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   February 17, 2012  
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[00:06:43] <Triskelios> gea: ZFS does store SIDs, and for a CIFS-only share that should work fine
[00:12:26] *** raichoo has joined #openindiana
[00:14:55] <gea> I suppose, it does not. It stores a longer UID/GUID but you need the mapping database to set it in relation to a SID.
[00:14:57] <gea> Given the fact, that Windows is where the music plays, i ask if it may be possible to build a super fs in future that can merge ntfs and unix fs related to user id's
[00:16:58] <gea> this id-mapping is one of the most annoying thing when get in contact with ZFS ACL from a SMB view
[00:17:09] *** hajma has quit IRC
[00:18:59] <gea> allowing user id;s as a file or folder property may improve the whole approch a lot (being a better replacement for a real Windows Server)
[00:23:52] *** hajma has joined #openindiana
[00:30:42] <gea> Currently, a SMB user creates a file. OI automatically creates a id mapping from the Windows SID to a unix UID stored on rpool
[00:30:44] <gea> If you want to set ACL on OI, you need to use the Unix ID. So you must always look at the id-map database and must hope
[00:30:46] <gea> it will be always correct after moving the pool itself without including the original SID in the pool data
[00:32:06] *** CoilDomain has joined #openindiana
[00:33:20] <gea> Beside this automatically generated mapping, you can add hard mappings like winuser:xxx == unixuser:yyy, chaos is programmed
[00:34:47] *** InTheWings has quit IRC
[00:35:12] <gea> Solution: UID/GUID long enough so it can be interpreted as a real Windows SID ???
[00:36:01] <gea> or vice versa
[00:36:02] <alanc> sounds like a on-disk format change
[00:36:48] <gea> more an extension, mainly for SMB service
[00:37:41] <gea> For compatibility reason, some apps may only get the last n numbers
[00:39:46] <gea> I dont know about the problems a UID long enough like a SID will introduce for Unix side
[00:44:01] <gea> But it will radically remove the typical ACL horror with Solaris (I suppose Linux is just worser in that)
[00:44:57] <alanc> I seriously doubt it will radically change Solaris ACL's
[00:46:27] <gea> It should not.
[00:46:28] <gea> But you should be able to assign ACLs to Windows SID not to a Unix UID that is mapped to a Windows SID elsewhere
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[01:09:56] <hunter> I have 151a running in a VirtualBox VM on osx. This is so useful.
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[02:23:10] *** Orii has joined #openindiana
[02:24:04] <Orii> hey when a new release of openindiana comes out would i need to a new install with a different disk or will i it just be updating the system?
[02:25:59] *** liberal has joined #openindiana
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[02:38:22] <tomww> normally just a pkg update
[02:38:39] <Orii> k
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[03:23:37] *** Licenser_ is now known as Licenser
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[03:42:59] *** liberal has joined #openindiana
[03:43:17] <Orii> lol i almost forgot that i need to reset the root password right after install
[03:45:48] <liberal> >_<
[03:45:54] <Orii> lol
[03:46:16] <liberal> why do you need to do that? doesn't OI let you set the root pw during install?
[03:46:24] <Orii> i cant wait to see openindiana's main release
[03:46:26] <Orii> liberal: it does
[03:46:31] <Orii> but its useless
[03:46:40] <Orii> like if i want to add packages
[03:46:43] <Orii> it wont let me
[03:46:50] <Orii> and when i do it from cli
[03:47:00] <Orii> it tells me the password is old
[03:47:01] *** Seony has quit IRC
[03:47:31] <liberal> you're talking about using a gui as well?
[03:47:54] <Orii> if i use the gui it tells me error
[03:47:58] <Orii> then i try it in cli
[03:48:04] <Orii> and it says password is bogus
[03:48:07] <Orii> needs to be reset
[03:48:11] <liberal> :o
[03:48:20] <liberal> i wonder if it's been reported as a bug already
[03:49:13] <Orii> :( im such a idiot i should have checked
[03:49:22] <Orii> provide something for this cool community
[03:49:34] <Orii> but i thought well im sure its already reported
[03:49:40] * Orii faceplams
[03:49:43] <Orii> damnit
[03:49:48] <Orii> im so sorry :'(
[03:49:52] <liberal> o_O it's not the end of the world.
[03:50:16] <Orii> *poker face* not yet
[03:50:27] <liberal> yeah, we still have 10 months to go
[03:50:33] <liberal> *trollface*
[03:51:19] <Orii> i dont really believe in it but just in case im going to make sure i spend my time with my cute gf :)
[03:52:42] <adama> lol
[03:52:49] <adama> zero chance of 2012 being true
[03:52:57] <adama> it's just a case of retarded retards being retarded
[03:53:01] <adama> also, mistranslation
[03:53:29] *** CVLTCMK0 has quit IRC
[03:54:54] <alanc> I dunno, some of the 2012 presidential primary debates sure seem like a sign of impending apocalypse
[03:55:10] <Orii> ;p;
[03:55:17] <alanc> though a lot of those also fall in the category of " retarded retards being retarded"
[03:55:21] <Orii> lol*
[03:55:26] <alanc> aka, politicians as usual
[03:56:27] <Orii> idk i just say ron paul
[03:56:31] <Orii> idk just ron paul
[03:56:39] <Orii> choosing a lesser evil
[03:59:41] <liberal> he's got great ideas, but he won't be able to do squat in the whitehouse. we need obama again and a full liberal congress + senate. tired of the politicians putting their wants ahead of the country's needs and obstructing progress.
[04:00:32] *** CVLTCMK0 has joined #openindiana
[04:00:43] <liberal> not saying it should be that way forever, but we need to get real shit done, not pander to a bunch of wealthy corporate businessmen
[04:02:51] <Orii> liberal: fuck the government
[04:02:54] <Orii> its all shit
[04:03:18] <Orii> its all about picking the lesser evil
[04:04:09] <adama> Orii: isn't the lesser evil, the democrats?
[04:04:36] <adama> imho, democracy is horse-shit
[04:04:47] <adama> but i have not seen a viable alternative, thus far :>
[04:05:16] <liberal> what we need is a system of complete transparency
[04:05:55] <Orii> liberal: never could happen in government
[04:05:58] <Orii> there is always greed
[04:06:04] <Orii> power changes people
[04:06:05] <liberal> and we also need to remember that our government wasn't created to tell us what to do, but to settle disputes.
[04:06:29] <adama> luls
[04:06:32] <Warod> oh oh.. #openindiana politics. :>
[04:06:36] <liberal> haha
[04:06:41] <liberal> yeah, a bit off topic i guess
[04:06:41] <Orii> anarchism is what i most agree with i just hate the violent assholes that calls themselves anarchist
[04:06:43] * liberal runs
[04:06:50] <Orii> just thungs wanting a reason to do what they do
[04:06:55] <adama> the us government was created by a load of rich white guys who wanted to be rich white guys without another rich white guy telling them what to do
[04:07:14] <adama> they were just doing it in the middle of the enlightenment, so were all gay about it
[04:07:19] <adama> if you know what i mean
[04:07:26] <Orii> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvbe45caVf4&feature=related
[04:07:32] <Orii> scatman crothers
[04:07:34] <liberal> lol
[04:07:40] <adama> Orii: anarchy is a ridiculous concept
[04:07:46] <Orii> totally relevant to openindiana
[04:07:47] <adama> it could never, would never and has never worked
[04:07:54] <liberal> adama: that's an interesting perspective, and yes, i know what you mean
[04:07:54] <liberal> lol
[04:08:09] <liberal> i think they had a little more integrity than that though
[04:08:14] <adama> basically anyone at the time would have created a government the same way, because of what was happening elsewhere
[04:08:17] <adama> but basically, they were human
[04:08:21] <liberal> they really believed in what they preached and stood for
[04:08:24] <adama> and did it because they wanted more hookers and blow
[04:08:31] <adama> preached?
[04:08:33] <Orii> adama: i said its what i most agree with. i think it would be good if people used some aspects from anarchism in there own political ideas
[04:08:42] <liberal> i'm not saying there wasn't some level of hipocracy in the whole thing
[04:08:43] <adama> don't forget most of them were atheist or deist :>
[04:08:47] <Orii> like mutual assistance
[04:08:52] <liberal> well, i use the word preached loosely so
[04:09:12] <adama> Orii: you forget that there are humans involved
[04:09:17] <adama> humans require structure, or they create it
[04:09:26] <adama> if you remove all structure, one will be created
[04:09:31] <adama> and you probably woul dnot like what formed
[04:09:39] <Orii> there is nothing wrong with structure.
[04:09:50] <liberal> why did the conversation jump to anarchism?
[04:09:57] <adama> and by structure, i mean a police force, a judiciary and an army
[04:09:58] <Orii> liberal: polictics
[04:10:05] <adama> liberal: Orii said it was awesome, i said he was a moron :)
[04:10:12] <adama> or merely naive
[04:10:13] <Orii> i never said it was awesome
[04:10:22] <adama> i'm paraphrasing :P
[04:10:27] <Orii> i said its the one that i most agree with
[04:10:40] <liberal> i think vagina is awesome
[04:10:40] <Orii> of course it would never work :)
[04:10:49] <adama> you know in ancient venice
[04:10:52] <Orii> liberal........
[04:11:01] <adama> they would erect gallows outside the doge's house
[04:11:04] <adama> to remind him that if he fucked up
[04:11:06] <liberal> what? just sayin
[04:11:08] <adama> he would get fucked up
[04:11:15] <adama> you guys need that shit outside the whitehouse
[04:11:23] <adama> "start a war? we fuck you up."
[04:12:07] <adama> concentration of power only works if the people who wield the power know that abuse of the power has consequences metered out by the populace
[04:12:13] <adama> that's largely what's missing
[04:12:16] <liberal> hence the need for transparency
[04:12:25] <adama> well, there's no t really any mechanism
[04:12:28] <Orii> on a related note im a highschooler and i created my own religion and i have now 7 followers
[04:12:40] <adama> in the UK they've been talking about introducing a system where MPs can be removed if the electorate thinks they suck
[04:12:51] <liberal> Orii: congratulations, you're the proud leader of a cult
[04:12:55] <adama> Orii: is it based on SG1?
[04:13:03] <adama> because that reference is not lost on me :P
[04:13:41] <Orii> liberal: all religions are just accepted cults
[04:14:18] <adama> yus
[04:14:23] <Orii> adama: it has lots of buddist, sub-genius and discordianism in it
[04:14:28] <viridari> if only I had ops in this channel
[04:14:30] <liberal> Orii: actually, a cult are define as any new religious upstart that is not yet widely accepted.
[04:14:33] <adama> christianity for example was just one of many messiah cults in existance in 0AD :>
[04:14:39] <Orii> viridari: is right
[04:14:40] <liberal> s/new/modern/
[04:14:40] <Orii> enough
[04:14:55] <liberal> oh, and s/are/is/
[04:14:57] <Orii> this is not the place
[04:15:03] <adama> why not?
[04:15:05] <liberal> i think i've already said that once
[04:15:16] <adama> i've been here years and i've never ever talked about open indiana
[04:15:19] <adama> i've never even installed it
[04:15:19] <adama> :D
[04:15:23] <liberal> but yeah, if the discussion is civilized, and we're not obstructing the true purpose of the channel
[04:15:38] <Orii> we are bringing culture here ;)
[04:15:39] <liberal> i don't see why we can't have this discussion
[04:15:51] <viridari> this is noise
[04:15:54] <adama> don't anger the OCD gods of freennode, though
[04:16:00] <viridari> new channels are free to start
[04:16:19] <Warod> the freenode government should tax them!
[04:16:29] <adama> Warod: unlikely, lilo is gone
[04:16:31] <Orii> viridari: yes you are right
[04:16:33] <adama> ho ho ho
[04:16:36] <liberal> viridari: noise? as if it should really matter to you. you had nothing to say earlier, do you have something to say about openindiana?
[04:16:58] * adama is leader of a project with a channel here
[04:17:05] *** Seony has joined #openindiana
[04:17:10] <adama> it is very active all day, and about 10% of subject is related to the project
[04:17:11] <liberal> are we obstructing your attempt to get support or ask about openindiana features?
[04:17:22] <adama> i would say that the additional activity only helps the project
[04:17:24] <Orii> openindiana is beautful but as unstable as a grenade from WWII
[04:17:27] <adama> as it creates more community :>
[04:17:35] <Orii> it has loads of potential
[04:17:43] <adama> openindiana is unstable?
[04:17:53] <adama> i'd hafe thought that was one thing you wouldn't say of solaris :>
[04:17:55] <Orii> and i look forward to see the day it gets widely accepted
[04:17:56] <liberal> bottom line is the people here either use/test oi, are considering using/testing it, or develop it
[04:18:10] <adama> or are here to troll Alasdairrr
[04:18:21] <liberal> but it's not like people here have to eat, breath, smoke, and crap it 24/7 in here
[04:18:24] <Orii> adama: from what i have seen it is buggy and fucks up a lot. the desktop not the server
[04:18:35] <adama> Orii: well, that is all the crappy userland stuff
[04:18:37] <adama> also, fuck desktop
[04:18:44] <Orii> adama: :P
[04:18:46] <liberal> what he said
[04:18:46] <adama> what kind of crazy mofo are you to want to run it on the desktop? :D
[04:18:47] <liberal> :)
[04:18:56] <liberal> omg, exactly
[04:18:57] <Warod> OI has quite a amount of rough edges still.
[04:19:03] <liberal> you want desktop? go windows or osx
[04:19:06] <Orii> adama: im a guy who is OS hopper
[04:19:06] * liberal prefers osx
[04:19:10] <adama> or Ubuntu
[04:19:11] <liberal> but, *shrug*
[04:19:13] <adama> haha, no, i'm joking
[04:19:16] <Warod> it's easy to crash OI with zfs diff. :)
[04:19:17] <liberal> hahaha
[04:19:19] <liberal> tg
[04:19:19] <Orii> i got 23 UBS just for it
[04:19:25] <liberal> i was going to have to deduct 100 point from you
[04:19:30] <adama> Orii: don't worry, you'll grow out of it
[04:19:31] <liberal> +s
[04:19:42] <adama> i spent the last 16 years trying to run linux on the dekstop
[04:19:44] <adama> unpossible
[04:19:56] <liberal> wow, you lasted longer than me
[04:20:00] <Orii> adama: it could be unstable because im using it in virtualbox XD
[04:20:03] <adama> liberal: no, i don't actually run it
[04:20:04] <Warod> I do OSX on desk, linux on servers and OI on storage...
[04:20:07] <adama> i try it once every 6 months
[04:20:15] <adama> and think "fuck, this is better. also, it's still shit"
[04:20:22] <Orii> adama: impossible*
[04:20:27] <adama> Orii: no, unpossible
[04:20:34] <Orii> impossible
[04:20:34] <adama> i'm a native english speaker, i know my language :P
[04:20:35] <liberal> Warod: sounds like me, though i haven't migrated my storage to oi yet, still on fbsd there
[04:20:45] <adama> UNPOSSIBLE!
[04:20:54] <liberal> taking my time and learning it first :)
[04:20:56] *** viridari has left #openindiana
[04:20:56] <Orii> adama: im pretty sure i know your language and you more then you do ;)
[04:21:04] <adama> imlikely!
[04:21:12] <liberal> dislikely*
[04:21:14] <adama> d'y'see what i did there?
[04:21:16] <adama> no, unlikely
[04:21:49] <adama> oh, you're american too, Orii?
[04:21:56] <adama> i assumed you were foreign, you sound kind odd :>
[04:22:02] <Warod> *sigh* you really should get a language which is phoneticly similar to type as it is to speak.
[04:22:11] <Warod> solves lots of problems, too.
[04:22:11] <liberal> i i'll see your "d'y'see what i did there?" and i'll raise you a "you missed what i did thar"
[04:22:15] <adama> Warod: we almost had it
[04:22:23] <adama> but they wussed out
[04:22:29] <Warod> huh?
[04:22:36] <adama> modern english and its 4 othographies does my head in
[04:22:51] <adama> Warod: there was a movement to reform the orthography of english in the 19th century
[04:22:57] <adama> but it failed
[04:22:59] <Warod> heh
[04:23:15] <Warod> didn't know of that
[04:23:19] <adama> so we're stuck with retarded french/norman french/frisian/scandinavian mix
[04:23:19] <liberal> i should be learning about that soon
[04:23:30] <liberal> my civ 2 course is coming up on the 19th century :)
[04:23:44] <adama> i preferred original civ to civ 2, tbh
[04:23:46] <adama> then civ 4
[04:23:49] <adama> :D :D :D
[04:24:14] <liberal> i've got civ 4 installed. started playing it again last night :)
[04:24:28] <adama> it's nice
[04:24:31] <adama> civ5 is a clusterfuck
[04:24:36] <adama> makes me very sad
[04:24:56] <liberal> i enjoy, but more importantly it's native for mac
[04:25:20] <adama> :D
[04:25:23] <liberal> haven't played 5 yet. i'll wait until the price comes down. i don't play civ 4 enough as it is
[04:25:33] <adama> have you played Sins of a solar empire?
[04:25:55] <Warod> d'uh.. games. Booooring.
[04:26:00] <liberal> nope. not really much of a gamer, but if it's good i'd certainly check it out
[04:26:03] <Warod> I'll go sleep. G'nite.
[04:26:15] <adama> it's pretty good, but you have to like that sort of game
[04:26:26] <liberal> i'm starting to get a bit sleepy as well
[04:26:32] <adama> i still play a fair bit of master of orion 2 :/
[04:26:35] <Warod> oh, one more thing
[04:26:54] <Warod> has there been kernel exploits on solaris systems?
[04:27:07] <Warod> priv esc and such
[04:27:25] <adama> yes
[04:27:29] <adama> of course
[04:27:30] <liberal> http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/15962/
[04:27:55] <liberal> though it's dated back to 2010
[04:28:04] <Warod> mm
[04:28:23] <Warod> not quite as much as linux has had? :P
[04:28:29] <liberal> that was searching "solaris kernel exploit"
[04:28:38] <liberal> Warod: i don't know that that's really saying a whole lot
[04:28:57] <adama> Warod: in the really old days, far more
[04:28:58] <liberal> like osx, solaris has a very footprint, does it not?
[04:29:07] <adama> Warod: in recent times, much less, i would say
[04:29:09] <liberal> +small
[04:29:16] <adama> but that's due to targetting
[04:29:24] <adama> because few people run solaris, no one bothers targetting it
[04:29:30] <adama> same with the mac vs pc argument on security
[04:29:32] <Warod> well, that too
[04:29:33] <liberal> adama: that's my point
[04:29:43] <adama> liberal: indeed :>
[04:29:59] <Warod> OSX is not easy target
[04:30:06] <Warod> OSX users are, though. :P
[04:30:15] <liberal> hehe, no argument there
[04:30:23] <liberal> some* osx users are
[04:30:30] <liberal> could maybe even say "most"
[04:30:34] <liberal> but *shrug*
[04:30:35] <adama> OSX is an aesy a target as anything else, these days
[04:30:36] <Warod> I'd say most, definately
[04:30:46] <adama> win7's security model is certainly better, these days
[04:30:58] <adama> times change :>
[04:31:20] <Warod> well, linux security model sucks even more
[04:31:23] <liberal> it's definitely improved over the years
[04:31:42] <Warod> BSD *has* a security model. ;P
[04:31:43] <liberal> but it's still not impenetrable
[04:31:46] <adama> i think linux has many more security features than osx
[04:31:55] <adama> unless by "linux" you mean "Gnome"
[04:32:02] <Warod> lol
[04:32:10] <liberal> did you read about the nokia 10 year ordeal?
[04:32:19] <adama> the linux kernel is riddled with annoyances related to security
[04:32:24] <adama> bsd has jails
[04:32:25] <adama> that's about it
[04:32:34] <Warod> BSD has sec leveling too
[04:32:41] <adama> wow has levelling too
[04:32:42] <Warod> and PAX in kernel tree
[04:32:43] <adama> pretty boring it is
[04:33:14] <Warod> what BSD doesn't have, is performance. ;)
[04:33:27] *** viridari has joined #openindiana
[04:33:45] <liberal> Warod: no, what bsd doesn't have is broad scale h/w and driver support.
[04:33:50] <adama> and by bsd, i assume you mean freebsd?
[04:33:58] <liberal> but what it intends to support, it supports well
[04:34:00] <Warod> adama: yeah
[04:34:00] <adama> forkers gonna fork
[04:34:38] <liberal> anyway, gonna run. nice chattin with you guys :)
[04:34:42] <Warod> well, I see few major problems in linux kernel development
[04:35:47] <Warod> one major point is that there is no coherent plan to take it forward in clear enough cycles.. you'll never know what kernel really ends up being stable and supported in long term
[04:36:34] <Warod> currently there's a antique 2.6.32 which lacks many VM improvements
[04:37:11] <Warod> eg. we cannot run it as the VM will die eventually.
[04:38:49] <Warod> Then there's the lack of proper security model. The mainline LSM just sucks and it's a plugin framework, not a proper security model anyways.
[04:39:55] <Warod> Third point is the absurd lack of choises in areas where they matter most. There's only one scheduler supported, CFS. Which. Just. Sucks. Very. Very. Much.
[04:40:32] <Warod> and I mean THIS much: http://warod.kapsi.fi/b/bfs/
[04:48:35] *** heke has quit IRC
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[04:55:39] *** jswlinux is now known as Seony
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[05:26:31] *** rlaager has joined #openindiana
[05:28:22] <rlaager> Does OpenIndiana use GRUB2? If so, is booting off a RAIDZ supported?
[05:33:26] <viridari> Linux & virtualization is a joke
[05:33:27] <viridari> sorry
[05:33:36] <viridari> this is coming from a guy who makes his living on Linux
[05:34:18] *** DrLou has quit IRC
[05:36:13] *** hajma has quit IRC
[05:36:45] *** hajma has joined #openindiana
[05:37:23] <alanc> rlaager: no, still grub-0.9something
[05:56:13] *** reddi has quit IRC
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[07:24:23] *** shayan has joined #openindiana
[07:27:52] <shayan> Hi, Could anyone help me set-up openindiana's grub to boot Linux (Fedora)?
[07:28:56] <adama> wrong channel, you want #fedora
[07:29:14] *** madwizard has joined #openindiana
[07:30:13] <shayan> adama, I am using openindiana's grub. Since the documentations say Fedora's grub cannot load Solaris.
[07:30:15] *** heke has joined #openindiana
[07:30:23] <adama> so?
[07:30:35] <adama> why woudl you expect any openindiana person to know how to boot fedora? :>
[07:30:49] <adama> do these people know what an initrd is? who knows!
[07:31:01] *** r4idenZA has joined #openindiana
[07:31:35] <shayan> adama, :) that has higher chances of Fedora people knowing how to set openindiana's grub
[07:32:39] <adama> i can't imagine configuration is any different
[07:32:42] <adama> it is, afterall, grub
[07:34:18] <tsoome> use chainload
[07:34:53] <adama> for simplicity, or because OI's grub is retarded in some way?
[07:37:39] *** madwizard has quit IRC
[07:38:19] <shayan> tsoome, root(hd0,1) Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83 --> and next line is: Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format
[07:43:58] *** keremet has joined #openindiana
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[11:24:49] <LarsN> I'm sure this has been asked at least a dozen times this month, but I don't see a FAQ link at the top, and the release notes for 151a don't mention it... Does OI have working support for Intel SandyBridge based integrated graphics yet?
[11:27:39] *** hajma has joined #openindiana
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[13:08:28] <cypromis> LarsN: I would oe to know but I don't
[13:08:32] <cypromis> would help me a ot too
[13:08:32] <cypromis> :D
[13:10:37] <merzo> Have a question about VPNC, default vpnc-script doesn't work (issues with routing), so I replaced this script with git.infradead.org/users/dwmw2/vpnc-scripts.git
[13:10:46] <merzo> everything works fine
[13:10:52] <merzo> except DNS
[13:11:08] <madwizard> Coffee
[13:11:25] <merzo> script adds search domain in /etc/resolv.conf
[13:11:46] <merzo> but doesn't add nameserver
[13:11:47] <madwizard> LarsN: What do you mean? I installed oi on sandybridge and it works
[13:12:08] *** spanglywires has joined #openindiana
[13:12:15] <merzo> I tried to do it manualy but it doesn't help
[13:12:54] <merzo> what trick I have to do for solving issue with DNS
[13:12:56] <merzo> ?
[13:14:47] <Tenzer> madwizard: Some of the SandyBridge processors have an integrated graphics chip, the question was if that was supported or not
[13:14:57] <madwizard> Tenzer: Ah, it works
[13:15:12] <madwizard> Tenzer: But don't expect waterfalls
[13:15:41] <Tenzer> merzo: Does your /etc/nsswitch.conf file contain "dns" on the "hosts:" line?
[13:15:50] <Tenzer> madwizard: Okay, tell LarsN then :)
[13:16:27] <Woodstock> merzo: the vpnc from pkgsrc that I use adds the nameservers and changes the domain statement, but it leaves the original search statement on line 2 as is, which then overrides the changes domain setting. so resolving works only if i specify the fqdn.
[13:17:08] <madwizard> LarsN: Ask Tenzer, he knows now
[13:17:09] <madwizard> :)
[13:18:20] <Tenzer> ... :P
[13:20:12] *** enmand has joined #openindiana
[13:22:20] <merzo> Woodstock probably the answer is here
[13:22:33] <merzo> after vpnc mycon.conf
[13:22:42] <merzo> I receive msg /etc/vpnc/vpnc-script[324]: /var/run/vpnc/resolv.conf-backup: cannot open [No such file or directory]
[13:23:00] <merzo> but why it happens?
[13:23:40] <merzo> Woodstock "fqdn" what is it?
[13:25:47] *** keremet has left #openindiana
[13:26:04] <merzo> Tenzer sure
[13:40:28] *** aod has joined #openindiana
[13:42:40] <Woodstock> merzo: fully qualified domain name
[13:42:45] *** enmand has quit IRC
[13:43:40] <merzo> Woodstock sorry for nube question :) how to do it?
[13:45:54] <Woodstock> the fqdn of the host foo could be foo.barbaz.com or something like that, so if your domain/search statements in resolv.conf are messed up, only the latter would work
[13:45:55] <haj> Any risks offlineing and removing ZIL in a system with relative low load?
[13:46:32] <DrLou_> madwizard: Hello again!
[13:46:44] <DrLou_> which version of Oi on sandyBridge?
[13:51:44] <tsoome> haj: basically the only risk is if you gonna hit some bug which will prevent slog device removal.
[13:52:06] *** jw_urodoc has quit IRC
[13:53:15] <madwizard> DrLou_: Worked with 148 and now 150
[13:54:03] <DrLou_> OK, (somewhat) consistent with my mileage. No probs at all back in 148 days…
[13:54:14] <haj> tsoome: okay.. without thinking I used MLC SSD's for ZIL.. (Didn't know better at the time) and I'd really like to replace them..
[13:54:26] <DrLou_> troubles started with 151, I believe.
[13:54:44] <madwizard> DrLou_: What problems?
[13:54:46] <DrLou_> madwizard: prestable repo contains fixes
[13:55:05] <DrLou_> Huge interrupt storm issues - may not be apparent
[13:55:12] <haj> tsoome: I tried on my "test" system and it worked with no problems.. So I guess I'll try on the live system as well...
[13:55:22] <madwizard> ah
[13:55:27] <madwizard> DrLou_: Not on my notebook
[13:55:31] <tsoome> in theory, removing it (and adding new one) shouldnt be an issue. but with older code base some people have seen problems.
[13:55:34] <madwizard> DrLou_: Runs too short times for this to manifest
[13:55:41] <haj> tsoome: it's 151
[13:55:56] <tsoome> then its quite safe, i presume.
[13:56:01] <DrLou_> mad wizard - yes, short 'live' times will be no issue
[13:56:27] <DrLou_> see vmstat -5 -- after several days, our interrupts errors were in the millions...
[13:56:28] *** jw_urodoc has joined #openindiana
[13:57:32] <haj> tsoome: Do you know if its a big risk with the MLC's? They are quite new Intel 120gig's... mirrored.. I would think the system would notice if they don't return the same data?
[13:58:01] *** kart__ has quit IRC
[13:58:11] <DrLou_> ZFS would notice!
[13:58:17] <haj> good :)
[13:58:22] <tsoome> you know how slog is used?
[13:58:43] <haj> yes as write cache...
[13:58:47] <tsoome> basically its only written
[13:59:25] <tsoome> only case when its actually read is when you have an crash/poweroff and the change log need to be read from slog device.
[13:59:35] <haj> mmh... okay.
[13:59:41] <tsoome> in normal workload its *never* read
[13:59:47] *** kart_ has joined #openindiana
[14:00:47] <haj> tsoome: hmm ... Would there be any big difference in using faster SSD's than the disks as ZIL then?
[14:01:14] <tsoome> there is.
[14:01:56] *** tabasko has joined #openindiana
[14:02:18] <tsoome> thing is, slog is used *only* for sync mode writes, and on such write the kernel can return from write as soon as the log is safe. therefore you wanna have as low latency write device for slog, as possible.
[14:02:22] <haj> But.. does that mean that the data is never verified on the ZIL?
[14:02:45] <tabasko> oww, I tried to upgrade from opensolaris svn_134 to openindiana and now it fails at boot with "boot-archive failed transitioned to maintenance"
[14:02:53] <tsoome> the data is *always* verified.
[14:02:57] <haj> okay.. nice
[14:03:42] <tsoome> just that the slog devide itself will be read only at the time of pool import, *if* the system had no time to write changes to main disks
[14:03:57] <tabasko> I tried issue # bootadm update-archive, but nothing..
[14:06:00] <tsoome> in normal situation, if you have sync mode write, the write data gets into arc, the change log will be written on the slog, now kernel can return ack to the client, and at some point of time, the main cache (arc) is flushed to pool data disks, and when its done, the log record in slog will be freed.
[14:06:33] <tsoome> in such scenario there is no need to read slog, because the same data is already in arc.
[14:06:49] <tabasko> same problem: http://openindiana.org/pipermail/openindiana-discuss/2011-September/005102.html
[14:07:33] <tsoome> but if you had crash or poweroff, you have no data in arc obviously, and now to finish the write to main data disks, you need to read log from slog.
[14:08:29] *** enmand has joined #openindiana
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[14:43:31] *** enmand has joined #openindiana
[14:48:10] <LarsN> madwizard: you're saying out of the box the latest OI install supports sandy bridge graphics?
[14:48:40] <LarsN> last time i installed OI on this laptop i was limited to 1024x768 (native resolution is 1366x768)
[14:48:44] <LarsN> using the VESA driver.
[15:05:49] <geoff_> No, SandyBridge Intel graphic support is not OI. It also doesn't work in Solaris 11.
[15:05:56] <geoff_> not in OI
[15:06:25] <geoff_> Only VESA for now.
[15:09:19] *** xenol has quit IRC
[15:09:24] *** xenol has joined #openindiana
[15:13:59] <LarsN> I'm at least getting my proper resolution in Solaris 11 11/11
[15:14:12] <LarsN> are they running a modified VESA then?
[15:14:50] <LarsN> it Claims to be running the i915 driver for my graphics card.
[15:17:53] <geoff_> Or maybe S11 SandyBridge is partially broken. I don't know the details.
[15:19:48] <madwizard> geoff_: I get all proper resolution with my sandybridge and I've no other graphic card in thsi notebook
[15:19:55] <madwizard> But SB is buggy in oi
[15:24:38] <LarsN> I guess I have to go back to linux and give up ZFS support.
[15:24:44] <geoff_> I have a buddy who has a SandyBridge laptop and S11 wouldn't even start gdm.
[15:24:46] <LarsN> i can't have broken graphics :(
[15:27:25] *** jw_urodoc has quit IRC
[15:28:18] *** Mobi has joined #openindiana
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[15:57:44] *** vados has joined #openindiana
[15:57:51] <geoff_> Sorry, I can't find the discussion in these logs which talk about intel graphics compatibility/incompatibility issues. Try looking in the logs for #illumos or #oi-dev. I'm sure it was mentioned in the past three months.
[15:59:21] *** flyz_ has joined #openindiana
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[16:02:47] <geoff_> (and that where S11 current stands).
[16:03:28] *** mixis has left #openindiana
[16:03:36] <geoff_> (and that is where S11 currently stands)
[16:18:20] *** Uranio-235 has joined #openindiana
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[16:19:15] *** elgar has joined #openindiana
[16:20:02] <Uranio-235> hello, my english is not good, Im interested i OpenIndina, want t know more about the project... where begin?
[16:22:24] *** alcir has quit IRC
[16:23:10] *** tsoome has quit IRC
[16:24:54] <alanc> geoff_, LarsN: S11 has basic/2D support for Sandy Bridge graphics, but not 3D, and there are some bugs in the 2D
[16:25:17] <alanc> S11X had none, because it came after that
[16:25:18] <jamon> Uranio-235: have you looked at the wiki yet? http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/Frequently+Asked+Questions and http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/Using+OpenIndiana are good starting places
[16:25:57] <Uranio-235> jamon: the project still active yet?
[16:27:14] *** merzo has quit IRC
[16:27:16] <jamon> Uranio-235: absolutely, you might want to subscribe to the mailing lists: http://openindiana.org/mailman/listinfo
[16:27:37] <jamon> Uranio-235: check the openindiana-discuss list for a gentle introduction
[16:27:40] <Uranio-235> thanks
[16:28:59] *** kart_ has joined #openindiana
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[16:46:17] *** nvez has joined #openindiana
[16:46:17] *** nvez has joined #openindiana
[16:46:37] <nvez> Not sure if my msg went through (flakey intarwebs)
[16:46:38] <nvez> Right so OI 151 and my NFS share is going down, where can I find the NFS server logs? (I have centos experience but cant find anything in /var/log)
[16:51:16] *** der_adi has joined #openindiana
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[17:15:06] *** Devilwitch has joined #openindiana
[17:15:15] <Devilwitch> hi i am sara help me
[17:15:57] <Devilwitch> ello
[17:16:01] <Devilwitch> help
[17:16:03] <der_adi> (baywatch music, david hasselhoff, pamela anderson ... swimsuit ..)
[17:18:13] <Devilwitch> will my huawei e173 usb 3G modem work under openindiana?
[17:19:15] *** _404_Error_ has quit IRC
[17:25:18] *** hunter has joined #openindiana
[17:25:44] *** hunter is now known as Guest7740
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[17:46:15] <Devilwitch> hello
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[18:35:10] <phil___> this is more of a general Solaris question, but I can't find anywhere else to ask it
[18:35:48] <phil___> installed smbd, but it won't start due to: ld.so.1: smbd: fatal: libc.so.1: version `SUNW_1.22.6' not found (required by file /opt/csw/sbin/amd64/smbd) \ ld.so.1: smbd: fatal: libc.so.1: open failed: No such file or directory
[18:36:03] <phil___> is there anything I can do, or does the OS need to be upgraded? Thanks.
[18:36:32] <tomww> does the package of smbd match the OS ?
[18:37:03] *** movement has quit IRC
[18:37:06] <phil___> I used pkg-util to install, and spec'd i386 like it said, but the error says something about amd64
[18:37:31] <phil___> haven't worked on Solaris in years, this box is 10, was/is pkg-util the way to install samba?
[18:37:43] *** dijenerate has joined #openindiana
[18:37:58] <tsoome> s10 has samba included...
[18:38:01] <tomww> if this is solaris 10 then you should try channel #opencsw with this question
[18:38:30] <tomww> yes but s10 has maybe not the version one likes to choose :)
[18:38:39] <tomww> the version of samba
[18:38:58] *** jw_urodoc has quit IRC
[18:39:02] <phil___> awesome, I'll ask on opencsw, thank you!
[18:40:00] <tsoome> then just build it…:P
[18:40:04] *** movement has joined #openindiana
[18:41:03] *** girafe has joined #openindiana
[18:45:28] *** Licenser has joined #openindiana
[18:46:22] <tsoome> and btw, it didnt say "something about amd", its not finding symbol SUNW_1.22.6, meaning your s10 is too old and not updated/patched.
[18:51:00] *** doug_ndndn has joined #openindiana
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[18:57:01] <nvez> I have a nfs share that's going down (centos reports - kernel: nfs: server not responding, still trying) -- where can I look in the logs of the opensolaris server to see what happened?
[18:57:06] *** doug_ndndn1 has left #openindiana
[18:57:40] *** doug_ndndn has joined #openindiana
[18:59:34] *** Savis has joined #openindiana
[19:02:57] <nvez> Ok looks like that the underlying zfs filesystem was unable to do writes because it seems a drive was being poopy and it was raising errors, so nfs was not completting writes/etc
[19:03:12] <nvez> Then when zfs finally decided to tell the bad drive to GTFO everything recovered
[19:06:15] *** kdavyd has quit IRC
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[21:05:33] <Kurlon> Afternoon all, question on DDT sizing... I just turned off DeDupe, pulled all my files off, and placed them back on the system. I still have a huge DDT chewing up precious ARC. Any way to shrink it without destroying the zpool?
[21:07:02] <bdrewery> you might have some snapshots remaining
[21:08:48] <Kurlon> Hrmm... didn't think to check snapshots, good call.
[21:09:11] <Kurlon> So the DDT should shrink automatically as I eliminate deduped data then, correct?
[21:09:57] <Kurlon> No snaps on that pool.
[21:10:11] <Kurlon> At least none I can see via zfs list -r -t snapshot
[21:11:02] <bdrewery> do you have data in child datasets perhaps?
[21:11:15] *** Zenos has joined #openindiana
[21:11:25] <bdrewery> I've been trying to identify deduped blocks on my own system for months after disabling. I really just gave up trying to find it all.
[21:12:21] <Kurlon> Not that I can tell, but I'll make another pass at pulling data off to see what happens.
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[21:44:01] <rlaager> Where can I find the source code for the qemu-kvm package in OpenIndiana?
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[21:48:29] <Damjanek> Anyone had luck with installing oi_148 or oi_151 on HP BL460c G1 with cpqary3?
[21:52:06] <Triskelios> Damjanek: you need to -B disable-cpqary3=true for the install, then replace the driver
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