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   February 24, 2012  
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[00:48:21] <rdrr> Hi Gang!
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[00:51:22] <rdrr> i have 2 mountpoints (containing zones) on my rpool i'd like to move to a new pool on a new mirror. is it as simple as (shut down) # zfs set mountpoint=/mnt pool/filesystem ?
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[01:00:04] <rdrr> IOW can I move these existing mountpoints /xzones, /yzones from rpool to xpool with zfs mountpoint? or better to use zoneadm move?
[01:01:30] <loganbr> rdrr: You might look at zfs send/receive
[01:02:16] <richlowe> If you want anything actually _moved_, detach the zone, send/recv, attach
[01:02:21] <rdrr> Kthnx, as that was my next bump! :D
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[01:02:31] <richlowe> I think don't think zoneadm move is smart enough
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[01:02:45] <rdrr> ya, too manual
[01:03:10] <rdrr> evn if only 8 zones ttl
[01:04:16] <rdrr> ~80gb to move to new rust
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[01:07:02] <Savis> hey crsd thanks for your help today man :)
[01:08:34] <rdrr> Logan, Rich: i appreciate the guidance! && think i'm set to roll 8-) && thnx!
[01:08:55] <Savis> you brown noser.
[01:09:05] <Savis> jk
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[01:09:57] <rdrr> :)
[01:13:52] <rdrr> itwuzlike: bam! keydevs answerin' with the good stuffs....cool...
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[01:20:10] <dho> richlowe: dunno if you had a suggestion for the wiki thing, but i apparently forgot to screen my irssi session at work and i'm also apparently not logging :S
[01:20:35] <dho> (sorry)
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[01:27:39] <rdrr> logs: http://echelog.com/?openindiana
[01:28:19] <dho> oh, right.
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[01:30:06] <rdrr> sharon delove :)
[01:31:29] <freetown2> which consolidation does samba belong to in OI?
[01:32:11] <freetown2> are the build flags/patch instructions in the samba tree itself or at the top of the consolidation?
[01:32:52] <dho> :)
[01:33:37] <alanc> in 151, probably still SFW, in the glorious future, Userland
[01:33:48] <alanc> in both, the patches are in the component level
[01:34:11] * dho considers porting golang
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[01:36:27] <Triskelios> dho: Devon! nice to see you here
[01:36:41] <dho> Triskelios: Haha hi :) I'm evildho too ;)
[01:37:07] <freetown2> alanc, thanks...I need to either build a newer version of samba than 3.5.5 or do a 3.6.x to resolve a winbind bug in 3.5.5. I guess I should be looking in oi151a release sfw-gate?
[01:37:34] <dho> had no idea you were involved in solaris stuff
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[01:37:43] <dho> you're in NY now right?
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[01:38:00] <Triskelios> dho: MA
[01:38:03] <dho> aha
[01:38:32] <Triskelios> dho: I've been doing osol stuff since about 2006. I work for Nexenta now
[01:38:43] <dho> Oh, awesome
[01:39:03] <alanc> freetown2: I suppose, though sfw is horrible and once you've gone there you'll wish you never had (there are many many good reasons it was replaced with an entirely new design in userland)
[01:39:07] <dho> well now that I got that zone running, I'll probably be at least using it a lot more.
[01:39:33] <Triskelios> dho: cool. #illumos is probably interesting to you as well
[01:39:39] <dho> Likely
[01:40:05] <dho> where's a good place to hang out if i have questions on ABI / ELF / pthread implementation on illumos/oi
[01:40:21] <Triskelios> yup, #illumos
[01:40:25] <dho> cool
[01:40:35] <Triskelios> and specifically I guess richlowe, jbk, maybe me....
[01:41:24] <dho> we shall see if I can get 6[acgl] to work tonight!
[01:41:25] <Triskelios> and bcantrill if he's around
[01:41:41] <freetown2> alanc, well...i guess i don't have much of a choice...unless i just want to do a straight clobber of the oi samba binaries...
[01:42:01] <Triskelios> dho: nice. I think venk had inferno working...
[01:42:09] <dho> i used to go around telling people about when i met bcantrill in 2005
[01:42:20] <dho> then i realized quickly that everyone has a story around it
[01:42:42] <dho> he was doing dfbsd also, but afaik nothing came of it
[01:42:45] <Triskelios> dude, most people have stories about *you*
[01:42:56] <dho> >__>
[01:43:52] <dho> i'll go ahead and take that as a good thing
[01:44:02] <Triskelios> don't worry, nothing terrible
[01:46:13] <Triskelios> so your evil alter-ego works at OmniTI now?
[01:46:17] <dho> i am actually (and we in general at work) are really stoked about being able to do s10 native zones inside oi
[01:46:21] <dho> no i'm at messagesystems
[01:46:33] <dho> (still)
[01:46:37] <dho> oti's a sister company
[01:47:03] <Triskelios> huh, I didn't know that
[01:47:32] <dho> yeah we started from oti, made the mta because they were tired of supporting sendmail
[01:47:39] <dho> and trying to make it scale well
[01:47:49] <dho> (and postfix and exim etc)
[01:49:22] <richlowe> dho: rmustacc, also
[01:49:27] <dho> thank you
[01:49:55] <richlowe> but if you're trying to make Go work, it's going to take more than that knowledge.
[01:50:07] <dho> richlowe: I ported it to FreeBSD
[01:50:17] <dho> those are the areas I'm worried about
[01:50:47] <richlowe> Sorry I just botched the sentence
[01:50:59] <dho> funny thing is that I still haven't actually used go at all :S
[01:51:00] <richlowe> I meant, "It wants to know things that I don't think we know off the top of our heads"
[01:51:28] <richlowe> at least, that's my recollection
[01:51:42] <dho> I'm happy to dig into some internals. I don't care to make it work on sparc so much
[01:52:23] <dho> or x86 really
[01:52:25] <dho> but if I can figure out the ELF signature stuff and how to do TLS, I think I'll be OK
[01:53:31] <dho> does oi/illumos prefer portfs or devpoll for eventing stuff?
[01:54:24] <richlowe> "how to do TLS" should be pretty normal?
[01:54:34] <richlowe> but I've only encountered it because of alanc and breakage
[01:54:43] <richlowe> so I confess I've only ever watched it work by mistake, sort of.
[01:55:13] <dho> As long as there aren't really any restrictions about using %gs it should be ok
[01:55:48] <dho> aw crap, no libtool
[01:56:07] * alanc wasn't trying to use TLS, was just acting as an agent of raf in that case
[01:56:45] <richlowe> "<dho> aw crap, no libtool"
[01:56:48] <richlowe> sentences you don't expect.
[01:56:59] <dho> richlowe: only because I need it to build ldap
[01:57:41] <alanc> pretty sure libtool is in the OI pkg repo
[01:57:44] <dho> there a standard place to find a pkgadd-able autoconf/automake/libtool package for sol10? Not really familiar with sun packaging / providers
[01:58:06] <dho> alanc: yeah, it's in oi, i'm trying to get a s10 zone running under oi and building our software
[01:58:24] <alanc> oh, s10 - well, there used to be blastwave and sunfreeware, but I think opencsw is the only viable/free one left
[01:58:27] <dho> we don't support illumos (yet) but it's probably something we'll move towards as people move away from s10
[01:58:30] <dho> ok
[01:58:32] <dho> thank you
[01:59:04] <alanc> blastwave seems to have halted, sunfreeware now redirects to it's new pay service
[01:59:29] <richlowe> ... he wants people to _pay_ for sunfreeware?
[01:59:30] <alanc> http://www.opencsw.org/ still being updated
[01:59:36] <richlowe> the mind reals
[01:59:58] <alanc> well, Sun did pay him for years, so he kind of got used to the idea
[02:00:52] <richlowe> something about open source stuff and solaris makes people lose their minds
[02:00:53] <dho> well csw seems to be working swimmingly. thanks for the protip
[02:01:39] <alanc> though maybe he stopped, since I saw a lot of complaints about it and don't see the redirects now
[02:02:11] <richlowe> there used to be a paypal button, or the like
[02:02:24] <alanc> oh, no, still pops up the "We invite you to try our new website to obtain your requested package. Click OK to visit www.unixpackages.com." when you click on a actual package download link
[02:02:58] <alanc> definitely got a better website designer for that one
[02:03:14] <dho> hahahaha
[02:03:30] <richlowe> it's not often I hope someone gets the unix trademark hammer swung.
[02:03:32] <richlowe> but that's obnoxious.
[02:05:45] <alanc> looks like they already cut a deal "The Open Group grant a right to use license to UNIX Packages for the UNIX trademark."
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[02:09:42] <Triskelios> dho: port_get(3C) is preferred
[02:09:48] <Triskelios> or port_getn
[02:16:02] <dho> Triskelios: I'll likely have to interface at syscall-level...
[02:16:28] <richlowe> if you mean trapping yourself, no you won't.
[02:17:01] <dho> er, why not?
[02:17:09] <richlowe> because the syscall numbers aren't even somewhat stable
[02:17:24] <richlowe> the libc stubs are the interface you want.
[02:17:47] <dho> I can't link to C in the go runtime
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[02:22:16] <dho> hm, I might be able to get away with it in net, though. but definitely not in the runtime.
[02:22:48] <richlowe> I don't know of any way to call our syscalls by number and not end up losing.
[02:22:55] <richlowe> it's how openafs lose every few years.
[02:23:07] <richlowe> most recently hilariously, since the number they squatted got replaced by unlink
[02:23:40] <dho> heh
[02:23:42] <richlowe> the very much joking suggestion would be "parse name_to_sysnum at runtime!"
[02:23:51] <dho> well at least we don't implement a kernel module
[02:24:14] <freetown2> would it be possible to use a form of 'hg clone http://hg.openindiana.org/sustaining/oi_151a/sfw-gate' that only pulls samba?
[02:25:59] <Triskelios> freetown2: you could clone -U and then update/checkout just the subdirectory, you'll be getting the full history anyway
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[02:32:23] <richlowe> dho: same problem though, you call by number, the numbers get re-arranged for whatever reason badness ensues.
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[02:35:09] <Triskelios> obviously the solution is a separate process that links libc and passes shared memory
[02:36:25] <richlowe> or presuming Trisk's assumption as to why you can't do it is correct, just keep a C-shaped stack someplace and a trampoline
[02:36:31] <richlowe> where the "just" is meant to be sarcastic.
[02:36:35] <richlowe> could have used the scare quotes.
[02:41:07] <dho> haha
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[02:45:58] <dho> maybe. we'll see. I might not be able to avoid it.
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[02:47:19] <dho> also it's not like c programs compiled statically work across releases
[02:47:24] <dho> (is it?)
[02:47:56] <Triskelios> we don't provide static libraries
[02:48:18] <dho> go doesn't compile dynamic libraries
[02:48:33] <dho> s/libraries/binaries/
[02:48:40] <dho> (it does, but it doesn't do dynamic linking)
[02:49:43] <freetown2> new uber mta go. Got to be better than qmail. :-D
[02:50:19] <dho> go's just a hobby, we don't use it at work
[02:51:15] <freetown2> cor, writing an mta for a hobby. that's one serious hobby
[02:52:16] <alanc> Solaris never promised staticly linked binaries would work across releases when libc.a was still in the system, it was dropped (along with most other system static libraries) before Solaris 10 shipped
[02:53:22] <dho> yeah, I'm not arguing the logic, I'm just saying that at least for an initial port, I don't think I'm going to be able to get around that.
[02:53:44] <freetown2> speaking which...will sendmail be relegated to alternative mta?
[02:53:44] <dho> that being using a statically compiled set of syscall numbers
[02:54:14] <richlowe> freetown2: if someone packages another, we can integrate Ceri's mailwrapper port easily enough.
[02:54:35] <alanc> until someone ships any alternatives to sendmail, it's an academic discussion
[02:54:54] <freetown2> will say postfix have to go into a consolidation then?
[02:55:05] <richlowe> you could add it to oi-build pretty easily
[02:55:35] <freetown2> i run postfix and dovecot on an ancient 134 box...
[02:55:52] <richlowe> we run postfix on the illumos machines, too
[02:55:56] <richlowe> but also don't use IPS
[02:58:07] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[02:58:10] <freetown2> man hg is still pulling sfw-gate...i guess it takes ages for the first iteration?
[02:59:08] <freetown2> all i see is a sfw-gate dir at the moment with hg at the 'adding file changes' stage
[02:59:32] <alanc> if they did a full hg conversion, I'm not surprised, because one of the horrible horrible things about sfw is every tarball of every version of every package was checked into the scm
[02:59:47] <alanc> sadly, that's just one of the horrible horrible things
[02:59:52] <richlowe> Yeah, cloning SFW is going to take forever.
[03:00:01] <richlowe> but it's also not worth ever doing.
[03:01:29] <freetown2> right...so...how do I get the patches without html?
[03:02:16] <Triskelios> hgweb has a "file" link
[03:02:48] <richlowe> if you're looking for samba, you'd be better using the stuff Gordon did
[03:02:54] <alanc> click "raw" on each file's page under http://hg.openindiana.org/sustaining/oi_151a/sfw-gate/file/tip/usr/src/cmd/samba
[03:02:59] <richlowe> but I have no idea why where OI hid it
[03:03:04] <richlowe> "why or where"
[03:03:38] <freetown2> alanc, ah. thanks
[03:03:55] <freetown2> richlowe, Gordon's stuff?
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[03:05:05] <richlowe> gwr_ made changes to samba, sometime ago, for some reason
[03:05:11] <richlowe> I don't think he made changes changes in the SFW tree
[03:05:18] <richlowe> because SFW is a pain in the ass
[03:07:21] <gwr_> yeah, I agreed to have a look at that Samba update in userland.
[03:07:30] <gwr_> A nice change from being on the phone... :)
[03:08:12] <richlowe> didn't you already do it once though?
[03:08:19] <richlowe> months back
[03:08:33] <gwr_> I've done an update before, yes.
[03:08:36] <gwr_> time for another one.
[03:08:38] <freetown2> gwr_, https://www.illumos.org/issues/2168
[03:08:44] <gwr_> usually they're easy.
[03:10:14] <gwr_> freetown2, do you know if that's fixed in Samba 3.5.12?
[03:11:49] <freetown2> gwr_, according to Jeremy, the fix should be in 3.5.7
[03:11:50] <freetown2> https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7777
[03:12:58] <freetown2> gwr_, are you also working on cifs server?
[03:14:12] <gwr_> occasionally.
[03:14:36] <freetown2> Just wondered with it will be kerberos auth support :-D
[03:14:42] <freetown2> s/with/when/
[03:15:14] <gwr_> Actually, I have a guy eager to work on that, starting on it pretty soon, so I expect we'll see that in a couple months.
[03:15:39] <gwr_> We're actually close on having inbount ext. sec. too (NTLM/v2 only, at first, Kerberos later)
[03:15:44] <freetown2> interesting. I thought nexenta already had a fix?
[03:15:53] <gwr_> That helps a lot with a couple interop issues.
[03:15:57] <gwr_> We have some of it.
[03:16:01] <freetown2> ah
[03:16:28] <gwr_> remind me: OI is at samba 3.5.4?
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[03:16:50] <freetown2> oh well, i've switched back to samba and it was singing as fast as cifs server for the whole of last week.
[03:17:01] <freetown2> gwr_, oi_151a ships 3.5.5
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[03:57:43] *** Licenser_ is now known as Licenser
[04:04:18] <rdrr> Open Mic Open Question: Does OpenStack look as goofy and cobbled from a dev and/or leet sysadmin perspective as it does from one of a novice OpenIndiana user?
[04:04:23] <trentster> Hi, these days is there a list of recommended LSI SAS chipset / cards specifically for zfs and jbod conenctivity?
[04:04:46] <Patrickdk> 2008 based :)
[04:04:50] <Patrickdk> 92xx :)
[04:05:23] <gwr_> My update to 3.5.8 (done last June) was apparently dropped on the floor somehow.
[04:05:30] <gwr_> Could have been my fault.
[04:05:32] <trentster> II want to purchase a 45 disk supermicro jbod, and conenct it to a supermicro server baord and chassis, and want to selct a good sas card for the mix.
[04:05:46] <gwr_> Samba, that is - freetown2
[04:06:01] <trentster> Patrickdk: vendor has quoted on LSI9205-8E-SG
[04:06:22] <trentster> this 100% supported?
[04:06:59] <freetown2> gwr_, got it...so you are going to build 3.5.8/3.5.12 for oi 151a?
[04:07:18] <gwr_> Once I figure out where to put them for review, yes.
[04:07:38] <freetown2> gwr_, thanks a lot
[04:07:43] <gwr_> oi-dev is quiet. have to send some email and call it a day
[04:08:13] <freetown2> nighty nighty
[04:08:28] <gwr_> Some day, we'll get our act together on these projects.
[04:09:02] <POloser> trentster, read http://www.juhonkoti.net/2012/01/02/building-a-85tb-cheap-storage-server-with-solaris-openindiana this guy wrote it is supported
[04:09:30] <trentster> POloser: cool, thanks for the link
[04:10:00] <freetown2> gwr_, would love to help...but i've not got my head around ips just yet...
[04:10:40] <freetown2> gwr_, after all, i have this 12 core box that could do with some exercise
[04:10:52] <gwr_> Can you do userland builds?
[04:10:58] <gwr_> (not hard, really)
[04:11:19] <freetown2> it's follow the instructions on illumos for userland?
[04:11:22] <gwr_> i.e of individual components? If so, you can build/test, which is _always_ helpful
[04:11:28] <gwr_> pretty much.
[04:11:50] <gwr_> though things _may_ be a little messed up just at the moment. I'm trying to figure out what happened.
[04:12:19] <freetown2> well, i was going to do a 3.6.3 with the patches for oi...:-D
[04:12:41] <freetown2> 3.6.x comes with smb2 which i might need for the new windows 7 clients...
[04:12:55] <gwr_> Windows 7 will work fine with smb1
[04:13:10] <freetown2> after you make this registry setting no?
[04:13:45] <freetown2> Windows 7 Professional over here...not home editions
[04:14:11] <gwr_> smb2 uses fewer network round trips, which gives you an edge in long-haul communications or lots of small operations (i.e. find/stat)
[04:14:22] <gwr_> yup.
[04:14:33] <gwr_> it will be a long time before MS can turn off smb1 support.
[04:14:54] <gwr_> Most that you hear about smb2 is bragging and FUD.
[04:15:10] <freetown2> then i rather have smb2 support...Windows 7 stuff might get a bit more popular.
[04:15:52] <freetown2> all the other schools in the foundation i work for appear to have moved to Windows 7. I'm a holdout
[04:16:03] <gwr_> windows 7 works fine with smb1
[04:16:27] <gwr_> it simply also has smb2 as an option, which earlier windows do not
[04:16:48] <gwr_> it's negotiated, so you don't have to choose
[04:17:10] <freetown2> i know...but i'd have to configure every blast win7pro box to make them work with samba < 3.6.x
[04:17:21] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[04:17:48] <freetown2> http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Windows7
[04:18:00] <freetown2> hang on...
[04:18:07] <freetown2> looks like i've misread
[04:18:34] <gwr_> Can I have some of whatever you're smokin? :)
[04:18:36] <freetown2> joining a samba domain. AH. I'll go dig my hiding hole now
[04:19:29] <freetown2> gwr_, just come and live in HK or anywhere in China. You'll get it through the air.
[04:19:48] <freetown2> it is otherwise not packaged. :p
[04:20:24] <gwr_> Yeah, I've been to Beijing, a few years ago. Even then, the air gave me a sore throat
[04:21:06] <freetown2> gwr_, 2008? when they were supposed to improve air quality?
[04:21:26] <gwr_> no, much earlier. I forget. around 2001
[04:21:52] <freetown2> ah, it's supposed to burn your throat then. :(
[04:22:26] <freetown2> i cannot wait for the summer...the south winds will below everything back up where it belongs.
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[04:40:23] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o DrLou
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[04:43:33] <Neddie> Okona: I'm using Mirror, zpool status no error http://pastebin.com/5hifFR7B
[04:44:59] *** der_adi has joined #openindiana
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[05:57:41] <xtort-> hi. i've lurked here for a month or so hoping to catch the answer to this question, but I haven't seen it yet: is openindiana based out of the US state, Indiana?
[05:59:58] <Triskelios> Project Indiana was the code name of the former OpenSolaris distribution
[06:02:07] <alanc> the OpenIndiana project actually started at the London OpenSolaris user's group, and there's still lots of developers from the UK involved
[06:03:22] <alanc> Indiana was the home state of the person who originally came up with the Project Indiana name, and since it also contained his name ("ian"), it was especially pleasing to him
[06:08:54] <e1kg> hi, where i can find docs about building oi liveusb manually (without tools like usbcopy)? thx!
[06:09:46] <Triskelios> e1kg: usbcopy is only used to put the image on a drive... do you actually mean "building" or something else?
[06:10:49] <e1kg> trisk: oh, sorry. i mean to create
[06:13:29] <Triskelios> still not sure what that means
[06:13:31] <e1kg> i was created an ufs , and put files to the drive..after installgrub, all files on this fs are lost ;(
[06:13:44] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[06:14:17] <Triskelios> see the instructions for using dd, if you're just trying to write the image to a drive
[06:16:03] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[06:16:03] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[06:17:40] <e1kg> ok. i wanna a liveusb with multi-system ( OI, BSD). if created by dd, is the drive will be monopolization?
[06:19:48] <Triskelios> yeah..
[06:20:39] <Triskelios> you can probably use a partition with enough space for the image (I think it needs a VTOC label with a slice inside that as well)
[06:23:43] <e1kg> all right...thank a lot, trisk.
[06:24:43] *** ocherno has joined #openindiana
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[07:02:32] <e1kg> ok, i haven't assigned for drive. that are bootable now. thx.
[07:12:08] *** freetown2 has joined #openindiana
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[08:25:08] <Agnar> moin
[08:26:25] *** hramrach_ has joined #openindiana
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[09:14:32] <Okona> Espresso!
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[10:41:58] <lblume> Let's try here too, it's full of smart people.
[10:42:02] <lblume> I've got a few more checksum errors that appeared on a single vdev part of a raidz2. There were already a handful. How can I know where they come from? There was a scrub less than a week ago which did not report them. There are no read or write error. There is no hardware error reported.
[10:42:26] <lblume> It's S10, but I guess it applies the same to any OS supporting ZFS.
[10:50:21] *** Vutral has quit IRC
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[10:51:50] *** merzo has joined #openindiana
[10:53:34] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[10:57:39] <tsoome> lblume: there are many possible reasons;)
[10:57:53] *** merzo has quit IRC
[10:58:25] <lblume> No kidding :-P But how to find the right one?
[10:58:37] <tsoome> you cant really
[10:58:48] <tsoome> not from single incident
[10:59:01] <tsoome> if its repeating, then you have more chance
[10:59:19] <lblume> 11 errors in two weeks. There were 5 just 2 or 3 days ago.
[10:59:29] *** jwk404 has quit IRC
[10:59:46] <lblume> So, two incidents at least, but not a single helpful message about it :-/
[11:00:02] <tsoome> what hardware?
[11:00:23] <lblume> Beige. LSI controller, consumer SATA disks.
[11:00:37] <tsoome> ecc-ram?
[11:01:23] <lblume> Nope. I did memtest it, and I've had faulty memory before, symptoms are different.
[11:01:50] <tsoome> howcome?
[11:02:11] *** voidcoder has quit IRC
[11:03:22] <lblume> The errors would be scattered over other vdevs, and more likely to be at the pool level, not confined to a single vdev.
[11:03:41] *** Cobi has quit IRC
[11:03:54] <tsoome> aye, ok fair enough
[11:04:23] <madwizard> Coffee
[11:04:31] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[11:04:32] <tsoome> what is smart reporting about that disk?
[11:04:38] <lblume> Well, I don't say it's *impossible* to be a memory error. But I've had a single bit stuck on 4GB of memory, it did more damage than that.
[11:04:47] <lblume> tsoome: It's totally clean AFACT.
[11:05:04] *** jwk404 has joined #openindiana
[11:05:23] *** Qkona has joined #openindiana
[11:05:43] <lblume> Anything specific I should look for in the output of smartctl?
[11:06:18] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[11:06:58] <tsoome> if its reporting "repaired" blocks, i guess
[11:08:23] *** McBofh has quit IRC
[11:08:27] *** merzo has joined #openindiana
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[11:09:13] <tsoome> also the usual suspects - cables, power…
[11:09:34] <lblume> tsoome: This one? 5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct 0x0033 100 100 036 Pre-fail Always - 0
[11:10:10] <tsoome> i think yes
[11:10:18] *** McBofh has joined #openindiana
[11:10:19] <lblume> Cable errors I would expect to be reported by the system. Power, argh. I hate those.
[11:10:39] *** wiseen has joined #openindiana
[11:11:38] <r4idenZA> i'm trying to destroy a zfs folder, but it reports 'dataset busy' - any way to see what exactly it is busy with?
[11:12:14] <tsoome> do cd / ?
[11:12:28] <lblume> tsoome: I'll run another scrub :-/
[11:12:59] <tsoome> busy means usually it has open files or mounts or is shared
[11:13:16] <r4idenZA> shot, let me try unshare it 1st
[11:17:19] *** gwr_ has quit IRC
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[11:37:47] *** Cobi has joined #openindiana
[11:48:56] *** cyrus_ has joined #openindiana
[11:50:53] <cyrus_> hi everyone. mb newbie question.. but can't find 'configure' to build libxcb.
[11:51:16] *** merzo_ has joined #openindiana
[11:52:30] *** merzo has quit IRC
[11:56:01] <cyrus_> and this is output when I try to generate it http://pastebin.com/KEKfSvJX
[12:02:24] *** r4idenZA has quit IRC
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[12:03:28] <Agnar> re
[12:05:00] *** jw_urodoc has quit IRC
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[14:43:49] <sivanov_> is there way to bind cpu to a driver permanently?
[14:50:41] <adama> superglue
[14:51:45] *** vados has joined #openindiana
[14:56:38] *** Darkproger has joined #openindiana
[14:58:16] <KJChernov> hello. sorry for a stupid question, but what is the 'sfe' repository? http://pkg.openindiana.org/sfe/
[14:59:11] *** Licenser has joined #openindiana
[15:00:42] <richlowe> "spec-files-extra", just extra stuff.
[15:01:08] <KJChernov> ah, thx.. i'm completely newbie here, trying to migrate to OI from Debian
[15:03:59] <cyrus_> KJChernov: from extra-stable debian...to underdevelopment OI? wow..
[15:04:55] *** bulll has joined #openindiana
[15:05:01] <KJChernov> cyrus_, only on desktop. I just like Solaris... and, because I dont really undesrtand the way of 'Oracle Solaris' updates, I decided to take a look on OI :)
[15:06:13] <KJChernov> I like some things like ZFS, boot environments, !!zones!!, etc) I tried to use FreeBSD, but I dont like it because of mixing ports and packages(
[15:06:46] <cyrus_> KJChernov: can u tell something about that? http://pastebin.com/KEKfSvJX
[15:08:25] <KJChernov> well, if I were on debian, I would just did apt-get install autoconf automake aclocal python-dev (or something similar), I think that have something to do with broken autoconf headers
[15:17:38] *** disharmo1y has quit IRC
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[15:48:48] *** dho has joined #openindiana
[15:49:50] <KJChernov> is there any way of mounting ext2/3 filesystem? (even ro would be enough)
[15:53:48] <viridari> KJChernov: I might start here: https://blogs.oracle.com/pradhap/entry/mount_ntfs_ext2_ext3_in
[15:54:16] <KJChernov> thank you, viridari:)
[15:55:29] <Triskelios> er, that is ancient
[15:55:48] <Triskelios> there is a native ext3 driver, but not integrated yet
[15:56:00] <KJChernov> how can I get it?
[15:57:37] <Triskelios> well, the current source is http://www.opensolaris.cz/builds/ext2-merge/webrev/ but you'll have to set up an illumos build environment
[15:58:11] <KJChernov> well, I'll try to do that) thx)
[15:58:42] <KJChernov> btw, when I'm creating new boot environment, will it give me a possibility to revert all changes made to root filesystem?
[15:59:35] *** timclassic has joined #openindiana
[15:59:44] <Triskelios> if you create a new boot environment you don't have to make any changes to your current filesystem
[15:59:57] <Triskelios> you can work on the new clone
[16:00:12] <Triskelios> which is why they're used for upgrades
[16:00:43] <KJChernov> I mean, for example, I'm making a snapshot, then installing some new stuff, then something goes wrong and I'm reverting to created snapshot... it will revert all changes?
[16:01:23] *** dho has quit IRC
[16:01:25] *** voidcoder has joined #openindiana
[16:02:28] <Triskelios> KJChernov: yes
[16:02:45] <tsoome> yes, but managing snapshots like that can be error prone
[16:02:59] <KJChernov> tsoome, what do you mean?
[16:03:14] <tsoome> if you wanna play safe, use beadm create, apply your changes on new BE and test it
[16:03:27] *** rbanffy has joined #openindiana
[16:03:30] <tsoome> you can apply changes either after booting it or beadm mount
[16:04:03] <tsoome> first thing with snapshot is that you cant roll back snapshot in live system
[16:04:03] <KJChernov> ah... I see... then I will do it this way:)
[16:04:29] <tsoome> and beadm create will create snapshot for you anyhow
[16:04:30] <Triskelios> tsoome: you can still create a new BE from the snapshot though
[16:04:40] *** dho has joined #openindiana
[16:04:43] <tsoome> yep.
[16:04:50] <Triskelios> but if your system doesn't boot because of some changes you made, that will be difficult
[16:04:59] <tsoome> and you can have "backup" made via snapshot
[16:05:20] <KJChernov> Triskelios, yes, I've noticed that while booting... new be - new entry in grub
[16:05:36] <KJChernov> btw, are the lx branded zones really disabled somehow?
[16:05:52] <Triskelios> KJChernov: oh this binary for ext3 also works: http://hub.opensolaris.org/bin/view/Project+ext3/Quick+howto
[16:06:10] <Triskelios> the code for lx branded zones was removed about two years ago
[16:06:57] <KJChernov> I've found a guide: http://os-solaris.ru/en/lx-brand-dlya-openindiana-151a/, but I dont know whether it's actual or not...
[16:07:01] <Triskelios> it was never quite complete, and no one wants to take over maintaining it
[16:07:22] <Triskelios> you can patch the old code back in
[16:07:52] *** kart_ has quit IRC
[16:08:19] <KJChernov> ehm... solaris kernel can be rebuilt like the linux one?
[16:08:55] *** dho has quit IRC
[16:09:01] <Triskelios> the illumos kernel, sure
[16:09:17] <KJChernov> right, illumos:)
[16:09:34] <Agnar> the solaris kernel too...if you got the sources :)
[16:10:20] <KJChernov> :)
[16:11:12] <Triskelios> if you can build the Solaris kernel it means you either work at Oracle, paid them a few cars' worth of cash, or illegally copied the source :P
[16:12:25] <Agnar> Triskelios: nice summary ;)
[16:13:35] <KJChernov> Triskelios, :)
[16:15:01] *** Cobi has quit IRC
[16:15:38] *** dho has joined #openindiana
[16:16:09] *** elgar has joined #openindiana
[16:16:46] *** cyrus_ has left #openindiana
[16:19:23] <KJChernov> Triskelios, I tried to use this manual: http://hub.opensolaris.org/bin/view/Project+ext3/Quick+howto, but SUNWext2fs is not a .pkg, it's a .tar.bz2 containing SUNWext2fs folder
[16:19:32] <KJChernov> so pkgadd -d ... gives an error
[16:19:44] <Triskelios> pkgadd -d . SUNWext2fs
[16:19:45] <KJChernov> is it something obvious?:)
[16:19:50] <KJChernov> ahhhh) thx)
[16:21:04] <KJChernov> it works!!!! :D ah, I'm happy, finally can move my tmux.conf and .Xresources :)
[16:21:14] *** bens1 has quit IRC
[16:21:17] *** kart_ has joined #openindiana
[16:22:31] *** Cobi has joined #openindiana
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[17:01:37] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[17:02:16] *** Hazel|work has joined #openindiana
[17:02:17] <Hazel|work> so, erm
[17:02:25] <Hazel|work> I have openindiana on my hp microserver
[17:02:37] *** voidcoder has quit IRC
[17:02:43] <Hazel|work> I've got a 160GB disk with the root pool on it, and two 2TB "green" drives with the data pool on
[17:02:56] <Hazel|work> I want to add a couple of 3TB drives, probably as a 2nd data pool
[17:03:18] <Hazel|work> so I either need to put the root drive in the 5.25in bay, or put the root pool on a USB stick
[17:03:41] <Hazel|work> so as to make room for two more drives in the coldswap bays
[17:05:52] *** KJChernov has joined #openindiana
[17:06:51] <DrLou_> Oi friends - anyone else seeing problems with a 'deadman timeout' after issuing a reboot command?
[17:07:04] <DrLou_> System freezes for 50 seconds, then core dumps
[17:07:20] <patdk-wk> hmm, oi doesn't really support or work well with root usb
[17:08:09] *** voidcoder has joined #openindiana
[17:08:44] <richlowe> with what now?
[17:08:50] <richlowe> DrLou_: That was _you_!
[17:08:52] <richlowe> awesome
[17:09:00] <Hazel|work> patdk-wk: hmm, I see
[17:09:02] <richlowe> DrLou_: estibi has seen that happen with KVM loaded, while fastrebooting
[17:09:10] <Hazel|work> patdk-wk: I'm told that I want to have my root pool separate from my datapool
[17:09:15] <richlowe> DrLou_: regular reboot ('reboot -p' , or toggle the default) should reboot normally
[17:09:16] <patdk-wk> yep
[17:09:24] <Hazel|work> and I am better off having my data disks "raw"
[17:09:27] <richlowe> DrLou_: we'd appreciate a crash dump (I would, anyway) if you can share one, estibi can't.
[17:09:39] <Hazel|work> rather than partitioning them up into "root pool" and "data pool" partitions
[17:09:42] <richlowe> DrLou_: either way, it'd be nice to see ::stacks (if only to compare to estibi)
[17:09:54] <DrLou_> Richlowe: tks for weighing in - yes, have retained all the diagnostics...
[17:10:02] <patdk-wk> you would be better off with "raw", no idea how bad using partitions would be
[17:10:09] *** KJChernov has quit IRC
[17:10:33] <Hazel|work> hmm
[17:10:36] <richlowe> DrLou_: it wasn't clear from estibi's system what the hell was wrong, beyond general suspicion of fast reboot.
[17:11:11] <Hazel|work> btw
[17:11:13] <DrLou_> Yes, am sensitive to the debugging needs… pasting fmdump first...
[17:11:24] <Hazel|work> if I rearrange the disks so that they are on different SATA ports
[17:11:38] <Hazel|work> will that break everything, even if I update the bios to boot from the system drive on the new port?
[17:14:01] <DrLou_> richlowe: http://pastie.org/3447252 Pls tell me add'l info I can send
[17:15:00] <DrLou_> Interesting that this is on an updated kernel 151_a2
[17:16:16] <DrLou_> have made sure coreadm is set to save automatically
[17:17:46] *** wiseen has quit IRC
[17:19:03] <richlowe> savecore; cd /var/crash/linus; savecore -vf vmdump.4; mdb 4
[17:19:07] <richlowe> ::stacks
[17:19:10] <richlowe> ::cpuinfo -v
[17:19:11] <richlowe> ::cycinfo -v
[17:19:26] <richlowe> ::objects
[17:27:52] <DrLou_> richlowe: continuing to edit same paste: http://pastie.org/3447252
[17:28:21] *** voidcoder has joined #openindiana
[17:33:16] <DrLou_> richlowe: all in there now - pls advise if can provide any add'l
[17:33:41] <richlowe> This is precisely what happened to estibi
[17:33:45] <richlowe> a real reboot should work
[17:33:46] <richlowe> (reboot -p)
[17:33:53] <richlowe> the default is some SMF property I forget, on a service with 'boot' in its name
[17:34:12] <richlowe> It's unclear what's harming the stack of ...04f3a7c820
[17:34:26] <DrLou_> I can try the -p option later tonight...
[17:35:15] <richlowe> are you able to share the crash dump? (not necessarily right now...)
[17:35:58] <DrLou_> of course (imagine you mean entire %$#ing file?)
[17:36:00] *** bens1 has joined #openindiana
[17:36:44] <DrLou_> meanwhile, svc:/system/boot-config:default looks like the only contender.
[17:38:26] <richlowe> DrLou_: they compress well, though the vmdump is already compressed.
[17:38:49] <richlowe> the confusing part (to me) is that while we should call MD5* in the process of a fastboot, to check out the new image, we shouldn't be calling it _there_
[17:39:20] <DrLou_> Ah… now that's interesting...
[17:40:05] <DrLou_> I've been trying to find where stuff flashing across the screen is being captured - can't find it in adm/messages or syslog, for example...
[17:40:08] <richlowe> so it seems likely kvm is involved, which sorta suggests at a guess that we should be tearing some kvm-y things down in quiesce()
[17:40:11] <richlowe> which is not going to be easy
[17:40:20] <richlowe> it's often not being capture
[17:40:21] <richlowe> d
[17:40:26] <richlowe> the default syslog.conf is crap
[17:40:40] <richlowe> it'll be in the kernel message buffer though, so if you want output from prior to the panic, $<msgbuf in mdb
[17:40:42] <DrLou_> But did see a flash about 'kernel checksum not matching' or similar - probative value?
[17:41:09] <richlowe> DrLou_: do you have an account in the illumos bug tracker?
[17:41:15] <DrLou_> md5 point set a bell off...
[17:41:17] <DrLou_> yes.
[17:41:30] <richlowe> can't find you on the list.
[17:41:34] <richlowe> DrLou_: estibi filed #2173
[17:42:04] <DrLou_> (oh, am in the Oi one only, or something? - perhaps)
[17:42:25] <richlowe> don't know, redmine never works how I expect.
[17:42:40] * DrLou_ goes off to see where he's welcome… (!)
[17:43:19] <doug_ndndn> would anyone have any advice as how to fix this: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/556119/
[17:43:41] <DrLou_> and illumos wiki was recently impugning me for being a spammer from India. Decidely un-friendly!
[17:43:54] *** Micr0mega has left #openindiana
[17:46:30] <richlowe> It was impugning everyone, it didn't know the load balancer was a load balancer
[17:46:51] <richlowe> doug_ndndn: plug those drives in, would be the first guess.
[17:47:20] <doug_ndndn> afraid not
[17:47:35] <doug_ndndn> note there are two entries for the same drive
[17:48:03] <doug_ndndn> zpool offline refused to offline the unavailable disk
[17:50:35] <DrLou_> richlowe: yes, am apparently still being tolerated at the illumos bug tracker 'party'. Account under 'DrLou'
[17:51:27] <richlowe> yet I can't add you as a watcher.
[17:51:29] <richlowe> yay redmine
[17:51:57] *** |AbsyntH| has quit IRC
[17:52:28] <DrLou_> so, I'm at the party - but the bartender is ignoring me, and none of the girls will talk to me. Seems pointless...
[17:57:15] <viridari> until about a year ago, I was moonlighting as a bouncer at a bar
[17:57:36] <viridari> 99% of the time, I would estimate, the folks who complained about being ignored by the bartender were easily explained
[17:57:53] <DrLou_> could you have gotten me served drinks (or introduced me to the hot girls?)
[17:58:00] <viridari> you have no idea
[17:58:13] <DrLou_> I dare say you would have allowed me past the 'velvet rope' ??
[17:58:24] <viridari> if I were not a married man, I would have had far too many notches in my bedpost just from my time working there
[17:58:43] <viridari> people who work in the service industry respond very well to gratuities
[17:59:22] <DrLou_> Yes, but can any of these 'hot girls' debug the illumos kernel? I think not!
[17:59:44] <viridari> DrLou_: this is where I used to work, and the kind of girls that were hanging around all the time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaD6sbEoctE ... that was a very typical wednesday night.
[18:00:35] <viridari> some of the hot girls could have helped you with your retirement plan, and some could have helped you with your Mac, but I can't think of any off the top of my head that were versed in kernel debugging.
[18:01:02] <DrLou_> Suddenly doesn't seem so important. I'm moving to Raleigh.
[18:01:07] <viridari> :)
[18:02:34] <viridari> first thing I do when I arrive at a bar, introduce myself to the bartender and smile. Order a beer, which costs $4. Give them a $10 bill and have them keep the change. The second beer arrives before the first is empty. I give a $1 gratuity for every beer that comes after the first. The bartenders take good care of me and throw me a lot of freebies.
[18:02:43] <DrLou_> richlowe, before jumping on the plane, how to send you this (damned big) vmdump file?
[18:02:57] <viridari> the $$ I spend on tips translates directly into my enjoyment of the evening and how easily I get drinks
[18:03:38] <DrLou_> money seems generally useful; I must grant this.
[18:03:52] <viridari> when I worked as a bouncer/doorman, the few people who thought to tip me were given good treatment
[18:04:36] <DrLou_> only difference in New York is: the drink is $15, and the tip is $100.
[18:04:42] <viridari> there was a fellow who always brought me a bundle of Partagas cigars (the real Habana ones, mind you, not the Dominicans). No matter how fresh he got with the girlfriends and wives of other men, I never let anyone lay a finger on him.
[18:10:31] *** scarcry has quit IRC
[18:13:19] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[18:15:07] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[18:15:40] <richlowe> DrLou_: I'm not sure whether I'd be the one wanting it, so I'd just keep it around in case (and probably http)
[18:16:29] <DrLou_> richlowe: Yeah, even bzip2'd, it's 889274274 bytes. Yikes!
[18:17:01] *** tsukasa has quit IRC
[18:17:34] *** tsukasa has joined #openindiana
[18:17:35] *** tsukasa has joined #openindiana
[18:17:36] <richlowe> which are you compressing?
[18:17:43] <richlowe> the vmdump is already compressed, and won't compress better (really)
[18:17:51] *** alanc has joined #openindiana
[18:17:51] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o alanc
[18:17:52] <richlowe> if you were to want better compression, tar up unix.4 and vmcore.4
[18:17:56] <richlowe> and bzip _that_
[18:18:05] <richlowe> bzip -9 should beat lzjb, but not necessarily by very much (at all)
[18:20:10] <DrLou_> OK. and wish 'comment' on Redmine could be edited by its originator (moi) - hmmm….
[18:21:43] *** Zenos has quit IRC
[18:33:48] *** Triskelios has quit IRC
[18:38:53] *** piukeman has joined #openindiana
[18:40:14] <piukeman> Hi to all... I am trying to install openindiana to and old compaq proliant server with this smart array LSI LOGIC SYMBIOS LOGIC 53c1510
[18:40:35] <piukeman> of course I am here because I have no luck :(
[18:40:53] *** Triskelios has joined #openindiana
[18:41:01] <piukeman> any kind of help will be appreciate very well
[18:44:56] <piukeman> is posible to install openindiana with this ·$@¢∞¢@ smart array ...I download a driver cpqary3 and did not work
[18:48:42] *** kart_ has quit IRC
[18:50:35] *** raichoo has quit IRC
[18:50:49] *** kart_ has joined #openindiana
[18:54:12] <Wraithhh> Hmm, is zfs userspace -s used broken on oi151?
[18:55:20] <richlowe> yet more fallout from the wrathful de-pythoning, probably
[18:56:15] <Wraithhh> without the sort option seems to work probably
[18:56:53] <Wraithhh> but the sort sorts in completely random order, quota is showed as "none" even if there is one and finally if used=0 then quota is displayed instead of used :)
[18:57:27] <richlowe> I think some of that got fixed in recent illumos
[18:59:00] <Wraithhh> Ok, good to hear
[19:00:25] *** Licenser has joined #openindiana
[19:02:38] *** dho has quit IRC
[19:02:46] <piukeman> any kind of help with this smart array LSI LOGIC SYMBIOS LOGIC 53C1510
[19:03:54] <DrLou_> piukeman: lest you think you've been ignored, I've been looking on our Wiki for you: http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/Storage+Controllers+(HBA,+Raid+etc)
[19:04:23] <DrLou_> don't see any mention of it there - and have never used one myself. Others here may have mileage reports.
[19:04:36] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[19:04:55] <piukeman> DrLou_: I am sorry I did not mean to be rude, really again sorry. The problem is I have been days with this.
[19:04:59] <richlowe> cpqary3 is a complete pain in the ass.
[19:05:13] <piukeman> richlowe: :) yes sure
[19:05:14] <richlowe> otherwise, LSI stuff tends to be mpt, mpt_sas, or megasas
[19:09:59] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[19:16:40] <DrLou_> piukeman: no rudeness inferred. IRC good at vibe-ing 'frustration', however!
[19:20:19] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[19:21:29] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[19:21:38] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[19:21:38] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[19:21:54] *** piukeman has quit IRC
[19:22:05] *** spanglywires has quit IRC
[19:22:08] *** Triskelios has quit IRC
[19:22:09] *** piukeman has joined #openindiana
[19:25:48] *** Triskelios has joined #openindiana
[19:25:58] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Triskelios
[19:35:12] *** piukeman has quit IRC
[19:36:19] *** Botanic has joined #openindiana
[19:36:19] *** Botanic has joined #openindiana
[19:36:32] *** tjpatter has joined #openindiana
[19:40:14] *** raichoo has joined #openindiana
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[19:49:30] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
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[19:53:48] *** DwD__ has joined #openindiana
[19:54:00] *** easy-iPad has joined #openindiana
[19:57:45] <tjpatter> Has anyone ever experienced an iSCSI client to a ZFS pool failing when a drive in the pool fails? The zpool is set up in a raidz2 configuration.
[19:57:59] <Botanic> yes -.-
[19:58:02] <tjpatter> I/O blocks and times out on the client
[19:58:09] <Botanic> when the drive 1/2 fails
[19:58:21] <Botanic> it causes the io to sit waiting on that one drive
[19:58:27] <tjpatter> Any way around that? :-P
[20:00:36] <tjpatter> I actually have a stack... 6 iSCSI Targets mounted on OpenIndiana -> re-exporting via iSCSI -> iSCSI client. When a target on the backend (the one OI uses) fails, the iSCSI client in the front fails
[20:00:37] *** tomww has joined #openindiana
[20:00:37] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o tomww
[20:00:57] *** piukeman has joined #openindiana
[20:02:20] *** piukeman has quit IRC
[20:03:22] <Botanic> tjpatter, you can try changing drive timeout values
[20:03:41] <Botanic> http://blogs.everycity.co.uk/alasdair/2011/05/adjusting-drive-timeouts-with-mdb-on-solaris-or-openindiana/
[20:03:42] <tjpatter> How would I go about doing so? On the OI server or iSCSI client?
[20:03:50] *** easy-iPad has quit IRC
[20:03:56] <Botanic> oi server
[20:03:59] <Botanic> read the above
[20:05:05] *** Botanic has quit IRC
[20:05:47] *** kart_ has quit IRC
[20:13:43] *** limgad has quit IRC
[20:14:05] *** limgad has joined #openindiana
[20:14:19] <richlowe> it didn't really help though.
[20:17:29] *** pkam has joined #openindiana
[20:19:26] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[20:19:40] <pkam> hello, anybody live here? or is it just me seeing nothing
[20:20:54] <pkam> I am looking for a solution to install oi 151a on ancient hp ml150 g3 , which means hp smart array controller
[20:20:59] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[20:22:10] <pkam> i saw ppl discussing using cpqary driver from hp, but saw no success report on activating the driver during install from cd
[20:24:01] *** [1]kdavyd has joined #openindiana
[20:24:59] *** Botanic has joined #openindiana
[20:24:59] *** Botanic has joined #openindiana
[20:26:15] *** kdavyd has quit IRC
[20:26:15] *** [1]kdavyd is now known as kdavyd
[20:26:34] *** easy-iPad has joined #openindiana
[20:27:52] <Triskelios> pkam: you'll have to install on another controller (or another system or VM) and migrate the install after replacing the driver
[20:28:01] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[20:29:25] <pkam> Triskelios: is this the only way? Isn't it possible to boot from live dvd and install cpqary.pkg and install system after that?
[20:30:53] <Triskelios> you can try, but I don't think that's possible on the live media
[20:31:57] <pkam> i'll try then.. . but if i fail - how to replace driver if i go your way ?
[20:32:42] *** voidcoder has quit IRC
[20:33:32] <pkam> and... is replacing the driver the only step needed? i dont know as much about *solaris and oi ; i have never tried to change the controller rpool/syspool resides on
[20:34:46] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
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[20:40:26] *** Seony has joined #openindiana
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[21:10:55] *** loganbr has joined #openindiana
[21:11:36] *** nikolam has joined #openindiana
[21:12:16] <nikolam> hi, how to make ipfilter start on itself and stays up when network link is up?
[21:12:38] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[21:16:23] <richlowe> Triskelios: it's slimly possible
[21:16:38] <richlowe> pacifying ipfilter is a complete pain in the ass.
[21:17:44] <nikolam> once i think I enable Ipfilter i think it stays up. But not enabled on reboot
[21:21:14] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[21:37:32] *** voidcoder has joined #openindiana
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[22:07:23] *** der_adi has quit IRC
[22:07:31] <hunter1> tmpfs_maxkmem <— anyone know how to query the current value of that kernel tunable?
[22:10:10] <richlowe> mdb -k
[22:10:28] <richlowe> tmpfs_maxkmem/K
[22:10:42] <richlowe> (result will be base 16)
[22:12:17] <hunter1> and is that something that can be changed? (I'm proxying for another admin, and one of their v134 boxen has run out of inodes)
[22:12:50] <richlowe> looks like you could tune it, but I'm not sure what you'd choose to tune it to
[22:13:10] <hunter1> fair enough - thank you for the answer
[22:13:24] <richlowe> think the default is 25% physical memory?
[22:13:50] <richlowe> so it sorta seems like if you're actually running out of the space it controls, you probably would prefer to stop doing so rather than give it more room.
[22:13:59] <richlowe> oh, no, 1/25th
[22:14:01] <richlowe> much better :)
[22:14:35] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[22:16:22] *** [1]kdavyd has joined #openindiana
[22:16:41] *** voidcoder has quit IRC
[22:17:12] *** voidcoder has joined #openindiana
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[22:19:17] *** kdavyd has quit IRC
[22:19:17] *** [1]kdavyd is now known as kdavyd
[22:28:21] <Wraithhh> Is there any way to allow mknod in a zone?
[22:28:35] <Wraithhh> Would be nice for dirvish backup
[22:29:03] <richlowe> You can hand existing nodes _to_ the zone
[22:30:13] <Wraithhh> The problem is that rsync -a remote:/dev /backup/remote/dev fails
[22:30:33] *** flyz has joined #openindiana
[22:30:59] <Wraithhh> rsync: mknod "/backup/datasets/herukka/dirvish/pihlaja/2012-02-24-2320/tree/var/lib/named/dev/null" failed: Not owner (1)
[22:31:09] <Wraithhh> like so
[22:31:20] <bdha> devices set to off in the dataset..?
[22:32:06] <Wraithhh> already changed to on, didn't help
[22:32:25] <richlowe> yeah, don't think we let stuff create arbitrary devices.
[22:32:50] <richlowe> not sure why you'd back them up though, just exclude it?
[22:33:04] *** churnd_ has joined #openindiana
[22:33:06] <Wraithhh> Yeah, that's what I'm going for now
[22:33:38] <Wraithhh> but chroot environments won't be fullu backed up now etc
[22:33:43] *** churnd_ has left #openindiana
[22:33:46] <Wraithhh> *fully
[22:33:58] *** nikolam has quit IRC
[22:34:09] *** churnd has joined #openindiana
[22:35:42] *** scarcry has joined #openindiana
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[23:22:14] *** bens1_ is now known as bens1
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