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   December 30, 2009  
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[00:42:35] *** echelog-1 has joined #chromium
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[00:45:58] *** Dwight_Stegall has joined #chromium
[00:46:21] <thakis> trungl: ooc, why are you reviewing jochen__'s blacklist cls? have you had any exposure to that?
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[00:46:59] <trungl> thakis: it was more of a drive-by than a review
[00:48:02] <trungl> thakis: (he asked for people to look; I looked but noted my lack of qualifications)
[00:48:10] <trungl> (at least I think I did)
[00:49:06] <thakis> trungl: didn't look at the reviews, only at http://codereview.chromium.org/all?limit=100 and you were listed as reviewer on 2 of 2 blacklist cls
[00:49:15] <thakis> (as i said, just curious)
[00:49:34] <ferret> skerner__: If I didn't set BUILDTYPE=Release I run out of memory.. hard
[00:49:47] <ferret> It needs something like 2.5 GB
[00:49:50] <trungl> crap. clicking on a link just launched chrome (thereby restoring a million tabs/windows)
[00:50:02] <trungl> oh well, I was done benchmarking anyway
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[00:54:39] <rubenbb> ferret: I'm able to build Debug on a FreeBSD system with 1 GB of memory
[00:54:58] <humvee> lol?
[00:55:14] <rubenbb> humvee: what does your question even mean? adsense is not a browser feature, it's a javascript widget
[00:56:33] <humvee> i mean the things that puts the company google in the google chrome that it logs all and sends it to google
[00:57:08] <evmar> humvee: see channel topic
[00:57:24] <rubenbb> well, adsense is browser-independent so they could potentially track you using that no matter which browser
[00:57:56] <humvee> when i am on my own homepage
[00:58:15] *** thiago has joined #chromium
[00:58:24] <humvee> and i am using google chrome the browser logs the side where i am and sends it to google
[00:58:40] <humvee> there is nothing with javascript
[00:58:48] <humvee> it must be in the application
[00:58:54] <rubenbb> ok, I'm just saying that's not adsense
[00:59:13] <humvee> i don't know the right word for
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[00:59:28] <rubenbb> did you disable the features you don't want in preferences?
[00:59:45] <rubenbb> autosuggest can be disabled in preferences for example
[00:59:49] <humvee> you CAN'T disable this feauture
[00:59:57] <humvee> mom
[01:00:15] <rubenbb> it's open source, of course you CAN disable it, you just may have to build it yourself
[01:00:15] <evmar> humvee: that is completely not true
[01:00:22] <humvee> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Chrome#Usage_tracking
[01:00:24] <evmar> humvee: and is also off-topic for this channel
[01:00:28] <evmar> humvee: final warning.
[01:01:09] <shess> Anyone know a way to tell git fetch to keep a local branch tagged to the head of the origin? Say I have a remote named "chromium", when I do "git fetch chromium" I'd like the branch "chromium" to be pushed forward to "chromium/trunk", or something of that nature.
[01:01:19] <shess> [Yes, I've looked on the web for awhile. Not finding it.]
[01:01:43] <shess> [My use-case is that when I'm working remote, I'd like to have a stable reference point between my repos.]
[01:01:43] <evmar> shess: why not just use the remote branch?
[01:02:02] <humvee> no, my question was, if those google ad things or what ever against my privacy are in chromium?
[01:02:07] <rubenbb> I assumed that git checkout -b local remote woul
[01:02:09] <thakis> humvee: http://www.google.com/chrome/intl/en/privacy.html
[01:02:10] <rubenbb> d track it that way
[01:02:14] <evmar> humvee: they are in neither chromium nor chrome
[01:02:20] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o evmar
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[01:02:57] <shess> evmar: Because of indirection. If I "git fetch chromium" in two separate repos, chromium/trunk won't refer to quite the same thing. So I'd rather my other repos just refered to "the sense of chromium/trunk in my main repo".
[01:03:07] <humvee> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Chrome#Usage_tracking << LOOK!
[01:03:21] *** humvee was kicked by evmar (that says nothing about tracking what sites you visit)
[01:03:28] <shess> rubenbb: AFAICT, no. It sets the branch to the current spot on the remote, but when you fetch that remote it doesn't bump it forward.
[01:03:45] * trungl loves Colloquy's sound effects.
[01:03:56] *** humvee has joined #chromium
[01:03:57] <rubenbb> shess: ok, I hadn't actually used that branch that I had made locally so I didn't know if it'd work that way, good to know
[01:04:09] <evmar> perhaps i should have just used /ignore
[01:04:36] <humvee> evmar but it tracks usage
[01:04:40] <shess> rubenbb: You have to rebase to get it right. Tracking branches also setup some hints for git pull.
[01:04:49] <evmar> ok, ignored.
[01:05:18] <evmar> shess: you'll have to explain better what you're trying to do, i don't quite follow
[01:05:31] <evmar> oh, wait, no i do get it
[01:06:28] *** evmar sets mode: -o evmar
[01:06:33] <evmar> i'm not sure, actually
[01:07:14] <humvee> no google chrome tracks no user data and bill gates is not rich...
[01:08:05] <rubenbb> shess: that makes sense, let me know if you figure out how to get a local branch to mirror a remote branch, might save me typing in git pull more than I need ;)
[01:08:14] <shess> humvee: how did you determine that Google is logging the site that you are at? tcpdump?
[01:08:18] <evmar> hm, i don't think it's quite possible
[01:08:30] <evmar> gar, /ignore doesn't help me when other people are involved, heh
[01:08:38] *** evmar is now known as evmar_afk
[01:09:12] <abarth> dglazkov: i'm starting on the DOMWrapperWorld convergence with JSC
[01:09:16] <humvee> no, google chrome logs it like the browser history and sends it to google
[01:09:24] <abarth> dglazkov: god help us
[01:09:58] <shess> evmar: Just to be clear, if I have a repo "work" which has the remote "chromium", and "home" which has remotes "work" and "chromium", I want to be able to have a reference point from "work" that "home" can talk about. So maybe at work I'd "git rebase chromium/trunk" but at home I'd "git rebase work/chromium", something like that.
[01:10:06] <dglazkov> abarth: woo hoo!
[01:10:27] <abarth> dglazkov: the first step is to factorize out the per-world state in V8Proxy into V8DOMWindowShell
[01:10:40] <shess> thought I was golden by writing a local git-fetch which wrapped the regular fetch and forced a branch forward. Except it wasn't seen. I could perhaps do a git-myfetch to manage it.
[01:10:46] <rubenbb> humvee: do you have proof other than that wikipedia page, that says nothing of the sort?
[01:11:22] <shess> humvee: But how did you determine that Chrome logs the browser history and sends it to Google.
[01:11:52] <humvee> it sends something about the internetactivity to google, isn't that enough to say it is against my privacity?
[01:12:14] <rubenbb> humvee: You might want to use Iron, though I don't know that they excised that. You can take a look at the only non s/Chrome/Iron/g diffs that I was able to find between chrome and iron here - http://chromium.jaggeri.com/iron.diff
[01:12:38] *** bryeung has joined #chromium
[01:12:38] <shess> humvee: You need to be clear on what "it" is when you're asking questions. Chrome does talk to Google. Chrome does browse to websites. That doesn't mean Chrome is telling Google which websites you are browsing.
[01:13:47] <humvee> my question was: does chromium send something to google?
[01:14:16] <rubenbb> humvee: I looked at the list at that wikipedia page, all those options except one can be easily turned off in the preferences, and the one that can't doesn't send your browsing history
[01:14:52] <rubenbb> humvee: If you want to be sure, take a look at the diff and the privacy policy above, or the source code and tcpdump if you really want to be sure
[01:14:56] *** tfarina has quit IRC
[01:15:05] <humvee> do you know the complete source code of google chrome?
[01:15:10] <andybons> anyone got a (close to) TOT win build up?
[01:15:32] <rubenbb> humvee: no, is there a point here?
[01:15:33] <slightlyoff> humvee: shess is as close as you're gonna get to knowing most of the codebase
[01:15:59] <awong> Anyone know if in bash, there's a way to pass arguments from one function into another w/o losing the tokenization? Example: foo() { bar $* }; foo "a" "b c"; # bar is called with 3 arguments, "a", "b", "c", and not "a", "b c".
[01:16:03] <slightlyoff> humvee: but the point remains: it's easy to prove to yourself what chrome (and chromium) do and don't send
[01:16:37] <humvee> sends chromium something to google? yes or no
[01:16:38] <shess> humvee: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=chromium+source+code
[01:17:02] <humvee> 01:16:58 <+shess> humvee: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=chromium+source+code << i have umts with trafficlimit...
[01:17:05] <slightlyoff> awong: does @$ work for you?
[01:17:07] <humvee> 800 MB i know
[01:17:10] <slightlyoff> soryr, wrong way around
[01:17:13] <slightlyoff> $@
[01:17:21] *** MikeSmithW3C has quit IRC
[01:17:25] <shess> humvee: NAK?
[01:17:30] <humvee> ?
[01:17:55] <rubenbb> humvee: as that wikipedia page you linked to says, some info is sent to google unless you disable it in the preferences. I can't say that it doesn't include browsing history since I haven't run it through tcpdump, so feel free to test that yourself
[01:18:07] <awong> slightlyoff: doesn't seem like it...
[01:19:54] <awong> ./test.sh a "b c" gives 3 lines of output where test.sh is: fun() { while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do echo "--l2 $1"; shift; done }; fun $@
[01:19:57] *** wers has joined #chromium
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[01:21:45] <slightlyoff> awong: and what does "$@" do for you instead of just using it directly?
[01:23:08] <awong> slightlyoff: nothing in the test program. The other code I'm working with has a large function I'm refactoring. However, I think I just got it fun "$@" is apparently different from fun $@. The former works. Thanks for the tip. :)
[01:23:11] *** bryeung has quit IRC
[01:23:36] <slightlyoff> cool
[01:23:59] <ferret> unquoted parameter expansions are subject to word splitting
[01:25:50] <awong> ferret: I see. That kinda makes sense.
[01:26:09] <slightlyoff> ferret: or whatever $IFS is....
[01:26:14] * slightlyoff sighs
[01:26:40] <slightlyoff> I'd thought I'd finally forgotten all this gunk...guess I still don't have those cells back
[01:27:51] <trungl> wow, this is even documented, if you know where to look (knowing to search for $@ helps greatly -- section 3.4.2 of my bash.info)
[01:28:04] *** rrr has joined #chromium
[01:28:05] * trungl isn't really surprised that it's documented.
[01:28:17] <trungl> (of course it's documented; it's just a pain to find)
[01:29:17] <awong> yeah. Googleing for "bash $@ $*" found it pretty fast...but I would have never thought to search for that.
[01:29:54] * awong ponders if "bash $@ $*" above would have been better written as 'bash $@ $*'
[01:30:12] <trungl> :)
[01:30:17] *** slightlyoff has quit IRC
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[01:33:43] *** dale1v has joined #chromium
[01:34:54] <thakis> mac folks: does someone know why the web inspector doesn't work in non-branded builds?
[01:35:25] <jrg> thakis: no idea. perhaps it's not a branded-vs-unbranded issue; maybe it's just broken on trunk.
[01:49:08] <vandebo> anyone know why the main (left hand) scrollbar isn't recocgnized by a hit tests (at least in the linux version) ?
[01:49:27] <vandebo> s/left/right/
[01:49:31] *** dale1v is now known as dale1v[away]
[01:50:27] <vandebo> or more importantly, what the best way to work around that is and detect if a click was on the scrollbar ?
[01:51:44] <thakis> vandebo: the whole webview is just a bitmap as far as the browser is concerned
[01:52:16] <thakis> vandebo: you need an ipc hop to look at stuff in there
[01:53:19] <vandebo> thakis: I'm in the render side. a hitTest will tell me if a mouse click was on a scrollbar, unless it's the main content scrollbar along the right or bottom
[01:54:05] <vandebo> are those scrollbars on the browser side?
[01:54:18] <thakis> vandebo: no
[01:55:34] <thakis> vandebo: i think i saw that the main scrollbars where special-cased somewhere in webkit or our glue code, but i don't remember the details, so i can't help you
[01:55:36] <thakis> :-/
[01:56:00] <vandebo> thanks anyway
[01:58:08] *** dale1v[away] is now known as dale1v
[01:58:36] <jrg> trungl: what is WFA? Work From AveryFarAwayPlace?
[01:58:45] <trungl> that'll do? :-P
[01:58:50] <trungl> "A" = "away"
[01:59:34] <chase> heh, i assumed WFA = work from airport
[01:59:48] <chase> or airplane
[02:00:19] <jrg> chase: it probably was Airport originally but I don't think he's doing a remake of The Terminal.
[02:01:03] <trungl> maybe I should write "WFx" instead
[02:01:23] * chase nods to jrg
[02:01:26] <trungl> WF_ ?
[02:01:40] *** kwinz2 has quit IRC
[02:02:14] <chase> WF!O
[02:02:31] * trungl can't wait to get stuck in an airport (which is clearly bound to happen).
[02:02:36] *** gbear14275 has joined #chromium
[02:02:58] *** kwinz2 has joined #chromium
[02:03:49] <gbear14275> anyone having problems with flash controls? (such as the start/pause button on youtube). The only way I seem to be able to get them working is to right click for a menu and then click on the control
[02:04:25] <pipping> evmar_afk: hm that doesn't seem to be it
[02:05:22] <pipping> evmar_afk: here's what i did: http://dpaste.com/139074/
[02:05:39] <gbear14275> same behavior in chrome
[02:06:06] <gbear14275> anyone experienced similar (buggy?) behavior
[02:06:16] <pipping> evmar_afk: compilation would look something like this: http://dpaste.com/139075/ (i stripped the -o [..] parts )
[02:06:32] *** quaelin has quit IRC
[02:07:18] <pipping> evmar_afk: now, when adding a -E at the end and grepping for "hash_set", i get (among others) this line:
[02:07:24] <pipping> evmar_afk: class hash_set : public __gnu_cxx::unordered_set<
[02:07:29] <gbear14275> anyone?
[02:07:45] <pipping> $ sed -n 164p third_party/protobuf2/src/src/google/protobuf/stubs/hash.h
[02:07:45] <pipping> class hash_map : public HASH_NAMESPACE::HASH_MAP_CLASS<
[02:07:53] <pipping> evmar_afk: i'd say that's the one ^
[02:08:30] <pipping> evmar_afk: so HASH_NAMESPACE is set to __gnu_cxx and HASH_MAP_CLASS is set to unordered_set (the way it happens when running `./autogen.sh; ./configure` instead)
[02:09:10] <pipping> evmar_afk: nvm the SET/MAP confusion -- that's actually line 171, line 164 is for the map
[02:09:23] <pipping> evmar_afk: anyway, i still get that error:
[02:09:41] <pipping> evmar_afk: http://dpaste.com/139076/
[02:09:48] <pipping> evmar_afk: any idea?
[02:11:55] <jrg> trungl: perhaps it is WFeh? Perhaps WFaboot?
[02:12:59] <trungl> correct!
[02:13:16] <trungl> though working from a boot doesn't sound so comfortable
[02:13:21] *** montel has quit IRC
[02:13:34] <jrg> trungl: uncomfy, eh?
[02:13:44] <jrg> trungl: you should do something aboot that.
[02:13:53] <trungl> aarrrr
[02:17:30] <thakis> trungl: i feel the need to point out isMouseCoalescingEnabled . a) it exists b) maybe it affects mouse wheel events (probably not, and you can ignore this information)
[02:17:54] <trungl> thanks, I will look into it
[02:18:38] *** dale1v is now known as dale1v[away]
[02:18:42] *** jumpkick has joined #chromium
[02:19:48] <thakis> it seems the only thing americans know about canada is that some of the inhabitants say "eh" and "aboot". furthermore, it seems as if americans have a genetic disposition that gives them no choice but to say these two words at least once per week to every canadian they meet, probably in an attempt at bonding
[02:20:57] <thakis> wow, the bookmarks manager bug has > 500 votes
[02:21:41] *** humvee has quit IRC
[02:24:44] *** DefunctProcess has joined #chromium
[02:25:05] *** dale1v[away] is now known as dale1v
[02:26:51] <jrg> thanks: not true at all.
[02:26:52] <jrg> e
[02:26:52] <jrg> x
[02:26:52] <jrg> amp
[02:27:01] <jrg> thakis: examples from the top of my head
[02:27:17] <jrg> thakis: biggest exports are softwood lumber and energy
[02:27:25] <jrg> thanks: 90%+ live with 100mi of US border
[02:27:34] <jrg> thakis: biggest cash crop is weed
[02:27:55] <jrg> thakis: I really don't know what you are talking aboot.
[02:28:25] <estade> did someone just update some presubmit checks?
[02:28:46] <estade> nevermind
[02:30:55] *** rrr_ has joined #chromium
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[02:40:57] <pipping> evmar_afk: hm okay. i should've had a look at all the differences between that hardcoded config.h and the configure output
[02:41:34] <pipping> evmar_afk: taking the relevant parts into consideration, i end up w/ this diff: http://dpaste.com/139083/
[02:41:48] <pipping> evmar_afk: that diff takes care of the syntax errors i mentioned earlier
[02:42:01] <pipping> evmar_afk: now the reason i'm not celebrating for is:
[02:42:04] *** Hanumaan has quit IRC
[02:42:31] <pipping> evmar_afk: as i mentioned earlier, i believe those problems were introduced w/ r259. r251-r258 don't work either, though
[02:42:44] <pipping> evmar_afk: now r251-r253 are known broken so i'll ignore
[02:43:04] <pipping> evmar_afk: r254 should work though -- w/ it, i got a couple of errors when trying to link that i mentioned earlier, though
[02:43:14] <pipping> evmar_afk: i get to those, too now. here they are:
[02:43:47] <pipping> evmar_afk: http://dpaste.com/139084/
[02:44:40] *** tav_ has joined #chromium
[02:45:53] *** thakis has quit IRC
[02:45:59] * trungl observes that evmar_afk will have a ton to read when he returns to the keyboard
[02:46:23] <trungl> (that, or he has #chromium hooked up to a text-to-speech system)
[02:46:31] <trungl> (what a scary thought)
[02:46:40] *** GeekShadow has quit IRC
[02:49:35] *** dale1v is now known as dale1v[away]
[02:50:37] *** dale1v[away] is now known as dale1v
[02:50:55] *** zyichi has joined #chromium
[02:50:57] <pipping> trungl: feel free to lift some work off of his shoulders and solve my problems ;)
[02:54:05] *** bevc_work has quit IRC
[02:54:18] <trungl> alas, I'm sure I know less about the problem at hand than you already do (moreover, "my" linux machine is currently indisposed)
[02:54:53] *** tav has quit IRC
[02:54:54] *** tav_ is now known as tav
[02:55:13] *** andrix1 has joined #chromium
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[02:59:58] <michaeln> rolling rolling rolling... rawhide :)
[03:06:37] *** dale1v is now known as dale1v[away]
[03:08:07] *** dale1v[away] is now known as dale1v
[03:10:24] *** thiago has quit IRC
[03:10:30] <MVXA> i have a serious problem o.o
[03:11:01] <MVXA> i would like to go to bed and close chromium but it doesn't react to the close button
[03:26:22] *** RT|Chatzilla has joined #chromium
[03:32:14] <rubenbb> MVXA: how long were you running chromium? I had this problem after running it for 8 days straight
[03:32:26] <rubenbb> also, what version?
[03:39:57] *** Dwight_Stegall has joined #chromium
[03:42:12] <pipping> evmar_afk: crap. i think this might be caused by ccache. checking that now.
[03:42:35] *** dpranke has quit IRC
[03:43:52] *** krisr has joined #chromium
[03:45:29] <dumi> anybody available to review a quick patch that re-enables an extensions test that was previously failing?
[03:45:33] *** tedoc2000 has quit IRC
[03:46:46] *** tedoc2000 has joined #chromium
[03:49:19] *** pitcher has joined #chromium
[03:49:31] *** _32_ is now known as takano32
[03:49:46] *** leeight has joined #chromium
[03:50:02] *** leeight has left #chromium
[03:51:47] <trungl> dumi: have you been helped? is it simple?
[03:52:24] *** dale1v has quit IRC
[03:59:01] *** Dwight_Stegall has quit IRC
[03:59:59] *** krisr has quit IRC
[04:02:58] <dumi> trungl: very simple, just re-enables a test: http://codereview.chromium.org/523021
[04:03:35] *** sebmarkbage has joined #chromium
[04:04:36] <trungl> dumi: lgtm
[04:05:00] <dumi> trungl: thanks, i'll make you the reviewer and submit it
[04:05:23] <trungl> you should be good to go :)
[04:05:27] <dumi> trungl: nvm, you made yourself the reviewer. :) i'll just wait for the trybots to go green.
[04:05:58] <trungl> thanks for making sure with the trybots :)
[04:06:14] <dumi> trungl: np, thanks for the quick review!
[04:06:25] <trungl> it was as simple as you promised!
[04:07:34] <dumi> :)
[04:10:52] *** rsesek has joined #chromium
[04:27:35] *** Transformer has joined #chromium
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[04:35:40] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pamg
[04:37:21] <michaeln> guten nacht :)
[04:37:38] *** michaeln has left #chromium
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[04:53:25] *** pamg_ is now known as pamg
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[05:09:26] *** BryanWB has joined #chromium
[05:09:54] <BryanWB> is there any way I can find out which css attributes chromium currently supports for SVG?
[05:10:04] <BryanWB> s/attributes/properties/
[05:15:26] *** pamg has joined #chromium
[05:15:26] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pamg
[05:15:37] *** leoncarl has joined #chromium
[05:19:30] *** shepazu has joined #chromium
[05:21:27] *** zataang has joined #chromium
[05:21:29] <zataang> hey guys
[05:21:51] <zataang> i have google chrome beta on linux, and i cant get greasemonkey to work on it
[05:22:07] <zataang> (an older version of chromium seems to work though)
[05:22:14] <zataang> anybody know whether this is fixable/
[05:23:30] *** Don_Miguel has joined #Chromium
[05:27:38] <zataang> darn i just updated chromium-browser now
[05:27:54] <zataang> and even that refuses to pay attention to greasemonkey :X
[05:27:59] <zataang> somebody please help :)
[05:28:16] *** acer has joined #chromium
[05:30:33] <rubenbb> BryanWB: If you can find a list for webkit, that's what likely works for chromium, as chromium uses webkit
[05:30:36] *** leoncarl has quit IRC
[05:30:58] <rubenbb> zataang: at what point did greasemonkey stop working?
[05:31:03] <acer> I was under the impression that gears was built in to all versions of chrome but that's not the case is it?
[05:31:11] <BryanWB> rubenbb, tks, am looking there now
[05:31:47] *** dglazkov has joined #chromium
[05:31:47] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v dglazkov
[05:31:53] <zataang> rubenbb: i updated from to 4.0.285.something just now, and it stopped working :(
[05:32:15] <zataang> fwiw, i am running it as chromium-browser --enable-user-scripts --enable-extensions --enable-plugins
[05:32:24] <zataang> and the user scripts are in Default/User Scripts/*.user.js
[05:32:48] <rubenbb> well, chromium is buggy this week as many are on vacation so all bets are off with 285
[05:32:58] <acer> Can somebody tell me if and when chrome will support local sqlite?
[05:33:00] <zataang> rubenbb: also a previous version (which i dont remember now) of google-chrome-beta used to work
[05:33:03] <rubenbb> you might want to downgrade to a couple weeks ago
[05:33:27] <zataang> rubenbb: do you know how to downgrade via ubuntu's package management systems?
[05:33:42] <rubenbb> no, I don't use linux
[05:33:46] <zataang> hmm
[05:36:47] *** az_ has joined #chromium
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[08:06:12] *** Agiofws has joined #chromium
[08:08:15] <Agiofws> hello
[08:08:21] <Agiofws> how cna i set the tabs to the sites of my choise in chromium ?
[08:10:18] *** pitcher has quit IRC
[08:17:15] *** zloidemon has joined #chromium
[08:19:27] *** abarth has quit IRC
[08:26:51] <Agiofws> how can i set the tabs to the sites of my choise in chromium ? in chromes start up page ?
[08:28:20] *** skerner_ has joined #chromium
[08:30:00] *** skerner___ has joined #chromium
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[08:35:44] <rubenbb> Agiofws: did you try looking in the preferences?
[08:36:37] *** skerner___ has quit IRC
[08:39:31] *** jar has joined #chromium
[08:44:10] <Agiofws> options ?
[08:45:13] <rubenbb> yep
[08:46:10] <Agiofws> i don;t see such an option
[08:49:55] <rubenbb> depends what you're trying to do
[08:50:05] <rubenbb> I see on startup options that let you set different tabs
[08:50:30] <Agiofws> how can i set the tabs to the sites of my choise in chromium ? i meant ... the start up screen ...
[08:50:33] <Agiofws> the icons
[08:52:05] <rubenbb> the little icons that show 8 recently visited sites?
[08:52:10] <Agiofws> yes
[08:52:26] <rubenbb> dunno that you can, those just show your most visited sites
[08:52:44] <Agiofws> how can i reset that ?
[08:52:55] <rubenbb> those are not tabs, tabs are the things at the top
[08:53:29] <Agiofws> yes i know but thats just what i call them
[08:55:37] <rubenbb> if you want the icons to be stuff you want, use those sites more
[08:55:38] <Agiofws> You can also click to hide all thumbnails from view or clear your browsing history to reset the area to blank thumbnails.
[08:55:45] <Agiofws> hehe
[08:58:38] <Agiofws> this is a must feature in chrome it should be implemented
[09:01:49] <rubenbb> eh, that's what bookmarks are for
[09:02:03] <rubenbb> I prefer that it shows what you're actually using
[09:02:43] <Agiofws> i'd like an icon bookmark on the start up screen thats what the start up screen is for ...
[09:03:24] *** trungl has joined #chromium
[09:05:10] <rubenbb> feel free to code it then
[09:06:16] <Agiofws> in C ?
[09:07:18] <rubenbb> C++, maybe a little html/js, dunno how it's coded now
[09:17:36] *** zloidemon has quit IRC
[09:17:51] *** zloidemon has joined #chromium
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[09:27:20] *** MikeSmithW3C has joined #chromium
[09:28:49] *** gill0r_ has joined #chromium
[09:29:21] *** rrr_ has joined #chromium
[09:31:46] <m0> Agiofws: would --bookmark-menu solve what you need?/
[09:32:22] <Agiofws> what does that do ?
[09:32:34] <m0> Agiofws: and if you want to open up the bookmark manager from the new tab page, that requires js/html/c++
[09:32:57] <Agiofws> i'd just lik etoset my own tab icons
[09:33:28] *** Phlogi has joined #chromium
[09:33:47] <m0> Agiofws: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1801758/ChromiumBookmarkButton.png
[09:33:59] <m0> Explained here: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Chrome/thread?tid=5b57e51d501cbb0b#all
[09:34:37] <Agiofws> i dont want a bookmark button i already have one
[09:35:02] <m0> You want to set your own tab button?
[09:35:04] <Agiofws> i'd lik ethe icons start up page to have the pages set by me not by the most visited sites
[09:35:05] <m0> That is not supported.
[09:35:38] <m0> Agiofws: you can pin the pages you want there
[09:35:48] <m0> Agiofws: If you pin 8 pages, they will stay there.
[09:35:57] <Agiofws> yes but how do i pin youtube if its not already there ?
[09:36:28] <m0> I would assume, visit youtube, right click on the tab and pin
[09:36:50] *** quizme has quit IRC
[09:36:56] <m0> I just tried that, it doesn't work.
[09:37:16] <m0> For now, best to do, is delete your history and pin them from the start :/
[09:37:26] <Agiofws> well it pins it but it does not display it in the tabbed icons in start up page
[09:37:33] <m0> Or ... Make your own extension that overrides "newtab" page
[09:37:55] <m0> http://code.google.com/chrome/extensions/override.html
[09:38:19] <m0> You can copy/paste the style of the current newtab page, into your modified newtab page with fixed icons.
[09:38:31] <Agiofws> ?
[09:39:49] <m0> Sorry what do you mean ?
[09:41:25] <rubenbb> oh, so the option is already there, you just use the pin icon on top of the thumbnail to keep it there permanently
[09:41:40] <m0> For example, an extension has something like what I explained: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/mmmbjlahapkfcndahchhlonejnjdaikj
[09:42:42] *** gill0r has quit IRC
[09:44:08] <m0> rubenbb: yea, only when you pin from the new tab page.
[09:44:26] <m0> rubenbb: pinning tabs is still experimental (last I heard from Glen)
[09:44:48] <rubenbb> what's with the weird jumbled character urls for extensions? would be better if it was the name of the extension and you can always append a number if there are collisions, or better to force renaming so there aren't identically named extensions
[09:45:59] <m0> rubenbb: I don't know the gory detailes, but there is a public key and sha hashes that form the key to ensure each app is unique
[09:46:17] <m0> ah my english is worsening over night
[09:46:17] <m0> arrg
[09:46:22] <m0> its almost 4AM
[09:46:30] <rubenbb> Agiofws: if you hover over the thumbnails in the new tab startup page, the icons have a pin option to keep them there. I hadn't noticed that till m0 pointed it out
[09:46:39] <rubenbb> or I had but forgotten it ;)
[09:46:54] <m0> Yes, but the tabs he wanted pinned are not in the new tab page.
[09:47:00] <Agiofws> yes i know its no use if you dont have the page already there to PIN it
[09:47:23] <Agiofws> m0, does chrome used some kind of DB ?
[09:47:29] <m0> 1) he has to clean his history, or 2) He uses an extension as I mentioned before, or 3) He creates his own new tab page that loads his extension.
[09:47:38] <m0> Agiofws: it uses sqlite
[09:47:46] <Agiofws> can i edit that ?
[09:47:46] <rubenbb> I believe it will show it if you just load that url in a new tab a couple times
[09:48:00] <rubenbb> it doesn't show those thumbnails by historical popularity alone, I don't think
[09:48:43] <m0> rubenbb: when you right click on a tab and pin, it doesn't persist it to the db, while it persists it in the newtab page. Maybe it is by design (don't know)
[09:49:21] <rubenbb> m0: ok, this is even when you pin the thumbnail in the new tab page? I thought the two were separate actions
[09:49:26] *** xenoterracide has left #chromium
[09:49:36] <m0> They seem like it
[09:49:42] <m0> Confusing UX
[09:49:43] <rubenbb> m0: as for exensions, I wasn't talking about differentiating extensions, just the URLs :)
[09:49:57] <Agiofws> UX ?
[09:50:32] <m0> Agiofws: just install the extension/or create a new one. If you don't like the current newtab page.
[09:50:59] <m0> Chrome Extensions is made for requests like those.
[09:51:02] <Agiofws> will i be able to insert tab icons of my choice ?
[09:52:00] <m0> If you make your own extension, you have access the favicon for the tab. http://code.google.com/chrome/extensions/tabs.html#type-Tab
[09:52:31] <m0> Once again, take a look at https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/mmmbjlahapkfcndahchhlonejnjdaikj
[09:52:45] <m0> Bed time for me, good night!
[09:52:47] <rubenbb> or you could patch the chromium source directly if you like, it IS open source :)
[09:53:25] <m0> rubenbb: not time worthy if extensions does exactly what he needs :)
[09:53:38] <rubenbb> sounds like he wants the thumbnails too
[09:54:00] <m0> rubenbb: extensions can create thumbnails. http://code.google.com/chrome/extensions/tabs.html#method-captureVisibleTab
[09:54:16] <rubenbb> ok, there you go, Agiofws, hack away! :)
[09:54:42] <m0> Its easier to just use the favicon.
[09:56:29] <Agiofws> to do what witrh the favicon ?
[09:59:23] <rubenbb> create icons on the start page with favicons as opposed to thumbnails
[10:04:30] *** CellKill has joined #chromium
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[11:22:42] <m0> Gnite!
[11:23:07] <m0> 5:30 am = bedtime, arr super bad. Programming at night makes time fly!
[11:27:21] <jochen__> :)
[11:27:22] <jochen__> gn8
[11:39:39] *** luke__ has joined #chromium
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[12:23:02] *** Youst has joined #chromium
[12:30:38] <Youst> Hi. Yesterday my OS crashed. I recover data from my hard disk, and now I would like import back my chromium's bookmarks to my newly fresh install. I did not find them. Does anyone could help me, please ?
[12:32:44] <rubenbb> try moving .config/chromium to the new install
[12:35:32] <Youst> rubenbb: Great! thank you very much! :)
[12:35:48] <rubenbb> np
[12:38:53] <Youst> rubenbb: I move the .config/chromium/Default/Bookmarks file. It works like a charm! Thank you again! :)
[12:39:32] <rubenbb> sure
[12:40:18] *** pipping has quit IRC
[12:40:38] *** Raziel2p has joined #chromium
[12:51:31] <Youst> rubenbb: FYI. Moving only the Bookmarks file lacks importing favicon. I tried moving Thumbnails file too but it does works. So I moved the whole .Default directory, and then i get back my favicons. :)
[12:55:34] *** monreal has joined #chromium
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[14:32:17] *** andrix has joined #chromium
[14:40:46] <pipping_> evmar_afk: the linking problem appears to be gyp-related to
[14:41:10] <pipping_> evmar_afk: for some reason some .cc files aren't compiled and linked in while the headers are correctly included
[14:41:49] <pipping_> those are protobuf2/src/src/google/protobuf/compiler/{plugin.pb.cc,subprocess.cc,zip_writer.cc}
[14:42:55] <pipping_> s/to/, too/
[14:55:41] *** pewtermoose has joined #chromium
[14:56:22] *** tfarina has joined #chromium
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[15:08:49] <pipping_> http://paste.pocoo.org/show/160587/ appears to take care of all the problems i'm having w/ protobuf2 (not yet sure if chromium will link eventually but the libproto_lite.a apparently did)
[15:10:18] *** MikeSmithW3C has quit IRC
[15:10:56] <pipping_> both the ones introduced w/ r251/r254 (the linking, which i altered the .gyp file for) and the missing define (which i altered the config.h for). now since i'm pretty sure those changes to config.h aren't a good idea for everyone out there (i suppose not everyone has unordered_map etc. (early versions of g++?) and i'm not sure those other files should be linked into the intentionally slim lite version, i'd like someone to take a look
[15:10:56] <pipping_> and tell me how to do it right
[15:13:37] <tfarina> pipping_: hum, not sure, but why only you is having this problem?
[15:14:59] <pipping_> (1) i build it differently (2) everybody's doing something else between christmas and new year's eve?
[15:16:33] <tfarina> pipping_: I think you shouldn't have to modify a config.h file that is generated by autoheader
[15:16:33] <thomasvl> realizing I haven't been in for the full discussion, pipping_ the ext vs. tr1 changes tend to be gcc version issues? are you using a version that meets what building on linux lists?
[15:17:07] <pipping_> i'm on 4.4.2 so even though i didn't take a look i suppose i should be good
[15:18:00] <thomasvl> yea, i would expect that to work. the different gcc headers dirs is a little odd
[15:18:01] <pipping_> tfarina: well, i assume autoheader wasn't rerun since the last time additional defines were added
[15:18:43] *** holdenss has quit IRC
[15:18:48] *** kajdo has joined #chromium
[15:19:32] <pipping_> e.g. if i run autogen.sh for protobuf, i end w/ the following differences between the generated config.h and the config.h that comes w/ chromium as third_party/protobuf/.../config.h
[15:19:35] <tfarina> pipping_: this file should be generated by you in your build system. So it will take care of this
[15:20:35] <pipping_> well it's generated when building through autogen.sh-configure
[15:20:41] <pipping_> it's not w/ gyp, though
[15:21:16] <pipping_> which is why the problem only occurs when building chromium, not when building a standalone protobuf
[15:21:35] <tfarina> pipping_: yeah, but I think you don't have to use autogen.sh-configure in this case, just let the chromium/gyp system they care of the whole thing
[15:22:00] <tfarina> *take
[15:22:13] <pipping_> well. please take a look at this:
[15:22:27] <pipping_> http://paste.pocoo.org/show/160589/
[15:22:43] <pipping_> that's the difference between the autoheader-generated template and the filled-in version that comes w/ chromium
[15:22:55] <pipping_> of course everything's set there. that's not the point. the point is:
[15:23:04] <pipping_> +/* the name of <hash_set> */
[15:23:04] <pipping_> +#undef HASH_SET_CLASS
[15:23:31] <pipping_> that define is neither defined nor undefined in the config.h that comes w/ chromium. it should be, though
[15:23:35] *** takano32 is now known as _32_
[15:24:11] <pipping_> so i don't know what way gyp decides if one of those defines should be set or unset. but it should defininitely be in there, set or not.
[15:24:33] *** kajdo has left #chromium
[15:26:34] *** bers has joined #chromium
[15:29:30] <tfarina> pipping_: yeah, strange, I looked here http://src.chromium.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=chromium.git;a=blob;f=third_party/protobuf2/config.h;h=cb0bb00b9aeb15a91ce95195906ca48e5c2378ae;hb=HEAD, and everything is set
[15:30:47] <pipping_> yes. except HASH_MAP_CLASS and HASH_SET_CLASS, which end up undefined, causing the before-mentioned problems
[15:30:54] <tfarina> pipping_: no idea so, I thought these #defines would be verified in your system, like when we run ./configure, but they are already set
[15:31:09] <pipping_> yes. i find that a bit odd, too
[15:31:39] <tfarina> pipping_: did you try asking on chromim-dev group?
[15:31:46] <pipping_> in case you're wondering what way i build chromium, the src_configure() and src_compile() in here pretty much say it all: http://git.exherbo.org/?p=dev/pipping.git;a=blob;f=packages/net-www/chromium/chromium-scm.exheres-0
[15:32:22] <pipping_> i did not.
[15:32:28] <tfarina> pipping_: yeah, I was wondering, but didn't ask :)
[15:32:58] <tfarina> pipping_: I think that would be a good idea, so more people could see the problem, and make more suggestions
[15:34:13] <pipping_> i was afraid you might say that
[15:35:52] <tfarina> pipping_: why?
[15:36:47] <pipping_> i imagine i'll just get yelled at for the way i'm building it or something.
[15:37:32] *** ibib has joined #chromium
[15:37:56] <ibib> is there any adblock ext which actualyl BLOCKS the ads / cookies ?
[15:39:26] *** skenmy has quit IRC
[15:39:42] <tfarina> pipping_: oh, I understand, but don't be afraid, that is part of the process, the comments can solve the problem and improve the way you build it.
[15:40:29] <tfarina> pipping_: I always got a help when I had problems with the build here or at chromium-dev :)
[15:43:11] *** bryeung has joined #chromium
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[15:52:31] <pipping_> tfarina: sent, waiting for approval
[15:53:00] *** krisr has quit IRC
[15:53:13] *** krisr has joined #chromium
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[16:02:15] <tfarina> pipping_: cool :), now let's wait and see if we get more feedback on this.
[16:06:42] <pipping_> can't wait.
[16:13:23] *** MikeSmithW3C has joined #chromium
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[16:19:33] <thomasvl> fyi - rebooting two mac bots (fyi waterfall)
[16:20:25] <pipping_> judging by http://groups.google.com/group/protobuf/browse_thread/thread/e4c265e5c1f04dd9# that unordered_map thing should be available starting w/ gcc 4.4
[16:21:18] <pipping_> so maybe that could be integrated w/ gyp and a gcc_version == 44 check, too. no clue.
[16:21:49] *** Sarten-X2 has quit IRC
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[16:29:47] <thomasvl> YES!!!!
[16:31:16] <pipping_> thomasvl: ?
[16:31:36] * thomasvl might have just nailed the month long slowdown on all the mac tests
[16:32:13] *** pcgod has quit IRC
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[17:15:15] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pamg__
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[17:16:51] *** pamg__ is now known as pamg
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[17:19:28] *** dale1v has joined #chromium
[17:20:00] *** bryeung has joined #chromium
[17:26:56] <sig11> morning.
[17:29:25] *** andrix has quit IRC
[17:30:45] *** GeekShadow has joined #chromium
[17:31:31] *** krisr has quit IRC
[17:31:32] *** krisr_ is now known as krisr
[17:32:55] *** natechapin has joined #chromium
[17:34:13] *** RT|Chatzilla has joined #chromium
[17:34:46] <thomasvl> any mac folks around?
[17:35:13] *** RT|Chatzilla_ has quit IRC
[17:36:04] <sig11> I am a mac person, but I don't think I'm your target. :)
[17:36:15] *** jumpkick has quit IRC
[17:36:37] <dglazkov> good morning, Chromium!
[17:38:35] *** azlev has joined #chromium
[17:38:35] <thomasvl> :)
[17:41:16] <sig11> I just submitted my first patch. I'm a little excited... but I think my version of IB may have done something bad to a nib.
[17:44:03] *** rsesek has joined #chromium
[17:44:10] <apavlov> Anyone got a clue why our gtest runner outputs something like this in the end of running tests? Note: Google Test filter = DevToolsSanityTest.YOU HAVE 3 FLAKY TESTS
[17:44:10] <apavlov> [==========] Running 0 tests from 0 test cases.
[17:44:10] <apavlov> [==========] 0 tests from 0 test cases ran. (0 ms total)
[17:44:10] <apavlov> [ PASSED ] 0 tests.
[17:44:32] <rsesek> jrg: ping
[17:45:16] *** zyichi has left #chromium
[17:46:03] *** tedoc2000 has joined #chromium
[17:46:41] <motownavi> thomasvl: hey
[17:48:39] *** dale1v is now known as dale1v[away]
[17:48:44] *** dale1v[away] is now known as dale1v
[17:48:53] *** RT|Chatzilla has quit IRC
[17:50:27] <thomasvl> motownavi: i pinged mark at home. i've got the pref regression sorted out
[17:50:38] <motownavi> ah! ok
[17:53:54] *** pcgod has joined #chromium
[17:55:44] *** Venom_X has joined #chromium
[17:56:12] *** pitcher has joined #chromium
[17:56:23] *** pitcher has left #chromium
[17:56:23] *** maikmerten has joined #chromium
[17:57:37] *** bevc_work has joined #chromium
[17:57:42] *** dale1v has quit IRC
[17:57:46] *** leoncarl has joined #chromium
[17:59:44] <rsesek> jrg: cancel ping, sent you mail
[17:59:46] *** rsesek is now known as rsesek_afk
[18:04:18] *** zdobersek has joined #chromium
[18:06:08] <dglazkov> I wish all builds were as fast as Linux
[18:07:26] *** bent-moz has joined #chromium
[18:07:36] <shess> dglazkov: I wish I had >2G on my home machine so that I could agree with you. [Browses to newegg.com...]
[18:08:25] *** krisr has quit IRC
[18:08:26] <jrg> rsesek: got it will reviee this morning
[18:08:42] <thomasvl> dglazkov: i think we're about to get some of the mac bot speeds back (i think i've got the main perf regression fixed)
[18:13:22] *** quaelin has joined #chromium
[18:21:39] *** xhP2GtH9 has joined #chromium
[18:23:02] *** eseidel has joined #chromium
[18:26:19] *** eseidel_ has joined #chromium
[18:27:24] <rsesek_afk> jrg: ty
[18:27:28] *** rsesek_afk is now known as rsesek
[18:32:19] *** pamg has joined #chromium
[18:32:19] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pamg
[18:35:22] *** trungl has joined #chromium
[18:38:12] *** thakis has joined #chromium
[18:38:13] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v thakis
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[18:39:17] *** GeekShado_ has joined #chromium
[18:39:27] *** DanaL has joined #chromium
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[18:42:55] *** eseidel_ is now known as eseidel
[18:43:32] *** arv has joined #chromium
[18:44:10] <arv> Who should I talk to about cache corruption bugs?
[18:46:08] <thakis> arv: rvargas probably
[18:47:30] <natechapin> fyi, i think i'm responsible for the current redness on the webkit linux dbg3 buildbot and am looking at it
[18:47:53] *** stuartmorgan has joined #chromium
[18:47:53] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v stuartmorgan
[18:50:26] *** GeekShadow has quit IRC
[18:51:50] <tfarina> pipping_: I guess it will take one day to your post be approved :(
[18:55:10] *** zataang_ has joined #chromium
[18:55:10] *** zataang has quit IRC
[18:55:11] *** zataang_ is now known as zataang
[18:58:26] <zataang> any linux chromium / google-chrome-beta users out here?
[19:00:37] <thomasvl> <- bounces another mac bot
[19:07:06] *** bent-moz_ has joined #chromium
[19:08:00] <stuartmorgan> thomasvl: any leads on what the heck is wrong with them?
[19:08:12] <thomasvl> stuartmorgan: should be fixed now
[19:08:21] <stuartmorgan> yay!
[19:08:47] <thomasvl> just waiting for the cl to cycle onto all bots
[19:08:48] <thomasvl> then i have some cleanup to do for what had built up
[19:09:09] <thomasvl> stuartmorgan: here's the guilty:
[19:09:54] <thomasvl> we cause that to be read, added to, and written 4 times per launched chromium by all the different tests...
[19:10:13] <stuartmorgan> ugh
[19:10:55] <thomasvl> we won't talk about how long it took to find... ;)
[19:12:07] <motownavi> how'd you figure it out?
[19:13:39] <thakis> thomasvl: and how did you fix it?
[19:13:57] <thakis> trim the file, or make chrome not read it?
[19:14:05] <rsesek> thakis: http://codereview.chromium.org/523024
[19:14:22] <thomasvl> motownavi: manual audio of a couple bots chasing down everything i could think of. finally got to looking in /Library
[19:14:36] <motownavi> ah
[19:15:24] <thakis> thomasvl++++++++++++++++++++++
[19:16:37] *** pamg has quit IRC
[19:18:43] <motownavi> yes, great find
[19:19:07] *** abarth has joined #chromium
[19:19:07] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v abarth
[19:19:34] <thomasvl> maybe i should have held it for jan, and called it a year after landing it. ;)
[19:20:26] *** pamg has joined #chromium
[19:20:26] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pamg
[19:21:06] *** krisr has joined #chromium
[19:33:29] <thakis> does the "pause" menu item in chrome's download item context menu work? i just paused an ubuntu iso download for 15 minutes, and then unpaused it, and chrome claimed that the partial download is complete
[19:34:04] <thakis> maybe servers drop the connection after N minutes of inactivity, and chrome doesn't support resuming on a new connection?
[19:34:26] *** apavlov has quit IRC
[19:35:16] <sig11> hm. I never left one paused that long...
[19:35:57] *** bent-moz_ has quit IRC
[19:36:05] *** bent-moz has joined #chromium
[19:36:26] <thakis> (this was on linux btw)
[19:37:57] <sig11> Windows seems to do the same thing. I had one paused from this morning when I checked on that menu
[19:38:59] *** vvv has joined #chromium
[19:39:53] *** skerner_ has joined #chromium
[19:41:02] *** mnaganov_ has joined #chromium
[19:41:31] *** yurys_ has joined #chromium
[19:41:32] *** CosmiChaos has joined #chromium
[19:48:25] *** lindenle has joined #chromium
[19:48:43] <lindenle> Hi all, how can I do file type and program settings for chrome?
[19:50:09] *** mnaganov_ is now known as mnaganov
[19:50:10] *** tlrobinson has quit IRC
[19:50:11] *** yurys has quit IRC
[19:50:11] *** yurys_ is now known as yurys
[19:51:11] <zataang> hey any folks around here who use greasemonkey on linux with google-chrome-beta?
[19:59:58] <stuartmorgan> lindenle, zataang: see channel topic
[20:00:19] <zataang> stuartmorgan: yaeh i moved to the other channel. thanks and sorry...
[20:00:42] <lindenle> ditto ^
[20:01:38] *** GeekShado_ has quit IRC
[20:02:06] *** andrix1 has quit IRC
[20:03:10] *** Wicked has joined #chromium
[20:04:55] <thomasvl> who ever is sheriff today, mac bots will be cycling here shortly. part of the cleanup from the slow downs.
[20:05:04] <thomasvl> i need to remove stuff on disk to be sure they are all safe from it.
[20:12:31] <Adys> any dev can mark issue 31228 as dupe of issue 12084 ?
[20:12:33] <Adys> http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=31228
[20:13:40] <Adys> and issue 28336
[20:13:49] *** tlrobinson has joined #chromium
[20:14:48] <motownavi> right on both counts; marked as such
[20:14:49] <motownavi> thanks
[20:15:04] <Adys> motownavi: actually browsing the list theres a bunch of dupes
[20:15:28] <Adys> i think the first one is 3115
[20:15:49] *** acer has quit IRC
[20:17:31] *** kavurt has joined #chromium
[20:19:19] <thakis> Adys: i mentioned that on 12084
[20:19:24] <thakis> not completely sure it's the same thing
[20:19:35] <Adys> something about meta refreshes ya
[20:19:52] <motownavi> well, when it doubt we'll just mention the bug in the other.
[20:19:57] <motownavi> but the two you noted were clear dups
[20:20:02] <Adys> Yah
[20:21:32] *** JakeSays has quit IRC
[20:21:42] *** JakeSays has joined #chromium
[20:23:10] *** lindenle has left #chromium
[20:26:40] *** fqian_ has joined #chromium
[20:27:33] *** Kunalagon has joined #chromium
[20:27:48] *** GeekShadow has joined #chromium
[20:29:58] <trungl> stupid bugs
[20:30:37] <rsesek> thakis: what would you think of a "move to trash" menu item on the download shelf?
[20:32:30] <thakis> rsesek: this has been discussed to death
[20:32:33] <trungl> rsesek: hasn't this sort of thing already been discussed ad infinitum?
[20:32:54] * rsesek shrugs
[20:32:55] * trungl observes that there are advantages to writing shorter sentences.
[20:33:01] <thakis> rsesek: once i get around to adding drag-n-drop support, you can drag them to the trash
[20:33:04] <rsesek> ah
[20:33:19] <rsesek> I don't see why people would object
[20:33:47] <thakis> rsesek: somebody already thought that adding "pause/resume" to the download item menu would be a good idea
[20:33:59] <thakis> (it seems it doesn't even work if you pause your download for a longish period)
[20:34:16] <thakis> the menu just grows infinitely large if you add everything that sounds like a good idea
[20:34:18] *** jumpkick has joined #chromium
[20:34:52] <thakis> but the discussions are somewhere on the bug tracker if you're curious :-)
[20:35:55] <trungl> Clearly the menu needs scrollbars.
[20:36:01] <trungl> Maybe Wave-style scrollbars.
[20:36:18] <trungl> We should add stuff to menus on-the-fly.
[20:36:20] <rsesek> thakis: i remember a discussion about the 'remove' from the downloads shelf/page
[20:36:55] <thakis> rsesek: it seems like there a discussions about nearly everything on the download shelf
[20:37:13] <thakis> judging from teh bug tracker, everyone hates it and there should be a general redesign
[20:37:19] <trungl> We should have a Google Group to discuss the download shelf.
[20:37:32] * rsesek points to Safari's context menu "Move to trash"
[20:37:38] <rsesek> in the downloads window
[20:37:41] <rsesek> it's helpful
[20:37:47] <rsesek> especially while we can't view PDFs inline
[20:37:47] <thakis> (side note: to my surprise, when I talked to Real People in the Real World a week ago who happened to be using chrome/mac, they told me they absolutely love the shelf)
[20:37:50] <trungl> We all hate it, but we all hate it less than the stupid download windows which other browsers have.
[20:38:14] <trungl> (I'm actually serious about that last comment.)
[20:38:26] <rsesek> I don't mind the shelf
[20:38:30] <rsesek> I just wish it were smarter about going away
[20:38:37] <rsesek> I hate mousing over to close it
[20:38:39] <thakis> rsesek: on the "be able to run" download bug, there's the suggestion to download files with "auto open" into temporary folders instead of the normal download folder
[20:38:43] <thakis> which would solve the pdf issue
[20:39:04] <rsesek> auto-open is a security risk
[20:39:18] <thakis> rsesek: auto-open is already implemented
[20:39:31] <thakis> (and there's this dangerous filetype stuff etc)
[20:39:34] <rsesek> yes, but I have it disabled because it's a security risk
[20:39:44] <rsesek> it doesn't protect against maliciously-crafted files, though
[20:39:46] <trungl> (I don't actually *hate* the shelf either. It just needs improvement, but we can't agree on anything except that it needs improvement.)
[20:40:25] <thakis> rsesek: well, so is displaying pdfs inline :-)
[20:40:28] <rsesek> thakis: when was the 'remove' option removed? I don't see it on crbug.com/60
[20:40:36] <rsesek> thakis: yes, but they'll be running in a renderer
[20:40:37] <rsesek> :)
[20:41:03] <rsesek> ah nvm
[20:41:53] <thakis> trungl: as i said, there are some people out there who actually like it. they just don't start centibugs rambling about how great they think it is for some reason
[20:42:36] <thakis> food!
[20:43:05] <trungl> thakis: I was admittedly exaggerating when I said that we all hate it.
[20:43:49] <trungl> (for my purposes, "we hate it less than download windows" == "we like it more than download windows")
[20:43:55] <trungl> (but that's just because I hate everything)
[20:45:34] <rsesek> when is the next dev channel getting cut? it's been weeks....
[20:46:07] *** azlev has quit IRC
[20:46:42] <trungl> soon, I hope
[20:47:13] <trungl> there were some bugs which needed to be resolved first, and then Christmas/New Years happened (well, one of those has yet to happen).
[20:47:13] <vandebo> I'd be surprised if we got one before mid next week.. holidays and all
[20:51:20] <fta> if someone cares, ubuntu now has a dev channel: https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/dev
[20:52:13] <trungl> (fwiw, I was talking about the mac dev channel, since that's what I assumed rsesek was asking about)
[20:52:14] <rsesek> yes :)
[20:52:48] <trungl> maybe we should make an OS X-based Ubuntu
[20:52:59] <fta> (it was unrelated to the current topic) :)
[20:53:12] <rsesek> trungl: OS X-based Ubuntu?
[20:53:38] <trungl> because then we'd have a dev channel :-P
[20:53:46] <rsesek> heh
[20:56:25] *** switchgirl has quit IRC
[20:57:06] *** Kunalagon1 has joined #chromium
[20:59:09] *** kavurt has quit IRC
[21:02:33] *** switchgirl has joined #chromium
[21:04:20] *** kavurt has joined #chromium
[21:04:30] * trungl is almost enlightened.
[21:04:33] <trungl> Well, not really.
[21:09:10] <trungl> One day, we'll be able to drag tabs on Mac Chrome without fear of crashing.
[21:09:17] *** pamg has quit IRC
[21:09:35] <rsesek> I'd really like to see tab dragging done safari-style, where the page goes to thumbnail size… dragging the whole page is just too big
[21:14:18] *** Kunalagon2 has joined #chromium
[21:14:42] *** Kunalagon has quit IRC
[21:14:56] <trungl> I wonder if there's a good compromise between the two, since otherwise there's a big (and jarring) difference between dragging a tab inside the tab strip, ripping a tab out, and just moving a window (e.g., by holding onto just the tab).
[21:15:21] <rsesek> maybe it shrinks after you drag beyond some drag region
[21:15:27] <rsesek> otherwise it's full-sized
[21:15:34] <rsesek> and then when you drag it back, it goes big again
[21:15:39] <trungl> But first, I'd like dragging tabs not to crash.
[21:15:41] <rsesek> though that could be extremely awkward if done wrong
[21:16:31] <thakis> trungl: does that mean…you…hate me too? *sob*
[21:16:48] *** Zucca has quit IRC
[21:16:51] * thakis is done reading backlog
[21:17:01] <trungl> Maybe, though there's the question of what happens if you drag a window (by its tab) -- which probably rightly just looks like a normal window move -- into another window's tab strip, and then back out....
[21:17:40] *** Kunalagon2 has quit IRC
[21:17:41] * trungl distinguishes between animate objects and inanimate objects (== things, all of which he hates).
[21:18:08] * trungl does not hate everyone.
[21:18:20] * trungl *does*, however, hate everything.
[21:18:53] * trungl hates stupid crashing tabs.
[21:19:09] * thakis mumbles something about protheses
[21:19:20] * trungl does not hate intelligent crashing tabs (since, being intelligent, they might be animate).
[21:22:27] *** Hanumaan has joined #chromium
[21:25:15] *** Beetny has joined #chromium
[21:31:43] *** eseidel has quit IRC
[21:31:49] *** Kunalagon1 has quit IRC
[21:37:45] *** ROBOd has quit IRC
[21:39:23] *** keby has quit IRC
[21:39:46] *** zataang has left #chromium
[21:39:46] *** keby has joined #chromium
[21:44:13] <awong> trungl: 10 more years on a high mountain. Works every time.
[21:44:45] <awong> errrr...apparently my IRC client lagged...please timeshift that comment back about 40 minutes.
[21:44:56] <trungl> Crap. Step 1: Find a high mountain.
[21:45:15] *** jumpkick has quit IRC
[21:45:42] <trungl> By timeshifting your comment back a mere 35 minutes, and mine back only 30 minutes, etc., we can eventually make it to the present.
[21:46:08] <trungl> But maybe living in the past is better.
[21:46:14] <trungl> (I keep hearing the food was better then.)
[21:46:42] *** jumpkick has joined #chromium
[21:47:10] *** fqian_ has quit IRC
[21:47:20] <thakis> but the mountains were lower
[21:47:52] <awong> that just means 20 years instead of 10.
[21:48:25] <trungl> but so much more bearable, since the food is better
[21:49:42] * dglazkov wonders if trungl and thakis had mushrooms for lunch
[21:50:36] <trungl> they only had mushrooms available in the good old days
[21:50:51] <thakis> dglazkov: wait til you let us near webkit
[21:50:52] <rsesek> do we have rules regarding obj-c dot syntax? I like it but the style guide is silent on the issue
[21:51:06] <thakis> rsesek: "don't do it" i believe, but i'm not sure
[21:51:07] <dglazkov> ha. WebKit is powered by mushrooms.
[21:51:17] <awong> forget the mushrooms, gluesticks are cheaper.
[21:51:20] <rsesek> thakis: fine
[21:51:24] <rsesek> :(
[21:52:49] <thomasvl> rsesek: given we mix c++ and obj-c, using it would probably be asking for more confusion. :(
[21:53:02] <rsesek> that's true
[21:53:21] *** skerner__ has joined #chromium
[21:53:59] <motownavi> rsesek: it does say
[21:54:02] <motownavi> it says no
[21:54:15] <rsesek> oh does it?
[21:54:15] <motownavi> http://google-styleguide.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/objcguide.xml#Properties : Dot notation to access properties is not allowed.
[21:54:40] *** skerner_ has quit IRC
[21:55:12] *** fqian_ has joined #chromium
[21:55:17] <trungl> does anyone know if I can turn on/off NSTraceEvents programmatically?
[21:55:23] <rsesek> motownavi: ty
[21:55:33] *** rrr_ has quit IRC
[21:55:33] *** rrr has quit IRC
[21:55:54] <trungl> nm
[21:57:27] <trungl> grrrrrrr
[22:00:16] *** leoncarl has quit IRC
[22:02:06] *** leoncarl has joined #chromium
[22:03:39] *** dglazkov_ has joined #chromium
[22:03:39] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v dglazkov_
[22:06:46] <trungl> hmmm
[22:06:48] <trungl> this is very bad
[22:07:17] *** bent-moz has quit IRC
[22:07:29] *** maikmerten has quit IRC
[22:07:57] *** rrr has joined #chromium
[22:08:20] <awong> anyone know anything about MessagingContentScript and MessagingExtensionTab tests?
[22:08:29] <awong> latest webkit roll seems to make them possibly time out...
[22:14:22] *** pamg has joined #chromium
[22:14:22] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pamg
[22:14:32] * trungl can't believe this didn't crash more often.
[22:14:56] * rsesek can't believe how often the gypi files get completely reorganized
[22:15:21] <thakis> rsesek: +1
[22:15:39] <rsesek> I spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure out why my delegate wasn't being set via the nib
[22:15:44] *** schmukkk has joined #chromium
[22:15:45] <rsesek> turns out, .xibs changed homes in gyp
[22:15:50] *** MikeSmithW3C has quit IRC
[22:15:52] <rsesek> and my rebase didn't catch up with that
[22:16:04] *** dglazkov_ has quit IRC
[22:16:10] *** dglazkov_ has joined #chromium
[22:16:10] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v dglazkov_
[22:17:05] *** dglazkov has quit IRC
[22:17:06] *** dglazkov_ is now known as dglazkov
[22:17:30] *** rrr_ has joined #chromium
[22:20:52] *** taf2 has quit IRC
[22:23:06] <awong> Huh..try server runs for linux, linux_chromeos_ and linux_view failed on 2 browser_tests, but in rietveld, they showed up at green. Any idea what's up with that?
[22:23:37] <awong> See Patch 2 on http://codereview.chromium.org/515067 and click-through on "linux" for an example.
[22:24:04] <awong> in any case, rolling webkit now.
[22:26:33] <thomasvl> awong: browser_tests doesn't have to pass from codereview pov
[22:26:56] <thomasvl> awong: it will be required again next week if i've nailed the problems with browser_tests on mac
[22:27:36] <awong> thomasvl: ic. Good to know.
[22:28:54] *** General13372 has joined #chromium
[22:29:30] *** jumpkick has quit IRC
[22:29:39] *** michaeln has joined #chromium
[22:31:31] <mattm_g_> dumi: Looks like ExtensionApiTest.Storage failed after you re-enabled it
[22:32:30] *** General1337 has quit IRC
[22:32:33] <dumi> mattm_g_: let me take a look... it passed on all 3 try bots though and on my local machine... i'm not sure what else i can do...
[22:33:06] *** oshima has quit IRC
[22:34:09] <dumi> mattm_g_: the log file says Failing tests: ExtensionBrowserTest.FLAKY_AutoUpdate
[22:34:35] <mattm_g_> dumi: http://build.chromium.org/buildbot/waterfall/builders/XP%20Tests%20(dbg)(4)/builds/2422/steps/browser_tests/logs/stdio
[22:35:44] *** Agiofws has left #chromium
[22:35:57] <dumi> mattm_g_: my patch is all green on windows according to http://build.chromium.org/buildbot/waterfall/console
[22:36:10] <dumi> mattm_g_: looks like the test started failing with estade's patch
[22:36:38] <dumi> (even though i fail to see how his changes would affect that test)
[22:36:49] <estade> dumi, mattm_g_: entirely possible, although the try results were green
[22:36:53] <mattm_g_> yeah, is the storage test just flakey?
[22:37:05] <dumi> mattm_g_: it's not supposed to be
[22:37:58] <dumi> mattm_g_: wanna wait for another cycle to go by and see if it still fails?
[22:38:28] *** uva has joined #chromium
[22:40:10] <mattm_g_> ok
[22:41:24] *** JabLuszko has joined #chromium
[22:43:34] *** uva_ has quit IRC
[22:43:42] *** estade has quit IRC
[22:46:42] *** estade has joined #chromium
[22:46:42] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v estade
[22:47:00] <mattm_g_> estade: looks like 35390 broke interactive_ui_tests?
[22:47:39] <estade> mattm_g_: uh?
[22:47:48] <mattm_g_> er, wrong evan.
[22:47:56] <mattm_g_> evmar_afk: looks like 35390 broke interactive_ui_tests?
[22:48:50] <evmar_afk> checking
[22:48:53] *** evmar_afk is now known as evmar
[22:50:11] <dumi> mattm_g_: vista tests seem to be fine. XP tests still failing. i'll take a look after lunch.
[22:50:50] <evmar> mattm_g_: gonna build it locally to double check
[22:51:08] <evmar> mattm_g_: it seems highl plausible it's me though :~(
[22:54:21] <mattm_g_> evmar: looks like ui_tests too.
[22:54:52] <awong> anyone know the story on building wiht gcc-4.4? Does it work currently?
[22:55:00] * trungl is enlightened.
[22:55:15] <trungl> 10-20 years on a mountaintop not required.
[22:55:16] <thakis> trungl: for the 3rd time today already
[22:55:42] * awong wonders whether there are different cardinalities of enlightenment.
[22:56:26] <trungl> thakis: Really? You've been keeping count? (Previously, I was only almost enlightened.)
[22:56:48] <mattm_g_> evmar: no try runs on that CL?
[22:56:59] <evmar> mattm_g_: i ran it locally, heh
[22:57:08] <evmar> i think i found the problem, will commit when i verify it compiles
[22:57:12] <evmar> not sure trybots run interactive ui tests
[22:57:39] <trungl> besides which, the buildbots are usually much faster
[22:57:41] <trungl> :-P
[22:58:06] <evmar> i didn't think anyone was around anyway
[22:58:24] <trungl> only the peanut gallery
[22:58:59] <awong> It's strange to me that more people are around today, than yesterday or the day before. You'd think that if you were gone for 2 days this week, you'd be gone today as well...
[22:59:27] <evmar> $ git log -60 --format='%an' | grep evan@ | wc -l
[22:59:27] <evmar> 10
[22:59:38] <evmar> 1/6th of the recent 60 commits
[23:00:18] <vandebo> awong: trickling back. plus cheaper flights the further you get away from the 25th and some people may have different near years eve plans
[23:00:22] <evmar> committing fix, will revert it all if this fails
[23:00:43] <evmar> heh, wow that's a lot of failures
[23:00:52] <evmar> ajwong is lucky he got in a separate cycle from my change
[23:01:28] <awong> hah...we're both lucky. :)
[23:01:46] <fta> evmar, fyi, snaps on arm are gone since we moved away from gcc 4.4 :p
[23:01:51] <evmar> fta: :~(
[23:01:56] <evmar> fta: are you using gcc 4.3 then?
[23:01:59] <awong> evmar: gcc-4.4 doesn't seem to expose ULLONG_MAX for C++.
[23:02:02] <fta> yes
[23:02:10] <evmar> fta: that is too bad
[23:02:15] <evmar> fta: i develop with gcc 4.4 now
[23:02:22] <evmar> fta: but not on arm
[23:02:27] <fta> me too
[23:02:41] <evmar> i have a patch that almost builds base_unittests with llvm!
[23:02:42] <awong> hah, that's funny. I'm just started to try gcc-4.4 arm build about 10 minutes ago...
[23:02:57] <evmar> awong: you really need to fight less with compilers, i feel bad for you :)
[23:03:24] <awong> evmar: story of my life, from /uns till now.
[23:03:35] <evmar> wow, that brings me back
[23:03:44] <awong> at least I don't have to get libraries built with gcc-3.x on a 2.96 system.
[23:05:09] <awong> so, you're able to build on x86 platforms with gcc-4.4 and not have this ULLONG_MAX undefined issue?
[23:05:22] <evmar> haven't seen it
[23:05:28] <awong> :-/
[23:05:28] <evmar> <- karmic
[23:05:43] <awong> this sysroot is supposedly karmic based...
[23:05:49] <abarth> evmar: i enjoy how you're dominating both this channel and #webkit
[23:05:55] <evmar> abarth: sorry
[23:06:10] <evmar> i made a resolution to send less email, i should do the same for irc
[23:06:18] <abarth> no need to apologize (hence the enjoy)
[23:06:49] <evmar> awong: grep for ULLONG_MAX in /usr/include/limits.h, mine has a commetn about some gcc missing it
[23:07:11] <evmar> awong: maybe you just need to #include "base/basictypes.h"
[23:07:33] *** tedoc2000_ has joined #chromium
[23:07:35] <trungl> how does one change the email address to which one's @chromium.org email is forwarded?
[23:08:04] *** dave`1 has joined #chromium
[23:08:13] * trungl is totally failing to figure this out (he could have sworn it was simpler before).
[23:08:49] <fta> evmar, gyp/make seems to ignore CC and CXX envs :(
[23:08:52] *** tedoc2000 has quit IRC
[23:08:53] <awong> evmar: I saw that. Seems that ULLONG_MAX is c99, and thus it's optinal whether or not gcc exposes it in C++98.
[23:09:00] <awong> fta: it doesn't for me...
[23:09:24] *** tedoc2000_ has quit IRC
[23:09:46] *** dave`1 has left #chromium
[23:10:05] <awong> evmar: Think it'd be okay to checkin a #ifndef ULONGLONG_MAX #define ULONGLONG_MAX std::numeric_limits<unsigned long long>::max() #endif, or similar into basic_types.h?
[23:10:10] <fta> awong, works with make CC=xx but not CC=xx make
[23:11:03] <awong> CC=xx make shoudl be equiv to "export CC=xx" followed by "make" right? That's what I'm doing and it seems to work...
[23:11:13] <fta> right
[23:11:26] <fta> it doesn't here :P
[23:12:35] <awong> fun.
[23:13:27] *** johnnymast has joined #chromium
[23:14:42] *** luke__ has joined #chromium
[23:15:22] <evmar> $ grep '^CC' Makefile
[23:15:22] <evmar> CC.target ?= $(CC)
[23:15:22] <evmar> CC.host ?= gcc
[23:15:38] <evmar> fta: perhaps you're overriding one but not the other?
[23:16:00] *** luke__ has quit IRC
[23:17:40] *** luke__ has joined #chromium
[23:18:06] *** bers has joined #chromium
[23:18:28] <evmar> trungl: i have no recollection of how that works, but perhaps you can log into gmail with your @chromium addr
[23:18:30] <fta> evmar, i used to just set CC and CXX in the env with scons, now (with make), it's no longer working, we had to pass CC=$(CC) CXX=$(CXX) CC.host=$(CC) CXX.host=$(CXX) to make (as args, not env vars)
[23:18:53] <evmar> maybe you need
[23:18:54] <evmar> -e, --environment-overrides
[23:18:54] <evmar> Give variables taken from the environment precedence over variables from makefiles.
[23:18:55] <thomasvl> uh, changing a mac only file caused the windows sandbox not to compile?
[23:19:00] <fta> (i didn't do it myself)
[23:19:15] <evmar> but it seems setting CC.host with '?=' means you should be able to override it
[23:19:44] *** taf2 has joined #chromium
[23:19:53] <trungl> evmar: I could have sworn it used to be easy (i.e., you could log into gmail with one's chromium.org address), but now it tells me it wants me to create a @gmail.com account.
[23:20:02] <fta> evmar, yes, but it's only for make variables, not envs
[23:20:13] <rsesek> trungl: go to mail.google.com/a/chromium.org?
[23:20:48] <trungl> rsesek++
[23:21:17] *** monreal has quit IRC
[23:22:30] *** CrazyRobot has quit IRC
[23:23:01] *** thomasvl has quit IRC
[23:23:36] *** zdobersek has quit IRC
[23:23:43] <m0> evmar: nice blog post
[23:27:59] <thakis> trungl: GA+
[23:28:39] <trungl> where we take the "+" lightly
[23:28:57] <rsesek> ramdom question: what does GAIA stand for?
[23:29:53] <evmar> google apps integrated auth
[23:29:58] <evmar> (just kidding, i made that up)
[23:30:02] <rsesek> heh
[23:30:08] <rsesek> wfm
[23:30:16] <dumi> godess of earth :)
[23:30:55] *** kjg has quit IRC
[23:31:59] <estade> I'm not entirely positive but I always make sure to sacrifice a lamb to her once a month
[23:32:30] <evmar> estade: looks like finnur beat you to page action popups
[23:32:30] *** bryeung has quit IRC
[23:32:30] <dumi> google accounds and ID administration
[23:32:30] <dumi> accounts
[23:32:46] <dumi> (no, i didn't make that up :))
[23:32:57] <estade> evmar: I sent that out...
[23:33:15] <estade> but I'll be happy to review my own patch!
[23:33:29] <evmar> :~(
[23:33:53] <finnur> evmar, estade: what do you mean? I've not done any page action popups...
[23:34:08] <evmar> ignore me, i'm an idiot
[23:34:12] <estade> finnur: confusion about who is the author of http://codereview.chromium.org/521016/show
[23:34:37] <finnur> ok :)
[23:35:03] <finnur> evmar: no worries. I'll reserve judgment for a later date. :)
[23:37:13] *** luke__ has quit IRC
[23:38:28] *** peol has joined #chromium
[23:38:38] <dumi> mattm_g_: ExtensionApiTest.Storage seems to have passed in the last 2 build cycles on XP perf. there seem to be other flaky tests though. not sure why it happens on XP perf and not vista perf
[23:41:08] <peol> hey guys, in the latest nightly (from the nightly repos on ubuntu), chromium renders CSS text-shadow with a weird filling around the glyph: http://andreehansson.se/code/stv/subtitle.html (pic: http://andreehansson.se/stuff/screens/screenshot176.png ) -- is there something I'm overlooking?
[23:44:54] <evmar> peol: that seems to happen to me in 249 (the beta)
[23:44:57] <evmar> peol: did it ever work?
[23:45:20] *** chelz has joined #chromium
[23:45:25] <evmar> peol: cool, is this html5 subtitling?
[23:45:45] <peol> evmar: I'm not sure, I haven't noticed it before but that's no guarantee :p
[23:45:48] *** JabLuszko has left #chromium
[23:45:53] <peol> evmar: yeah, working on it right now
[23:46:40] <evmar> peol: it doesn't work in epiphany either, hmm
[23:46:45] *** illio has joined #chromium
[23:47:08] <peol> I got reports that latest webkit and safari on osx is rendering it fine
[23:47:22] <evmar> i wonder what windows chrome does
[23:47:39] <evmar> (linux/win chrome both use skia, mac chrome / safari use core graphics, epiphany uses cairo)
[23:47:40] <peol> sec, i'll boot up my vm
[23:47:49] <evmar> i think text shadows work
[23:48:00] <evmar> or are supposed to work at least
[23:48:07] <illio> If I changed one of the generated_resouces files in src/chrome/app/resources/ so that a translation is altered, how do I make sure a recompile uses this changed file? I tried just changing it and recompiling, but that apparently didn't work.?
[23:48:43] <evmar> arv: ^^^ i think you know this one, i always forget
[23:49:51] <arv> illio, on the try server?
[23:50:21] <illio> arv, No locally.. Just wanted to try something..
[23:50:41] *** annodomini has joined #chromium
[23:50:51] <arv> illio, I usually just recompile that file manually (Ctrl+F7) in VS
[23:51:15] <arv> illio, VS does not reallize it needs to recompile grd files
[23:51:55] *** trungl is now known as trungl_afk
[23:51:56] <illio> I'm on Linux and usually just does a "make BUILDTYPE=Release chrome" .. but even that didn't work? Which I thought it should?
[23:52:55] <peol> evmar: there's no weird filling background of the glyph areas on windows (latest nightly)
[23:53:11] *** Prodego has joined #chromium
[23:53:23] <evmar> illio: oh, thoguht you were on windows. what file are you modifying?
[23:53:35] <evmar> peol: sadness, can you file a bug and attach your file?
[23:53:59] <illio> generated_resources_da.xtb in src/chrome/app/resources/
[23:54:09] *** arv has quit IRC
[23:54:28] <peol> evmar: absolutely, just wanted to get it confirmed first, i thought i was just seeing things that wasn't there at first :)
[23:57:29] <peol> evmar: Could this be it? http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=5683&q=text-shadow&sort=-id&colspec=ID%20Stars%20Pri%20Area%20Type%20Status%20Summary%20Modified%20Owner%20Mstone%20OS I've no idea where to find those layout tests, but it seems that it might be the same thing
[23:59:00] <illio> Hmm.. I think I found my error.. :-) So nevermind for now

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