> likewise! Too much going on here.
[19:58:33] *** matt1982 has joined #postfix
[19:59:39] *** Toerkeium has quit IRC
[20:05:10] *** matt1982 has quit IRC
[20:06:21] *** sharp15 has joined #postfix
[20:07:39] *** Toerkeium has joined #postfix
[20:08:24] <sharp15> anyone familiar with postfix on gentoo? i can't get the service to start and need to know if it stores state information somewhere.
[20:20:34] *** patchshorts has joined #postfix
[20:20:52] <patchshorts> hello
[20:23:56] *** D4rKr0W`afk is now known as D4rKr0W
[20:24:19] <patchshorts> Hi everyone
[20:26:27] *** klemax has joined #postfix
[20:27:00] <milligan> sharp15, I'd just check the logs why it doesn't start. It's pretty likely that there's something wrong with your config if it's not running
[20:27:08] <patdk-wk> ya, it stores state info, in /var/spool/postfix, normally
[20:27:30] <patdk-wk> that state info has nothing at all to do with why it won't start
[20:28:20] <patchshorts> I am having an issue with postfix and sasl, for some reason sasl or postfix is only using the username part of the email address. I get a pam error, and with mysql logging on the domain doesn't get passed during the right stage of the communication. Any Ideas?
[20:29:54] <sharp15> milligan: i repaired the config file. i was trying to make the program stop listening on the network.
[20:30:05] <sharp15> milligan: it still isn't working.
[20:30:45] <milligan> sharp15, try to start it, then paste the last few lines from the log at i.e pastebin.com
[20:35:41] <patchshorts> My mysql log looks like this http://pastebin.com/aZvYR3hz, the first line is using postfix through port 25 and the 2nd line is using the binary testsaslauthd
[20:36:09] <majuscule> I'm running postfix on my server and have set up MX records for my domain, but don't seem to be getting any emails that are sent for me. I've been looking for log files that might be relevant, but I'm not sure how to debug this?
[20:37:08] <milligan> majuscule, when did you change the MX records? Remember that DNS updates can take anywhere from 2 to 48 hours..Secondly, is the server behind any firewall?
[20:37:43] <milligan> majuscule, if you do a tail -f /var/log/mail.log (depending on your config), you should see logging information when new email arrives etc.
[20:38:10] <majuscule> milligan: a long time ago, i'm actually trying to swap in a new server under a working IP address, so all my records should be set to go
[20:38:24] <waldi> majuscule: domain? mx?
[20:38:32] <majuscule> milligan: the server is behind a firewall, but i'm pretty sure it's correct, i can post iptables -L if you want
[20:38:36] <majuscule> dylansserver.com
[20:38:39] <majuscule> mx dylansserver.com
[20:38:47] <waldi> dylansserver.com
[20:39:18] <majuscule> milligan: i see /var/log/maillog, but it seems to only be for dovecot
[20:39:23] <waldi> the setup is broken. two nameservers in _different_ networks
[20:39:24] *** krake has joined #postfix
[20:39:32] <waldi> Trying
[20:39:33] <waldi> telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
[20:39:41] <waldi> majuscule: please check the complete network setup
[20:39:53] <majuscule> i can ssh in, i dont think i'm running telnet
[20:40:09] <majuscule> the two nameservers are both the same machine so i don't see how that's possible
[20:40:34] *** xpeed has quit IRC
[20:41:05] <waldi> telnet is a random tool to check tcp connections. it have nothing to do with the telnet server
[20:41:26] *** cypher707 has quit IRC
[20:41:26] <sharp15> milligan: uh. there isn't a message. if i try to start/stop using the postfix program itself it works just fine.
[20:41:38] <majuscule> waldi: okay, sorry forgive my ignorance. what makes you think the nameservers are on different networks?
[20:42:04] <waldi> majuscule: they must be, they are not
[20:42:52] <majuscule> waldi: ah i see. in spite of that, i have been running a near identical setup (though with sendmail), with no problem
[20:43:18] <majuscule> unfortately, i have only one machine
[20:44:00] <waldi> the dns registrar usualy does this for you
[20:44:24] <waldi> you are using rhel or something similar?
[20:44:52] <majuscule> waldi: i am using rhel, i know i can do this throug my registrar, but i'm a compsci student trying to learn
[20:45:05] <majuscule> here is my iptables -L http://dpaste.com/696155/
[20:45:07] <waldi> then you have to read the rhel documentation
[20:45:29] <milligan> majuscule, your setup is "fine". waldi is correct that your nameservers ought to be registered on different network .. and certain RFCs say they must.. but it should still work. I couldn't connect to port 25 on your server, so either a firewall is dropping the connection or the server isn't running
[20:45:36] <majuscule> i see
[20:45:43] <majuscule> okay, well thank you for your time and help
[20:45:53] <waldi> most likely the "usefull" rhel changes to postfix
[20:45:57] <waldi> s,ll,l,
[20:46:10] <milligan> sharp15, So ... nothing happens when you run the init script ?
[20:46:14] *** Motoko has joined #postfix
[20:46:24] <milligan> sharp15, but everything is OK when you run it manually ?
[20:48:34] *** pclov3r has joined #postfix
[20:48:43] <sharp15> milligan: correct. i asked here hoping there was a standardized pid file i could delete.
[20:49:09] <milligan> sharp15, sounds more like your init script is messed up
[20:49:21] <pclov3r> Hi anybdoy want to point me to were i change the login greeting?
[20:49:24] <pclov3r> where
[20:49:33] <pclov3r> well the option in the config file
[20:49:44] * lunaphyte_ wonders what "the login greeting" is.
[20:49:50] <milligan> sharp15, if it's a pid, the init script will say postfix is already running .. in that case, you can simply edit the init script and figure out what pid file it's looking for.
[20:49:50] *** patchshorts has quit IRC
[20:50:06] <pclov3r> want to remove that it says it's postfix.
[20:50:58] <lunaphyte_> rather than using your own invented term for whatever it is you're actually describing, just pastebin the data itself.
[20:51:44] <milligan> pclov3r, in /etc/postfix/main.cf .. I think .. you'll find something called smtpd_banner or similar. (This is all taken from memory, so it's probably very distorted). Give that a go.
[20:52:00] *** pclov3r has quit IRC
[20:52:14] <lunaphyte_> or, he could just show us, and we could not guess.
[20:52:46] <milligan> or just leave :)
[21:01:59] <rob0> smtpd_banner was right
[21:03:50] *** Gatto has quit IRC
[21:10:44] <sharp15> milligan: i couldn't find one mentioned in the script. i was trying to figure out if postfix itself would be creating it.
[21:12:11] *** ipnoz_ has joined #postfix
[21:13:19] *** ipnoz has quit IRC
[21:17:40] *** adeel|work has quit IRC
[21:21:09] <rob0> the name of the Postfix master(8) process is ... master!
[21:21:46] <rob0> and no, Postfix has no pidfile option that I know of
[21:23:35] <sharp15> rob0: ok. thank you. i'll put my questions to #gentoo then.
[21:23:39] <sharp15> milligan: thank you as well.
[21:26:23] *** Section1 has quit IRC
[21:26:51] *** p3rror has quit IRC
[21:28:03] *** wdp_ has quit IRC
[21:29:41] *** millun has joined #postfix
[21:30:58] *** tjikkun_ has joined #postfix
[21:31:28] *** tjikkun has quit IRC
[21:42:46] *** tums2004 has joined #postfix
[21:43:43] <tums2004> I have added mailbox_command = /usr/bin/procmail -a "$EXTENSION" to main.cf and restarted postfix. is there anything else i need to do to use a procmail filter?
[21:48:25] *** nimbius has left #postfix
[21:51:13] <tums2004> is anyone around? is there someplace i can ask/
[21:52:03] <milligan> try it and see what happens :)
[21:53:39] <tums2004> I did.... its not working or I wouldn;'t be asking here :)
[21:53:56] <milligan> And what do the logs tell you? (us)
[21:55:06] <tums2004> nothing about procmail, so i read for about 3 hours, and my config matches several that people say work, so i asked for help here
[21:57:37] *** KaiForce has quit IRC
[21:58:44] <tums2004> guess not :(
[22:00:21] <milligan> Sorry, not much to work with mate..
[22:01:06] <tums2004> what can I get you
[22:01:57] <milligan> Well, I doubt there will be a config line that gets completely ignored.. it's bound to pop a warning or an error or something.. so it would be nice to see a pastebin of the maillog :)
[22:01:58] *** Southron_ has joined #postfix
[22:02:49] *** Southron has quit IRC
[22:02:49] *** Southron_ is now known as Southron
[22:03:03] *** zMilo has joined #postfix
[22:03:18] *** andres has joined #postfix
[22:04:12] *** tums2004 has quit IRC
[22:04:55] <andres> Is there a sensible way to map multiple domains to one? Like example.com, example.net to example.org
[22:05:25] <milligan> set up virtual hosting and make all other domains alias domains to the "parent"
[22:05:27] <andres> Using a rewrite like @example.com @example.org complicates address verification
[22:05:46] <andres> (in virtual_alias_maps)
[22:06:47] *** Tykling has quit IRC
[22:06:51] <andres> milligan: you mean with the above entry in virutal_alias_maps?
[22:08:21] <milligan> I forget what my setup is like .. but I can just add a domain in postfixadmin as an alias domain and it works fine :P
[22:14:38] *** sharp15 has quit IRC
[22:15:44] *** krake has quit IRC
[22:18:23] *** Toerkeium has quit IRC
[22:18:45] *** s0ber_ has joined #postfix
[22:21:31] *** s0ber has quit IRC
[22:21:35] *** s0ber_ is now known as s0ber
[22:21:56] *** mroe has joined #postfix
[22:21:59] *** ipnoz_ has quit IRC
[22:22:05] *** k1ckn1ck has joined #postfix
[22:24:13] <andres> milligan: the problem with using virtual_alias_maps is that a hit in that - even if its just redirecting to another domain - is enough for reject_unlisted_recipients to be ok with the mail
[22:24:15] *** ipnoz has joined #postfix
[22:24:32] <andres> milligan: if thats all you have configured you will accept all emails on that domain (which then will bounce)
[22:24:54] <andres> milligan: and you get errors from your transport if you additionally use reject_unverified_recipient
[22:24:57] *** Toerkeium has joined #postfix
[22:29:38] *** ipnoz has quit IRC
[22:30:02] *** D4rKr0W is now known as D4rKr0W`afk
[22:30:15] <milligan> nah-I've got some sort of check for that. I'll have a look at the setup when I get in the office tomorrow
[22:30:50] *** Toerkeium has quit IRC
[22:32:32] *** danblack has joined #postfix
[22:32:38] *** danblack has joined #postfix
[22:33:26] *** sharp15 has joined #postfix
[22:35:52] *** Toerkeium has joined #postfix
[22:36:43] *** krake has joined #postfix
[22:43:57] *** zMilo has quit IRC
[22:48:01] *** hjbehling_ is now known as hjbehling
[22:49:45] *** scarleo has quit IRC
[22:52:22] *** hjbehling has quit IRC
[22:53:53] *** gerhard7 has quit IRC
[22:54:01] *** hjbehling has joined #postfix
[22:56:11] *** wdp has quit IRC
[23:02:39] *** dgs has left #postfix
[23:05:38] *** todd_dsm has joined #postfix
[23:07:58] *** krake has quit IRC
[23:08:38] *** xpeed has joined #postfix
[23:10:40] *** Zeit|awy has joined #postfix
[23:11:46] *** seekwill has quit IRC
[23:13:29] *** ipnoz has joined #postfix
[23:13:29] *** harlan has quit IRC
[23:14:51] *** harlan has joined #postfix
[23:23:38] *** ced117 has quit IRC
[23:35:02] *** seekwill has joined #postfix
[23:35:02] *** seekwill has joined #postfix
[23:37:51] *** dentifrice has quit IRC
[23:42:32] *** phoxpsh has quit IRC
[23:46:22] *** npmapn has quit IRC
[23:50:39] *** hjbehling has quit IRC

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