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   May 24, 2020  
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[00:09:52] *** Iceybones <Iceybones!~AndChat17@cpe-174-96-26-236.neo.res.rr.com> has joined #lwjgl
[00:10:14] <Iceybones> Not big on classical music either bomb.
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[00:28:04] *** Bonediggity <Bonediggity!~AndChat17@116.sub-174-252-193.myvzw.com> has joined #lwjgl
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[00:48:17] *** Iceybones <Iceybones!~AndChat17@116.sub-174-252-193.myvzw.com> has joined #lwjgl
[00:59:36] <bomb> sad to hear Iceybones
[00:59:40] <bomb> so what do you like?
[01:08:05] *** Jeanne-Kamikaze <Jeanne-Kamikaze!~Jeanne-Ka@> has joined #lwjgl
[01:50:23] <Iceybones> Bomb: Lots of different stuff but mostly rock.
[01:50:43] <bomb> zzzjjjjjjjjjj zzrrrjjjjjjjjj zjjjjjrrjjj
[01:50:47] <bomb> which bands?
[02:11:31] <Iceybones> Meh, I really don't care about music as much as I used to.
[02:12:09] <bomb> you need a better listening devices, then
[02:12:24] <Iceybones> Maybe
[02:12:30] <bomb> my headphones were broken last week, I've been listening to music with earbud
[02:12:49] <bomb> it feels like one my eyes go went blind
[02:13:03] <Iceybones> Lol I feel you
[02:13:05] <bomb> songs I love sound shitty
[02:13:15] <bomb> and it's supposed to be a high quality earbud :(
[02:13:45] <Iceybones> I know exactly what you mean. One song I like a lot is like that Matchbox 20 - Busted
[02:14:44] <bomb> you know what's even more sad, the vast majority of people listen to music with these earbuds now
[02:14:54] <bomb> they don't appreciate good music because they can't
[02:15:15] <bomb> meanwhile shitty industrial pop music is mixed and mastered for these earbuds
[02:17:36] <Iceybones> Right
[02:18:24] <Iceybones> Tell me about your game projects. Working on anything music/rhythm based?
[02:22:17] <bomb> nope, I don't do no games
[02:49:35] <Iceybones> Oh.
[02:49:54] <Iceybones> What do you do with lwjgl?
[02:50:46] <bomb> OpenGL bindings
[02:51:29] <bomb> I plan to use some other stuff too
[02:52:19] <bomb> like stb stuff and that native dialogs lib
[03:18:25] <bomb> Iceybones: did you know that Bitwig Studio uses LWJGL for the UI
[03:18:55] <bomb> NanoVG bindings, obviously
[03:29:46] <Iceybones> Bomb: Oh cool, I did not know that.
[03:36:01] <Iceybones> I actually haven't had a chance to look into lwjgl at all yet lol. I'm just assuming that it's for me.
[03:36:25] <bomb> what do you want to make?
[03:38:18] <Iceybones> Everything
[03:38:44] <Iceybones> Games mostly.
[03:38:59] <Iceybones> Mobile games in particular.
[03:40:55] <bomb> LWJGL is great for that
[03:41:15] <bomb> not as much on iOS, but still doable
[03:41:34] <bomb> you should be using LibGDX that's built on top of LWJGL
[03:43:08] <Iceybones> I wanna bring back the feel of old console games. Not in a graphical sense...Moreso just want to not follow the current trend of quickly churning out crappy games for use as billboards / other monetization bs
[03:44:03] <Iceybones> Well I want to write my own game loop and what not so I have as much control over everything as I can.
[03:44:32] <Iceybones> And make it highly performant to my specific needs.
[03:46:46] <Iceybones> I spent quite a bit of time with unity and C# and know some Java but I'm currently pursuing a BSCS and have a few Java classes coming up and I think Java is just the greatest so I wanna learn all I can about it. I wanna be a Java master. So might take me a couple years before I'm ready to start putting games out.
[03:47:30] <Iceybones> I do have one unity game in beta on the play store. But I wanna get away from unity and get closer to the hardware and do everything from "scratch".
[03:49:36] <bomb> you don't years to do that
[03:49:59] <bomb> just don't ignore all the hard work done with you to satisfy your NIH syndrome, like most beginners do
[03:50:06] <bomb> s/with/for/
[03:50:29] <Iceybones> NIH syndrome?
[03:51:11] <bomb> "not implemented here" syndrome
[03:51:27] <bomb> what you want to do is basically writing LibGDX from scratch
[03:56:03] <Iceybones> Yeah cus I wanna learn Java as best I can.
[03:58:08] <bomb> Oracle's online tutorials are great for starting out
[03:58:16] <bomb> then this book has many examples: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B2GHCVM/
[03:58:29] <bomb> and then this one from the same author: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C126PFW/
[03:59:33] <bomb> you can have a look at the PDFs here before deciding to purchase: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/search.php?req=kishori+sharan
[04:03:48] <Iceybones> Well like I said I have two Java classes coming up for school so I will start there. Right now I am working on "Computer Architecture".
[04:05:19] <Iceybones> But yeah I think Java will probably be my bread and butter so I want to know everything there is to know about it.
[04:07:36] <bomb> nobody learned programming at school
[04:08:19] <Iceybones> My goal is to just have my own project that I work on full time and that makes enough money to keep the lights on and food on the table. That's all. I don't care if it's a game, or a piece of software. I just wanna fill some niche in a market somewhere and constantly update.
[04:08:47] <bomb> sound idea
[04:09:20] <Iceybones> Thanks.
[04:12:04] <Iceybones> I might have to have a job for a while at first until I can transition to being completely self sufficient but that's okay. As long as I'm always progressing.
[04:13:26] <Iceybones> I'm about to quit my current job on July 5th so I can spend the next year finishing school. I have enough money saved up to keep me afloat for a couple years.
[04:16:55] <bomb> I'd give those books a try, along with official Oracle tutorials. they will give you a general understanding about GUI, database, network programming and such
[04:17:10] <bomb> you will learn to build practical solutions to problems. then you will be able to sell the solution to others
[04:17:27] <bomb> going deep into computer science won't necessarily help you most of the time
[04:18:34] <Iceybones> Well I have noticed that going to school has forced me to spend time learning the not so fun things
[04:20:09] <Iceybones> Which I otherwise would have never taken the time to do. So I think that has value.
[04:22:13] <Iceybones> For me school is just a good general foundation to get me started.
[04:23:44] <Iceybones> Even though I already have experience programming.
[04:25:55] <bomb> if understanding covalent bonds in molecules help you make better chocolate cakes to sell, fine
[04:26:19] <bomb> whatever makes you happy. I tried to help. you don't have to contradict with everything I say :)
[04:36:47] <Iceybones> Fair enough.
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   May 24, 2020  
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