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   March 25, 2017
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[00:00:14] <Whiskydog> oh got it to work
[00:00:21] <Whiskydog> it was gradlew:run
[00:03:45] <Whiskydog> in any case, thanks for ur help guys!!
[00:04:00] <Whiskydog> solarlune and myke :D
[00:04:14] <solarlune> Whiskydog, Cool, glad you got it to work.
[00:04:27] <myke> nice
[00:11:39] <Whiskydog> how do i get info of the platform on the code?
[00:11:46] <Whiskydog> do i have to make it a gameobject?
[00:16:31] <solarlune> Whiskydog, Ah, whoops
[00:16:37] <solarlune> The info of the platform?
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[00:57:18] <zachcarter> myke: what up dude?
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[01:17:47] <myke> hey
[01:18:07] <myke> got a 0.1 of my game up but it's tuned for crap and there's no ai tanks yet
[01:29:10] <zachcarter> hrm
[01:29:29] <zachcarter> myke: https://github.com/fragworks/frag
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[01:43:10] <myke> nice
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[01:54:35] <lukass> hey guys, I updated to a new libgdx version and wonder why I get errors for using TweenManager, has it been removed?
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[02:15:50] *** deployed <deployed!b110ad73@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #libgdx
[02:17:57] <deployed> Hello
[02:18:53] <deployed> can someone point me to a good article about rotating in 3d coords? im trying to get an entity pos and rotate to face another entity in the world
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[02:25:14] <lukass> deployed I'm not familiar with rotating but it has something to do with quaternions
[02:25:47] <deployed> i know, im trying to get the angle between the two vectors and rotate it using quaterion
[02:25:57] <lukass> Does someone know why there is no IndexedNode class in the current gdx AI version?
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[02:33:14] <TEttinger> lukass: huh, I wonder
[02:33:31] <lukass> I read the changes
[02:33:44] <lukass> it has been removed :OO
[02:34:03] <lukass> now the only tutorial I got is a bit useless haha
[02:34:45] <TEttinger> huh, Removed classes DefaultIndexedGraph and IndexedNode.
[02:34:54] <TEttinger> but there's a getIndex on Graph
[02:35:00] <TEttinger> err, IndexedGraph
[02:35:44] <lukass> I dont really get the principle behind indexed A*, I just know the normal algorithm
[02:36:33] <TEttinger> ah, so now the thing just uses any ol' type for nodes
[02:36:40] <TEttinger> and it stores the indexes
[02:36:50] <TEttinger> you don't need to use a subclass of IndexedNode
[02:37:46] <lukass> ol'?
[02:38:50] <solarlune> deployed, Yo, I don't know much, but the engine I work with has a function to align an object's axis to another vector.
[02:38:57] <solarlune> Perhaps it'll be of use to you: https://github.com/GoranM/bdx/blob/master/src/com/nilunder/bdx/GameObject.java#L692
[02:39:12] <deployed> gonna take a look, thank you
[02:39:18] <solarlune> np
[02:40:32] <TEttinger> lukass: "any ol' thing" is colloquial speech meaning "any thing"
[02:40:39] <lukass> ahh TEttinger, the index thing saves time in a specific part of the algorithm, and the indexedGraph uses now it's new fancy method "getIndex()"
[02:40:46] <TEttinger> yep
[02:41:22] <TEttinger> ol' being short for old
[02:41:52] <lukass> yeah I have to learn more of that thing, called "English" :P
[02:41:59] <TEttinger> ja
[02:42:14] <lukass> ah deutsch? :D me too
[02:43:29] <TEttinger> nein
[02:44:07] <lukass> ok :P
[02:44:33] <TEttinger> eso es todo del Aleman yo se
[02:45:40] <TEttinger> it's really weird how the word for Deutsch is German in English, Aleman (if I remembered right) in Spanish
[02:45:46] <TEttinger> neither like the German word
[02:46:00] <TEttinger> there's a dialect alled Alemanisch IIRC
[02:46:23] <lukass> It doesn't matter you are german or not :D we should keep speaking english so it's fair for others
[02:46:29] <TEttinger> nein!
[02:46:55] <TEttinger> I like lots of languages, but I'm pretty limited in my scope
[02:47:24] <TEttinger> hmm
[02:47:32] <TEttinger> I should update my benchmarks
[02:47:34] <lukass> yeah I living in the south part of germany near the swiss border, and you will just understand nothing here when they speak "allemanisch" dialect
[02:47:45] <TEttinger> ohh ok
[02:48:07] <TEttinger> that's what I gathered, that swiss and austrian dialects are very different from northern German
[02:48:30] <lukass> even you study German I guess ^^
[02:48:38] <lukass> yes
[02:48:38] <TEttinger> ... nein
[02:49:03] <TEttinger> I have only studied Spanish in school as a non-English language (in america)
[02:49:29] <lukass> By the way, what node class I choose now for my indexedgraph?
[02:49:34] <TEttinger> anything!
[02:49:58] <TEttinger> You could use Vec2D if you need double coordinates
[02:50:06] <lukass> yes me too, I didn't want to learn French (was an option, too)
[02:50:12] <deployed> im trying to figure out how to rotate a quaternion to a vector without using euler angles >.<
[02:50:47] <TEttinger> oh, err Vector2
[02:51:01] <TEttinger> deployed, rotate to?
[02:51:18] <TEttinger> a quaternion store more info than a vector
[02:51:30] <deployed> yeah, got two game entities, need to make one rotate to another
[02:51:45] <TEttinger> like rotate to face in the direction of?
[02:51:59] <deployed> yes, get the angle to do it
[02:52:12] <lukass> I have a box2d world, and first of all I create tones of sensors to create my graph. so the graph only consists only polygon-free areas
[02:52:41] <TEttinger> interesting
[02:53:24] <TEttinger> deployed: do you want a smooth rotation from one to match the other?
[02:53:48] <deployed> yep, i can do it using slerp
[02:53:58] <TEttinger> if both are quaternions, you could I think lerp or slerp from one to the other, it wouldn't change position
[02:54:16] <deployed> but i don't know how to calculate the angle between then to do the slerp
[02:54:30] <TEttinger> ohhh that's the thing then
[02:54:41] <TEttinger> because it may go counterclockwise or clockwise?
[02:54:52] <TEttinger> (on any axis)
[02:55:00] <deployed> i wanted the shortest rotation
[02:55:10] <TEttinger> yeah
[02:55:17] <deployed> but idk why it sometimes go for the wrong turn
[02:55:34] <deployed> 80% of the time it works fine, i think it's because im setting the euler angles
[02:55:37] <TEttinger> is the math in degrees or radians right now?
[02:55:45] <TEttinger> I'll see if I can write some sample
[02:56:04] <deployed> so when the angle is something like 370 it take a long turn instead go for 10
[02:56:22] <deployed> doesnt matter for me i can transform
[02:56:43] <deployed> im trying with float angle = new Float(Math.atan2(target.z - from.z, target.x - from.x) * 180 / Math.PI);
[02:58:12] <TEttinger> heh, I was just answering a question about atan2
[02:58:54] <TEttinger> atan2 returns numbers between -Math.PI and Math.PI, which is pretty odd
[02:59:52] <deployed> https://uli.pw/?4afb060b65151935#DpZS1yKXyNaD3EmEFzFQ/OM50mRlQZQjJKuFwzPLiUY= thats my camera class
[03:00:21] <TEttinger> if you're doing a rotation from 170 degrees to 190 degrees, that takes it from a starting point in radians of 170/PI to -170/PI -- a very long trip if it always crosses 0
[03:00:39] <lukass> TEttinger, do you know what the calculateMetrics boolean does? in the path-finder constructor (IndexedAStarPathFinder)
[03:00:59] <deployed> hmmm
[03:01:29] <TEttinger> no rotate() method there, deployed?
[03:01:36] <TEttinger> lukass: not sure, will look
[03:02:01] <deployed> i set the Quaternion camRotation and then update the camera with the update() method
[03:02:44] <deployed> it resets the direction, the up vector and then rotate
[03:02:57] <TEttinger> lukass: metrics seem to track some info if that is set to true
[03:02:58] <lukass> TEttinger, I figured it out. It just updates some variables to get statistics
[03:03:02] <TEttinger> heh yep
[03:03:23] <lukass> but thanks, sorry for asking to early :D
[03:03:27] <lukass> too
[03:05:05] <deployed> i tried to take a look at the libgdx camera class "look at"
[03:05:10] <TEttinger> deployed: I just mean there's no source there for rotate(), does it need to be written?
[03:05:29] <TEttinger> it doesn't seem to be imported
[03:05:49] <deployed> it extends extends PerspectiveCamera
[03:06:30] <TEttinger> ohhh
[03:06:30] <TEttinger> ok
[03:06:33] <deployed> that extends rotate that have the rotate method
[03:06:46] <deployed> ops extends Camera
[03:08:05] <TEttinger> so if the issue is the rotation taking the not-shortest path, I would try to look at how that's implemented in Camera or PerspectiveCamera
[03:08:27] <TEttinger> it might be good to override it for this case
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[03:09:13] <TEttinger> but I think that I may have interpreted it wrong
[03:09:27] <TEttinger> this is the quaternion that needs to change differently, right?
[03:10:44] <deployed> well maybe what i trying to do is not the best way to do it, i just wnat to get an entity ingame and it looks to another entity
[03:11:18] <deployed> im trying to get the angle, setting the yaw euler angle of quaternion and slerp the object into it
[03:12:07] <deployed> it works but sometimes i get the longest path arround itself to rotate to the position
[03:12:23] <deployed> but normally 80% of time it works just fine, that i don't understand
[03:13:29] <deployed> what do you guys do to rotate an entity to a vector3 usually?
[03:14:14] <TEttinger> I mean, I've had weird issues with rotation because I don't 100% "get" 3D movement yet
[03:15:48] <deployed> well, all the calculations must be at world positions i suppose
[03:16:20] <deployed> so the angle must be between the two vectors in the world position, not relative from one to other
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[03:32:36] <loosik> what would be easiest way to add a extra shader parameter to the decals stuff? I mean something like 1 float value I wanna have in shader or a secondary color.
[03:33:58] <loosik> put it in vertice values?
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[03:37:00] <deployed> maybe i should consider using a rotation matrix for my "lookAt" method and then convert it to a quartenion
[03:37:02] <deployed> >.<
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[03:44:54] *** Whiskydog <Whiskydog!be63426a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #libgdx
[03:45:07] <Whiskydog> solarlune u there?
[03:45:19] <solarlune> Whiskydog, Yeah, what's up?
[03:45:33] <Whiskydog> hi, how do u get the positio nof a gameobject?
[03:45:48] <Whiskydog> and how do i get vector3f constants like 1,0,0 0,1,0 etc
[03:46:01] <solarlune> Whiskydog, You can get the object's position by using the position() function.
[03:46:23] <solarlune> https://github.com/GoranM/bdx/wiki/API-GameObject#position
[03:46:41] <Whiskydog> nice, thank u
[03:46:47] <solarlune> Whiskydog, No prob.
[03:46:58] <Whiskydog> wat about
[03:47:00] <Whiskydog> the constants?
[03:47:04] <Whiskydog> since i want to raycast
[03:47:09] <solarlune> Whiskydog, Constants?
[03:47:12] <Whiskydog> straight downawrds
[03:47:47] <solarlune> That's a vector3f downwards - you can just use javax.vecmath.Vector3f to make a new vector downwards.
[03:47:54] <solarlune> new Vector3f(0, 0, -1), for example.
[03:49:01] <Whiskydog> but isn't that unneficient?
[03:49:08] <Whiskydog> make a new vector3f each frame
[03:49:29] <Whiskydog> Might just make a globals class :P
[03:49:41] <solarlune> Whiskydog, Yeah, it could be, but it's probably not a huge enough deal to worry about if you're working on a small project.
[03:49:59] <solarlune> I wondered about it awhile ago, but, well, other things to worry about.
[03:50:34] <solarlune> Whiskydog, If you have any suggestions, though, feel free to throw them on the issues list: https://github.com/GoranM/bdx/issues
[03:56:12] <Whiskydog> nice, will do
[03:57:51] <zachcarter> myke: should be able to target pretty much any console with my framework
[03:58:03] <Whiskydog> solarlune how do i get distance between two vector3fs?
[03:58:12] <zachcarter> just confirmed switch for sure and I’m already pretty positive on PS4 / XBone
[03:58:14] <solarlune> Whiskydog, You mean between two objects?
[03:58:21] <Whiskydog> yeas
[03:58:22] <solarlune> zachcarter, Confirmed Switch for what?
[03:58:25] <Whiskydog> using scene's ray
[03:58:38] <zachcarter> solarlune: my game framework I’ve been developing
[03:58:50] <solarlune> Whiskydog, You can subtract the vectors, or use GameObject.vecTo().
[03:58:58] <solarlune> zachcarter, Oh, whoa, cool! What language?
[03:59:02] <zachcarter> Nim
[03:59:06] *** nexhardware <nexhardware!~xLestat@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving to Sleep or Probably Fap yo)
[03:59:38] <zachcarter> https://github.com/fragworks/frag
[04:00:22] <zachcarter> not nearly as easy as libgdx, since it requires cross compilation and stuff for different targets
[04:00:27] <zachcarter> but it’s meant to be a bit lower level
[04:00:50] <zachcarter> needs a lot of docu :/
[04:00:59] <zachcarter> getting there though
[04:01:06] <solarlune> zachcarter, Cool, dude! Keep it up!
[04:01:09] <zachcarter> thanks
[04:14:26] <Whiskydog> my ray seems to have no position
[04:14:53] <Whiskydog> i already made the ray target class, which is the starting platform
[04:15:09] <Whiskydog> but apparently it doesnt recognize it
[04:18:01] <solarlune> Whiskydog, Did you read the API for the function, perhaps?
[04:18:44] <Whiskydog> yes
[04:18:47] <solarlune> The second argument, "vec" is the length and direction of the target vector, not the position of the target vector.
[04:18:50] <solarlune> Just making sure.
[04:19:03] <Whiskydog> yes it's 0, 0, -9999
[04:19:14] <Whiskydog> and i get a null rayhit
[04:19:26] <solarlune> OK, that sounds correct. Can I see your code?
[04:20:51] <Whiskydog> http://i.imgur.com/w9fbwfH.png
[04:21:50] <LiquidNitrogen> 0,0 doesnt seem like a very good direction
[04:21:58] <Whiskydog> solarlune, how was te code to make the camera default to the one u set on blender on startup?
[04:22:14] <Whiskydog> 0,0,x its a direction
[04:22:19] <Whiskydog> unless x's 0 ofc :P
[04:22:29] <Whiskydog> on 3d
[04:22:30] <LiquidNitrogen> oh, its 3d
[04:22:39] <solarlune> Whiskydog, set the Scene.camera reference to a camera in the game scene. You can retrieve the cameras with scene.cameras or scene.objects.
[04:23:16] <solarlune> Whiskydog, It might be that the object itself is stopping the ray.
[04:23:34] <solarlune> Try launching it from below the object, or using xray() to see what all objects are being hit.
[04:23:43] <Whiskydog> aaah i see
[04:23:49] <Whiskydog> that must be it
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[04:29:39] <Whiskydog> mm no still doesnt work
[04:29:45] <Whiskydog> weird tho
[04:29:58] <solarlune> Whiskydog, Huh. If you remove the property, what does it return?
[04:30:01] <Whiskydog> doing xray i get an empty arraylist
[04:30:09] <solarlune> Whiskydog, OK, that's also strange.
[04:30:13] <solarlune> What position are you using?
[04:30:28] <Whiskydog> the sacky position()
[04:30:35] <Whiskydog> and the constant of
[04:30:38] <Whiskydog> 0, 0, -9999
[04:30:43] <Whiskydog> which is down right
[04:30:51] <solarlune> Yeah, that's down.
[04:31:05] <Whiskydog> and the floor is ofc below sacky but it doesnt hit
[04:31:08] <Whiskydog> isnt there a way
[04:31:12] <Whiskydog> to debug ther ay
[04:31:15] <Whiskydog> like show it in the game?
[04:31:32] <LiquidNitrogen> is it possibly better to use 0, 0, -1 ?
[04:31:43] <solarlune> Whiskydog, Hmm, that would be a good idea - you can use scene.drawLine to draw a line along the same coordinates.
[04:31:56] <solarlune> You can also enable the physics visualization in the game menu to see the collision meshes.
[04:32:07] <solarlune> Ensure that the ground isn't set to "No Collision", for example.
[04:32:24] * LiquidNitrogen stops trying to 'help'
[04:32:52] <solarlune> LiquidNitrogen, Nah, I don't think that would be an issue, but it's not bad to try to help, haha.
[04:33:09] <solarlune> Y'know, actually, that might not be a bad idea.
[04:33:25] <solarlune> Whiskydog, Try just using an ordinary Vector3f, for now.
[04:33:49] <solarlune> I've had these kinds of issues as well, and it's usually something minor that I forgot.
[04:33:56] <Whiskydog> well wouldnt that make the ray 1 unit long'
[04:34:01] <Whiskydog> thus extremly short? :P
[04:34:24] <solarlune> Whiskydog, Well yeah, not that short, but just try adjusting it to different lengths to fit the scene.
[04:34:30] <solarlune> Whiskydog, You're working with the default demo scene, right?
[04:35:09] <Whiskydog> yes
[04:35:33] <LiquidNitrogen> depends how the ray casting system works, all the ones ive done used a normalized vector so thats all i know about.
[04:35:33] <Whiskydog> dont i have to set up smth on blender too?
[04:35:53] <solarlune> Whiskydog, Not sure what you mean by "set up something on Blender, too".
[04:35:54] <Whiskydog> this one uses a position + target
[04:36:03] <Whiskydog> on the physics section
[04:36:30] <solarlune> Whiskydog, You have to ensure the targeted object has physics enabled, but it should be enabled by default.
[04:36:36] <solarlune> Could you send it? http://pasteall.org/blend/
[04:36:48] <solarlune> Adding in the code you have so far into the text editor would be nice, too.
[04:38:42] <Whiskydog> http://pasteall.org/blend/index.php?id=46054
[04:39:09] <Whiskydog> oh, sec then
[04:40:21] <solarlune> Whiskydog, Hmm, everything looks OK here. What about your script?
[04:40:25] <solarlune> Code, rather?
[04:41:05] <Whiskydog> my xray returns an empty arraylist of rayhits
[04:41:15] <solarlune> Whiskydog, No, I mean, can you share that code?
[04:41:16] <Whiskydog> when it should have the platform
[04:41:24] <Whiskydog> yes
[04:41:26] <solarlune> http://pasteall.org/
[04:42:43] <Whiskydog> http://www.pasteall.org/318992/java
[04:43:02] <Whiskydog> my platform class's empty
[04:43:45] <solarlune> Whiskydog, That's fine, the class doesn't need to do anything.
[04:43:57] <solarlune> To be physically there.
[04:45:08] <Whiskydog> what is the use of includeAll on xray
[04:45:55] <solarlune> Whiskydog, OK, I figured it out.
[04:46:27] <solarlune> As for that question, "includeAll" is because with certain collision types, ray casts trigger hits on the exterior and the interior of the face.
[04:46:42] <solarlune> That allows you to limit that to just one RayHit per object or not.
[04:46:42] <Whiskydog> ah so it should be false
[04:47:05] <solarlune> I guess a complex mesh could also trigger rayhits often, but that doesn't have to do with the issue at hand.
[04:47:12] <solarlune> Basically, you provided "Platform" as a property.
[04:47:39] <solarlune> But properties are actual "things" that you have to add to objects in Blender (or in code, in each GameObject's "props" field).
[04:48:17] <solarlune> Take away the "Platform" string from the function call to see what objects are being hit.
[04:48:48] <solarlune> Or add the "Platform" property to the Platform object (there's a button to add properties in the object panel).
[04:49:05] <Whiskydog> oh there it is
[04:49:10] <Whiskydog> the platform's now being hit :P
[04:49:45] <solarlune> Whiskydog, There you go.
[04:49:58] <Whiskydog> object panel?
[04:50:16] <Whiskydog> o
[04:50:18] <Whiskydog> nvm got it
[04:50:18] <solarlune> The object property panel, I guess is what it's called?
[04:50:22] <solarlune> The orange cube button.
[04:50:42] <Whiskydog> wat about the name
[04:50:52] <solarlune> Whiskydog, What name?
[04:50:53] <Whiskydog> right it's like a mask
[04:51:29] <Whiskydog> i thought feeding the platform string was like GameObject.touching(String other)
[04:51:47] <Whiskydog> but touching uses the other object name
[04:51:53] <Whiskydog> not props
[04:51:59] <solarlune> Whiskydog, That does work for touching(), yeah.
[04:52:12] <solarlune> But for properties, it's more generic, since multiple GameObjects can have a single property.
[04:52:15] <Whiskydog> aah i see
[04:52:44] <solarlune> Note that it's also possible to check for touching a property or component by the relevant functions: https://github.com/GoranM/bdx/wiki/API-GameObject#touchingObjects
[04:53:02] <solarlune> Er, actually, there are normal functions for that: https://github.com/GoranM/bdx/wiki/API-GameObject#touching
[04:53:34] <Whiskydog> yes but there's touchingProperty(String propName) - boolean
[04:53:39] <solarlune> Right, yeah.
[04:53:47] <Whiskydog> dude
[04:53:47] <Whiskydog> btw
[04:53:54] <Whiskydog> how do u make the water in gearendi
[04:53:59] <Whiskydog> its actually 3d right?
[04:54:16] <Whiskydog> gearend*
[04:54:35] <solarlune> Whiskydog, It's a plane that moves up and down in time - it uses a shader to undulate and distort what's behing it ("underwater").
[04:54:57] <solarlune> There's multiple parts to it, so it's kinda hard to sum up, haha.
[04:55:19] *** lukass <lukass!~lukass@p5B05E7E5.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #libgdx
[04:55:26] <solarlune> It's not very complex, though - other water effects look way better.
[04:56:16] <solarlune> I've gotta sign off - gotta get to bed. But if you have any questions, feel free to look over the General Overview - there's a lot of info there: https://github.com/GoranM/bdx/wiki/General-Overview
[04:56:28] <solarlune> Or ask over on /r/bdx: https://www.reddit.com/r/bdx/
[04:57:06] <solarlune> Whiskydog, Note that the docs are as of bleeding-edge stuff, so if there's some discrepancies here or there, that's probably to blame.
[04:59:40] *** lukass <lukass!~lukass@p5B05E7E5.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[05:00:09] <Whiskydog> nice ty solarlune
[05:00:21] <solarlune> No prob!
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[07:54:52] <TEttinger> haha yesss. generating 256x256 world maps as fast as I can produce them http://i.imgur.com/B8lQksL.gifv
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