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   February 14, 2013  
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[01:47:20] <justinfront_> just uploaded a nightly for mac.
[01:47:41] <Jan_Flanders> neko as well?
[01:48:20] <justinfront_> well Neko is still the same version but yes.http://haxe.org/download/manual_install/leopard?lang=en
[01:48:31] <justinfront_> has neko changed?
[01:48:33] <Jan_Flanders> do you build mode_neko1 as well?
[01:48:44] <Jan_Flanders> no it hasn't so why upload it again? :p
[01:49:56] <mi6_x3m> hey justinfront_
[01:50:00] <mi6_x3m> hows work man
[01:50:06] <justinfront_> It's a single zip, if your on neko2 it won't work properly with haxe3
[01:50:48] <justinfront_> I mean 1.8 neko wont work with haxe3
[01:51:13] <Jan_Flanders> Do you think the installer for haxe3 will no longer include mod_neko1?
[01:51:14] <justinfront_> rem Jan not everyone getting a nightly will be on top of this sort of thing.
[01:51:44] <justinfront_> haxe3 is not yet release nor is neko2 but you need both for haxe 3 to work.
[01:51:51] <Jan_Flanders> I cannot build mod_neko1 (only mod_neko2) so I wonder if I should include this in my neko nightlies or not
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[01:53:19] <justinfront_> I have mod_neko and mod_neko2 in mine
[01:53:41] <Jan_Flanders> why?
[01:53:46] <justinfront_> and mod_tora and mod_torra2
[01:54:18] <Jan_Flanders> You just said they don't work with the included haxe ;)
[01:54:48] <Jan_Flanders> Which is why I wonder if I should go through the trouble to try to build them at all.
[01:55:21] <justinfront_> No mod_neko and mod_neko2 are related to apatche versions not neko version
[01:55:46] <Jan_Flanders> yes
[01:55:56] <justinfront_> Sorry Mi6 all good, the scribe software is quite cool I was making some today.
[01:56:23] <Jan_Flanders> Do you build that gtk.ndll thing as well?
[01:56:27] <Jan_Flanders> or is that only for linux?
[01:57:17] <justinfront_> these are for mac, I think I would rebuild them on linux? But they may work on linux I am not really sure.
[01:57:29] <Jan_Flanders> Do you build that gtk.ndll thing as well?
[01:57:33] <justinfront_> As I said they are part of the standard make
[01:58:06] <justinfront_> I don't see any gtk.ndll I have never seen one?
[01:58:14] <Jan_Flanders> ok, then it's linux only
[01:58:22] <Jan_Flanders> But I don't know how to build it :(
[01:58:40] <Jan_Flanders> make on linux complains about mod_neko, mod_tora and mysql4
[01:59:01] <justinfront_> I use macport's to fill in gaps of missing stuff
[01:59:36] <justinfront_> You can't just make on a raw system you normally have to download bits and pieces.
[01:59:54] <justinfront_> even the compiler!
[02:00:16] <mi6_x3m> justinfront_: you ok man?
[02:00:55] <justinfront_> yep mi6 all good
[02:02:16] <mi6_x3m> nice colleagues
[02:02:43] <justinfront_> spent some time today pushing the video scribe software, it is very good tool for presentations but a particular style.
[02:03:04] <justinfront_> good set of people there yes :)
[02:03:16] <Jan_Flanders> justinfront_: then the wiki is incomplete:
[02:03:18] <Jan_Flanders> http://haxe.org/doc/build/neko_linux#install-requirements
[02:03:21] <justinfront_> pushing as in trying it out seeing what I can get it to do
[02:03:43] <Jan_Flanders> it does not include the stuff for apache1
[02:03:56] <mi6_x3m> justinfront_: you cant imagine how glad I am
[02:04:02] <mi6_x3m> hope to meet you in paris
[02:05:10] <justinfront_> hope so still early days they do some complex stuff, been struggling with complex parsing of path data so I may not be as hardcore as they need but I think it's going ok.
[02:05:36] <justinfront_> hows your stuff going Mi6 ?
[02:05:48] <mi6_x3m> I was in some serious depression for 3 weeks
[02:05:54] <mi6_x3m> couldn't concentrate on anything
[02:05:59] <mi6_x3m> dorotea says hi btw
[02:06:02] <mi6_x3m> now getting better
[02:06:57] <justinfront_> oh I did not see she was ill, don't forget to get her some flowers tomorrow - make sure you get lots of good colors to keep her extra happy.
[02:07:12] <justinfront_> rem it's valentine.
[02:07:13] <mi6_x3m> no no I am getting better
[02:07:17] <mi6_x3m> she's okay :)
[02:07:26] <justinfront_> oh what happened?
[02:07:40] <mi6_x3m> dunno, got into some depression
[02:07:44] <mi6_x3m> paranoya and stuff
[02:07:54] <mi6_x3m> about company, rules regulations studying etc.
[02:08:06] <mi6_x3m> I couldn't concentrate an anything man
[02:08:14] <justinfront_> Darn that''s not good.
[02:08:33] <mi6_x3m> I'll live :)
[02:08:52] <mi6_x3m> it's not good of course
[02:09:15] <justinfront_> I recommend some dancing, it often helps me but just some physical exercise can be really important and some countryside if you code
[02:09:55] <mi6_x3m> you recommend Bath, ey?
[02:09:59] <mi6_x3m> eh *
[02:10:05] <justinfront_> computers are not allways good.
[02:11:24] <justinfront_> no point in coming to this area till I have my own place I need o get somewhere in the next couple of months, it will be below bristol in countryside probably but about 20 miles from bath I expect
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[02:12:50] <justinfront_> But if I sort out a place where I can have visitors your more than welcome hope to sell my house this year and re-buy but that will not be for awhile so may just get a room in a shared house so not so easy to have friends.
[02:14:14] <justinfront_> Jan I am not sure I don't do server stuff. I can maybe try compling on mint at weekend or we could try reinstalling neko on my server I can pass you the login details if you want to experiment.
[02:14:16] <mi6_x3m> justinfront_: we can get a hotel man, no need to provide anything, I was mostly joking anyhow but I do hear good stuff about Bath
[02:15:15] <justinfront_> I want friends to visit... at moment as you know kind of tight space where I am with family so might be able to do one night or something but not likely much more.
[02:17:48] <mi6_x3m> we also have a nice tent!!
[02:17:53] <justinfront_> there is a sofa bed in the sitting room, but the house is just too small where I am to have people for any longer than a night, ofcourse it's easier in the summer I can put a tent up and someone can take my room. But it would be nice to again have my own place, I used to be able to put lots of friends up.
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[02:18:09] <justinfront_> too cold for tent at mo
[02:18:56] <justinfront_> But you should visit UK, james is in bristol somewhere, do you remember him?
[02:20:03] <mi6_x3m> yes
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[02:27:55] <justinfront_> I have to be up early, it's 1.5hr drive in the mornings so often up between 6 and 7 at moment :( . So bed for me. But take care guys and MI6 do some stuff away from the computer if you find yourself depressed.
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[02:30:45] <zMurf> hi
[02:30:52] <Jan_Flanders> hey :)
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[02:53:34] <zMurf> un francais aurait 1min pour m'éclairer sur deux trois trucs?
[02:54:18] <Jan_Flanders> Little chance in here unless you ask in English zMurf ;)
[02:54:59] <Jan_Flanders> People in here come from all over the world, but they all speak English. ;)
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[03:43:15] <ShooterM_> Anyone know what I might do with HaxeFlixel to eliminate Tilemap tearing when the zoom factor is not a whole number?
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[08:57:10] <DasAndy> hello
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[09:07:59] <DasAndy> i have a question
[09:08:05] <DasAndy> is anyone here
[09:09:08] <poot> youre supposed to just ask the question
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[10:59:16] <markknol> morning
[10:59:37] <markknol> i think there is a bug with interfaces in haxe..
[10:59:57] <markknol> I have this class: class DesktopCamera extends Camera, implements ICustomCamera
[11:00:09] <markknol> class Camera extends CoreObject, implements ICamera
[11:00:19] <markknol> interface ICustomCamera implements ICamera
[11:01:39] <horus_plex> mi6x3m: how goes it?
[11:01:40] <markknol> when i want to create a variable with type ICustomCamera, and the explicit type DesktopCamera, it says Camera should be ICustomCamera
[11:02:10] <markknol> thats not normal behavior right
[11:02:17] <mi6x3m> horus_plex: hey man
[11:02:19] <mi6x3m> just came to work
[11:02:29] <mi6x3m> it's going fine, thanks for your interest, how is yourself?
[11:02:41] <horus_plex> busy. it never ends
[11:02:49] <mi6x3m> so true
[11:02:56] <mi6x3m> say, did you ever get this mac sample to run?
[11:03:20] <horus_plex> nope. haven't been able to carve enough time just yet
[11:03:37] <mi6x3m> t-t-t-time
[11:03:41] <mi6x3m> is a common problem :)
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[11:04:21] <mi6x3m> but you are ok right?
[11:04:27] <mi6x3m> how si that other project of yours moving
[11:04:32] <mi6x3m> btw, I managed to implement binders
[11:04:49] <mi6x3m> they work nicely now with abstracts
[11:05:01] <horus_plex> man... too much is happening with life right now
[11:05:25] <mi6x3m> pray tell me :)
[11:05:25] <horus_plex> a bit overwhelmed
[11:05:26] <justinfront> for air stuff does anyone install any additional trace or Theminer type stuff with fd4
[11:05:53] <justinfront> http://www.flashdevelop.org/wikidocs/index.php?title=3rd_Party_Plugins_FD4 are there some i should install?
[11:06:02] <mi6x3m> not really no
[11:06:24] <horus_plex> as for the media player, its taking a back seat to getting a consistent renvenue stream
[11:06:26] <justinfront> have you tried the miner?
[11:07:43] <horus_plex> should be ok in a few weeks though
[11:07:44] <mi6x3m> no, justin, I work without plugins there
[11:08:00] <mi6x3m> btw do you believe hx-gameplay could be useful to anyone?
[11:08:04] <mi6x3m> I am starting to get doubts
[11:09:24] <horus_plex> yes. maybe in ways you didn't originally intend
[11:10:11] <horus_plex> in any case, I think its a good example of project that shows what you know
[11:10:18] <justinfront> well grumpytoad often doubts jeash but it's such a useful thing you just have to stick with it and not give up to early.
[11:10:34] <horus_plex> you always want to be able to say, "just go look at my code"
[11:11:20] <justinfront> so mi6 not sure why you have doubts on gameplay but stick with it I am sure. Any progress on mac front?
[11:12:04] <horus_plex> justinfront: it compiles. I still to do some testing to be sure
[11:12:09] <horus_plex> need*
[11:12:58] <justinfront> will it run on leopard?
[11:13:11] <mi6x3m> horus_plex: you are right, its a good business card but I also believe its useful
[11:13:18] <mi6x3m> I made hell of optimizations
[11:13:29] <mi6x3m> justinfront: yes thats true, one always has doubts though
[11:13:34] <mi6x3m> justinfront: it will run on leopard
[11:13:52] <mi6x3m> horus_plex: before you continue, let us make some thoughts on how to best tackle the build system
[11:14:09] <horus_plex> mi6x3m: yes.
[11:14:10] <mi6x3m> right now it needs a touch
[11:15:10] <horus_plex> it's a pain that just about anything that's to be deployed has to go through xcode
[11:15:21] <justinfront> if I am not too tired after work it would be nice to try to setup gameplay on my mac if you guys are around.
[11:15:50] <horus_plex> k
[11:15:50] <mi6x3m> i need to integrate horus_plex patch justinfront and that will take me some time as I am changing some stuff right now
[11:16:01] <justinfront> so probably 9 ish does it work with haxe3
[11:16:31] <mi6x3m> it is fully compatible with haxe 3 for sure
[11:16:55] <horus_plex> as for hx-gameplay on leopard, you'll need clang
[11:17:02] <horus_plex> justinfront: ^
[11:17:44] <horus_plex> I'm working with mountain lion
[11:19:47] <DrCode> hi all
[11:20:08] <mi6x3m> hi
[11:21:37] <Simn> Anyone good with Wikipedia around?
[11:22:32] <luca__> how does one be good with it?
[11:22:42] <horus_plex> citations?
[11:22:53] *** ninjascript has joined #haxe
[11:23:12] <Simn> I was wondering if this behavior is normal: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Haxe
[11:23:26] <Simn> Under Platforms, he is asking for proof of "full support", which I find strange.
[11:24:27] <mi6x3m> Simn: The tom jenkins guy?
[11:24:30] <Simn> Yes
[11:24:33] <mi6x3m> its quite normal
[11:24:43] <mi6x3m> try to contradict and a flame war is guranteed to start
[11:24:56] <mi6x3m> "Please do not remove this clarification.
[11:25:42] <mi6x3m> Before my edit, Haxe appeared to be a full-featured multiplatform language which it is currently not.
[11:25:47] <mi6x3m> jesus this is serious trolling
[11:26:06] <mi6x3m> I'd signal the mods on the issue Simn
[11:26:19] <Simn> I'm not familiar with Wikipedia at all, so I don't know what position/rank that guy has.
[11:26:45] <mi6x3m> this doesnt matter, since he is the only one claiming things right now
[11:26:52] <horus_plex> the tom guy isn't 100% correct on the full platform support part
[11:27:33] <horus_plex> think about what's the point of haxe... translation
[11:27:34] <mi6x3m> yes because you always use dynamic classes and what not or even __js__
[11:27:42] <mi6x3m> none of his arguments is valid
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[11:27:45] <Simn> Yes, I was thinking about __js__ too.
[11:27:52] <mi6x3m> in fact I think he is not a programmer in my opinion
[11:27:54] <Simn> He seems quite focused on some Api parts.
[11:27:55] <mi6x3m> but some php guy
[11:28:20] <horus_plex> called him a "php guy" lol
[11:28:28] <luca__> I think that he's saying that to say haxe targets nodejs, we need to have a nodejs library that has 100% of the api and functionality
[11:28:44] <luca__> and if we do, we should be citing it
[11:29:05] <mi6x3m> well his remarks are quite a bit authoritive horus_plex
[11:29:10] <mi6x3m> and he talks some nonsense
[11:29:24] <mi6x3m> have edited the article removing and clarifying claims such as "full support for iPhone, Android, Windows, Unix, Mac, etc"
[11:29:27] <Simn> I don't understand that, that Api would be a collection of extern classes, so it would only go to type-safety. You can always use Dynamic or __js__ to interact with native code.
[11:29:27] <horus_plex> " please stop adding the JS/NodeJS and other langs to the "full support" category "
[11:29:36] <horus_plex> dude is tripping
[11:29:44] <mi6x3m> sure we have full support, C++ works and that's already 100% of worlds technology
[11:29:55] <horus_plex> exactly
[11:30:05] <mi6x3m> brb, meeting
[11:30:19] <mi6x3m> Simn: let's revert the changes ourselves, if he comes by trolling again we can gather some mods
[11:30:48] <Simn> I want at least Js in the Full Support list.
[11:30:58] <mi6x3m> yeah so put it
[11:30:59] <Simn> C++ is a bit hard to define
[11:32:26] <horus_plex> is it? how so?
[11:33:08] <Simn> It's so versatile I wouldn't feel comfortable arguing what "full support" even means.
[11:33:52] <ousado> this is insane
[11:34:15] <luca__> I would have think of 'full support' for c++ as a backend, means you can take haxe-c++ code, and use it in another c++ project, and take any c++ code and use it in a haxe-c++ project
[11:34:46] <ousado> he doesn't even know what he's talking about
[11:35:00] <horus_plex> maybe a simple restatement of the idea
[11:35:13] *** mi6x3m has quit IRC
[11:35:38] <Simn> Could someone look into this and move at least JS back to the Full Support list? I don't want to get involved there just yet.
[11:36:25] <Simn> My position is that he would have to proof that there's not full support, not the other way around.
[11:36:36] <luca__> I wonder how long before hitler gets mentioned in this
[11:37:27] <Simn> I'm not very interested in troll feeding, I just want to get the facts straight.
[11:37:48] <ousado> look he doesn't even know there are no classes in JS
[11:37:58] <ousado> that's a tech-troll or something
[11:38:23] <Simn> Maybe, we can take action if he decides to edit it again.
[11:38:41] <horus_plex> which is funny. it's the reverse of trolltech. creators of Qt
[11:38:59] <horus_plex> c++
[11:39:11] <luca__> MAYBE, it's that diarrohea guy we banned from this chat?
[11:39:11] <horus_plex> haxe-> c++
[11:41:37] <Simn> Also, what's with that ridiculous multiparams example?
[11:41:53] <Simn> That's hardly the first thing you should see about a language syntax.
[11:42:30] *** jr has quit IRC
[11:42:34] <justinfront> anyone want to talk code... I am using two line approximation of a quaticbezier for distance to achieve equi distant placement of points but it there a more accurate approach?
[11:42:58] <luca__> that sounded like words
[11:44:06] <justinfront> well taking curveTo and lineTo and trying to plot a movie clip at equal distances
[11:44:31] <luca__> along a path defined by quad. beziers and lines?
[11:45:20] <Simn> quad bezier interpolation is not exactly witchcraft
[11:45:34] <Simn> just check some random tweening engine
[11:45:57] <ousado> the article should just point out that the support for dynamic languages like JS is complete by definition, and that provision of type definitions is a plus but not required.
[11:46:16] <Simn> I agree ousado
[11:47:05] <ousado> and that a std lib doesn't include type definitions for every random library doesn't make support incomplete
[11:47:07] <justinfront> http://code.google.com/p/divtastic/source/browse/divtastic/Movement.hx
[11:47:42] <ousado> hm something is wrong in my sentence there :)
[11:47:56] <Simn> "Math.pow( u, 2)" <-- u * u?
[11:48:05] <justinfront> I am currently using something along these lines in as3 but I want to know the distance along the curve.
[11:48:26] <justinfront> detail that can be changed.
[11:48:49] <Simn> I don't know what "distance along the curve" means
[11:48:52] <justinfront> but yep I should change it but trust me last of my worries.
[11:49:11] <justinfront> well if the crow flys in a curve!
[11:49:28] <Simn> then?
[11:49:44] <luca__> Simn: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arc_length
[11:49:48] <justinfront> its an integral I guess but somehow my maths and code disconnect
[11:50:14] <Simn> Ah the arc length, why didn't you say so. ;)
[11:50:43] *** xbelanch has quit IRC
[11:50:56] <justinfront> I am using a point half way between to calculate the centre and two pythag's
[11:51:40] <justinfront> but think it maybe better to do it properly.
[11:54:14] <justinfront> maybe this is what I need... http://philippe.elsass.me/2009/06/as3-parametric-path-drawing/
[11:54:50] <justinfront> I could look at working out from principles but not always time to mess with maths just need to get stuff working.
[11:55:03] *** EZ-wan has quit IRC
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[11:57:13] <Simn> That's an approximation, but it should be good enough.
[11:57:14] *** TEttinger has quit IRC
[11:58:02] <luca__> that's not the whole story though
[11:58:08] <luca__> you don't necessarigly need the length of the curve
[11:58:14] <luca__> what you do need, is an arc-length parameterisation of it
[11:58:24] <justinfront> I want to place points equally
[11:58:32] <luca__> yes, which requires an arc-length parameterisation
[11:58:42] <luca__> you need to be able to say what point is 10px 'along' the curve
[11:58:56] <justinfront> yep something like that
[11:59:04] <luca__> you cannot uniformnly slice the standard parameter in [0,1], it's non-linear
[11:59:12] *** EZ-wan has joined #haxe
[11:59:34] <luca__> aka the point 0.5 along a bezier curve, is not necessarigly the point in the 'middle' of the curve distance wise
[11:59:41] <justinfront> I am doing 2 pythags by putting 't' at 0.5 for the middle point
[11:59:45] <luca__> and 0.25 along cuvre is not necessarigly the point 'quater' along the curve distance wise
[12:00:14] <justinfront> so gives me a rough distance then doing the ratios based on that distance.
[12:00:30] <luca__> ^ which doesn't work
[12:00:42] <luca__> ratio along curve is not in linear proportion to distance along curve
[12:01:21] <justinfront> do you have an implementation that is better?
[12:01:42] <Simn> *working
[12:01:47] <luca__> ^ thanks Simn :D
[12:02:47] <justinfront> its so that a 'brush' looks ok, so my approach looks ok I am more having issues with the generation of the points code.
[12:02:52] <luca__> https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&ved=0CDgQFjAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cs.uiowa.edu%2F~kearney%2F22c196Spring03%2FArcLengthParameterization.ppt&ei=v8McUce1BoHs0gWW7IGwCQ&usg=AFQjCNGCQh_xzaRBsMguXwJhwkcSWSKAig
[12:03:12] <justinfront> powerpoint??
[12:03:21] <luca__> yeh, don't ask me ;p
[12:03:41] <luca__> anyways, the basic approach (that goes on to give much better one) is to evaluate the distance along the curve, when ratio is uniformnly sliced
[12:03:45] <justinfront> I don't have office installed
[12:03:58] *** xbelanch has joined #haxe
[12:04:01] <luca__> and then to find the ratio corresponding to a certain distance, you do a linear lookup of what ratio segment its in, and then lineraly interpolate
[12:05:20] <luca__> http://pastebin.com/Rgqbq44N
[12:05:57] *** Jpo has joined #haxe
[12:06:44] <justinfront> this is what I have at the moment but the workout is not correctly working for any freq accept above or near 1 http://pastebin.com/MZU1v3mJ
[12:07:05] <justinfront> so breaks for 0.5 and 10
[12:07:18] *** markknol has joined #haxe
[12:08:19] <luca__> waaay too long :) gotta leave in 5 mins
[12:10:59] <Simn> I wanna get paid on a per-line basis too... :D
[12:11:05] <justinfront> no worries I will probably pick Phillippees code apart and see if that can give a better result
[12:11:43] <justinfront> Simm I am coding it wrong??
[12:12:03] <justinfront> too many lines?
[12:12:04] *** mi6x3m has joined #haxe
[12:12:12] <mi6x3m> im back Simn
[12:12:18] <mi6x3m> did you reverted the changes?
[12:12:41] <Simn> I don't even have a wikipedia account
[12:12:49] <Simn> Which is why I would appreciate if someone else could handle it.
[12:13:58] <justinfront> post about it on the mailing list someone in education may take it up and have good wiki cred
[12:14:13] <luca__> http://pastebin.com/Wis3zWTb
[12:14:15] <ousado> I just created an account
[12:14:17] <luca__> ^ justinfront
[12:14:40] <justinfront> cool I will take a look
[12:14:59] <mi6x3m> I have an account as well
[12:15:16] <mi6x3m> I can just revert it as I consider this non-educated spamming and a clear case of "rechthaberei"
[12:15:29] <mi6x3m> the standard procedure is to open a discussion and then to change based on the outcome
[12:17:43] <Simn> So how does this work, would I have to make a blog post somewhere stating that haxe has full Js support and then cite it on wikipedia? :D
[12:17:44] <justinfront> there are a few uni lecturers on haxe list would they be best placed to change the wikiped entry
[12:18:52] <justinfront> like maybe the other justin?
[12:19:03] <Simn> You might be right about that actually.
[12:19:54] <justinfront> if a guy teaches in a uni he will have a lot of credence
[12:19:59] <mi6x3m> Simn: just leave it in the article as it is, the haxe page is clear enough on what the language can
[12:20:17] <mi6x3m> it produces JS output and this is already 100% support
[12:20:44] <justinfront> there is a lecture in Ireland on google code that uses haxe as well
[12:20:51] <mi6x3m> you dont have to justify stuff which are clear to everyone
[12:21:31] *** luca__ has quit IRC
[12:23:34] <mi6x3m> Hello and welcome to my user page, I'm Tom Jenkins, a seasoned Wikipedian with a passion for precise and descriptive writing.
[12:23:49] <mi6x3m> A guiding principal, "Quality, not quantity."
[12:25:37] <mi6x3m> jesus this guy is an absolute show off
[12:25:39] <mi6x3m> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Tomjenkins52
[12:25:45] <mi6x3m> he logs every article he works on
[12:25:55] <mi6x3m> and mistakes his profile for his professional CV
[12:26:14] <horus_plex> a professional wiki-troll?
[12:26:36] <mi6x3m> well not a troll, just sort of a show off
[12:27:22] <justinfront> that is why I suggest a lecturer respond to it.
[12:27:43] <justinfront> it makes it harder for him to argue.
[12:28:59] <justinfront> I am sure Nicolas would be the best source in our eyes but not for this
[12:29:42] <mi6x3m> Simn: best one " This user wishes he/she was awarded a Barnstar for all the contributions he/she has done."
[12:29:55] <justinfront> the code Luca posted is it working out the x distance in pixels by looking up on the N ratio table?
[12:31:18] <Simn> mi6x3m: I have no idea what that means.
[12:31:22] <justinfront> I am wondering if look up like this would be too heavy
[12:31:31] <mi6x3m> Simn: he expects an award for all the good he did
[12:32:21] <Simn> Uhm, okay. Well I'm not interested in attacking that person specifically, I just want a proper haxe article. ;)
[12:32:34] *** back2dos has joined #haxe
[12:34:11] <Simn> But speaking about quality, he misspelled Nicolas' name. ;)
[12:41:11] <justinfront> Looking at Luca pastebin I am not too sure how you would go about using that for x and y.... it seems it would work for x but not x and y.
[12:42:33] <justinfront> I suspect I would have to do a pythag between each distance point anyone follow and agree?
[12:46:41] *** musa has quit IRC
[12:47:40] *** horus_plex has quit IRC
[12:59:00] *** horus_plex has joined #haxe
[12:59:16] *** panda81 has joined #haxe
[13:04:05] *** panda81 has quit IRC
[13:09:43] *** seismo has joined #haxe
[13:10:49] *** panda81 has joined #haxe
[13:12:15] <ousado> I answered on the talk page
[13:12:58] <panda81> I don't get why I get "Type Coercion failed" in FB but not in FD, for the same code base
[13:13:24] <mi6x3m> ousado: did you revert the page?
[13:13:28] <ousado> FB?
[13:13:32] <ousado> mi6x3m: no
[13:13:46] <mi6x3m> ousado: do so, he'll never notice you answered in the talk page
[13:14:14] <panda81> ousado: Flash Builder. I get TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert to aerys.minko.scene.node.ISceneNode.
[13:14:35] <panda81> But does not happen if I build in Flash Develop
[13:16:42] <ousado> well, there must be something different, then
[13:16:58] <ousado> compiler flags, probably
[13:17:54] <ousado> mi6x3m: actually I wanted opinions on my reply before doing anything else
[13:18:34] <mi6x3m> well your reply is okay, but sounds like you're negotiating, you can leave it as it is or cut it down to 4-5 sentences
[13:19:24] <ousado> well, I'm exaplaining, rather
[13:19:32] <ousado> *explaining
[13:19:36] <mi6x3m> I mean the "show me proof etc."
[13:19:54] <mi6x3m> in case a moderator looks over it it will be settled in 10 seconds, no need for lengthy explanations
[13:20:03] <mi6x3m> chances are he'll never see the page again
[13:20:25] <mi6x3m> he clearly never worked with haxe previously but only took a quick look at the api pages
[13:20:41] <mi6x3m> leave it as it is though
[13:20:46] <mi6x3m> it explains the situation
[13:20:53] <ousado> sure, but he didn't just look at the article once
[13:24:10] <justinfront> if I am using as3 is it bad to generate a haxe array as3 and use that instead of vector? I am guessing it is?
[13:24:36] <Simn> "Since Haxe had its origins in AS3, all of the existing Flash API can be used, although Haxe requires better-formed code and programming standards than Adobe compilers (for example, with regard to scoping and data typing)."
[13:24:40] <Simn> That's also a strange line
[13:24:54] <Simn> It only applies to a specific target, but is quite prominent under "Language"
[13:26:39] <ousado> yes, the article is quite bad
[13:27:55] <Simn> I would rewrite it properly, but I don't think that's a good idea being a foundation member and all. Someone with a more neutral position should do that.
[13:34:36] *** _zerg has quit IRC
[13:42:52] *** lifechamp has joined #haxe
[13:46:45] <back2dos> I honestly don't quite understand the concept of platform support here ... according to his metrics, we will only have full support for the PHP platform if we expose the full PHP standard API
[13:47:32] <back2dos> that's like judging a doctor by his ability to perform excorcism
[13:49:14] <back2dos> maybe we should turn this around and explain what Haxe really does, rather than explaining it in relative terms to platform APIs?
[13:49:26] <back2dos> that would avoid the whole discussion altogether, no?
[13:49:58] *** xbelanch has quit IRC
[13:51:28] <back2dos> Like for example talk about how the sys package gives you the same API for neko, PHP and C++ (and Java and C#?)
[13:51:46] <ousado> what's the official name for what the compiler frontend passes on to the various backends?
[13:52:03] <ousado> typed AST?
[13:52:25] <back2dos> well, I doubt that's official, but that's how it's mostly referred to ;)
[13:52:33] *** corne_away is now known as corne
[13:53:00] <ousado> official as in agreed upon and not wrong
[13:54:06] *** xbelanch has joined #haxe
[13:56:19] <back2dos> well, I would say that it's common and not wrong
[13:58:48] <back2dos> but I think "intermediary representation" is quite common in general and also kind of self-explanatory
[14:00:20] <unic0rn> Jpo, DasAndy: you may experience short service interruption because of the gateway restart, try reconnecting in less than 5 minutes
[14:00:45] <unic0rn> ah. huge idle. whatever then.
[14:00:48] *** Jpo has quit IRC
[14:00:49] *** DasAndy has quit IRC
[14:07:48] *** Aduros has quit IRC
[14:12:21] <lifechamp> if i use haxe for game dev, can i still use flash pro bone tool? or what alts are recommended?
[14:13:01] *** xbelanch has quit IRC
[14:16:31] <seismo> hai
[14:16:45] *** DrCode has quit IRC
[14:18:26] <Simn> "Haxe also includes platform-specific API, but as of 2012, it only supports a subset of the functionality available in each platform,[5] with only the Flash platform API fully usable."
[14:18:36] <Simn> "usable" is factually wrong
[14:18:58] <Simn> It's quite sad to see such a line in the second paragraph of the article really.
[14:19:35] *** DrCode has joined #haxe
[14:19:48] <ousado> I'm writing up a basic structure to discuss it later
[14:20:49] <Simn> Developer can also be changed to Haxe Foundation
[14:21:49] <ousado> the current article is completely unorganized, mixes up architecture and language with history and whatnot
[14:22:23] <Simn> agreed
[14:22:26] <Simn> some structure would be nice
[14:29:54] *** francisl has joined #haxe
[14:35:53] <mi6x3m> btw, I take this back, Tom Jenkins is whether a troll, nor a show off
[14:36:02] <mi6x3m> his contributions are quite informative on the other topics
[14:36:14] <mi6x3m> and he is certainly not a php guy but what I see, but skillful
[14:36:31] <mi6x3m> I guess the misunderstanding was caused by the fact he didn't check the idea of Haxe fully
[14:36:42] <mi6x3m> and instead looked the API docs to see if we mirror the std library fully
[14:37:39] <mi6x3m> I should inform myself more before commenting next time
[14:38:38] <mi6x3m> let that be a lesson to me
[14:39:12] <mi6x3m> but it's still not understandable to me while wikipedians put all these tags with skills etc., but I guess that's just me
[14:39:37] <Simn> It's to motivate people
[14:39:44] <ousado> well, his musings do everything but convey expertise on PL issues
[14:39:45] <Simn> Like achievements in video games.
[14:41:15] *** paldepind has quit IRC
[14:41:46] <Simn> I don't think he has any ill feelings towards haxe, but I still disagree with his metric of "fully supported".
[14:41:54] <Simn> Or "usable" for that matter.
[14:49:45] <mi6x3m> Simn: maybe I should contact him? As an experienced user he will be able to help us make a good article
[14:49:55] <mi6x3m> he does have tons of wikipedia experience which we lack
[14:51:40] <mi6x3m> I'll leave him a note on his Haxe page
[14:52:44] <lifechamp> can i use flash pro bone tool output swc/fla etc with haxe somehow? or what alts are recommended?
[14:53:16] <mi6x3m> lifechamp: what is the output produced?
[14:54:03] <lifechamp> swf it seems (haven't messed much with flash pro or how to integrate its output into even just as3 code though)
[14:54:36] *** _discovery has joined #haxe
[14:55:01] <mi6x3m> lifechamp: well if it produces a normal swf holding normal classes
[14:55:23] <mi6x3m> you can use that in haxe by means of simply adding "-swf-lib yourfile" to the command line
[15:02:08] <lifechamp> how about live video streaming: how is that programmed differently in as3 than it would be in as3 via eg netstream object etc? any notable problems, differences?
[15:02:33] *** ratking has joined #haxe
[15:02:35] <mi6x3m> nope, exactly the same
[15:03:45] <lifechamp> and then, can i go beyond flash, and send the video to haxe->c++ compiled file lets say, for video processing, then return it to flash? or would i need to grab the video from camera at a lower level to do that as usual?
[15:05:01] <mi6x3m> if you have a suitable interface, sure
[15:14:29] *** musa has joined #haxe
[15:18:47] <mi6x3m> ousado: Simn I wrote him this
[15:18:48] <mi6x3m> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Tom_Jenkins#Disambiguation_link_notification_for_December_24
[15:20:13] *** X0pher has joined #haxe
[15:22:20] <Simn> we'll see what happens
[15:23:27] <mi6x3m> well it could be invaluable, he has experience as both wikipedian and a developer so he might help us build up a nice presentation
[15:23:34] <mi6x3m> it has to be considered
[15:23:41] <mi6x3m> always consider a domain expert :D
[15:31:44] *** Jan_Flanders has joined #haxe
[15:31:45] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Jan_Flanders
[15:40:40] <EzeQL_> Simn, will expressiones be allowed as match identifier for cases? something like: function f10(){return 10;} var val = 10; case (val) { f10(): "a"; }
[15:42:23] <EzeQL_> sorry,I meant: switch(val) { case f10(): "a"; }
[15:42:57] <Simn> no
[15:52:20] *** xbelanch has joined #haxe
[16:03:05] *** waneck has joined #haxe
[16:03:33] <waneck> hey Simn!
[16:03:49] <Simn> Oh hello
[16:03:52] <mi6x3m> hey caue
[16:03:57] <waneck> hey guys! :)
[16:04:12] <Simn> What's broken?
[16:04:16] <waneck> hahaha
[16:04:17] <Simn> I mean, up
[16:04:28] <waneck> run the unit tests with -D dump
[16:04:43] <waneck> at testType_unit_hx (as an example)
[16:04:55] <waneck> we have the macro code
[16:05:04] <waneck> Type.getClass([]) == Array;
[16:05:11] *** xbelanch has quit IRC
[16:05:12] <waneck> which transforms into
[16:05:22] <waneck> (Call ((Const this : unit.TestSpecification).inst(unit.Test.eq) : v : Class<Array<Array.T>> -> v2 : Class<Array<Array.T>> -> ?pos : Null<haxe.PosInfos> -> Void)(Call ((TypeExpr Type : #Type). static(Type.getClass) : o : Array<Array.T> -> Class<Array<Array.T>>)((ArrayDecl [] : Array<Array.T>)) : Class<Array<Array.T>>),(TypeExpr Array : #Array),(ObjectDecl {fileName : (Const "Type. unit.hx" : String),lineNumber : (Const 4 : Int),className : (Const "unit.TestSp
[16:05:22] <waneck> ecification" : String),methodName : (Const "testType_unit_hx" : String)) : { methodName : String, lineNumber : Int, fileName : String, className : String })) : Void);
[16:05:28] <waneck> the VERY weird part is here:
[16:05:33] <Simn> ~_~
[16:05:34] *** spchariot has joined #haxe
[16:05:37] <waneck> (ArrayDecl [] : Array<Array.T>)
[16:05:54] <waneck> the array declaration [] is being typed as Array<T>
[16:06:00] <waneck> instead of Array<Unknown>
[16:06:09] <waneck> is that a known change?
[16:06:10] <waneck> or a bug?
[16:06:42] <Simn> Could you try to replicate that in a smaller example, if possible without macros?
[16:06:49] <waneck> ok sure
[16:06:52] <waneck> just a sec
[16:07:04] <Simn> I came across some typing oddities as well recently, but it's hard to track down.
[16:08:01] <waneck> yeah, that's why I thought I would ask you first
[16:08:30] <waneck> if that's how it's supposed to work
[16:10:14] <Simn> Array.T should never appear outside of Array itself I think.
[16:10:35] <waneck> Okay. I've got a minimal example, I'll file a bug then
[16:10:50] <Simn> Thanks, I'll check it right away.
[16:11:09] <Simn> I'm blaming Nicolas' WithType change by default.
[16:11:43] <waneck> hahaha
[16:14:48] <justinfront> The bone tool uses as3 that is injected from flash player, it's quite complex xml stuff I would avoid it.
[16:15:28] <justinfront> someone above was asking about it in the logs today.
[16:16:14] <justinfront> I think if you use bone tool load at runtime it may work otherwise not sure.
[16:21:24] <waneck> Simn, done. Thanks!
[16:22:00] <Simn> Urgh, don't tell me it's the binop...
[16:28:46] <waneck> haha seems like it's your fault then ;)
[16:32:00] <Simn> I'm not so sure, but I found the unification that causes it
[16:37:36] <Simn> I see exactly why it happens, but I have to check what 2.10 did there instead.
[16:38:38] <Simn> It did exactly the same :(
[16:46:03] *** EzeQL__ has joined #haxe
[16:46:07] <waneck> damn! I've got some similar errors in the unit tests. I'll see if any of them differs from this pattern ( == Type)
[16:46:14] <waneck> is it too hard to fix?
[16:47:04] <Simn> I'm willing to bet it's a one-liner.
[16:47:07] <Simn> The problem is finding that line.
[16:48:50] <waneck> oh, what a joy it would be to have a good ocaml debugger!
[16:49:20] *** EzeQL_ has quit IRC
[16:49:59] <waneck> I was wrong, the only place it happens is there, on this exact case
[16:50:26] <Simn> Class<Array<Unknown<0>>> vs. #Array used to unify in 2.10 for some reason.
[16:55:27] <Simn> I'm almost certain this was a 2.10 bug :D
[16:55:49] <waneck> it could be. It seems to be very specific to this case
[16:56:57] <lifechamp> i have a macbook :/ no flashdevelop for haxe.. why'd i buy a mac again? oh ya in revenge for my dell win randomly sucking and i thought retina display was cool
[16:57:33] <mi6x3m> lifechamp: so you enjoy paying like crazy?
[16:57:42] <mi6x3m> for same quality as a fujitsu?
[16:58:36] <lifechamp> ugh.. thx, i didn't even know about fujitsu, now i'm really bumded : )
[16:59:07] <mi6x3m> no problem man, I payed for my fujitsu 650 EUR, surely the difference is not that large
[16:59:11] <mi6x3m> oh, sorry, it is :D
[16:59:34] <mi6x3m> but seriously, lifebook is a great line of computers
[16:59:58] <mi6x3m> no retina display though
[17:00:51] <lifechamp> anyhow.. so.. no haxe for me if i can't have the best IDE for it.. would be funny if i lose out on using a great lang cuz i feel underprivileged IDE wise
[17:01:46] <mi6x3m> lifechamp: why u no install WINE?
[17:02:04] *** luca__ has joined #haxe
[17:02:11] <lifechamp> k, hoping someone would say something like that.. so FlashDevelop works on that eh?
[17:02:38] <mi6x3m> I remember someone reported positively
[17:02:50] <mi6x3m> i don't see why not
[17:03:11] <mi6x3m> http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=10089
[17:03:27] <EZ-wan> I use Textmate on my macbook
[17:03:33] <EZ-wan> like it alot
[17:03:37] <EZ-wan> has a Bundle too especially for haxe
[17:03:51] <waneck> once you go vim, you won't go back
[17:04:16] <mi6x3m> waneck: same with Heroin
[17:04:31] <lifechamp> vim baby
[17:04:37] <waneck> lol
[17:04:59] <waneck> but really, I can now work even on my ipad because of vim
[17:05:06] <waneck> I ssh into my development machine
[17:05:07] <lifechamp> brew install wine, coming up
[17:05:24] <lifechamp> vim is the business
[17:05:26] <mi6x3m> waneck: I vpn to my machine and use FlashDevelop :)
[17:06:59] <waneck> but accessing windows interface from ipad is very jerky...
[17:07:25] <waneck> I can actually be as productive from an ipad on 3G as in my desktop
[17:08:04] <waneck> actually, I'm now renting a VPS server with SSD raid, and I think I've never been so productive in my life!
[17:08:35] <waneck> compiling haxe from sources takes 30s there. It takes more than 5min elsewhere!
[17:09:15] <mi6x3m> cool :)
[17:10:31] <waneck> and as a plus, you get to be even more geeky ;)
[17:10:37] *** greg_dove has joined #haxe
[17:10:56] <mi6x3m> girls love that!!!
[17:11:23] <waneck> yeah, after I went vim, I'm the coolest kid in the block
[17:11:27] <waneck> hahaha
[17:16:08] <greg_dove> waneck: Hey Cauê great to see you in here!
[17:16:30] *** missilemike has joined #haxe
[17:20:46] <greg_dove> waneck if you look at the bottom of issue 1475, there is a pending patch that will hopefully give you a default/starter implementation of a new DateTools method for c#/java
[17:23:16] *** amitp has joined #haxe
[17:23:20] <waneck> hey greg_dove ! Thanks, I think it won't be too hard to implement them, though, since both Java and C# have UTC-related date methods
[17:23:43] *** amitp has left #haxe
[17:24:33] <Simn> I think all platforms have something in that regard
[17:24:46] <greg_dove> waneck yeah I figured it should be easy.
[17:25:21] <greg_dove> but actually doing it in cpp was a little tricky
[17:25:27] <waneck> yeah, for me the hardest would be Neko/C++
[17:25:43] <waneck> as I don't know if they had the native methods for it
[17:26:42] <greg_dove> yeah there are still some strange things with dates in general with cpp/neko. I will try to describe them and either figure it out or submit an issue later today
[17:26:52] <waneck> btw, will your patch now fix the issue in that .getTime() from a specific date will return different values, according to each computer/platform?
[17:27:20] <greg_dove> no. that is what I mentioned above I think
[17:27:25] <greg_dove> I see that
[17:27:50] <greg_dove> at the moment I see js/as3 as consistent
[17:28:04] <waneck> ok, I see. I hope you succeed on fixing them!
[17:28:17] <greg_dove> php seems close, but can be out by dst sometimes
[17:28:45] <greg_dove> and neko/cpp seem sometimes to be close to UTC
[17:28:45] *** luca__ has quit IRC
[17:30:34] <waneck> yes, it seems that on neko if you do new Date(0,0,1970,0,0,0).getTime(), it will return you the UTC delta
[17:30:46] <greg_dove> yeah
[17:30:54] <greg_dove> delta?
[17:32:11] <waneck> yeah, how many seconds your current timezone is different from UTC
[17:32:27] <greg_dove> well it should
[17:32:35] *** mi6x3m has quit IRC
[17:32:38] <greg_dove> it should be local time
[17:33:02] <greg_dove> actually it should be millisecs
[17:33:29] <greg_dove> but I think the date should be 1 for that
[17:33:35] <greg_dove> not zero
[17:33:42] <greg_dove> iirc
[17:33:47] <waneck> oh I see...
[17:33:56] <greg_dove> date is 1-based
[17:34:04] <greg_dove> I think
[17:34:07] <waneck> haha yeah, that was my mistake ;)
[17:34:40] <Simn> months are zero based though
[17:34:47] <Simn> easy to get confused
[17:34:48] <greg_dove> yes
[17:35:06] <greg_dove> except in strings, right?
[17:35:08] <greg_dove> haha
[17:35:14] <Simn> yea obviously
[17:35:15] *** ShooterMG has quit IRC
[17:35:28] <Simn> Do you know the rationale for making everything but months 1-based?
[17:36:21] <greg_dove> its just days isn't it?
[17:36:57] <greg_dove> I don't know the rationale behind it, no
[17:37:28] <Norgg> Simn: Weekdays at least are 1-based in ISO.
[17:38:59] *** spchariot has quit IRC
[17:39:01] <Norgg> Oh, odd that months are 0-based while everything else is 1-based, yeah.
[17:39:59] <Simn> Yes, that's what I should have been asking. ;)
[17:40:34] <waneck> Date.fromString should also support UTC, shouldn't it? And also toUtcString() ?
[17:42:11] <greg_dove> waneck it doesn't currently. Should that be Date or DateTools? At the moment Date is pretty much 'local' time centric
[17:42:17] <Simn> I'm not sure how much we want to specify there.
[17:43:17] <waneck> care to elaborate, Simn?
[17:44:24] <Simn> We're currently being quite unspecific regarding things like timezones.
[17:45:21] *** markknol has quit IRC
[17:47:13] *** ShooterMG has joined #haxe
[17:47:33] <waneck> well, to me this makes haxe's Date quite confusing to use. It would be a good specification, then, IMHO!
[17:48:17] <Simn> Sure, but then someone has to make sure the specification actually holds on 9 targets.
[17:48:28] <Simn> At which point we must question if it's worth the effort.
[17:49:26] *** EzeQL__ is now known as EzeQL
[17:50:04] <waneck> well, if new Date(0,1,1970,0,0,0).getTime() is guaranteed to get your UTC offset, it shouldn't be hard to add a completely Haxe-driven solution
[17:50:08] <greg_dove> I'm willing to focus on it. I'd love to see this more solid across targets
[17:51:17] <Simn> I'll certainly accept a patch that handles all this, including unit tests. I just don't have much time to look into it myself.
[17:51:41] <greg_dove> I am looking into it already :)
[17:52:01] <Simn> Great
[17:52:34] <greg_dove> I will make sure its before the 17th
[17:53:08] <Simn> That would be perfect, although I'm lenient with Api extensions because they don't get in the way of other things.
[17:54:05] <greg_dove> phew! well I will still aim for that anyway.
[17:55:45] <waneck> by the way, Simn, by today I should have the java target up and running strong again ;)
[17:57:22] *** xbelanch has joined #haxe
[17:57:50] <Simn> waneck: Sounds good, go for it. :)
[17:58:12] <Simn> I'll go celebrate that announcement with my wife now.
[17:58:14] *** Simn is now known as Simn|gone
[17:58:25] <waneck> lol
[18:08:23] *** xbelanch has quit IRC
[18:09:31] *** X0pher has quit IRC
[18:11:41] *** icebirds has quit IRC
[18:15:57] *** francoponticelli has joined #haxe
[18:16:56] *** waneck_ has joined #haxe
[18:18:53] *** waneck has quit IRC
[18:19:02] *** waneck_ is now known as waneck
[18:21:42] *** greg_dove has quit IRC
[18:21:56] *** waneck has quit IRC
[18:23:32] *** lifechamp has quit IRC
[18:27:18] *** greg_dove has joined #haxe
[18:36:27] <ousado> can you people access this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:TOderson/sandbox ?
[18:38:06] <greg_dove> yes
[18:38:21] <ousado> if you can, please add your favourite features under "Features"
[18:38:24] <ousado> ah cool
[18:49:58] *** Dykam has joined #haxe
[18:56:07] *** tcsc has joined #haxe
[19:04:21] *** Asmageddon has joined #haxe
[19:06:28] *** musa has quit IRC
[19:06:42] *** musa has joined #haxe
[19:07:49] *** dazKind has joined #haxe
[19:11:29] *** mabrouk has quit IRC
[19:12:06] *** justinfront has quit IRC
[19:20:06] *** EZ-wan has quit IRC
[19:26:31] *** musa_ has joined #haxe
[19:29:53] *** musa has quit IRC
[19:30:56] *** back2dos has quit IRC
[19:48:04] <panda81> Does Air have a function that reads files from device storage locations whether if it's Android or iOS
[19:50:08] *** disjukr_ has joined #haxe
[19:52:09] *** DrCode has quit IRC
[19:52:21] *** haxefan has quit IRC
[19:52:48] *** Wa has joined #haxe
[19:53:28] *** francoponticelli has quit IRC
[19:53:29] *** disjukr has quit IRC
[19:58:47] <Simn|gone> ousado: Wow, that looks really nice!
[19:58:50] *** Simn|gone is now known as Simn
[19:59:16] <ousado> that wiki markup is fun :D
[19:59:21] *** DrCode has joined #haxe
[19:59:46] *** back2dos has joined #haxe
[20:00:25] <Simn> I like it
[20:00:46] <ousado> Simn: thanks, but I need input on everything, it's hard to limit the detail
[20:00:47] <Simn> The language section might become a bit long, but we'll have to see.
[20:01:18] *** francoponticelli has joined #haxe
[20:01:19] <ousado> the plan is to make experienced coders say "Woot"
[20:01:30] *** Rezmason has joined #haxe
[20:01:34] <ousado> and check out haxe immediately
[20:01:35] <Jan_Flanders> They will :)
[20:02:11] <Simn> Yea, it's good that someone finally calls enums what they are.
[20:03:12] <ousado> signing up on wikipedia requires just a nick and a password
[20:03:29] <ousado> please add all the features I'm forgetting, there are too many of them
[20:04:32] <Simn> Actually we might have to limit that a bit.
[20:04:47] *** Rezmason has quit IRC
[20:04:53] <ousado> we can make them a table if it becomes too mcuh
[20:05:13] <ousado> then it looks massive, but not "too much"
[20:05:21] *** Rezmason has joined #haxe
[20:08:24] <ousado> And I'm not really sure how far to split up the platform-targets stuff
[20:08:50] *** xbelanch has joined #haxe
[20:10:06] *** waneck has joined #haxe
[20:12:48] *** _discovery has quit IRC
[20:13:05] *** xbelanch has quit IRC
[20:13:16] *** _discovery has joined #haxe
[20:19:06] *** icebirds has joined #haxe
[20:20:59] *** musa_ has quit IRC
[20:21:29] <ousado> and we can throw the less interesting/more common out
[20:23:48] <Simn> Platform targets is interesting, I never thought about it like that.
[20:24:24] <Simn> AVM1 is missing by the way ;)
[20:25:19] <Jan_Flanders> swf8
[20:25:46] <ousado> ah yes, in the table
[20:25:49] <Jan_Flanders> oh didn't see the updated version
[20:25:51] <Jan_Flanders> sorry
[20:26:08] <ousado> it's only in the text so far
[20:26:13] <Jan_Flanders> yep
[20:26:35] *** bob0918937 has joined #haxe
[20:26:44] <ousado> I would be glad if we could come up with a consistent terminology
[20:28:05] *** bob0918937 has quit IRC
[20:28:28] <Jan_Flanders> both - and x often denote 'missing'. mayve use - and +?
[20:28:46] <ousado> yes
[20:28:51] <Jan_Flanders> just a detail though
[20:29:07] <Jan_Flanders> or see how it's done on other pages
[20:29:10] <greg_dove> yes I think we definitely need some semi-official vocab from the foundation for this stuff. If we don't have a common language to refer to this stuff ourselves, then you can imagine how confusing it is for new users. The way you have broken it down is nice and straightforward ousado.
[20:29:12] <ousado> don't hesitate :)
[20:30:09] <Simn> We usually talk about targets and platforms synonymously.
[20:30:28] <ousado> yes, but then wwe say "targeting AIR"
[20:30:52] *** spchariot has joined #haxe
[20:31:02] <Jan_Flanders> or what with swc
[20:31:55] <Simn> I acknowledge the need for terminology clarifications/standardizations.
[20:32:39] <greg_dove> yeah. but I think the idea of one level being a the platform and some sort of target variant based on and api variant for that platform is a great way to break it down. I think that's what I mean, lol. Either way its clear how it has been presented there
[20:33:43] <greg_dove> yeah swc and as3 are kinda different again
[20:33:49] *** EZ-wan has joined #haxe
[20:34:35] *** Masadow has joined #haxe
[20:35:10] <Simn> I wonder if we should make the generators more prominent, because that's what's unambiguous.
[20:35:40] <ousado> yes
[20:36:01] <ousado> the compiler needs some more words
[20:36:36] <ousado> (too)
[20:37:24] <ousado> ok, back in a bit
[20:39:41] <Simn> Well, we have code generators that generate code... not much to say about that.
[20:40:16] <greg_dove> maybe some facts to show that its mature/proven as well? 3 major versions. Since 2006 etc
[20:40:39] <greg_dove> or rather to permit people to realise that its mature
[20:40:50] *** spchariot has quit IRC
[20:41:14] <Simn> We could expand the target table to include an "Added" column.
[20:41:31] <greg_dove> yeah that would do it
[20:41:59] <Simn> I don't think we need two distinct tables there, that seems a bit overkill.
[20:43:07] <Simn> We need some nice SVG that shows the path from a .hx file over the "Compiler" branching into the different targets.
[20:43:40] <Simn> Then the target table below that with Name, Added, Common usage
[20:43:51] <Simn> Filenames
[20:44:04] <Simn> Extensions that is
[20:44:06] <Simn> Everyone loves these
[20:44:28] *** bluezenix has quit IRC
[20:44:56] *** azhaxe has joined #haxe
[20:45:04] <Simn> And a catch-all "Comments" column where flags like "experimental" can be added.
[20:45:56] *** azhaxe has quit IRC
[20:46:06] <greg_dove> ah isn't francoponticelli the expert in that viz stuff?
[20:47:16] <Simn> waneck: Nice, it actually compiles. :)
[20:47:29] <Simn> Looks like the .unit files will "help" you alot. ;)
[20:50:54] *** dazKind has left #haxe
[20:52:37] <Masadow> I was wondering if it was possible to compile a PHP target into a php lib rather than a "website" solution ?
[20:54:02] <Simn> Try compiling without a -main
[20:54:24] <Simn> Just add some class to the command line
[20:55:15] <francoponticelli> what about viz?
[20:58:43] <greg_dove> francoponticelli sorry it wasn't serious. Simn was asking for volunteers to make an svg
[20:59:20] <greg_dove> but the dataviz stuff you did in haxe is awesome
[20:59:53] <greg_dove> I think it was using svg
[20:59:54] *** haxefan has joined #haxe
[21:00:01] <waneck> Simn: yeah, I'm "eager" to get all those platform incosistencies corrected for Haxe 3! ;)
[21:00:58] <Simn> waneck: Can you check out this: http://pastebin.com/JTne1L9S
[21:01:07] <francoponticelli> ah I see … yes, SVG can be really nice … there are some annoying limitations
[21:01:18] <Simn> I wanted to test if you get the right T there, but it doesn't even compile.
[21:02:03] <waneck> what do you mean with the right T?
[21:02:04] *** francoponticelli has quit IRC
[21:04:58] *** Aduros has joined #haxe
[21:07:22] <waneck> Simn: doesn't it compile?
[21:07:57] *** msn2wolf has joined #haxe
[21:08:36] *** francoponticelli has joined #haxe
[21:10:42] *** francoponticelli has quit IRC
[21:14:30] *** tcsc has quit IRC
[21:15:54] <waneck> Does the new ACL work to access private classes as well?
[21:24:45] *** tcsc has joined #haxe
[21:28:19] <Simn> waneck: I'm getting some "cannot find symbol" error.
[21:28:39] <waneck> on Java? in regard to what symbol?
[21:29:13] <Simn> Just try it
[21:30:29] <waneck> here it compiles. I could have forgotten to svn add something
[21:30:46] <waneck> ~/haxe/tests/unit (master) $ java -jar java/java.jar
[21:30:47] <waneck> Test.hx:210: START
[21:30:47] <waneck> TestBasetypes.hx:388: (2,3,4) should be (2.0,3.0,4.0)
[21:30:47] <waneck> TestBasetypes.hx:389: (2,4,6) should be (2.0,4.0,6.0)
[21:30:47] <waneck> TestBasetypes.hx:392: (2,2,2) should be (2.0,2.0,2.0)
[21:30:47] <waneck> TestBasetypes.hx:395: (4,4,4) should be (4.0,4.0,4.0)
[21:30:47] <waneck> TestBasetypes.hx:164: -2147483648 should be -1410065408
[21:30:48] <waneck> TestBasetypes.hx:175: -2147483648 should be -1410065409
[21:30:48] <waneck> TestBasetypes.hx:176: -2147483648 should be -1410065408
[21:30:49] <waneck> TestEReg.hx:112: ([][][aa
[21:30:49] <waneck> a])ba([a][][a
[21:30:50] <waneck> a])ba([aa][][
[21:30:50] <waneck> a])b
[21:30:51] <waneck> ([aa
[21:31:13] <waneck> ok found it
[21:31:28] <greg_dove> ah that's the toString thing for floats
[21:31:32] <Simn> I'm talking about that pastebin
[21:31:46] <waneck> ahhh ok
[21:32:03] <waneck> greg_dove: yes, I promise it'll be fixed for RC :)
[21:32:53] <greg_dove> thanks waneck. Is it possible without overhead? I don't know java
[21:34:00] <Simn> overhead is overrated for toString stuff in my opinion
[21:34:06] <waneck> greg_dove: unfortunately, no. That's why I was a little hesitant to add it. But the actual difference should be meaningless (I hope!), and it should only be needed for Floats or Dynamic anyway
[21:34:24] <greg_dove> ok great
[21:34:41] <waneck> Simn: I'm taking a look at the pastebin right now
[21:34:51] <waneck> I'll let you know when I fix it
[21:35:58] <greg_dove> I need to switch java tests back on!
[21:36:10] <Simn> *Caue needs to
[21:36:44] <greg_dove> yes of course :)
[21:36:55] <waneck> hahaha
[21:37:14] *** msn2wolf has quit IRC
[21:38:20] *** bagz has joined #haxe
[21:39:31] *** xbelanch has joined #haxe
[21:45:02] *** bluezenix has joined #haxe
[21:47:34] <waneck> ok, I kinda found out what's the issue
[21:47:56] <waneck> but I have no idea at all of why this is happening
[21:48:36] <waneck> when I do -D dump, TestImpl._new() has an extra type parameter
[21:48:48] <waneck> but this only happens in Java
[21:48:54] <waneck> not on C#, not anywhere else
[21:49:43] <waneck> the really strange thing is that -D dump dumps the info before any of my filters start changing the AST... So it doesn't seem to be on my side
[21:52:18] *** BjornW has joined #haxe
[21:52:31] <horus_plex> waneck: yo. For your ASTs how are you handling any attribute propagation, if any?
[21:52:44] *** DrCode has quit IRC
[21:53:02] <waneck> horus_plex: what do you mean by attribute propagation?
[21:54:28] *** musa has joined #haxe
[21:55:06] *** DrCode has joined #haxe
[21:55:13] *** Rezmason_ has joined #haxe
[21:56:32] <Simn> Can someone recommend a good "timeline" tool where I can add some dates with short descriptions and it generates some beautiful diagram from it?
[21:58:44] *** Rezmason has quit IRC
[22:01:48] <horus_plex> waneck: sorry. jumped on a call
[22:03:12] <horus_plex> waneck: I'm implementing an ASt for something and was wondering how/if you were having compile time eval of things or end type determination of elements
[22:03:15] *** Aduros has quit IRC
[22:03:34] <horus_plex> just looking for hints in any place I can
[22:04:08] <waneck> are you implementing a new haxe target. Is that it?
[22:04:41] <horus_plex> nah. not for haxe. saw "AST" and got excited
[22:04:51] <horus_plex> I'm implementing OQL 2.0
[22:04:58] <horus_plex> for a database
[22:05:17] *** xbelanch has quit IRC
[22:05:17] <horus_plex> in c++ <- probably my first problem
[22:05:27] <waneck> ahh! I see. ;)
[22:05:35] <waneck> well, it's quite easy to do AST handling with haxe
[22:05:50] <waneck> not so much with c++, as far as I can tell
[22:06:04] <waneck> I'll wrap you up a very simple example, hold on
[22:06:04] <horus_plex> I'm sure I can learn from the source. At least get a better grasp on things
[22:06:23] <horus_plex> wow. Thank you!! waneck
[22:10:39] *** missilemike1 has joined #haxe
[22:12:36] *** missilemike has quit IRC
[22:14:26] *** haxefan has quit IRC
[22:14:30] <waneck> horus_plex: here you go http://pastebin.com/GVzyyZX2
[22:15:41] <waneck> you can go a step further and introduce macros so you don't have to do Sum( Number(20), Number(2) ), but instead actually write: "20 + 2"
[22:15:52] *** EZ-wan has quit IRC
[22:17:02] <waneck> Also with Haxe 3.0 you can do pattern matching, so you can e.g. match: 'case Sum( Number(40), Number(2) ): trace("this will be 42!");'
[22:25:00] <horus_plex> waneck: this is some much win
[22:25:09] <horus_plex> so* much win
[22:25:13] <horus_plex> thanks
[22:25:18] *** greg_dove has quit IRC
[22:25:39] *** greg_dove has joined #haxe
[22:25:55] <waneck> horus_plex: yes it's pretty cool! If you'd like I can add the macro example as well. Are you using the nightly haxe builds?
[22:26:21] <horus_plex> waneck: actually yes (but for another reason)
[22:26:53] <waneck> okay, cool. I'll add the macro example in a min
[22:28:11] <horus_plex> yeah execute is where the magic happens
[22:28:59] <horus_plex> you should see the c++ version. lazy evaluation and semantic actions
[22:29:09] <horus_plex> waneck: ^
[22:29:34] <horus_plex> depends on boost though.......
[22:30:34] <waneck> well, that seems great!
[22:30:37] <waneck> I was writing an object-mapper with a query syntax some time ago for Haxe using macros.. Never had the time to finish it though!
[22:31:59] *** BjornW has quit IRC
[22:33:10] *** francisl has quit IRC
[22:33:17] <horus_plex> waneck: ugh. I'm not on my main machine right now. Will send you some when I get the chance
[22:33:38] <horus_plex> used a full blown lexer and parser
[22:33:56] <waneck> horus_plex: okay, please do! I think I heard about OQL when I was researching query languages, at the time!
[22:35:22] *** bluezenix has quit IRC
[22:36:04] *** Masadow has quit IRC
[22:38:57] *** Asmageddon has quit IRC
[22:39:35] *** Aduros has joined #haxe
[22:39:49] *** bluezenix has joined #haxe
[22:42:07] <seismo> would you use haxe/nme to make crossplatform 3d games?
[22:42:46] <horus_plex> seismo: actually yes.
[22:42:55] <horus_plex> well hx-gameplay
[22:43:02] <pekuja> NME doesn't really do 3D, does it?
[22:43:50] <horus_plex> https://github.com/Mlvanchev/hx-gameplay
[22:43:53] *** tcsc has quit IRC
[22:43:58] <horus_plex> pekuja, seismo: ^
[22:44:15] <pekuja> that has nothing to do with NME though, does it not?
[22:44:26] <seismo> thats not the page i'm looking for
[22:44:52] <horus_plex> pekuja, seismo... maybe I misunderstood. but it's a haxe lib
[22:44:58] <mr_pinc> h3d is also coming out soonish
[22:45:06] <seismo> no :D horus_plex: just click the link
[22:45:28] <horus_plex> ugh
[22:45:29] *** TEttinger has joined #haxe
[22:45:48] <seismo> well it doesn't have to be nme. but i want it to be crossplatform (win/lin/mac) and that in an easy way.
[22:45:58] <horus_plex> https://github.com/MIvanchev/hx-gameplay
[22:46:03] <seismo> without having to change code
[22:46:32] <horus_plex> its binding to blackberry/RIM's gameplay3d
[22:46:45] <horus_plex> mi6 is a guy in here who created it
[22:47:05] <seismo> yeh i know him
[22:47:21] <seismo> (actually i don't really care about mobile stuff)
[22:47:59] <seismo> he ported it
[22:48:01] <horus_plex> gameplay3d targets desktop OSs as well
[22:48:11] <horus_plex> linux/win/OSX
[22:48:11] <seismo> right ok
[22:48:31] <horus_plex> so the plan it to harness that and give haxe uses the ability to use that
[22:48:34] <horus_plex> is*
[22:48:37] <horus_plex> users*
[22:48:39] <seismo> http://gameplay3d.org/
[22:48:50] <seismo> :D awright cool
[22:49:08] <horus_plex> yep. hx-gameplay = haxe+gamplay3d
[22:49:49] <horus_plex> seismo: you should tell him you find the project "useful". He'd appreciate it.
[22:49:52] <horus_plex> ;)
[22:49:58] <waneck> horus_plex: it took a little more than expected. You'll have to separate AST.hx in another file, as noted there
[22:50:03] <waneck> horus_plex: but here it is http://pastebin.com/Ft2EVSz9
[22:50:15] <waneck> Simn: got a fresh bug for you ;)
[22:50:16] <seismo> well thats embarrassing. i already knew that. i even scaled the icons for the port.
[22:50:32] <seismo> but i couldn't think of it now that i needed it
[22:51:39] <horus_plex> waneck: cool
[22:52:13] <seismo> thanks anyway for reminding me :) horus_plex
[22:53:10] <horus_plex> waneck: is makeExpr slow?
[22:54:26] <waneck> no, it will actually run at compile-time, so there is no difference between the two trace statements
[22:54:38] <horus_plex> ah
[22:54:40] <horus_plex> nice
[22:54:45] <waneck> you can even go a step further, and have it execute at compile time
[22:54:59] <waneck> so it would only be: trace( 42 ); in the end
[22:56:37] <waneck> horus_plex: in order to execute at macro time, all you've got to do is change return haxe.macro.Context.makeExpr(convertExpr(e), e.pos); to return haxe.macro.Context.makeExpr(execute(convertExpr(e)), e.pos);
[22:56:52] <waneck> it's pretty cool, isn't it? ;)
[22:57:14] <horus_plex> that is pretty slick
[22:57:34] <horus_plex> and the compile time?
[22:58:12] <waneck> macros run very fast, and they can be cached by the compiler, when you're running haxe as a compilation server
[22:58:20] <horus_plex> b/c boost sends it through the roof
[22:58:31] <horus_plex> (even with a precompiled header)
[22:58:43] *** ratking has quit IRC
[22:59:41] <horus_plex> hmmm. mapping to c++ types after parsing should be a breeze with this
[23:00:17] <waneck> I've had huge projects in haxe and never had any issues with compilation times. It's amazingly fast
[23:03:32] *** missilemike1 has quit IRC
[23:23:58] *** francoponticelli has joined #haxe
[23:27:38] *** ninjascript has joined #haxe
[23:30:49] *** haxefan has joined #haxe
[23:33:18] <waneck> life is so much easier with an SSD raid 10
[23:33:24] <waneck> specially for ocaml building
[23:34:09] <horus_plex> waneck: what's the cost for that vps?
[23:34:23] <waneck> I'm paying 5 dollars/month!
[23:34:35] <horus_plex> digital ocean?
[23:35:07] <waneck> no, it's called RamNode... Just changed from ec2, still not sure it's stable enough
[23:35:37] <waneck> there's a cupon for 30% off for life
[23:35:48] <horus_plex> O_O
[23:36:13] <waneck> I'll find it, just a sec!
[23:36:47] <waneck> http://serverbear.com/9756/ramnode
[23:36:48] <horus_plex> digital ocean has SSD vps' and I haven't even thought about using it for my CI server
[23:36:54] <horus_plex> silly me
[23:36:54] <waneck> Coupons
[23:37:12] <waneck> digital ocean? Have you tried them?
[23:37:12] <horus_plex> awesome-sauce
[23:37:22] <waneck> yeah, serverbear rlz
[23:37:29] <horus_plex> yeah. I tried out a zimbra deployment on them
[23:37:45] *** bluezenix has quit IRC
[23:38:23] <waneck> you can select a VPS based on several benchmarks there! that's how I found RamNode btw
[23:38:55] <waneck> and how did you like digital ocean?
[23:39:26] <waneck> this little VPS is compiling my code more than 8 times faster than on ec2
[23:40:52] <horus_plex> digial ocean? I was on a random site looking for server monitoring
[23:41:26] <horus_plex> can't remember exactly where. I make it a point to look at a company's "partners"
[23:41:37] <horus_plex> so far digital ocean is awesome
[23:41:58] <horus_plex> they even set the PTR record by default
[23:42:11] <horus_plex> using rackspace, it's a pain.......
[23:42:17] *** EvRide has joined #haxe
[23:42:37] <ousado> Simn, Jan_Flanders greg_dove and everyone I added a few more lines http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:TOderson/sandbox, comments are welcome
[23:43:28] <waneck> horus_plex: cool! I'll check them out!
[23:43:47] <waneck> Simn: just committed the bugfix for that pastebin you've sent me earlier
[23:43:48] *** Deltachaos has quit IRC
[23:44:01] <ousado> ah, and I'm not sure about when which target was added
[23:46:07] <waneck> Simn: I've made an ugly fix. I couldn't by any means find where is that extra type parameter being added on the dumped data. So they still get added, even though never used. It's not the prettiest solution I have ever came up
[23:46:52] <Jan_Flanders> I"ll read it in a minute ousado :)
[23:48:12] *** musa has quit IRC
[23:50:12] *** seismo has quit IRC
[23:51:24] <Simn> ousado: I think the table works like that. I would maybe add the version "release" date too, like "2.10 (Apr 2012)".
[23:51:32] *** _discovery has quit IRC
[23:51:48] <Simn> Where are these version numbers from by the way?
[23:52:01] <Jan_Flanders> changes.txt ?
[23:52:05] <ousado> out of the blue :)
[23:52:20] <ousado> just guesses
[23:52:31] <greg_dove> ousado looks good. But aren't we missing an essential/vital/critical target? :P
[23:52:44] <Simn> Well it just so happens that I investigated this: http://code.google.com/p/haxe/wiki/Facts?ts=1360877460&updated=Facts
[23:53:01] <greg_dove> avm0!
[23:53:10] <ousado> and again
[23:53:15] <ousado> yup
[23:53:34] <ousado> sry, back in a few
[23:54:01] <Jan_Flanders> AVM2 Flashplayer Desktop ?:s
[23:54:36] <Jan_Flanders> Hmm I think most people would say: FlashPlayer is for browser (also desktop of course) AIR is for desktop (apps)
[23:55:20] <Jan_Flanders> Guess that means I didn't understand what a platform target is/was :D
[23:59:02] *** tcsc has joined #haxe

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