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   February 23, 2012  
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[00:00:20] <whhat> is /etc/vfstab the right file to edit to add nfs volumes?
[00:01:46] <tomww> you can define client mounts there
[00:01:58] <Triskelios> whhat: or you can use autofs
[00:02:49] <tomww> exactly, automount is not really for beginners but some admins really like the automatic mounts, controlled by a configuration file in /etc/auto_*
[00:03:43] <whhat> huh interseting
[00:04:01] <rlaager> richlowe: A reboot didn't help either.
[00:05:12] <richlowe> tomww: sod that, symlinks into /net
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[00:05:56] <tomww> outch
[00:06:16] <tomww> I've done that in some cases
[00:09:15] <tsoome> nah, just learn to master direct and indirect maps and you can forget all that symlink madness:P
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[00:18:37] <whhat> is the automounter only useful for home dirs?
[00:21:42] <alanc> no, it's widely useful for many things, if you're in a network of machines sharing files via NFS
[00:21:55] <whhat> ok, that is what i am trying to do
[00:22:11] <alanc> I use /net mounts many times a day
[00:22:39] <Triskelios> enable /net in /etc/auto_master
[00:22:45] <Triskelios> that's what I do on all my laptops, etc.
[00:23:08] <whhat> i think it is enabled
[00:23:26] <whhat> /net -hosts -nosuid,nobrowse
[00:23:32] <whhat> well, that is the entry in there
[00:23:39] <Triskelios> svcadm enable autofs
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[00:24:09] <whhat> where do i put the <server>:/<share> ?
[00:24:18] <whhat> autofs is enabled
[00:24:31] <Triskelios> just browse to /net/<servername>
[00:25:10] <whhat> oh wow
[00:25:13] <tsoome> you can start with /net as Triskelios is suggesting, later on read man automount and learn about maps
[00:25:23] <whhat> thats kind of awesome
[00:25:27] <whhat> never used automount
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[01:03:36] <whhat> hmm
[01:04:27] <whhat> I trying to get direct map to work, and I added the follwoing in /etc/auto_master "/mnt/logs example.com:/zpool1/logs"
[01:04:38] <whhat> but when i browse to /mnt/logs, there's nothing there
[01:04:43] <whhat> i restarted autofs
[01:07:19] <whhat> I see that it creates /mnt/logs, but when i try to browse it, i get "no such file or directory"
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[01:13:17] <whhat> huh..i created another file /etc/auto_logs and added the direct map in there, and added "/- auto_logs" ; then it works
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[01:24:21] <rlaager> ls
[01:24:26] <rlaager> Whoops.
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[01:35:18] <tomww> tsoome: I always have several auto_* in use, those symlinks aren't preferred here. my auto_* files usually add nfs options as well...
[01:35:38] <tomww> only thing to discover is using LDAP for the maps .... :)
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[02:05:22] <Orii> hey :)
[02:08:34] <Triskelios> hello
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[02:16:47] <Orii> how is openindiana going? anything new?
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[02:24:17] <viridari> tons
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[02:27:50] <nathan___> I am trying to move from SE11 to OI but am having trouble imorting my pool due to the zfs version that was used on SE11
[02:27:59] <nathan___> how can I find out what version my pool is
[02:28:42] <viridari> nathan___: zpool upgrade
[02:29:13] <jkj> nathan___: also zpool get version <pool>
[02:29:13] <viridari> S11E should be zpool 31, IIRC. Illumos distros are at 28.
[02:29:39] <nathan___> jkj thats the one
[02:29:43] <viridari> jkj: nice I hadn't seen that one
[02:29:59] <nathan___> when will illumos distros get to v31?
[02:30:05] <nathan___> or will they never?
[02:30:11] <viridari> nathan___: they won't because 31 is closed source
[02:30:18] <nathan___> bah :(
[02:30:30] <viridari> nathan___: Oracle forked ZFS but Illumos continues development of it.
[02:30:31] <nathan___> so I will have to destory my pool and start again :)
[02:30:51] <jkj> mm. versioning get interesting when forks happen
[02:31:10] <viridari> nathan___: pretty much
[02:31:14] <jkj> wonder if version numbers will soon mean different things or do they already?
[02:31:17] <nathan___> get version doesn't work on a not imported pool
[02:31:26] <viridari> well Illumos has started using feature flags
[02:32:05] <viridari> nathan___: if you're on the latest S11E, I can almost bet $$ it's at 31... but S11E has been at >28 for some time
[02:32:12] <nathan___> i can force create a pool in se11 to v28 and then cp data from old pool to new pool then import new pool into OI?
[02:32:33] <viridari> I don't think you can do that
[02:32:55] <nathan___> hrmm
[02:33:03] <alanc> there was only one S11 Express release, the 2010.11 version
[02:33:07] <viridari> I think if you have two different systems you can rsync... or you can create a pool while booted into OI live CD, boot back into S11E, and then copy
[02:33:28] <viridari> there you go
[02:33:59] <nathan___> yeah im using sol-11-exp-201011-text-x86
[02:34:13] <nathan___> but i was originally running opensolaris
[02:34:23] <nathan___> before i importign my pool on se11
[02:34:31] <nathan___> and I never zpool upgraded
[02:34:42] <nathan___> so its wierd
[02:34:53] <nathan___> ill boot se 11 and check version
[02:34:55] <viridari> but you can't import it
[02:35:01] <viridari> so it is likely >28
[02:35:28] <crsd> what's the error message anyway?
[02:35:44] <Triskelios> create -o version=28 should work in S11
[02:36:03] <nathan___> version error
[02:36:32] <Triskelios> nathan___: can you be more specific?
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[02:37:06] <mytmouse> :0
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[02:41:36] <nathanj> http://pastebin.com/wBP8qL7g
[02:41:38] <nathanj> there
[02:42:34] <Triskelios> okay, it's almost certainly version 31
[02:43:06] <nathanj> bugger
[02:43:54] <nathanj> should i update to sol11 1111
[02:45:44] <alanc> if you want to go further away from openindiana
[02:46:13] <nathanj> so will OI ever have access to import v31 pool?
[02:46:14] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[02:46:27] <nathanj> or should i start destory my pool and mvoing over now?
[02:46:28] <viridari> nathanj you need to ask your Oracle sales rep that question
[02:46:29] <alanc> impossible to know the future
[02:46:37] <nathanj> ok
[02:47:03] <viridari> nathanj: it would require Oracle open sourcing Solaris 11, which doesn't seem to be part of the plan
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[02:59:34] <Gitzo> hi
[02:59:49] <Orii> yo
[03:01:22] <Orii> Gitzo: you should get a cd and try it out
[03:02:10] <Gitzo> yea i should
[03:02:10] <Orii> openindiana will get more and more popular i can tell
[03:03:21] <richlowe> would be hard to manage "less", after all.
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[03:04:12] <Orii> richlowe: that was just beautiful
[03:04:15] <Orii> bravo
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[03:08:14] <Gitzo> so desktop or server install?
[03:08:25] <Orii> server will be more stable
[03:08:36] <Orii> desktop is kind of buggy
[03:08:58] <Orii> like when you first boot up and you try to use the root account it says the password is expired and you need to reset it
[03:09:19] <Gitzo> yep good i understand that.. :P
[03:10:19] <Gitzo> didnt know anything else existed after openSolaris..
[03:10:30] <Orii> hehe
[03:10:37] <Orii> you learn something everyday
[03:10:41] <Gitzo> yup
[03:10:45] <Orii> and your welcome :)
[03:10:57] <Gitzo> thanks :P
[03:11:00] <Gitzo> brb afk.
[03:11:00] <Orii> :P
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[03:57:53] <OnLawn> Hello, if anyone remembers me from yesterday (the samba4 problem) the issue is down in libcrypto, specifically pk11
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[03:58:17] <OnLawn> Apparently there is something Bind doesn't like when setting up secure dynamic zones, perhaps with my configuration.
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[04:36:43] <bdha> huh.
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[04:51:19] <Gitzo> can you run kde or gnome on the server edition?
[04:54:58] <alanc> if you install them
[04:55:20] <alanc> there aren't really server vs. desktop editions, just installers that install different sets of packages by default
[04:56:02] <Gitzo> ok..
[04:56:57] <Gitzo> someone was saying before the OIserver was more stable than desktop.
[04:57:49] <alanc> I don't know what they meant by that
[04:57:57] <alanc> it's the same kernel/core OS
[04:58:06] <Gitzo> soo.. if install kde or gnome, will it become unstable?
[04:59:31] <alanc> it shouldn't
[04:59:55] <Gitzo> what desktops or window mangaers are available?
[05:00:38] <alanc> GNOME
[05:00:43] <alanc> twm
[05:01:06] <alanc> umm, don't remember if there's any more - you'd have to search the pkg repo
[05:01:48] <alanc> at least in the main package repos, there's others with a wider array of things like KDE, icewm, etc.
[05:02:04] <Gitzo> ok
[05:19:32] <Gitzo> does kvm work well ?
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[06:36:22] <RoyK> Gitzo: AFAIK it's somewhat early beta or perhaps even alpha
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[07:03:15] <alanc> and last I heard, kvm still only worked on intel cpus, not amd
[07:03:27] <alanc> and definitely not on sparc
[07:03:48] *** jw_urodoc has joined #openindiana
[07:07:48] <Gitzo> am using intel.. and is why i thought maybe it might be worth trying.. otherwise i can use virtualbox
[07:08:37] <Gitzo> is indiana or illumos going to keep kvm?
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[07:49:05] <Gitzo> ok.. am installing from the live cd
[07:49:37] <Gitzo> its asking me for root and user passwords now.. after reboot will it ask me to choose another password?
[07:51:08] <RoyK> Gitzo: no, but you can obviously change them manually...
[07:51:40] <Gitzo> yep.. ok i guess this just happens with the server installation
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[08:43:02] <Neddie> I've had this http://pastebin.com/rGBg1nG4
[08:43:26] <Neddie> does it mean one HDD's error?
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[09:09:03] <Okona> I'd be suspicious
[09:09:39] <Okona> are you using the disks in a Mirror?
[09:10:03] <Okona> what does a zpool scrub say?
[09:11:16] <tsoome> also look into /var/adm/messages
[09:14:25] <RoyK> Neddie: cmdk1 reports a media error, and that is generally a BAD thing
[09:14:36] <RoyK> Neddie: fbsd?
[09:17:26] <madwizard> Coffee
[09:19:17] <Neddie> RoyK: OI 151a2
[09:19:30] <Neddie> brb
[09:24:29] *** guaqua_ is now known as guaqua
[09:28:03] <RoyK> Neddie: oh - I was just confused with the devnames - add -n to iostat to show sane ones :P
[09:32:33] *** odyi has quit IRC
[09:36:42] *** McBofh has joined #openindiana
[09:38:21] <tsoome> cmdk is driver for pata disks
[09:41:57] <RoyK> ic
[09:41:58] <RoyK> thanks
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[10:07:48] <lblume> madwizard: coffee?
[10:10:11] *** Licenser has quit IRC
[10:11:53] <Gitzo> do you use -d with pkgadd ?
[10:12:59] <Gitzo> do i need to setup something first?
[10:13:44] *** d_k has joined #openindiana
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[10:29:09] <RoyK> what iops should I expect from a 15k drive?
[10:30:35] <Warod> what do you get?
[10:30:36] <tsoome> 200 average with 8k blocks.
[10:30:54] <Warod> sounds reasonable
[10:30:56] *** OMV-User has joined #openindiana
[10:30:58] <tsoome> the actual number will depend on block size and other factors
[10:31:32] *** Andrew2 has joined #openindiana
[10:31:51] <RoyK> well, 200 seems a good ballpark figure
[10:32:22] <tsoome> thats the base number commonly used for backend IOPS calculations
[10:32:43] <RoyK> ok
[10:33:39] <tsoome> the RPM does not affect it too much anyhow, high RPM is all about seek latency
[10:34:05] *** bens1 has quit IRC
[10:34:12] <Warod> reducing seek latency will give you more random IOPS
[10:34:18] <tsoome> yep
[10:34:23] <Warod> so it somewhat correlates with IOPS
[10:34:33] <Warod> among other factors, ofc
[10:34:35] <tsoome> thats the "other factors" part:)
[10:35:16] <tsoome> with streaming you probably will see iops way above 200 and so on.
[10:35:22] <jkj> i wonder if 15k sata drives ocme near that
[10:35:52] <jkj> there are differences in queuing and such
[10:36:46] <Warod> is there 15k SATA drives available? :P
[10:37:10] <jkj> yup
[10:38:14] <tsoome> ahm, so real soon we cant assume 15K to be sas;9
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[10:39:30] <tsoome> altho that "real soon" may not be so soon, as they say the hdd manufacturing will get back on its full power maybe in june-july
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[10:59:19] <RoyK> this one should be pretty good http://paste.ubuntu.com/853763/
[10:59:46] <tsoome> ETOOMANYDISKS
[10:59:49] <tsoome> :D
[11:00:16] <RoyK> :D
[11:01:18] <Gitzo> pkg install -v irssi << should this just download and install irssi?
[11:01:28] <tsoome> yes
[11:01:49] <mui> only 80 or so disks?(:
[11:02:10] <Gitzo> seems to be downloading alot.. about 4833 files 84.9MB system files..
[11:02:12] <mui> things get huge when you make pools out of 200-300disks
[11:02:54] <tsoome> relax, its gnu. half of the internet is linked with it.
[11:02:57] <tsoome> :D
[11:03:29] <tsoome> you should check if you will get latex with it as well;)
[11:04:07] *** |AbsyntH| has joined #openindiana
[11:04:34] <Gitzo> lol
[11:04:52] <madwizard> lblume: Coffee
[11:05:47] <Gitzo> mmmm i like this channel.. people anounce coffee time :P
[11:08:55] <lblume> while (true) { coffee time = now };
[11:09:10] <tsoome> thats too complicated.
[11:09:53] <lblume> tsoome: It's free software, feel free to fork it and improve ;-)
[11:09:58] <tsoome> just use const bool coffeee_time = true;
[11:10:01] <Gitzo> haha.. A clone of openindiana exists and has been updated and cactivated. :P ...so either my pc will explode on reboot or, it will start moving and walk around my desk. O-o
[11:10:18] <Gitzo> activated* lol
[11:10:34] <lblume> tsoome: Has that one been standardized yet?
[11:10:43] <tsoome> who cares?
[11:16:17] <lblume> It's in our genes already!
[11:20:27] *** odyi has joined #openindiana
[11:20:27] *** odyi has joined #openindiana
[11:20:43] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[11:31:38] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[11:31:59] *** McBofh has quit IRC
[11:52:32] *** McBofh has joined #openindiana
[11:52:40] *** descipher has quit IRC
[11:56:02] *** vados1 is now known as vados
[11:57:00] *** JStoker_ has joined #openindiana
[12:22:06] <Gitzo> how do i set my display driver correctly?
[12:26:33] *** jw_urodoc has quit IRC
[12:39:03] *** d_k has quit IRC
[12:42:46] *** Kurlon has quit IRC
[12:47:08] *** InTheWings has joined #openindiana
[12:48:03] *** Zenos has quit IRC
[12:52:02] *** gwr_ has quit IRC
[12:54:53] <Gitzo> should there be an xorg.conf file in /etc/X11/ ?
[12:55:07] <Gitzo> or do i have to create it myself?
[12:55:45] *** jw_urodoc has joined #openindiana
[13:04:52] *** Mosh has joined #openindiana
[13:06:37] *** Zenos has joined #openindiana
[13:13:40] <Mosh> hello to anybody out there...
[13:13:40] <Mosh> We try to upgrade from oi_151a to oi_151a2.
[13:13:40] <Mosh> pkg image-update fails with: Invalid content: manifest hash failure: fmri: pkg://openindiana.org/library/desktop/libsexy at 0 dot 1.11,5.11-
[13:13:40] <Mosh> expected: 0e0d116c89cf3c561c3dd2af3d228c9008ed88ca computed: 436d0cfbec0af43b757c8e10852cdde030081ab5. (happened 4 times)
[13:13:40] <Mosh> Are there any suggestions to solve this?
[13:15:28] *** dvx has joined #openindiana
[13:16:19] <Gitzo> you got the first update ok ?
[13:16:46] <vados> Gitzo: create your own - svcadm disable gdm - sudo /usr/X11/bin/Xorg -configure
[13:17:09] <Gitzo> ok
[13:17:41] <Gitzo> what do you mean by svcadm disable gdm?
[13:19:10] <vados> disconnect xserver
[13:20:11] <Gitzo> you mean like init 3 ?
[13:20:13] *** lei has left #openindiana
[13:20:32] <vados> go'll smoke - disconnect - create config - copy - including
[13:27:19] <Gitzo> lol when i go init 0 or init s it just restarts the system O_o
[13:30:34] *** enmand has joined #openindiana
[13:34:33] <Gitzo> how do you disconect from xserver?
[13:34:54] <crsd> pkill X? :D
[13:35:15] <Gitzo> lol
[13:35:24] <Gitzo> k ill try it when it reboots
[13:37:19] <Gitzo> HAHA awesome.. all that does is restarts :(
[13:37:43] <Gitzo> i dont think thats suposed to happen
[13:39:04] <Gitzo> another way?
[13:40:05] <tsoome> disconnect?
[13:40:13] <tsoome> what you mean with it?
[13:40:49] <Gitzo> yea another way to disconnect from X
[13:41:25] <tsoome> still not clear:P
[13:41:45] <tsoome> you wanna disable it? or just switch to text console?
[13:42:41] <Gitzo> i want to configure my display correcty..
[13:42:49] <crsd> Gitzo: disable gdm
[13:43:03] <tsoome> svcadm disable gdm
[13:43:19] <tsoome> then you can start it manually to test settings
[13:43:41] <Gitzo> ok so svcadm is the command?
[13:43:57] <vados> уеы
[13:44:02] <vados> yes
[13:44:06] *** Licenser has quit IRC
[13:44:30] <Gitzo> sorry vados didnt understand before :)
[13:45:00] *** d_k has joined #openindiana
[13:45:07] <Gitzo> my screen keeps blinking on and off
[13:47:00] *** kart_ has quit IRC
[13:48:23] *** kart_ has joined #openindiana
[13:48:36] <Gitzo> nah.. its not working for me
[13:48:53] <tsoome> check /var/log/Xorg.log
[13:48:53] <Gitzo> ill have to try change screens to get into it when i come back
[13:50:00] <Gitzo> nothing in it
[13:50:37] <tsoome> nah its Xorg.0.log
[13:50:40] <tsoome> :P
[13:50:43] <Gitzo> the pc has just been restarted.. so ya
[13:50:47] <Gitzo> lol
[13:51:01] <Gitzo> anyhow.. afk ill try something else when i retrun.
[13:54:39] *** trentster has joined #openindiana
[13:54:40] *** tsoome has quit IRC
[13:54:47] <vados> Gitzo: bite hurts hurts :)
[13:57:11] <tabasko> 4/win 11
[13:57:14] <tabasko> ouch
[13:57:57] <vados> sudo svcadm disable gdm - sudo /usr/X11/bin/Xorg -configure - sudo cp xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf
[14:10:14] *** CoilDomain has quit IRC
[14:11:01] *** liberal has quit IRC
[14:15:47] <Warod> hoij
[14:16:00] <Warod> how do I update a driver to newer version on OI?
[14:16:48] <Warod> I have a patched version of e1000g driver which supports this specific hardware according to a closed bug ticket... but no clue how to actually replace the thing
[14:17:40] <Warod> should I just copy it over to /kernel/dr/amd64/e1000g or what?
[14:18:21] *** Mosh has quit IRC
[14:34:31] <Gitzo> ok.. now i try
[14:35:05] *** der_adi_ has joined #openindiana
[14:35:41] <Gitzo> vados: all it's doing is restarting :(
[14:36:07] <crsd> Warod: modunload it, cp, modload probably
[14:36:22] <Warod> crsd: cp where?
[14:37:06] <crsd> find /kernel/drv -name e1000g :-)
[14:37:10] <Warod> I did cp it over the existing driver on /kernel/drv
[14:37:14] <Warod> and rebooted
[14:37:16] *** der_adi has quit IRC
[14:37:17] *** der_adi_ is now known as der_adi
[14:37:26] <crsd> make sure you copy the 64bit version to /kernel/drv/amd64/
[14:37:31] <Warod> yeah, did so
[14:37:41] <Warod> now I can see the e1000g0 which is in "unknown" state
[14:37:58] <crsd> in dladm output?
[14:38:03] <Warod> yeah
[14:38:24] <crsd> ifconfig e1000gN plumb; ifconfig e1000gN inet .... up
[14:38:55] <Warod> could not open DLPI link
[14:41:28] <Warod> last time I came across this DLPI error, it was because I had nvam enabled... which is not the case now. :P
[14:41:37] <Warod> different setup too.
[14:42:44] <Gitzo> vados: my pc dosnt want single user.. it keeps restarting.
[14:42:57] *** Mosh has joined #openindiana
[14:45:08] <Warod> crsd: any more directions to look at?
[14:45:18] <crsd> not sure :\
[14:46:00] <Warod> maybe I'll just go to hardware store and get over it in more "brute force" manner. :P
[14:48:38] *** Andrew2 has quit IRC
[14:48:39] *** dvx has quit IRC
[14:53:54] *** hjf has quit IRC
[14:58:36] <Gitzo> is there a way stop X from starting when i reboot?
[14:59:49] *** hjf has joined #openindiana
[15:02:04] <Gitzo> i need to get into some configuration to stop X lol
[15:03:27] *** e1kg has joined #openindiana
[15:04:19] <Gibheer> svcadm disable gdm
[15:05:28] *** Licenser has joined #openindiana
[15:10:41] *** tsoome has joined #openindiana
[15:11:33] <Gitzo> is there an rc.conf file somewere so i can disable X ?
[15:11:46] <crsd> this isn't #*bsd :-)
[15:12:11] <crsd> you use svcadm to disable gdm (and hence the X server)
[15:12:15] <Gitzo> i know that.. i want something similar.. cos i cant disable X in openindiana
[15:12:34] <Gitzo> i cant do that
[15:12:41] <Gitzo> my system wont let me
[15:12:47] <lennard> so try harder
[15:12:59] <Gitzo> lmao i have
[15:13:33] *** APTX_ is now known as APTX
[15:13:34] <Gitzo> there must me some file that tells X to start up
[15:14:04] <Woodstock> yes, there is. its a smf database that you change with svcadm.
[15:14:32] <Gitzo> lol dang
[15:14:40] <Woodstock> if your system wont let you do that, what exactly is it doing or telling you when you try?
[15:15:03] <Gitzo> Woodstock: it restarts.
[15:15:17] <Woodstock> what restarts?
[15:15:31] <Gitzo> the machine restarts
[15:15:43] <Gitzo> the entire system
[15:15:52] <Woodstock> now thats funny
[15:16:06] <Gitzo> ya
[15:16:06] <Woodstock> does it panic? does it write a crash dump? does it just reset?
[15:16:18] <Gitzo> it just resets
[15:17:19] <Woodstock> sounds like a bug in the display driver or so
[15:17:47] <Gitzo> well.. thats what im trying to do.. edit my display driver but i cant. lol
[15:17:54] <Gitzo> its a new installation
[15:18:13] <Woodstock> try booting into single user mode
[15:18:30] <Woodstock> then do svcadm disable gdm
[15:18:47] <Gitzo> how do you boot into single user?
[15:19:08] <Woodstock> you edit the grub menu entry and add -s as a parameter to the kernel
[15:19:40] <Gitzo> ok cool
[15:19:46] <Woodstock> and you should probably remove all that splashscreen stuff, too
[15:20:00] <Gitzo> so what is it i should type?
[15:21:03] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[15:21:06] <Gitzo> oh lol i cant get to it from grub console ?
[15:22:11] <Woodstock> boot into grub, choose the entry you want to boot, hit e, choose the "kernel" line, hit e, add " -s" after "unix"
[15:22:31] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[15:22:35] <Woodstock> if there is anything on that line looking like "console=graphics", delete that, too
[15:23:54] *** gvm1 has joined #openindiana
[15:25:54] *** feizhou has joined #openindiana
[15:34:39] <Gitzo> ok.. same thing happend.. it just reset
[15:36:25] <feizhou> bugs with samba should be reported against OpenIndiana right?
[15:37:36] <crsd> if they really are about Samba (and not CIFS server)
[15:38:06] <feizhou> oh yes, samba unless cifs server has gained the ability to use winbind. :-D
[15:38:37] <Gitzo> am going to sleep now.. i might try the server installation tomorrow
[15:38:37] <tsoome> well, winbind is not always needed:P
[15:38:48] <feizhou> is samba for 151a compiled with sun cc?
[15:39:23] <feizhou> tsoome, no but it should is convenient...when it works and behaves...
[15:39:33] <feizhou> s/should/sure/
[15:40:18] *** Gitzo has quit IRC
[15:41:31] <feizhou> https://www.illumos.org/issues/2168 for those interested
[15:43:43] <feizhou> speaking of cifs-server, has kerberos support been added?
[15:43:58] <feizhou> or maybe i should ask that in illumos...
[15:45:54] *** feizhou has quit IRC
[15:47:00] *** Seony has quit IRC
[15:48:04] <crsd> kerberos support?
[15:48:33] <crsd> well, you wouldn't be able to join the AD without kerberos support (if I understood you correctly)
[15:53:05] <Mosh> How can i tell ipfilter to start at boot? If i enable the service with svcadm enable... everything works as expected. However after a reboot ipfilter is disabled again.
[15:54:03] <tsoome> how you did enable it?
[15:58:49] <Mosh> with svcadm enable svc:/network/ipfilter:default
[15:59:27] <tsoome> hm, then its interesting….
[16:00:05] <tsoome> well, also depends how did you set the config i guess.
[16:00:37] *** rlaager has quit IRC
[16:02:13] <tsoome> this blog entry should help: https://blogs.oracle.com/tonyn/entry/firewall_configuration_in_opensolaris_2009
[16:03:55] *** flyz has quit IRC
[16:04:48] *** rlaager has joined #openindiana
[16:05:02] <Mosh> ok, thx. Will read that blog tomorrow morning and hope to resolve this. I have another oi install running at home, and there i haven't that problem. The installations are almost the same. I can't find any difference between the two machines.
[16:05:28] *** haj has quit IRC
[16:07:45] *** Worsoe has quit IRC
[16:11:13] *** flyz has joined #openindiana
[16:13:31] *** dijenerate has quit IRC
[16:14:12] *** dijenerate has joined #openindiana
[16:16:47] *** Mosh has left #openindiana
[16:17:24] *** vados has left #openindiana
[16:24:46] *** joffe has joined #openindiana
[16:26:33] *** vados has joined #openindiana
[16:39:12] *** d_k has quit IRC
[16:39:35] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[16:40:08] *** gwr_ has joined #openindiana
[16:43:19] *** rame has joined #openindiana
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[16:47:10] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[16:49:36] *** Neddie has quit IRC
[16:53:30] *** r3N0oV4 has joined #openindiana
[16:53:39] <r3N0oV4> hello guys
[16:54:07] <r3N0oV4> may someone tell me one thing about samba implementation in openindiana?
[16:54:28] <r3N0oV4> I'm having a lot of troubles joining a microsoft active directory domain
[16:54:53] <r3N0oV4> the point is that a fresh installation correctly joins
[16:55:32] <r3N0oV4> while an updated version (pkg image-update -v) doesn't even think of doing it
[16:55:36] <crsd> do you really mean samba when you say samba? :-)
[16:55:59] <r3N0oV4> yes hwy?
[16:56:01] *** Triskelios has quit IRC
[16:56:04] <r3N0oV4> yes why?
[16:56:18] <r3N0oV4> don't know if it's kerberos related
[16:56:30] <r3N0oV4> but samba can't join
[16:56:56] <r3N0oV4> I installed a domain controller as new just to try
[16:57:21] <r3N0oV4> and the conclusion is that after upgrading the system I can't make oi join ad
[16:57:49] *** timclassic has joined #openindiana
[16:57:54] <r3N0oV4> I meant upgrading open indiana
[16:58:27] *** elgar has joined #openindiana
[17:00:54] *** kohju has quit IRC
[17:02:25] *** kohju has joined #openindiana
[17:03:33] *** Triskelios has joined #openindiana
[17:04:32] <r3N0oV4> no one?
[17:07:36] <r3N0oV4> crsd what you meant with your question?
[17:08:30] <crsd> I meant if you are talking about samba or builtin cifs server
[17:10:52] <r3N0oV4> i think you are right
[17:11:04] <r3N0oV4> what I wrote is not what I meant...
[17:11:23] <r3N0oV4> i can't join ad using the command "smbadm join"
[17:11:40] <r3N0oV4> so I think it's the builtin implementation
[17:11:44] <crsd> aha
[17:12:41] <crsd> try changing daemon.notice to daemon.debug in /etc/syslog.conf and check logs after join attempt
[17:14:44] *** gwr_ has quit IRC
[17:14:51] <r3N0oV4> do I have to reboot or restart any service?
[17:15:06] <crsd> svcadm refresh system/log
[17:15:11] <crsd> err, system-log
[17:19:01] <lblume> Isn't it restart? I thought refresh would only redresh the SMF config, not .conf files and such.
[17:20:04] *** gwr_ has joined #openindiana
[17:20:14] *** DwD__ has joined #openindiana
[17:21:21] <r3N0oV4> refresh is enough
[17:21:23] *** raichoo has quit IRC
[17:21:32] <r3N0oV4> my log is now much more complete
[17:37:26] <crsd> guys, have this weird problem with pkg saying 'pkg: Image not found' to every command after updating the pkg from /dev/, any hints?
[17:40:16] <crsd> http://pastebin.com/FubQ93Qb
[17:57:11] *** |AbsyntH| has quit IRC
[18:01:20] *** Licenser has quit IRC
[18:10:32] <Savis> maybe some one can help me out when i try and set guiestok=true for my share it keeps creating a sub folder with in my share leading me to think that im typeing in something wrong.... in explorer the path to the share is \\servername\iosafe_01_backups the command im using is...zfs set sharesmb=name=ioSafe_01_Backups,guestok=true ioSafe_01 can any one see why it would create an additional folder when i do that?
[18:12:30] <crsd> Savis: what additional folder do you see?
[18:12:38] <Savis> Backups
[18:13:14] <Savis> "Backups"
[18:16:13] <Savis> zfs set sharesmb=name=myshare,guestok=true mydataset why would that command create a new folder inside of my share?
[18:17:15] *** jw_urodoc has quit IRC
[18:19:46] <crsd> probably some name caching? I remember seeing the same, and the old name just vanished after some period of time
[18:19:51] * crsd summons gwr_
[18:19:53] <crsd> :D
[18:20:27] <Savis> ye could use some help on this :(
[18:25:40] <gwr_> on a call, availalble in a bit
[18:37:03] *** DwD__ has quit IRC
[18:42:33] *** Licenser has joined #openindiana
[18:43:45] *** DwD__ has joined #openindiana
[18:45:23] *** evildho has joined #openindiana
[18:46:32] <evildho> So I'm trying to get a Solaris 10 zone going; is there an "easy" way to do that? The bundled template package from oracle doesn't seem to work in OI, not sure how to do the install. Got the s10 brand package at least
[18:49:27] *** tjpatter has joined #openindiana
[18:53:38] <tjpatter> I'm experiencing a strange problem with iSCSI / stmf. Whenever I attempt to offline or delete a LU that is busy, the LU gets stuck in the "offlining" state. I cannot delete or get it to release to the "offline" state. Any thoughts on this? Is this a bug?
[18:54:33] <tjpatter> The only way I can get out of that state is to reboot :(
[18:54:56] <tjpatter> I've tried stopping both the iSCSI target and the stmf services as well
[18:59:47] *** r3N0oV4 has quit IRC
[19:01:14] *** dimdm has joined #openindiana
[19:02:16] *** raichoo has joined #openindiana
[19:08:06] *** girafe has joined #openindiana
[19:12:34] *** dijenerate has quit IRC
[19:13:34] <Savis> hey gwr_ still ont he phone?
[19:15:10] <gwr_> again... yes..
[19:15:36] <Savis> balh cool cool
[19:15:41] <Savis> let me know when you got a second
[19:17:57] *** dijenerate has joined #openindiana
[19:19:23] *** KermitTheFragger has quit IRC
[19:25:06] *** kart_ has quit IRC
[19:30:28] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[19:33:08] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[19:36:09] <richlowe> all gwr does is be on the phone. :)
[19:36:52] <Savis> meh
[19:37:01] <Savis> im sure some onewill have an answer to m y issue soon enough
[19:37:11] <Savis> untill then ill just keep trying and deleting and recreating the share over and over.
[19:37:35] <richlowe> if it's still nexenta crap, you could try their support people, I guess?
[19:37:42] <richlowe> not that I know any of those.
[19:37:50] <Savis> my question is more a solaris
[19:38:04] <Savis> in explorer the path to the share is \\servername\iosafe_01_backups the command im using is...zfs set sharesmb=name=ioSafe_01_Backups,guestok=true ioSafe_01 can any one see why it would create an additional folder when i do that?
[19:38:41] <Savis> it creates a folder called "Backups" inside of ioSafe_01_Backups
[19:39:04] <richlowe> that's hopefully you doing it, somehow.
[19:39:07] <richlowe> but there's no logical reason, no.
[19:39:10] <richlowe> so if it's not you, no idea.
[19:39:30] <Savis> im not creating the folder
[19:39:35] <Savis> it shows up after i run the zfs set command.
[19:40:53] *** Licenser has quit IRC
[19:41:07] <Triskelios> what is the dataset actually named?
[19:41:34] <Savis> ioSafe_01
[19:42:46] *** dsouza has joined #openindiana
[19:43:41] <crsd> Savis: it doesn't do that for me :\
[19:43:49] <Triskelios> is "Backups" a directory or a new dataset?
[19:44:43] <dsouza> hi everyone!
[19:44:50] <dsouza> I'm hoping this one is simple: is there some sort of the linux `/proc/cmdline' available in solaris?
[19:45:11] <dsouza> In other words, how can I read the kernel boot arguments after the boot is complete?
[19:45:28] <Savis> backups is a directory that just pops up after the command
[19:45:36] <Savis> i have outputs from sharemgr show -vp
[19:45:39] <Savis> before and after
[19:45:45] <Savis> and it definatly does some weird shit
[19:46:35] <dsouza> Surprisingly, it has been very challenging to find this information on google :-)
[19:46:53] <richlowe> don't think it's easily exposed in a regular system
[19:46:58] <Savis> Triskelios, can i pm you the output?
[19:47:06] <richlowe> smartos has 'bootparams' (historically bad name, but...) to do it.
[19:47:10] <tsoome> dsouza: man proc. man pargs
[19:47:14] <crsd> Savis: pastebin it
[19:47:22] <richlowe> tsoome: dude, at least read his damn question.
[19:47:46] <tsoome> i did, hence man proc.
[19:47:47] <tsoome> :P
[19:47:56] <Savis> http://pastebin.com/NuEG1Eud
[19:49:29] <richlowe> but historically, arbitrary boot arguments haven't been used by userland stuff, I think Joyent were the first to want that, and so had to dig out of devinfo more usefully for themselves.
[19:50:13] <dsouza> tsoome: I tried that before, dead end.
[19:51:03] <dsouza> richlowe: ok I'll try that one, thx for that. do you remember if it is possible at least during install phase?
[19:51:07] <dsouza> tsoome: thx anyway
[19:51:09] <tsoome> because solaris does not use proc for any other but process data. you also wont find disks there and so on.
[19:51:49] <crsd> Savis: well, ioSafe_01_Backups=/volumes/ioSafe_01 smb=(guestok="true"), don't you see a problem here? :-)
[19:52:09] <Savis> honesty im sorry no i dont see a problem
[19:52:17] <crsd> Savis: zfs set sharesmb=name=ioSafe_01_Backups,guestok=true ioSafe_01/Backups
[19:52:18] <Savis> what am i not seeing?
[19:52:35] <Savis> let me try that
[19:52:37] <crsd> you are sharing the folder, which has Backups in it
[19:52:38] <richlowe> dsouza: https://github.com/joyent/smartos-live/blob/master/src/bootparams.c
[19:52:57] <Triskelios> dsouza: on x86, if you really want, echo 'fastboot_args/S' | mdb -k
[19:53:41] <richlowe> dsouza: evil
[19:53:42] <richlowe> sorry
[19:53:44] <richlowe> Triskelios: evil
[19:53:52] <Savis> trying it now one second
[19:54:21] <Savis> wow i feel stupid....
[19:54:27] <Savis> thank you crsd
[19:54:29] *** rlaager has quit IRC
[19:54:46] <Triskelios> looks like you actually have a "Backups" dataset...
[19:54:56] <Savis> yea but id ont
[19:55:02] <Savis> i think i know what happend
[19:55:08] <dsouza> Triskelios, richlowe: thx!!! really useful stuff.
[19:55:14] <Savis> im about to say "F" it and just build from scratch a soaris box for our san.
[19:55:22] <Savis> atm we are trying to use nexenta
[19:55:30] <Savis> the comunity edition
[19:55:33] <Savis> i dont know why
[19:56:03] <Savis> but when i use oI shit just works.... and i understand it... but nexenta (its basicly solaris.....) im like a lost chicken in a KFC house...
[19:57:37] <tsoome> wasnt nexenta using its own package manager and some linux userland?
[19:58:26] <richlowe> tsoome: I have no idea what's actually on their storage
[19:58:35] <richlowe> I don't understand why a storage product needs packages
[19:58:46] <richlowe> I don't understand why there's any relation between a GP distribution and a storage product.
[19:58:53] <richlowe> though that stems from the first.
[20:00:53] <Triskelios> change management
[20:01:11] <Triskelios> Savis: Nexenta's supported administrative interfaces aren't Unix command lines
[20:02:27] <tsoome> just got confused about that (its basicly solaris.....) comment.
[20:04:03] <Savis> yea
[20:04:19] <Savis> so Triskelios as a primary san appliance should i trust OI lol
[20:04:36] <Savis> honestly i feel more confertable just using OI even though its te same damn base isnt it?
[20:04:37] <Triskelios> I work for Nexenta, dude
[20:04:45] <Savis> i know that
[20:04:48] <Savis> lol
[20:06:43] <Triskelios> not the same base, will be closer for NS4 though
[20:06:54] <Savis> hrmm
[20:07:00] <Savis> i mean we are about to drop some cash in to this
[20:07:08] <Savis> just kind of not sure where i want to go
[20:07:25] <Savis> dont get me wrong i love nexenta for the iscsi stuff we use for esxi
[20:07:28] <Savis> its easy and quick
[20:07:56] <Savis> but other things such ass domain membership setting up cifs shares stuff like that seems to be a bit more of a "hack job" than it does in OI
[20:07:57] <Savis> again
[20:08:03] <tsoome> btw, how old is your install, may it just hit some bug?
[20:08:11] <Savis> i love the appliance and wana buy it just having some strugles due to my lack of experiance im sure.
[20:08:25] <Savis> but like my previous problem
[20:08:28] <Savis> it was 100% me
[20:08:32] *** timclass` has joined #openindiana
[20:08:33] <Savis> as crsd pointed out
[20:08:35] <Savis> not nexenta
[20:08:51] <evildho> blargh. Maybe the easiest way to get a Solaris 10 branded zone running is to export one from an existing zone? Anybody bootstrapped a Sol10 zone under OI before?
[20:09:51] <tsoome> evildho: first suggestion for branded zones is to check if you actually need it.
[20:10:37] <tsoome> altho i have no idea how good the binary compatibility is in OI
[20:11:28] <evildho> From the perspective that we support solaris 10 for our software and this is for my workstation development environment, yeah I do. Our packages don't compile in OI unfortunately, and some of the errors require linker scripts that I don't really care to write :\
[20:11:42] <tsoome> aye, thas fair enough
[20:12:18] *** Seony has joined #openindiana
[20:12:20] <evildho> I installed the s10 package, so theoretically it should work, but I'm just not sure how to actually install the damn thing
[20:12:23] <evildho> heh.
[20:13:05] <tsoome> you mean the fresh install?
[20:13:08] <tjpatter> No ideas at all on the stmf offline issue? See ^^^^^
[20:13:30] <tsoome> you need the archive (cpio/flar)
[20:13:33] *** Botanic has joined #openindiana
[20:13:33] *** Botanic has joined #openindiana
[20:13:34] <evildho> All the documents I can find about it require using the 'Oracle VM Template', which I found (even though it's not linked on their downloads anymore), but it doesn't work
[20:13:46] <Triskelios> Savis: I have storage under both NS and OI, but if you need an actual supported option there isn't one for OI
[20:14:01] <Savis> yea you are right
[20:14:04] <Triskelios> evildho: are you following https://blogs.oracle.com/jsavit/entry/solaris_10_branded_zone_vm basically?
[20:14:10] <Savis> i mean there realy isnt much out there for the smaller companies
[20:14:16] <evildho> Triskelios: yeah.
[20:14:20] <Savis> i wonder how much solaris licenses are lol
[20:14:29] <richlowe> think it's a grand per socket.
[20:14:35] <Savis> fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
[20:14:35] <richlowe> per year
[20:14:37] <evildho> Triskelios: it unpacks the image, then complains that it can't find a SYSsolaris10 template
[20:14:38] <Savis> screa that
[20:14:42] <Savis> err screw that even
[20:14:50] <Savis> i mean im sure its a great deal for larger companies
[20:15:40] <evildho> tsoome: So assuming I have a Sol10 zone on some other environment, can I just detach / make a flar / copy / attach?
[20:15:59] <Savis> well solaris is free isnt it? justyou have to pay for the support / updates?
[20:16:13] <Savis> so like you have to have a serivce contract and thats per socket per year right?
[20:16:13] <tsoome> I havent actually installed myself, but yes, you should be able to do that.
[20:16:26] <Triskelios> evildho: template name, if it exists, would've been SUNWsolaris10. SYSsolaris10 is a rename in S11
[20:16:37] <tsoome> because the branded zones is basically meant to be used like that, for migration purposes.
[20:17:07] <evildho> Triskelios: ah, is there some way for me to 'fake' the utility into thinking SYSsolaris10 is SUNWsolaris10? Perhaps with some soft links
[20:17:09] <Triskelios> evildho: could symlink it in /etc/zones I guess
[20:17:16] <evildho> the .xml file?
[20:17:20] <Triskelios> yes
[20:17:23] <evildho> I'll try that quickly, thank you
[20:18:21] <tsoome> http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23824_01/html/821-1460/gjluk.html#gjlum for example
[20:18:36] <evildho> tsoome: Got that tab open too :) thank you
[20:18:43] <evildho> hey hey
[20:18:48] <evildho> Triskelios: looks like it's working!
[20:19:47] <Triskelios> excellent
[20:20:13] *** McBofh has quit IRC
[20:20:26] <evildho> ahhh the attach failed.
[20:21:51] *** McBofh has joined #openindiana
[20:22:12] <evildho> complaining that the -c option isn't supported (for 'sysIdCfgFile')
[20:24:09] <crsd> tjpatter: just tried the same, stmfadm delete-lu worked for me
[20:24:42] <tsoome> you can skip sysidcfg and do that manually on first boot...
[20:25:04] <richlowe> crsd: you do QA at nexenta, right?
[20:25:44] <richlowe> (why yes, this is a leading question)
[20:26:23] <evildho> tsoome: Sorry for the lame questions, I'm still clearly a noobie w/Solaris (and OI) -- do I just copy that into /etc/sysidcfg under the zone's root?
[20:27:54] <crsd> richlowe: yep
[20:27:55] <tsoome> sysidcfg is/was used for system configuration automation, if you dont have it, you have to attach zone console on first boot and answer those questions there
[20:28:19] *** McBofh has quit IRC
[20:28:21] *** joffe has quit IRC
[20:28:29] *** joffe has joined #openindiana
[20:29:36] <evildho> ok, let me try to change this to just stash that file away somewhere and answer those questions when it boots.
[20:29:45] *** DwD__ has quit IRC
[20:30:07] *** McBofh has joined #openindiana
[20:34:10] *** Licenser has joined #openindiana
[20:38:30] <tjpatter> crsd: Did you have active writes to the iSCSI target at the time you ran that command? It works if there are no writes, but try something like dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/iscsi bs=2k count=1024000 and attempt deleting it while the dd is still running.
[20:39:48] *** flyz has quit IRC
[20:40:53] *** spanglywires has quit IRC
[20:42:52] *** DwD__ has joined #openindiana
[20:43:54] <evildho> bummer. I'm getting the same thing I got when I tried the detach/attach yesterday
[20:44:05] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[20:44:19] <evildho> 'ERROR: No active dataset; the zone's ZFS root dataset must be configured as a zone boot environment.'
[20:50:04] <tsoome> and it actually is dataset?
[20:50:43] <evildho> I dunno, I did zfs create rpool/zones, which is where I'm trying to install into.
[20:50:59] <evildho> well, to /zones/[zonename]
[20:51:00] <evildho> Is there some other metadata I need to assign to that directory?
[20:51:55] <tsoome> does zfs list gibe rpool/zones and rpool/zones/zonename ?
[20:52:03] <tsoome> grr, i cant type:D
[20:52:27] <evildho> zfs list gives rpool/zones; i'm guessing this 'autostart' thing is supposed to set up the zonename part
[20:52:46] <Triskelios> evildho: you need to create a dataset for the zone
[20:52:47] <evildho> sec, it looks like it's just looking for a directory zonename/ROOT, maybe there's some case sensitivity
[20:52:50] <evildho> ok
[20:53:31] <Triskelios> (unless zonecfg does it for you)
[20:53:48] <evildho> this 'autoinstall' image script looks like it's supposed to do it for me
[20:54:38] <tsoome> zoneadm should create the zoneroot, in fact, at least in s10 it did hate you if you did create it yourself.
[20:55:26] <richlowe> p2v-only zones are magical though.
[20:56:45] *** timclass` has quit IRC
[20:59:25] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[21:03:28] *** bens1 has joined #openindiana
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[21:03:28] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
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[21:23:49] *** hunter1 has joined #openindiana
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[21:29:05] *** hunter has quit IRC
[21:31:08] *** voidcoder has joined #openindiana
[21:33:34] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[21:33:34] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[21:35:29] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[21:37:45] *** enmand has quit IRC
[21:38:39] <evildho> word, I got it to boot.
[21:39:26] <tsoome> bribed or used an force?:P
[21:40:19] *** d_k has joined #openindiana
[21:40:55] <tsoome> so if anyone will ask how to run s10 zone in OI, we will tell to ask from you ;)
[21:41:04] *** voidcoder has quit IRC
[21:41:59] <richlowe> I was pretty sure aszeszo was already doing that, too
[21:42:11] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[21:42:15] <richlowe> is the OI wiki open-access now? If it is, you should totally write down what you did. :)
[21:47:01] *** bens1 has quit IRC
[21:49:07] <evildho> richlowe: yeah, I'm doing one for our internal wiki here at work, but I'll do so again if desired
[21:49:29] <evildho> it required some nasty hacks that ended up making me take the shell code out of the bin file and just edit that
[21:56:08] <evildho> would there be anywhere for me to put a patch on the wiki?
[22:10:02] *** jlinoff has joined #openindiana
[22:11:29] <jlinoff> OI 151a is not recognizing my SAS drives on a supermicro 6036ST (LSI SAS2008 HBA)
[22:12:14] <jlinoff> tried cfgadm -lav from the boot media, it saw a bunch of USB devices
[22:12:20] <jlinoff> has anyone seen this?
[22:12:36] <jlinoff> i have 8 SAS drives
[22:15:09] *** Hakon|mbp has joined #openindiana
[22:31:45] <tsoome> iostat does not see either?
[22:32:34] <tomww> is there a symlin kin /dev/cfg/ pounting to the hardware path of this controller?
[22:33:44] *** Vutral has quit IRC
[22:40:33] *** _0D3E_ has joined #openindiana
[22:40:58] *** laogrymt2 has joined #openindiana
[22:42:53] *** allanblack_ has joined #openindiana
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[22:44:24] *** Vutral has joined #openindiana
[22:44:44] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Triskelios
[22:48:22] *** bens1 has joined #openindiana
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[22:59:49] *** voidcoder has joined #openindiana
[23:00:16] *** DocHoliday has joined #openindiana
[23:00:33] <dsouza> richlowe: just would like to thank you [and joyent as well]. that bootparams.c you gave me worked pretty well
[23:03:16] *** _0D3E_ has quit IRC
[23:05:04] *** tjpatter has quit IRC
[23:09:11] *** bens1 has quit IRC
[23:33:24] *** e1kg has joined #openindiana
[23:36:57] <evildho> richlowe: where would be a good place for me to put that in the wiki?
[23:37:53] *** enmand has joined #openindiana
[23:42:36] *** crsd has joined #openindiana
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